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After being rejected overwhelmingly in several situation thru life, I cannot still understand the real motive, and thinking objectively cannot reach any other conclusion than it being due how stupid normals are. I usted to feel a shame that got vanished thru years yet I feel still that some of it remains in the deep zones of my mind… The toxic idea of "the problem being yours, anon" brought by peer pressure only gets you wrecked while normgroids are just being psychotically mean. Like pulling through my mind an idea like a stab, as if attempting to make me even more miserable while the numbers against me are an undeniable proof of me being… whatever I be, which they see and I don't. Blaming me for their malignity, for the sake of killing my already lowered spirit.

As an easy example: after earning low karma enough at reddit, definitely I don't come but to conclude that such place is a toxic pit of bitter, self-deceiving cattle, they just gather there knowing that numbers will support them, even within subreddits that are supposedly far far away from normalidiocy.

Share thoughts.





the post is quite self-explanatory. do you have brain-damage or something?


anyway, 100% agree with you OP.


> after earning low karma enough at reddit
i did 2 reddit accounts whenever i am almost 100k the fucking mods ban me. it is fucking rigged they pump and dump what posts they like, they ban who don't get with them the counter is rigged . everything is rigged even this fucking world fuck all of them time to move on .
funny to see this cause i got banned the past 2 days ago .
fucking coincidence.


As far my experience goes, usually the "problem with you" is just a another way to say that you're not neurotypical, and you live in a different social wavelength. Solution? Develope some awareness about you own situation and search for other people that live with the same problem.


people always love me, I'm like a depressed guy that says stuff and people laugh cause they think im joking, so I'm just like a big clown, people like that


the problem with this is that it assumes linear causality. in reality causality is more like a web of things that are all influencing each other.

blaming one person for something is deceptive and a good way to gaslight or shift blame. i think the thing you have to realize is that everybody is self interested and just say whats best for themselves rather than whats true. if you believe them when they say this then you have lost the exchange of words


The mass adoption of the internet required the adulteration of every single system to allow for the integration of normalfolk. Remember that depressing meme about just how stupid the average man really is? That's now over half of the internet. Worse, socialisation for normalfolk has now become the predominant place for dick swinging, without the risk of a bloody nose. And that's just the men.

You simply don't stand a chance.


I've noticed that a lot of people who usually say stuff like this are pretty mediocre themselves by normie standards, so i can only assume that a lot of the time it's just comforting for them to feel superior to someone else. I remember watching this youtube video of a guy ranting about "grown men who wont move out of home. NO EXCUSES!" This guy was a boney, middle-aged, warehouse worker with thinning hair who, while he was in a relationship, had never married or had kids. Can you imagine how excited he must have been to find people "worse" off than him?


Better a NEET than warehouse wagecuck.


He was a middle-aged man projecting on youtube. I'm pretty sure that's the bottom.


I agree. Thats why i put the word worse in quotation marks. Sorry for not being clearer.


Same I Have a degree in hvac engineering with 3/5 GPA. I havent Landed a Job and now im going to hvac trade school. I'm just tired of trying. Why Do I Have to Be a Rockets surgeon Banker just so Land a Job?



This. Think of Any highly educated Jobs like electrical engineer. Things can Be explained in very simple way and The things you Do at your work in your first year Are not complicated. Sure The assignments at college Are absolute bullshit but take 100 engineers that Are employed, none of them would Be able solve them years after college.

Normies just spin Their work to Be More difficult that is actually is. Mainly in Pursuit of status. I Have an acquintance that is working a pretty Good work, Works from home 3 days a week and makes good money. He always jokes about how he just forwards All difficult questions to The Guy in The basement. I dunno If normies bullshit Their Job status Their inside Their friends circles, But If you arent inside it its just sad how serious they Are about Their Jobs.

Mediocre normies always take needless pride in some pathetic shit in Their lives. I was in army (mandatory here) at 19 years old and I had never cooked food myself because i never had to until Then. There was a Guy that tried to absolute shit on me because of this. He was fat and in terrible shape. It was just so pathetic hill to die on.

Not a native english speaker, excuse My retardation.


You just remembered me that guy from r/NEET who celebrates making it homeless to 40 and bragging about it after leaving his boss at 24. All other neets loved it.


Do you have a link?



Thanks. I envy this guys balls. I wish i had the balls to do this instead of having to remain in this weird wiz/normie purgatory. I remember a guy on /r9k/ talking about living a very similar life style but i unfortunately can;t find the posts in the archive.


OP here. Just came back from reddit and you wizzies might bt pleased to know places like:

Those places seem safer.


reddit is a pay-for-votes propaganda mill that shuts down successful splinter subreddits and astroturfs all of the regional or politics ones. There are neat subcommunities and occasionally subject matter experts but the price is supporting the worst kind of social media

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