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I turned 28 years old this year. And feels hit me.
I hate my life. I hate my retarded upbringing. I hate my disabilities, which I was born with. I hate most of my memories. I hate people, who are similar to people that harmed me in the past. I hate my weak mentality.
But on the contrary, I m a weird person at the same time I feel lot of hatred towards humanity, but also I m emphatic guy with love inside.

In this world, in my situation I have 2 main enemies. Enemy inside of me and enemy outside. Enemy inside of my is my weak, passive mentality, which I was born with. Enemy outside are people who hate guys like me and who like to destroy person like me.
I cant change my mentality much, when I m already 28 years old.
My parents made many mistakes, when they breeded me. They teach me nothing useable. They taught me only useless and retarded stuff like:
>Always say good morning, when you see teacher, or some of my parents friends (that is retarded shit, they just wanted to make me polite). And polite men are just weaklings, who everyone makes fun of and they are never treated with seriousness
>They never taught me how to deal with bullies
>Never taught me that I should be assertive
>Never taught me anything, they just gave me food and shelter and forced me to go school, they didnt really care if I feel good at school, whether I get bullied, or not.
Some people should never have children. But at the same time I must say, even if parents are incompepetent, but child doesnt have dissabilities like me, he still has chances to be normal.


same for me, the thing is most children are normalfags so they just learn everything themselves, your parents didn't expect that their son was retarded as neither did mine, there is no point hating your life cause there was nothing you could have done, you just have to accept that you are a disabled person and embrace it, don't try to be normal cause you're not


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>my mentality is weak
>my strongest enemy is my weak mentality


Makes sense to me


>Natural born passivness and lack of assertivness?

No such thing and I pity every single one of you that's convinced you were born to be passive and docile.

You learn to be passive and docile out of fear, as a defense mechanism. When you realize that you can undo that or stay like that. There's no reason to discuss this if you don't want to change it.

Some of you get extremely angry at the idea of not being passive and docile. I don't understand why even bring up the subject in the first place.


When you say "every single one of you" who do you imagine you're talking to, and from what position do you imagine yourself talking from?


>You learn to be passive and docile out of fear, as a defense mechanism.
I was always passive, my parents told me that even at the very young age, when I was 3-5 years old I wasnt talkative and I didnt talk to much.
Homever, about being docile you re probably right. Its a defense mechanism. Also normies always suggested me that I have no right to have my own opinions, beliefs, my own world. They suggested me that I m wrong and I have to do what they expected me to do.
Also my parents usually didnt want to hear what I have to say, when I was young. My mother suggested me something like that - Think what you want, but you have to listen to me!

Many people tried to make me docile. When I wasnt docile I was constantly under attack.


>I cant change my mentality much, when I m already 28 years old.
Nice cope so that you can justify your misery.
It is never too late to change your mentality. I don't know why some people here vehemently claim that our past defines us 100%. I don't even remember most of my past before becoming a NEETHermit and it is fine with me. I was reborn. If I wanted to, I could become a drastically new person even today. You have to want to change, not look for excuses to justify to your circlejerk online why your life is bad.


I'm bewildered that people are angry that their parents did nothing. Honestly, I'm jealous and I'm thankful for the public school system. What I had at home was much worse and school was like an escape.

Every morning I was just told that I was the most horrible, narcissistic, selfish and monstrous child in the world. That I am devoid of empathy and that no other parent in the world has such a selfish uncaring child. It was just constant criticism, day in day out, for at least an hour a day. And it sort of made me jaded to criticism, immune to it. I'd misbehave at school and would get in trouble, and I'd literally not care because the worst punishment at school was like a fraction of what I got at home for not washing the weetbix out of my bowl or whatever.

But it wasn't severe punishments (although sometimes it was physical beating), it was like just a constant drone, a constant whining. And there was no avoiding it. If I tried to make my own lunch I would get a constant drone of how I'd fuck it up and I'm incapable. Yet every day she'd also drone on about how I'm so useless she has to constantly make my lunch and why couldn't I be more like my sister.

I guess that's why I'm not passive though. There was never the possibly of me being a good person growing up, so I stopped caring to try.




>Anecdotal evidence: the post.


>I could become a drastically new person even today
then do


File: 1661932023339.jpg (32.81 KB, 403x393, 403:393, ab9dbb010a89774e03d389b354….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>You learn to be passive and docile out of fear, as a defense mechanism. When you realize that you can undo that or stay like that.
How does one "undo" these things? Since I was 5 years old I've always been passive, non-assertive, and very emotionally sensitive. I always end up doing anything I can to avoid getting on people's bad side or getting in trouble since I'm genuinely afraid of getting yelled at, social confrontation, and nearly any sort of danger, especially against other men. To make it even worse when I end up dealing with these problems I start shaking, tearing up, or even end up pissing myself and I have no control over it no matter how hard I try. I've tried advice such as "channeling your emotions to anger instead of fear or sadness" but nothing works. It doesn't help either that I'm a manlet with a relatively small frame. Am I just a natural coward that possess feminine traits or is this something that's rooted in some sort of emotional trauma orinferiority complex? I'm tired of being non-assertive, not fighting for my own interests, and being walked on constantly by normalfags but I don't know how to fucking fix these issues.


Start small, familiarity breeds contempt. Start going outside, eating at restaurants or going to movies by yourself. Once you get over the hesitation to walk up and buy a ticket or ask for a table you will see that people truly don’t have power over you, and that most people are just trying to get on with their lives like you. There are some people in the world who are assholes, who do want confrontation, but they are usually easily avoided. Confidence must be built in steps.


I undid passiveness through desperation and anger. I realized life would soon be over and I have nothing to lose. Life is just a competition over resources, mates, minds, everything.

It's just an everyone vs everyone war that never ends.

Nowadays I have no issues stealing, lying, cheating to improve my life. I see it as a war against normies. And now I have a car, my own place and do okay instead of rotting at my parents place.

I have never been to prison, but I don't think I could survive there. I make sure to only commit crimes where my chances of getting caught are slim to none.


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I'm not really religious. I think more of an agnostic.

I acknowledge the possibility something greater may exist, but I hold no faith in any organized church, fraternity or man-made religious group.

Though I do lean more towards the random chaos side of the spectrum - I believe there is a fair chance everything exists through sheer odds, natural selection and billions of years of evolution.
That there is no reason to any of it.

Life just is - and stronger or smarter organisms exploit the weaker everywhere in the universe where life may exist (due to limited resources), not just on our planet.
Making life itself suffering for most organisms that are alive.

I'm not absolute in my beliefs, I recognize how miniscule my knowledge is after having lived only a few decades in this universe while it has existed for countless billions of years.
Life is so short I have no chance to make anything but vaguely educated guesses or shots in the dark.


This reminds me a lot of accounts of various serial killers. They had parents, especially mothers who would just belittle and berate them constantly, sometimes beat them and they would end up loners with low self esteem who became angry at the world and especially at succubi. I'd say you are doing good to not be some serial killer who is taking it all out on others. I mean that genuinely.


>120 lbs
>have to yell for anyone to hear me
>boring, shit personality
>people pleaser
>completely ignored in groups
I hate myself with a passion


File: 1662159236659.png (342.65 KB, 640x480, 4:3, vlcsnap-2022-09-02-18h36m0….png) ImgOps iqdb

You can't get taller, but unless you're in the dating market, your height doesn't matter. Men use height as a measure of physical strength, not character. There's a good chance anyone taller than you has a father, grandfather, or uncle who they hold dear who is under 5'5. There is no "cope" or even "solution" for your height because your height is no problem. The whole "height makes a man" is a decrepit Elliot Roger / California / Nero culture meme that desperate men were tricked in to believing. You're not a 5'5 man - You're just a man like any other.
>120 lbs
You can change this. A bit of exercise and a healthy diet will bulk you right up. Healthy diet and healthy lifestyle choices > Healthy muscles > healthy blood > healthy brain. Don't strip your mind of power by letting your body starve and stagnate.
>have to yell for anyone to hear me
This is a virtue. Nobody ever got hit for being too quiet.
>boring, shit personality
>people pleaser
These are decisions you make. Shyness will fizzle away with time so long as keep interacting with people. And if you do get in good with someone in particular, just tell yourself that any stranger from then on their is pretty much the same and can be talken to the same as well. From doing this, your real personality will shine.
>completely ignored in groups
Groups are for queers
>I hate myself with a passion
Because society told you that men like you ought to hate yourself? Because you've not accepted their programming to stroke their egos and appeal to their ideals for what makes a valuable person? Don't hate yourself because people who hate themselves hate you. love yourself and pity those who refuse to do the same. The opted to be dependent on love from others, you don't have to.


>Just be yourself bro, it's all good!


yes yes that's all good. if there's anything in the post you disagree with, feel free to quote it and explain your reasoning. Deducing everything to /r9k/ memes is easy, and a great way to show that you're new here, but that doesn't help at all.


even at 3 years old you've been trained. 2 years is often called 'the terrible twos'. They probably snuffed out your potential assertiveness then


>unless you're dating your height doesn't matter
Nigger, it's always the short kids who get bullied. It's the tall guys who earn the most and get a raise or promoted.


i'm tall and dont have shit


Cope, there are copious amounts of research into the benefits of height

For one, https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/03/160309082814.htm


>benefits: higher social standing
Wow more normalfags want to be your friend. if the only reason you can find for hating being short is that succubi and normalfag NPCs may be less likely to invite you out to Chipotle, then I think it's time to put the iPad mini down and go huff computer duster.

Is he a kid? if not then why should he worry about how his height can encourage kids to bully him? besides, I've been to school and all the bullies were short monkey-faced little gremlin looking things. I'm sorry if you were bullied for your height as a child but even if you believe all short kids get picked on, that has no bearing on the life of anyone out of school. If you want to have equal standing in the job market regardless of your height, you need to enter a male-manadged field. Willingly going to work for a company that has management, HR, or hirers who are female is signing off your right to be treated equal. If you're short, fat, quiet, fearsome, awkward, lanky, hairy, smelly, or any other trait that succubi hate, and you want to make it in a company, then find work not dominated by females.


>if the only reason you can find for hating being short is that succubi and normalfag NPCs may be less likely to invite you out to Chipotle,

Can you read?
>Five measures of socioeconomic status were assessed: age completing full time education, degree level education, job class, annual household income, and Townsend deprivation index
>The results show that shorter height, as estimated by genetics, leads to lower levels of education, lower job status, and less income, particularly in men,


My parents didn't teach me any valuable social things as well, they always
>same for me, the thing is most children are normalfags so they just learn everything themselves, your parents didn't expect that their son was retarded as neither did mine

I'd still call it bad parenting, if you notice your son is struggling then you're supposed to teach him some things or do whatever to get him on the right path but way too many parents are just passive robots who dont give a fuck about the outcome of their children or they send them to therapy to let doctors do whatever of there is something wrong. I know guys who had great dads that would put a lot of effort into their sons to help them develop self-esteem but most dads are faggots who somehow managed to get through life without learning important lessons themselves. Sometimes I wonder why some people have children in the first place when they are just passive.

I was the second tallest guy in class besides some giant dude and still got treated like crap, height doesn't mean shit when they realize you're a retard.


what if someone doesnt want any of that? I'm literally normal looking and tall and could easily be an ormal but i don't care or want that life. its pointless


You can't read or extrapolate. Wizchan is shit because of low iq full in denial retards like you.


File: 1662318315941.png (82.18 KB, 237x228, 79:76, imagen_2022-09-04_14050501….png) ImgOps iqdb

Ñ Post
ustedes se sienten solos? pero que tan solos, yo tengo amigos pero cuando me invitan y salgo con ellos, no me siento integrado, me siento como un cero a la izquierda, no se que hacer, llevo asi mas de 6 años y me ha llevado a que las personas se alejen de mi, o que yo me quiera alejar de estas, me siento solo y jodido, por que lo que he optado en gastar todo mi dinero en mi mismo como una pc gamer y mangas, ya que, ni con dinero y si tengo suficiente, las chicas quieren estar conmigo, no considero tener un aspecto tan asqueroso, mas allá del abandono a mis cuidados personales (si, si me baño y rasuro), muchas noches me las paso fumando weed y recostado en mi casa en posición fetal pensando una y otra vez, realmente eh amado? quisiera amar y ser amado, dar todo de mi y que den todo para mi, pero no creo encontrar a esta persona, pues la mayoría de chicas a las que conozco y quisiera tener una relación, solo se van por tipos que las satisfacen en muchos aspectos, y yo solo estoy ahí para escuchar en el 3r ligue de mi amiga le salió machista o es un completo idiota, me pregunto si yo me convierto en ese idiota, me ira mejor, no se que hacer, y cada dia me siento mas solo, y lloro mas frecuente, me corto con un cúter mis rodillas y muslos, siento que realmente quiero morir pues, no le encuentro emocion a mi vida, se que es un sentimiento que podría ser banal, pero es lo que realmente quiero en estos momentos, afecto y solo solo un abrazo normal, si no uno que se que me ame, y que se que amo.


lol faggot


Exactly. It amazes me to no end to think about how obvious it was that i had so many problems yet my parents made ZERO effort to help me. They just left me play video games. It seems like it just didnt occur to them that they should actively try to raise independent children. My father was selfish, never cared about me and was a weak passive person himself. My mother seemed to just not understand how to be a good parent - I expect because she had abusive parents and a lot of issues herself


After years of thinking about this I came to the conclusion that if you have a weak father figure you're usually doomed right from the beginning of your life. Fathers are supposed to be the leaders of the family and if they can't take charge it all just crumbles down like a bad joke.

Weak fathers can only teach you how to cope if anything and they usually marry and procreate with problematic succubi who will further add to your misery and on top of that you pick up their weak personal traits.


> Start going outside, eating at restaurants or going to movies
> I'm literally normal looking and tall
> Shyness will fizzle away with time so long as keep interacting with people.
wizchan 2022

The fact there are real people on this board right now with NORMAL FACES that complain daily, You don't realize how good you have it being born NORMAL. should call this site normanchin


It's similar to how dogs will sometimes end up in a permanent state of depression and listlessness if you humiliate it when it's trying to enforce the pecking order on another dog. It's one of those things that permanently psychologically fucks someone up. And there's many things like that in life. A work mate of mine was telling me about this documentary he was watching about human dolls, and he expected all the owners to be eccentric losers. But many were men who had wives and kids that died in a car crash, or like a wife that died of cancer, or something like that. And in a state of trauma they just had a fake family in the house to replace them.

I don't know. My sister basically cut off the family and we barely hear from her, the last time we talked she just had a tantrum over facebook about everything. My brother is crashing pretty hard and on the drugs too much, and openly talks about suicide. If it was just me I'd put it down to just the quirks of life, but it fucked up my siblings too.


Advice like that is really only helpful to those who are not completely fucked and I also never saw any such posts like 5 years ago.

Sometimes I think it's a generational issue as well


>My parents
>My parents
>My parents

Hate to say it but most parents are shit. After a certain point in time you can't blame all your problems on mommy and daddy any more. You have to take responsibility for your own shit life. There is a limit to how much people are willing to help you. Especially if you're a man. Just have to keep on grinding…


I agree this reminded me a lot of retards in another thread which they denied importance of physical attractiveness. There are a lot of morons in wizchan they’re in full denial of reality.


It's less about whining and more about conclusions, of course it's a waste of energy to whine about what one's parents messed up and it wont change anything but it's still okay to talk about it as long as it's not emotional or something you think about 24/7

Tall is more attractive but it's not something that actually makes anything easier for most guys on this site which should be obvious otherwise they wouldn't be on this particular board. If you're a normie then it will give you a nice advantage but if you are retarded or whatever it doesn't really benefit you because people are not gonna look over your weirdness just because you're tall, you will just be a big dumb goof


Dumb faggot power trip post, most likely doing worse than everyone else in this thread


I'm not kidding you, to shape yourself mentally you should shape yourself physically. Go to gym or, better yet, join local boxing section or something like that.

You are not a superhero. No one can change themselves drastically without external help in a form of changing the environment one lives in.


These are very good advices you give.
It is the exact opposite that the post you quote proposes. He urges him not to just "be himself" and prolong the misery, but to actually just "accept himself" and work on from that point.


It is retarded to assume height=good life. You actually have to be moronic to think like that. Or american. Though what's the difference lol

It is not just the height but rather wealthy family which can provide good nourishment in childhood that leads to big height. And now it should be clear to you that the thing that led to the great height has also led to the "high life success".


cheating is an accomplishment to me. I cheated on some dumb college shit and felt better than if i actually wasted the time doing the work like a slave mentality normie


what makes one a normalfag and one not? is it genetics or upbringing or just randomness? always wondered why i was different


This. Getting something for nothing feels infinitely better than slaving away for something.

Take food for example, if I buy a fillet mignon steak for $20 I feel like shit.
If I steal that same steak, it tastes so much better knowing I didn't have to give up any resources for it.

If I could, I'd much rather live in a lawless world where anyone could kill or rob me at any moment.
But at the same time I could take whatever I feel like taking. The only repercussions would come from a potential defender if they were present during the theft.


It's both. If I had to guess I would say genetics plays a bigger role. There are plenty of normies with bad parents.


Height doesn't always mean success but if you live anywhere in the West it's a necessity for a man in any social sphere in this day and age. If you're a manlet you're automatically considered low-status by default among both succubus and the vast majority of men no matter what social setting your in. The only exceptions that make up for it is either status or having talent at something. Height is also genetic for the most part.


File: 1663574060868.jpg (76.55 KB, 699x529, 699:529, FbhmDkKWYAAXJlK.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>"shortness is a social disability" posts at 2AM

>If you're a manlet you're automatically considered low-status by default among both succubus and the vast majority of men

This fucking mindset is, always has been, and always will be unhealthy, misinformed, and just one big excuse to not try as hard to achieve your social goals as every other man does. The fact that you said "Manlet" unironically is proof that you personally view shorter guys, maybe even yourself, as sub-humans not worth remotely the same amount of respect that larger males get. It is why i am angry at you. You're a man, whether you stand 4 feet or 6 feet above the ground doesn't interfere with your ability to do what men ought to do: Find something to entertain himself with on this Earth, make goals to improve upon his experience, and pursue perfection of his craft with the little time he's given. Whether it's collecting off-key ethnic panflute recital vids or hang-gliding over lava flows, your height only changes how much you bend your back at your chair when writing about your progress. Quit disempowering yourself from doing what you want in life by blaming your inevitable and healthy failures on an unrelated trait beyond your control to change. Shame on you for coming in here and spreading the lie that a good chunk of our user base is "low status" because of a trait that YOU personally, wrongfully feel afflicted by. It's either a destructive projection or you're some troll who's trying to find ways to upset the lot of us highly online guys without directly breaking any rules.

>But succubi don't like short men! *snibidi snab*

That's wrong
Every short man you see IRL over the age of 30 is ether married, engaged, or divorced. It's genetic, right? You said so. How did your short dad score hard enough to pass on his genes then? Loneliness in to adulthood is just as common for tall guys as it is for short guys. Of course there are succubi who don't like short men, just as there are succubi who don't like tall men, or dark men, or men with light hair, or men with round faces or intimidating brow lines. It's called preferences and everyone has them. if you're short, then yeah succubi who value height above all aren't going to jump in to your arms. There are 3 ways out of that situation:

1. Appeal to another one of her interests. "Compensate" with a good personality, resource acquisition, or sign of strength.
2. Smirk it off and look for another succubus to chase after
3. Throw her phone in a pond. What's she gonna do, call the police?
That's irrelevant
It was painful writing this on Wizchan of all places but you mentioned succubi so I figured you were emotionally disheveled by their supposed lack of wetness for average and unders.

>You're less likely to get a job as a short man!

Go outside. Look at corporate and private employees of everything from burger flippers to desk clerks. Watch bodycam footage of police and security forces at work. Peak in to a construction site and watch as the average-sized and shorter men walk by without noticing you stealing their extension cords. Most men are average, and there are going to be a hell of a lot more shorter-than-average guys than tall guys in some of the higher paying and more lax jobs.

There is no job that a tall person can do that and average or whopping foot less man can't do. It's not just the law but part of the ingrained culture of pretty much all developed nations to size things to be accessible to the shortest of succubi. It's physically harder to work as a tall person because where a short person would be interacting with their duty comfortably, a tall man will have to bend down.

There are jobs that tall men are preferred for just as there are jobs that shorter men are priorities for. A tall man is more likely to be a bouncer at a nightclub for his ability to see over the heads of guests. A short man is more likely to be brought in as a janitor at a school for his ability to see the school as the teenagers do. Are you upset that you're not first pick to be a club bouncer? Sad you can't see down succubi's shirts, CRAB? Stout frames are EXPLICITLY PREFERRED for many positions such as equipment operators, person-to-person salesforce, diggers, cleaners, cart pushers, and even rescue operations such as firefighting. Minute amounts of exercise will put a short man on the same physical level as a naturally large man, but with the added benefit of a lower center of gravity. Every inch of height adds more vulnerability to forces applied against you because of simple leverage principles. Do you know why many fighting styles are divided by height, why a 5'5" man won't be pit against a 6'5" in a lot of rings? Because the stouter man has an advantage on everything from holds to how much his brain gets jostled around when he gets hit. Tall men are disproportionately more likely to enter elderhood with poor backs and joints after living a life of labour in a civilization designed for people much shorter than him.

I'm taller than average. It's effected me negatively in more ways than it has benefited me. I can't ride a bike without my knees hitting the handlebars. If I'm a passenger in an overturning car, my neck will break with a few inches of the roof collapsing. Finding pants that fit, leaning back on chairs, climbing out of deli booths, bus seats, and roller coasters is a three-point-of-contact ordeal. I have to bend down to reach the steering wheel for my job and after 6 hours I feel the pain. My feet hang off the edge of the bed. I've been told at my factory job that I'm imposing and need to go slow as to not smash in to people, and was issued additional physical labour on the side because my coworkers assumed my height meant the task was easier for me. Do I let any of this interfere with what I dedicate my life to? No, my height has no bearing on my ability to enjoy anime and download loli doujin. I don't wish I was shorter, nor do i wish i was taller. Gaining or losing height would mean nothing to me as a celibate. I wish I could say something like 'Some of the nicest and smartest guys I knew were shorter than average" but I can't because I don't record the heights of other men. I remember the time i saw a guy who was pushing 8 feet, and I remember a guy so short he had to use his own special shopping cart; but those are extreme, comical cases. I don't record the heights of men I meet because I don't judge them for it. I don't judge them for it because I know their height has no influence over their intelligence or ability. When I get called Big Guy I don't feel any different because I know none of my faults of strengths are the result of me height.

Nobody ever got turned down for NEETbux for being gifted at hiding in trash cans. No man was ever scoffed at while panhandling because he was there when Moria fell. The only thing you're going to have trouble with is attracting the attention of succubi who keep an eye out for taller men. Stop beating yourself up, or at the very least stop trying to bring other men down by tempting them to believe they have less worth as a human because of the properties they were dealt at birth. Shame on you for perpetuating your lookism nonsense.


File: 1663575489760.gif (907.96 KB, 498x268, 249:134, wtf-what-the-fuck-are-you-….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Man, I'm 6'4 and a soon to be 31 total failure in all spheres of existence.
I know a guy who's barely 5'9, has a very good job, soon to be millionaire, many friends, had lots of casual pussy and is now in a stable, mutually beneficial relationship.
Of course you can say it's just a "case study" but my two cent is that unless you're really a 3 ft. hobbit, it's just another goddamn excuse


5'9 isn't short you dumbass.


>Every short man you see IRL over the age of 30 is ether married
>How did your short dad score hard enough to pass on his genes then?
>This fucking mindset is, always has been, and always will be unhealthy, misinformed, and just one big excuse to not try as hard to achieve your social goals as every other man does. The fact that you said "Manlet
Retard, those men are not from this new social media generation. Everywhere short men are considered a laughing stock by everyone, they make memes about Napoleon to this day and he wasn't even short.
Being short is low status everywhere you go for evolutionary and aesthetical reasons.
Your normalfag "everyone will be treated equal because muh feelings" mindset is delusional.
> I know none of my faults of strengths are the result of me height
> I don't record the heights of men I meet because I don't judge them for it.
>I don't judge them for it because I know their height has no influence over their intelligence or ability
there's a correlation between IQ and Height. TALLER people tend to be more intelligent on average.


Stop being a delusional normalfag. Accepting the truth doesn't mean you have to become depressed, knowing the truth is better when you have to deal with reality and why things are the way they are.


Retarded normalfag improvebruh lies also this post must be deleted as he says pursue succubi.


>How did your short dad score hard enough to pass on his genes then?

Because he earned a salary that supported my golddigger mom you dumbass.

It wasn't attraction and they got divorced within a year because she cheated. And he has always been miserable and took out his pain on me and my sister.>>265000


As some of you know, if you have the money there are plenty of cosmetic surgeries that can fix your face so you can get past succubi HR/interviewers who gatekeep candidates with their innate hypergamy and psychopathy. Permanent dark under-eye circles or eyebags? Lower blepharoplasty, $4k. Droopy eyelids? Upper blepharoplasty, $4k. Overbite or underbite? Double jaw surgery, $30k, make sure you find a surgeon willing to do it without braces. Balding? FUT hair transplant followed by scalp micropigmentation, $15k. Glasses-wearing myopic who can't stand wearing contact lenses? Lasik, $4k. Negative canthal tilt? Canthoplasty, $8k, and this is often done together with blepharoplasty if needed, be aware of 15% failure rate (although it's rarely a "botch" like a rhinoplasty can be). I would never recommend a rhinoplasty to a man unless it's very crooked sideways and/or you have a breathing obstruction, a 10% botch rate is too risky, and for those with long noses be aware what men consider "jew" is considered "masculine" or "Aristotle" by succubi provided you fixed your jaw, and any man worth befriending would not judge you for your looks.

For height, there is leg lengthening surgery in the US for $100k where they break and separate your femur bones to regenerate adding 3 inches to your height. If you have $200k they can do the same for your tibias adding an additional 2 inches. Supposedly you may be able to already start barely walking without crutches after 2 weeks of bed-ridden recovery but I'd imagine prior to surgery you'd have to have extremely jacked legs (quads, hamstrings, calves) and high pain tolerance to make up for the broken bones. Another surgery is done a few months later to remove the rods inserted in your bone marrow. It takes a year to mostly recover from all this. I think you have to be a desperate lunatic with lots of money saved up and an extremely flexible, remote-based white-collar/tech work schedule (e.g. freelancer, contractor) who only wants to chase succubi to do this surgery and therefore probably shouldn't be on wizchan (and sacrifice ever owning a home if you're not a richfag, not that it matters IMO in this day and age of overinflated housing prices and the cyclical depression and recovery economic cycles where you could easily lose your home just from not being able to pay your mortgage following a layoff or economic downturn, and who knows if the hyper-financialized deindustrualized West which doesn't produce anything real will collapse in the coming years), it makes no sense to do purely for career reasons, look at Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg.


> for those with long noses be aware what men consider "jew" is considered "masculine"
t.ugly jew nigger
> any man worth befriending would not judge you for your looks.
every human on earth judges you based on how you look.



>Double jaw surgery, $30k, make sure you find a surgeon willing to do it without braces.
Why? Is that not needed for it to fit?


File: 1663605678139.jpg (418.44 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, FY1oKrZacAADVsD.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>TALLER people tend to be more intelligent on average
They also tend to have larger penises and balls than shorter people, because when your body grows tall everything else, from digestive organs to the brain, scales upwards correspondingly.

You didn't mention why that's an issue for you though. How does having less brain matter than someone a foot taller hinder your ability to do what you want in life?

>they make memes about Napoleon

He was the "enemy" and an eccentric military man. People dunking on him do so because of that. Jokes about his height are in the same league as "Hitler had one fewer testicle" and "Putin has Asperger's". People make up things about people they don't like. Stop doing that to yourself.

>"everyone will be treated equal because muh feelings"

I never said people will be treated equal. They won't, and that's good. Every height has its own advantages and disadvantages and it's using the advantages to better your life that I suggested. I said being short isn't something that's going to make other people give you a hard time, and backed it up with the fact that the world is constructed by and for people under 5'5". That's not feelings, that's facts. If your height was ever brought up when you were being bullied in school, or disrespected in public, then that's still not a matter of your height being a laughing point. It's the result of angry, down-talking normalfags scanning people for their characteristics, from their height to their hair color, and then making a stink about it. The same nigger who called you a short bitch would have called you a lanky skeleton if you were taller than it. If you were the same height as it, it would find reason to gnarl at you for that to. Everyone gets bullied at one point. Not taking the dumb things bullies say about you seriously is kindergarten level procedure.

>Retard, those men are not from this new social media generation

And yet they are happy. If social media is introducing problems in to your life, consider logging of. And if those problems are "modern TikTok succubi won't jump on my gonads", then please delete System 32. Besides, if you believe evil normalfags are campaigning around the clock to make short men's lives miserable, do you really think they'd stop at their own generation? Why aren't they holding these older guys to the same standard they hold you?

I simply suggested not letting powers beyond your control irrationally afflict your enjoyment of things unrelated to your height. I never suggested pursuing succubi, only explained an alternative solution to the superficial problem outlined by the guy who brought succubis' opinions in to the equation.

I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm sure if he wasn't the destructive type to place his problems on others he would have in no long time found someone to love him genuinely

I'll emphasize my reason for writing what I did, and I'd like for you to point out any flaws you find in this: If you guys are shorter than you wish, and you're upset about it, then it's sad that you've come to be so receptive of pop culture jokes and lies about men to the point you're now prejudiced against yourself. It's not easy hating who you are because of how you look. But this community is built to service men who reject the outlook of others, even the outlooks of each other here. Your issues with how you look in the eyes of other people are no concern of ours, and at the same time your opinion of how we may look is no water in our socks. I'm sorry I couldn't get through to you and help you see through your problems, but you defending your idea that men of a shorter stature have some sort of objective lower worth is what turns you from a Wizardchan user in to a /r9k/ user using Wizardchan.

There are men of all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages here. Many of them are depressed for one reason or another. They don't need or want some random outsider coming in and projecting his issues on to others, trying to convince them to be even sadder than they are if they happen to be short. You're encouraging men to judge themselves by how succubi value them, have a permanent reason to dislike themselves, and to scapegoat their shortcomings on to a non-problem that they can't correct. That is succubus behavior. You're short? Are you sure it's not because you're female?


>being short isn't an issue because I don't like being tall as a man
Peak retarded normalfag logic.
>being short isn't something that's going to make other people give you a hard time
Nigger, there's plenty of evidence proving otherwise.


>I don't like being tall as a man
I never said anything remotely close to that.
>Nigger, there's plenty of evidence proving otherwise.
Succubi on Instagram saying "ew short guys" is 0% a problem for anyone who doesn't want in those succubi's trousers.

You are the social problem afflicting shorter men. You are the one mistreating men for their height. You are so full of self-hate based on how much some succubi want you that you are spilling this hate on to other men, on "Don't care what succubi think bout you - the website" of all places. Set yourself on fire.


>it's you who hate short men!!!
>you're the social problem!!
You're a mongoloid who will deny basic facts and lie to people on the internet. If accepting reality and stating the truth of a simple matter for you is being "hateful" then you're a redditor nigger and should go back.


You're not even quoting me any more, just condensing what you wish I said in to a soyjack screech that you're comfortable rebutting.

The sad reality is that there's really only one way out of this argument: To tell you to put the internet machine down, go outside, talk to people, be kind, apply for a job, and flirt with one of Planet Earth's 5 billion succubi. If at any point somebody treats you poorly and makes it known they did so because you're short, then well done, you're right. You can chose to do one of two things then: Mope about it, or brush it off and carry on. Telling other guys that they should be sad and afraid because of your isolated experience is NOT an option.

Thankfully such normalfag lifestyle peddling is not allowed, so I'm going to tell you to set yourself on fire again. Lamenting over how succubi value you is probably not allowed either, so you should quit that. You can sit here and ruin OP's thread more by spreading your self-loathing around, or you can find something you enjoy doing, do it, and then talk about it with others who enjoy that same thing.


You're a dumb redditor who thinks men complaining about being short is because of dating and succubi, that can be the only possible reason.
typical normalnigger can't see beyond its own mind.


But what other reason is there? The things about working and finding a job being harder and the alleged bullying are reasons I've already explained why I don't believe they exist. If you read my posts you will find my reasons.


>reported things backed up with plenty of evidence don't exist because I don't believe they exist


>Why? Is that not needed for it to fit?
There are surgeons that are willing to do it if you only want a cosmetic improvement of your jaw (mainly from the side) without improving the bite let alone fixing crooked teeth. The majority aren't willing because they work together with orthodontists and it's their long-standing policy to have this more comprehensive approach, so if you don't care enough about improving your smile/bite you'd have to put a little extra effort finding the ones who are willing, you can try looking for recommendations for surgeons from previous posts on Reddit and elsewhere from people who say they've done it without braces.
Of course, if you're willing to go through the pain, nuisance, expense, several appointments per year of a few years of braces, that awful headgear you're suppose to wear at night, and that retainer you're supposed to wear every night for the rest of your life (which hardly anyone actually does, and frankly I think it's overkill), then go ahead, but IMO braces are only realistic for kids/teenagers with wealthy parents (or have insurance that covers it) or succubi.


He must be that pro-natalist, lying piece of shit normalnigger his style is similar.


I am exactly like this. I went my entire life wondering why it was, assuming it was mental issues like generalised anxiety. And I do know that's half of it, but I found out years ago that it was also my short height at 5'4''. Manletism is such a horrid disease. For me it makes it hard to socialise as I have to project outward and up when a tall person only has to do it forward or down. Sounds like 'tism science but if you're a manlet, you know.


>The biases short people suffer start practically at birth. Show mothers pictures of two young babies, and they will consistently pick the taller baby as more competent and able.' 0 Ask teachers to evaluate their pupils, and they will rate the taller kids as better than the short ones, even when there is no difference in test scores." In adulthood, height is an important factor in perceived power, and taller individuals are accorded a higher social status.

Short wizzies are doomed from the start, even their mothers don't love them perceiving them as losers


hapa wizzies are doomed from the start



Jesus, fucking gaslighting at wizchan. Height and size is The biggest Factor in social dynamics among men. If you roll The 3% dice and Are 5'4 tall, Then its pretty much over For you. 5'7 is hard mode but guys arent regularly a whole head taller than you. You can Make Life work with 5'7 height. Not with 5'4. succubi Are often taller than that. Short succubi Want tall men, and guys mog you by 8 inches


>succubi Are
>succubi Want
You mentioned this is Wizchan. you know this is Wizchan. So why do you still concern yourself with the preference of succubi?

>The biggest Factor in social dynamics among men

Attitude > personality > health > career > hobbies > background > height

YOU may judge a man by his height, but no, society doesn't. Some college succubi on hook-up platforms may list a height preference. Retards no different from Elliot Roger will judge other men and themselves by height. But no, being shorter than average doesn't have any effect beyond how a few vocal whores and wiggers respond to your sexual advances.
>If you roll The 3% dice and Are 5'4 tall, Then its pretty much over For you
Make it over for yourself next time you feel like telling other men they are worth less because they're not tall.


I'm in the same situation, I feel like I'm stuck in the past, the only "friends" I still have contact with are those from high school, and I graduated 5 years ago… Every time they return to my city for summer vacations the university is me trying to meet again, however I end up feeling displaced and super out of place when they tell their anecdotes and situations that they experienced while I was here, valid vrg. Since I graduated I have only worked, 2 years ago I tried to become independent but due to the pandemic I failed miserably, 2 months ago I lost my job again and here I am, without friends, without social skills or how to create a minimum bond, and with no desire to get up


your problem is that your parents are British


You talk too much against the piles of evidence without anything to back up your words. It's basically
> Trust me bro


File: 1665371448995.jpg (38.23 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Fc6yoEBaAAQt75Z.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There are no piles of evidence. Again I'll iterate:

A bucket of crabs on CrabsWhoHateAllSuccubi.net snipping and snapping over their belief that their height is why they are treated so poorly


A gaggle of Stacies on r/WeHaveFetishForTallMen gawking and squawking over their belief that mens' height is why they should treat men so poorly

is not evident of any societal or natural issues facing shorter men. It's two bubbles of retards bickering over something you are personally self-conscious about. You've had times where you were treated not as good as you think you deserve and instead of brushing it off as the other person being irrational or you being responsible for it through your actions, you offloaded any blame on to something you don't have control over, and also convinced yourself that the irrational act of judging for height is indeed rational. It's like you're afraid to point the finger at choices and would rather cowardly fall back on to excuses that you can't improve on or laugh at the other person for.

It's not your height making others wince. It's either your attitude and the appearance and face you decided to wear that day, or it's the other person's desperate attempt to vilify everything about you from your height to your fingerprint pattern to justify why they treat you ill. And if you know you didn't DO anything to justify their behaviour, you should just laugh it off. Laugh at them for being irrationally upset, and be glad your mere existence had the capacity to make them pocket their moral compass and treat a man poorly for no good reason. Their hatred will consume them. Don't let it consume you. Don't make excuses for yourself, and don't buy their excuses. You deserve your respect, please give it to yourself and stop seeing yourself as dirt because you're not tall. Every step you take in legs which you hate the length of, shall walk you closer to a wimpering death.


The thread jumped to height a bit too much but to get back to OP's point about assertiveness. There are few things I did worked for me greatly. I was constantly panhandled, stopped, mugged, randomly insulted when I was a teenager and early 20s. It all stopped post 25. The last time I had any trouble was at 23. Now that I'm 34 I look back on thinking what I did different. I think it is mostly related to your look.
Growing old, getting bald, getting unkept hair and beard, wearing clothing that gives a more poor/don't give a fuck vibe. Helped me a lot.
I'm short too 5'6 but I think "hitting the wall" when it comes to looks really helped me. I turned from a babyfaced kid to some bald goblin.

Also I think you become more experienced as time goes on. When a homeless tried to panhandled me I walked towards him telling him to gtfo. I would never do that. Or a teen gang of 4 mistakenly assumed I cut the line in grocery store. They told me there was a line and I just stared at them for a good 1 minute. But the succubi who thought she came first started to say its okay so I cave in and gave her my place.
Yeah maybe last instance is me pussied out but teenagers had good intentions so I will let it go by.


>Natural born passivness and lack of assertivness?


> It's just an everyone vs everyone war that never ends.

except for the jews that team up illegaly


now this is a powerful wizard
good post


normalfags are demonic and have zero empathy


I can somewhat related to OP. Being raised to be overly polite can lead to some people taking you for an idiot or weak.

>"The past doesn't matter, just wake up already! I chose to be a loser, you big loser! B-but I could be a social winner if I wanted to be!"
Normies aren't even trying these days.


This is true. As a child I was anything but docile or passive. Detached, maybe. But not passive. That is a learned trait in most cases, probably due to intense negative experiences


>to be normal.
What about to be human?
I don't have sympathy for failed normalfags.


>its always your fault even when its not just by urself brah
Literal npc, nothing but stock phrases.


>hate bad ur a problem
Literal souless automaton.
Normalfags are not human and shit like that is proof.


I don't think it's natural for most people but the way they were raised and a lot of parents are just losers and they pass on their passive mentality on to their offspring. A lot of normies suffer from this as well, google "passive father dominant mother" and you will find a load of reddit threads and articles about this. If people with cope mentalities somehow manage to make children it will always turn out badly. We pick up more from our parents than we think and that's one of the reasons why all these podcasts and manosphere things are so popular nowadays because many men just never had any guidance and they long for a mentor or father figure.

The harsh reality is that sometimes it is better to have shitty parents with social skills and a non passive attitude than having nice parents with who dont know anything because the latter will misguide you most of the time.


They hated him for the truth


He's just a faggot who didn't get the point, of course everyone needs to go on with their life but finding out the reason for one's suffering is not the same thing as whining. The reason is usually bad parenting and acknowledging that fact has nothing to do with not being on the grind or whatever. Posts like that reek of entitlement and faggotry because he tries to put himself into a wiser and stronger position when he's actually displaying that he's a projecting cunt.

Also acknowledging the source of a problem might help other people in the future, don't get mislead by your loser parents.


I hate this reasoning that your upbringing and genes determine your character. That's not true.
I grew up in a christian household with traditional values and I pretty much turned out to be the exact opposite of what my parents would have wanted. Been fed since an early age that forgiving others and loving others was the most important thing. Despite this I turned out to be passive aggressive, selfish/a full egoist, someone who doesn't care about morality or the community at all. I'm a closet sadist who enjoys watching others suffer and hurting others in any way. Everyone else in my family is a rather well-adjusted normal, it's only just me who has gone off in this direction. My siblings are plain and boring normals. They had their typical normal teenage years when they went clubbing and were having bfs/gfs one after another but they were never problematic like me. Problematic in the sense that I'm just asocial - or even anti-social.

I don't remember exactly when I had a drastic change of mind but must have been somewhere around my teenager years. I remember I just destroyed every value my parents and society erected for me in my mind.
Nothing is set in stone or fixed. You become whoever you want to be as a person. The ego isn't a fixed constant thing.


I have a limited understanding of the subject, but there is plenty of room for genetic variation within a family. Personality traits are affected by tens of thousands of genes, the mix you received from your parents can make you very different from them. Not to mention, new mutations arise constantly.

It is known that the variability in human minds is due to heredity because average similarity in psychological traits scales almost linearly with relatedness. Identical twins are much more alike than dizygotals, and adopted children do not develop any resemblance to the their new family over the years. In fact the similarity between kids and their biological mothers does not depend on whether they live as one family.


You might just have an anti social disorder which can be caused by genetics and neurological stuff or you got bullied and so forth


Your upbringing still determined your character even if you didn't turn out the way your parents wanted. And you could still have genes that explain your amoral behavior. But if you want to believe in free will that's up to you.


>But if you want to believe in free will that's up to you
oh is it now?




Your personality changed because of things that happened later which are unpredictable but your upbringing is still the foundation for your personality.


On the contrary, you became the perfect christian



>personality disorders

You mean those horoscope-like things that are written to suit everyone on some level and over which teenagers obsess?

And I can't think of anything that would have resulted in me becoming so different from my family members or most people in general. I wasn't bullied by other kids and I wasn't beaten my parents or abused by anyone in any way. I just remember that I always felt distant from others and felt I was different in some way. I never wanted to fit in as most people desperately try to.

To tell the truth, I can barely even recall any memories from my first 20 years of life. When I try to remember it's like I'm viewing a movie where the visuals aren't quite good. I don't feel I have any connection to the child me or younger me, they are like complete strangers to me.

It's not like I want to believe in free will especially, just that the opposite side's arguments aren't convincing enough for me. It's always this shady, mysterious and unproven assumption that "well you must have received those genes from somewhere among your ancestors". But this can't be proven. As far as I know about my family tree, ancestors or family members they all used to be well-adjusted and normal, compared to me anyway. They all had jobs, families, friends, etc. As far as I can trace back that used to be the case.

And upbringing didn't have that much of an effect on me either. At least I feel like that. I came to the conclusion that scientific view of the world and phenomena isn't satisfying to me ultimately. Pinning everything on causality (which is just another creation of human mind and rationality at the end of the day) doesn't cut it for me. This universe is way too chaotic and all over the place for us to understand it accordingly. People create types, systems, try put everything and everyone into a neat box that makes it easier to understand but to me it's not satisfying.

I guess I will stick with free will for now and some kind of spiritualism. My experiences point to the fact that we as in we exist here and now are just puppets of our higher will and consciousness that exists somewhere outside time, space and causality. We are the avatars of our higher self/consciousness, we are like video game characters controlled by our higher self.

If God is real then he wants us to be like him, spreading suffering too, not just doing "good" deeds all day. He is both light and darkness, he created this complex universe so he can't expect us to be wholly "good". If our salvation lies in Heaven and his mercy and sacrifice then we need to increase suffering on Earth. That way more and more people will run to God for help and find faith. We need to increase the "evil" in the world, that is the best way to make people reject this world and seek for higher realms. We need to prevent any attempt at creating some perfect utopia here on Earth.


Yeah you just sound like an edgelord wanna be


>That way more and more people will run to God for help and find faith.
This is the purpose of ministry and evangelicalism, can you explain how spreading fear and pain would encourage this goal and not simply associate pain and fear with Christians and Christianity? Further pushing them to nihilism.

> If God is real then he wants us to be like him

This is the case. We are vengeful, spiteful, hateful, angry, intolerant, full of avarice. The leading thing TO DO is repent from that.

> not just doing "good" deeds all day.

Without proper will, then even the positive aspects of personality can be for evil.

> If our salvation lies in Heaven and his mercy and sacrifice then we need to increase suffering on Earth.

Salvation lies in faith, and suffering is only one of many ways people are graced by faith.

> that is the best way to make people reject this world and seek for higher realms.

What about a regular communion of like minded associates, and re-affirming of positive values? It could be on Sunday mornings.

> We need to prevent any attempt at creating some perfect utopia here on Earth.

No, for one, it's impossible, for two it seems like a cheap excuse to avoid the responsibility and duty to serve the suffering.


Spreading suffering is the best way of making sure people turn to our faith. Notice how people in the West and in other countries like Japan where the standard of living is high turn away from any kind of spirituality? If people don't suffer they have no problems with this world. If they have no problems with the world then they don't need Heaven and the salvation of the Lord. Our faith rests on the belief that this world is a world of tears and suffering and misery and sorrow. If you are deemed worthy then Jesus will save you and take you to this kingdom where these things don't exist. It's a simple line of logic.

I don't particularly advocate for religious violence in the sense that we should go out on the street and slaughter people in the name of Christ like some crusaders. I was thinking more along the lines of manipulating events from the shadows and making sure suffering is reaching max levels.

You can only repent if you sin. We should sin as much as possible so that we will need the Lord's mercy more and more. God doesn't want us to be saints in the way you or others think. Even saints should have their own vices and sins.

>Without proper will, then even the positive aspects of personality can be for evil.

Yes and the opposite is also true. With the proper will even the negative aspects of personality can be used for good.

>Salvation lies in faith, and suffering is only one of many ways people are graced by faith

Suffering is why people have faith. If someone doesn't suffer then he won't find true faith. Only the faith that is earned through suffering can be honest.

It is quite amazing how a religion that was centered around celebrating the suffering of man (and later his followers) ended up degenerating into what you and most christians believe. The original dionysian element was forgotten, about how suffering makes you clean and gives you holy joys. Instead Christianity went down the way of slowly transforming into an empty shell that was about humanism, pretentious moralism (exactly what our Lord despised the most!) and altruism, not about God or the divine mysteries. Disappointing.
You don't "serve" anyone by easing suffering. You serve God and the common goal by increasing suffering and inflicting hardships on others. That's the best way that leads to the King of kings.

>Further pushing them to nihilism.

Another baseless assumption about how Christianity and Nihilism are opposites of each other.

Using 4chan insults doesn't take away from what I represent. I'm afraid you will have to try harder.


>Instead Christianity went down the way of slowly transforming into an empty shell that was about humanism, pretentious moralism

this is christianity's logical development, especially the protestant type.
remember that tired but true Chesterton quote
"The modern world is full of the old Christian virtues gone mad."


Yep as the neo-reactioneries proves it todays progressivism is directly descendant of puritanism. Harvard which was originally puritan school is the center of progressivism today. Progressive , leftist morality is just christian morality gone to the extremes.



> hate this reasoning that your upbringing and genes determine your character… turned out to be the exact opposite of what my parents would have wanted

That is ultra common. Every young boy in western countries knows that if he want's to fuck and easy succubus he has the best chances with catholic succubi from all female schools because they are so fucking repressed sexually than when they hit the rebellious stage of adolescences they become total whores. That depends on personality. Some people have a more rebellious personality than others, just like some people are introverts and others extroverts.

> Been fed since an early age that forgiving others and loving others was the most important thing

Why the fuck do you think religion preaches that from an early age? Because a large percentage of people 10-20% are just like you and they need to try to keep people in check or they people like you will provoke the others into total brutality like they have done countless of times across history most recently in WW2 and WW1.

Nobody would need a "you shall not kill, steal, covet, etc" rules if that was not a fucking big general problem with people.


> old Christian virtues

What values are you talking about? Christianity has been nothing but total moral corruption from the start. Just look at the religious wars of Europe during the height of Religious control over western civilization, the 30 year wars being the worst of them, killing 1/3 of all the population of central Europe and filled with mass rape, mass starvation and mass cannibalism just because they followed different denominations of Christianity, like Catholics vs Anabaptist (Anabaptist disagreed with the Catholics in that the think that you should be baptized again as an adult because you could not consent as a child).

The reformation took place precisely because religious values were total corruption and degeneracy. That never changed, that is why today they are a fucking international network of pedos and the protestants that fled the corruption of Europe, end up committing mass rape and genocide to the Indians in the Americas in the name of God. They have always been just garbage people.


Everything you use now was invented and crafted by Christians. Half of the philosophers of importance were Christians. You will ignore this and instead ramble about how many hyper-holocausts Christians committed, as if other religions were all good boys. I don't mean to shit up the thread with meaningless religious shitflinging but please stop arbitrarily categorizing massive groups as "super super evil evildoers".


progressivism is about succubi being able to take loads from hot strangers and kill their babies at will

sounds a lot like puritanism, yeah


>It's always this shady, mysterious and unproven assumption that "well you must have received those genes from somewhere among your ancestors".
You can take a genetic test and see what your polygenic score for various traits is. Unfortunately the knowledge of what particular genes do is still in it's nascense. And you didn't necessarily inherit those sociopathy or whatever genes from your ancestors. It could be mutational pressure.


>as if other religions were all good boys
where was that even implied?


I don't know if this is the "logical" development of Christianity but it is the turn it took over centuries.
This is why essentially there is no difference between conservatives and progressives nowadays. Everyone reasons with and aims for some kind of utilitarianism. Just the "how" is different and there is disagreement on who should belong to the society that should be protected and served.

What you describe is common, my case isn't. There is a difference between not keeping the morals about sexuality and throwing morality itself out the window. My siblings did have various unlawful relationships according to catholic ethics. But again, that doesn't mean anything. Most religious people don't obey their customs and ethics when it comes to sexuality usually.

Oh? So try to pin the blame for everything on "10-20%" of people? I will shock you now but war, conflict, violence, selfishness, these are part of everyday life. You can sleep at peace in your home because others (the police, the military) protect you and make sure you are safe. You don't have to resort to violence because others will do it for you.

Everyone would be like me if they had a little courage and honesty. But of course most people feel the need to play the good guy in the story, they need to think that if God exists then he is on their side definitely and that they are the knights of justice. The only difference between "good" and "evil" men is that the latter have more courage and honesty to act on their desires while the former group wants to play it safe and need to justify or explain why they are in the right every time they do something morally questionable. "It was only in self-defense/it was just prevention/it was done for the sake of the community/it was what God-nation-justice-morality demanded from us…"

That's not what he meant. He meant that Christian morality is the basis of all morality nowadays pretty much. "Do to others as you would like them do to you" is the fixation of both leftists and christians.

True christian values were fighting for God and the faith. The crusades and religious wars were the true essence of religious virtue. Killing infidels and taking all their stuff, enslaving heretics or burning them alive, these were the true honors of Christianity.

The decline of Christianity happened when it started to erase distinction between believers and non-believers. "Everyone deserves the same rights, treatment, etc" is a product of degeneracy. If you believe in something then it follows that you should look down on those or even hate those who think differently from you.

Sounds fine. But I prefer a mystic interpretation of things personally.


And catholics are not christians.
Catholicism is frankenstein rapebaby of gnosticism, early christianity and roman cult of saturn.


>If you believe in something then it follows that you should look down on those or even hate those who think differently from you.
Shining example why normalfags are not humans.
They are literally npcs.
Souless, viceous animals.


>reee muh raycisms, bigotry, troonphobia no wrongthink allowed
Sounds a lot like puritanism, yeah


Your past does define you 100%.
What you do with the rest of your life is up to you (most of the time).


Catholics and orthodox christians are early christianity, though. Your protestant normo or female preachers lied to you.


Have nothing to do with mainstream Christianity.
>roman cult of saturn
This is true for Christianity in general, not just catholics.

I think having a reason or ideal you believe in is something good. You must have something you are willing to fight for. Empty humanism and always making sure you don't hurt others in any way isn't a proper way to exist. To live as a human you must find your own reason you are willing to sacrifice others for.

>Your past does define you 100%.
Proof? Every day you start over. Your past only defines you if you obsess over it and let it take control of your life.

Both left-progressives and puritans are concerned with the sacred cow of community above all. Both are motivated by blind idiot altruism. Both say people are equal. Left-progressives just took things further.

Most Christians get offended if you mention how Christianity is responsible for the left side of the political spectrum because it shatters their illusions about the right-wing always needing to be Christian/conservative. In politics we have the not-so-retarded side (conservatives/christian right-wing) and the retarded side (left-progressives). The only difference between them is the degree of insanity.



> Everything you use now was invented and crafted by Christians

What are you talking about?? The age where religion ruled over Western civilization is called "THE DARK AGES". What part of that gives you the idea that religion is good for inventing shit?

Religion is a plague for societies because it puts grifters and retarded zealots in control and represses creative people and nerds that don't give a fuck about tradition or society's rules. That is why all religious societies today like the ones in middle east are backward shit-holes that get raped periodically by the West and we take all their shit; because religion makes societies weak and easy prey to liberal tech societies with nerds close to the top free to make cool fucking weapons like stealth planes, nuclear bombs and Aircraft carriers.


> Every day you start over.
Not at all, you start in the situation you created yesterday. Just because you’ve slept and time has passed doesn’t mean anything started over or was cleared, the world kept going. The past by definition defines the present, as the future doesn’t exist. Like the other guy said though, the future is up to you.


They don't even have same commandments, they worship mary as goddes, who bears same title as ishtar, queen of heaven.
Even prots are more christian than chatholics.


They are all equally insane.


people who are against critical race theory generally fear this. This also applies to succubi studies as well. As a white male you are taught everything is your fault and you have to be sensitive, but when you actual do people make fun of you for being weak and pathetic. Fuck this gay earth I hope normies realize what kinda glue passive people were to society as their fucking shit falls apart.


You can contemplate the past but it doesn't exist anymore. It is in your head entirely. You can choose to obsess over it or you can decide to act in different ways. Who you were yesterday isn't necessarily the person you are now.

>The past by definition defines the present, as the future doesn’t exist. Like the other guy said though, the future is up to you.

I always thought the present is the only thing that exists in actuality. The past is just an illusion, the same as the future. Neither has any relevance to how you choose to live now.

>the future is up to you

If you believe the past determines the present then it is logical to say that the past determines everything, even your future.

The cult of Mary is the origin of waifuism so it is all right in my book. Certainly better than protestants vehemently claiming that Mary had sex regularly with Joseph.

Even among insane people there are those who do it with style. Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity have style. Protestantism doesn't, it is the result of Christianity getting lowered to the level of the common rabble.


My Lutheran church has style, they have quilted things hanging up, they have a nice female preacher, they have cookies and coffee. You just sound like a disgruntled teenage Catholic


you're a smarter man than me. I never cheated on anything in my entire life and it ruined me. I need to start doing it asap


yep. I regret all my time studying because it did nothing for me, so the few times i saved effort were certainly not regrettable


>I'm genuinely afraid of getting yelled at, social confrontation, and nearly any sort of danger, especially against other men
I know how this feels a lot.


i haven't used wizchan in like 3 years, it's mindblowing to see wizzies utter such non sense nowadays. like :
>height doesn't matter in social dynamics

i remain speechless reading such idiocy.
size has always mattered in the animal kingdom. why would humans be any different ?



>Enemy inside of my is my weak, passive mentality, which I was born with. Enemy outside are people who hate guys like me and who like to destroy person like me.

Thank you OP. Thanks for this post. You summed up in words what i was thinking since a long time. I also look at it from other perspective, being civilized against individuals that arent. Theres a destructive drive in the general population, some sort of "inner consumerism", a constant intention of destroying the other, even when theres no need of it. I dont share that posture, or at least i used to not share it, because i became hateful as i grew. I dont give second chances, and i started to profile people from how they look, if they look like the uncivilized, the ones that hurt me in the past, i distance myself, and stay in alert, and if they try something against me, i retalieat.

Dont get gaslighted by them. You are not the one in the wrong. They are sadistic enough to play with your mind. Now that you realised these things, you will be able to take control of your life. Dont give second chances. Most people here are passive like us, and understand your post. But your life is not worthless, its just that you need to avoid the uncivilized, the normalfag, the failednormalfag, the crab, succubus. They just act upon their most basic instincts, and they are rutheless. There are people that share your values, you need to get closer to those.


Napoleon and Vladimir Putin say hi to you.

>size has always mattered in the animal kingdom. why would humans be any different ?

I'll let you dwell on this a little longer, maybe you'll figure it out for yourself eventually.


there's five neets under 30 circlejerking full time here with connections to the moderation, the whole site is utter shit because of it.


Those are failed normies, son. Wizards are disconnected from most rabid animal dynamics



He was 5’6” – 5’7” in height, above average male height at the time.
This idea that he was tiny was British propaganda, such effective propaganda that it's working 200 years later.

>Vladimir Putin

Is apparently 5'7, two inches shorter than the average Russian male.

As someone else in this thread said, males tend to face real issues when they're below 5'7 in the west, 5'7 is still not ideal but one can work with it.

I do not know why you try to deny the importance of height, some of the most foolish garbage I've seen spewed on here in a while.


Height is mainly a meme, of course there are genetic factors but the most important thing to get anywhere is confidence and assertiveness


And where does confidence and assertiveness come from ?
Positive reinforcement
And where does positive reinforcement come from ?
Genetical feature such as … height


In my high school class the shortest midget guy was the biggest womanizer and normalfag. There goes your whole retarded theory.


You could've just said the entire subcontinent of India with all of their short, womanizing "show bobs and vegana" posters. You didn't have to bring up one guy in your high school.


I'm 6'2 and I'm one of the meekest people I know who isn't a literal faggot


So? you being a failure says nothing ablut tall people, Mike



>In my high school class the shortest midget guy was the biggest womanizer and normalfag.

>There goes your whole retarded theory.

I love the extreme outlier argument, or as some call it "I know a guy theory".
I know a guy who won the lottery, you ought to play as well! Since I know a guy who won, surely you will win too!


you enjoy a biological advantage you failed to utilize.
if i own 1 000 000 $, and gamble it all and lost, i failed to utilize that money for something worthwhile.
Same goes for your height.

"i know a guy" argument never fails to deceive.



And you'd most likely be an even greater meek faggot if you were 5'2.


Short people can get laid, I guarantee you 100%. Like I said that guy was one of the biggest normals I ever knew, he even cheated on his gf with another succubus from our class.

I don't care about your meme statistics, I believe what I see and witness personally. I knew another short guy, was very very short and he lost his virginity when he was 13. Short people tend overcompensate and end up as the biggest machos usually.


>Short people can get laid, I guarantee you 100%.

Who said they can't? Who are you arguing with you absolute clown?


That is beyond the point. The point is that if you don't maximize your looks while being given the gift of being a top 5% height man you are a retard.
succubi already put height on a huge pedestal, some list it as a first priority on their profiles.

You just have to have even remotely regular facial features and a normal weight, and they'd be crawling all over you if you joined any one of these apps or sites.

I want to punch these people through TCP/IP.
I am 5'3 and not once in my life have I heard anything but negative comments about my stature from both succubi and men.
succubi were the biggest bullies towards short guys when growing up.

Then you have these fuckwards with a cheat code assigned to their character at birth. And they choose not to utilize it. Tough luck, don't cry on the internet afterwards.


>The point is that if you don't maximize your looks while being given the gift of being a top 5% height man you are a retard.



Relevant to this thread. From /adv/ a few years ago:

>How do I cope with the fact that my oldest son is a disappointment? He was always slower than the other kids and had difficulties understanding what is asked of him/told to him. He is as cowardly as it gets and has no social skills. Fails at school, has no interests and can just sit on a sofa, staring into the wall for ages. It was all fine and dandy, while he was the only child and I told myself, that if I just spend more time, get better tutoring for him, introduce him to more hobbies and so on, he'll bounce up, at least to the level of other kids.Then my second child was born and let me tell you, she's a freaking wunderkind. She outshined him on all the development milestones, on top of that she's active, intellectually curious to the point that she began speaking English at the age of three, I never had problems with her grasping what I'm trying to explain to her and now she began doing basic math +/- at the age of four. All that with dramatically less effort put into her from me. It got to the point that she fucking bullies her older brother, because the pussy just takes it.Naturally, I step in and try to help him, while explaining to her that it's wrong. Sad thing is, with every passing day, I can feel my disappointment and frustration grow. I haven't showed it to my son yet and I try to treat them equally, but I just want to yell at him and tell him how much of an idiot he is. Granted, I'd never do that, but I have no idea with how to cope with the feeling. Any advice?TL:DR son is a beta fag, how do I not hate him for it?

>the second week, my daughter tried to look around and by the third she tried crawling, while not even knowing how to use her hands. My son was lying like a sack of shit till he was at leas a month and a half old, not even trying to raise his head or anything.


>Don't worry about it clearly you're not fucking perfect either. Kick him out when he's 18 if you really have to, but maybe if you weren't so preoccupied with passing judgement on your children you could figure out what's really going on with him.
why is kicking out your own child some default response for these sociopaths?


>Then my second child was born
I guess it's the father complaining.
In all this wall of text, why doesn't he talk about the mother ?


cuz he's useless anyway. a mage's soul is forged in the crucible of magic © Antimodes of the White Robes, so he either dies or becomes a wizard.


I am like you in the sense that we are both talentless bums with nothing going in life. My only difference is that I could give a flying fuck about what other people think. I will spout my opinions whether you like them or not.


Lol Daddy couldn't cope with the fact that the combination of his precious semen and precious wifey resulted in some beta loser. Notice how fixated he is on his supposedly "superior" daughter? (Most likely a lie to calm himself and to make himself feel better, probably the daughter is at most average.) To these people everything is about what others think of them and their family. The biggest "problem" with that kid is that daddy can't brag about him in front of his coworkers and neighbors.

Because it is legal and uh so that means it is all right to do it according to them. Normals love treating others like shit if they can get away with it, like if they are in some superior position as parent, teacher, police officer, etc. I assure you if that beta kid had enough of his parents and hit his dad then everyone would gang up on him "hoo how dare you hit your precious daddy?!" Double standards and hypocrisy is all normals know.


Because they are literally wild animals, its primitive instincts mixed with innate niggerishness.
Such behavior displayed against weak and weird is common among chimps, literal niggers and other filthy animals.
They literally have no humanity or human desires in them, such things are alien to them.


And this is exactly why normals fully deserve to be fucked by jews, its truly shame that in such process innocents are harmed.


Wild animals at least are honest about it. They don't hide behind morals or normo justifications.
Also, I'm not so sure about niggers in this regard. From my experience they are more chill about weird behaviors and socially unaccepted lifestyles than whites are. Whites and asians and jews have this nasty tendency to always put their neighbors and society above their own family members. Which results in bullying your wizkid if he doesn't "man up" by the time he reaches 18.

Innocents don't exist. Everyone had it coming.


>Innocents don't exist. Everyone had it coming.
Thats some pathetic cope, if you can you should stop being such pussy and faggot.


>the guy who believes that magical innocent people exist says I'm coping
All right, man.


>I turned 28 years old this year. And feels hit me. I hate my life.
Yes, it's normal, you have to work hard to fulfil your dreams.
>I hate most of my memories
Have you considered that you might be focusing only on bad memories?
>I hate my weak mentality.
Can you explain this without using examples? (it is useful to express verbally what you feel to understand it better)
>Enemy inside of me and enemy outside.
There is no such thing as an enemy, your mind inserts intrusive thoughts and your external enemy is probably JUST your perception.
>I cant change my mentality much, when I m already 28 years old.
And if your mentality is just an altered state because of the chemicals in your brain, wouldn't it make sense to try to solve it?
>My parents made many mistakes, when they breeded me.
All parents make mistakes and they were probably treated worse, they did their best from their perspective, it's not easy to be a parent and even less a conscious one, you should be the one to close the cycle.
>And polite men are just weaklings, who everyone makes fun of and they are never treated with seriousness.
Dude, stop watching action movies, that's not real.
>forced me to go school
Yes, the parents do that.

If you think I'm trying to attack you that's just your perspective, go back and read all the green texts and tell me if you don't have a victim mentality. The victim mentality will get you nowhere and from the age of 18-21 you are responsible for your decisions.


Youre a faggot and I'm sure that you get a power trip when you act like the wise man over here, you're the type of guy who gives arrogant advice while being a piece of shit yourself.

There is nothing to gain from acting like the victim but something about your post reeks of faggotry.

There are most definitely a lot of incompetent parents who manage to fuck up their childs confidence completely and that is a huge problem, acting like it's not makes you look like an ignorant piece of shit. Of course everyone has to take life in their own hands but pointing this problem out is a good thing because very often parents are to blame.


What are you even talking about? I'm 6'1 and have been bullied my entire life. I've had to deal with many insecure manlets trying to pick fights with me due to me height.


File: 1674398179435.jpg (50.93 KB, 960x960, 1:1, heavy cat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm 5'2 so too small to fight anyone, so I manipulated people at my school into fighting each other.

For example I would take an item out of a bully's backpack during lunch hour, then put it in one of those openable desks of another bully.
When he'd pick it out during class the other bully would notice and they started hitting each other with chairs and threatened to kill each other.

I was never able to fight directly, so the only way I could make others suffer was through sabotage.

I created ~100 beefs between various students and never got caught. I was very careful about spreading rumors so people don't get suspicious, most rumors I started by writing on the bathroom stall.

I got 1 person suspended from school, she was a good student and didn't seek trouble with anyone, but I made her get involved in a fight over stolen makeup.


Totally believeable and not completely made up and schizo, why not also write a screenplay about ur life


Everyone daydreams wizzie, but not all of us write it down as fact LOL



I didn't daydream it. Besides, my school life was full of stress even though I never got caught for sabotage.

For example a teacher pushed me during PE class so that my knee broke. I was also ridiculed constantly for being small.


I believe it.


i wish i did something similar, except for the part in which you cause harm to innocents, though i wouldn't blame myself too harshly if i did (which i did as well), school is basically a fucking prison and it reduces you to your base instincts


I have the opposite problem where I'm too happy and confident and that makes people seethe so much.

It's like they expect me to come into the workplace groveling and miserable.


I’m sorry to hear this op
I am in a similar life


File: 1676735982018.png (621.05 KB, 894x894, 1:1, imperium girl.png) ImgOps iqdb

>unironic normalfag advice ITT
>be unhappy
>normalfags get mad
>be happy
>normalfags get mad
It's like they want you dead but are too shy to admit it


Yes but in that case normalfags are in both doomer and apathymode.
Even they know that there no future.


Fuck you. I lost my whole because of my short stature. I think about it every hour of my life wishing I bled out on the circumcision table rather than dealing with any of this.

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