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Why not become a drug addict?
We have nothing to lose.

>OP must be at least 75 chars.


it's short sighted and you'll just end up feeling worse overall


Cause drugs are for losers, and I'm not a loser


Pretty pointless to become an addict when eventually the drug wears off or gets boring and you're numbed of all emotions and don't wanna try anything. You don't win in this life OP, everything has its cost.


drugs are expensive. there are easier ways to have fun


Life is bad enough as it is. No need to fuck ourselves up any further


Drugs provide short term pleasure but cause extensive mid-to longterm damage. They decrease quality of life immensly, also physical and mental capabilities. Don't do it. Unless you want to die in let's say the next 12 months, don't.


These pretty much, I’m too poor to support the habit and it fucks up other parts of life pretty bad. I’ve been smoking for a while and a day without a cigarette is hell.


drugs are bad but i do love weed. the thing weed haters don't get is weed will put you in a state of pure bliss for a few hours its amazing. everything tastes, smells, looks, sounds better.


weed has never done anything except make me tired and feel retarded, I don't get how so many people report that it makes them feel good,it's basically the same thing as taking benedryl


I don't know anyone who sells drugs
I don't have money to buy drugs
Even cigs are expensive
Fuck off


what about alcohol? are different kinds of alcohol tasty? can wine make you stronger,like ancient pankraton wrestlers said?
should I stop eating and just consume beer ,spirits,booze etc?


No. Booze is shit. No wine is tasty.


I kinda WANT an addiction to sacrifice all my assets and net worth unto.
even if its joining scientology or whatever. i crave adherence,a community,a sense of duty\belonging\obligations.
a hobby,sport…ANYTHING.


has anyone here taken kratom


you're retarded, so by all means develop an addiction.


what about an addiction to martial arts?
or to hiking\trekking\ice climbing mountains?


File: 1675529867441.jpg (38.94 KB, 634x599, 634:599, Fnl0AlDWYAQRthU.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why don't you get addicted to giving me some m o n e y?


>We have nothing to lose

You can abuse substances without being an addict. Yes, wizards have nothing to lose, go ahead and do drugs. Only a small percentage of drug users are addicts (or develop an SUD, however you want to call it).


You get your weed legally or illegally?


i took kratom back in 2021 and all i remember is my nose being really fucking itchy



if you get side effects from a certain strain you can try out different ones for better results, I've tried lots of different ones and settled on jongkong


Ill see what i can find at the local smoke shops. Should i buy capsules like i did the first time or should i buy powder? What strain(s) do you recommend for general anxiety and/or adhd-like symptoms?


>Ill see what i can find at the local smoke shops
the stuff from smoke shops is all low quality and often expired and inert, I'd suggest buying online, kona kratom is a good seller and I've never gotten any bunk powder from them
>Should i buy capsules like i did the first time or should i buy powder?
capsules are easier to take and if you have the extra money I'd definitely recommend capsules since straight kratom powder tastes awful
>What strain(s) do you recommend for general anxiety and/or adhd-like symptoms?
white jongkong is my favorite and it helps me a lot with energy while also reducing my anxiety, white hulu is also ok but I don't think it's quite as good, I avoid maeng da because it gives me a lot of side effects but it the most neutral and middle of the road strain if you don't know what you're doing, if you want something really stimulating similar to adderall then red or green dragon is the most stimulating strain I've tried


>kona kratom
Nicee ill keep it in my bookmarks. Last time i bought from krabot (?) i think and it was probably maeng da capsules. I just remember sitting at my desk and i started slouching and feeling 'relaxed' but in a placebo kinda way (since i was anxiously waiting for the effects..) and my nose was itching like a motherfucker. Spent hours scratching it inside and out.

Also i asked about powder because ive heard that capsules are not as effective and idk how true that is


I am. Or at least I was. I dont do much drugs anymore at all. It has been said millions of times but its worth saying again because it is the truth. Drug addiction is not worth it. You lose far more than you gain in the long run. Thihk of it sort of like a casino. They are designed so that as more time passes/games are played, a player loses more money than they gain. Maybe you win a short term victory from only gambling/using drugs a small amount of time.

But if you keep gambling you'll most likely end up completely broke. If you keep using hard drugs over and over you'll end up completely broken.

The positive effects start to become short-lived or entirely nonexistent if you're using regularly. At best you have 2 - 8 week honeymoon phase and after that you're taking the drug just to stop the withdrawals. You end up dependent on the substance just to feel worse than you did at the start. It will burn a hole in your pockets, possibly your nose too. It will lead you to compromising situations due to desperation. You will notice a decline in your cognitive abilities, impulse control, and ability to regulate emotional response. The longer you are addicted the worse this damage becomes. Some of this damage can heal overtime, but some is irreversible.

In the short term, drugs can be therapeutic or even spiritual. But only with responsible use and very careful balance and infrequent use. Addiction is always a bad path. I have been addicted at various times to meth, heroin, cocaine, xanax, alcohol, obscure RC opiods, and some others. It is 100% not worth it. Also lets not forget the risk of legal troubles if you get caught, and the risk of death (although maybe some of you view that as a positive) from fentanyl laced or adulterated product.

Kratom is quite nice, it's been my latest addiction as I used it to taper off harder opdiod and ended up trading addictions instead. I ended up taking kratom almost every single day for nearly a year. As far as drug addictions go, I think kratom is probably one of the least harmful.

My dosage remained relatively stable all that time. As long as I switched strains frequently, I never needed more than 5 - 10grams, maybe 15g at most but it was unusual for me to take that much. The effects definitely became less pronounced but still was enough to get me through the days. It isnt a huge boost or anything, but it improved my mood noticeably. The downsides were that I noticed were that it made my memory ever so slightly worse, slowed reaction time a bit, and probably worst (and best) of all is the incredible dulling of my emotions. After using regularly you become very numb and unfeeling. This reduced my overall suffering but also made me sort of dead and uncaring. The only reason I finally quit is because it began to make my hair fall out in patches. This seems to be a pretty rare side effect but it started happening to me after 7 or 8 months of daily use, I head bald patches all over my head. It grew back immediately after I ceased use.

The withdrawals were inconsistent. Sometimes I felt perfectly fine, other moments felt similar to heroin withdrawals but lesser severity.


define addiction.

People keep using that word but i sense that they dont have a good handle on what they mean.

I think addiction is an issue with state of mind and it is never a choice


>Also i asked about powder because ive heard that capsules are not as effective and idk how true that is
they are the same effectiveness ideally, but if you buy from a bad vendor they are more likely to hide the lower quality kratom they own inside capsules, if you are buying from a unknown vendor powder is a better choice but if it's a reputable place the pills should be just as good


What's the deal with drugs normalization nowadays at the internet, especially at discord, reddit and imageboards (even fucking 4chan)? And why is discord fine with drugs servers but not with anime lolis ones?


Go out and you'll see why


Compulsive and frequent use of substance, mental and/or physical dependence on a substance.


i really hate kratom


See what? Most drug addicts are human wrecks, zombies.

Yes my life sucks now, but it's going to suck infinitely more if I have to resort to petty crime to get my next drug fix and compulsively have to think about my next dose to feel any sort of happiness.

I also don't want to die in a gutter or prison, when I have a comfy home, computer, furniture and some savings.


legal / medical in my state


you must be smoking really bad stuff. it shouldnt make you feel beat unless its just dirt weed.


It depends on the person, when I smoked loads of weed I always got all the really strong certified strains that normies & retard rappers were talking about and often I just got tired and felt sedated as fuck without any turnt up feeling or whatever, often my eyes would just get red as fuck and I got the worst cottonmouth and basically got so high that I didnt even notice it as if I was sedated on hardcore valium and when its like that its not even as great anymore because you just feel like a sedated retard and you end up staring into your phone until you pass out. I was really a hardcore smoker and I know what I'm talking about.

(weed is for retards btw)


>I didn't like it so no one else can


File: 1676063847717.jpg (12.82 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

shit, I really suck at everything, I just got into college and my social anxiety ruins everything, I've felt people laughing at me behind my back. I just want to be home? I don't know


Me estoy burlando de ti


Seriously, people complaining about college is weird. Dont people go there to learn interesting stuff?


Read my post again, I used to smoke heavy so I wouldnt have done it for so long it if it didnt like it, amirite? I still think its retarded for a couple of reasons and im in the right position to say this because ive done it myself and ive done it for longer than i care to admit but to be fair i oppose all recreational drugs and i stopped smoking cigs and even ocassional drinking for the same reason which was hard to do but its very much possible. im not judging people who are still caught up in drugs but i still think its retarded and always linked to some unresolved mental stuff, so im gonna correct my statement: taking drugs is retarded and i hope everyone finds a way stay sober.

College still consist of a lot of social interactions and normie social rite stuff, some colleges are also more prone to extra social bullshit and sex and drug stuff.


> im not judging people who are still caught up in drugs but i still think its retarded and always linked to some unresolved mental stuff, so im gonna correct my statement: taking drugs is retarded and i hope everyone finds a way stay sober.
all right fair enough


look in a mirror


Look at deez nuts


trust me, I've heard all the crap from you weed smokers, like an idiot I actually went out and tried all sorts of different strains and types of weed and thc, it is all the same crap no matter what it's called or what people say it does, I've learned to never trust a weed user about weed tips/facts because they just make up shit that is probably 95% placebo


I take antipsychotic drugs and SSRIs, it's probably a bad thing to do when taking those meds. But I would like to very much.


>We have nothing to lose.
You have money to lose. If you work, you are wasting that money that was not easy to get(fucking work is horrible). If you have neetbux, then good luck having social skills to find a dealer.


In my country mailing drugs is the most popular way to get them. I've done it twice, its legit. A bit dangerous, but with enough precaution it is no problem at all. Having money for drugs, on the other hand…



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