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to truly die,I must die IN the life.I will please myself all I want for a few months now;doramas,webnovels,animes and comics. I will marathon,vidya all night,days in a row etc. and THEN I will un-become. it will be incredibly painful,brutal, destruction of the Self.
Ive been researching organs a human doesnt need and others which one can live without(not stricly neccesary vs totally unneccesary organs/bones).I will abandon language,IQ, entertainment,patriotism…I will get rid of all 18 sense(daz right,we dont only have 5 sense). I will get rid of property,of shame,of money ,of dreaming and of Time.


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Good luck.


once i understand the rapid, but not so rapid as to be unobservable coming-and-goings of sensory pheneomenan I was already over 50% of the way there. Good luck and godspeed.


demiurge hate is a schizo /x/ meme appealing to people who use magical thinking on an everyday basis


What’s wrong with that?


im not shitting on the demiurge. i want to negotiate,trade,with him.


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>supreme being gives the gift of self-reflective consciousness to man
>this is bad


Investigate something, here:
>How catholics destroyed sects before them, whose claims about Jesus are likely to those from muslims
>Bhagavad Gita and Quran have similar quotes inside
>In Bible, a rider in a white horse comes as "king of kings, lord of lords". Compare him to the muslim Mahdi and the hindu Kalki.
>Carlos Castaneda wrote some books about toltec religions whose claims about djinn (inorganic beings) are quite similar to the ones provided by islam.
>Both toltecs and muslims claim that every human has an inorganic being (a djinn) by their left side, and these djinn whisper things to humans
>Read about muslim hadiths about the end of times and compare them with the hindu writings about the iron age.
>Hindu writings say that humans come from giants, and hadith says that Adam was a giant (compared to us) when created. Also toltecs claim that mankind has been on this planet for longer than believed.
>Hinduism claims that religions will be full or heresies in this iron age, also hadiths claim that islam has been corrupted since Muhammad passed away.
>Bahamut, Liviathan and Tanniyn are claimed as giant reptiles which appear in Job's book.
>Hadiths say that mosques will be full but with hypocrites, also saying that islam will reach great numbers but they will be defeated for their deviations


Yeah? Self reflection with materially dependent ability to change it. He gives us sight, but only so we may see our prison - to make us a feel a sense of will as complicity in his creation. Self reflective consciousness is not freedom, just awareness of prison and false sense it is our fault, our creation, or energies sustaining it. Also, the demiurge made my wiener small - that is complaint #7 on my list though. 🍆


>gives the gift of self-reflective consciousness to man
>proceeds to throw men into an unending hell where none of his wishes come true, he couldn't be happy even if they were to come true, and there is no salvation


>none of his wishes come true, he couldn't be happy even if they were to come true, and there is no salvation
Read Job


File: 1669324413411.jpg (20.5 KB, 300x261, 100:87, 98c1636d7a959cc0c512ed7623….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Thanks for sharing this artwork. Job has been one of my favorite biblical stories since I was young.


Magical thinking is what makes the human experience interesting and worth living. Ever since the west abandoned religion, society has become a nihilistic hell of consumerism and celebrity worship.


so you think walking around imagining you'll see a ladder for about a week and then -surprise- you see a ladder! Is good practice? 'Cause that's what they do on /x/


A story where a pious man has his entire wealth destroyed, his servants killed, his children killed, afflicted with deadly disease, all because Satan literally whispered into the ear of God, telling him that if he were to punish Job(for no reason) that Job would then come to resent him. Upon suffering all of this(for no reason), Job is clearly controlled by his emotions and dismisses God in the lightest way possible, upon which God personally speaks to him, thinly threatening him, and then Job submits, not as a creation to his God, but to a being to another being that is stronger. Reading it only increases the deep distrust towards God, he literally does Satan's bidding. Also this isn't touched in the story at all, but none of the servants/children who died in the story were said to be evil, they were just ordinary people given horrifying violent deaths by God(for no reason).


t. demiurge


>Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding. Who determined its measurements—surely you know!
Nobody here could possibly have knowledge of what elements are required to create a functioning universe



Sometimes I wonder, what if the demiurge is a roko's basilisk to which we gave time traveling powers and now it's present in the entire multiverse of humanity tormenting us for eternity?


One day computers will be so powerful that we can teleport ourselves


>I will please myself all I want for a few months now;doramas,webnovels,animes and comics. I will marathon,vidya all night,days in a row etc

Why not just continue this way until you can? The demiurge is your buddy, he gave you all these pleasures you can occupy yourself with.

Moral duties don't apply to gods, that stuff is for humans only. Job could only enjoy his good chill life because God gave all that stuff to him. If he gave that then he can take it back too. His children, servants, his health, wealth, these were all gifts from God. Oh and at the end he gets most of his stuff back anyway so no big loss, all ends well, he even gets more rich and receives more from God's help.


> Moral duties don't apply to gods, that stuff is for humans only.
My knee jerk was to disagree, but that's kind of a scary thought. I'm glad I'm not a god, in this case.


Morality is a lie anyway.


It feels real to me


It's subjective.


All my experiences are real, and subjective.


Morality is either universal or it doesn't exist. You can't be moral in your own way because that implies moral values are subjective and therefore it is up to each individual to decide what is wrong or right.

Honestly, it confuses me how so many people still believe in morality in this day and age. Reading Nietzsche and Stirner completely opened my eyes regarding this issue, or rather helped me articulate my own opinions better.


Can you elaborate on why morality must be universal or nihil? Ive read the Genealogy of Morals, the Gay Science, and isn't the Nietzschean view one critical of specific religions and moralities, not all of them? Isnt a Nietzschean Heroic Morality that aims to cast off morality, a morality in of itself?


Nietzsche ranked existing moral systems according to his taste but he wasn't a moralist. So for example he viewed islam morality as higher quality than christian morality because he thought it was more life affirming and manly. But he advocated for destroying all tablets and all existing morality systems and making up your own above all.

His preference for heroic morals or manly morals was just his taste, he never said everyone should live according to master morals. He made a difference between master morality and slave morality and while clearly liking master morality better he wasn't naive enough to suggest that everyone is the same and should live by the same values/standards. In the nietzschean opinion nihilism comes first, that is where you start out. Then you make up your own values and decide what you want to live for.

Morality is by its nature objective because it is concerned with prescribing a way of life where acts fall into black and white categories. For example, eating pork is bad if you are a muslim. If you are a muslim then it doesn't matter what you think, your moral system forbids you from eating pork. Eating pork is bad under all circumstances. Not eating pork is always a good thing. Nietzsche opposed this black and white and simple way of thinking of moralists. He recognized that moral statements always boil down to the individual ultimately and what he feels or desires instead of logic and abstract concepts. If you are a weak person by nature then of course you are more likely to accept a moral system that is protective of weak people or pacifist in nature. Just one example…
If you don't go for universal morals then what makes you a moralist? Subjective morality = nihilism. If you let everyone decide what is good or bad then there are no morals. Morality is absolute or it isn't. Either it applies to everyone equally in all circumstances or we are talking about subjective morality/nihilism.


Thanks! Ill have to revist my Nietzche. An aside, but I don't think hes a good role model, so I'm wary to want to follow in his system. I don't like the idea of an objective moralism, because I like to believe in iteration, progress and it doesn't seem like this view allows getting better morals. I think an idea of coherence could allow subjective morality, and not imply that there is no objective moral. If the moral system has a central theme, you could add and subtract morals, but still aiming towards some objective.


Nietzsche was responding to Schopenhauer more than anyone, who made the case for morality due to open individualism. You probably have never looked at philosophy of personal identity seriously though, so just ignore this!




How can you respond to a dead man, though? Schopenhauer was already dead by the time Nietzsche began writing serious philosophical works. It doesn't matter who influenced him or didn't, the important thing is what he came up with personally. Schopenhauer was an overrated fraud if you ask me and the less said of him the better. Luckily, Nietzsche realized this too and distanced himself from Schope's influence later on.

From what you write it sounds like you want too much and will most likely end up with empty hands. It's just a way of looking at things, nihilism isn't something scary or something to be avoided, mainstream culture just likes to demonize moral relativism because most people are hypocrites.

People also tend to be critical of Nietzsche because he was the most honest philosopher of all time basically. Nobody likes honest people who tell the hard truth into your face.

I wouldn't say he was a proper NEET because he lived the intellectual life. He wrote books, he kept exchanging letters with his friends, etc. That kind of can be considered his job. And let's not forget he was actually a professor at unis.

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