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After a couple of years as a hikikomori I can hardly talk to anyone without feeling like my guts is starting to corrode itself


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I feel you, OP; my question is: do you want to have social interaction with people or are you just stating your current situation?


I’m not OP but considering social interaction is necessary for a lot of things in life I’d like it to at least not be as painful as it is.


What's painful for you about it? Serious about it.


Lots of things. For one I am just a quiet person so in situations where people are expected to keep talking and idly chatters it strains me. Often times I feel like I need to extract every word from my mouth. I'm also just generally afraid of people. I feel like anything I do can cause an adverse reaction and so there's no joy to me in a conversation where I can't actually say what I think or the whole truth for fear of making a mistake.


I have the same problem. I was a hikki from ages 16 - 28, including no online chat except the occasional chan.
About a year ago I got my first jobby-job. I can do the work of the job but whenever I have to talk to people my mind just goes blank and I can't ever think of anything to talk about. My social skills are just gone, and don't seem to be returning. I haven't improved even after a year of putting myself out there.


Now, I'll just be blunt and share something I think that might or might not give you some relief. People mostly don't give a shit. In particular they don't give a shit about you and me. That means that many of the words (and I might add feelings, but that's something else) in their life, don't have that much of a value to them. Be it something they said or listened. They also tend to forget. It's crazy to me how people forget things, and it's not pretending, they really don't remember. This being said, many of the interactions you might have with people, hold very little importance to them. And it's not because of you, it's simply because they're human. Of course, someone might add that the fine people in Wizardchan are particularly unappealing to the casual "normie"; let me answer with this: they still don't give shit. We are nothing to normal people. Maybe the subject of some jokes, but that's about it. They don't "think" about us, or at least not as much as we "think" about them. I hope you're starting to feel some relief by now, because if you agree with what I said, then you must also agree that all the sense of frustration, shame and uneasiness we feel, should just be overcome by the simple notion of us being irrelevant to the average person. (Most) people don't care. In good and in bad.
Let me end this rambling with a piece of advice. This doesn't apply if you're actually being bullied. In that case, I'd suggest to fight back as hard as you can, immediately. No explanations. Start punching, divide et impera, nasty retaliation, all you can…


You're actually very well articulate


wizchan 2022


What this wiz says is very true. All the bad experiences you obsess over have already been forgotten even by their principal experiencers. The average normoid has so many social experiences in their life even the strongly experienced ones fade quickly. The other thing I think it's important to remember is that you remember strongly all the bad things that have happened to you, but everyone else have experiences like these. You were just never there to experience them.

Wizs I think universally ruminate on this stuff. But it's gone. I don't know if it helps anyone but thinking about this has helped me in the past.


Most people are forced to interact with others, it takes being brave to voluntarily break the inertia


a better way ive heard it put is like this: try to remember a really embarrassing thing someone else did


I solved this by yelling at them, being harsh. But, if you need to it continuosly better leave it


i like you for framing my retreat as bravery

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