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stuck in limbo edition

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it seems like everyone i work with has a girlfriend and it's killing me.


Well talking from my subjective experience in genuinely more productive when working at home, when I'm in the office I just want to get out of there as soon as humanly possible and doing absolutely nothing past 3 to get the duck out at 4:20, when at home I can keep working until 8pm or 9pm and not be that bothered about it.

Also some highly skilled people (I'm not) just plain refuse to work at the office, companies are losing talent just because they want to keep their workers as miserable as possible.


Fucking auto correct.


Also in my Cass is doubly retarded to go to the office because since my team is all remote, I keep working remote too, just sitting in some empty cubicle talking to no one in person.


I would type up a long response to your retarded ramblings but that would take too much time and you probably wouldn't read it anyway. Just be glad you don't work a difficult job for min wage for barely a fraction of what your labour is worth.


I don't know, I've only worked a menial job, this wfh shit seems like heaven though so I get why you're fighting for it.

I think it quite literally might be borderline impossible to fire wfhers, that's another factor. Workers don't know labour laws and businesses rely on being able to apply pressure in order to get rid of staff. If everyone works from home, then managers can't have a liquid labour force.


Pity them.
They spend portion of their income and free time on something that will only ever give a return on investment in the form of affection (overrated, just feeding into a craving you can overcome with stoic mind exercises) or offspring (what's the point of having kids these days, unless you have superior genes that you want to propogate?)


I just started work. My family wants me to work. I can't eat in the morning. I'm constantly nauseous. Sometimes I throw up before I leave the house. I also work on the weekend. It's like life is over for me.



NEET again. Got thrown away the same day I decided to quit. I wasn't really fired, because I've been an intern until now, but the boss said I am not fit for that job. I barely had any traning for fucks sake. The guy who was supposed to train me was busy while he was there and after finishing his duties he quit and left me hanging. They didn't treat me as an intern, but as someone who was supposed to know everything, despite me telling them i can't do shit I don't know how to do. Anyway, the feeling of freedom I felt after going through the exit door was incredible. It was my first experience in wageslaving and it made realize how deep and wide is the distance between me and normalfags, it is like we are different species whatsoever.
I am not sure what to do next. Perhaps I will try myself in the field i have studied for, but I don't have much hope for that.

Either way, it is better to starve and die than to live like a fearful slave, existing just to please an unpleasable cuntbag of a boss.


> I can't eat in the morning. I'm constantly nauseous. Sometimes I throw up before I leave the house.
I know that feel. Went through most of grade school like that before dropping out, and I still get it when I don't want to go into work some days.
Tell them how you feel. You'll be met with meaningless platitudes and maybe some "you'll have to deal with it" but it won't hurt otherwise.


I was always like that through school too. Even when i was like 10 years old


I just experienced the most brutal wagie humiliation at the gas station.

Their owner was in for whatever reason and ordering coffee's for his family. And this fucking sociopath purposely made his order as complex as possible, getting every different size, being vague on the order and then loudly shouting and mocking the old guy behind the counter at each "mistake". He intermixed insults like "getting a bit presumptuous you are, I didn't order" and "How long have you been working here". The old guy kept his calm and composure, but everyone else in the store was laughing at the spectacle. It was an entire flex and set up, the way he was bombastically shouting at this wagie to make a spectacle. Then he turns to gossip with the other customers in a normal voice.

Now I'm sitting at home with my coffee from the same gas station and it just fucking tastes bitter. I'll never go there for food, coffee, gas or anything again.


I keep wishing something like this happens in front of me. Everyone who has these anecdotes are so lackadaisical and timid in their response to what should spur unbridled anger and a desire for vengeance in any healthy male.
I'm not saying to either chimp out on the spot or do anything a psycho would, but something like putting up posters of the guy's face with a slanderous statement underneath or something. Maybe even pull out your phone and put the video somewhere online where people look for rage porn, at least.


wow that's awful
thankd god I never worked in the retail/restaurant field, I'm the type of person who'd easily lose their temper and just go freak psycho right there if some customer started to verbally abuse me like that, I'd probably grab some hot coffee right there and throw it straight in their face. I really hate people who have nothing better to do then to abuse minimum wage service workers.


You're partially right, but these people are far more happier than I am. If not, they can at least put up a front at work better than I do.

I usually don't like people but the fact that these arrogant retards at work who are older than me still act like immature highschoolers and have girlfriends/wives and I don't, is mildly infuriating to say the least.


>they can at least put up a front at work better than I do.

If normalfag men don't put up a front, then they instantly get divorce raped and end up that fat alcoholic middle aged guy that's on the path to a fentanyl death. succubi have the option of having daddy government, any sign of mental health issues that aren't callous sociopathy is met with a divorce. Normie men don't necessarily appear happy because they are happy, they appear happy because they have to be happy.

I've worked with one that held it together until he started drinking, and then it came out in a torrent and looked exactly like the suicide general thread.


I start my new job at the gas station today. Hopefully it won't be as bad as >>274242's experience. It's going to be a seven hour affair. I'll be on my feet for that entire time as well. These jobs are hell, and it's no wonder I didn't want to get another low wage job after I left my last one.


I remember hearing this story of some anon working at a gas station, everyone there was very pleasant to him or left him completely alone, except for ONE turbonormie. It went on like this as he worked at the place for a long time (a decade, maybe?). Eventually, he learned to ignore the one abusive customer's rants, as he basically liked the job save for that one bad turbonormie customer. At some point, eventually turbonormie just went off at him saying stuff like, "Why the fuck are you still working here?! This is a job for teenagers. Are you really that pathetic/useless/etc.?"


Any working class/blue collar wizards?


You should've said something.


He wanted his job


At least I read those books where it's told that breakfast should be avoided. Those books about fasting and detox diets.

What are you trying to swallow, milk and cereals, still?


Fine, but the pdfs at "healthcare" thread in endchan's /pdfs/ board about it might instruct you deeper about how to do it properly.
>The legendary warp wanings, man.

And these things are only for those whose energy and mental display is affected at unison. If you do not experience those things, you can jump the next level. Rebirthing.


File: 1679356430574.jpg (82.8 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1647126620909.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm about to get my license. I'm 25 and I've only been driving for a month. I got my handmedown shitbox fixed and now I have to pay car insurance, so… need a job. What did you wagies do when you first started working? I never went to college and I'm too autistic for the service industry, so I'm gonna have to apply for a physical job. Any ditch diggers here? What job search site (or app) do you personally use? Despite being a rotund fellow, I have the stamina for physical work, as long as I don't have to interact with normalfags much. I don't know how some of you can stand working in offices. Surely physical work must pay well, right? A job absolutely no one wants to do, since the average person finds interacting with fake people and doing paperwork in an air conditioned room a million times easier.


What do you think of the prospect of succubi with aging wombs starting to target you once you get to your upper 30's solely because you aren't a psychopath and have stable employment? You will be targeted to become a beta provider. Are you willing to resist, and if so, why?


this nigga was 12 when wizchan was made lmfao


like anything the pay varies with what type of work you are doing and how specialized and in-demand the skills for it are. In an industry like landscaping you are competing with the fact that people could just buy a mower and do it themselves, so there is a certain ceiling to how much money you can make. With something like plumbing though, if someone has a burst pipe or a broken toilet, they need it fixed right away and they won't know how to do it themselves. Same with HVAC. With all these jobs the deal is the same, you will need to interact with customers to do estimates, contracts, and collect payment, but during most jobs most people leave you mostly alone. I would not recommend doing any of them as an employee rather than a sole proprietor except for the minimum amount of time you need to learn the skills. The reason is it pays like shit. Much less than the average office wage slave. Only business owners make good money. If they are not teaching you skills quickly, complain. If that doesn't work, quit and find someone else who will teach you.


The first day of my gas station job was okay, albeit a bit long. I really don't want to go back, but I know once I'm done with training, I'll be getting shorter shifts. These 8 hour shifts are bad for m6y legs. I had just recovered from last day's work, and I have to go back in an hour and a half. I couldn't imagine myself working this job full time. If I don't get a better job, I'm going to end up depressed and behind because of the amount of rest I need from working.

I dread going back.


"resist"? when you hold sandpaper do you have to resist scraping your eyes out?


What are they gonna do? pin me down and make me marry them?


sex doll, robot gf, whatever.


That all sounds too complicated for me. I just want to be a cog in the machine, I dont want to start my own hvac company brother. I think I'm gonna apply to be a janitor. I just want a job where I do physical work, then clock in.


You vill marry Becky und you vill pay ze child support after she's stolen your life essence for her wombly endeavors.


File: 1679484251752.jpg (265.79 KB, 1128x1099, 1128:1099, 5cuy76u.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I don't see myself working anymore. I barely have the will to live let alone slaving for the next 10-20 years. I envy those american suvival types with the guns and self sufficient ways as i'm from europe so we are domesticated sheep that pay alot of taxes.


Same, I'm ending it by my next birthday if I haven't escaped the cage


How do you wageslave while having ADHD and no access to western wonder drugs? Got thrown out at the last job I was trying to get into. I am so inattentive, sloppy, always losing shit, forgetting shit, misremembering shit. And yet I have no way to alleviate this accursed condition. Caffeine? Not enough. Nicotine? Same. Even kratom didn't do much, although it takes anxiety away a bit. I am a mess, everything is blurry, like in a dream, while all the others can actually accomplish something, i am but a cruel mockery of male human adult.


Being a cog in the machine doesn't seem so bad, i kinda lack individuality so as long as i can work on my goal meanwhile i work as any of those jobs i guess im okay


File: 1679510163676.jpg (220.8 KB, 2179x2247, 2179:2247, da6d664fdec41885830fff151a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i got a job as security guard, i am forgetful and clumsy as well, there's no way to get fired from this job for being these things though, you basically get paid to do nothing all day
when i was interviewed i pretty much got hired on the sport despite having no employment history
make sure to stay away from security guard in a commercial area though, the company that hired me put me in a remote area between some hills, very rarely do i get bothered
the only people that i had to interact with are guys who work there at the start, but after a few months they've noticed that i'm asocial so they don't even bother saying hi anymore, which is preferable
besides that the only interactions that i have are with my colleagues who are old men (only old guys usually work this kind of job, young people stay away from it, which is good) at the beginning and end of my shift when we switch
i'm depressed so i do nothing all day but stare at the wall and talk to myself, browse imageboards and jerk off; if you wanted to do something fun with your time you could though, you could bring a laptop with you and watch movies/cartoons, listen to music, read etc., it's the "best" job for a wizard really


Sounds nice, I'm glad you've got such a great job. It is a bit different where I live, no such comfy opportunities, just nightmarish retail slavery all around.


I imagined that, being paid 15/hr, 72 hours a week, including overtime nets you over 60k per year, or over 5k/month, and the tradeoff is sorting, scanning, and working like a robot for 12 hours every day.
Honestly, I wish I could do something like that. I love sorting things, I have no social life or hobbies, and I'd save up enough in a mere few months to go to trade school full time to fast track a skillset for a better job.
In reality, warehouse jobs are still mostly physical labor, interacting with normgroids daily, and management has a damn near coronary if you mention overtime.


Security guard is a comfy job especially if you're put in a place where you have minimal social interaction.
you basically get paid to sit around and maybe sign in a few people here and there or watch the cameras depending on the location. Oftentimes you don't even interact with anybody especially if you're in some industrial park or guarding a warehouse. I highly recommend it, especially to wizards with social anxiety or recovering ex-NEETs who need a source of income. The job has a lot of benefits too, especially if you can bring a laptop with you. You could read books, write a novel, learn to program or take an online class, etc. It's basically a job that will pay you to work on whatever personal projects you want. No other job will really allow you to do that I think.


>interacting with normgroids daily
That's the only reason why I couldn't do something like that. At every warehouse job that I've done, the only real source of stress came from the normalfags that I had to work with. At my last job, there was a period when most people were on vacation and that was probably the most relaxing time I've had at a job. Employers could get so much more productivity out of schizoids like me if they just removed the shitty social aspects of their jobs but of course, they'd never do that.


I enjoyed sorting this, bringing order to chaos, even packaging shit was alright. But to load and unload trucks was nightmare. Had to deal with normalfag drivers yelling at me for using the loader wrong, for taking too slow, calling me retard and shit. I fucking hate normalfags.


For me almost any job would be fine if I could do it online from home and not do a lot of overtime.

But of course the destiny found the way to fuck with me so my job is 100% office even if I could do it entirely at home.


From what I've heard from a security guard, the older 50+ year old security guards that have been working there for 20 years hoard those comfy night jobs like their life depends on it. And if you're just starting, you have to eat shit and start on static security in a public facing position.


i wouldn't call any job great but it certainly beats being a modern slave


Day three on my gas station job. Pretty shit job. Tired of all the theatrics with "customer service". Standing for eight hours is not fun. No breaks either. I want to quit already. They couldn't even cut my hours since the week's schedule is already made. Working on your feet all day is so gross. The amount of work isn't worth it either. Not for 12.50 (barely) an hour.


I need a better paying job than my fast food gig, but I feel bad for my current manager. He can't raise payrates at all, and all he has to work with are school kids and niggers, while still being short staffed. Oh well, he should find a different company too, then.

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