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How do you deal with weight loss?

A lot of my self esteem really just stems from overeating from stress or just laziness. Has anyone overcame that, has it helped your general wellbeing?


I found fasting to be a profoundly enjoyable experience. I speedread ebooks and played old snes emulator games. Try that for 3 days with juice. Not saying you'll lose a ton of weight but if you keep doing it you might


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I used to be a fast food addict as a kid, now I'm just an obese guy that doesn't eat breakfast or lunch, but gorges myself with food at dinner time. Because I don't eat a lot of fast food, I've managed to stay just a smidge below 300 pounds, and have consistently stayed the same obese weight for about a decade. At this rate, I don't think I could ever pull off the "skinny white twink in his 20s" look, so maybe I'll start lifting and become a meathead? I envy you skinny turds that eat nothing but junk food and still manage to stay just a little above 100 pounds. But hey, it could be worse for me; I could be one of those fatties that smell like a barnyard, and have have lumpy cottage cheese arms and a greasy 5head. Most of my fat goes to my gut.


This is a vent post and probably doesn't answer your question

I was a skinny active kid but during high school owing to immense stress I started eating a lot and became fat and because my self esteem was so thoroughly damaged I became dispirited and did not care about my future since I imagined myself dead. When the environmental factors that caused me stress are no longer, I was finally able to address my weight. I fasted plenty and within 6 months I went from 99kg to 75kg. I found it all very easy. But the damage I've done to my body, my only friend, is harrowing. I have awful stretch marks staining my body on my stomach, back of knees, groin, thighs, shoulders, armpits… hips and loose skin that makes me feel like throwing up. I feel that I have so completely betrayed myself since I liked being thin and taut taking some pride in my body as a kid. What's acutely distressing is that I feel that I had no part in this that I had been in a stupor, a whirlwind. Even my fasting felt like a compulsion, I'm a puppet that had seen its strings. I can't bear to live with a body like this. I don't believe in the future now.

I guess the message is take great care of your body! It's all you have.


For hours. It's time spent outside when you wont snack and you will burn some. May also make you sleep extra, which is also time when you wont snack.


>How do you deal with weight loss?

The main issue is accepting yourself, there's nothing wrong with being fat. Being fat is bad when there's health issues though (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc). See, even if you don't want to exercise, just change your diet. Don't try retarded fad diets. I advice going vegetarian, pescetarian or eating meat only ONCE a day. Drink only water or low-calory beverages. Find healthy food that you actually enjoy.

Meat itself is NOT the problem, the problem is the sides that usually come with meat. Sides that come with seafood are usually healthy.

I'm pescetarian myself and because every single thing I eat is high protein and low calory (unless I'm eating pasta or grains) I LITERALLY eat 5-8 meals a day and I'm physically fit. I don't eat anything that I don't like, every single thing I eat is tasty as fuck to me. Here's my usual day:

>greek yogurt, raw oatmeals, honey and a fruit I like, all mixed in a bowl

>big portions of my favorite fruits
>cheese quesadillas with veggies for lunch, I eat my favorite cheeses
>my favorite nuts or crackers as snacks
>protein shake that I actually like
>pasta, shrooms and pasta sauce or pesto
>a protein and quinoa or the same pasta again
>my favorite sauted veggies with garlic pasta
>a bowl of my favorite legumes or beans
>more fruit

You can infinitely eat like this every single day and you'll lose weight even if you binge eat. Now imagine if you eat like this and exercise.


Getting sleep sorted out is very important. Getting into a ritual where you get atleast 8 hrs of sleep, wake up and have coffee, do a brief 10-15 minute workout, go on a 30 minute walk (or longer if possible) in the sun (which also helps with sleep).

Cutting out food that has bad effects as well for me it was dairy, eggs, alcohol and sugar.

Keeping a couple staples around that are healthy you can have easily has also been helpful my standards are:
big batch of chili, just meat/beans/vegetables.
roasted chicken thighs and broccoli
chicken terriyaki with lots of vegetables and rice.

another useful rule of thumb I like is trying to get a base level of vegetables everyday, can have things like saurkraut/pickled stuff in your fridge or canned vegetables soup as a minimum.

If you decent protein shakes you can use those for meal replacement as well, high protein helps with weight loss as well as is low calorie and filling so you are less inclined to eat other stuff.

The weight loss helped a bit but really the biggest effect for me is just the psychological impact of being healthier in general, when i'm keeping up with stuff I have way more focus/energy but when i'm eating badly and not walking I have basically none and end up wasting every day.


good advice wizzie, it really just comes down to calories in < calories out. As long as your daily calorie intake is lower then your daily calorie expenditure on a consistent basis, day-to-day, month by month, you will lose weight. You can even subsist wholly on junk food if you wish, eating nothing but burgers and pizza, as long as your daily calorie intake remains consistently lower then what you burn, you'll shed pounds. Yea, you'll probably feel like crap the entire time, however you will lose weight. For a lot of people I feel like its more of a question of willpower though, those who want to lose weight, will, and those who don't really want to, won't. It's as simple as that, at the end of the day it all depends on your willpower to make those meaningful changes in your life. Nobody will lose weight for you, you have to be the one to make the decisions that affect your body.


I found that vegetable fats are a more than worthy subsistitute for proteins when doing progress with HIIT.

Who cares about weight, looks? Keep yourself functional.


drink yerba mate every day


OMAD and low-carb diet. Exercise, if you can.


it is really hard for me to keep my weight, I see all the people who I used to go to highschool with and they are fat and balding, I just think of these people whenever I feel like overeating


I have the opposite problem. I can't put on weight no matter how hard i try. It's so easy to just not eat, making food that i want to eat takes so much effort and energy. Very hard for me to understand the opposite position


Eat healthier, eat less, exercise more. There is no secret that will make it effortless, you just have to exercise some self control over an extended period of time. Eating healthier is key though. If you just stick to eating a normal processed diet but try to eat less you will have worse hunger cravings than if you ate healthily because processed foods usually have high glycemic index and are highly palatable and addictive. You can still lose weight this way but it will be harder to avoid giving in to your cravings.


Vaping nicotine helped me slightly more than any “healthy methods” of dealing with stress eating

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