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File: 1668789461655.jpg (97.65 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Kino.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Race-mixing selects for autism. When you cross DNA, what ends-up happening is masculine faced (low forehead/eyebrow) men look hideous to feminine faced (high forehead/eyebrow) succubi as the DNA is no longer the same race. The feminine faced, high-forehead/high-eyebrow men (who are also naturally higher IQ) become preferred. And the feminine faced succubi become too feminine for the men as they are no longer the same DNA. The X chromosome (female, XX) that has evolved from bacteria-to-man to be increased in males (XY) to compensate for increasing amounts of intelligence (steadily higher forehead/eyebrow with more estrogen/feminine bone structure) still prefers the male Y portion of the females as it is closer to the original life (likely pure Y without an X chromosome) and therefor sexually favorable. succubi, which are an increased XX chromosome (half-men), no longer prefer the Y due to the DNA change (they did naturally when racially the same, yet it was wired enough to keep feminine faced succubi from extremely masculine faced men), but still prefer the X as their own X in their XX chromosome has been biologically increased through evolution, and it is closer to the original female life (XX), so it is sexually attractive in other race men (Who have pronounced X in their XY chromosomes relative to other men) as it appears congruous. Having a pronounced X chromosome (high forehead/eyebrow) and being XY (male) relative to an XX female is essentially polish for the male face. In both genders, Men are originally Y and wired for X chromosomes (X chromosomes likely being Y chromosomes doubled over), and succubi are originally XX and wired to be attracted to Y chromosomes, so any blood-mixing soils this forced evolutionary wiring within the race. All that is left behind once the race is gone is sexual attraction to the self (Male XY to Y as the X is largely still Y, female XX to X) (which is in-line with the original asexual life.). Likely, it is so that the sexuality of asexual life is still wired into the brains of all sexual life today as it is the first thing to work with evolution with minor adjustments to prevent too much self-love. So what you see is high forehead males (which are naturally intelligent or else they would be schizophrenic and not reproduce) and low forehead females (which are naturally low IQ), and this creates autism in the offspring as it causes excess gray matter in the brain due to increased intelligence, so someone, male or female, with a low forehead is meant to have a low IQ to keep their brain strong-willed and driven, but because of the race-mixing and sexual selection, it is installing a high IQ into something meant to be low IQ at all times. So it is creating autistic, disabled men without drive for life like Adam Lanza, Westley Dodd, Eric Harris, etc. This is happening because the parents are not the same race. It is extremely likely that the original break from XX to XY sexual/love attraction created indifference in love which was selected by evolution into homicide based off of small genetic distances.


X? Y? XXYXYXY? Sexually favourable?

I'm a wizard, no combinations of X and Y brains is sexually favourable to me.


Sounds about right, I'm mixed race and I have a lot of health issues due to my shit genetics. I'm also mildly autistic. It sucks, but it is how it is.


/pol/fags will cry about this but race-mixing actually creates superior people with more endurance, will to survive and intelligence.

You can observe this in dogs too. 100% pure blood noble dogs die even if they get cold a little while mixed dogs that people don't value at all are happy and fine even in harsh conditions.

What people consider to be superior doesn't always turn out to be superior by nature's standards.


It can do both. Dogs get inbreeding depression because humans arbitrarily decide what features to breed for, health be damned, so we get disfigured bull dogs that can't breath and german shepherds with hips falling off. But "hybrids" can be prone to genetic disease and health issues as well, if the genes are too dissimilar.

OP is just going on some schizo rant though.


I'm pretty /pol/ tier myself and have never had a problem with racemixing. Most people have an affinity towards their own, so the hysterical thoughts of an eventual extinction won't come true.

>What people consider to be superior doesn't always turn out to be superior by nature's standards.

The traits selected for by modern industrial society are the same across all the races. Extroversion, low intelligence, sociopathy, poor impulse control. All races will eventually degrade in a dysgenic fashion, regardless of who intermarries with who. Worrying about racemixing due to X group having Y difference is a moot point when everyone is moving in the same shitty direction.


All mixed race people I know have mental health problems and severe identity issues as well as unhealthy consuming patterns.

I'm not sure however if it is all genetic since their parents are also mentally ill as well.


> The traits selected for by modern industrial society are the same across all the races. Extroversion, low intelligence, sociopathy, poor impulse control. All races will eventually degrade in a dysgenic fashion, regardless of who intermarries with who. Worrying about racemixing due to X group having Y difference is a moot point when everyone is moving in the same shitty direction.

Yep you’re right and main reason for this is emancipation of females. Today succubi do choose men not men choose succubi like in patriarchal days and they the men like you perfectly described in your post.


thats how modern eugenics works, they require working and middle class females to be the sexual selectors, which fucks shit up.


I think everyone has witnessed the typical deadbeat dad who starts multiple families and is overall a shitty person like I described. What people never piece together is the inevitable conclusion that for every deadbeat sociopath like that irresponsibly starting many families, there's at least one guy displaced who dies alone without kids. A lot of normalfags actually remain unware that sexual selection is still darwinian, and is a zero sum game.

I argue the most wizard demographic in the world is african americans. Because for reasons this pattern of deadbeat fatherhood is 10x for them, Chief Keef left something like 10 single moms, that's nine people displaced and left without a mate. And for african americans there's not even much of a chance of intermarriage to fill in the gap, every other race of female excludes them out hard out.

Kek, my biggest argument against eugenics is how much the government fucks everything up. Could you imagine the horrors we would have if the government dictated reproduction? Everyone imagines it's going to be nerdy rational scientists that will select the best and brightest, but it's more likely to be a petty DMV bureaucratic tyrant that lords over denying certain people the right to start a family. Just fucking imagine if the people responsible for covid regulations were in charge of society's family planning? Some cackling middle aged childless foid being in charge?


> Could you imagine the horrors we would have if the government dictated reproduction?
It would look like a housing project, a ghetto, or a prison?


You would end up with a society of unmotivated dull eyed cattle incapable of critical thought and content to live in pods alienated from one another. Agreeableness is the main trait the government would select if it was in charge of dictating reproduction (except for an elite caste, they get to reproduce freely without intervention). You'd end up with a caste system and a domestication of large parts of the human species into animals.


Every hapa ive seen looks like a complete femboy (just look at that long haired guy from latest fantastic beasts) that tries to be badass and compensate for their sissyness. Same with ones like elliot rodger


most humans are already cattle in this world, and i would say always had been for thousands of years.
we cattle get milked by government/rich/ruling class and eat up the slop that keeps us docile, whild also longing to become farmers ourselves, thus solidifying their power over us.
some humans realise this, few manage to escape this madness and even fewer manage to become farmers.
as social outcasts, i think it is clear which path we should build towards for ourselves.


all hapas are mentally ill like that namae fag who made a wizchan thread in onionfarms
>had gay sex as a kid
>into trans, femboys, gaynime, and kiwifarms
>a lolcow himself
>owns a dildo
>friends with Andrewa and the gayclique



>thousands of years
source? i think you have never read a history book in your life


yet another shitty thread by a /pol/cripple crab


>Race-mixing selects for autism.
Not true, you're thinking of elderly mother.

Hey, do you understand what bumping this thread does? I think this thread is good, and wizardly, so I am purposely not sageing, but if you an exceedingly new new fag you may not know what sage does.


this failed normalfaggot hapa can't do one thing right.


haha kill yourself normal hapa faggot


Im the one you responded to. The hapa who solidified my views, his sister is a super schizophrenic who can barely leave her room. Like all hapa succubi are either heavy bipolar/schizo spectrum. Ive never seen a race so brain fried from the mixing


now consider that spics are essentially hapas since they are mongo/cauc admixture. an entire civilization of hapas.


two thousand years is still thousands, and even pre-CE most societies were based on subjulgation of the commoners.


they don't come from parents who are full asian and white, they're ethnically different
the most fucked up hapas are those from USA because it's always 1 ugly asian succubus + 1 white low status man
spics are never a minority in their own countries unlike hapas
fucked up hapas are always from usa or a first world country


uh-huh, and latin america is a functional civilization. btw it's not opposite day, if you know what i mean.


hey ESL, point to where i typed the word "country."
also really funny how you bring up a majority white country on the subject of a major region that is primarily populated with deranged mongrels of random descent as some counterpoint.


>spics are essentially hapas since they are mongo/cauc admixture. an entire civilization of hapas
>uh-huh, and latin america is a functional civilization
really funny how your posts can show that on top of being a hapa you're ignorant and don't know anything regarding geography, history, or ethnicity


a poltard can only regurgitate the shit he saw on /pol/


>n-no ur hapa
im white and i don't live someplace where ballots are the torn faces of rival thugs lol.
>i-it's different…!
sure thing champ, keep seething about your hapa hellholes.


>I'm white
>keep seething
you argue and reason like a nigger straight from /pol/ so a nigger.


>uhhh ackyshually pol invented racism, heh
>n-no really ur a nigger
>t. deranged hapa monkey


Can you guys get a room 😂


>n-no you, the reunion series


Sounds like the average wiz to me.

Patriarchy or feminism literally doesn't matter, this debate is always retarded. In patriarchy powerful asshole male takes succubi for himself, in feminism succubi willingly throw themselves at powerful asshole males. Sexual selection is the same in both feminism and patriarchy, just the "how" is different.


File: 1668992681843.png (455.84 KB, 568x568, 1:1, wizard 3.png) ImgOps iqdb

Your rational words and calm demeanor are wasted on those participating ITT, as much as I appreciate them.


I think a good solution is arranged marriage by parents, but who knows, maybe most people don't even want the best.


Solution to what?


A Final Solution


op is autistic


autistic hapa


The races are all biologically different with different characteristics, and this includes IQ as we have all come from bacteria, so some races are further from it than others. But if you select for a trait through eugenics, you can over-come all biological standings because there is that much variance in the human species. So an 81.5 IQ West African (true West African IQ) could be 100 IQ if there were selection pressure for intelligence. Naturally, West Africans have a bigger number of embryos due to a larger number of sperm/eggs in the sacs as a lower IQ/lower amount of specialization can support it, so they have larger runs up or down in IQ relative to other races as well. About 19 IQ points more or less, but for the average person at 104 IQ (Healthy West African male IQ) this doesn't mean very much (+ or - 32 IQ points instead of a 100 IQ European + or - 30 IQ points). It's extremely likely that malnutrition carries onto sperm and egg intelligence (makes them low IQ from a higher IQ score), so there is less likely to be a high intelligence run from a malnourished country because of this. Realistically, the smartest people on earth are 68.56 IQ Khoisan hunter-gatherers because the empathy/morality is genetically lower, so the IQ runs are higher at the tail ends due to sperm/eggs running freely out of the sacs. The issue is there is such a low collective standard of human development that the IQ runs are capped as there is no room to support autistic males in such a social system. There is IQ variance of up to .125 IQ points up or down within a race (national boundary) and still some form of racial acceptance, but the racial IQ average is still the average at all times or else it is not the race anymore..


Even a little bit of foreign blood, genetic distances like German-to-Norwegian, destroys the race. The human brain evolved from the most discriminating species on the face of the earth. The ones that could love inanimate objects or foreign species did not reproduce even if they survived. All life on earth has evolved to kill their own DNA over minute genetic differences for food. Murder of the same DNA for food (including mammals with extremely similar DNA to man like deer, squirrels) is a basic demand for survival itself, so anything that is not 100% your DNA (including people from foreign lands as little as 15-45 miles away) has kill-tools activated for it, and all love is gone/inaccessible. Discrimination was selected for to keep the chain of reproduction going. Love is used as a chemical reward. There is not much genetic distance from man to fish (DNA that is different from man-to-fish is very similar to DNA that is the same), but they kill them en masse. The Armenian and Bosnian genocides, Same nationality (close DNA) intelligent child-killers (Harold Shipman, Westley Dodd, etc), as well as the Norway Attack from Anders Behring Breivik (who is half-German, half-Norwegian) (older father enabling higher IQ/dangerous thinking, but low IQ/genetic run so largely genetically half German/Norwegian) (children with older dads in Norway with higher IQ scores, no violence due to being Norwegian), and the death penalty in America and Japan (mixed-raced, high-population intelligent nations) are proof that minute genetic distances mean you are not the same people anymore. This means you can no longer love the females or males. It is totally gone. All that is there is a wicked lust for their body. Anywhere in Russia where there is even a little bit of Mongol DNA from rape, there is an extremely high suicide rate as there is no love. This applies to places in the UK where the Normans invaded as well despite further blood-mixing. America has a very high suicide rate when compared to the racially pure sections of the UK, Norway. The race came from billions of years of evolution. It can not be replaced. Even a bit of different DNA means it is dead. Men that murder their siblings (Trey Eric Sesler, Ronald Defeo Jr. (obese alcohol using dad no exercise, older/more damaged sperm organs) Paul Merhige) generally come from 37 year old Dads or older as this creates enough genetic distance due to sperm mutations from damaged sperm creating organs for their siblings to no longer be their race. Most Syrian serial murderers are in other neighboring lands. Any country you see a very high suicide rate, that is a result of blood-mixing. There are almost no nations on earth without blood-mixing. I do not think that parents and children have the same DNA even though one makes the other in a mixed-raced society. They may as well be strangers to their kids, but with a greater mental reward for associating as the genetic symbols are more congruous, not real love just similar. I have automatically cared more for dogs than my own "family", so I have to think that this is true. I also eat food after my male cat (higher estrogen standard than my Dad) has bitten off of it, but do not do the same with my Dad. If you are very weak/low IQ and there are no laws, people would kill you for food because you are not their race, and they are stronger than you exactly like an animal. The only thing that stops rampant abuse of people in mixed-raced societies is the capacity for violence from people. I do not consider the many races of man complete enemies in-spite of all this even though racially pure ones will kill anything that is not their race to grow.


File: 1672265733598.gif (589.91 KB, 250x180, 25:18, 88c26023ca9b1cf7bdc69acc06….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Adam Lanza's and Eric Harris' parents were of the same race though. Both were white.

Also Eric Harris wasn't even autistic. He was pretty much just an edgy normalfag that just happened to be high IQ.


File: 1672266849441.png (67.28 KB, 570x304, 15:8, bell-curve.png) ImgOps iqdb

so what? that's like saying blacks aren't less intelligent on average because white rednecks exist. learn to stats 101


me on the extremely far left


I will never understand why so many people get obsessed with statistics. I mean, is it supposed to prove something that blacks generally have lower iq or something? I'm not really into tribalistic shit like that so I don't care either way.


let's see - take a society and half of its members have below average IQ. therefore they will struggle to find work, will feel inferior to the higher IQ population (breeds resentment and anti social behavior - sound familiar?), and will generally be a nuisance.

kick that half out and replace it with the dominant, normal, 100 IQ population, that has proven its ability to adapt to modern high technology society. do you get more or less crime? do you get more or less anti-social behavior and maladjustment?

it's insane how fucking stupid you are. or, not even stupid - just too fickle and mentally lazy to follow data and evidence to its natural conclusion. keep on drooling spit out of your mouth, bud. reach for the stars!


The average black man in the States is a boring wagecuck, the unemployment rate for them is like 10%. That's what people miss on the statistics, the le 13:50 crime-rate is being done by a narrow portion of highly sociopathic blacks.


Sources for this?


preferances dont mean squat before cohersion


Hybrid vigor is an invented jewish idea meant for the masses to take in to promote race-mixing and the dillution of all pure races so that through globalism and the loss of identity of the average human being, becomes more like the jewish race that from a very long period of time has dealt with identity issues due to having preferred white genetics which, when mixed with jewish genes, creates an illusion of a race that isn't subhuman and inferior, but the truth is that if this globalist agenda that is being forced upon the world today comes to fruition, then the jews, who have mixed with desirable white people that have suffered under identity issues due to that, and have been dealing with identity problems for a very long time, will be getting the upper hand in a world where nationality and different identities associated with nationality doesn't exist anymore as they have never had any loyalty towards any specific nation or race, due to the fact that they have been travelling merchants for most of their history, taking advantage of situations in a varied amount of countries to promote their own interests over others under many different circumstances where their lack of identity allowed them to promote a variety of different ideas in their host nations that only allowed to exist due to their distance and inability to identify with the native population of said country. A jew has no constructive opinions or ideas that benefit anyone that aren't themselves, they are experts in changing opinions and ideas in order to benefit themselves given the situation that exist in the particular context or time they find themselves in, wherever there is an opportunity to benefit from any given situation be it monetary or through power, you will likely find a jewish person trying to benefit from it.


The jew has no values, the jew is simply a product of the time they find themselves in, they are not people with values and identities, they are simply a type of creature that act according to situations that exist around them in order to benefit themselves and their own kind, everything a human is made out of is in complete contradiction with what a jew is. Contradictions are a very normal jewish quality because they actually do not have any real opinions or ideas, but simply do or say what benefits them the most during the time and country they find themselves in. This is also partly why they are successful in many places, they calculate which opinion or idea is the most likely to spread through the nation and they mold themselves accordingly, whatever position is the most likely to give them a position of power, whichever opinion is the most popular and allows them to benefit off of it with the least amount of friction, is exactly what they are. This is also one of the main reasons why they often find themselves in positions that influence things like journalism, if they have the power to affect the narrative, then they will use that opportunity in order to set certain boundaries that allows others of their own kind to benefit because of the mentality they are born with.
It isn't only just about nepotism, even if it exists within jewish communities and takes place often, it is not exclusively the way they manage to promote their own people in the world, jews have become so powerful over the course of time that they have managed to completely change the very fabric of society in a way that benefits people that display the telltale qualities of the jewish mind, it has reached a point where they don't even have to put effort towards benefitting their own kind, they've influenced modern society in a way that naturally and greatly benefits those of their own kind by merely existing in society.


You will rarely find a jew who plays with abstract concepts that only might benefit future generations, unlike other minds, because they do not feel like it would benefit them in the short-term. A jewish mind operates with the most prevalent question in mind, which is; will this benefit me right now? And if it doesn't benefit them within their lives, then they most likely will not put effort towards it. The most popular jews are ones who hold a disproportionate amount of influence within the times they find themselves in, they are not concerned with concepts that might have value which doesn't translate into short-term monetary wealth or otherwise influence, if these abstract ideas do not hold a possibility of coming true within the lifespans of the jew, then they most likely will not display any interest towards them. Other races have a concept of wanting to contribute something that might not benefit them within their lifetimes, they have a sense of duty towards other living creatures, they possess qualities of selflessness that simply does not exist within the jewish mind where the most desired outcome is to be able to benefit from what they are doing.


>I argue the most wizard demographic in the world is african americans
I'm glad someone finally realized this. I've thought so for years but never seen anyone else come to this conclusion. In general there is a pretty large demographic of ethnic and African-American males that dont really integrate into society well and live rather isolated existences, but it seems to be unnoticed for the most part.


What does this have to do with depression?


Exactly. Can one of the mods come and clean up this nonsense?


I think there should be stastics to validate this, why do people believe afrowizs not fucking?


File: 1674609899392.png (587.76 KB, 850x1309, 50:77, admixture maps latin ameri….png) ImgOps iqdb

If race mixing selects for autism, are Hispanics the most autistic race?


You don't understand what he means by race.


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