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I think I'm finally going to kill myself. what are the best methods for a painless suicide? I think normalfags put oxygen into helium tanks now to prevent suicides so that's kinda not an option. any better ideas?


There is a general for this, but anyway look into sodium nitrite


No, you're not.


If you sui who will post on wizchan? Don't do it we need you.


>b-but illegal
Antique gun


people keep telling me about this stuff. how do I use it?


don't use it and stay in school


bleach and ammonium, mix and inhale.


i think this is just excruciatingly painful but wont kill you, will probably just make you wish you were dead instead


Order heroin off the dark web and shoot yourself with like 5g and you'll be dead no doubt, or Sodium Nitrite, guide on how to use it:


They put oxygen into helium tanks because of that now? The fuck


don't do it OP, is much for live in this life, i love you <3


Just hold on, there might be a nuclear war.


Hanging is still the best method.


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>what are the best methods for a painless suicide?
See, the problem with suicide in this board is that it's unpractical to the point people don't attempt it. People come with retarded, complex, impossible ways to off themselves here, and eventually no one off themselves.

I'm not advocating for wizard suicide or death, but be realistic, you won't be able to off yourself with expensive obscure shit you can't afford and/or get shipped to you. Classic stuff like jumping from a bridge or hanging always work and have work through countless centuries. Retarded shit like getting chemical X, Z and Y won't work because you're a wizard that never leaves his room and you won't actually get those chemicals.

Most importantly, if you're willing to kill yourself, give life another chance. Live life on your own terms for a while, then off yourself if you still want to.


Buy somnifacient and drink it in one go. Maybe you'll wake up. Tell me if you do, so that I know it's not a reliable way.


Ring-a-ding-ding, baby


Classic suicide is exit bag. When I did my research, I needed something that was cheaper than gun, less possible for medical professionals to resuscitate, available to be bought on line or transferred via bus, painless. As far as I can tell, exit bag is the best solution.



live life on your own terms for a while and see if it gets comfy enough

if it doesn't, stop looking for obscure chemicals, and rope/jump/train


>or transferred via bus
Just jump in front of the bus…


Great, then you get care and ressuitated.


Then try again. They don't stop the busses for bodies in the road. The guy working the defibrillator would rack up a bunch of XP too.


Lol they fucking stop trains for bodies in my locale. Once and done with an exit bag, or god knows how many attempts trying with a bus.


Well if trains are so good at racking up bodies, then jump in front of one of them. I am very smart


Yeah and an exit bag doesnt traumatize poor railway workers


Society is very successful at sweeping the enormous numbers of suicides under the rug. Maybe it's good to make a sound


Needlessly traumatizing railway workers wont make you inevitable death more pleasant.


A man who gets traumatized by the sight of death is a man who shouldn't be responsible for keeping a train full of people safe


You think there are armed guards or something? They arent fucking security protecting.the train, asshat. They are only two people on a up to five mile long train, no need for you to impose when killing yourself without doing so is just as easy, and likely more effective.


I thought about buying needles on eBay and potassium chloride on Amazon and mixing it with water and injecting that.

Only problem is it is said to hurt like fuck, have risk of survival (death row inmates have lived through it)
And you have painful spazums until you either die or it runs out.


Exit bag has less side effects


But what about the risk of some helium tanks being diluted, either to stop exit bags or to save on helium cost?

The suspense waiting for something to happen drive's you up the wall.

I like the heroine overdose idea but have no idea how to score some, same with the sleep medicine and anesthesia.


Diluted with oxygen? I don't think they do such a thing.


I can tell you from experience, overdoses, especially, I'd imagine, lethal ones, suck. Vomitting, dizzyness, vertigo, dryness of mouth


File: 1669911925285.jpg (1.24 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, 16699114032911054969021990….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah a few days ago I had some 27 500mg capsules filled with pure caffeine powder assuming the dose neded was 11g It should have been enough unfortunately I survived.
I assume I got a lot of the powder stick to the gelatine cases, had some caustic soda pills but was too much of a wuss to eat those.

Still feel sick but not throwing up, ordered some vetinery needles so I don't have to put the next poison in my gob but real "Sensitive" to pain so that slows me down.

Just want something that is quick to start and preferably without suffering or a long wait.

Or at least be locked in while the fire rages on and my body shuts down.


You underestimate how much of a nuisance normies can be!


You are exceptionally light weight? Im not, and LD50 caffiene for me is almost twice. Note LD50 is for rats, and its definitionally 50% dead. Youd have to loom at the exact dose response curve and extrapalate to humans to ensure death. Might I recommend painless, artisinal, hard to resuscitate, exit bag?


that toilet is just like mine!


I believe the most painless recorded way to suicide is to use a 12 gauge 00 shot and put the gun in your mouth aimed at your brainstem. I think you die in like less than a half second if done correctly but we all know just like usual this is an attention thread. Can’t say I blame you though I think about it a lot too


The lungs dont sense oxygen, only CO2, exit bag should be drowsy drift of to death, and no foul, expensive clean up.


Exit bag seems to be the clear favourite but it is a long wait and the suspense drive's you nuts
I hate being British, I want a gun


Don't know about painless but
>fuck off to a seaside during the night, drink alcohol half into a coma while moon/star/seagazing, tie something to your foot and jump in
Thought of this while walking the seaside today, immediately after rain. It's obviously not ideal but it gives me the same vibe as jumping into a volcano.

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