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I feel like I trolled myself.

In my 20s I had a depressed monk mindset where I didn't feel like I needed more than a computer with internet access so I didn't have much motivation to work if I don't enjoy it and lived not thinking about the future.

Now that I turned 30 I got bored of the internet because I feel like all the interactions and content there just repeats themselves, I stopped watching anime which was a cheap way of entertainment, I feel like I watched all the interesting movies and the new ones suck.

I started watching a lot of youtube and got exposed to all kinds of niche obsessive communities that are about perfecting something. For example I was happy using a $10 keyboard all my life and now I started looking at $300+ keyboards. I didn't care about how my room looked but now I wish I could move out and decorate it properly and give it an actual aesthetic but that would require money.

But years of not doing anything not only left me with 0 skills and an empty CV but also lazy habits that seem impossible to change.


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Is free schooling an option? Would at least give you something to do in the day


depending on where you live the education options might not be terribad. All you really need is one recent job experience and skills training for a career
>people routinely fake their resumes and don't have to give out references either


I've felt this way too. I'm never gonna wage, I'll have to start a business somehow.


How did you manage to make it through your 30s without getting a single job?

I was raised in a rather poor family and my biggest motivation was to get money for the things my parents couldn't afford or didn't want to buy me. I got my first full-time job at the age of 24, and it was a little bit awkward to have a boss my age.

If I were you, I'd find some vocational school and get an apprenticeship afterward.


>How did you manage to make it through your 30s without getting a single job?
lol normalfags always find this impossible to believe


I'm sure it's just a phase. It can't take long until you realize an expensive keyboard or decor trinkets will add nothing in your life but clutter and dust.


Idk. The older I get the more I start caring about a trainquil and aesthetic environment too.

I was content with a keyboard, mouse, screen, tower and a shitty white room with no furniture in it in my 20s.

Now I'd like to spend time in a home that isn't a complete eyesore to look at since I spend 22 hours a day indoors anyway.

Nice furniture or antiques cost a ton of money. Getting new flooring costs a ton. Getting new wallpaper costs a ton, getting a professional paint job (self painting usually looks like crap) costs a lot.

There is no way around it, if you want a beautiful environment to live in, it costs thousands upon thousands of dollars.


It's funny because I think the reverse is impossible. I'm 31 and so bored and alone I actually want to get a job now…but I've no idea how to do it. It feels so impossible having to bullshit a resume and then have to lie and lower yourself in front of some manager normie…


If it makes you feel better my room is kinda "aesthetic" and I one of those expensive mechanical keyboards and it does very little for my happiness.
The environment you live in fade into the background when you get used to it, I'm not here to say that living in a basement is preferable to a mansion, but even those living in mansions get used.
Buying expensive trinkets, rugs, etc to fulfill some sort of hole inside you is prime whaman behavior, please reconsider and do not waste your money on stupid shit.

Oh, and whenever my expensive mechanical keyboard breaks I'm going to get a cheap 10$, the difference is really not that great.


I think you are overestimating things a bit, as someone who has helped decorate many rooms self painting isn’t that bad and you won’t notice mild imperfections. If you look at YouTube there’s no end of tutorials to paint furniture in a way that looks well finished, so it’s possible to make second hand furniture look nice.
I think if you really want a nice room you don’t have to spend thousands, and if you think it will be worth it some effort isn’t a bad price to pay.
Personally I’ve collected things over the last couple decades and never paid much attention to it, I have a giant oil painting of a subject that was almost miraculous finding it and I barely pay attention to it on the wall. It’s worth a try, even if it’s just to refresh your mind and treat it as a new space separate from old memories.


Then learn how to paint. Watch InexteriorsTV on youtube or some other goodlad. Next, get a pack of different grits of sandpaper and get hold of literally any furniture, broken or otherwise. Make that furniture your own. Most importantly, fuck it up 1, 10 or 100 times and enjoy it all. It's so easy to get active and grow once you jump the first hurdle of inactivity. Nothing more than doubt that stops it.


I go back and forth through phases of desiring more money and wanting to reject modern life and live as a neet hermit. The internet sure does suck now though so it does make you yearn for something more.


" I feel like I watched all the interesting movies "
i have this problem too.
when i was 19 i met a guy who said 'being a film guru isn't really a skill. all you have to do is watch a lot of movies. if you want to be a cool movie guy just start watching a movie every day and you'll have seen 365 in a year. that's all it takes.'

well thanks for making me a cool movie guy and for also making me have nothing to do in adulthood.
i've seen literally every film worth watching and all i have remaining is indie 0 budget shite i don't give a fuck about, and stuff like the nightmare on elm street sequels that shouldn't have been made.


>have nothing to do in adulthood.
There are 400,000,000 things to do besides watching new moves


have you seen pretty baby? About a cute loli


A lot of the shit you think you need a lot of money to do you actually don't. People 100 years ago did stuff with little money.

Take fishing, you literally need a bucket, a few lead sinkers, a few hooks and a roll of building twine. This collection of objects costs maybe $20, $30 at most.


There's a bit more to being a film buff than just watching movies imo. Being able to discern a film requires having an understanding of the production process, medium, the technology involved and genre. In fact, I think just mindlessly watching a film a day is probably detrimental to getting a proper understanding of film if you just consume mediocre garbage. It's like how reading nothing but female romance novels would not give a proper understanding of the medium of literature.

The best way to watch film is to select good ones or ones representative of the genre, and then watch it once to get the plot, and watch it a second time and think over how they filmed it and what they did and why. If there's a commentary track available, watch it with that, and (for any pre-2010 film) watch interviews with the actors. This doesn't work for modern Disney-shit because they sanitize all their behind the scenes work now.

If you care about the Film Industry, there's also a need for understanding mass appeal. Film snobs are always confused as to the popularity of Michael Bay flicks, but can't fathom that his films are aimed at an audience of 13 year old boys and r-slurred blue collar workers that want to nap across 3 hours and not miss much.

Idk I feel like most film buffs miss the mark because they're either consuming nothing but goyslop mindlessly or they're english majors that are too focused on themes and symbolism. The 30+ minute film essays on youtube breaking down the themes of every childhood film makes me cringe. Sam Hyde kinda said it best, the human brain is wired to find the same sort of narratives and stories entertaining and much of the actual quality for movies comes from the effort put into cinematography, pacing, special effects, etc, themes and symbolism and all that other gay english major shit is just one piece of the puzzle.


Have you considered applying for neetbux? At this point, you have nothing to lose.


They make new ones though. Looking at my Letterboxd I've watched 48 movies with a 2022 release. Thankfully I'm not too picky about my movies.



when you ve seen every movie, TV show, read every book, played every game, etc…. etc…. etc…..

and it actually starts to feel like work to do it,

it happened to me, after 8+ years of NEET i was disgusted by myself. and debated a job to distract from my hobbies, til my parents told me to get a job or leave. eventually you will become sick of distractions and amusements, they werent meant to be purpose of life.

you need to find and make your own purpose, a talk for another time


nah fuck wageslavery

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