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This thread probably had been made over a million times on the internet and I suppose now is my turn. It'll be very long so if you don't want to read I'd understand. I will probably try another board if I don't get any answer so don't be surprised if you see my story somewhere else in the following months. I've lurked around here for about 3 years now and I feel like there's a chance I could get an answer here. Still I doubt I will find a definitive answer here, or at all. I guess I'm desperate.

Long story short, I'm extremely addicted to PMO. Or even MO. I've read Your brain on porn and the easy peasy method twice. I've probably tried to stop porn over a hundred time. In fact, I'm CONSTANTLY trying to stop. Half the time I PMO I tell myself "okay one or two times and then I stop". I also tried to "regulate" (whatever that means) my addiction (I know it doesn't work). I'm 25 now, I have been a NEET since I'm 16 or 17, I was still registered at high school but didn't go anymore. You can say that at 19 I was officially a NEET because since I never worked, never studied, talked to anyone my age, nothing. I have other health issues that I won't detail here. I never had any friend, any girlfriend, in fact apart from my parents I don't talk to anyone. The path for me to be a wizard is rather unavoidable at that point.

So back to the main topic… I started masturbating very early, around 7 or 8 years old. Fun fact, I'm circumcised. So much about circumcision avoiding masturbating… I wouldn't even ejaculate at that point but still did it more and more often! It started with prone masturbation and I never masturbated in a normal way, like NEVER. I tried but couldn't get an erection "normally". I'm just unable to get an erection with my hands and keep it. Around 11 or 12 years old it basically became daily. It might have been daily before that, but it's the first occurence I remember where I masturbated myself at least once a day. During middle and high school, I easily masturbated up to 3 times a day during school, and over 5 times a day during holidays. When I watched porn, I edged as much as possible. So I literally spent months of holidays masturbating, and edging.

The lack of motivation caused by PMO is HUGE. The amount of laziness it causes is unbelieable. I successfully stopped 2 weeks at best, and when I did my daily life improved soooo much. I'm not talking about my life, I'm not saying I got superpowers only that my DAILY life improved immensely. The feeling of being free to do play video games or watch anime was just so good. Yes, I had the chance to spend a few days at time without feeling the need after reading the easy peasy methods. My creativity just bumps. I know I'll stay a NEET but at least I can occupy myself, try to go on walks, watch movies or even read a book, yes!

But sadly, the inevitable comes back. Every single of the hundreth time I tried to stop I can back at it. At times I saw myself screaming on my cushion as I was masturbating.

That's not the whole story. I'm not going into detail now but the material I have to look for to masturbate is extremely rare and time-consuming. Nothing illegal but I still needed to mention it to really emphasize on the fact that the masturbation and the search for material could last for an entire day, and I spent months doing only that.

The more I masturbate, the more weak I am, both physically and mentally. I feel even more depressed and just do nothing. But when I prevent myself from masturbating, I have side effets too. Hands shaking, unability to see right, intense sweat, nervousness, etc. I've seen my hands shaking, my vision turn dim and my inability to focus on anything until I coomed. Even when searching for porn I was in that state, hands shaking and my vision focusing on one point as I was searching for my folders. When I finally get my MO, my belly starts to be painful, both stomach and intestine. I wonder why but I believe it's because due to my position, my abs contract in a weird way or something. My penis also gets painful because of how much pressure it had been put under. By now I'm thinking of seeing an urologist because I have recurrent pain there and I pee over 20 times a day.

As you see, I'm far, far from the so called "beneficial masturbation" I hear everywhere on the internet. I didn't even went through all the problems MO has caused me. At this point I don't want to stop this to get a proper life like I hoped in my late teens. I just want to stop spending time hurting myself. I'm just sick of it.

This post is the only thing I've produced this week.

If you have any question I would gladly answer them but I really would like to hear your take on that subject and more precisely your own experience with this whatever your opinion is.


wtf is pmo.


Porn masterbation and orgasm


Porn ruined my life too. There's no easy fix. You just have to fully commit to quitting. Work on your mental discipline and for God's sake exercise!!


I have huge trouble with porn as well. During the lowest points of my life I locked myself in my room and just edged for 8+ hours a day.

The only thing that works is the panopticon method. Using a computer that's monitored with people around, typically a school or library computer.

I dunno, it's hard, I like the internet because it gives me a plethora of options to keep me entertained and talk to other people, but it also allows me to just wank all day.


Just get depressed enough that you completely lose libido


File: 1673477016529.gif (1.05 MB, 284x210, 142:105, 1662425095628143-fourchan-….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>he thinks low libido will stop an addict
If only you knew bad things really are.


porn isn't an addiction it's just a habit, if you can stop yourself looking at porn for at least a year then you won't have much desire to go back, I liked looking at porn when I was a teenager but I havent looked at any for years now, I see a lot of memes about porn sites when I watch nerd type media so I assume it's a big problem in this sphere, but all you have to do is just stop, whenever I fap now I just use my imagination


yes but I'm too socially akward to use a pc in a library, not to mention it'll just restrict myself more than I would like since I enjoy downloading everything which isn't really possible with a library bandwidth.

I think I'm depressed enough thanks and it doesn't even necessarily related to porn addiction as it pushes you to fap even when it's flacid. Most of the times I fap now I just don't want to, but still do it.

I could stop to drunk myself daily but can't stop watching porn and fapping.
Stop saying it's an addiction because it's ridiculous. It would be the same if I said "oh you know alcohol isn't an addiction" of course not everyone watching porn will get addict, that doesn't mean it isn't an addiction for some people.

And you're saying "stop yourself from watching porn" as if I didn't already tried a hundred time already… Say to an alcoholic "you just need to stop drink".

I've spent most of my life watching porn, in fact if you add it up I've watched porn more than I talked to people, I watched porn more time than school, I watched porn more than I played video games, I watched porn more than anything else. I just can't stop.


>And you're saying "stop yourself from watching porn" as if I didn't already tried a hundred time already… Say to an alcoholic "you just need to stop drink".
maybe it is a painful truth, but all you really need to do is stop, stop acting sorry for yourself and pretending that you're powerless because it's easy, if you want to stop then you just have to do it, there is literally no other way to stop doing anything, no one is going to cast a magic spell and make you stop, you have to do it yourself


Go to a 12 step program get a sponsor and call them when you wanna cum to PMO


You can't quit it cold turkey, this is nearly impossible and gonna cause negative symptoms that will ruin all the benefits you might derive from it.
Most likely, if you were to successfully achieve this feat, your body would have to have been trained into it.
This is the second time I'm attempting it with a gradual approach. It's very time consuming but it's got the greatest chances of success.


I think easy peasy is retarded. You're just trying to space out the coom addiction until it stops significantly interfering with your quality of life. Prolonged nofap is basically for spiritual purposes but a normie can get by with just lofap and semen retention


If you want to do this fine, you must give away stimulant food like coffee, meats, chili…

And throw away your PC and your phone, ask for help.

There are many cases where practicing exhausting sports can get you tired enough to even have the will of fapping… I mean, sports: something that makes you sweat, that makes your heart pump faster. The second trick against the urge are COLD SHOWERS, like, torturing your body in order to make that insane heating vanish from inside. Specially receiving the cold water in your balls for some minutes.

If you want to do no-fap with your pure willpower, you are lost. You must trick your energies back to a healthy state.


File: 1677405190739.jpg (13.67 KB, 220x263, 220:263, Auguste_Tissot_painted_by_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Those books that you mention are entry level. Been struggling the same as you since the age of 11. Quit reading normalfag books and check A treatise on the diseases produced by onanism by Samuel-Auguste Tissot. May you rot forever


>no fap
I can't be the only wiz who goes months on end without fapping because depression. if I actually feel the urge to fap I go for it now because it is a good sign for me and I hate that if you do not fap you cum your pants.
how often do you wiz even fap?


> can't be the only wiz who goes months on end without fapping because depression
You're not.
Age (declining libido) + depression (increasingly more dire life circumstances) + cumulative misery of life failures = Just can't fap even if I want to anymore.
All those years I agonized over trying to stop the hopeless addiction. And now it's just, meh whatever.


when is the libido supposed to fail because im horny pretty often despite rarely masturbating and im mid-late 30s. really hate this useless thing that can control my mood.


I dokn't know man. I'm not a doctor.
declining != dead libido. I'm still horny.
Just not coomer fiend horny. It is such that the scales tipped below this.
I was like OP. An absolute methhead-like porn monger who would spend half a day edging chasing the perfect high.


The key isn't something silly like complete NoFap or quitting watching porn entirely. It's to find a perfect balance. Nothing wrong with masturbation or porn for a wiz, it's healthy and fun if you don't spend all your time doing it.


Dunno, but maybe consider that

1 hour searching for porn = 1 hour watching porn

3 hours edging = 3 more hours porn/ m

10 minute PMO = your done in 10 minutes

The last method is best for your brain. Just coom quickly and be done with it.


I rarely get normal erections anymore when fapping. Don't know if it's porn addiction, undiagnosed low T, or what. I do know I need to kms.


I wonder how many anons, if sent back to the 18th century, would be famous intellectual elites. The writings of scholars in that time period is similar in quality and subject matter to long-form brain posts that are often posted on lainchan and wizchan.
>porn addiction
Serious question: Why do you believe in addiction? Its a Reddit-tier idea, which has no evidence that it exists. nb4 "muh neurotransmitters" they do not effect mood.


LMAO OP has been brainwashed by the nofapcult



>he's ignorant of the fact that addiction is largely due to personality traits, loneliness and poor handling of trauma

just admit you don't read, choomba


Cold water. Use cold water against the urge
>hot for a drink, cold just for showers


Nowadays if you fap once every day you are called a porn or masturbation addict. While normalfags are having sex every day too but nobody says that the majority of people are sex addicts. Double standards? Yes.

I hate this dumb thinking that porn and masturbation somehow bad, while sex is good. It's a narrative pushed by right-wingers because they are jealous that jews direct 99% of porn movies and that black men are more popular porn actors than white men.

>I wonder how many anons, if sent back to the 18th century, would be famous intellectual elites
Probably none because most of us are autists of some kind and for you to be a successful intellectual guy you must have social connections.


This is true for any addiction. Combating the brainwashing and making the mental shift is the hardest part but once that's done, you're free.


Honestly anon, I'm the same boat


> Why do you believe in addiction

Then stop for a month. If porn and fapping is not an addiction you will have no trouble in doing that and will prove once and for all for yourself that the idea of nofap is bullshit made by redditors. But you got hooked on porn so bad you will fail on day 7 at best.


If the anons here resemble anyone, it's probably Kafka (besides the lusting after succubi.) Had a lifetime of misery filled with dysfunctional relationships and attempted to transfigure it using writing. Only difference is he wrote fiction instead of Wizchan posts.

That's why the best use of your magic is creating outsider art. It's far more fulfilling than anything you will find in the "real world"


I am fond of Kiekegaard because his chastity, but he was kind of a gay faggoty crab about it. But he did it




It´s over at this point… I shall continue aspire in another realm.. fapping endlessly to the hypersentientomniscience..


you have it good if you still get pleasure from it. i'm completely bored with porn now. so i will quit it for sure, i believe in myself.


>stop doing something you enjoy for a month to prove magic isn't real


Quit acting smug without knowing shit. Retards like you come here and say shit like no motivation or even enjoyment from anything, tired all the time, what do' while jacking off all day to brain rot that is porn, destroying their dopamine receptors, turning themselves into worthless wastes of skin. You won't give it a try because you are a bitch, addicted to getting high by looking at pixelated cunts and stroking your weiner like a fucking monkey.


Beneficial fap is a damn cope, a scam.
But tell us, how many no-fap tricks did you try exactly? Pure will does not do much when you are at that point so you need to trick your body.
>cold showers
>avoiding meat, breads, dairy
>eating more ZINC to replenish losses
>practice exhausting sports
>setting your gaze away from whatever stimulates you


I never said jerkin' it all the time was good, I said that addiction isn't real
>destroying their dopamine receptors
Holy Reddit science batman!


screw all that, if you want to go from fapping every day to once every 2 weeks learn how to have a non-ejaculatory orgasm. the first time that i managed to pull off 3 of these in a row i could not even get a boner for a week and i only started getting involuntarily aroused 3 weeks later.


The third one is what my therapist recommended. He was addicted to porn too, go figure. Get in get out beats gooning all day at least.

PMO ruined my life, made me socially awkward around attractive succubi, gave me BPH. Fuck porn and fuck jews.


I did stop for 2 months, it was easy. Now back to fapping cos why not, it feels good and makes no difference otherwise

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