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What is holding me back is I am religious person.
hoping for uncle jesus salvation .I don't know if suicide is what determines whether a person gains entrance into heaven. I tell myself some people did it and god forgave them. others waited for natural death in hope for god mercy yet they doomed in hell it's all god decision and all things are determined.
but for me Life is to fucking long and it seems i am going nowhere wethere i try or not. i just pass the time waiting for getting old and die natural death .
I'm in my 20's and feel like I'm in my 50's I'm tired of this shithole life I should of died in my 20's. People say life is short it's really not but time does fly by which is weird. The suffering of clinical depression and other health issues make life feel like a never ending nightmare.
Fuck you rigged life.
You've given me nothing but pain, fuck you.


>hoping for uncle jesus salvation .
He's been dead for over 2000 years. Give it up.


Just do it, your mind seems pretty made up.


I see no reason suicide would be worse than the other sins most people commit daily
God ultimately is able to pass true judgement. In the mortal realm there is no answer to if your suffering is greater and capability is lower, or if it’s in your control as some free-floating free will and a lack of pushing that is your creation . In this fallen world the masses will always blame you and claim this is all your creation because it frees them of any responsibility or ownership. Competing interests in a fallen world. We live in a world where heresy is becoming mainstream lol, you can’t appreciate gods glory without it being in the shadow of total suffering. This world gives us nothing meaningful and only god can judge these ambiguous judgement between human experience, and in death god will give true judgement . To suffer hell knowing it is the true justice from a true god with all knowing isn’t that bad. My experiences make me think god would forgive me for suicide.
Whatever though you do you.


>Futile and hopeless labor

What, like living? You're just delaying the inevitable. Do what you can to push your death away a little further, you will all die anyway. Everything you know yourself to be will die with you and all that remains is an echo, if you're lucky.


The Christian God won't forgive you for your suicide, though. Pretty much all christian churches agree that suicide is an extremely big sin. Even murderers and all kinds of evil-doers weren't despised so much as those who killed themselves in christian cultures. If you died by suicide the church refused to even bury you properly in a cemetery for a long time, this only changed in recent times.

Entertaining the thought of suicide is like giving the middle finger to the creator and his world. So I'd advise you to look for a non-jewish deity to worship and forget about Christianity and all other abrahamic forms of religion. If you can grasp how horrible life can be then you are too intelligent for this jewish optimism and nonsense.

Suicide is the best answer if your living conditions make it impossible for you to get any enjoyment out of life. Otherwise, if you can do what you love to do and enjoy then go on living as long as you can in this state.


Brother, I know this is gonna sound all wacky and shit but just buy a cabin with whatever money you have left and enjoy life. Gain freedom. Whats pushing you back is being caged. Have an amazing day and hopefully you sort it out.


I do not trust death. No one knows if what expects behind it could be worse than this


Jesus killed himself too as far as I can tell, he just had someone else do it. He gets it. The best parts of christianity are about love and there is no love like not just dismissing someone's pain and caring only about the symbol of "being here" and instead having respect and compassion. The aversion to the suicide of others is an absurdity coded into us because as social opportunistic retards we want people to stick around us so we can benefit from their presence. If everyone up and left, we'd be scared, impotent and alone. Can't have that. Everyone should live just in case. Do it for my feelings.
Fuck that of course, I'll be fine. Do what you want to do my friend. What you TRULY want to do. Take a day to think and ask yourself what that is if needed, the brain is not actually tremendously good at figuring out specific desires over just nebulous discomforts.


>Jesus killed himself too as far as I can tell, he just had someone else do it
>He killed himself via someone else
That's murder not suicide. The Christian thing hardly makes sense if he's simultaneous all powerful and martyr


If life shovels shit in your face, it's giving you implicit permission to do the same.


the implicit permission to do what ever you want is always ever present, regardless of what you are reacting to.


>do what thou wilt
Ok Satan.


free will is Biblical Knowledge. otherwise, what gravitas would turning away from our true, lesser, evil nature hold?


How am I supposed to shovel shit on life? Even if by life you're referring to god, that's still not easy to do at all.


Agreed, the only right thing to do when life shovels shit, is to turn the other cheek.


I mean suicide, you're basically shitting on everyone that loves you.


>if life sucks you have permission to kill yourself
is this the intent? If so – I agree. But people have a lot of control over whether life sucks or not, even if they don't change their life much.


I guess you don't have a sufficient reason to kill yourself at the moment. That's perfectly fine. I hope you don't ever have one.


I believe in the Fair Market Economics of Suicide, if you Sufficiently Desired it you would Acquire it. It's tautological. If you are trying to imply that you do, I don't believe you at all.


Nah suicide is dying by your own will, you don't need to be the person to execute your will.


The Fathers Will is not the Sons Will is not the Holy Spirit. They're God

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