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Recently i've been playing a lot of dating sims and it showed me how apathetic i am about human relations, i'm so distant and incompatible with other people worldview (especially succubis), how do others Sub 8 at my age have so many friends and already had engaged in multiple relationships?
everytime i try to talk with another Sapiens, i unironically sound like a low iq fallout avatar, honestly i don't think i can ever fix it, am i just retarded or something? wish i knew the normies secret, people are bizarrely complicated and i probably will never learn how to deal with their complexity.


have you tried out any otomes or yaoi sims? females are really boring and stupid, I think it's a lot more interesting to pick from a cast of males


same for me, i think its schizoid personality


same. they say fake it till you make it but i never came close to making it and interacting with others is as draining and anxiety inducing as ever


>am i just retarded
I am.
I've lamented over this for long enough. I've accepted that I'm on the short bus.
Most people operate at a level I cannot keep up with.


>Every time I try to talk with another Sapiens, I unironically sound like a low IQ fallout avatar
Me too



Yep, this may be the cause for many wizards.


Check if it fits your case and if it does google a couple of books about it that tells you how to live better with it.


Funnily enough, I've been playing Amagami and thinking exactly the same thing. I think it's like being a feral child. Psychologists know that if you haven't learned a human language past a certain age you'll never really acquire the ability of language although you might learn a few words and phrases and be able to talk at a basic level. I get the feeling many of us did not learn the social language, the basic method of communication between humans, through our early or teen years, many of us missed out on stuff like teen dating, going out with friends, having a conversation that doesn't involve weird autist interests etc. So now we'll never really learn any social languge. So we're basically handicapped. Like a feral child our brains can only process bits but not the whole picture. So you want friends and a relationship, but when you get them you don't know what to do and just can't keep up anyway so it all falls apart. I know it sounds pretty bleak but just like a blind man you have to look for strategies that play to your strengths and make up for your weaknesses. Of course, its much harder because normies just think your a creep while being in a wheelchair is cute and fashionable right now.

Dating sims and VNs give you a false impression of reality. I love Japanese media, don't get me wrong but our societies are way less conservative. In conservative societies, there's an expectation that people have to adapt to each other and learn to live together, whereas liberal individualist societies encourage cutting "toxic people" (anyone you don't like) out of your life. In manga, anime, games etc. there's always a way out. The socially inpet retard meets an outgoing succubus (or vice versa) who sees something in him and she makes moves on him and pulls him out of his shell and they both grow. Irl it doesn't work that way. Most people will either ignore you or brush you off as a pervert or a creep they want nothing to do with and once they have that negative impression you are well and truly fucked because there's no way you can dig your way out of that hole.

Are there any good ones for PSP/PS2 or PS3 you can recommend?


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I hate how fake human relations are. I remember how my normie classmates used to change their tone and behaviour as soon as a succubus was nearby. You see it even among older people. People completely change and adapt their personality depending on who is the person they're interacting with. It's sickening how disgustingly fake normalfags are.


The reason why I avoid contact with them most of the time. Only events I ever interact with them are for keeping up good relations with family for me to have a place to live and colleauges so I wont be kicked and have a stable income.


>People completely change and adapt their personality depending on who is the person they're interacting with
if both people enjoy the mimicry then whats the harm? different people enjoy different things and so you should interact with each person differently. should a man act the same way he does at his job when he goes to play with his daughter?


I don't think that's the same, when I was in school some guys personality would completely change when a female was around, it was just really weird because the female was an equal peer to us


You're not retarded. You're probably higher IQ than the general population.

You do have autism, aspergers or schizophrenia though like 99.9% of wizchan and obscure imageboard users.


oh yeah, i agree its different with succubi, but ive heard elsewhere as well (from non-autists) that its somehow nefarious that people act differently with different people, like its something only psychopaths do to manipulate people.


>to deal with their complexity
Instead of doing that, think about why the heck you force yourself into fitting their schemes instead of simply doing your life.


am i going crazy or did i see this thread posted on the leftist board lainchan previously?


They manage it because they enjoy it. That's it, no big secret. We enjoy other kind of things so we prioritize those over normalfag business. Humans aren't the same. Normals probably never had the negative experiences we had when it comes to dealing with people or they react completely differently to things that upset us.

Nobody is retarded on this site more than your average normalfag, you people just have social anxiety and low self esteem. In other words, you are really scared of what others think of you and how they perceive you so you can't ease up in social situations.


File: 1677449794493.jpg (68.21 KB, 372x500, 93:125, Anthony of the Desert - ma….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Because they are hardwired to do so and you should stop trying to fall into their level, for your own sake.

Stop trying to fix anything, if you actually woke up from the normal standards you'd surely find deeper zones of yourself instead of running away from your potential due to the bootlickery of trying to blend amongst the normals.

Reject this way. Let them be the ones who torment theirselves on how to deal with you, honor yourself. Otherwise you'll just remain as a falied normal.


Remember the "hidden war" meme. Normies are not there to be befriend you, they are kind of predators for you.


Op here, this is the only place I’ve posted


Whoops wrong thread


I've always hated that. Why cant everyone just be consistent?


What do you mean, you people?


People on this site who think they are dumb because they can't ease up in social situations. They just have social anxiety or low self esteem.


File: 1677974336654.jpg (24.92 KB, 600x345, 40:23, kid getting choked meme.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why can't you just use this in your favour or simply piss off?

I learned to ease up by making others anxious. Like flipping off the omelette and reversing roles… all you need to do is to crush their mindframe with an opposite one. If you fall for their values and norms, like wanting to blend in, you are lost.


dunno. i only talk to random people while drunk, then i never see them again. i can't form relationships. i don't trust anyone


You know exactly what it means. Most people on this site are invisibly breaking the rules


in a "normal" situation growing up everyone around you is roughly the same level socially
you think the same cringey things but they aren't cringe to all the people your age because thats just how everyone thinks
you "mature" together at roughly the same pace, all making the same mistakes at the same time and refining the social game to play it better
if you missed out on this learning experience through whatever reason you are 9 times out of 10 fucked and will never reach that level of social skill as everyone else
they are far too advanced for you, they know it immediately when speaking to you that you are "different"
they expect you to be somewhat near them in social skill because thats what everyone else is like and if you aren't they dont want to engage with you so you have little chance of ever improving.
you are not allowed to make the mistakes you make because thats something you should have done when you were a child not an adult and you need to make lots of those mistakes to refine social skills

All of this said though if you are naturally retarded in social situations you were never going to have normal social skills in the first place.


>if you missed out on this learning experience through whatever reason you are 9 times out of 10 fucked
theres no evidence for this, despite it being a popular belief on this site. its a self defeating self perpetuating belief. you can do whatever you want with dilligent practice, many of us seemed to prefer to give up. thats not on slow development, thats on giving up.


or I am an exceptional 10%er, but that doesn't gel with my experiences.


they dont have any sort of fear or feel like their dignity is at strike in these situations, making them immune to social shame or think about betrayal in a way that they would feel specially bad about it.


It's true, at least for me. I tried to get better at social interactions, to get rid of social anxiety, I tried hard. I tried to 'fake it til I make it', to treat it as I would some sort of practical skill. Normals have a gut feeling for fakes. It is possible to feel less anxious while talking to them and even say what you actually think, but it is impossible for them to treat you as an equal, they just know you aren't like them.
Not to mention it is it soul crushing to talk to normals about shit you have zero interest in while they do and vice versa. It is draining and pointless.


My experience with being a social retard autist is that I don't know what to say unless I'm talking about something specific and that im unnecessarily overthinking when im supposed to talk because i cant be fluid and spontaneous. It seems like im also just unable to be casual, i cant do small talk and i cant banter. Im detached from normie culture so much that i really dont know what movies they watch or whats popular. Overall im irritating to people and they most likely think im completely stupid, retarded or on drugs.

I'm also extremely slow when it comes to noticing social cues, sometimes it takes me weeks or even longer and to realize what another person tried to imply because I take things way too literal a lot of times.

I've been trying to 'become normal' or at least able to socialize and it never worked, forcing myself in situations only helped me learn something about myself and after all it blackpilled me more than anything but in a rather freeing way. Once you have reached a certain age it just becomes clear that you most likely wont be able to fix your social retardation in the way you might hope to.


Honestly, even as a completely retarded autist I can socialize fine somehow. It's just a repeat of process

>They mention something from their life

>I reply with similar experience or talk about the subject in abstract
>They reply
>I reply
I don't even make eye contact.

But what I do when I don't like certain normies that antagonize me is I'm just completely silent and stonewall them. And nothing infuriates normies more than this, it fucks with their head for some reason. But I feel I have every right to do this.

Really, in life, you can socialize entirely on your own terms. And normies respect the stoic types that are somewhat indifferent to socialization, that can take it or leave it. The biggest thing is to ensure that you don't ever come across as desperate for socialization or desperate for validation, ever.


Gets better with age. Used to have this problem when I was in EMT school. I never started a topic on my own and just reacted to what other people told. Didnt tell much about myself because I was ashamed of my crabdom and not doing anything after school day. The field wasnt for me and I'm now in hvac trade school. No longer afraid to admit that I didnt do anything on weekends if someone asks. I also sometimes start topics about current events but on lunch break I'm completely fine just eating and browsing my phone. If someone has a problem with silence they can start conversation.

I think you just have to be comfortable with yourself and the amount you try.


We are all diseased, and the world isn't designed for us…. It's designed for the healthy cattle, who provide enough meat for the ruling elite. People with good enough genes manage well and have decent relationships, jobs, etc while defective people - with even minor brain differences - end up in isolation, watching from a distance.

There are two forms of death - Death number 1, and death number 2 or social death. We're all dead already.

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