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This situation causes me a lot of depression. Wonder if anyone here has experienced the same and can help.

Years ago when I was a neet and had infinite free time, I indulged in fapping like a psycho. Was doing it ridiculously often and was chasing the "high" of finding new stuff to fap to that didn't just "do the job" but excited me, which was getting progressively harder as my tastes have never really deviated much from things you'd find on mainstream sites, there were just very particular qualities I was looking for, and the "stock" of new material that hit the mark was dwindling fast. One day I woke up after a particularly excessive multi-fap prior day and was having trouble getting hard. Could only fap until I came with a limp dong. Started freaking out. I waited a few days without porn or jacking and then my cock was behaving well and was super hard for a while. Went back to business as usual and by a month later my dick was shit again.

Ever since it's been pretty mediocre, hit and miss, takes a while for me to finish and is often an annoying amount of effort.

Urologists can't find anything wrong so based on how it all started I'm guessing I've fried my brain's arousal centers with porn.

Problem is if I don't ejaculate before trying to sleep it's really fucking hard to get to sleep and stay asleep, because as part of the shitty habit formation with this stuff I started cooming before sleep daily.

I hate being in this fucking hole so much and wish I could just stop with porn and fapping completely but then my insomnia gets out of control.

Anyone been through this? Any advice? It's driving me fucking mad. Fapping was one of the few simple pleasures I had, being a super loser, and now it's just a miserable chore.


Your brain just got used to it, it can happen to pretty much anything that brings you pleasure like good food, alcohol, drugs, entertaining videogames or movies etc etc, take a break from jacking off for a few days and only do it if you feel extremely horny.


Has your dick ever gone limp from this? Any advice on how to sleep while not fapping?


It has gone limp actually, i'm suffering the same shit that you're going through, for sleeping you should try melatonin gummies, it's what i use and they help a little bit.


Oh. So you haven't been able to fix it? That is one of my main fears here, that it can't be fixed.


Like i said, stop jacking off for a few days and it'll go back normal like always, this isn't my first rodeo with dick limpin' ya know…


Thanks. I wonder if it's possible to stop the re-limping. Why does it come back? I've considered trying to jack off only once a week for some months without porn to see if that fixes things for good.


This happened to me when I came an average of 4-5 times a day. It was awful. I wish I had my foreskin back and with have low libido


It sounds like you fixed it. How'd you do that? Also I'm not sure what you meant to say here: "and with have low libido"


A really famous urologist Carlo Foresta said this about too much porn use but I don't know if he meant to imply the erection problems apply to masturbation:

>It starts with lower reactions to porn sites, then there is a general drop in libido and in the end it becomes impossible to get an erection


I have been through this and hte solution is pretty damn simple. Wean yourself off. If you're able to go two weeks without fapping then you'll top being addicted to it. If you can't do that cold turkey, start small. Start fapping every other day. Then turn that into only fapping once every two days and so on until you stop feeling the urge to jerk it every day multiple times. Your penis going flaccid like that is your body telling you to cut it out.


The solution is extremely simple: stop watching porn and masturbating. After a month or two your penis will be back to normal.


Thanks, so both of you experienced this problem and fixed it that way?


I've done three months, not just offline, but almost without any screens entirely. I think I watched maybe 7 movies in my absence. Same problem as you OP, and it went away entirely and I was entirely back to normal after two months.

However, the caveat is that if you have -that- much of a problem with porn and cooming, then you're not likely to be able to constantly keep away from it.


wizards addicted to simulating penetration (coitus)
wizchan 2022


Shouldn't that only be a problem if they're fapping to 3dpg?


The masturbation is bad meme is overdone


Yep, I used to jerk it 3 times a day. I used this same method with smoking and drinking too. I used to be a super bad alcoholic along with being a chronic fapper.


Everything is bad in excess, that's true. Masturbating once or twice a week is completely okay though. You need to release all that semen your body builds up over time. Better do it via masturbation than in a wet dream, I think.


I have come to the conclusion that after being so many years watching porn almost daily that I'm not going to stop watching it ever. I can only reduce the time I watch it. The only way to stop watching porn completely would be having no internet connection at home, and that isn't going to happen.

And the only things that have helped me to reduce the times a fap with porn are first that as you get older you get bored of porn and you also are less horny and second, keeping myself occupied with other things, specially if they are outside the house. Exercising also helps a lot because it makes you feel better, more active and it also helps you to sleep.


Keeping yourself busy with projects is a great way to keep fapping at bay. I've been doing yard work as much as possible and I've started foraging for edible plants in the woods behind my house to keep me busy. Just going out in nature is great for your mental health in general without having to deal with normalfags, just go at odd hours when everyone is at work.
>inb4 Wizchan 2022
Fuck off crabs


But has it made you go limp?


Bros i just love to fap how the FUCK do i stop


reroll your will power stat


dont, just find other things to preoccupy your time with (like uh, videogames, and hobbies (lol))


For me having things to do/fall back on that are easy helps. Being healthy so I have the mental focus to do stuff is also important, if you are unhealthy and can't focus on things it'll be much easier to fall for that then find better hobbies.


WTF! THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! Wizzies how long until my cock gets hard again?


When you took that hiatus from screens, did you also not fap the whole time?


My suggestion is to take small steps. Don't stop completely as you won't be able to achieve what you're trying to do.

If you average 5 faps day trim them down to 3 for a few weeks. Then only 1 and finally to 0.


Have you done nofap? See any benefits?



Tried it but I only got hornier. Also fapping is basically the highlight of my day so depriving yourself of the only thing that you get enjoyment from is torturing to say the least.

I may be a coomer but I don't give a fuck anymore. I want to escape the hellish reality.


the "stop jacking off for a few days" is correct but in my case it took several months.
0 libido for the entire time, in fact it got even worse over time.
could look at some porn image and feel "something" for like 30 seconds then it would disappear.
after only about 9 months it started coming right

imo "cutting down" is a meme if you actually have a problem, you're forcing yourself into a cycle of "if i dont jack off today i can jack off tomorrow"
when you should just cut it out all together. you're just prolonging something that you will get over in a few days


a bunch of other wiz have said what i was going to say: you are desensitized from overexposure and the cure is to cut your porn consumption. and yes, everything you experience is 100% curable. i had limp dick like you did, and like the others here who also had it, i cured it by cutting down on porn. your issue is over exposure. i wont bother restating what everyone else has said (any more than i already have that is), there are good comments already. the only point not brought up yet that might help is to mention that if you examine your urge to masturbate, you may notice that when you feel the urge, that "urge" doesn't actually stem from your libido. it can just be compulsive behavior. it can be hard to (initially) recognize that the insane level of desire you feel to jack off isn't actually horniness, but rather just compulsion brought about by habitual behavior. when i broke my porn habit, i didn't cut jerking off completely. i cut the porn, and whenever i felt the urge to jack off, i examined it to see if it was stemming from sexual desire or just random compulsion. if it was compulsion i would always refuse to fap, but if it was genuine desire (like when watching anime and some cute little suc flashed her panties just the right way) then i'd allow myself to jack off. it helps to realize that you don't need to reign in your sexuality, you just need to reign in compulsive behavior.


Thanks, I know going months helps a lot of people but some others claim nofap for months killed their dicks, guess I'm not quite sure how long to go for but maybe it's irrelevant since I haven't managed more than like 3 days which is nowhere near enough, but I should mention things do improve after a day to 3 days off for me, but the improvement only lasts a few days. I need to get this under control.


As mentioned above your post you need to realise its just compulsion, not sexual desire
i found its just more of that than anything else. No "addiction" just deeply ingrained habit
For doing it for so long you've probably trained your brain to think "i'm bored or feeling X emotion that means its time to look at porn" so you can also try find something else to replace that compulsive feeling with
idk what that would be, maybe play a game or watch a show if you feel like looking at porn.
you dont need to do nofap nonsense just fix your brain and dick first and have it under control


i can't really comment on how no fap affects you. when i broke my habbit i didn't completely stop fapping, i just stopped watching porn and fapping when the urge came from compulsion rather than real sexual desire. so my fapping went from a couple times a day to a couple times a week. it took months for me to completely recover and it took me like half a fucking year to change my behavior to the point that i considered myself "in complete control" of my desires and was able to reintroduce porn. so no, 3 days isn't enough. it will take a couple months wiz to "re"sensitize your brain completely. and if you aren't a weak willed pussy like me you can probably build up your self control in a fraction of my time.

>so you can also try find something else to replace that compulsive feeling with
idk what that would be

i didn't try to replace the compulsion with something else, but rather, would focus on improving my self discipline. you have times when your will breaks, but that happens less and less the more you work on it. at first, i would break a couple times a week and watch some porn. then eventually it was just a single break down in a month. then no breakdowns. that's when i felt it was safe to start watching porn again. now if i ever feel like i'm watching too much porn, its easy for me to cut back


Wait, are these >>266245 >>266243 two different wizzes? I thought it was the same wiz.


yes one is me the other is not


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The best solution is to fast like week or something cut junky oily food , eggs ..etc eat only veggies.
it is not complusion or something it is just high libido caused by food. as long as dick works nothing wrong with it .


When it starts hurting but you got to finish


think of it as freedom. Yes you don't get your heron injection, but you need to look for more constructive outlets to devote your energy to.


No different than a drug addict


Why the fuck is it that the second I tell myself to not fap or look at porn, the urge to do it goes into overdrive? Am I being demonically attacked or something? The mere act of telling myself not to do it somehow makes the urge stronger every time, even if I've been in a kind of low libido state in recent days.


Sometimes it is demonic in nature. Get deep into the Scripture and pray to Christ about it. Sometimes the only way I can not fap is to pray "Jesus, please take this spirit of lust away from me" over and over like a mantra. Internet porn has demons attached to it. Just maintain brother I hope that we can all beat this horrible addiction. Also think of it like this, Chastity is one of the Heavenly Virtues. God wants us all to be strong and go monkmode.


Your brain just has that script for quick hits of dopamine and will remain until you break the chain.


OP here. Rereading posts here and thinking about my experience I've realized there's a good chance my problem might be fixed by just fapping to my imagination and leaving porn out of it for a long time. Carefully thinking about other times I've seen huge improvements in my dick function it occurred to me that it was more likely reduced porn viewing than abstaining from fapping than did the trick. I've got a simple way to test this. I'm gonna not look at any porn or any erotic stuff for one week. During that time I'll fap only once a day, to avoid fucking my sleep sideways but also to see if the problem can be isolated to porn alone instead of fapping. At the end of the week I'll fap to porn. The last time I did something like this, only then it was with less fapping, my dick went crazy as soon as I put on porn. If I get that kind of effect again I'll know I don't really need to bother with nofap and can just do noporn. I'll report back on how this goes. The results might be helpful for anyone else who has this problem.


You always desire what you can't have the most. The minute you forbid yourself to look at porn/masturbate you lose. You must treat it lightly.

The longest time I went without masturbation I did it while watching porn every day. I watched porn and didn't masturbate. Then I went and did my other business.

You have to think of masturbation not as something evil or demonic but as something comical or a waste of time. Something banal that isn't worth your time. It's not worth to clean up all that semen. It's such a hassle for a couple of minutes, right? To get all sweaty and then having to get rid of your cum. Not to mention the time you waste on it could have been much better spent. Find some hobby/hobbies.

And don't be afraid of porn or sexual content. Being afraid of it and trying to avoid it all cost will just increase its attraction for you subconsciously.



Usually you can fix these problems by just quitting porn because watching it frequently can indeed cause erectile dysfunction. This is not some made up thing you can look it up, it's one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction in modern times.

Just stick to masturbating without watching porn and you will be good, if you have physically done damage to your dick there's a chance for it to heal if you abstain from both for a couple months, never fap dry as well because it will irritate the skin.

Always masturbate with lotion or lube and don't watch porn to maintain a normal functioning penis


Thanks. Yeah I've read some research it really does seem to be real although certain redditor-type "scientists" love pushing the retarded dogma that porn is totally harmless. They seem to just ignore the published research on it causing ED. I'm pretty sure there's no physical damage to my dick because urologists checked me for all kinds of shit and found nothing that would be causing ED. Also there are times usually after I don't look at porn or don't fap for a couple days or more that my dick works perfectly for a while and I can fap like a maniac. Unfortunately it's mostly mediocre, going soft to hard back to soft etc while I'm fapping and usually takes way too long to finish. I'm uncircumcised so I pretty much never need lube.

I did my first day on this no porn for a week experiment and surprisingly during the no-porn fap of the day my dick worked almost perfectly. Not sure if 24hrs with no porn is already having a positive effect or this was just a coincidental good day.


You might see some positive results after 24 hrs depending on how much you watched daily but on average it takes up to 60-90 days for everything to work normal again after that I really recommend to not get into it ever again as you will almost garuanteed fall back into it, that has been my experience and what I heard from a lot of other guys. It would be like quitting smokes and then smoking a cig after you've successfully stayed away from it, you'll just pick it up again if you do.

The problem with people on reddit and such is that they are basically addicts and people who are addicted always find a way to downplay things, it's like addicted stoners acting like weed is completely harmless while they obviously ruin themselves with it.


You just shouldn't fuck with your limbic system, especially with artificial stimulation, and especially not with repeated artificial stimulation. Sex is one of the prime motivators there are. There's a reason people fall into violent fits of jealousy at just the fear of infidelity or losing out. This powerful motivator and instinct shouldn't be exploited for easy pleasure and dopamine.

People with impulse control in regards to sex never seem to recover. I think it may be possible with getting offline or becoming religious, but with every other type of sex problem once there's that proclivity, it's unalterable. It's why pedophiles are known to often re-offend, and why "once a cheater, always a cheater" is said by normies everywhere. It's why homosexuals often rack up 1000+ lifetime sex partners and then die of AIDS or Monkeypox. It's why all those types, all those flashers, rapists, pedophiles, cheaters, homosexuals remain who they are, and their behavior is at any moment ready to come out.

And I think that's true of porn addicts too, I think most never recover, I guarantee 90% of the people posting in this thread won't ever get the problem under control. For the zoomer generation growing up and having their brain molded by it, it's even more over. I think people underestimate the problem with them severely, I don't think they will just find it harder to become normies and have wives and kids, I think it will be literally functionally impossible for them to give it up, because sex is the prime motivator.


dude this is me with weed. ill be as high as a comfortably can be, but know I just smoked my last bit and thats exactly when my strong cravings start, even before I sober up. I'm glad porn cravings arent that strong.


OP here again. I agree with you. Weirdly despite porn fucking up my sexual desires making me want some very specific stuff only, avoiding porn itself is so far not that hard. If I were on nofap right now I'd be seriously struggling to not fap already and probably wouldn't have even gotten to 48 hrs. But as long as I can fap not looking at porn isn't too bad. Maybe that'll change soon but it feels unlikely. Seem to be seeing steady improvement in my dick by staying away from porn so far.


Something I should probably clarify is that in my current no porn experiment I'm fapping to my imagination only. Imagination is the substitute for porn.


geez surprised i'm only seeing this thread now, cuz been having problems getting hard when jacking to porn for like a year now
>what I heard from a lot of other guys
did those guys have problems getting it up to porn? when i look stuff up about it it's mostly normies complaining about not getting hard with their succubi but they don't really say if they have boner issues with porn too


>did those guys have problems getting it up to porn? when i look stuff up about it it's mostly normies complaining about not getting hard with their succubi but they don't really say if they have boner issues with porn too

Not necessarily and that's the whole point, they only get hard when they proceed to watch more intense porn as the "normal" stuff won't turn them on anymore, that's also why a lot of straight guys suddenly start getting into dudes and traps out of nowhere, they need to consume more intense and new porn in order to be able to even get an erection.

Their ability to have an erection without watching porn is completely gone however and that's just a bad sign, you should be able to fap without or porn or at least get an errection anything else is unhealthy. This can be reversed if you abstain from porn however.


i can get erect to porn but it's a struggle to keep it up and it goes down in the middle of jacking sometimes also it goes down really fast if i don't keep touching it, it does feel like i just got used to porn..i hope that's the cause


>really recommend to not get into it ever again as you will almost garuanteed fall back into it, that has been my experience
have you quit porn totally? did ur dick function and sex drive improve?


Quitting porn has helped me get rid of all the problems mentioned in the thread, you only realize how damaging porn actually is to your brain once you stay away from it long enough.


did you need to to do anything else or quitting porn alone completely fixed everything? think i will try to cold turkey cut porn off tomorrow..


I've been fapping to the same type of porn since the late 2000s. I haven't had to go more extreme or anything. But I do have to fap at least once a day or I'll start to become extremely enraged wanting to punch shit, break shit, or even hurt someone. After that one single fap with a nice cum, I'm the nicest person you ever could meet.


lol ok don't think your post is relevant to the topic, not everyone develops bad effects from porn use but some do, same way smoking, shitty diet, lack of exercise harm some people but not others


Quitting porn was what I had to do, also note that I've been addicted to it since I was like 10 years old so it really had a big impact on my life in general.

I have quit before for a couple months and then I started watching it again and I immediately fell back into a daily habit so once you had a habit you will most likely pick it up again if you give up. I'm staying away from it completely now and I try to avoid pornograpic content as much as possible even on imageboards and other places on the internet.


Why are people on imageboards so obsessed with this fapping bad meme. It's a simple, cheap source of dopamine we can get comfy and alone in our room, no need to deal with society bullshit or normalfags. There is nothing wrong with pleasure for pleasure's sake. What else would you want to do?


Ok coomer, stay miserable while pulling others down the same road faggot. You're like that one stoner kid who tries to make everyone else smoke weed so he isn't feeling like a nigger by himself.


>stay miserable

You see, this is the problem with the nofap ideology. They are prone to project and exaggerate a lot, like happy men who fap didn't exist or something. I also have seen many nofappers online who were miserable mostly because their normalfag indoctrination so they feel guilt and shame, not because of the fapping part itself. They feel bad because society and normalfags tell them they should do More Important Things™ instead, mostly wageslaving harder, finding a gf or "man up", they feel they are wasting their time and get depressed mostly for all of those memes and societal bullying. Normalfags think you can't get pleasure for free and alone, according to society that's cheating and unfair, you have to suffer somehow. But that's not true.


Massive coomer cope, they don't feel bad because of society, they feel bad because porn ruins the chemical balance of your brain.


I think this is a dangerous line of thinking.The "pleasure" that you experience fleeting and dimishes everytime you use. It's not free,you become the product and pay with your time and health.


>.The "pleasure" that you experience fleeting
All pleasures are
>and dimishes everytime
Which is why you only do it a few times a week
> It's not free,you become the product and pay with your time and health.
Ejaculating is completely healthy and trust me, it doesn't take very long.


the negative effects only happen to crabs because theyre dreaming about how they dont wanna be a crab every time they do it


>Few times a week
Try not fapping for weeks and months at a time. Most crabs aren't able to nofap which is why it's wizardly.
Abstaining from sexual pleasure is part of being a wizard. If you can't nofap you are a crab.


I easily did nofap for 2 months, as an experiment. Then i felt i was just abstaining for no reason. It is simply enjoyable. So i went back to doing it and experienced no negatives


if you bothered to read the posts you'd see most people aren't blaming fapping by itself they're blaming porn alone


>It is simply enjoyable
Nice Freudian slip there shitskin favela ape crab. Your white volcel masters know you can't keep your hands off your chode for a single day.


I practice nofap simply because my t levels got lower or something similar since I don't have much desire to engage in masturbation these days. That or I got bored of it I guess after years of masturbation.

These vehement nofap crusaders are annoying. There is nothing wrong with masturbation itself and there is nothing wrong with porn itself either. These things are wrong when you can only think about them and do them all the time but then again, all pleasure can get toxic when you engage in it without moderation.

Masturbation and porn aren't from Satan, how retarded can you people get? Only religious norms think giving pleasure to yourself is morally wrong or that it's harmful in any way. The fact that these anti-porn and anti-fapping crusaders are so loud and push their propaganda so hard tell a lot about them and their frustrations and complexes.
Nofap is just another braindead internet cult, same as /pol/ and /r9k/. As if masturbating/watching porn or not really changed anything significant in your life. These failed normals think the minute they start practicing nofap succubi will be all over them and they will be able to have a "normal" sex life. Kek. That's not how it works.

Another conservative, counter-culture attempt that promises salvation to anyone who changes his "sinful" modern lifestyle but fails miserably as seen by its adherents who for some reason always fall back to masturbating. Hmm..Could it because they are fighting against biology itself and something completely natural? That they try to pretend reality is completely in their control if they just try hard enough? News flash: you are just a biological machine that does whatever his impulses tell him to do. Instead of gritting your teeth and crying about reality you should accept it. Just give in to temptation and jerk off. You can't resist it either way, you are torturing yourself for no reason.


Don't listen to this counter signaling nigger, hes your typical porn addicted shitlib who thinks people quitting porn is a right-wing conspiracy


I don't watch porn anymore and don't even masturbate as I mentioned already. But you people are objectively retarded if you think masturbation or porn are any more worse than having sex. Masturbation is at least compatible with being a wizard. Doing nofap for the sake of attracting wymen isn't wizardly at all.


OP here. This thread is getting ruined by people like this treating it as a place to debate nofap. Everyone understood that wasn't the point of the thread for almost all the time it's been up and now it's getting fucked out of nowhere. The thread is for people who have experienced the problem described in the OP to post about it, and in case they've fixed it, how they fixed it. That's all. If you want to talk about why "nofap is bad," please go make your own thread.


Imagine thinking pol and r9k invented NoFap and not that it was practiced by celibate men for thousands of years.
>Just give in to temptation and jerk off. You can't resist it either way, you are torturing yourself for no reason.
Spoken like someone who can't control his mental state, emotions, and overall doesn't understand shit about anything.

Achieving mental mastery over masturbation is what every wizard should strive to do. Every time you fap it's the same as telling others here "I'm a crab and I want to have sex but can't"


how long did it take your brain to fully re-sensitize?


And I'm telling you your problem doesn't even exist. You want to fap? Fap. If you don't feel the need to masturbate then don't. You don't have to overcomplicate this matter. I'm glad you have time to obsess over such trivial matters, wiz.

>Imagine thinking pol and r9k invented NoFap and not that it was practiced by celibate men for thousands of years.
Imagine being so naive to believe that those holy saints and celibate men didn't jerk off every once in a while. Yep, this is what I mean when I say nofappers are infantile.

>Spoken like someone who can't control his mental state, emotions, and overall doesn't understand shit about anything.

The only difference between us is that I'm honest about being the puppet of external and internal events while you feel the need to roleplay as a god who is above biology and causality while obviously you aren't, otherwise you wouldn't struggle so much.

>Achieving mental mastery over masturbation is what every wizard should strive to do. Every time you fap it's the same as telling others here "I'm a crab and I want to have sex but can't"

No, every wizard should do whatever he wants to do. Nobody needs your cheap advices and quick self-help memes. If masturbating means you can go on and do your business for the next few days without getting frustrated by intrusive thoughts then yes, it is recommended that you masturbate regularly. Everyone feels how much his needs are. When you naturally stop feeling interested in masturbation then you stop.

What you are trying to do is guilt-tripping/shaming lonely young men on the internet to abstain from an easy source of pleasure for no good reason at all. When you can give at least one non-bullshit argument about why masturbation and porn are bad then we can continue our discussion.


>every wizard should do whatever he wants to do
Ok, most wizzes here want to discuss the thread topic in peace, as we did for almost its whole existence until you showed up with your retarded unwanted crusade on behalf of porn and fapping. Fuck off and make your own shitty thread. Everyone here hates you and your useless off-topic posts.


To actually try to answer the OP

You could try fapping without porn. Imagination is better anyway. Try to only fap before sleep. As you get older you simply cant do it as much and stay hard as easily. As with anything in life you can get tired of doing the same thing and need to switch it up. You could just buying toys or something.

Melatonin might help with the insomnia, as might physical exercise earlier in the day, or reading for 20 mins in a quiet room away from PC, or meditating…

>because as part of the shitty habit formation with this stuff I started cooming before sleep daily.

Habits can be broken if you wish, it just takes time


Good thread getting derailed by shills as it happened often especially this year, another reason to update the rules, this place is becoming reddit.


Thanks for an on-topic post, I'm OP btw. Yeah I've been fapping without porn following some earlier posts of mine ITT and it's honestly amazing how much improvement in my dick just a little time away from porn has yielded. Unfortunately I haven't spent as much time away from it as desired because I ran into porn-tier imagery in a couple unexpected places online, which set off an addict-type impulse to binge on porn, which I immediately caved to. Honestly a little disturbing seeing how strong the impulse is, so it does seem I've developed some level of addiction-like psychology around porn. Funny thing is both times I caved like that my dick functioned terribly. But it's been consistently good when just fapping to imagination. Hopefully once I get out to a good long period without porn it'll be completely back to normal.

As far as getting older being the cause I doubt it in my case for two reasons. One the dick problems came on very suddenly after I was using porn to ridiculous excess. Two I've been to urologists and my T levels are above average and they couldn't find any biological cause, they said I seemed to be in perfect health and it must be "psychogenic" dick problems. Only thing that seems to consistently help is time away from porn.


What I say is on-topic, are you retarded? We are talking about porn, masturbation, nofap, etc.

Why is imagination better? Explain to me. Because masturbating to memories of wymen you met with in real life is more wizardly than masturbating to succs you don't know and won't ever meet? This is another crab meme, that using your imagination is healthier than masturbating to porn. You are literally doing the same thing, only porn is much more stimulating and gives you more pleasure.


>Why is imagination better? Explain to me.
Subjectively I enjoy it more and it doesnt leave dirty images in my mind. Imagination =/= real life succubi. I've never been attracted to a succubus in my life. Spending time looking at that stuff does nothing healthy for me and only add a sense of disgust, when i compare it to fapping without porn.

>You are literally doing the same thing, only porn is much more stimulating and gives you more pleasure.

This merely reflects on you and doesnt apply to others. If thats how it is for you, then go for it. If you end up writing a post like OP one day, then i'd say to reevaluate your choice and experiment with avoiding porn for some time.


are you gay?


none of your business


just askin' are you gay?


This is definitely op and I am super straight I like the 2d pussy holes very much yum yum vagina holes


ok thank you for your answer


he already explained what the actual topic is and everyone else clearly got it apart from you, a thread derailing clinically retarded subhuman; please go kys fuckface


>Imagination =/= real life succubi. I've never been attracted to a succubus in my life. Spending time looking at that stuff does nothing healthy for me and only add a sense of disgust, when i compare it to fapping without porn.
So what about 2D porn then?

>This merely reflects on you and doesnt apply to others. If thats how it is for you, then go for it.

It's not just me, porn be it 2d or 3d is objectively more stimulating. Males are proven to be more visual types than females so if we see something it has more of an effect on us. The imagination is quite limited without outside stimulus and if you avoid any kind of porn you will just end up masturbating to the same images in your mind ad infinitum until you get sick of it. Porn is healthy. Porn is good for you.

The topic is about fapping and porn. So how do I derail things exactly?


Just fuck off already, literally no one wants you on this site, how can you not understand this after weeks of being an annoying faggot.


agreed, i hate him.

anyone else have stories of recovering from porn-induced limp dick? i need inspiration due to relapse.


They just seem like an addict trying to justify/rationalize their behaviors, I pity them.



Everyone needs to just pretend that retarded faggot's posts don't exist. Clearly the useless mods aren't going to do anything about this cunt polluting good threads with his irrelevant faggotry, and engaging him just encourages more of his imbecile fedora redditor shitposts, so all we can do is continue to post on the actual topic as if that fag isn't here.


Then stay awake. That vice is killing you. If you just read "The Tao of Sex, Health and Longevity" you would know


We could still use reddit. And downvote normies to oblivion if they bother us


its futile regardless, reddit is easier to astroturf than image boards


How old are you? I only eat twice a day, drink beer 3-4 times a week, pipe like once in a week, do so callistenics about 3 tines a week, half an hour a say and watch no porn. I didn't have the urge to fap for two weeks since I have this combination. Maybe you should also give it a try.


is piping fucking or is piping smoking?


Smoking. Inhaling the fume of burned tobacco from a pipe. Whatever, Im no Anglo


There’s an English euphemism where sex is “laying pipe”.


I'm not FUCKING english, I'm American


I'm 29. Can't go more than 24hrs without having a definite urge to coom. I don't drink or smoke but I do lift weights 4 times a week.


>That vice is killing you
Probably. Can you explain what that book says about my problem? I have way too much shit to read as it is.


Is it possible to be sexually attracted to math? Every time I start to do problems, I get very horny and must masterbate.


Hmmm, interesting. Maybe you should stop watching porn, if you haven't already.


I'm currently on about 4 days without porn. As before staying away from porn seems to increase my libido and dick function. I just hope everything will go back to normal if I stay away long enough.


you worried u wont be able to fuck a succubus or something? lol


Read the op
>Fapping was one of the few simple pleasures I had, being a super loser, and now it's just a miserable chore.
Why do you faggots need to make the whole site about your paranoia that crabs are on it?


talking about faggots, why are you defending a thread with a guy talking about his gross fucking masturbation habits and his disgusting, smegma encrused penis?

i think you're the faggot tbh.


>disgusting, smegma encrused penis
Uh maybe because you're the only one who's said something this repulsive in the thread? Why do you have such gross shit going through your head you nasty fucking faggot?


I've been sick in bed for about a week interacting with this idiot. Said user is a low effort, always online neet troll addicted to keyboard upcummies. Just today I ran into him on the pseud boards on 4chan today doing more or less the exact same thing as he does here. All the garbage threads with anime avataring on wizchan are bullshit from this guy. The first or second post you'll get in 30 minutes is from this guy. He might even be a pedophile hapa onionfarms faggot who has been clearly doxxed if you dig into it enough.

Imagine the dumbest person you possibly can. Probably 89 tops. Now imagine they have some kind of attention deficit disorder where they require constant attention dopamine hits to feel validation and therefore spend hours every day making pseud controversy threads on topics like peterson hitler race realism etc. That's this guy. Did I mention he's a leftypol faggot who pretends to be something else publicly? It's like every meme about troon discord faggots rolled into one package


Is he the same dumb cunt who wrote these? >>267902 >>268034


usually I don't follow the stupidity closely but the typing style is very easy to follow. It's a bluepilled teenager that insincerely evades or derails topics and more often than not trolls.

There's a place for stupid kids with too much time on their hands to get epic reacts and pretend to be functioning adults, it's called 4chan. Time to go back


I don't understand the people who can just not masturbate or watch porn. It doesn't work that way when there's a physical compulsion factor at play. Your body literally forces you to masturbate to get rid of the anxiety.


The problem is most people treat porn and masturbating together. If they try to stop porn they also try to stop masturbating. I guess in some cases they have no choice because they've lost the ability to get erect without porn. But the reality is the problem is pretty much always porn, not fapping, so if you stop the former you should be fine and can keep fapping. You're right that it's not exactly realistic for a man with a sex drive to just stop cumming altogether. So just cum to imagination instead. Obviously for most of human history people didn't have masses of highly stimulating erotic images to just look at whenever they wanted so it seems fair to say masturbating to imagination has been the way men have gotten by for almost all the time they've been around.


>has been the way men have gotten by for almost all the time they've been around
When they aren't having sex or are virgins I mean


NoFap is a placebo. Nothing more.


Placebos are still effective.


There's nowhere near enough bona fide research on the matter for you or anyone else to definitively state what nofap might do or not do. For all we know, given the absence of high-quality research, it could help, harm, or do nothing. Academic medicine is one of the shittiest fields of research in existence, its findings border on having no credibility whatsoever:


So I don't give a shit about what doctors claim to "know" with their horseshit statements of certain "consensus," such as when they insist there couldn't possibly be benefits to cutting down on jacking off. I'm old enough to remember when retard doctors were absolutely sure that it was IMPOSSIBLE that SSRIs could cause persistent sexual dysfunction after discontinuation. Fortunately for me I listened to wizzies on here and refused to take SSRIs because of all the reports of post-SSRI sexual dysfunction. And it turns out in the past several years it's been acknowledged that SSRIs can fuck up your cock permanently even if you stop taking them. Even a garbage zogbrain site like Wikipedia recognizes the phenomenon now. Also basically everyone I knew from high school who went to med school is a fucking idiot. Fuck doctors and their fake science.


i knew a kid who was always called gay and denied it but came out at the end of final year. he has a doctorate in gay health or something now lol. gee, i wonder why the fags are getting sick all the time? very complicated and mysterious.


Still there is no difference between masturbating to porn and to your imagination. You are just coping and thinking you are superior to others because you refuse to watch porn.
>Obviously for most of human history people didn't have masses of highly stimulating erotic images to just look at whenever they wanted so it seems fair to say masturbating to imagination has been the way men have gotten by for almost all the time they've been around.
Obviously for most of human history people didn't have access to any of the comforts we experience in modern society. Does that make them bad? Do you refuse to take a medicine whenever your head hurts because your ancestors didn't use it? Or do you not use electricity because for a long time people didn't even know what it was? lmao

Nofap isn't even placebo because it doesn't fix anything. It's a cope for some retarded children who were raised to believe in christian values and ohh masturbating means you will go to hell!! or for failed normals who can't enjoy porn because they get jealous of the male porn actors every time they watch it so uhh porn bad guyz!!

Should I even mention the political shilling that is associated with the nofap/noporn movement? Right-niggers push this shit because they want you to be frustrated sexually and to "man up" and make children/marry a succubus. It's a shitty political scheme too on the sidelines.
Loner men can't enjoy themselves in peace in their room, nope, they have to get out there, reproduce and be productive according to these slimy bastards.


>Do you refuse to take a medicine whenever your head hurts because your ancestors didn't use it?
Using porn excessively makes you dependent on it and worsens your mental state, using medicine excessively makes you dependent on it and worsens your body's ability to respond to disease without drugs. They're both things that are highly dangerous if used all willy nilly by clueless retards, and guess what? Porn is everywhere, treated as perfectly normal, and shoved in the face of both adults and children alike. Same with medicine too actually, though on a far lesser scale. Just take a look at all the succubi on SSRI.


Yeah and everything is bad if you use it excessively, guess what? So there is no reason to hate porn or avoid it like some wannabe ascetic. Watch it and masturbate to it everyone once in a while when you feel like it.

Porn is perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong with it. Only christcuck culture speaks from you. Pre-christianity culture had no problem with erotic art and pornography.

If you ask me, our culture should be much more porn-friendly if anything.


Ah, here we go. Can't go a day itt without the 91 IQ redditbrained zogling troon faggot showing up to offer his long rants of baseless retard opinions about the wonders of porn addiction. This little fuck has even admitted he's a eunuchoid fag who's so biologically broken he doesn't even have a sex drive. Yet he's still going to lecture all of us who can actually cum on how he knows what we should be doing with our dicks. I'll take an "anecdote" about the benefits of nofap from someone who can actually ejaculate over the vacuous ramblings of some disgusting reddit-worthy explainer fuckwit who thinks made up shit pulled from his ass carries authority and is worth anyone's time. You're a useless subhuman. Leave this site and kys.


check out your brain on porn by Gary Wilson. Chronically fapping probably impairs IQ and the testosterone stuff is no joke


I don't think any pre-modern religious ideas can help in the face of digital, instantaneous, high quality, and free pornography. Instantaneous Telepresence is a biblical experience that materialists didn't even believe in until a hundred years ago. What does the bible say about doing heroin for example?


I would say even in Christian culture erotic art in disguise has been pretty popular. There is a reason there are so many naked succubi in paintings and sculptures, and it's not just biblical accuracy.


I’ve actually noticed that western art finds it far more acceptable to have little naked boys than succubi. Compare Ancient Greek statues with baroque German ones and you'll see what I mean.


>Fapped to oblivion
You'd be better off fapping to Morrowind instead, sera.


Nah, if that was true then why don't these people also speak up against normals who have casual sex every day with different people? If masturbation is bad then what does that tell us about having casual sex often like normals do? The only difference between sex and masturbation is that you don't have to go full retard and you don't have to throw out piles of money to experience pleasure via masturbation in your room. People come with this "but porn and masturbation will ruin your X" Oh and so having sex doesn't do anything? Anything that says masturbation/porn bad, sex good is just propaganda.

Not sure I understand what you mean. You mean pornography is a new thing so it's useless to apply old morality to it? If that's what you try to get at Christ openly told his followers that you aren't even allowed to think about this stuff if the succ you think about has a husband. Well, the Bible is full of contradictions anyway just like religion itself is. Maybe we will have a porn-friendly christianity one day.

That's usually after the 15th century when Christianity started to lose its grip on culture. Though there are many legends about saints, popes and such that are really in the erotic part of the spectrum. I remember a legend about one pope who got together with a fairy and became her lover before becoming a pope. Maybe Gregory VII? Idk anymore.

Christianity and any ideology that tries to silence natural instincts is bound to end up as hypocrite or contradictory. Because people will always look for a way to get around the laws and morals and to justify why they do something. It's the same about reading gory stuff and how others suffered. The christian fathers condemned entertainment like that but they found a way to get around it, namely remembering about the martyrs and the tortures they had to endure. Instead of horror tales and books people listened to how saints and martyrs suffered at the hands of the pagans.

It's the christian idea fixe about "muh innocent" children becoming a fetish basically. Probably that's why priests liked to molest young kids that much. Though funnily, ancient greeks had this same fetish too about young boys. Guess most things don't change that much, huh…


Lol yeah, only wizards with high sex drives and T-levels are true wizards? But somehow masturbation and porn are evil…How do you reconcile all these contradictions, schizo /pol/friend?


Coveting is anti Christian and so is porn


>check out your brain on porn, it has citations
>NAH, but in my opinion…
Shut up and read the counterarguments you are supposedly responding to for once. https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/miscellaneous-resources/start-here-evolution-has-not-prepared-your-brain-for-todays-porn/

There have been findings coming out from at least 2016 correlating smaller brains with higher pornography consumption. The typical chicken-egg debate of obfuscation exists, but if you're constantly fapping you're objectively a dumber person. Not to mention the problem of being constantly flooded with prolactin which makes people more apathetic.


I'm not a fucking retard like you so I don't see contradictions where none exist. Not being a fucking mong, I realize that I didn't say anything about being a "true wizard." (This website is full of sub-95 IQ spastics who cannot read a single thing without imputing meanings to it that anyone with a high school level of reading comprehension knows aren't there.) What I did observe was how fucking ridiculous it is for a pathetic eunuch (and probable troon) to be lecturing men with functioning balls on how he better understands what's good and bad to do with their dicks.


the physical compulsion to masturbate is metaphorically like if satan reached up from hell and grabbed your guts until you whacked out some cum.


You are dealing with a complete retard. You aren't going to get anywhere. There is a particular type of redditbrain who, despite never shutting the fuck up about his "rationality" and "scientific outlook," is so retarded that he never figured out what empirical evidence actually is, when it is and isn't relevant to an argument, and so on. This stupid faggot conjures up opinions based on nothing but what seems smart and right to him, and, thinking these are profound and weighty insights with some kind of intellectual authority, vomits them online. (They are actually the retarded ramblings you'd expect of a youtube atheist from 2007.) He's been doing it in every shitpost he's plastered on this thread. Defectives like this can never be helped.


Btw here is a quite solid scientist, who's done a lot of interesting work on human evolution, also arguing that porn can cause sexual problems including impotence:





Maybe especially interesting for this thread and op:
>The first clear experimental study demonstrating habituation was conducted as part of the research of the commission [on Obscenity and Pornography] (Howard, Reifler, & Liptzin, 1971). This study found that repeated exposure of male college students to erotica for 90 min a day, 5 days a week for 5 weeks, resulted in a reduction in sexual arousal to erotic stimuli as well as reduced interest in such pornography. Following 2 months of nonexposure, however, there was a recovery in sexual arousal to levels that were not significantly different from those prior to the repeated exposure procedure


File: 1669581172824.png (2.66 MB, 2512x1414, 1256:707, killua is not impressed.png) ImgOps iqdb

I feel like no one ITT is being genuine. Half of you are saying porn will reduce your IQ and destroy your penis, and the other half say we should all masturbate seven times a day and nothing will happen.

The article you linked seems to say that masturbation is fine so long as it's not excessive which I would expect to be common knowledge.


If we instituted a one time IQ test for being able to post on wizchan and screened out people less than 110 we wouldn't have problems with low effort posters like this guy.


If we screened out people less than 110 we wouldn't have a single poster.


File: 1669581816759.jpg (371.64 KB, 1266x903, 422:301, dinosaur porn.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>IQ cope


Oh am I not up to your standards faggot? Do feel free to cry a fucking river.


(note how the discord "people" show up all at once to start complaining when being called out for low IQ posting and immediately resort to porn or no-u retardation because its all they know. Wizchan 2022)


upvote for you sir, epic post


>scientific research posted
>everyone bitching about bad faith arguments and treating substantive material as on a par with gay opinion mongering and trolling
You fucking idiots deserve misery, you are perhaps literally too dumb to live.


>scientific research
Go grab the DOI numbers from your citations instead of linking yourbrainonporn.com and blogs.


The references are listed at both places you stupid fuck


And they're tucked away so you can just say "here sources". Here, from that evoandproud site
The reason I ask for just the articles is because they are unbiased, as opposed to people pushing an agenda. Even in the conclusion of the article, the researches note that their findings could be either alteration due to consumption or a predisposed tendency.

Fuck yourself.


Have you seen the threads talking about how communists reduce every debate from objectivity into partisan (and therefore easily dismissible) discussions?

These are the discord neets. Every discussion on here gets reduced to justifying and promoting their depressed hedonistic lifestyle at the cost of discussion. Singlehandedly killing this site by driving down post quality.


Your complaint is what, exactly, you dumb motherfucker? That I didn't go and fetch the studies for you directly? "Tucked away." Just about every scientific paper lists sources at the END you fucking mong ape. Also (1) I didn't highlight that paper in particular (2) scientific conclusions are always underdetermined by the data (https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/scientific-underdetermination/#FirLooDuhQuiProUnd) so any responsible scientist is going to point out that the data are compatible with more than one hypothesis because they ALWAYS are. The little qualification you point is therefore not some "own." Dumb faggot.


This. Many Nofappers can't understand what the papers they quote are actually saying, most of them are nuanced or even contradict their claims. I even doubt they do read those articles. They just talk about that Gary Wilson website like it's the Bible.


stop talking out the side of your mouth and talk specifics.


thanks to this thread im gonna quit porn and fapping. right now im 3 hours clean. wish me luck wizzies. bump while nofapping


>"Durr the data are consistent with porn being bad but because there is a potential confound (as there is in literally all science because it's impossible to know definitively that all confounds have been excluded) nofappers are WRONG HURRRR!"
No, you're just a retard clinging to the hope that pozzed leftist hedonism isn't as destructive as it clearly is so you can keep dildoing yourself to cuck porn with a clear conscience (but it isn't really clear is it you faggot?).


>any responsible scientist is going to point out that the data are compatible with more than one hypothesis because they ALWAYS are
That's my point faggot.


Then you realize your "point" is trivially true and barely worth mentioning as such. Kys dumb fuck.


I’m gonna go touch my penis.


Stop being an NPC who thinks this is all debunked because he saw a short livestream/youtube clip on the topic and actually state which studies you have a problem with. Your opponent has actually posted sources and you haven't


Something that needs to be observed is most people here are probably too stupid to realize that predisposing factors and exposure effects AREN'T mutually exclusive. In fact it's basically certain that SOME people have the good genetic luck of being able to fap to porn as much as they want and never have a problem. Many other people, however, seem to have vulnerabilities in their arousal system, so that frequent exposure to porn will interact with their neurology in a way that fucks up arousability, leading to low libido and possibly impotence. These people do need to stay away from porn to maintain normal sexual function, or at least very carefully limit and control their interactions with it. But since these same people probably have impulse control problems they should stay away completely.


>SOME people have the good genetic luck of being able to fap to porn as much as they want and never have a problem.
Sounds fucking retarded.


Really? Why is that? Do you not understand the reality of pervasive individual differences, in all traits, underlain by genetic variation? Peter Frost points out that people from populations that are highly polygynous over their evolutionary history are probably a lot less likely to have negative effects from porn use. Why? Because they're genetically adapted to high levels of sexual experience and novelty. Why is that not a reasonable possibility, since people genetically vary in everything else? You're the fucking retard.


Why the fuck would there be differences in the most basic thing in the human mind, the desire to breed, that are massive enough to make certain people immune to the negative effects of extreme porn usage? You're just using pseudo-science to larp as some aryan who can jack off to [retard fetish] all day without becoming braindead.


>These people do need to stay away from porn to maintain normal sexual function
for what purpose? so they can waste more time on watching porn at a later date?


You're so fucking stupid it's painful. "Aryans" would in general be at high risk of negative effects of porn use because they're one of the more monogamous populations. NIGGERS would be at the lowest risk due to their massive polygyny. The complete opposite of the retarded nonsense you're attributing to me. Second, I personally hate porn and have been fucked up by it, so there's no claim from me about being able to use porn without issue. On the other hand I'm not a fucking retard and understand my experience isn't identical to everyone else's, that people vary genetically in everything, and that there's going to be people adapted to hypersexuality who won't have negative effects from porn. Being an idiot who knows nothing you think there are no adaptive differences in people's developmental investments in sexuality and sexual behavior. Guess you're too dumb to know people are adapted to different mating strategies, with the more monogamous ones lacking the hypersexuality of, say, niggers who fuck 200 succubi before they turn 30.

You've proven exzctly my point, that people here and largely catastrophically retarded and cannot get beyond the simple idiot dichotomy of "porn bad for all" or "porn perfectly good for all."


Maybe read at least the recent posts itt so you have a small chance of posting totally retarded shit.


not posting*


if you read the OP,
>Fapping was one of the few simple pleasures I had, being a super loser, and now it's just a miserable chore.



Fighting wars in the name of the faith was considered christian virtue for a long while. Who says there can't be new interpretations?

I don't give a doggy crap about these cheap propaganda articles. I'm sure if I bothered I could find at least 10 scientific articles about why masturbation/porn is good for you. But I grew out of using pseduo-scientific propaganda to justify my arguments a long ago. You should hurry up and follow in my footsteps too.

The best argument against nofap/noporn is still related to sex. If masturbation is bad then shouldn't sex be even more destructive considering it's supposedly much more stimulating?

You whine about masturbation and porn through the entire thread and then you say not having a sex drive is bad, why again? Why should people have a sex drive if they supposedly don't want to masturbate? Maybe you are a failed norm and want to have a family some day soon?

If you are tormented by your sex drive so much then you should do what I did and masturbate to porn as much as you can. That will kill your sex drive probably sooner or later and you can become free. Or isn't that what this belly-aching of a thread is about?

You really betray yourself with your anti-hedonist narrative. You are some conservative failed cuck who wants to have a wifey and children instead of masturbating in his room like a proper wiz. Good Lord.


that sounds highly theoretical even though I agree in principle. There just hasn't been anything evolutionarily comparable to modern Porn addiction. Even in polygamous societies I highly doubt young men were cooming 1-2 times every single day for years.

It also doesn't negate the finding that chronic masturbators have smaller brain sizes, which is the most important takeaway of this whole discussion. Chicken-egg or not, if you spend a lot of time looking at porn your brain will be smaller on average


I know what that is but i still dont understand


>Chicken-egg or not, if you spend a lot of time looking at porn your brain will be smaller on average


isn't it obvious that somebody in that statistic has the ability to stop looking at porn so much?


Libido did decrease for me after a couple of days. Nowadays I can easily go two weeks without the slightest of urge. Keep it up.


All this Sexuality shit is truly the worst that has ever happened in my Life.
You grow up and suddenly your dick has additional demands, need to cum and empty those Balls. Then they refill and you do it again and that repeats until you get old as fuck and die.
But just jerking off isnt enough, you also need to stimulate your brain to get off so you have to look at Porn and waste time looking for it.
Fapping is a chore and no different than having to shit and piss constantly, or having to sleep and to eat/drink. Just another pointless chore you have to do to get through the day in this pointless shitty coded simulation of a flesh prison we call reality.
If you try to opt out of fapping your body will make you crazy with his endless demands and eventually you have to do it even if you dont enjoy it at all.
You can also structure your life around washing your dick with cold water to get the urges to go away or work out until you fall asleep from exhaustion.
Either way you are wasting your time trying to deal with these urges.
If you somehow got rid of these urges without crippling yourself then you should consider yourself lucky.


I've never been a regular user of porn but ive been orgasming almost every day since i was 10 years old or so (or even younger). So your hypothesis about linking porn to masturbation frequency seems ridiculous to me


Middle path: masturbate once a day, without porn, limit it to 15 minutes, and if you don't finish save it for tomorrow. It becomes more mechanical-biological, like hunger, and expelling excrement. Sounds like you're doing the fatguy equivalent of eating anytime you don't feel calm and happy.


what says is true
coming once or twice a day is fine. i think its the porn that is more damaging. if in pre-modern society a rich man might have a harem of 6 succubi, I see no reason to not believe in cumming more than 2x a day. The problem is from the hyperreal experience of flashing imagery, quickly changing scenes and partners, in my non expert opinion


masturbation is the process causing hypofrontality and dopamine downregulation. I doubt looking at porn alone without fapping is going to harm you


i hear more often of sex and porn addicts than masterbation addicts, furthermore, ejaculating 1x a day is healthy for prostate


also porn lets you get way higher than masterbating, without porn i wouldnt masterbate 12x times a day, but i would watch porn and jerk off that many times and try to cum


doesnt work like that at all for me. dont know what porn you guys are finding


its not immediate, right now i am not pornmaxxed so I can cum probably 2-5 times over 24 hours and ill try unsuccessfully to masterbate 1 or 2 times extra over the same period. i have to push myself to hit 12x, and its not normal its max. i think normal is 1x and no porn, but its hard to return from such a far state


the way it works is it feeds the desire and comulsion to masterbate, is what i mean. thats self-evident, in my experience, because no one masterbates less without porn


Kind of confused on what you're describing. When I jack off to porn it seems to drain me. When I jack off to imagination I can jack off more times per day and I'm hornier. I interpret this as being in line with the idea of porn having negative effects on arousal, as found for instance in the study described here >>268661. Are you saying you experience the opposite?


that study is time-period, if you let people take more and more they will increase usage, if you restrict to time or number of uses they cant


porn drains me for a few hours, my refractory period and my desire to cum again both go down when i cum more often, and using porn encorages me to cum more often. not sure whats so confusing.


If I don't jack off and cum at least 3 times a day, I become a simp and I can't stop thinking about beautiful succubi.


do you use porn or fantasy?


Why do you use porn to cum so much if it drains you? Sounds like you my screw yourself up.


i just do stuff because i dont have much else to do, so porn and movies and jacking off ends up taking a lot of time.


Everyone who ends up like a NEET without ambition, locked in a room and wasting time doing useless bullshit is to become >>268791. It's only natural. You need to be busy with something brain or muscle intensive to avoid the desire to jerk off.

That's why I say that while you're still relatively young and have at least some possibilities go for them in the name of magic. If everyone locks up in a jerking room for the rest of days who'll indoctrinate and promote magic?

Remember: wizardy is not about being failed, wizardy is about preserving virginity.


Why not just maximize porn and masturbation? Once I used to be a chronic masturbator and porn addict but thanks to that I grew bored of this whole thing naturally. If you indulge a desire for too long and too much you will eventually come to despise it and will lose interest in it.

I became the monk I am nowadays (the last time I masturbated was around 2016 if I remember right) this way. I can read or watch anything that has porn or erotic parts in it and I don't get any erections at all. I lost interest in sexuality completely. Instead I spend my time reading books and watching movies.


Wizzies please help. I'm on about 9 days without porn. Libido is starting to go crazy. Even after I jack off to fantasies in my head, there is a strong urge to look at porn and I get an adrenaline rush when I think about doing it. I don't want to fuck this up, anyone have advice to not give in to temptation?


Unironically a twelve step program and a sponsor. I believe in you wizzie


Don't touch it wiz, it's the secret.


Maybe its just me and my dick but 15 minutes fapping is not enough for some reason. If I only fap for 15 minutes not all the cum will come out. Its like taking a piss but not emptying your entire bladder. To get the balls really empty I need 1 to 2 hours of fapping daily.
Also how is >without porn
going to work? What am I supposed to jerk off to? Floortiles? My imagination about zero sex experience in the real world? Thinking about Porn I have seen?


you get better at over time. The important part is to stop rationalizing porn as normal


>The important part is to stop rationalizing porn as normal
It 100% is.


File: 1669835702638.jpg (56.46 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, a89746e3c7c5c963021ed2b43e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

As the genitals are stimulated, mucosa is released. A witch's body gets slimy inside to lubricate, and a wizard's wand has the same mucosa glans inside as a byproduct of shared anatomy. As the wizard faps, the secretions flood the testicles, mixing with semen. This is why longer faps give bigger loads. It's not that you're emptying your balls of its cum surplus by fapping to loli for 2 hours; it's rather a matter of you flooding your balls with stuff that wasn't there to begin with then blowing most of it out.

When you fap every day, your load will be small because your orbs haven't had time to produce more jizz, giving the illusion of a half-load

When you fap every day, your balls will feels sore and bloated as they swell from the physical strain of pumping without time to repair, giving the illusion that they are full

Don't fap for 8 days and you'll see and feel what a real load is. You are torturing your balls by having them pump thick snot.

>What am I supposed to jerk off to?

Tomoko??? idk

It is not.


>Also how is >without porn
going to work? What am I supposed to jerk off to? Floortiles? My imagination about zero sex experience in the real world? Thinking about Porn I have seen?
wtf. your whole life you used porn, even when you were a child? Maybe for the first time im seeing that porn really is doing something crazy to people because that sounds insane to me. I did it when i was ~8 years old and obviously had no sex experience or porn knowledge so I cant understand how you think you need it


do you seriously not have the ability to imagine original things, things you haven't seen or heard before? I've been fapping to stuff spontaneously generated in my mind's eye since going off of porn.


>When you fap every day, your load will be small
Nope, its huge loads every fucking day.
If I dont jerk it for some days its gonna be even worse.
> When you fap every day, your balls will feels sore and bloated
Never had this issue.

So what am I supposed to jerk off to?
I watch Porn so I dont have to imagine any of this shit.
I fucking hate thinking about anything sex related so why would I sit there and imagine this?
I‘m glad when its over and I have a bit of peace from the fapping menace.


Are you the 33 yo wiz who said in the other thread you lost a job because of horniness screwing with your mind? Based on what you've described I think you have hyperspermia, which is known to go with high sex drive: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperspermia.

If I were you I'd just try to enjoy it lol. Take it from me who used to have to jack it 5+ times a day to stay sane, and who also was so horny I had to jack it more than once a shift in the work bathroom when I still had a job: I wish I could have that level of horniness again. Maybe if I do what the wizzes here are saying about going off porn it'll come back. I do feel like the problem is too much porn.


I guess thats what I have and its not as fun as you imagine. jerking off became an annoying chore over the years and I dont enjoy doing it, its distracting, its turning my living space into a sticky smelly mess and its impossible to accomplish anything its draining me and thats not even the only problem, the problems grow out of this like
Its hard finding underwear and pants in which my oversized genitalia fits comfortably. I'm always wondering how visible that bulge is when I walk around and I have to walk manually and watch out at what speed I move or else my dick will rub too much on my pants and trigger it. everytime my cock gets hard even for a short moment it will begin to ooze out precum, this accumulates all around the abnormal sized glans. I have to wash my dick very often or else it begins to smell. the precum leaves stains in my underwear and can even reach my pants. I have to piss a lot too and because my oversized dick its almost impossible to get all the drops out. sometimes after a piss I shake my dick and put it away but then it like squirts or oozes pissdrops out after I begin walking out the bathroom. I can feel that piss and it also stains my underwear and even my pants and adds to the smell.
if I dont wash my clothes for a week I reek like old dried cum mixed with piss. I also start to sweat very easily around the crotch area. my balls are incredibly smelly too.
after a shower it takes like 5 minutes until my entire crotch area feels sweaty and dirty again.
my pubic hair is also growing out of control, its very dense and grows very fast funny I'm balding on my head and I dont have the headshape to pull of baldness, anyway the pubic hair adds to the volume and it gets in the way too and adds to the volume. I have to cut it down every other day.
its not possible to live a "normal" life in society like this, I cant hold down a job, I cant really focus on anything and learn something. I forget fast once I get horny and it happens all throughout the day and the night.
getting horny makes me feel dizzy and lightheaded and like I'm getting really tired too if the boner persists too long.


Looks like a nice story, just say honestly are you attention-fagging?
Burn the witch. mailto:sage!

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