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another year has come and gone edition

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females aren't special, they're just the same as any other normalfag and you should treat them as such


This is Wageslavery in the year of our Lord 2023. One wrong fart, one slip of the ball-scratching finger… and RING RING, human resources?!? Fire this creep!!


Can't stop fucking up things at my job. Manager scolding me, co workers constantly correcting me, sometimes constructively, sometimes meanly. It's all justified though, I suck at the job. But the same anxiety and incompetency that makes me suck at it is the same as the anxiety and incompetency that allows me to find another job so I'm stuck. I hope I get fired soon


Where the fuck are all the wageslaves? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one. When I'm going to work and coming home, I rarely see a single other person who looks like they're going to or coming from work. In fact the only one I usually see is the train conductor himself. Can't help feeling like I fell for some elaborate ruse and everyone's just going out getting shitfaced at parties and doing whatever the fuck every day while I piss all my time and life away doing the "responsible" thing like a retard.


Neither the young or old work, and a proportion of succubi don't work either. In some countries a proportion of students don't enter the labor market until 25, and those people are also more likely to retire a decade early. Across the working age population globally, 40% don't participate in the labor market according to ILO.

It's also interesting to examine labor statistics for industries normalfags tout as central to their world, namely power generation and distribution along with electronics:

Electricity generation and distribution (which includes coal, nuclear, hydro, wind, biomass, extraction and refining of petroleum products, power grid maintenance, logistics and merchant shipping) collectively employs 2 million people in the US. BLS lists the total as 376,310 directly involved in power generation and distribution, but this doesn't include the fuel and logistics industries.

In the case of semiconductor manufacture, 10 companies account for 57% of global production. Samsung employs 266,673 people globally, Intel 131,900, TSM 56,831, and Micron 39,756. These companies fabricate their own semiconductors while other companies, like Qualcomm and Broadcom, contract fabs to produce chips making numbers harder to judge. Even if we included resource extraction and processing, the production of semiconductors likely doesn't employ more than a few million people around the world. As you can see, it's all a huge meme.


I think about 50% of the population is either a stay at home parent or considered disabled, it makes me wonder why people think having a job is normal when half of people existing dont have one


File: 1675530815217.jpg (159.99 KB, 1280x891, 1280:891, LA_Riots_-_aftermath_(1595….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I remember being a little kid watching the Rodney King riots on T.V. with my grandmother, and my grandmother was yelling at the riots on T.V.:



>The truth is that all forms of modern politics are anti-wizardry
found that out the hard way as I tried doing irl shit


politics is literally the discussion of how society should be run, and wizardry is dropping out of society. The fact the two are mutually exclusive should be quite obvious but i guess not.


blissful ignorance. "Just ignore society" is impossible. How society runs on every level from federal to local greatly impacts the NEET wizard. Who wins the big president race determines his monthly bux. How many his operators his local society-enforcement squad has out determines if the wizard is deterred or not by shadow people.

He may be powerless to change it, but that doesn't mean he can't criticize and philosophize over it.


> that doesn't mean he can't criticize and philosophize over it.
Again, the needs and wants of society at large will always be anathema to those who leave it. What is the point of a one man commune? The single monarch? The lone president?


>politics is literally the discussion of how society should be run

Now I understand why I find politics discussion online so repugnant. Without power, it's basically like real life fan fiction. Making up stories of what all the powerful people are doing and gushing over one group or the other and they will finally win one over or rather should have won, in some parallel universe. Discussing politics is like discussing sex while being impotent. What's the point?


File: 1675534356735.jpg (45.54 KB, 380x613, 380:613, Fmc_9pmXEAEhf89.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>those who leave it.
But we can't. Society is everywhere and the outcomes of its numbers game effects to wizard's life at all turns. Even the moon has a US embassy on it.


We already have. Most here have no jobs, little to no friends or acquaintances, no family of their own and usually hate the family they are born with, no financial investments, nothing. We are not in the societal system, and further more it is "our" desire to further distance ourselves from it. I'm not saying you need to go live off the land or some stupid shit. But we are not in a symbiotic relationship with others as normals are. We are parasitic at worst, altruistic at best. There is nothing to be gained by participating in society, unless you want some neetbux and even then that's just filling out a form and receiving a check, not participating in the machinations of groups. When one has nothing tying them to others, they are not in society.


Every one of my coworkers are females. Thankfully they are all pretty nice, but I still find it exhausting mentally and draining in a way that working with other guys isn't. Well they're mostly chill but one is a hardcore man-hater and she always talks about how much she hates men. I find it ironic because if I were to start loudly saying how much I hate succubi I'd probably get in a bunch of trouble, but I tolerate it because shes still really young and probably doesn't understand that its inappropriate to say such things.


Succubi* I thought there was an automatic word filter.


You know this actually reminds me something I've thinking of a lot over the past few years. When I went to college there were way more succubi than males, like 14:1 ratio if I recall, and a few year later that jumped to a 20:1 ratio.

Also at my jobs, I have overwhelmingly had far more succubus coworkers than male ones. And the male coworkers I have had always tend to be like me, drawn from the lower end of the hierarchy. I even notice it when I go to grocery stores, gas stations, or restaurants, it seems like all the wageslaves are either female or low tier males. By low tier I am not making any personal value judgment of their characteristics, I merely mean the kind of guys that society tends to assign as undesirable/low social status. I often wonder what every other guy does and how they manage to thrive, I suppose most likely its that they are all working higher tier jobs, so I would never encounter them.

I do know of an increasing number of guys who live the NEET dream and are supported by some office-drone foid. I personally have encountered a handful of people with such an arrangement and it seems increasingly common over the years


You should read up on trivers-willard, might illuminate your observations.


I tried joining but was disqualified early on due to health reasons. That said I have a lot of experience working with the military, and I can tell you it would likely be a pretty miserable place for a wizard. I suppose it ultimately depends on what your job is, but it's a strange mix consisting of mostly extreme normaldrones that are obsessed with sports and cars, and then a smaller subset of weeaboos and gamers. I'm sure it varies based on which branch and which location and the nature of your work. If you do join I'd recommend going for something more technical and removed from having to interact with too much people. Like something computer related


>When I went to college there were way more succubi than males, like 14:1 ratio if I recall, and a few year later that jumped to a 20:1 ratio.

succubi will go to higher education to just re-experience high school 2.0 without ever having the intention of getting a job. There's some succubi at my local community college approaching 30 who have done nothing but study for the last eleven years, just constantly doing undergraduate papers. Men can do the same, but it's always narcissistic bohemian artsy types or homosexuals. NEETs are no way near the fiscal drag of these 'varsity parasites. Men will study a degree and then leave and get a job, in and out.

>I often wonder what every other guy does and how they manage to thrive, I suppose most likely its that they are all working higher tier jobs, so I would never encounter them.

There's a lot of guys just working in factories that just turn up, clock in and go home. You'd never see them, but there's thousands of them in the industrial sector of town. succubi by comparison have more public facing jobs like cafe workers or check out operators. Guys typically avoid public facing jobs because they don't like to deal with people.

>I suppose most likely its that they are all working higher tier jobs, so I would never encounter them.

These jobs are a lot rarer than most people let on.


Wow, I'd never heard of this. This is incredibly fascinating.


Has any Wizard here worked as a data entry clerk before? If so what your overall experience?


I have repeatedly tried to ignore politics, and keep getting sucked into it. I wish I had heard something similar to this comment of yours 20 years old. I hope your comment keeps me from getting interested in it again.
>Without power, [politics is] basically like real life fan fiction.
What a great quote. Cheers anon.


>without ever having the intention of getting a job
I'm nearly 23 and I feel like that's kind of me right now (I'm not a homosexual though). I'm just stuck in a limbo where I try to postpone the moment I have to leave education and get a job because I know this is the closest I'm ever going to get to being a NEET. I do have some experience with wageslaving and I know I couldn't mentally handle doing that full-time for years. I also know I won't be able to get a real job related to my degree anyway because I lack the succifient social skills and can't make 'connections' so I'm probably just going to end up in a warehouse again, once I get my degree.


on the one hand i hope that my work place keeps giving me less hours so i can be a comfy part time neet wiz
on the other hand i wanna buy food
what do


Are you living inna city?


>part time neet


Some people really wanna fit in.


This would probably be a controversial thing to say anywhere else, but I've noticed my job is far less draining on days where I never have to interact with any succubi. I dont hold any particular animosity towards them at all, but I do find they have a draining influence on my energy and willpower and drive. Dont get me wrong,wageslaving sucks regardless of circumstances. But on days where I dont work with any succubi coworker or have to interact with any succubi customers I find myself not nearly as exhausted as usual.


I mentioned something about cats the other day at work and this fucking lady said, "OH YOU WANT A CAT, I GOT SOME I CAN GIVE YOU," and then went on a half hour unwarranted tirade as she discussed the previous owners of this one cat in particular and an even FURTHER unwarranted sexual history of every previous owner of this cat.

1 - Why did you butt into the conversation?
2 - Why did you misinterpret the conversation about your fucking cat?
3 - Why are you trying to pawn your cat on me?
4 - Why are you spending so much time telling me this cat's fucking life story?
5 - Telling the sexual history of every person in the tricounty area is WILDLY inappropriate. Especially at work. Kindly fuck off.

I apologize since I recognize I'm doing the same thing that she did to me to you now, but I just wanted to use this an example and play off of your note that succubi have this draining influence on energy in particular. Once a week I want to scream at a succubus to just shut the fuck up already. The older I get, the more I find them worse to deal with in a social sense than even goddam legitimate autists. I don't know if it's the same for you, but it feels similar to me.

P.S. One more story. I remember this other lady who every day–EVERY–at lunch she'd immediately talk to the entire lunchroom. We were all collectively her audience. Eventually, only three or four people kept using the lunchroom, usually when they had no other option. And if you did, you were all quiet because we wanted her to just shut the fuck up. When she retired we were all smiling in the lunchroom and there were like 20 people using it again for like a solid month afterwards.


I hate how normalfags at work can just *smell* every little insecurity you have. Piece of shit faggots can't keep their mouths shut for 5 fucking minutes. I got this shitty manual labor job to work by myself and go home and get paid. That was the whole point. Didn't sign up to be a "team player". I hate being sold out for a quick laugh for 10+ hours a day.


Please preach, I experience the same thing with my 10 hour job too. I try so fucking hard not to talk to anyone and this fucking bragfag keeps bragging about how much he gets succubi. I tell him time and time for him to leave me alone but he always tries to talk to me because hes bored.


And then you have to keep up these pained, "Yeah, haha," responses for like a fucking hour.


heading to work


say i'm busy so fuck off for now gonna finish your VERY IMPORTANT STORY later. the later will never come you save yourself the trouble of listening to retarded normie


got a problem with part time neets?
rule 4, buddies


Are you a part time virgin too?


that feel when no wizard coworker friend


work is different than a normal social environment. people at work are actiing professionel so they dont lose their jobs. its basically a fake mask.


uh theyre everywhere….idk what youre talking about. see people in suits, dressed nice, or even in plain clothes. you dont know if theyre working or not.


jobs are based on households not individual people. so a husband could be the only one working supporting 3-4 kids and a wife who are not working.


I"ve been leaving my job for the last couple of months 2 hours early, no one noticed so far. I really don't care if they fire me, i'm dancing the wiz dance everytime i sneak out, fuck them.


If you do this, then they treat it as a personal insult and every time you have to so much as move boxes with their help, they'll do shit like "accidentally trip you" or just tell your supervisor "o yeah, anon just sat around and did nothing" or in general they get super vindictive.



Recent statistics show that most succubi on Onlyfans don't even make 100 dollars in ONE whole month. Only the top 1% of the whole site can actually live off Onlyfans.

There was also an Onlyfans whore who is in the top 30% of the whole site and she recently admitted that she barely makes over 100 dollars a month and this shows even more how most succubi on there whore themselves out for nothing.

These succubi are liars and want you to believe that they make big money when in fact most of them spread their pussies and suck dick on camera for not even a quarter of your minimum wage. They are literally complete retards in their decision making and you should never feel like they have some kind of unfair advantage over men since they are most likely sad and fucked up when no ones looking because they know how worthless they are.

The whole "making big bank on onlyfans" thing is a complete myth just like with porn in general, only the top 1% makes a decent amount of money and everyone else is prostituting themselves for the amount of money that you could make by mowing lawns. It's an oversaturated market full of succubi who all do the exact same thing.

Besides the 1% e-whores, the only random whores who make actual money are the ones who engage in actual irl prostitution and even there they wont make "big bank" every month since most prostitutes won't get 500+ dollars for fucking random guys, more like 100-200 on average if they are not completely blown out street hookers and most succubi don't want to do that, if you look at areas where prostitution is legal its almost exclusively done by eastern european, african or latin succubi who most likely have a pimp situation going on as well, its hardly ever one of those white sluts you can see online.




it depends on ur looks. if your good looking and do those things they wont care


or be based and tell him how you really feel. no one cares anyway


Holy cope

You know anyone can make an onlyfans right? That includes just regular non-sexual stuff, guys, gays, etc.

Succubi can easily make 10k a month if they know what they're doing.


Nobody ever views beyond the top percentage of cam succubi. I scroll through the mid to end pages to look at randoms. I've been doing this for a long time. Most succubi are so far down the page sort for reasons. They're not that attractive and/or they simply suck at camming. Or they're just one who never make it. There are rare attractive ones in the mix who never gather an audience. Eventually they stop camming. Their online presence disappears.

There's definitely cartel-like elements at play. The top succubi must be getting algorithm/botted boosts. My guess is porn sites are directing web traffic to cam succubi they want to make money. Those succubi who clearing thousands a night (or more?)… Ya there's got to be some sort split of the take.

Also it's really obvious when a cam succubus is traveling around prostituting when she's broadcasting from a different hotel room all the time.


Absolutely false, not even the succubi at the top 30-40% on onlyfans make over 100 a month, that already means at least 70% don't make shit but even if you look above the top 30% mark it still narrows down to the very top of succubi who make big money and slightly below that there's a few that can just live off it but they still have to be in the top 10%.

It doesn't even matter that the content on onlyfans is mixed since most of the creators on there are still doing something pornographic and most of them are still succubi but go on be a retard who believes some dumb cunt that she "gets that bag" with her lousy feet pics.

Succubi with a good business sense are very rare and the other rare ones "who know what they are doing" have enough social intelligence to dupe retards into giving them money or do some other slick moves but most of these online whores dont make enough money.

Its really like you describe it, succubi cant just sign up to these things and make lots of money. Many of these camgirls are not even able to act as if they enjoy camwhoring, they are boring or dont look good, the whole market is also oversaturated to shit and theres other stuff going on as well.

I also think that theres some syndicate/pimping stuff going on, its the same on sites like pornhub. All these big companies have a closely knitted network of promoters and other middle men and they only let certain succubi get a hold of that by promoting them and using algorithms to boost them, they decide whos becoming a "pornstar" or top camgirl.

succubi who actually do irl prostitution will always make money even if they look average since they offer actual sex and the really good looking ones who travel around are usually making a lot more since they get paid to fuck with richer men especially the ones who end up getting fucked by hairy rich arabs in saudi arabia.

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