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I've been violent for as long as I can remember, hitting, and breaking things every time I got angry. I grew up in a very violent environment, I'm not trying to justify myself, but it's ugly to know that over time one imitates that kind of behavior. Over time I became more authoritarian, and more violent, so I tried to make the arguments not affect me so much, so I went to a psychiatrist, in short, now I am taking an antiepileptic, and two antidepressant drugs.
I don't really feel sad, I don't feel guilty about what I did either, I know my hands are dirty, very dirty, but that's not why I hate myself, I don't feel that apathy characterized by depression either.

So I wanted to ask you, can antidepressants help against violence? I really want to stop taking them because they made me gain a lot of weight, and I feel like I can't cry anymore. If you also have anger problems, it would be good if you shared your experience.


The meds industry is scamming you but you do not seem to be furious about that.


no they only make it harder to feel sad


I don't usually get very angry, but when I do get angry I get very violent. The antiepileptics worked great, but this new shrink I'm going to says I have major depressive disorder from being tired all the time.

From having a side effect of only a little stomach ache, to ejaculating less, not feeling emotions, and being fat


At a cost beyond money, man.


And you took antidepressants, they messed you up somehow


I want to be free off meds too


The citalopran makes me ejaculate less, it sucks, but I hope to stop it in these months. I stopped taking oralzapine a couple of weeks ago and I'm not so hungry anymore, from eating 5 meals a day to eating just one.
I attended 4 shrinks in total, but only this one told me about the antidepressants, so I highly doubt that I have depression, apart from that I don't feel sad.


You might have pyroluria:


I've struggled with violent outbursts all my life (never on others) and have found that taking the supplements recommended for pyroluria helps a lot.


The truth is interesting. I'm going to try a vitamin supplement to see how it goes, I read about people with anger problems that this also worked very well for them. But it's not that I'm angry with people, or with the world, in fact I'm quite calm, but when they insult me and disrespect me I can get violent. Curiously, I have been diagnosed with the only mental illness directly related to violence (IED).

Thanks for your input, it's really appreciated.


if I called you a homo, would you break your screen


You would have to disrespect me continuously, and in a very annoying way, something like yelling at me, and answering badly. But before I get angry I laugh a lot, and I make fun of the situation, sometimes I end up laughing out loud and that makes the person even more angry.
Besides, I can't take the internet seriously, the internet is a playground.


By knowing what triggers you can only be solved, this riddle

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