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I want to talk about something strange that happens to me often.

I'm shy, introverted and I also detest people as I have seen the worst in them so I never bother to talk to anyone when I leave the house.

The problem is, when I go to a place a good number of times, something always happens.
It starts with looks that I can see with my side vision, then it's a joke between two people nearby in which they don't mention it's about me but I'm 100% sure it is and then sadly it might escalate to full blown harassment, humiliation, bullying.. I don't even know.

This is all because I never make any friends anywhere and thus I have no allies. I'm too neutral and when I'm too neutral it doesn't mean I'm safe. It means I'm up for grabs.

My newest problem is happening at a gym that I go to. Yes, I'm trying to get physically strong so I can beat the shit out of people that pick on me or at least have a higher change at defending myself successfully. I'm also too poor to have a home gym so I have to suck it up.

There is a small group of people that I'm pretty sure don't like me in that gym. It all started because I farted silently while deadlifting something heavy and I saw the guy waving his hand like a hand fan behind me.

I'm worried that these people confront me or start to mock me and I don't know how I should react.
Fucking cunts. It's like waiting for a bomb to explode.

Has anyone ever gone through something like this?
What is the explanation to something like this?
How does a person fix something like this?
I will not be submissive or kiss anyone's ass by the way.


just change gyms or when you go. there's gyms that work 24/7 so you can go super early or super late and you can have the place entirely for yourself.

as for the situation, seems pretty self-evident what happened. you did something embarrassing and you look like an easy target and harassment will get worse as they learn more and more that you're defenseless. i'm sure there's some epic chad way to defuse the situation and befriend them, but is it even worth the effort when you can avoid them.


who cares? if they assault you film it and press charges (assuming they aren't black because they won't care about jail)

i insult strangers all the time, call random succubi ugly and old, tell groups of guys they look like faggots headed to the bath house. just live with it buddy


Sounds like you're paranoid


I wish I could change gyms but there is nothing nearby and I don't even have a car right now. My dumb gym is not open 24/7 and I can't go at any other hour because of my job.


a home weight set is fairly inexpensive versus paying for he gym for years.

Just change your hours. Also stop giving a fuck


>paying to move


I know what you're going through and I've experienced this a lot myself, there is something off about you that people notice and that's why they pick on you. They are most likely not gonna physically assault you because it's not even that important to them but I understand that the mental harassment is already bad enough especially when it happens all the time. Basically the only thing you can do is to be more confident because that's the thing that people see lacking in you and even if you're buff they will still mock you for acting like awkward and weird.

A home gym is also not as expensive depending on how you workout, you could just get a long bar and a ez bar along with weights and a mat etc. to workout in an efficient way from home especially if you're into deadlifting and such things.


my impression also
OPs evidence for the two guys at gym harassing him is that the one guy waved his hand after he farted


I don't think he's necessarily paranoid depending on how awkward he acts in public, people will say stuff or make gestures in a way that is subtle but still noticeable.

If he's actually paranoid about it however then it is caused by his lack of confidence which makes him so insecure that he believes everyone is hostile towards him which is also possible.

Both ways are possible but either way it's something that can be changed on OPs end if he's willing to put the effort into it.


It’s just human nature. I used to pass as a Norman sometimes and people would do that kind of bonding by mocking someone with me. My memories of it happening to me meant I refused to join in at one job, so they just kind of disliked me a little. I wasn’t there at the job enough to see the end but yeah.

It can either escalate, disappear, or just stay the same. You can either build up a resistance to the normal unpleasant feelings of social mocking, which is evident in all social animals and apes, or just go to the gym at a different time. If you have charisma you can own shit like farting, engage with the gym guys to disarm any silly mocking, but learning that shit is probably too out of your reach if you’re a lifelong weirdo.


People are also quick to have a laugh on your expense and then they kiss your butt in the next second because you did something cool, its all just perception based on what they see. Most people are not full on bully types who are just sadistic and for people who got bullied a lot as teens this might be a weird concept to understand.

The truth is that you can even fart in public and it won't be embarrassing to anyone if you have enough confidence to own up to it, there's a lot of confident dudes who do stuff like that and it never even bothers anyone because they are just so confident about it.


u can be in either of 4 states with people in the gym or at work: antagonistic (opposing interests), socially functional (looking out for another), socially dysfunctional (awkward, weird for no reason) or asocial (no contact and not minding another)

i think wizards are robbed of social functioning and of being asocial due to mental illness, paranoia, and lack of social skills

what's left is socially dysfunctional and antagonistic

with antagonism you have three options: flee, pretend to be calm brave and confident, or fight
the worst thing you can do is to openly show that you are upset, without backing that shit up
if they see you being upset, but you dont put some damage to them, then they will know that you are harmless, and theyll mess with you without any fear for themselves

with dysfunctionality, any time you feel awkward or weird about being in peoples presence, u should think about whose fault that is
is it just you? or is it their fault?
either way, knowing whose fault it is will alleviate weirdness

if you notice that a lot of weirdness is on them, then you can start calling them out on it (calmly) once things turn sour. thats very potent

if you wanna mess around with social functioning, try getting to know people, and from then on greet them with a smile and with eye contact every time you see them, and look out for them


>because they are just so confident about it
>If you have charisma you can own shit like farting

Let me translate for wizzie OP what these normals said.
be confident = be tall and muscular


You can still be "tall and muscular" and lack confidence or even look plain insecure, also that whole "tall" stuff is just nihilistic bullshit fueled by toxic succubi (who hardly have any tall or fit boyfriends to begin with) and insecure guys on the internet who act like their height is the main reason why their life sucks. Of course tall will always be attractive and muscular as well but in reality most people are not even working out regularly and most people are also not really tall. Please get off the internet and look at couples, most of the dudes are not even tall or buff because they are still confident in a way, most of us just have some kind of mental issue that prevents us from being confident and instead of working on that some of us just come up with nihilistic theories.

Its still important to work out because the human body needs it but doing anything in an effort to fix ones insecurity is something that won't work, I actually know a guy who got really buff because he tried to fix his insecurities and now he's still an idiot but also buff which only benefits him very short term until people realize what a faggot he is.


> tall. Please get off the internet and look at couples, most of the dudes are not even tall or buff because they are still confident in a way, most of us just have some kind of mental issue that prevents us from being confident

You need to be extremely hard tortured to death for writing obvious lie like this. I would gladly enjoy torture you to death.


Are you hypersensitive to mockery? I used to be, reacting very aggresively and unpolitely.

Today I simply understand that mockery is a mental move to manipulate others, make them desist or hide and I am like "there is no motive at all for being angry or sad about people laughing at this since it is rather false or rather innocent".

You don't need allies, you need weaponry. And please leave the damn gym and buy the weights to do that at home, don't present the gym's owner with your money so freely
>like losers do


Confidence is for idiots. A truly neurodivergent peer values paranoia and discreet hyperreadiness for everything.

>and it should be our holy labour to demonstrate that confidence is idiotic


Imagine the smell, a wizfart

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