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why do people care if i have a job or not? i am a neet because i inherited enough money to not work for a while, my rent is 360 and i have a 150k, i could live like this for 5 years and not make a meaningful dent but everyone around me (family) bitches at me saying i should get a job, but why? why are normies so obsessed with work and being "productive" dont they want to be comfy as well?


Slavers gotta have slaves. Do you really expect them to do work for millions+ every year? Ugh you're so entitled.
Parents expect a return-on-investment. You are a long-term asset.
Siblings/peers are brainwashed and coerced by the above to direct their jealousy toward easy targets and not toward the billionaires that control everything.

40 hours/week has been outdated for at least a century, yet 50+ is the modern norm.


After 5 years you're back to square one again, except now all your peers are ahead of you by a large margin. They already have 5 years of experience in their career or they finished a degree and landed an entry level job in their chosen profession. They might be starting a family or buying their first property.

You're just delaying the inevitable. At least use those five years to learn some skills that will make joining the workforce less painful. You don't want to be a dishwasher or burger flipper but that's what 25-year-olds with zero experience have to settle for.


File: 1660121906535.png (24.78 KB, 293x251, 293:251, 0452.png) ImgOps iqdb

i understand that, i plan on learning to code with my time im just rushing to yet because i want to enjoy being a neet for a while, my goal is to one day make money coding little projects i can sell like apps or games or doing freelance work scripting or making websites


Tell your family you're learning to code and that you at least have a plan. That will get them off your back for a while.


Are you the Chilean meme'r again?


Go to work, invest 150k in recession, have 1 million in 5 years.


wizchan 2022


File: 1660133898034.png (26.5 KB, 268x315, 268:315, 1461.png) ImgOps iqdb

care to elaborate


because they themselves have status anxiety, which is required for males to find a mate (leech provider) so theyre distraught someone could voluntarily disregard that, and they project it onto you - this is common place all over the internet with self loathing guys giving up videogames, porn, things they enjoy, calling it "degenerate" and a waste of time, whereas waging in a shit deadjob isnt because its "manly" or some neanderthal bullshit

also try not to humblebrag next time about the exact figure of money you happened to chance upon through rng, im glad that a wizard can not work and has a stable neetfund but im jealous


You’re a normal and things you care values of normals. You don’t belong on here.


that guy is a normalshit

probably the same poster >>>/wiz/193621

totally not breaking rule 4 this time either lol. good job mods.



just stop 'delaying the inevitable' and 'join the workforce' bro


what are you talking about im not the same person


Only thing normal about me is that I work for a living. Go fuck yourself.

I'm not him but he sounds reasonable to me. Never hurts to have a plan. 150K is not enough to retire and stop giving a shit unfortunately. Since working for a living like most people is inevitable, having skills and experience will land you a comfier and higher paid gig. Would you rather have a remote job paying six figures or go commute everyday to a fast food restaurant, standing all day, washing dishes and getting paid shit for it?


same old 'im trying to help' argument, you guys are like broken records

go be a social worker somewhere else, wageslaves are so cancerous holy shit.


i mean, where do you even draw the line
you could have some normalfaggots concern trolling users for being celibate and not social
'You should maybe learn to fit in better with other people. Humans are social animals after all. You don't want to grow old alone and miserable do you? :^)'

>They might be starting a family

what's even being implied there? lol


Damn, you sure sound butthurt. Do whatever the fuck you want with your life but stop hijacking other people's threads.


i would if the mods would do their job


You're kidding, right? Mods on this site are all normalfags that use drugs and hang out on discord all day.


Unless that recession turns into a depression.


File: 1660150412858.jpg (155.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, juri.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's because most people need to do something all the time otherwise they'd get depressed because they would have to think about the deeper things of existence. People don't understand anything when they say stuff like "work was invented only to serve the interests of the higher classes". That is only true to an extent. But the bigger side is, wageslaving is necessary because normalfags can't occupy themselves properly. They don't have any hobbies besides partying, the lockdown showed us how much they can't endure being alone at home. They would get depressed, they would commit crimes, normals are like children who need to be tired out and to be told what to do all the time. They need to feel useful and they need to feel that they have a purpose in their lives. They are literal trash cattle plebeians. Normals deserve to wageslave away all their lives. If it was up to me I'd erase holidays and make the weekends workdays too.

Appreciation for the NEET-lifestyle…is a sign of a high intellect and refined tastes. We aren't like normals, we can enjoy solitude doing whatever we want. NEETdom should be a privilege reserved only for wizards.


Normies are imbeciles and I am offended you listen to them. When they say you need to get a job, they really mean "stable source of income". There is multiple ways to get a stable source of income, like NEETbux for example.

There is some truth in that though, you will eventually need a stable source of income (however you obtain it is irrelevant). Family won't live forever, I am assuming you are living off family.

Personally I have to wagecuck, I live in a small country, no welfare or any equivalent here. You work or starve.

Shut up nerd, don't equate me with normies. Not everyone here has access to NEETbux, otherwise we wouldn't have wagecuck general threads. Do you honestly think we work for fun?


File: 1660240221819.png (911.96 KB, 583x680, 583:680, 3dwfwefq.png) ImgOps iqdb

i didn't listen to them though, im still a neet its more just annoying that they bug me about it i also live alone its more of a nuisance than anything, but yes i do someday need to figure out a stable way to pay my bills either freelance coding or try my luck at neetbux


this is your average wageslave thread poster. a linkedin normalfaggot.


>7 years of the Wageslave General
>7 years no Linkdin
>A single guy who mentions having a linkdin pops up

Shut the fuck up lmao


Matthew is a normalfag but he does not represent us.


tired of this posts where retards are so up themselves because they don't do something normalfags do. We get it, normalfags live rent free in your head and from what I read you envy them so much you can't do anything but talk about them and think you're so superior, and you do this with your free time. Never seen that before.


who exactly is this directed at?


im just really autistic and don't understand if people are directing these things at me or not


If you don't try to find other alternatives for wagecucking then yes, you are a normalfag and deserve to rot away in wageslavery until the end of time.
>Shut up nerd
Made me laugh, where did you come from? You obviously don't know this site well.

Wageslaves are proto-normals and shouldn't be allowed to talk about or mention the fact that they wageslave.

Working is something to be ashamed of. It is for dumb normals only. To me wageslave "wizards" are extremely suspicious. Are you people even virgins and loners? One of the requirements for wageslaving is having good social skills or at least average social skills. You people should be thankful that you aren't banned from here.


Oh yeah man, it's a real privilege posting here to be looked down on by schizos and trust fund kidies.


File: 1660330504846.png (833.7 KB, 1384x915, 1384:915, Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 2….png) ImgOps iqdb

mememe the problem isn't that people care if you have a job or not, it's that you're bragging that you have "150k", wow what a brave warrior, attentionwhore


but of course, as always normies are the problem


Learning to code isn't a good plan any more. You're competing with millions of Indians for the same low level job stuff. You think you can code some cool little project or make a hit app and live off of it, but you won't. You're more expensive and equally as risky as an out sourced Indian.


File: 1660331323865.gif (1.02 MB, 728x546, 4:3, B5fsuRw.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I've been here for about a year but man the posts have changed. I know the 30 years+ rule is a meme, but seeing threads like this one help me get off the internet. Also don't use fucking Chito


File: 1660332018864.jpg (83.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, getinlesterscar.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Also don't use fucking Chito
OP is meant


File: 1660333743038.png (1.33 MB, 1049x743, 1049:743, eeh3.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

yes go into retail instead


Based techbro keeping the competition low. Respect the strategy!


Time to touch grass, crab.


rule 4 violation goes unpunished. Again. Look, if you're not going to enforce it you might as well remove it.


Does rule 4 state that Wizchan is a safe space for schizophrenics?


It's a safe space from NEETshaming normalvermin.


You don't have to post here if you have some problem.

How can you even live wagecucking? I'd sure as hell kill myself if it came to that. I also can't understand uni "wizards". I would not be surprised if it turned out that the majority of wageslave wizzies weren't even virgins. Some co-worker or customer succ is bound to get onto your back sooner or later. I bet most of you have gfs or even a family.

If you are willing to earn money for yourself then you are broadcasting signals to succubi around you that you are "fit" for a relationshit or sex.


>don't need to wageslave to survive
>need to wageslave to survive
Also fine.
Can you bitter crabs presenting these no-true-wizard arguments realize that nobody else needs to adhere to your lifestyle? Such an attitude toward others is peak normalfag.


Nobody is forced to wageslave. If the house is on fire you can exit any time. There are plenty of methods to kill yourself. If you are willing to wageslave, to lick normalfag boss boots for some little charity then you aren't a wizard. True wizards NEET until they can, then go kill themselves.


death cultist please


File: 1660355054456.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.9 KB, 600x600, 1:1, pp,504x498-pad,600x600,f8f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Not him.

You dumbfucks are shaming wizchads that are forced to work. We're not working for fun, are you fucking insane? Not everyone here lives a sheltered life like you. I'm happy for you if you can live like a NEET, I don't condemn it at all. I literally can't live like a NEET, I live in a poor place, even my parents are poor, I can't just walk into a better place and demand free money. I'm fine having to work, it's not like I'm bitter about it either. There's obviously no social welfare or any equivalent where I live.

>why don't you just invest bro xD

Yeah I'll invest the $10M I inherited from my rich uncle. Or the bundles of $100 bills I have lying around my room.

Honestly, I'm concerned lots of you are completely detached from the harsh reality of life, you need money to sustain yourself, that's the truth. Maybe you don't see it because mommy and daddy gives you everything. I'm legally insane and sometimes you NEETs sound more insane than me.

Again, I don't condemn your lifestyle. But don't give shit to wizchads that have to work. I'm not condemning your life, don't condemn ours. We're not doing it for fun.



People who spout bullshit like "wizards that work can be wizards" should be banned for breaking rule 4 and 5


Can't be*


File: 1660360182075.png (14.4 KB, 273x164, 273:164, 0201.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Also don't use fucking Chito
i will continue to use chito, she is mine


thats why i said i would freelance or do project myself, i dont need an app that will be #1 just a few hundred dollars profit per project, fuck off what else am i supposed to do? im not working a regular job you fucking normie


>bragging about 150k
how was i bragging? do i have to be vague not to piss off you sentive pussies, oh i have a "large sum" there you go are you happy now little piss boy?


can i have some money


no money neeting is not that bad
ive done about 7 years with $0 in bank and $0 earning but then again im not a normalfag who needs food and money all the time


typical passive agressive behaviour.
'schizos' and 'trust fund kiddies' are not even subtle derogatory terms. why not be more explicit and call us lazy and parasitic, the mods don't care.

neets are looked down upon everywhere, this sort of gatekeeping is necessary to weed out the bootstrappers, the high achieving social butterflies and the moralists. sadly it's become clear the site is no longer welcoming to us so your rant is obsolete


If you’re working then you’re a normal. I’m a 29yo destitute neet who still uses things from 2012-2014 and I will NEVER work. If someone is capable of work then he’s a normalfag. I don’t care if you’re 40yo virgin even I’m in absolute poverty but still a neet.


Let us consider what you are implying. One who derives less pain from being in a work environment (no matter how lonesome or easy) than from being in abject poverty is no wizard.
This archetypal wiz you're describing is totally incapable of drawing any pleasure, joy, peace, etc. from any sort of activity that may be remotely marketable. Keep in mind that you can make money off almost anything these days, even if it's just $5/month on a patreon from making up an outright lie, and juicing the sympathy from internet normals.
A wizard is presently defined as "a male virgin over age 30." I see no definition of wizard stating "a male virgin who is incapable of doing anything besides suffering."
From my personal viewpoint, it sounds like one just another purity spiral for the sake of looking better than everyone else, which is a remarkable example of crabs in a bucket.


>Keep in mind that you can make money off almost anything these days, even if it's just $5/month on a patreon from making up an outright lie

it's not a job you idiot.


Wageslaving is crab behavior. Instead of chasing pussy they are now chasing money. Still showing desire to be a normalfag and not a wizard.

Being around someone who hates his job and hates working every day is draining to those of us who are unable to maintain a job for more than a few weeks or months.

It's all coincidental that most shitposting here is on weekdays during or after wageslave hours and then dead on the weekend.

When confronted the wagecrab will make up a starving African child story and how he needs the money when most of us are fine with having just a pc and internet


File: 1660405849778.png (112.29 KB, 264x377, 264:377, n.png) ImgOps iqdb

people wageslave so that they don't become homeless and starve to death, many wizzies have to work because their shitty circumstances won't let them NEET up, it's that simple, and before you ask me, no i don't work, i never had a job because i'm incapable physically and psychologically of holding one, but every wizard's life is different and requires their own different "solution".


>people wageslave so that they don't become homeless and starve to death, many wizzies have to work because their shitty circumstances won't let them NEET up

This is a bullshit grift spread here by wageslave normalfags who never intended to neet and have disdain for neets in the first place. You can tell most wageslave here are well off and not a starving African child. The wageslaves here hate neets and humblebrag about their lavish all the time.


You're right. I work because I want to, because I'm good at it, because it makes me lots of money and because I ultimately like it. I have a bunch of savings that could last me several years of comfortable NEETing, but I still work regardless. Problem, nigger?

Each wizard can choose his own path in life. Stop shaming me for choosing mine.


File: 1660408350283.png (252.15 KB, 681x380, 681:380, after-better-call-saul-the….png) ImgOps iqdb

You have a logical reason to think that and i understand it completely, but i want to you to know that in some countries(Like Brazil and other poorer countrties) don't give you disability welfare, there are obviously some """wizards""" who wageslave around and act like arrogant assholes lording over the other users who are unable to work or don't have the desire to slave away to some rich boss cunt, but not all of them are that way, like i said before, each users has its own life circumstances that pushed them to work to survive or either to appease their relatives/parents rage to avoid kicking their wizzie sons out on the streets.


>doing something in exchange for money
>not a job
You're just pretending to be retarded now
Do excuse me if I prefer to spend 8 hours out of the week mopping floors rather than dumpster diving for food and living in a tent.


Who gives a shit about Brazil? The most prominent posters here are careerfags always pointing out that their only quality is being a virgin.
You'd fit in better normalfags then. Fuck off from this site trash.


It's not death cultism. It's about having a spine and some pride. Work is for the normals and the dumb low class plebeians. That's not a proper life. Death is indeed preferable to the wageslave life.

When you need to wageslave in order to stay alive then it is counter-productive. You sacrifice your free time, energy, body, soul for the sake of some bones some rich norm will throw your way for wageslaving like a good nigger. There is no value and honor in the wageslave life.


You're equating all forms of labour as being the same (which they aren't.) Tech work is a bit more detailed than just 'coding.' There are different technologies, languages, industries, areas of expertise outside of coding… Employers don't just look for someone who 'can code.'


There's a huge shortage of people on this website who can actually give meaningful advice. Good advice is anything that would have a measurable impact on bettering someone else's life. Getting more money certainly would. Being healthier in general would. You get the point. I have several problems with posters like you:

1. You generally seem to want to make the site an exclusive club for people who are as miserable, bitter, apathetic, and shitty as possible. Newsflash: there are no prizes for being miserable. It turns out you just get a shitty life. But somehow you think if you make a circle jerk you can insulate yourself from reality. It's not going to happen.

2. You're extremely hostile to anyone who wants to better their life. Putting crap on reasonable advice and trying to force out good posters. It's not enough that you're a miserable person. But you've got to try make others miserable too? Tell me this isn't something a loser would do.

3. You generally know nothing about the real world but feel compelled to give your ignorant (and cynical opinions) on any topic. I see wizards interested in many topics but not a day goes by that some dumb-ass kid doesn't give his half-baked opinion. It's like the blind leading the blinder.

Putting shit on wagies also shows you're immature and probably inept. I have nothing against ineptitude. What I find the most shitty about posts like yours is you generally seem to be against others on the website being happy. And wanting your fellow posters to be miserable just makes you a miserable fucking loser, tbh. lmao.

I also think the general mindset of being a NEET forever is very naïve. The poster that you guys crucified basically said to focus on doing something worthwhile so you're not fucked when your money runs out. Simple, pragmatic advice. Apparently not for you guys? Why? Well, I wager its because of cognitive dissonance. A NEET who thinks they can be a NEET forever obviously sees no value in doing anything. But as the years tick by family members will stop seeing you as a kid who has yet to find his way and more like a person who is literally disabled.

At that point your family are going to think its reasonable to put you in some kind of home. They're not going to want someone who is 30, 40+ living at their house playing video games every day. If someone else is supporting you through work you can't expect them to keep doing so without a very, very good reason. Even if you get documented medical proof 'there's something wrong with you' it doesn't mean they won't try put you in a home. Not trying to scare anyone. Just telling you how it is.

It's completely reasonable to tell people here to build productive skills. You can't count on a social system to support you forever because its political and they like to fuck with peoples payments. You can't count on family because they build up resentment, have social expectations of you, and may end up tired of you at some point. You can't count on 'being homeless' because its even more horrible and depressing than working. You certainly can't count on suicide because it's not easy to do and seems like a ridiculous over-reaction compared to picking up a short term job. Most people here would be fine if they were just willing to keep trying instead of assuming everything will fail. Having such a cynical mindset is actually toxic as fuck.


This is one of the best posts I've ever read on an image board. I see the same people you do and they reject any kind of advice you give them. Telling them video games and anime are wasting the best years of their live and setting them up for serious issues in the future just gets you banned. But older Wizards who have spent their late teens and twenties obsessed with these things know the real issues they cause. Unless you have a serious disability that prevents work all together, getting your shit together and working towards a comfortable stable existence is vital. A lot of crab and wizard types have taught themselves to assume failure and be hyper cynical to the point of constant self sabotage. Being a NEET rots your brain over time and sucks the soul out of you. It's fun for a few years until you see people around you improving while you're stagnant and only rotting away inside. You can still play video games and watch movies/anime but make them a part of your free time not your entire life style. It might be fun to speedrun Mario or grind out a rogue like but those hours are better used else where. Relaxation and down times healthy, structureless time speeding up voids… not so much.


This site is the NEET KV clubhouse. Go be a condescending improvebrah prat somewhere else.


This pretty much.

I was a NEET for a few years and it was fun for a while, but after some years you just Speedrun your days, you don't even have fun because things lost their meaning a lot of time ago, it's like being trapped on some hole, you just stay there because you don't know anything else and you're scared of what could happen if you try to get out.

My work is not great, but it's tolerable enough for me to not hate it (yet) I think most NEETs here could try to get a job that is tolerable too, the kind of thing that you don't mind doing and you could get used to it, even videogames will be more enjoyable when you know that you don't have unlimited time to waste.

Or you could also go back to school/college/training, is like a "Lite" version of working and at least you wouldn't waste your time and your parents will probably be happy about it.


There's absolutely no rule that says that everyone here must be unemployed/NEET to post, the fact that you're butthurt about being told the truth just shows how immature you are, if you're having a great time being NEET why do you care so much about what others say anyway?


learn the rules, mongoloid.


File: 1660551942887.jpg (22.51 KB, 612x408, 3:2, istockphoto-1067829296-612….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

the normalfaggots have taken over now that the mods have made it clear that rule 4 is meaningless

shove your advice up your arses. we can get this generic moralistic crap pretty much anywhere online or in real life, is it too much to ask for to have one single place where we're not swarmed by concerned busybodies telling us how to live our lives jesus christ


Have you considered not being a little bitch? Older wizards discussing the mistakes they made in the past is on topic. If those mistakes happen to be the life style you're living it's your choice to ignore them but it will be your own fault in 10 years time when it's you too regretting watching 50 episode anime series every week instead of just us.


do you think it would be alright if these mistakes included not getting a gf?

>discussing the mistakes they made in the past

this isn't even what the normalfaggots have done in this topic, they have been of their own admission, giving advices. you faggots really can't help proselytising.


LITERALLY normalniggers that should be banned. What is your next advice that we should be married and have children so we would have someone who will take care of us when we get old? Motherfucking normalshit points. You normal scum can’t comprehend some of us here are literally men with low iq’s and are mentally or physically incapable , that we could never work. Even on wizchan we neets are minority unbelievable. There are literally normals in wizchan that gives us improvebrah advices like we could make those real. Hopefully I’m gonna kill myself and end my misery soon. Fuck this world and fuck the privileged normals.


Young failed wizard, if this is how you react to people advising you that one day the party is going to end, my honest advice for you is to just kill yourself.


Wageslave improvebrah turns out to be spiteful normal, to the surprise of no one.


Not really. The ones acting the most obnoxious in this thread so far are the ones trying to make the whole site a race to the bottom and reeeeing about normies like a bunch of r9k children.

Then you're projecting your problems onto other people. I highly doubt your situation is as hopeless as you imply. The reason I doubt this is even people with literal down syndrome manage to pick up work successfully. The difference is they're willing to work any job and not complain about it. They don't come to Wizchan to write 10,000 word essays about how hard done by they are for having to work a job. You seem to be fond of making excuses though so lets pretend that you are right and your life is truly hopeless.

In this scenario: I'm not sure why this would warrant wanting others to give up too. If you have nothing you want to do then that's fine. But not everyone on the site has given up. You guys complain about 'normies' as a signal that they're oh-so-different to you. But the irony is you're just defining your lives as the absence of what normies have achieved. This makes you a normie. Just a failed one. If you were truly different you wouldn't be raging over other people. You would live your life how you wanted without constantly being confronted by what you don't have.

Tru wiz = not butthurt 24/7. Tru wiz = not confronted by others happiness. Tru wiz = not you.


Who gives a shit about rule 2 right.
It is now okay to discuss dating on wizchan.


>during fourth grade
>failed to reciprocate
>In seventh grade
>I didn't even message her

Oh wow, an 8 year old kid realizes that he's not really interested in relationships after he shyfully agreed to one but then failed to do anyting with it when his child classmate asked him out, and then even makes the discovery again when he's 13. What a felon.


No retard, saying an actual truth like the fact that if you don't get a job your life will become much more difficult later on is not on the same level as telling people that you should get married and have kids.

Keep seething, people shouldn't be banned just because the truth makes you uncomfortable and anxious.


Slaving away for shekelstein all my life is not how I imagine living how I wanted. The reason people hate wageslaves here is because of their slave morality.


I think you'll find that wagies don't work because they want to… They do it to pay the bills and so they don't starve. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a family who will support them doing nothing (forever?) I also find it hilarious how you act like you've made some kind of grand informed decision compared to 'the masses' when your decision is literally just to sit doing nothing and fucking up your future. Hardly a choice. Choices require you to actually do something… It would be very different if you were rich. But most people don't have the luxury to do nothing all their life.


>I hate normalniggers
>They're so much worse than I am
>Can you normalniggers please pay for everything I need, grow me food, do all the sanitation jobs I need to survive and also make all the entertainment I waste my life on?

Looking down on people you rely on to survive is disgusting. There's many things wrong with mainstream society but how deranged do you have to be to hate the people who keep you safe and alive? The garbage man might not know what anime is and he might have a wife and kids but he's still stopping the garbage from piling up outside your window.

This is what it looks like when normalniggers go on strike for 2 weeks and stop picking up your garbage. This is considered the lowest normalnigger job and this is how much YOU rely on it to shut yourself in your bed room and feel smug about it.


I've been here since late 2013, seen a lot, and this thread might be the most Norman I've ever encountered. Good thing I've emotionally disconnected from this place over the years. Still a punch in the ol' wizgut though.


I think its impressive the work ethic some of these people have. They definitely deserve our respect for keeping it going.


Amazing how this place managed to be a circle jerk for hating wageslaves, all these retards hating working people must be newfags, the wageslave thread is way older than most of them


Normalfags are vile cattle with fanatical tendecies, its a fact.


>why do people care if i have a job or not?
Because conformism to normal is normalgroid religion, they take it very seriously.
It acceptable reason in it to attack you.


Well, unless there is afterlife, starvation is prefferable option to wageslaving, this shit is pure miseryfuel.


If you say such retarded shit you don't know what is work or real starvation, the fact that you wrote this and believe it for real and incite others to believe it says a lot about what kind of terminally delusional people started invading the site.


I'd understand if it was a hikikomori shut-in or agoraphobe who was so scared of being around people they would rather kill themselves. I have been in a similar mindset in the past… But if you're like that there is still remote work. Thinking its better to starve than work is really crazy.


wageshitters have nothing to show for their wizardry or bring to the table

what you gonna do when a bunch of NEET wizchads ask you to roll up in an mmo bro? say you can't cause you got a job?


Tell them I don't play shit games.


What's wrong with killing yourself? Life is just a game, if you don't enjoy it then simply stop playing. There's no obligation to continue, and I don't see the point of forcing yourself to work just to avoid dying. Death is going to come no matter what you do.


>What's wrong with killing yourself? Life is just a game, if you don't enjoy it then simply stop playing. There's no obligation to continue, and I don't see the point of forcing yourself to work just to avoid dying. Death is going to come no matter what you do.

ITT: the result of following these posters 'advice.'


Where is that anon that posted Koishi Komeiji and schizo text? I thought his posts were in this thread.


File: 1660788089344.png (127.33 KB, 853x651, 853:651, 512312621.png) ImgOps iqdb

Me after reading the whole thread


based, helpful, kind, and realistic. True wizards.
cringe, retarded, immature, deluded, full of hatred and defeatism, nothing but a crab mentality. Is this what you come to wizchan for? Nobody here needs you, you bring nothing but low quality posts because your mind is full of shit.


So what if we no one here needs us? Unlike you sanctimonious dicks I have not deluded myself into thinking I could help anyone here, who did not even request any help in the first place.


OP is free to get a job if he wants. He is also free to choose not to. Stop being a moralfag.


>everything i disagree with is crazy
Nothing screams to me normgroid as this shit
Not every one has fear of death and not everyone can tolerate mindless slaving.


Stop shitposting and pretending like reddit grade faggot, like you is wizard or in position to decide who is wizard and who is not.


Thread derailed by crabs who don't want wizards making a living or doing anything remotely useful for themselves. crabs resent the fact the only thing they're good at is shit up wizchan with crab whining so now everyone who goes to college, gets a degree, or works is their biggest enemy.
Absolute state of the crabs who inhabit wizchan.


Indeed. Crabs are jealous and resentful towards wizards that fuck. It ain't our fault we were born sexy, amirite?


Are we supposed to pity wageslaves or look up to them? Get your story straight already.


File: 1660818709036.gif (1.18 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1593311543474.gif) ImgOps iqdb

OP is like Che Guevara about to hold a speech about rebellion and opression after he apologizes that he's late because his three maidens weren't fast enough jerking him off this morning in his mansion, anyway let's burn those fuckers who oppress us right?
Others here defending him don't get the point, I'm not going to complain about how shitty life is while simultaneously bragging about all the things I have that others probably haven't, while reinforcing your feelings by relating to fictional characters who objectively are in a worse situation, there is no need to preach about unrealistic solutions if you want to bring attention to a social problem. If anything it comes off as ignorant and delusional about having no idea how real life for most of us works.

It's obvious that people who 'made' it also have problems, look at all those rockstars killing themselves. They don't go around saying, oh I have everything, I am so awesome, others are at fault for me feeling bad. They probably off themselves because they know that no matter what they have, life can still suck for everybody.


>goes to college, gets a degree, or works
So those who already chose the normalfag lifestyle and continue to shit up the site?

On wizardchan and even fresh wizchan the wagecrabs were not allowed to post outside of their containment thread and any post telling someone to get a job or whining about how hard working is would have their post deleted.

Wagecrabs are just failed normancrab masochists trying to integrate wizards into suffering instead of a comfy neet life.


>On wizardchan and even fresh wizchan the wagecrabs were not allowed to post outside of their containment thread and any post telling someone to get a job or whining about how hard working is would have their post deleted.

That's not true in the slightest.



You don't think there are people here who have been in the exact same situation as you before? When I was younger there was a real shortage of people I could relate to because I'm mentally ill and boomers have such an absurdly different experience with the workforce that their advice is literally useless. Id really have appreciated someone realistically laying out my options and whether or not they were viable from real-world experience.

If people have that kind of knowledge I consider it invaluable. You think psychiatrists are in any way familiar with the kinds of problems people here face? I honestly think they would be shocked at how disconnected young people have become. If they knew how widespread it was and how little attention it was getting they would probably declare it a crisis. People like us don't have an allies. We don't know any normies who will just hire us to a random job because they like us. A wizzie has got to be strategic or they will end up fucked.


Neither tbh. Just understand where they're coming from. Literally no wage slave wants to work. You think we think we're better than NEETs? We envy them. Being a NEET is comfy and you get to do what you want. It's a good situation to be in.

There are some pros to being a wagie, too. As shit as it is having to spend all your time working you do earn a lot of money for it. Can live independently and get to enjoy more of a peaceful life. There's cool products to buy that you wouldn't be to as a NEET. There's also stuff you can buy that will allow you to create things (so not just about being a consumer.)

NEETies and WAGIES need to respect each other, imo. They are the ying and yang of this horrible world.


Nobody in this thread sees it that way, wizzie. It’s just the NEET vs wagecuck war.


For some wizards it is too late to start working since we are too invested in the wizard neet lifestyle already. The wageslaves in this thread believe all neets will eventually start working in the same way normalfags believe most people will eventually lose their virginity. It is clear that most wageslaves here are failed normals and have no place on this website. The wageslaves thread was made on /v9k/ or virgin9000 a board meant to house the crab population from r9k at the time. They really do not belong here every single wageslave here hates neets and has tried the neet life and said they couldn't do it.

As a wizard I have no idea why you would even browse this website while having a job. It is clear it is just failed normals here to give dad tier advice to people who wouldn't last a few days or weeks at a job.


I hate reading neet experiences because my country doesn't even have a system for neeting.

People who live in nordic countries have no idea how insanely lucky they are to get complete freedom from workslavery on this shitty planet.

Being fully neet is the same as being nobility historically.
Who gives a shit if they don't inhabit a castle? You still get freedom from labor!
People have killed and died in wars for even a shot at this kind of freedom in life for thousands of years.

Getting neetbucks then living on it until you die is literal paradise on Earth.
Anyone who doesn't agree is a spoiled westerner who doesn't understand how hard life is for 99% of the planet.


anyone can NEET, problem is no one wants the downsides of NEETing like no money and nagging parents and take the easy way out by becoming a wagecuck

if you weren't a failed normangroid you would make it your goal to move out of a non-neet country and get on bux yet you haven't and continue to wageslave in some 3rd world shithole


Countries with neetbucks have become very selective over who they allow into the country.

It's not like you just move in and start living the easy life. Most of those places require work visas now.

Sweden used to be paradise in this regard and they've tightened up a lot. They turn away people who aren't fleeing directly from conflict zones.


it doesn't actually stop anyone who has it as their goal, you're great at coming up with sob stories so it should be no problem for you


moving to a rich country with the intention to get bux and scam them sounds like something a nigger refugee subhuman would do so you must be a nigger to suggest something scummy like that.


Source:my ass


shoo shoo mr.tourist


you're retarded and a miserable troll


what im saying is that it takes a special person to continue being a neet even if wageslavery is an option just the same as it takes a special person to become a wizard, when you put two and two together the one who continues to neet is more likely to be an authentic wizard rather than the wageslave


neet doesn't mean wizard and it's never been.


You do realize the vast majority of countries do not offer neetbucks?

Being born into a country that does, is an immense luxury and privilege.


He's a retarded troll, just ignore him while he slowly rots away while dying for attention and validation


Fuck off preaching advicefag. No one is coming here for self-improvement, if I wanted that I would look it up elsewhere. The point is to read and correspond with people that we can actually relate to for once but you groids keep ruining that. This place isn't intended for you so just leave.


You think I'm a normie because I work? There are all manners of functioning. I happen to work from home so my social interaction is limited. The kind of social interaction you're doing now is enough for my job. Does that mean you're a normie, too?

I think finding one thing you don't like about someone and then using it as justification to dismiss everything they say is very lazy. I guarantee you have things in common with me.

>tfw autist

>tfw mentally ill
>tfw shut-in
>tfw suicide attempts and hospitalizations

But I suppose because I work that must mean I'm Chad Thundercock and have no problems? How could I understand the depths of you ;>) Like I said in previous posts: just because you've given up it doesn't mean other wizards have. Wanting anyone with insights to leave is not very wise.


>defending wageslavery
Why contribute to society of retarded faggots that hates you?
You complain about niggers but your views are rather sjw like, supporting society of normalfags is no different than supporting society niggers, faggots, trannies, etc
Workism is idealogical cuckoldry and unwizardly as fuck.


>retarded and a miserable
Said faggot who are advocating for voluntary wageslavery and call people who want neetbucks a niggers.
I know misery loves company, but this is not excuse to be that pathetic.


>having to work to support yourself means you are okay with niggers, faggots, and trannies and you're a cuck
Please leave imageboards you dumb nigger. You're so dumb you're incapable of understanding anything


As a NEET I rather have everyone be a wagie, than to have milions of niggers moving to my country so they can leech off the government and ruin everything for the rest of us like you want.

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