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To start with, I hate everyone, and I hate everything excluding fictional characters and fictional settings.
I used to have ambitions of creating my own fictional worlds, and it's hard to shake them away. I still sometimes have urges to write down my ideas and quotes I think sound fun.
But I stop myself because there is no reason to transcribe it. For what purpose should I materially manifest my artistic visions? So that Twitter freaks who clap their hands at babies being born blind and deaf, and 4chan manchildren who play Nintendo may pervert my ideas? People are pure evil retardation. I would derive zero enjoyment by amassing fame and acclaim from the seething retarded masses, or from having even one individual read any of my works. Their perceptions of my characters and concepts would be insulting and revolting. And, being that the ideas are already there in my own head, they have served me well and do not require any physicality beyond this. I see them fine, and the seething retarded masses are sustained by lesbian cartoons and video games for toddlers; they have no need for my additions to the media ecosystem.

When you look to fiction, we see layered and emotive personalities. Characters are articulate, passionate, sensitive creatures who go places and do amazing things.
Here in reality, even those who have the money to do anything they desire often lead lives not dissimilar to niggers living in squalor. Look towards the British Royal Family, Donald Trump, Bobby Kotick, Bill Gates. See how they do nothing but have sex and stare at the wall like a fucking retard, despite their wealth.
Regardless of class, place or race, the seething retarded masses have neither romance nor adventure in their lives. No glorious deaths or trials. No justice. No heroes. Just copes and lies. Many successful family men here in reality die and they've lived such an uneventful down's syndrome life that their own family members have nothing substantial to say about them during their funerals.

Any hope for a career for me is dead on arrival. My only interest in the material world is animals, and any work involving animals is befitting of a Satan imp. It has been this way, and will stay this way for eternity. Watch as everyone around you laughs at animal suffering. Watch the normalfag as he laughs himself to tears over "jokes" of hamsters being smashed with hammers. Detailed, morbid tales of mishaps during the butchering process at the farm are told through gasping laughter on podcasts that get millions of upvotes from the psychopaths I am forced to spend time with.

I am unable to leave the house in any capacity without being mentally tortured. Everywhere in all directions, the masses of seething retards are watching and waiting; hoping to either ambush you with down's syndrome humblebragging about the numerous ways they worship the black man, or to simply report you to the police for existing in their proximity. It is impossible to view any manmade place without being shoulder to shoulder with creepy ant people who vocally narrate to every stranger in the area about their latest bowel movement. I was lucky enough to visit Las Vegas at the peak of the COVID LARP when there were only maybe 20-40 people on the street in total, and the lack of down's syndrome has made it up to be one of the only happy memories in my lifetime.


File: 1660768035830.jpg (22.68 KB, 260x400, 13:20, 1646017512662.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

mister, who are these creepy ant people?


File: 1660768489934.png (864.52 KB, 670x838, 335:419, image_2022-08-17_133220956.png) ImgOps iqdb

No internal monologue, no hobbies, no interests, copypasted mannerisms and talking points from sitcoms and Twitter trending topics with zero comprehension of said topics. Live to work; get stressed out by forced vacation time and sick time. They'd prefer if they could sleep in the stockroom at work and never have to go home.


Wait it's that Thom Yorke on the right of your pic?


Why the Supreme Leader of North Korea on this fucking photo ?


>For what purpose should I materially manifest my artistic visions
For what purpose should you post on wizchan?


File: 1660774159896.gif (1.81 MB, 500x281, 500:281, yuki_takeya_crying.gif) ImgOps iqdb

This world is not created for autists like my self. I don't want to force my self to do something that I despise, meaning interacting with NPC's and working. The wounds that they have inflicted on my soul as a vulnerable child will never heal. The treatment that I have received for just being autistic is unfathomable. It's funny because I had a great childhood until I turned 9. The reason for why it was bad was because I wasn't used to being bullied. Originally I went to a special needs school for children with disabilities. A bit like from Katawa Shoujo but for children. The change of environment was one of the reasons for why I have mental health issues. I did have a friend group when I was in high school but when I think back about it I realize that I was just being harassed in the name of "friendship". I listened to my fathers words which said that I should be funny. The "friend group" wasn't laughing at my jokes, they were laughing at me. That is one reason why you shouldn't trust your parents. I wished that friendship was like how it is in the animes/visualnovels. I recently played this game called Rewrite and that game made be cry unlike things that happened to me in real life. Them characters in that game feel more real than anybody I have currently ever met in real life. I feel more emotion over fiction that reality. I want to live in a world where people love me again but that is never going to happen.



There are a plethora of aspie friendly jobs, you just have to take some effort looking for them.

I shill this a lot on here, but being a janny is one of them. You have your own van, you go between different sites, you get left alone, you can spend half your shift on your phone or reading a book. I can clock out early and go home as long as everything is clean. They charge out by the hour and if the customer doesn't give a fuck, the company doesn't give a fuck. Oftentimes I'll have everything cleaned in an hour, I'll write an hour on my timesheet and I'll just read in the van.

You have the option of nightshift (4pm to midnight) if you really want to avoid everyone.

A good 25% of janitors are autists. It's the perfect menial job for the ones that can't cut it in STEM.


is this the everybody is an npc but me thread?


is this the everyone is an npc except me thread?


i relate very hard. I have never cried over an IRL event even a single time, I only cry at fiction because I wish so desperately to live with those characters and live in a world of morals and love.


I had a great dream that I was surrounded by big cats and water bison, and i patted them and swam with them in a giant pool for hours.
wake up, look around me–shitty.


I hope i die soon


So in short: you are a polfag, you think you are morally better than everyone and you think everyone lives boring lives for some reason (projection).
Trump and others don't matter at all, wealth doesn't mean you will live an interesting life, in fact money only makes you a slave to it and in turn makes your life more boring because you will do everything to raise your wealth a little or to protect it. Truly interesting people do live and it is possible to live an exciting life but you don't hear about them on the news. If you seek adventure then I'm afraid you will have to leave your room and live dangerously.

There are tragedies in life, there are "heroes", there are "epic" moments in existence for sure. But you have to create those moments for yourself by actually living an active life. That is, if you really want adventure. If not, then continue watching anime and disregard what I said.


I take anti anime polcrab as a compliment
think about it wizzie, who else doubles down and attacks anime every chance they get and suggests manual labour?
after they "save you" they go back to discord, 4chan and soak in each others smirks and smugs


"actually, everything is good, because i said so" alright enthralling argument.
these heroes and epic moments are literally outlawed and red taped behind extremely layered hypocritical and slow burning bureaucracy. someone rapes a child, it gets thrown into a closet of thousands of cases awaiting trial and forgotten. if someone gets impatient and goes and kills that pedophile, the executor is the one who goes to prison.
your world is fucked and you don't even have any goalposts to move because it's so fucked. "it's just good bro" - no explanation.


>the world is fucked and terrible, I know this because I stay inside all day and don’t interact with it
>all my knowledge of the world comes from outrage bait articles and cherry picked news segments
Yeah enthralling argument yourself bud.


>the world is fucked and terrible, I know this because I stay inside all day and don’t interact with it

I stay inside all day BECAUSE the world is fucked and terribble.



Don’t fucking lie, you never even gave it a chance. I’m not saying you should or need to go outside, but your perception is just as colored as a normalfag’s.


you're psychic and know what anonymous guys have done or not done


If your idea of adventure is enacting vigilante justice on a pedophile I can safely guess you never step foot outside.


how bad is it out there that the work units have to come here and say "do manual labour bruh" "its the great outdoors bruh" lol you're not fooling anyone


>wealth doesn't mean you will live an interesting life
>cant even go outside without working full-time to afford a car if you live in a concrete cityscape


psychopaths will harass you the second you step outdoors, and will sometimes harass you and call the city over the contents or conditions of your yard. so even inside your house isn't too safe.

ideally i'd like to be completely alone forever in an empty pocket dimension where nothing exists excepting me and a computer with internet connection.


>"actually, everything is good, because i said so" alright enthralling argument.
I never said or implied anything like that. Learn to read.

I merely called out your delusional behavior and naive expectations concerning life. You sit in your room and browse image boards all day and then whine about life being boring and how there are no adventures. Do you see the contradiction in your lifestyle? You can't have both security and adventure. Decide what you want already. Either you want a comfy, secure lifestyle in which case continue to be a hermit without regrets. Or you want to have adventure and excitement in which case you should actually look for it.

But you betrayed that you don't actually want adventure when you used the excuse that you don't want to go to prison. An exciting life is exactly exciting because of risks, stress, fear and suffering. You don't want any of the bad parts that come with adventures really. What you have in mind when you mean adventure is probably playing the new CoD in your room. You are just another bored kid who whines about life being boring when in truth the option to live a dangerous life is there for you but you refuse it daily.

You, like the other guy, confuse an interesting life with the easy life. Interesting lives are never easy. Also, first world troubles.


oh youre that guy. ok i wont reply to you anymore after this.
"you just sit inside all day so you dont get to make any points", "you dont need to go anywhere to be interesting" in the same post back to back is a classic one. you should screencap it


This is a pretty good post, OP. I hate this website, but I'm glad I read your message.


>coming to this website to play fucking armchair therapist
Dude. Fucking off yourself at once. FAGGOT.


Nuspeak and dogwhistle for people who dare to not think like me and likeminded retards.
More or less modern spin on accusation of heresy.


There no adventure in bland world of confornity and normalcy.


So true. What a fucking gear head cog in the faggot machine.
>dude just get a beer and a gf lol it’s not that deep!!


>whining about whining
Nothing screams me insecure npc like this shit.
>life being boring
It is, vidya and movies with cartoons are imports from country of imagination.
>the option to live a nigger life is there for you but you refuse it daily.
I wonder why.
And since when conforming and actually growing up are synonyms?
So how about you shut up and go back.


Samefagging this much. :^)

All right, continue to expect some miracle to happen and to just undergo some exciting adventure without leaving your room. I'm sure it will happen any day now.
Or rather just realize already that you don't want adventures but a comfy and secure life. You have no right to complain about life being boring if you refuse to seek adventures for yourself.


sorry not interested in doing anything here with the retards and wagies. wanna live in a cool Mad Max fanfiction and throw fish nets at people.


Maybe water world will become real in a few decades and you can do that then.


this belongs in the porn board


>passive agressive tone
There no adventure.
I don't live in world of dnd or shit like that.
And your baiting skills will not improve themselves, worthless faggot.


I think there are way too much adventures in life, if anything. That is why you or me for that matter live the hermit life, barely leaving our houses. The world is full of dangers and adventures, honestly I'd like it if the world was more boring and peaceful.


lol yeah whole lot of adventure at the Walmart cart pushing job, lots of adventure at the college dorm party that moves into the strip club. Big things going down sitting in front of the computer. Maybe tomorrow, my mom will make this world just a little crazier and ask me to help paint a bed frame.
You are fucked up.


Well you need to start somewhere wizard, some ones got an advantage, but you can complain here or start looking for that adventure


nobody does jack shit, not even billionaires. shut the fuck up. the ukraine war even is a LARP, nothing cool or interesting has happened for almost a century.


more importantly though, even if there were some international event of epic proportions that i could participate in, i would be hesitant to because everyone involved would be a disgusting retard with the wrong motivations.
just about everything there is to do in life outside of computer browsing involves engagement with dozens-hundreds of brainless normalfags who will ruin your time. even if they aren't directly malicious to me, just being in the presence of unthinking nigger lovers makes me consider suicide. i'm healthier and happier alone due to the degree of retardation that the everyman displays.

i think you're missing the part of the OP about fiction being superior. it's not about wanting to hang out with disgusting fucks IRL. it's about there being nobody around worth doing anything with, while SIMULTANEOUSLY there is nothing happening to anybody anyway. life sucks shit for everybody and the retarded masses just make the conditions even worse by existing.


Those aren't the only aspects of life and you know it too. You could do a thousand things if you really wanted some adventure but alas you just want to whine about nothing.

Interesting things keep happening all the time, even if you lived in the past you would rather read a book in some cell in a monastery and whine about how boring things are instead of going on adventures yourself. The problem isn't with our age or culture, it is with you. You keep demanding for adventure but you refuse any sort of risks, dangers or inconvenient stuff that would come with it.

There is nothing wrong with living in your room and enjoying fiction. But then stop whining about "no adventures" and real life being shit.


plenty of politicians and normalfags out there that deserve to be 'deleted', would be exciting and adventurous to go out like that imo



>the world is boring because I can’t go murder people


the world is good because I said so


Is truth that there are adventures in this world, just not in my city, and for wizards there is a lower chance to get to participate on one.


ok, where and what


You can join a war, do sports, get lost in the trees, fight people in one of those knight competitions where they get in armors, i can't think of something else, i shouldn't really answer this question you know…


I unironically feel like this sometimes


die for jews, throw balls like a little kid, walk around outside alone purposelessly, the knight one is actually kewl that's a good answer . i've been trying to get into the adult toy collecting community and comic books which i'd say is similar. basically you're just agreeing with me that fiction is superior by offering that suggestion. escapism is all there is in this world.


also just as an aside: in my trying to find comic book communities, i've found they no longer exist due to the films. i join a chat room for x-men fans and the admin himself told me he's never read a comic book in his entire life.
retards outnumber us by several billion and you've won the lottery if you manage to find a single person with an IQ over 90 who isn't addicted to wageslaving, meth or funko pops. the retards make this world and its contents unusable.


perhaps you should avoid platforms used by normalfags, fiction is just an surrogate activity just like any other mentioned by me previously, except the war and the knight one. Anything that doesnt feature danger of losing bodypieces or one's life and is made to entertain people is just a surrogate activity.
I supposed that that wizard didn't care about the world and would join a war just for the excitement.
By the way, what do you do with those sex toys?


File: 1661223440935.png (431.29 KB, 556x637, 556:637, image_2022-08-22_195650698.png) ImgOps iqdb

oops lol, i don't mean sex toys. i mean stuff like this. adult collectables.


Good for you


You may as well develop your creativity and share it without falling into the pit of interacting with people. I respect artists who maintain distance from the rest of humanity, because it shows they actually care about their works more than gaining reputation/money.

In reality, things seem tragically unremarkable even for people of means; all they seem to do is use their wealth to obtain things that society values and meddle in politics/society for no good reason other than they can. Being a remarkable person is simple and takes little resources - pen and paper is as simple as it gets to share what is son your mind. The trick is to remove distractions from life so that you can commit to the pursuits of the mind.


The people who actually does cool things are a minority in every area, some politician might be funding niche projects somewhere in the world and we have no idea because is a secret.



File: 1661294914868.png (256.58 KB, 1069x523, 1069:523, download.png) ImgOps iqdb

>some politician might be funding niche projects somewhere in the world
Respect the robot


File: 1663827787123.jpg (278.08 KB, 996x1370, 498:685, Der_Untermensch.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Same energy


im a cart pusher and ive been one for 3 years. is the best job i can possibly think of.
i think of it as being paid $15 an hour to go to the gym.
i walk 16 miles a day and dont speak a word to anybody.


Is why i feel nothing but schadenfreude when govt fucks with normalfags.
But its truly tradegy that real human beings suffer in such processes.


>That is one reason why you shouldn't trust your parents.
Only narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths, zealots, and subhumans breed nowadays.
So its not surprising.


People like you die in wild. Modern world does you a "favor" of saving your "precious" life thus ultimately dooming you for unendurable sufferring for the rest of your life. Hypocrite motherfuckers. I could pity you if that's what you want, but in general I just feel bad about this situation.


>Modern world does you a "favor" of saving your "precious" life thus ultimately dooming you for unendurable sufferring for the rest of your life.
He can leave any time he wants.


Leaving it as a grown wiz is much harder than as a kid wiz.


Killing yourself requires some balls.
If you weren't braindead normalfag you would know that obvious fact.


Oh big fucking whoop, so he’s dickless and an autist then? I’m out of sympathy. People going on and on about how they don’t belong in this world and that they wish they could just get hit by a meteor but never have the resolve to jump off a bridge. Fucking retards like >>268216 want to return to some imagined darwinistic battlefield, for what? So that instead of autists getting sad that no one is their friend some nigger can skewer and brutalize them for Le survival of the fittest? Gimme a fucking break.


>Ahh, another great day to be a faggot on a board whose topic I hate. I'm intelligent.


>ahh I hate my life
>then stop living
You know this board has a suicide general right?


It's been explained to you on countless occasions why it's not that simple and you're just so egotistical, retarded and stubborn that you think repeating the same stance is making a compelling argument. It's not like you stay out of the suicide general, either. You just shit up every thread on dep with your low-functioning autism. Go stare at yourself in the mirror or something, self-absorbed faggot.


>want to return to some imagined darwinistic battlefield
Where did you take that? Yes I said "die in the wild", but that doesn't anyhow mean I said to return to some darwinistic bullshit. I just say it's not always reasonable to save mentally ill people, because in the end they will just live shitty life full of unjustified suffering. What for?


>I just say it's not always reasonable to save mentally ill people, because in the end they will just live shitty life full of unjustified suffering. What for?
You can only know that in retrospect though. Are you suggesting that we ask little aspie kids if they want to be euthanized? Or are you expecting mothers to just ditch every pregnancy with a "defect"? You say "save" like they would've died without an incubator or something, why the fuck would that be relevant to mental illness? I could go on all day but the point is you can't do preventative maintenance on living a shit life.


even if it were technically possible to pre-identify illness in utero, this would be used as an covert eugenics tool by the elite; see niggers and planned parent hood


whats wrong with that exactly


cementing control with the zog, what you want the nwo to occur quicker?


>what is self preservation instinct


Ummm, no, sweetie. The retard you're replying to doesn't think that's real because… well, because he says so, ok???


>then die
>b-but I actually don’t deep down muh instincts
You can keep making gay excuses and they won’t change the fact people suicide every day.


You can keep posting the same reply and it won't change the fact that you don't understand anything.


And you can keep posting the same reply and you’ll still be here trapped in your shitty life.


Like I said before, I am worth more than you. I have my own property and mostly everything that I desire. But where you're trying to lead the conversation doesn't matter. Here's an experiment: fellate a shotgun. Oh, you won't? Gee, what's the term for that reluctance in this specific scenario called again? Oh right, one doesn't exist because retard over here said so. Here's another one for you to try: go tell another grown man that you're going to cave his temples in with a ball-peen hammer and then proceed to try. Wonder what his reaction will be. Certainly not that thing that doesn't exist because little miss faggot said so!


>oh woe is me, life is suffering
>a-ackshually I'm a super chad who owns land and has lots of money hahaha
Oh boy do I feel BTFO now.


So in other words, you concede. Remember that I got banned for dabbing on you last time, poorfag, and that's exactly why you come here and shit on depressives. Because you're a miserable pile of lies and are embodying the essence of a crab to cope.


Yeah man you win. I am le epin poorfag and you are based and redpilled.


Exactly, and that's why you're crying about my wealth instead of admitting that self-preservation is a very real thing. Cope harder nigger.


So how come people can actually commit suicide then? Tell us. If self preservation was some omnipotent force then nobody would kill themselves.

People who want to die go hang themselves or jump before the train. Did you have a suicide attempt at least?


people overcoming self-preservation =/= self-preservation dont real
Again, go tell another man that you're about to kill him, preferably a muscular one, then actually attempt it. Why don't you prove how fake self-preservation is and stop eating or go stand on some tracks yourself, champ? You're quite literally preserving yourself and still pretend like it's not real merely to fool yourself into believing that you won an internet argument. You're gonna dig that hole all the way to China lol.


People who want to live cling to existence, what a shock. And people who hate existence….I'll let you finish this line of thought.

You have zero excuses while you are alive right now. Self-preservation isn't an omnipotent force. Continue to cope that you want to die while obv you don't want to die at all, wizkid.

>people overcoming self-preservation =/= self-preservation dont real

people overcoming self-preservation = it is perfectly within the realm of possibility to off yourself if you want to


Keep digging!


I think 6-8 years is enough and if the child is bad, you can ease his existence so that he doesn't even notice. Please be patient I have autism.

Oh btw the guy appeared to be just whining bitch who only can do as much as to whimper how bad it is but isn't actually going to do anything about that. True wizards either overcome or suicide. That's the way of strong.


I understand what u wizards tho thru. I am not a virgin I have had 5 girlfriends but being in A big city succubi are prestige I feel ur anger. But don't push away all hope.


Nice try, but not giving up the Art for a pussy.


And what happens before either one? It's like you think they are Schrodinger's wizards where they either conquer depression or off. There's no lengthy state of tolerated depression beforehand because you retards can't comprehend why self-preservation is a named concept in the first place. Wizards have to stop talking about suicide or just do it RIGHT NOW!!! to appease the stunted manchildren with semantic autism.


depression is something that happens to hormonal single men in their early 20s and neets. Just getting an income and growing older will phase out all of that shit altogether. At least that was my experience


People get sick of the stupid excuses and beating around the bush. I'm sure you've seen all the retarded posts about "I'm gonna kms with a crossbow" or "I'm gonna get drunk and just walk into the forest" or "I'm gonna overdose on advil" and other stupid shit that won't ever kill you. Self preservation is very real, I think everyone would agree, and that's why all the retards who come up with these convoluted methods and stupid reasons why they can't (muh family, muh pets, can't make people sad even though I'll be fucking dead) aren't actually suicidal. They will never over come self preservation so they might as well just get used to living until they die.


You never know which are just seeking attention and which are serious until it's done. It's not like they can come back and post to rub it in your face. I've seen some people tolerate a shitty life through charity work only to finally give up. I can't say there is a clear pattern to who actually commits suicide.


I can never know for sure, but the people coming up with the stupid reasons they can't clearly haven't gotten anywhere near the point.
>I've seen some people tolerate a shitty life through charity work only to finally give up
That right there is the exact "lengthy state of tolerated depression" you said doesn't exist. People have to take time to decide if life is worth living. I had a friend kill himself just a week ago. And he mused about it for a while too. But he didn't list all the reason he couldn't, he listed all the reasons he could. To kill yourself is to decide that you really can't take even one more single second of life. Everyone else is just deliberating until the decision is ultimately made for them.


I brought up the prior depression bit because I thought you were discounting it by saying that people expressing their contemplation here aren't going to kill themselves merely because they haven't done so yet.


Oh, I’m agreeing with you then. I posted >>268228


Though I should clarify that contemplating the method signifies to me that you aren't really suicidal. You should contemplate your life and the world, contemplate yourself, but the method is an afterthought. Most excuses I see on /dep/ are superficial and show a lack of contemplation, rather than evidence of it.


Someone who at least tried to kill himself I can take seriously. Someone who just posts on /dep/ 24 hours a day about how he will die? I can't take him seriously.
>Wizards have to stop talking about suicide or just do it RIGHT NOW!!!
Yep, pretty much. Either prove by your deeds that you desire death or shut up.

Stop coping already, wizkid. Now you don't do it because of muh family, tomorrow the weather will be rainy, after that you want to watch the next episode of your anime, after that blah blah blah…Excuses everywhere. In the small town where I live every year at least 10-20 people kill themselves. People who didn't whine about wanting to die but went and hanged themselves or jumped into a river or before a train. You just want attention and pity, probably you are a female coming here to attentionwhore.


You aren't very intelligent and that's alright. Nobody is going to kill themselves on the spot just to prove you wrong. What a ridiculous requisite. Also, thinking that everyone who has ever discussed suicide never got around to going through with it is unspeakably retarded. God, you're an unhinged faggot lol.


do you not understand threads like this are coping and containment strategies? If you want to help these guys don't fucking goad them into offing themselves. The site hardly has any posters anymore


I'm the >>268324 guy. You've made it to a wholesome discussion, but I just want to clarify I meant that constant whining and excuses isn't what a wizard would do. Wizard would consider, even if it takes a lot of time, whether his life is worth it, and then either overcome or suicide. I didn't mean anything else.
By considering I mean self-analysis and analysis of current and possible future life opportunities, their weight and worthiness.


How do you figure that it's constant whining, as in the same person or people always whining? And what the fuck is the point of dep if not to vent? Who is to say blowing off some steam can't help stabilize one's mood or why one has to commit to suicide just for openly contemplating it?
It's funny, I must be an underage suicidal succubus (called as much by who I am sure is the feminist champion here…) merely because I don't demand that people kill themselves to prove me wrong or stop whining on the designated whining board.


>How do you figure that it's constant whining, as in the same person or people always whining?
I don't know, I said that under impulse.
It just looked like a single guy first blabbers how he's going to kill himself and when told 'go do it' butthurts and copes really hard. If you're just blowing steam off, why butthurt and cope, just admit you had too much stress and needed to relieve it. Not gonna go deep into it tho, so you may safely ignore this post at all.


Well, I usually just ignore people talking about it. If anything, seeing someone egg them on gets on my nerves. I'm not gonna offer empty affirmations or sing praises of the world, but I don't see why harmless whining annoys you.


>seeing someone egg them on gets on my nerves.
Why? If they're gonna go and vent then people will respond in turn. I love goading the "suicidal" because they're so fucking attached to pessimism and depression they'll never admit that some part of them likes living. They will write themselves in circles trying to prove they really do want to die when they won't actually kill themselves.


Good for you.


> Nobody is going to kill themselves on the spot just to prove you wrong.
You aren't supposed to prove me wrong little guy, you are supposed to prove your own thesis that you want to die. Otherwise you are all talk and no action, shame. Have an orgasm about how you will man up one day and will have the balls to do something you won't ever do, babyface.

>Also, thinking that everyone who has ever discussed suicide never got around to going through with it is unspeakably retarded

You are right, there are probably some who talk about it and eventually end up doing it. But you aren't one of them. And most people who want to die just shoot themselves in the head or figure something out, at least they attempt it which is much more than we can say about you, kiddo.

I know he won't do it and he knows it too.


I'm gonna do it!


I'm not particularly suicidal, but you aren't intelligent so you have to assume that to feel like you have anything approaching a point. You clearly do this autistic whinging about people talking about suicide on dep because it makes you feel better about your own pathetic life. Your whore mother should've swallowed you after you and the other swimmers leaked out of her ass. Would've been a mercy more than you deserve.


>I'm not particularly suicidal
Then what the hell is your problem again? Why are we even having this discussion?

You are just upset because I pointed out your shitty cope isn't more than a shitty cope.
>You clearly do this autistic whinging about people talking about suicide on dep because it makes you feel better about your own pathetic life
No, I just don't understand how you and others like you can be so delusional that you don't see the inconsistency in your logic.
>waaah life is bad life is cruel life is evil
>suicide is the solution, guyzz!!
>oh what a day, better repeat it again tomorrow instead of actually killing myself

Wiz, nobody here ever does it. The dutch wiz was just a hoax and joke played by wizards. Don't believe everything you read on the net.


I'm gonna go online and believe everything and you can't stop me! But first I'm killing myself.


Because you look like a pathetic asshole and sound far more deserving of suicide than the people you've been crying about for months. Try cultivating some reading comprehension, you delirious ESL monkey.
>no one ever commits suicide here
>he actually expects wizards to post about successfully killing themselves after the fact
Holy shit! You are the biggest retard on this website.


The dutch wiz was a prank I made perfect for a screencap


He's just retarded, maybe trolling.
Report back when you're done.


WHEN this feminist , pro-natalist normalnigger will be banned? FUCK YOU mods for tolerating this piece of shit that shits on every thread. I would literally gouge your eyes and torture you to maximum normalnigger. You’re the worst poster in history of wizchan.


>When will [drooling retard] be banned
The answer is never, there are no such things as mods on this site. Just ignore the nigger instead of falling for every bait, he's so easy to notice anyway


You are the idiot who always calls his debate partner ESL? Lol You are so easy to spot, wizkid. Maybe learn some other words too that you can use as insults, little fella.

I knew it.

The real question is when you people will be banned because you basically derail every thread and make every discussion turn into a discussion about me, which is very flattering mind you, but still, there are other ways you could show your love, respect and attraction towards me. Good day, sirs.


uber based. Give this man moderation privledges


So what else explains your lack of reading comprehension besides that you're ESL? You're replying to two separate posters with that first point, by the by. Your neurosis is showing, Ms. "Optimist."
As for your last point:
>n-no everyone else derails every thread, not me
Except you are the most visible poster because of your few autistic obsessions that you find some retarded way (only in your mind) to shoehorn into every thread. Are you really devoid of self-awareness? Come the fuck on, you've been doing this same autistic routine for months now.

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