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Everyone here is extremely self-aware of their symptoms. But people are only vaguely aware they are mentally ill.

Most of you complain about boredom, depression, apathy and stuff like that. Barely no one specifically talks about clinical depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or BPD.

Why is that? What's the purpose of identifying your symptoms and whine about them instead of seeking treatment and improvement? If you had diabetes wouldn't you want your health to improve? Mental health is no different and is more serious than stuff like diabetes.


There is no treatment


Treating mental illness is way more complicated and harder to treat physical illness. We studied how our body works and it's more like a machine unlike the brain where everyone is different and thinks different, it's complicated and we aren't advanced in treating stuff like that. Anti-depressants don't really help much but numb your emotions and therapy only works for minor normal issues, not wanting to kill yourself 24/7.


>There is no treatment
For what there is no treatment? Treatment isn't the same as cure. There's no cure for chronic mental illness, that doesn't mean a patient shouldn't seek treatment to improve quality of life.

>Anti-depressants don't really help much but numb your emotions and therapy only works for minor normal issues
That's a very limited approach to treatment (just an anti-depressant and cognitive therapy). A severe patient with any severe symptomatology wouldn't just get that treatment.

Heck, there's even stimulant treatment for treatment-resistant depression, that's guaranteed to work with functionality, but doctors don't just jump straight to that option.


Mental Illnesses are just collections of symptoms. You seem to be confused.


You're delusional if you think therapy or some pills are going to change anything


>seek treatment for social isolation since you were young
>just self improve your past lmao


I got tired of suggesting shit to people that didn’t work for me. If anybody is serious there’s no end of books available about personality disorders and different therapy approaches. They didn’t work so I don’t use their language or paradigms frequently. I’m not spending my time discussing worksheets with some depressed kid spamming the board who will literally grow out of it. I assume posters here have tried it and if they haven’t then whatever, go right ahead and discuss it. I don’t hate the communities that do but I often find them tedious.

I come here for the occasional message that I identify with which is completely absent from mental health discussions. Reading mental health biographies or diagnostic examples for personality disorders just makes you feel alone as they are normally alien to your experience. I just want to shoot the shit with other fucking losers - and people see generally too hostile to do that near anyway.

Discussion isn’t even helped by mental health language much these days. Everyone and anyone sees themselves in some of them. It doesn’t really said conversation or specifics.


pills made me the way I am today. they stole my personality and stole any hope for a future. I will never take them ever again and I don't think that anyone should take them unless they've been violent towards others.


But I take my meds, bro, and I do agree that wizards should seek help instead of whining about it.


I am diagnosed with thing and take medication but it doesn't completely help


fucking psychiatrist psyops no way am i trusting a head shrinker with my last possesion



Diabetes and mental issues all in one and the same source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsVbYonnMTY


Oh i am very aware im mentally ill. A few years ago i had a psychotic episode involving the devil and i was tossed into the nut hut by my parents, from there i had to see a psychtrist and take meds for "schizophernia"

the pills do nothing, i feel nothing.


>the pills do nothing, i feel nothing.

If you feel nothing then the pills are doing exactly what they were engineered to do.


Tried to get help a few times wasnt really taken seriously at first eventually got referred just to get told by the shrink that I was beyond help and I should just go home and deal with it and that her time was better spent helping other people

I havnt bothered trying since what's the point?? That shit is the last thing I want


Most shrinks (like most people) are useless. Try again.


It might take 10+ tries



Curious, what did you tell the shrink about yourself to get told you were beyond help?


I'm a prematurely bald truecel subhuman abomination goblin freak at only 21, it is fucking over for me. I have no degree, am poor and see nothing but darkness in the future. I nearly killed myself around the time of my birthday this year but had an out of body experience where I went to what some would probably call the outer dark where I was tortured by an entity for infinite which scared me away from going through with the suicide but now I'm seriously considering going through with exiting again even though I feel I've been divinely warned about the spirtitual consequences of it.


the only effective solutions to depression and the shrinks won't admit it. because recognizing this is admitting that current "solutions" are useless to tackle the problem and their income may decrease :

-increase your height to 6 feet
-increase your facial attractiveness by growing a sharp jawline, positive canthal tilt, forward chin, etc.

when performing these, people will shower the subject with positive reinforcement and your brain will be cured from the depression due to people reacting positively to your presense.

the sad part is that these features are genetically determined. no pill gonna make you grow inches or have attractive features.


adding to my comment, i found solace in religion.
in the end, nothing matters but our deeds. and it's on these, and not on our genetics, that the Lord will judge us.


You've clearly never had depression if you think that would work.


And it's not like being attractive is going to make people treat you will if you're already an autist/weirdo.



Not that guy, but attractive autists get treated significantly better than the ugly ones, same with female autists.
I've spent time in mental hospitals and therapy groups, I've got some thorough experience on this. Attractive people get treated better than ugly ones in practically every facet of life, even infants respond better to attractive individuals for fuck sake, what in gods name are your arguing for?


Okay, but being attractive still won't cure your depression unless you never actually had it.


And I know it's just an anecdote, but i've personally never once encountered what you're talking about, so that's why I struggle with it.


What exactly? You're an attractive autist, yet people still treat you like shit?


I dunno. Couldn't really tell how attractive I am. Maybe I am. But i've never seen ugly people around me treated especially different. It's always been the quite/weird people that got harassed and bullied.

Well, it's just anecdotal anyway. The statistics appear to be on your side.


I'll say though that i'm certain people would still treat me like shit if I looked like chad. They're repulsed by my personality.


>Couldn't really tell how attractive I am. Maybe I am.

You absolutely know whether you are attractive or not, please stop doing this. I'm going to go ahead and assume that you're not very attractive.


>people would still treat me like shit if I looked like chad. They're repulsed by my personality.

Your personality is highly influenced by the way you look, if you were a "Chad" people would have treated you well and boosted your ego all your life, naturally you would be more confident and have brighter outlook and attitude.


Well, go ahead and assume that. You're probably right.

>You absolutely know whether you are attractive or not

Lol no I don't.

>Your personality is highly influenced by the way you look, if you were a "Chad" people would have treated you well and boosted your ego all your life

>naturally you would be more confident and have brighter outlook and attitude.
I don't buy it. I'm sorry.


I've read some theosophy on the after life of the suicide and they explain that the person will live in some limbo where they will relive their dominate mental state over and over until the age that would have otherwise had died of natural causes they will also witness their family grieving (I don't really care about that) Universal law or God is unsympathetic and remorseless to us. Just as it has been spiteful of us in our own life for simply being so to if an afterlife exist will it be. Still knowing this that it may be folly, suicide still appeals to me. Particularly fasting to death since I may be able to achieve a pleasant mental state at the time of death; one of freeing myself, conquering fear of death and prevailing by my will alone and not with the help of an object violently unmaking myself. I feel overwhelming so that I should die in such away to turn away from that which gives life; food, water and to capitulate to my stomach and devour myself. If I should be punished for this so be it. I can't ignore that it feels so wrong to be me and that everything seems angry at me, asking "Why haven't you killed yourself yet?" I feel guilty for living.

I think this: that we should put as much consideration into exiting life as we did in coming into it; none. Consider if you had never heard the words of men that if you were deaf and blind and felt as you did? I would have no qualms about disposing of myself.

The Lord has already judged us by giving us this life we live, that is his judgement. And if we do good it is not by our own will but the will that has been given to us. If we suffer it is because we must.



>Lol no I don't.

The fact that you're unable to figure out whether you are attractive or not speaks volumes about both your intelligence and social awareness.

>I don't buy it. I'm sorry.

You don't have to buy it, it's correct whether you like it or not.


Yes, I lack social awareness, and I cannot fathom of a world where people don't treat me like dirt. That seems impossible to me.


if people treat you like dirt then chances are you're unattractive

it's ok doe, daijobu fellow wizzie


>we must suffer
You insult us all with your cucked vanity about a God who needs less than nothing.


The most common personality disorder here is probably schizoid, which is both unstudied/untreatable and ego syntonic, so there couldn’t really be anyone looking to fix it.
For mood stuff, I think anyone here has either unsuccessfully gone through the wringer of psych treatment, was put through it via Munchausen’s by proxy by an insane parent and thus deeply hates/fears conventional psychiatry, or can’t afford it.


they treat me well until they get a glimpse of my personality or lack thereof.


Never see a female shrink.
I’m not saying they’re objectively bad or incompetent. But nobody that wound up here should ever see a female psych for anything. Too little common ground, too high of risks of misunderstandings, and the typical BPD single mom background of people here makes for really fucked transference that makes therapy impossible.
Probably nobody of either sex that had a single female parent should see a female shrink.


I have a sneaking suspicion that depression isnt a real thing or is way rarer than people think.
Psychology seems like such a fucking meme in general. Neuroscientists dont know shit about the brain to begin with.


Psychology really is a meme for the most part and depression is just something temporary that can be fixed by changing one's lifestyle, most people are just too retarded to do their own research and put authority in doctors when all doctors really do is reading stuff and looking up studies which can be done by anyone as well.


Hardly anyone is a schizoid. Most avoid people out of anxiety and pain, and in turn misanthropy or dislike, which becomes so tied to the concept of other people as you get older that it can seem like an indifference to people. When you successfully establish avoidance to the point you just don’t think about not wanting to try talking to people or trying to be in a relationship it just appears like a schizoid. You aren’t actively wishing you could be with people and crying about it, but it’s because you have accepted the avoidance.

I’m not saying there’s no schizoids or autistic king wizzes who really don’t want to spend time with people, but most of us are neurotic losers scared of social interaction and pain - something of course people can feel more deeply.


I liked a good amount of female shrinks. Then again I only tried a male like once. Therapy is fun for talking to ppl and killing time imo sometimes


Maybe I’m biased. I don’t know. Every male one I’ve had has just pinned me as depressed and a social phobic and actually helped a bit, while female therapists usually tried to pin me with high-stigma diagnoses with no basis and generally acted as the poster above said, like I was some hopeless abomination not worth their time.
I’m genuinely not even misogynistic, so it’s not like they’re picking up on that. Maybe it’s just random bad luck and I’m seeing a pattern that isn’t there.


Men relate to men better. succubi don't understand men and vice versa.

Genuine advice is to get therapy if it pays your bills. Otherwise it is a waste of your time and money. Embracing the pain instead of suffering the lies is the way to have a good time on this planet. You need to be above the chatter of people and your thoughts to be truly free. The memories, grief and death created a prison in my mind I managed to escaped from. I don't give a flying fuck about someone's perception or reality anymore. Fulfill the basic steps in the hierarchy of needs to achieve psychological security.

Get a job, Get a car, move out.


File: 1671977991878.gif (108.42 KB, 110x112, 55:56, 1670199383437.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I probably have undiagnosed autism


I once started to tell these guys that it was accumulated stress and brain toxins what actually made them all to be cursed in these painful inner lives of theirs, did they listen? Who knows…

Many cases here could be cured with fasting (and subsequent detox practices). It takes a lot of lapses doing it, yet eventually the thing starts to feel better.

And leaving meds forever.


I can totally relate to it. Be ugly and that will be reason, be the opposite and that will be the reason too. Mad world.


>succubi don't understand men and vice versa
That's BS, it's easy to understand succubi, they're like children that never grow up.


If you want to understand the average succubi then you just gotta look at the world with the view of a shallow and superficial human being who can't be passionate or dedicated about anything and seek validation all the time, you gotta base all your decision making on impulses and also be childish as you already wrote since the mind of most succubi doesn't develop past 18/19. That's how the mind of most succubi works.

>Inb4 some feminist faggot calls me crab for stating something that even the biggest chads who fucked a lot of succubi agree with


You're quite the expert on succubi!



Most mental illness, especially depression, is a normal symptom for the way that life is. If you're not depressed, anxious, or anything at all then you're most likely either 1. extremely indoctrinated or 2. deluding yourself.


Can’t afford treatment. I did have it in the past but slipped and missed too many appointments and was dropped by my provider and now I have nothing so it’s back to square one.


File: 1676639081386.jpg (61.18 KB, 686x489, 686:489, brainlord.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Everyone here has been so let down by ANYONE with authority/expertise their ENTIRE GODDAM LIVES, and then you come in and say "Psychiatrists have authority/expertise, guys!" and you're SURPRISED that people dismiss you and call you full of shit?

Shit, a lot of us have been let down specifically BY psychiatrists who either stabbed us in the back, drugged us out of mental capacity, or otherwise made our lives worse!


>Shit, a lot of us have been let down specifically BY psychiatrists who either stabbed us in the back, drugged us out of mental capacity, or otherwise made our lives worse!

Psychiatrist fucked me over big time just to keep me in their industrial complex for as long as possible. My parents were too retarded and I wasn't self aware and assertive enough to question what they were doing. They kept switching diagnoses and tested a wide range of meds on me (all for different shit they diagnosed me with). They wasted so much of my time and health and now I'm here without any of their retard diagnoses actually being useful and I know I'm just autistic and got insane through bullying and having dumbass parents.

They just spot who's retarded enough to be exploited and then they use them like a sponge, people who put trust in them will always get fucked over.


For 95% of people all they'll do is prescribe you SSRIs or offer you three free emergency sessions with some budget 'counselor' and only then if you're explicitly suicidal.


I think the greatest help for wizards would be a support group of wizards
Where wizards not only share their problems (which is great), but also share their victories and motivations for betterment

Right now, wizchan users gain value from this board by venting

Few wizards give value back, by telling wizards about when they achieved good mental space


Because the only real antidepressants and anti anxiety meds are highly addictive or illegal. Dope will cure your depression, it will also turn you into an addict and burn a hole in your pocket.
Even benzos at low doses don't do shit, besides most doctors won't even prescribe it to you even if ur begging.


You kind of just have to put up with shit.

In this day and age , especially in the west, we always think that whenever there's a problem there has to be a solution , we always want the solution starting right from when we start experiencing a problem, we start wanting the solution and we want it fast .

What about this ; what if when there is pain and suffering and discomfort it's just there. And you dont necessarily always have to have a salve or a comfort or a solution , something to acquire and consume ASAP or something to numb you or distract you or someway to run away and hide.

We have so many things in modern life we can use for this , we've become addicted , even if it's just to thinking, always needing to think up some mindset or philosophy or self talk .

I think more patience and tolerance and endurance is required . What if you could just live and go through life with a certain degree and amount of pain and discomfort instead of always needing to get rid of it all the time ?

I think that is the thing about depression and anti-depressants,you need to find the amount of pain that you can live with and which can actually work with you


>Men relate to men better.
sure bro, men will tell you
>hurr stop being a pussy and get over it
that's really helpful lol


I think this disingenuous take is reflection on your life, but I will say that mens groups have been a great thing for me.


Agreed, taking my experience into account. Enjoy neither empathy NOR practical advice, just "do it bro" and "get over it pussy"


naming your mental problem is just pointless, doctors can't help you anyway. It's sort of scary how so many people just live every single day in pain and agony, and that's just reality. It feels like people are always lying to themselves and others saying it'll get better, but it never does, it just gets worse every single day and there's nothing you can do to help yourself. I don't think anyone even knows what a 'normal' person is supposed to be like, people have told me I'm normal when I'm completely detached from reallity on drugs and also tell me something is wrong with me when I've been sober for months, it's an actual circus out here


File: 1676967971415.png (637.17 KB, 2000x1200, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I was prescribed Lithium and have been taking them for months. Then I decided to stop taking them because I thought they weren't helping me and it was just a placebo effect. Then I went to the psychiatrist and she asked me if I was taking the meds and to name them (she always does that) and I lied about taking them. I was too talkative in our last session and laughing and saying that I wanted to die so I could meet God. I was having a manic episode. She probably noticed it right away so she gave me some papers to do a blood test. I started taking Lithium again after our last session. I will probably have to take Lithium for the rest of my life, since there's no cure for bipolar disorder.


Throughout history people like you lived as Saints and great men that challenged the common notions of what it means to be man. In another time, you would have been a Holy Martyr, but now they call you crazy, pump you full of drugs, and lock you away if you refuse to comply.
Even the shizophrenics had their place in ancient society. Today they are looked at with pity, disgust, or fear, but in the past they would have been Oracles, diviners, and sages. If you've ever spoken to a true schizophrenic, one that is cogent enough still to produce meaningful sentences, you are struck with awe at some of their insights. Their observations range from delusional to stunningly poignant; they are absolutely unrestrained by the norms of society. It is not surprising that Kings, Statesmen, and all manner of men sought to converse with the "lowly schizophrenic."
Even the most unhinged and disintegrated of them had their place in society, as fearsome werewolves or harmless odd fellows, bounding around on all fours and joyfully eating slugs and grasshoppers.
For wizards, the mere social outcasts, we too had our place as hermits- those respected men of the past that tended their garden in solitude and, from time to time, imparted sagely wisdom on weary travellers.
It is a pity that our modern society has no place for outcasts.


entirely true

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