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How do I cope with being unable to fap for medical reasons while being a virgin and an extreme anti social person?


Purchase a buttplug?


Dude don't joke with that stuff


Gape your wizhole


What too much porn does to mf….


What? Sounds like the dude wants to fap, that will let him.


File: 1660833821888.jpg (28.35 KB, 300x393, 100:131, rem-female-animated-charac….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Dude I can't for medical reasons , I am fucked up , only rope left


You’re gonna have to be more specific then. You a eunuch or some shit?


There are ways to pleasure yourself sexually through anal play.


I have severe POIS and it's getting even worse now


some gay shit right there, that's clearly not the lord's way


There is no "cope" for not being able to have a fap, but for the same reason there's no way to "cope" with not being able to willingly smash your toe against a corner. Fapping is a drug and you should be relieved that there's now an extra barrier between you and nutting hard. Stop buying in to the idea that sex is valuable and a must-have. Some people have sex, others don't, it's just how it is and if you're one of the people who don't, then so what? Enjoy being STD-free. When your body becomes restless with desire just do some exercise instead. Arnold Schwarzenegger said that the pump and burn of a good workout feels like cumming, and as someone who has cum in to all sorts of silicone holes, and lifted all kinds of heavy stuff, I can agree that shredding muscles feels just as good as tugging glans.

Anyone suggesting anal play needs to pop some horse dewormer. Men have no erogenous nerves anywhere in, on, or round the ass. When "men" cum from stuffing the butt, it's either because they're pounding the prostate, which is downright dangerous, or they're so mentally unhinged that the thoughts running through their head are what make them blow loads. With that, we move on to your second option: Mental Masturbation. Yes men can induce orgasms with their mind. It's tricky to learn but once you "get it" it becomes something you can do anywhere, anytime. If you've ever had a wet dream, it's like that. The full sensation of fapping (or even better), but with 0 genital contact. Just sit and imagine whatever fantasies strike your fancy and put a lot of focus on your penis and how it would be feeling in that scenario.

If you fell for the aphantasia meme then scrap all that.




>If you fell for the aphantasia meme then scrap all that.
I can't imagine things in my mind. How is it a meme?


Do you take medications or smoke things that could incapacitate your imagination?

Everyone can imagine, you just need to try. Our ability to imagine is what sets humans apart from earwigs. You imagined typing your reply before moving your fingers, right? You imagined the potential responses. Now you're imagining ways to thank me for my help, but don't worry, saving you is reward in its own. Until next time!


Become a gay bottom and have other men take care of you


He will have to join wizcord night then


Anecdotally, I had this for many years, with headaches and malaise lasting for an entire day after cooming. It went away entirely when I started taking finasteride (for unrelated reasons, because I was trying to keep my hair). The orgasm itself also feels a bit weaker, but it's still 75% as strong as before, and it's much nicer not having to deal with the hangover. The prescription for fin is also trivial to get, there are telehealth companies that will hand it out to literally anyone for like $10/month.
Your mileage may vary, I've heard of other people getting the exact opposite effect from fin.
Or if drugs are objectionable to you, you can just try anal play. Prostate orgasms don't trigger the blood pressure spike or prolactin overload that normal penile orgasms do. It's not gay if you have no intent of sleeping with any succubus or man to begin with.


Be grateful you don't have to. Spend all the time you used to waste on fapping doing something worthwhile.

> but I don't know what's worthwhile

Then I guess you'll have a lot of time to figure it out.


This is a weird thing. What symptoms do you specifically experience? Seems like there is quite a range.


Wait what


Rope yourself


>these trash tier replies
Wtf happened to this board


a uh well… this probably doesnt help and i cant tell you why directly. here is this and i am sorry if you dont appreciate it.


Are you seriously telling me fapping and sex in general is that important to your life that you can't abstain from all sexual activities at will even if it's not enjoyable?


Normalfags, as usual.
And the fact that some amount of posters offed themselves doesn't help


33yo wizard here, this whole Sexuality shit is the worst thing that ever happened to me. I remember when I was a kid and for the first time figured out what the Genitalia are used for, in that moment I knew this means just more trouble.
Eventually I got horny and started jerking off, at first it was fun and games but eventually I had realized that I had to jerk off every day or else my cock will torture me.
Cruel joke that my life is it turned out I have a very annoying very active sex drive. I dont jerk off for 2 days and cum starts leaking out and when I got a wet dream it was worse than pissing the bed. a comical amount of semen is produced by my balls everyday and I have to milk it out or else I will feel like shit, distracted and it feels like the horniness is shutting off my brain completely. I get horny for no reason, even if I dont look at any porn I still get horny.
My room smells like old dried semen, there is cumstains everywhere because its nearly impossible to contain it when it comes out. It ricochets off the tissue and ends up everywhere, on my keyboard, on my desk, on my screen thats far away on the floor and on my chair.
I thought in my 30s it would calm down but nope, it got worse and I cum more than ever before.
Its like a curse like I had the monkeypaw and wished to have a big dick shooting big loads and thats how the wish backfired.
I do have a big dick but it doesnt fit comfortably in any pants that I own, all the underwear is too tight and rubbing too much against my dick and compresses my balls too much or my balls and dick dont sit comfortably even if I have loose pants on. I‘m never comfortable with it.
I dont watch any pornography at all and avoid all porn sites. I never go outside so thankfully never have to see any roasties and yet despite this my dick still gets hard every day and needs to get milked. Its not even enjoyable it feels more like taking an urgent shit and then feeling relieved. Such a waste of my fucking time.
I even lost my job because I would randomly get extremely horny throughout the day, it would become too tight in my pants and my head would start spinning I wasnt able to focus on anything and as a result kept fucking up.
I wonder what the solution for this problem is, like castrating myself like some loon? Taking medications that make me sterile and lobotomize that part in the brain thats responsible for cock control?
Just sit it out another couple decades?
Being a Human is pure torture and if you read my post you probably think I‘m joking but I assure you I am not.


Just think about freaks like me who accidentally broke their penis and became incontinent (For the kids: I leak urine). Fapping and porn is turning one's brain into mush.


i leak semen



The key is to not accumulate sexual tension. Don't fantasize, don't look at anime succubi even. And if you feel like you getting hornier, walk 5 km or lift weights. I am not trying to gymratting or anything, but it is the truth - sexual tension can be killed by limited physical activity.


File: 1664017412114.jpg (574.08 KB, 932x821, 932:821, The_Tao_of_Sex_Daniel_Reid….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You should already be knowing that low energy people like wizards can only get more and more weakened by ejaculation.

If now you come to say you have to actually cope with not doing something that is slowly killing you. I do weight lifts and sometimes take sunbaths in the morning, if you have energy enough for that.

How mean.

Where did I leave my old no-fap helpers list? It's not enough to restrain yourself, but what must be done to adopt such life routines that this energy gets depleted without going downhill into such inner tensions:
>stop eating stimulant foods like meat, coffee, pepper…
>research ayurveda pages to know how to regulate "pitta dosha"
>practice some exhausting (and it has to be so) sport, let it be resistance or HIIT
>keep your gaze away from whatever excites it
>use cold showers, specially into the genital area. Do not use ice if you do care for your skin.
>Stop eating industrial crap and dairies at least

After I entered a fully alcaline diet my pollutions are reduced notably. But I can't tell if I will be able to withstand this for long, it's told to have consequences in unprepared bodies.


Enough with your bullshit you no-fap schizo.


Also, having somatized issues might be a factor about erotomania and might pollutions.


Cool, more of this mystical norm-brainwashing. You dared to post this again. Nice. So you continue to preserve your semen until you finally meet "that special someone"? So cute.


No-fap is success. This thread is senseless.


nofap is extremely based, increases testosterone levels and rebalances dopamine. don't know why people would signal against this


>don't know why people would signal against this
Have you ever tried to debate with a drug addict or alcoholic about how their usage is harming themselves, their loved ones, culture at large? It feels similar, and I'm not even a nofapper, I 3x it porn cummies every day


i havent done it for a very long time, have yet to experience any significant tangible benefits
it's self suggestion and reinforcement. im glad it's behind me but cutting it out doesnt do shit unless you're one of those reddit freaks who obsess over it 24/7


File: 1669385045152.jpg (171.79 KB, 720x1067, 720:1067, 20221125_140035.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>increases testosterone levels and rebalances dopamine

Any source for this? I mean actual sources, no retracted meme articles with made up data.


you might want to read the note
it says it got retracted because ot was a pasta of their previous study in chinese somwhere else, not because it was fake


All I've heard people say nofap helped them with is that it gave them "confidence to talk to succubi", which is quite clearly bullshit, but why the fuck would a wizard care about something like that? I swear nofappers think they're badass indigenous samurai, training themselves day and night, when literally all they're doing is refraining from putting their dick in their hand.


abstractly any restrictive desire may be seen to increase the will power, like ice baths, meditation, running, lifting, nofap


fitfags are icing their balls to increase testosterone levels. This is not a joke


and it not only works, but its euphoric. I'm full Wim Hof swimming in the arctic deep breathing full semen retention Lovingkindness meditation. I haven't frowned or felt pain in forty days. I am blessed, I am powerful, I am infinite.


shitpost on /b/ if you're just going to treat this site as a giant joke


and dont forget to deadlift with your squat plugs in!

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