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What's your most severe symptom? Sum it up without writing a big wall of text.

Basically I have triggers. Real triggers, not reddit-tier "trigger warning" shit. If something triggers me and I don't manage to disengage and stabilize myself within immediate hours, I can end up dead or in ER. And I have severe bad mood and mood swings, they cycle through hours multiple times a day every single day.

If I'm in the middle of bad mood (or a mood swing) and something triggers me (both situations at the same time), if I can't stabilize myself within immediate minutes I end up in ER and/or hospitalized for weeks.

What about you? We can have a dick measuring contest about who is more miserable.


My symptoms are total apathy, and alcoholism that makes me shake and feel totally confused when sober. It's hard to actually build a life feeling like this.
After getting drunk for 7 years with no breaks, I'm as of today 27 days sober. But I'm absolutely miserable.


>and alcoholism
I'll never understand why someone is exclusively an alcoholic. Be an alcoholic AND a drug addict at the same time, you're already ruining your life at the same pace anyways.

Be an alcoholic AND an opiate and benzo fiend at the same time. Use all 3 at all times. You drink considerably less to get smashed hard. That near-death state that lasts for many hours makes you dissociate from the concept of pain. Alcohol can't give you anything remotely similar, you're basically drinking for nothing.


Withdrawals are a bitch after your body decides it's only homeostatic with booze in your system. I would recommend some THC to take the edge off if possible. If that's not an option then the potential importing of passion flower or ashwagandha would at least help.


It's not wise to recommend opiates & benzos to people. They are not necessary outside of short term application and long term use merely changes the brain into an organ which requires the substances to feel normal. You can't miss what you have never had.


I've been addicted to IV meth, and research chemical analogues of fentanyl, Xanax, and research chemical benzodiazepines all at different times. The issue is that these things are far more difficult to obtain that alcohol, and once you combine daily, heavy alcohol consumption with any one of those things, your life begins falling apart rapidly. I would just stop going to work. Then you become poor, and can't buy drugs any more. Then you need to will yourself to get a job, so you need to stop doing drugs. It repeats. There's no way you can maintain those things and a job. And I don't know where to get them anymore, which is obviously also an issue.


alcohol is easy to get and quite cheap depending where you live, but i don't understand how you can drink for so long. Do you drink daily? If i drink for 2 days straight i get horrible headaches and stomach pains I have to take breaks all the time.


I'm about 27 days sober, now. I was addicted, and constantly in poor health. I would just keep drinking. I get where you're coming from, though. I used to know a 70 year old who would be at the liquor store before I was, who had been banned. He'd ask me sometimes to get him drinks. I would, because clearly he was about to die. I would wonder to myself how a man puts up with that lifestyle for so long, but it's a real addiction.


I count at least 3 different alcoholics or drug addicts here. Within less than 24 hours, on a small and slow imageboard.

That's fucked up, but understandable.


For alcoholics: the best path forward is to taper off https://hams.cc/taper/
1. Buy a simple wall calendar
2. Pin calendar to wall
3. Record how many drinks you have that day.
4. Go a day without a drink, mark the day with a big red X in marker
You will accumulate days free of booze and will not want to break the streak of red Xs. Put this calendar right by your bed, somewhere obvious that you cannot miss when waking up or going to bed. Once you go a week, it will be so easy
Your body is probably lacking in electrolytes and vitamins so first days of your taper drink Pedialyte and supplement B vitamins.
You can do this anon.


I have a boring mental problem which is just a kind of chronic apathy. Sorry you can't make a Netflix series about it.


And you'd have a 4th one if alcohol wasn't taxed to hell where I live.


I take 5mg of olanzapine per day for mood instability


You better drop it. Forever.


So I have to ask I feel like you’re being vague, to my knowledge they don’t hospitalize people for mood swings unless maybe you’re talking about a mental hospital but considering you mentioned the ER I’m guessing you’re not, also not to downplay your condition but when you say dead is it actually medically life threatening? I am an insulin dependent diabetic and if I get to stressed or suicidal I won’t eat become extremely depressed drink heavily and spiral into a condition known as DKA that is life threatening and will put me in the ER, I was actually in the ICU earlier this week because of an episode. I’m guessing my kidneys will probably shut down eventually because of it in which case I’ll have to kill myself or suffer through the horrors of dialysis


>is it actually medically life threatening
Yes, suicide and self-harm sounds medically life threatening to me.


Most people on this site deal with these problems though I’ve tried to kill myself countless times and have huge scars from self harming as well so it’s not really the same as like having a life threatening health problem


I have severe Borderline Personality Disorder and severe Clinical Depression (most common comorbidity of BPD+with something else).

I deal lots with suicide, psychosis, self-harm, alcoholism and substance abuse. I've felt like a walking corpse for years. On top of that, I have dumb succubi undermining my situation and justifying their shit and dumb behavior by pretending to have BPD.

I feel extremely angry, scared, depressed and delusional. Something triggered me, now I just have to hold still for hours until it goes away.


>it’s not really the same as like having a life threatening health problem

It is for me. I attempt suicide when critical or psychotic. Sounds pretty life-threatening for me. This is related to a specific medical condition, it's not like I have nothing and I randomly attempt suicide.



Mental health is a meme. Unless you are seeing/hearing stuff that isn't supposed to be there like Hitler or Mickey Mouse talking to you then you don't have any real problems. Mental health as a concept was invented for the sake of creating a whole business centered around this profession, deal with it.


Plato and Socrates were the original big pharma.


retard opinion


the 2016 elections completely ruined the world and now retards like you ruin every thread on the site with your down's syndrome trad larp. i bet you think youre going to fight cops in a race war lol. YOU'RE mentally ill.


Don't feed the troll.


Socrates was just a contrarian and he pretty much did it all for the trolling and laughs. So him at least I can respect for this. Truly his best students were the cynics, especially Diogenes. He understood that Socrates was all about trolling and pissing off people.

Plato is what happens when someone takes Socrates and philosophy in general way too seriously. He is probably one of the most overrated philosophers ever. The guy actually advocated for wizard shaming (anyone who is unmarried and doesn't make babies after 30 should be punished according to Plato), that's all that needs to be said about him, it is hard to understand how this idiot had so much impact on Western culture.

What is trad larp? Is it something related to politics? Anyway, it doesn't have anything to do with that. Mental health is a meme, it has always been one. Modern psychologists aren't different from pagan withdoctors in Africa or from catholic priests telling medieval peasants what to think and feel. "Mental health" was invented for the sake of controlling society more efficiently. Psychology is a new religion.


thc can fuck u up too. i was addicted to weed for years had to go cold turkey it ruined/ruinin my life


File: 1664744957379.png (117.51 KB, 253x199, 253:199, 313131.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Straight THC is bad for the psyche especially with those predisposed to psychotic episodes. Normally smoking the literal plant itself comes with an entire bouquet of cannabinoids to balance things out but you are correct in pointing out "pure" THC can indeed fuck you up.

That being said I have a ton of D8 THC and use it basically everyday.


You take edibles or vape it or what?


I have substance abuse disorder for alcohol, and comorbid schizoaffective. I get death threats and everything due to medical need for narcotics. I Atake medicine to avoid hospitalization. I lie to avoid treatment because I don't want to quit and physically - I CAN'T. I've been down to detox I just feel hopeless until I drink again.. nothing fixes my need for downers… I tried everything and had surgery and that, I NEED downers and would DIE if I stopped, my depression is in remission but every day I struggle with alcohol…


You can solve your addiction by no longer using whatever it is you're addicted to.


Addiction is a symptom of general life dissatisfaction and/or broader mental illness, removing the substance without solving the underlying issues demonstrably does not cure addiction


idk most addicted people would be fine if they just stopped doing drugs and alcohol. They got family and friends and jobs.

I guess if you were a hobo NEET you would have more of an excuse. Like that hobo NEET guy who was on here previously without any friends, family, job, or house. But even he managed to find a place to live and (probably) is doing fine now.


File: 1664795083753.jpg (43.87 KB, 942x315, 314:105, D8D9.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

I used to smoke copious amounts of weed and then moved on to dabbing excessive large quantities of THC concentrates. But that proved to be a total hindrance when I started feeling nauseous/edgy without doing a couple dabs in the morning.

Now I simply grab some cheap 510 threaded ecig atomizers I bought in bulk off ali-express and fill them up with delta-8 THC sauce mixed with a touch of 100% terpine liquidizer. Doing it myself saves an ungoldy amount of money and thankfully D8 is not only legal but I see more stores advertising they sell it than I do anything else that's not directly linked to a mainstream corporation.

If I was buying pre-loaded atomizers from stores/online they would cost between 15 and 30 dollars each (iv seen 60 dollar ones as well). But injecting the sauce myself into the tank using a glass blunted needle and buying my D8 in bulk it costs me less than 5 dollars to make one and maybe 2 dollar to refill it each time. I also have a small hotplate used to heat up the glass syringe and the sauce which allows it to be moved/transferred 1000 times more easily. Before I had the hotplate I would use a tiny electric space heater….it was goofy

I don't think I have ever gone through more than 2 tanks in a week and that would require literal effort to accomplish. I type all this out not searching for accolades but instead for the sake of any wiz out there who might benefit from the knowledge of what's out there.

There is an absolute ton more details I could add on this subject but ain't nobody got time for all that. If there are any questions feel free to ask. I already recently made a post ITT about the potential risk of using straight THC when you are disposed to psychotic episodes but i'll mention it again just incase. Adding other cannabinoids to the mix would help offset the potential negative side effects by mimicking more closely the natural state of the plant which normally has 50+ unique active/inactive elements when you smoke it.

The process by which D8 is made is a bit on the sketchy side but considering they are only removing a single carbon atom to circumvent archaic laws revolving around D9 (normal thc) then I guess you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Please do not use this post alone in making any decisions.


damn i went down this same path, and
> I don't think I have ever gone through more than 2 tanks in a week and that would require literal effort to accomplish.
makes me feel like a total crack head. Using concentrates like unhinges my use from reality, only money can act as a downward pressure. Like a crack head


File: 1664871390845.jpg (4.37 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download (36).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Iv said for years that dabs are the crack of weed
When I used to do globs off the quartz banger everyday I would easily go through a gram of fairly quality concentrates of all different sorts. But with the D8 sauce cartridges the amount of vape coming off them is nothing compared to a huge dab rig rip. D8 is also technically weaker, so it's a lot more high functioning than typical weed but I still find my short-term memory to be impaired while using it.

Trying to dab the sauce right out of the container doesn't work because of how viscus and terpene heavy it is. The way I have come up with how to do it is putting some in a pyrex dish and tossing it in the electric oven for awhile then opening the door part way and letting a fan blow cool air onto it so it smokes/vaporizes off some of the extra mass. It comes out as shatter and it gets the job done.

>Using concentrates like unhinges my use from reality, only money can act as a downward pressure.

I know that feeling all too well which is why I am hesitant to recommend delta-8 to you since its dirt cheap. Sometimes not even pain in my lungs or nose can stop me from trying to get high.




Realistically the only way to escape depression is to end your own life because even if meds work, it's always lurking behind them waiting for you to stop.


>Realistically the only way to escape depression is to end your own
I used to think like this. We all will eventually die. Why not just enjoy life at our own terms before offing ourselves?

>life sucks I don't enjoy anything

Yes I know that. It's impossible a wizard does not enjoy anything. We all enjoy things, even being alone is a valid desire we can hedonistically acomplish.


I have diagnosed autism, anxiety disorder, probably schizoid personality disorder and have been a agoraphobic shutin since 2014


ayrt and I already shifted a lot of my use to delta-8. It tastes so much worse, but for 10x price reduction it's hard to really care about the taste.
right now I am on a hiatus from delta 8 and waiting on some herbals.


I am obsessed with what others think about me and terrfied of ever being embarassed in any social situation. This has been my life from as early as I can remember and I have not developed past it in any capacity. I think if I could've gotten over this early in life then I would have escaped being a social shut-in, but it is too late now, I am a broken human being and have not made a new friend or acquaintance in over a decade.


Similar for me. it took until i was 30 years old to realise that my parents' parenting style was embarrassment and shame. For example if my sibling or i would behave less than perfect in a store it would be emphasized how "everyone is watching, you're so embarrassing, stop acting like a baby". Or even making noise at home, "the neighbours can hear you, you're so embarrassing". In addition to this, being dressed up like a succubus and photographed and recorded, then shown the recordings when i was 3,4,5 years old. i'd cry and beg to delete them and smash my head against the wall but they wouldnt do it


let's just stop caring! I'll do it, you can do it too. FUCK IT!


>Let's base our entire social system out of embarrassment and shame.
Everyone becomes a hikkikimori, and the birth rate goes negative as everyone fears everyone.
>No wait, not like tha–


that's not why birth rates are down lol


Yep its because of feminism that guy have bo clue.


I avoid trolleys/ big crowds because it flares up my schizoid


I'm feeling intensely depressed, more than normal. It hurts and I can't sleep. Got no drugs. I have to suck it up and deal with the intense pain.


BPD sucks, it's a permanent state of despair.


i'm a natural born contrarian and I have horrible impulsive control. I still have empathy but im an egoist and miserably nihilistic (not by choice) so I can't bring myself to think that my actions matter even if I hurt others.
Depression and thereafter substance abuse have plagued me since puberty.
Im an overthinker and rationalize every aspect of my life over and over again.
I thought i'd mature out of the anti social behavior at some point but im just as hollow as I started out, only more confident in my worldview now.


File: 1669515278762.jpg (408.94 KB, 730x1095, 2:3, 5DA13D3F-7112-41F0-91F1-AC….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Triggers are so shameful for me, I never want to inconvenience anyone by being a sensitive little faggot. I've been relatively un-suicidal for roughly a year after the last failed attempt, but little stupid things can bring me back to suicide info threads and gore vids while I jack off my depression wishing I was them.
I think its just a defense mechanism that kicks in whenever I'm too stressed out or uncertain about the future. No job, life, or school? You can always kill yourself if things get too bad. Dangerous situation? My life is worthless anyway and I should give up caring to ease my anxiety anyway. It's can be the easy and final answer to every problem. It gives me the illusion of control.


>gore vids while I jack off my
stop doing this wizard this is how the CIA is making u depressed


Not what I meant but applicable in its own right.


This has been one of the toughest and wildest years I've ever had. I went extremely radical with avoiding other people and my mental health significantly changed. I started getting a different perspective on what symptoms aren't caused by having to interact with other people. Like, I realized my mood swings will always happen, even if I'm completely isolated.

I had to admit I'm a severe patient too, which was hard. But with that admission lots of things improved through the year. At this point my symptoms still happen every single day, but I've learned to manage them with healthy habits. And I do "unhealthy" stuff with moderation now, or completely abstain from it.

It's crazy, I was in a harsh moment after being discharged from the hospital, but my survival instinct kicked in and I started sorting my shit out of survival instinct, and now I'm at a decent place in life.


File: 1669944597718.jpg (11.01 KB, 252x297, 28:33, 5e725d7276851564a5cd938d72….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I feel hopeless. I find no solace in death, and various forms of escapism are gradually losing their effects. I barely possess enough energy to articulate my feelings; it's all in vain.


>We can have a dick measuring contest about who is more miserable.
I'm too fucking scared of confrontation, I can't handle anything.
I immediately look away when someone stares at me (as happened today, yet again). Too scared to get into any fight.
Don't know if it's worse than your issue or not.

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