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getting 10-12 hours of sleep, but still feel really tired all day,

I am absolutely exhausted all day, i find it hard to stay awake , all i want to do when i get up is sleep again.

Fuck this life.


That's normal for a guy aged 14-24. They body grows at night so it's hard to maintain energy in to the morning. How old are you? Have you tried anything?


26, tried what man i am just tired and brain fog all the fucking day like I said. even drinking tons of caffiene doesn't do shit.


Stop masturbating and watching porn. I'm not joking.


Jerk off more, the sex hormones and exercise will wake you up. I'm not joking.



>getting 10-12 hours of sleep
One of your problems right there, that is way too much. 8 hours or 7 hours are enough for you, you aren't a kid or a terminally ill person. If you sleep too much then you are more likely to be tired, I know it.

>even drinking tons of caffiene

Another fundamental and basic error here, stop with that drug addiction. You don't need that, it is some retarded bourgeoise tradition to drink coffee, smoke and drink alcohol. You will only make your body even more tired by relying on energy drinks and such junk.

>masturbation and porn

Don't have much effect on this topic, obviously don't do it all day but once or twice a day is fine and healthy.

Do you do anything enjoyable which requires even some minimal effort on your part? Browsing imageboards and watching youtube videos don't count. Get a hobby, something you like and find interesting and which will excite your brain.


>drinking tons of caffiene
Caffeine doesn't give you energy. It interrupts fatigue receptors so you're less susceptible to your body's natural signals to get rest. When your body is stripped of these signals, it creates more fatigue receptors. A young man who's been drinking caffeine throughout all of his growing years will only wind up more susceptible to his brain telling him it's naptime.

Please consider ditching caffeine. This will help your brain return to normal. In the meantime you can take stimulants which actually effect the chemicals in your blood to put more energy in to your muscles and organs. Stimulant-free preworkout formulas, vitamin B12 and the like will help to perk you up. When it is time to sleep you can take things like melatonin or OTC nighttime cold and flu aids to ensure you get a deeper rest in less time.

I 'm only suggesting drugs to undo the drugs you've already taken though. The real energy comes from a bit of exercise, healthy diet, sunshine, and something to keep your hands busy. The main point of GI bootcamp is to give guys like you and I the energy we need to make to through the day, and the chemical balance necessary to get a good nights rest in 8 hours. You owe it to yourself to at least give a very proactive and disciplined diet and exercise routine a shot. Being tired when you want to be awake is the worst, like walking around dizzy and draped in chains. Worst case scenario you waste $30 on supplements. Best case scenario you clean your mind and body and can begin living again. It won't be easy at the start but at no point does it get harder so if you can do 1 day of exercising, eating good food, and being without caffeine, then you can go your whole life doing much of the same. And when your brain returns to normal, you'll be able to get that rush from a cup of coffee again.


wizchan puritans disparaging something as benign as coffee is funny


It might be a lethargy, try to do some physical activity toward the day


File: 1663955536622.png (394.04 KB, 519x475, 519:475, cras.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm the same.

I take vitamin D, but I still need 10-12 hours of sleep or I'm extremely tired.

For example, I tried getting only 6-7 hours a sleep at night and I've literally been sleep deprived all week, to the point I'm almost falling asleep at work.

I think it's a genetic condition.


> at work
how you manage being at work when you tired all day ?
probably garbage job no offence man


at least when you sleep there's no suffering
I only sleep 10h a day and wish I could do more


it's not really about how much you sleep but the quality. if you wake up constantly or have weird breathing problems, you might never truly feel rested.

maybe get one of those sleeping apps and one of those rings that tracks your vitals, relatively cheap and easy way to monitor the quality of your sleep. the alternative is having a medical professional do a so-called sleep test where you spend a night while they attach medical doohickeys and diagnose any sleep problems you might have like sleep apnea.


>if you wake up constantly or have weird breathing problems, you might never truly feel rested.
This fact just pisses me off. It's not fair.
I take care of my aging, sickly, disabled parents. Every night I have to get up multiple times to do things for them.
It's not fucking hyperbole! Some people exaggerate these things but I have never slept for more than 2 hours without an interruption in nearly a decade at this point.
There are times when my parents are hospitalized and I am living alone… but I am so conditioned to getting up in the night, I still do it even when I'm alone. I still get up every two hours because my subconscious thinks I need to help someone shit or piss or that I need to shove a tube into someone's neckhole and suction out the discharge that is choking them.

It's not fucking fair and every time I see people lecture others like "uhm you need to have a sleep schedule it's that easy!" it feels like I'm personally being attacked. I hate it I hate it I hate it.

The only solution is to abandon them or something like that. Unfortunately I failed the spiritual shit test of life and reality - I fell for the "you need to care about other people" meme that was designed to filter out weak people like me while smarter people realized they should step on everyone and just care about themselves.


i understand completely. it's hilarious the amount of normalfaggot trolling that's been going on around here. well i dunno. i just think it's very funny how normalfaggots can act like there's always an optimistic outlook and some snake oil cure-all, while people like you and me exist by the millions.
our lives were headed for the worst by birthright and we'll be anchored by these retard relatives forever.
if you're in US, you're probably actually stuck with your parents permanently whether you like it or not. whether it be lack of money, a wait time for a state care facility to take them in that's several year's long, or some law stipulation forcing you or another relative to care for them.
it's how it is with my disabled retard brother. i wont go into detail, but hes a physical menace and never sleeps. he stomps around the house pacing endlessly and screaming about whatever retarded paranoid delusion enters his mind. lately, he's obsessed with the presidential elections.
he forgets that he's already woke you up at 2 AM to scream about the elections, and he'll come repeat himself again in 5 minutes. he's so loud and so retarded and violent that he's like a solo alzheimer's ward. it's like i'm living in an alzheimer's ward.

say i were to ignore the law and just evict him, he'd just break in and murder me anyway. i'd need a 24/7 security guard to protect me until he dies outside in order to safely remove him.


Feel free to point out any reasons why someone struggling with chronic fatigue should be drinking excess caffeine.


Try doing fasting. Most of the time I feel exactly like you describe, but I tried doing fasting for a few days to lose a bit of weight and I felt so full of energy. I think the chemicals in the shit we eat is what's slowly killing us.


to alert him fucking troll dickhead normalfag


It's told to acidificate the blood.


File: 1664016203717.jpg (102.54 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, Phlegm Fighting Foods.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Reading Ehret's book, you will find he says: Vitality is equal to Power minus Obstruction.

If you keep your diet the way it is, without paying attention enough to hygenist practices like fasting and enema, I'd pretty much say that you will die still feeling that way.


A few says are nothing. It's a long journey to take and not exempt of danger.


You Are in terrible shape. try going For 5 Mile walk where you walk as fast as you can


Do you want to exhaust him even more? I am also skinny and I changed that for HIIT. Less time, more profits.


I've had this issue for years that gradually got worse
i've recently improved for the first time in years, its not gone but its definitely better
>Vit D + vitK + Zinc (this was for something else not sleep so i dont know if it helped)
>exercise (never used to before)
>go to sleep close to the same time every night (important)
>wake up within a 2 hour time frame every day (usually between 7:30 and 9:30), also important
>take a very small dose of liquid melatonin, about 0.3-0.5ml. This just helps push me into a deeper sleep
>don't eat about 4 hours before i go to bed
>drink coffee less
>drink a decent amount of water before bed (i never need to pee at night)
>rinse my nose with sea water spray before bed (pollution really messes up my breathing)
i also recently got a new mattress, replacing my 15 year old one that has also helped
These all seem like common sense and probably have been tried by basically everyone already but i never did any of these before and there is a noticeable improvement but i am still tired.
Hopefully its just something like accumulated damage that gradually goes away i dont know


make a blood check by doctor


No one here can tell you exactly what it is that's causing these symptoms. Your symptoms could be caused by anything from a simple case of drinking too much coffee to having an undiagnosed sleep disorder. The only way to tell is to get good medical care – but I understand that this is not always a possibility. What I'll say is this: too many people in these threads don't consider the possibility that some people are simply born with abnormalities in their biology – and these problems aren't a result of making bad life-style health decisions.

There are many possibilities this could be and they can't be diagnosed online. Is this a problem with sleep quality or something else? If it is sleep quality then what is the underlying cause? Is it a sleep disorder? Is it stress? Is it a psychiatric illness (like autism or ADHD)? Your doctors will be able to gather the right evidence and determine a diagnosis. This will help determine the most effective way to treat you. For example if it was determined that you had a serious sleep disorder like Narcolepsy you might end up on wakefulness promoting agents like Modafinil during the day. Again – speak to a doctor because these kind of problems are rarely the result of life-style choices.


>What I'll say is this: too many people in these threads don't consider the possibility that some people are simply born with abnormalities in their biology – and these problems aren't a result of making bad life-style health decisions.
Very true. There are people who do everything 'right' and still have problems, and others who don't give a damn, and are doing fine. Some of the advices commonly posted here are completely insane.


>What I'll say is this: too many people in these threads don't consider the possibility that some people are simply born with abnormalities in their biology – and these problems aren't a result of making bad life-style health decisions.

Finally some good wisdom on this board


I have not had a full night sleep for several years


maybe you need b12 pills?

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