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I just have to get through this week edition



Any of you dishwashers? It tears up my hands and I always ache from it, I'm considering a career change to forklift operator


how am i going to explain to my boss that i made yet another fucking mistake. and dont give me that "explain why it wont happen again" shit. i used that last time and still made the same mistake.


where I work mistakes get glossed over and don't matter much


How bad was the mistake?


I'm so angry, as a software engineer I see literally everyone working from home yet my stupid employeer refuses to allow it for some bullshit reason.

It makes me angrier because everything else about the job is decent, decent pay, decent hours, decent people yet the thought of going to the office for years makes me want to puke.

I will have to threaten them with quitting if they don't allow me to work from home.


I really do wish codecels were shooed out of the wageslave thread.


My company has this stupid policy where 8 hour shifts require an unpaid 30 minute break. If corporate sees that you aren't clocking out for your mandatory 30 minutes, they just take it out of your paycheck.

Shit's rigged, man.


they should just let you leave 30 minutes early


I guess Sopranos Wiz finally got some vacation time… Tony's been ringing in the new Dungeon Crawler thread since at least 2017.


Not the real thread. mods, delete this. we need the tony soprano mascot OP.


Yeah wtf, new thread with a Sopranos OP PIC PLEASE. It's Wiz tradition, one i love.


if board software can merge threads, that would be better than deletion


Fake ass wageslave thread


File: 1662620039828.jpeg (111.9 KB, 1087x1080, 1087:1080, rrfre.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Baby whining intensifies

I was the only one doing the Sopranos themed wageslave threads and I decided to use a different picture this time.

Deal with it. Nobody else wanted to make the thread.


im not whining, but the ol tone balding mccoozehound gifs are much more palatable than random lazy fatass meme #9002


I refuse to post in a topic that has no Tony Soprano in it. You ruined my weekend.


same. no tony, no posts. im boycotting this thread as well despite my new job at Target.


File: 1662643477286.jpg (52.07 KB, 386x661, 386:661, 1637332423103.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

At work rn, (gas station) it's 11:19 and I go home at 12. There's a huge recession hitting soon, I have 0 skills and I'm a fucking loser dropout. But anyway, any of you guys deal with Indians at work? I've found them to be the most greedy, succubus-like, autistic, manchildren at any kind of leadership role; for fucks sake, even succubi and boomers aren't this bad. If I can't get a comfy coding/night-sec job soon, I'm ending it - not a fucking chance I'm doing this for years, let alone decades.


File: 1662644728887.jpg (20.27 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Taiko.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I dropped out of graduate school in part because my PI was indian. He just had insane demands. Wanted me to be in the office doing research 8 hours a day, the go home and read research papers for another 3 hours, and when I asked him for help our guidance on my thesis he'd either say it's my problem to figure out or he'd pawn it off on a professor friend and let them help me instead. The guy only cared about publishing so his reputation would be better, he didn't even seem to care about the research anymore, it was just about the clout.


In the nearest future i will have to actually begin searching for a job and I am fucking terrified of this. I've had some taste of that during the technical school - messing up, getting yelled at, humiliated in front of other people. Jesus christ, i'd rather hunt and forage.


I wish the Wizard Institute of Technology (WIT) was real


I used to brush retail off and usually disregard any retail workers who complained about it. This was before I began working in retail. Fucking hell. I'm not sure how much longer I can put up with serving the fucking hills have eyes tier people that come into my shop.


Slept 18 hours after completing my work week.

Work completely drains my life blood.


I wish I could do this too, unfortunately the only worse thing than working is losing the precious free time I have left.

I basically have to force myself to do things when I wish I could sleep all weekend.


Why do I hear wizards rarely talk about gossip culture?

I've had 2 jobs and in both of them the gossiping among coworkers was easily the worst part of the job. The job itself wasn't that hard.

Do all of you work in tech or something cuz that's the only place where I imagine it's mostly introverts so I guess they'd be less willing to gossip idk…


you are right about tech jobs having less gossiping, the only time i witnessed actual gossip in a tech company was when a succubus behaved in a really selfish way until everyone had enough, these places really have more people who don't get anything out of gossiping.

The few regular 9-5 jobs I've been at were terrible when it comes to that though, you can't even work in storage without getting into unnecessary social drama bullshit, they will project their shit at anyone, even more at you if you're not able to partake in their retarded social rituals. It's more present in places that have a lot of succubi but even in male dominated environments outside of tech it's still pretty much the same. Why can't normies just stfu and do their jobs and go home afterwards.


File: 1662921142688.gif (1.6 MB, 498x280, 249:140, tenor.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I work at a warehouse and the gossip is just sad in my job. Two people around their early 20s already have kids they don't even know and don't wanna deal with in their age. One manager relationship didn't go well and started dating a co-worker whos been friends for a year, one dude threw a ladder and almost hit another co-worker in the face with a box, just don't work at a fucking warehouse christ.


Fuuck, it's kinda sad the only other options for people like us is to either be programmers or do deliveries or smth to avoid drama, despite not being enthusiastic over either.


I know so much terrible and embarrassing shit about other people without even having talked to them once just from listening to gossip


I'm sick of having -1 speech skill.

It's just so embarrassing and humiliating.


life really is hard mode when ur mentally ill, a poor man, disabled, or w/e. maybe you relentlessly struggle and manage to get a job… but how many of us can keep the grind going…. idk how normies manage to do this shit until they're like 65 if not older. i feel mentally worn out at 28. i have been fired from multiple jobs for under performing / depression / mental illness. maybe i should just sell everything and live in a tent somewhere. id have more than enough for food for years. idk wizzies……… idk……. i just feel like life shouldn't be this hard. its not getting easier…


I'm younger and still don't understand how can they withstand the same repetitive lifestyle until theirs 60s… They probably have passion and hope for the future to keep going like this. I don't really care about my future or have any interest in having a family or any of that crap. I just want a house to play vidya and be left alone forever.


I quit my job.

It was a job I had in my early 20s. I was feeling nostalgic and I guess I believed it would somehow be good for me. It was just as bad as it always was.

I don't know why I do this to myself. Every fucking time, I just fucking give them everything, they take my time like the fucking leeches that they are and suck my soul out. The corporate parasites dictate everything you do. They twist your perceptions to fit their own views of the world and vilify you if you deviate from their own vision of what an employee should be.

My soul is fucking rotting. All I am is a fucking shell with this pathetic and subservient cuck hiding inside of it, afraid to show itself for the fear that it will be seen for what it is. I'm ashamed to be here at all, and all I want is death.

I fucking gave them everything and they threw me away for someone who would happily work for less. I don't know whether I should feel pride that I said no, or disappointment that I have no spine and rolled over at the first sign of resistance.


This is the world we live in now, i'm just waiting for people to finally snap and destroy corporations and kill the people at the top. I'm tired of being a fucking bot to them, you and me are human beings and we deserve better than this. All everyone wants is a normal fucking place to live and have food on our plate but we have to sell our souls to these demons to obtain basic needs.


This whole week has been an absolute shitshow. This bank has some of the dumbest and most uppity clients I ever had the displeasure of working with. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m working from my apartment and we’re getting a pay bump I’d probably leave this nightmare.


I already commit as much crime as I can without getting caught.

There is no point trying to instigate anything bigger because most people are subhumans who are content with a barely livable salary and will not join you.

Just exploit the world and normies as much as you can and avoid getting caught at all costs.


You know the absolute joke about all of this? People in social work are no different. They are all about working as least (wenig) as possible and getting as much money and reward as possible. Its all a ashit show, faking, lying, and fudging documents and notations as much as possible to not work. They dont care when someone gets crazy or dies. In fact its a relieaf. Less work to be done. Congrats humanity.


Gotta love starting out the day by being told how you suck at your job. Weeeeeeee


Congrats. You finally get it. 99,9% of humans (not counting some ascetic monks) are simply on a hedonic treadmill.

They just do the bare minimum to get as much sex, food, alcohol, drugs, sleep and entertainment as possible.

Nobody cares about you. People only care about getting their next dopamine fix.


I think I've become slightly used to the monotony of it all. I still hate having fuck all to do for 6+ hours a everyday and basically just having to stare at the walls and pretend to be busy, and there's this insane fucking rage whenever I think about how much time I'm wasting everyday doing fuckall but sitting here and throwing out the little time I've got left, but at least the boredom hurts less than it used to.


File: 1663789406082.jpg (169.29 KB, 1024x567, 1024:567, 1654977500947.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I hate this job but I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Part of me wants to quit because I'm constantly stressed, overworked, underpaid and have to deal with shitty co-workers. Part of me thinks I deserve better.

On the other hand, I'm lucky that I even have a job considering I'm an autistic shut-in that can barely go outside. I don't think I could handle an interview process and all the social crap they'd throw at me before I even got in the door. I'm lucky that I work remotely, but I remember how much I suffered 2 years ago when I was commuting to an office every day and struggling to not have a panic attack and couldn't handle making eye contact with people on the bus. Despite the stress, I'm in a "stable" position currently which I don't want to take for granted and make the mistake of making my life worse by having my ego tell me I deserve better.

My technical skills are great, I get shit done, I learn fast. But I always struggled with shit normal people take for granted. I can't handle change, I can't handle all the social niceties, I can't figure out how to get a normal haircut or get clothes that fit me, I can't communicate and express myself eloquently, I talk AT people and hope they understand me. I can't really fix this despite my best efforts…

I have a bunch of money in savings that could last me a year because I have nothing to spend it on. I live with my mom that has some understanding toward my condition so she helps out by buying me groceries and chores, but she has no income of her own. If I quit, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to get back on the horse again. At which point I might as well hang myself so I can stop being a burden on others…


I was in a similar situation and got off the horse.
It’s basically impossible to get back on.


As a jobless neet I think you shouldn't take this decision lightly. becoming free of that slavery might seem like a great idea now, but the feeling of freedom won't last. Your job may suck ass, but at least you won't feel like a useless waste of skin and sleep all day because you have nothing else to do and all entertainment became boring. However, feel free to do as you like, i'm in no position to spew advices.


I daydream about how much relief I'd feel if I didn't have to think about work anymore but there's too many downsides. I also can't quit in a single day, I have to give 30 days notice according to my contract which is probably the only thing that stopped me from impulsively just ghosting my employer with a small resignation message - because there wouldn't be an instant relief. I also can't afford to burn bridges with the few people that I know, so I'd have to stick around and honor the contract…

The only thing I could do is somehow make the job not suck, but my attempts at improving the organization and company culture have failed because I'm not a leader or someone people will follow. My co-workers are doing the bare minimum and I don't blame them considering putting in effort and taking up responsibility is not rewarded. Salaries have stagnated and it seems we're only getting more and more work as the clients constantly ask for new features and make demands. My boss tells me that the project we've been working on for 2+ years is still not profitable apparently, so we can't hire more people or have competent project managers or an actual QA team or even support staff that doesn't just forward me the message.

I've tried the "not giving a shit" approach but as an autistic I get obsessive with things and I can't just let go. When something is not working or I have a problem to figure out I can't stop thinking about it after work and I get nightmares trying to solve stuff in a dream but only going in a loop. My co-workers regularly submit subpar work that is untested and badly written, so either I have to check it and fix it or it will stay like that. I can't be bothered to convince people that they should do good work because it's the right thing to do And maybe they're right, they won't get a tap on the back for it or a bonus, I'm the retarded one for getting stressed out about shit.

That's what I thought…I actually did apply to one place several months ago as an experiment and got a reply to come in for a formal interview but the thought of going in and talking to this HR lady made me feel physically ill so I just said I changed my mind about the job.

Someone suggested to me to apply for remote only positions, but even they ask to see you on webcam and make sure you're a normalfag before giving you a shot. The reality is that I will always be filtered out because of this…



You complain yet I'm here >>264669
,probably much lower paid than you and having to go to the office everyday, I hate it, they told me that we we're going hybrid at the very least some weeks, and I will just quit if they don't deliver, being a NEET was much better than this.


File: 1663809064893.png (259.96 KB, 439x480, 439:480, e45f375eeaa6ab1637315b7ba0….png) ImgOps iqdb

>been enjoying the NEET life for over a year now
>finally forced to get a job
>found a job in a warehouse, seems like a nice enough place
>supposed to start next week but hiring process keeps getting worse with each step
>starting to regret my decision

First I did the normal, easy stuff: send a resume, have a short phone interview, then an in-person interview. I'm not the most socially-skilled individual, and needless to say I was uncomfortable, but I muddled my way through well enough and I'm basically hired. Unfortunately, I'm now at the 'background check' part of the process. I don't mind it normally, because normally it's just someone poking around the internet, looking for criminal offences and social media accounts that I don't have. However, in this case they want me to take a urine test. I've done drug screenings before, but they were just the simple mouth swab. Now I have to print out a document to take to the screening location, I have to wear a face mask and have my temperature taken and show them my license, all so I can get shoved into a room and told to piss inside a cup and then hand it to someone who will analyze it and put me into their system like I'm some sort of convict.

The whole process sounds dreadful. I haven't even done it yet and I already feel violated. What's more is it doesn't even feel like I'm getting a job anymore. It feels more like I'm being processed and sent to the state penitentiary. I'm not even working yet and I already miss being a NEET.


Yeah, my condolences. I don't know why employers insist on this archaic practice other than some paranoia that you will be less productive and the company looks less serious if they don't rent out big office space to impress the clients.

When the pandemic happened, we all switched to working from home and I guess my boss saw that nothing changed (before that you could only WFH if you asked for permission and only for day or two max). My mental health improved immediately and for a while there I was kind of happy, but you always find new shit to complain about. Now I'm butthurt that I have to do too much work and I don't get to slack off enough - meanwhile, some of you work in a warehouse doing physical labor.

I definitely sound ungrateful but my suffering is nonetheless still real. I decided to just learn how to have better boundaries and learn to say no and just work as a 1x programmer for a while instead of taking up too much responsibility. If shit breaks or slows down, I doubt anyone will notice. The coding nightmares are not fucking worth it…


>volunteer to take on customer service duties
Why did I do that
Actually, I didn't. I just got kind of roped into it. I told them I didn't want to, but they said "nah this is just temporary you'll be doing just a bit of it until we get a replacement"
Now I'm the replacement


>However, in this case they want me to take a urine test
That doesn't sound like a normal thing for companies to ask of you to do and feels like a red flag to me. Usually, if the hiring process of a company is very bothersome, your superiors are going to be bothersome to deal with once you actually start working there too. Maybe just try somewhere else?


I'm guessing you don't live in The Land of the Free (TM), drug tests of all kinds are not only acceptable, they've become the standard (for new, low-level hires).

Piss tests are almost always done off-site. While they (might) "technically" be paid for by the company, you still need to go to the facility, fill out paperwork, and have your privacy and personal freedoms casually violated for no reason besides "cuz we said so". Will take at least an hour+commute expenses.


>Maybe just try somewhere else?
I'd like to at this point, but I feel like I'm in too deep now since this is the final stretch before my start date. Plus, my dad is pressuring me into the job pretty hard as well. On top of that, >>265123 is correct. Most US companies will casually violate your privacy and autonomy in one way or another. For example, one of the other jobs I applied to (dishwashing) required me to disclose my last 7 years of residence history, and then wanted me to submit multiple forms for their background check. At first I thought this warehouse job would be easier, but it seems all of these places are basically the same.

To any wiz who doesn't live in the US: never believe anyone who says this is the best country on Earth, it's not. You may be at slightly less of a risk of homelessness, disease, or starvation, but the price of those comforts is full-fledged slavery with little hope of escape.


I LOVE the gossip. I get to do some work up in the office now, where there's a few ladies up there including the manager who've been here for 15+ years and it's hilarious all the shit they talk about 'the downstairs people' I used to work amongst. I love getting the inside scoop about what's going on, who's fucked up, who's in trouble, hearing them make fun of people etc.
But it's also horrifying because I'm sure they used to talk about me too, but, that's just how things work. They talk about each other behind their backs too. I hear many things. Not just in the office, there's basically no truly private places in such a building. I hear shit all the time that shouldn't be public knowledge, it's actually pretty irresponsible sometimes lol but information is power. Sometimes I use it to my advantage or just plant it in places to stir some shit (in ways not traceable back to myself). Hearing them make fun of this other lady for being a 40 year old virgin, man, succubus are lethal….and the amount they love to burp and be gross, much more so than the men, because they know they can get away with it.


File: 1663868263585.png (38.35 KB, 174x188, 87:94, 1446436921035.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1663969969985.png (12.03 KB, 557x199, 557:199, works.png) ImgOps iqdb

So this is the real world. This is what the majority of humans are doing. They strive for this, they fight tooth-and-nail over the opportunity to do this.
This is what my life has been leading up to and what I will be doing for the rest of it:

Moving stuff to other movers of stuff so that everyone involved can continue to afford continuing the moving of the stuff.

There are people who aren't part of this endless circle of moving stuff to other movers of stuff so that the stuff can continue moving between movers of stuff.
I don't know who they are and I will never be one of them.
They never have to move stuff or worry about whether they will continue being able and allowed to move stuff.

One day I will be gone and my tomb stone won't even say "Here lies Anon, he moved stuff".
I'll just be ashes mixed in with the ashes of billions of other movers of stuff. There will be some grassy hill outside of town under which all these ashes of billions are buried. The hill will have a sign "People who moved stuff". The hill will be grassy for a few years until the neglect makes it a filthy dirt mount with a sign reading "Stuff". The cheap labor used to bury our ashes will lead to streams of black mud appearing on the outskirts of town when it rains. Nobody is completely sure of what this filth is; only that it is probably waste material and thankfully it drains into the sewers where it fucking belongs.

One day the unstable, polluted patch of cheap land from which toxic black goo once oozed will be purchased by Amazon or Walmart and they will construct another warehouse on top of it. The warehouse will be filled with stuff to be moved by people to other warehouses across the realm.


File: 1663973510149.gif (1.64 MB, 250x362, 125:181, 377C.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Welcome to reality wiz, you aren't the chosen one and you aren't special whatsoever like me. I think we both will end up being wagecucks till we die lonely and miserable, but at least when we die we will be free from this torture. No more thoughts, no more pain, emotions or feelings, just eternal peace…


What is it with normies and working for such massive shitty companies?
I would rather be, and have been, homeless because of my refusal to work for a company like that. I regret nothing.
I feel like working there would be a way of admitting defeat. Like I'm just rolling over and letting corporate America suck my soul from me and sell it back for a profit.


well written and beautiful post. bleak though.

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