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stuck in limbo edition

previous >>270132


I fucking hate working.


>always think about being at home while at work
>spend all my time away from work dreading going back to work
>work isn't even that bad
It hurts the most because I do it to myself.


>get new job
>Supervisor training me just blabbles non-stop
>blabbers about his personal life so much that within a week I know his full life history
>Non-stop talking to the point where it's giving me a fucking headache

One more week until I'm by myself. He's a nice guy, but holy fuck I just want silence.


Also I found out through his babbling that I only got the job because he had a hysterical crybaby and threatened to quit if they hired someone new earning more than him. So they dropped their standards and their wage and got an incompetent unqualified person (me).


Boss threatened to fire me if i take more sickdays, i just don't care anymore. So exhausted


File: 1676638460022.png (97.19 KB, 407x410, 407:410, surprisedPikachu.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I don't have enough workers, so if you take one more sickday, you're fired!
>Takes another sickday.
>Boss fires anon.
>Now boss has no workers.
>Shows up on local news to say, "No one wants to work anymore!"/"It's so hard to find work!"/"I don't get what's going on with this labor market!"


The worst feeling is how I feel exhausted the moment I wake up. Doesn't matter how long I sleep. I have not felt well rested in years. Last time I felt actually rested was when I was NEET long long ago


>permanent brain clog
>completely ignorant about detox disciplines

Yup. You are pretty much over just there.


The style reminds me of this somewhat


detox disciplines? What are those and how do they help? I fast every week if that's what you mean


This week I got told I'm being sacked. They said I can work until the end of the month. In fact it's the very day that I was hired a year ago. Not surprising since all these large companies that have been running off of debt for years have been doing massive layoffs.

The job is doing programming and devops stuff for a fortune 500 globohomo company. The pay is meh for the industry because it's entry level but still I've been making more than anyone in my family. Not that it was easy I had to go through 4 years of uni and 2 years of being a help desk slave before I could get a job like this, only for the tech industry to finally get its long-deserved correction.

But I could see it coming from a mile away so last year I started looking into a career change. But being me I procrastinated and never went through with anything. Well now I'll be forced to get off my ass and act, so it's probably for the best. Just hope I can get unemploymentbux for a while.

This is why I warned you guys not to bother trying to get into the software/IT industry. It was comfy while it lasted but the window has already closed.


I'm not sure why this anecdote is a reason not to get into IT. You make more than your family, you have an indemand skill, and you are being laid off, it's sad but imagine if the first two had never been true, you could still be facing layoff. And the difficulties finding a new IT job seem to go away after a few years experience.


this is my fav wizchan thread, beacuse working is literally the worse thing in existence to me.


People were saying the same thing during the dot com crash, there were lots of Gen X forklift drivers smugly going on about how Indians will soon be doing all that IT work for cheap.

Within three years they all ended up with a massive egg on their face as the industry totally rebounded.

You're working in an industry that doubles in size every ten years and that normies don't have the temperance for. You'll be fine.


>You're working in an industry that doubles in size every ten years and that normies don't have the temperance for. You'll be fine.
And up until now that growth has been fueled by almost free money being handed out to all these tech companies which has resulted in them growing far more than their profits would otherwise justify. Surely the industry will not die but from what I've seen it's been due for a huge correction and I don't see how it will rebound from it.

After the dot com bubble there was still a lot of ways in which the IT industry genuinely contributed to productivity, whereas now it seems everything is about polishing tech from the last 2 decades. There's still hype about AI and IoT but IMO it's way overhyped and even if it does take off it'll be concentrated in a small pool of specialists that'll require a PhD to get into. Not to mention there are WAY more experienced people in IT and even more who are always trying to bust into entry-level. I just don't see it being nearly as worthwhile as it once was.


File: 1676663441286.jpeg (27.06 KB, 236x419, 236:419, f57cb1b0c00cf4e69b541a6b8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I need advice on how to asses my work-load, sleep deprivation, time lengths.
I CAN (I know I shouldnt)work 120 hours a week+sleep 2 hours a day. For how many months\years,should I do that?
does investing work, or is it an (((scam)))? Should I renounce,give up, some of my dreams and goals that are very expensive,so I dont need to -have- so much money thus needing to -work less-??


I CAN (I know I shouldnt)work 120 hours a week+sleep 2 hours a day. For how many months\years,should I do that?

A number close to zero


I'm doing a comp sci degree currently but I dont really care if the tech sector gets way worse or whatever. I find it genuinely interesting to study and would do so regardless, as far as money goes i couldn't do much worse than I'm doing now anyways, so even if the pay drops dramatically even a mid tier job would still be a massive improvement from my current circumstances


Need a job that pays 150k per year, any suggestions?


I also did it originally because I had an interest in it on top of having the best career prospects at the time. But seeing how it actually works in the industry killed most of my interest. By the time I was actually getting paid to stare at lines of code all day I hated it. If you want a better chance of getting a job I'd recommend avoiding webdev which is full of normalfags looking for easy money. And it's soul-crushing work as well.

IMO the best path without going to grad school is to study low-level programming including PLC since there aren't many people who know it anymore and the way things are going there'll be a lot more needed to program assembly lines, robots, etc. It's also more interesting since you actually work with the fundamental of computers instead of mashing together a bajillion javascript frameworks. I would have done that if the fucking corona lockdowns hadn't cancelled all the robotics classes.


File: 1676679521981.jpg (580.38 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 1639242786205.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Obligatory new thread blog post.
I'm working at my shitty gas station job only about one or 2 days a week now, which is great, but I work the graveyard 9-10pm-5-6am and it just wrecks me for the rest of the week. I known I'm bitching about only working some 20 hours a week but this is the place for it so fuck you.


Nightshift where you have extended periods off is the worst job you can have for your health. You're just shocking your body constantly. You either want to quit or get up to 40 hours a week so you never break the routine.


I was drinking 7 strong coffees a shift last time I was there. I'm the biggest nightowl but this job has soured my taste of the night. Even communism garbage is starting to look good compared to this.


I can kinda relate, I'm working IT too and they just told us to go back to the office for no reason, commuting is worse than hell and honestly I would have been happier if I was told that they're getting rid of me because in my country you get 3 months of severance pay when they do that.

I'm honestly thinking about quitting and just be a NEET for a year or something, I didn't even want this job but my parents forced me to do it.


>about how Indians will soon be doing all that IT work for cheap.
That's actually true, not indian but a 3rd world shithole, people like me get hired because we're competent enough and way cheaper than US workers, with a US worker wage you could probably hire 7 or 8 devs here.


I think I'd love nightshift and applied for a late night STMS job where I just drive around filling in potholes and checking on roadworks, but I think that if I start doing that garbage I may never stop. And I'd sink further into isolation.


I get jealous and angry seeing people online constantly bragging about their six figure salary. I guess I browse shitty websites filled with shitty people (imageboards). But it sucks being poor and not even being able to afford a decent lurkan machine or a video game console to mitigate the pain during the weekends.

I know a lot of it is exaggerated bullshit, but it still gets to me kek.


A lot of people get into massive debt to buy those things, my coworkers are the same, they buy expensive IPhones, IPads, MacBooks, Cameras and other stupid crap just to have their dopamine shot while they're drowning in debts and unable to save a little, literally every single cent they make is going back to the bank to pay CC debt.


I know, I actually have a sister who between her and her husband, make like $200,000 a year and she was always constantly whining about how broke they are. Well, at least they did back when I knew them. Moving to a new bigger house every three years, insisting on buying flash new cars, holidays away.

I'm sure they've cracked it since I've seen them (It's been like five years and we don't talk). But being a poor borderline minimum wage wagie and just hearing her cry non-stop about being broke was too much.

I don't know


You don't need a 6 figure salary to have a sick gaming PC or for a console.

Where do you live, Brazil?



I never said I did, I just said being so broke I can't afford a good lurkan machine sucks ass.


You must live in South America or something because any wagie here can afford any electronics they want.

I could buy a new gaming PC every month with the money I have left over after rent and bills.


File: 1676691103163.jpg (44.51 KB, 713x711, 713:711, FoFLeTZXwAAE5Nl.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I can do it, so everyone can
You're a special case. Most every young male in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Britain, and much of Western Europe are either struggling to make ends meet, or have no disposable income. Even those who are debt free.

Now I've made good money before doing hard labour, and during those times I was able to live by myself and buy whatever I needed to live comfortably and on the bleeding edge of vidya capability, but making minimum wage or even 20% above it still lands a single male around the poverty line after taxes.

I think you're either mislead yourself about the reality of what the average guy is making, or you're being misleading yourself to taunt random anons.


I consider everything non-US poverty tier, which it is.

Canada is expensive, so is Western Europe with high cost of living. UK is almost on par to Poland.

US is cheap with high wages if you go to the right cities.


>US is cheap
No it isn't retard, that's why remote workers are flowing to Mexico, Vietnam and other cheaper countries.


Relative to the wages here, yeah it is. Any entry level job here can let you live in your own apartment and if you can't afford an apartment by yourself, you could just get a roommate.

My entry level job gives me enough money to do whatever I want. Whether that is buying the most expensive electronics available, investing, etc.

I'm below the average wage here, yet I live in absolute luxury that any brown turd worlder would dream about.

Also, nobody wants to live in Mexico.



Such a bad troll, fuck off.


>I totally can get my own apartment,money to invest and tons of overpriced electronics while working at Starbucks! Trust me brahs.


File: 1676702489225.png (1.23 MB, 998x838, 499:419, 1580903941252.png) ImgOps iqdb

I make fast food. I wish I was just put in a room, alone, with all necessary equipment and ingredients within, a monitor to display current orders, and a conveyor belt leading out. In that room, the lighting would be dim, there would be absolute silence, save for any audio I'd like to play from my phone, and a single settee upon which to rest when I'm not making food.
I think the biggest gripes I have with work is there's too much light, there's too much noise, people want to interact with me, there are bugs, there are no chairs, and I have to listen to the same fat retards ask for their daily pile of goyslop, in their fat retard stumbling and mumbling and exaggerated ghetto/country drawl over a drive thru speaker every minute.
Besides these things, I enjoy my work, I excel at it, and I wouldn't mind working even 70 hours a week.


File: 1676740691953.gif (1.14 MB, 540x304, 135:76, ass smack.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>get job interview cause I can't be a neet forever, I have to eat to live and food costs money
>interview is virtual
>get disconnected for no reason while in the middle of talking
>"The host has removed you"
>send emails and try to contact the host to explain what happened so hopefully they can let me back on the interview
>no response
Why do I even bother


He said entry level not dead end level


Lol, sounds like they ghosted you mid interview. Do you think you were making a good impression until then?


Not really since my mic was fucked up at first


I've stopped giving a fuck about job interviews


How uncouth. Those rude normalfags will get their comeuppances.


It's ridiculous
"Oh I've always been passionate about making spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel"
Doubt it and I honestly don't even care cause I knew I probably wasn't gonna get the job I just wanted to whine about it


I have $4 in my bank account :(


it feels really weird when upper management greets you by your name, when you barely ever see them, sometimes not even knowing their name
and it's always weird when some manager PRETENDS not to know your name, even though they used it numerous times beforehand

it's just a way for them to make sure you know your place
>i know your name, be honored, i've graced you with my acknowledgement
>im gonna pretend that you're a stranger, just so that i can fire you at will any moment


File: 1676818209258.jpg (491.09 KB, 500x760, 25:38, 1676814953010501.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thank you wiz, I'm downloading this anime immediately


Cool, hope you enjoy it


File: 1676952314198.jpg (44.22 KB, 612x408, 3:2, istockphoto-1145610108-612….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Have to get steelcaps for work
>Work agrees to pay for them
>Get driven down during worktime
>Coworkers all standing around and telling me to hurry up
>Faggot shoestore owners have one guy having to work 30m out back to grab the next increment size up
>After trying a few on, rush and think it's good enough
>week later
>Crippling knee pain

I'm fucking sick of this happening to me, I can't help but rush in shoe stores if it's done during worktime. I like to try up to like 10 to get the perfect pair, I'm going to be in the things for a full year.

Can someone give me some protips on some decent workshoes? I'm after something that's good for truck driving, lots of walking and manual handling in a factory setting. I used to buy Grisport Italian, but they don't stock them anywhere here now and I don't want to try online.


File: 1677023487673.jpg (33.59 KB, 600x449, 600:449, 1668436812865015.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I totally forgot how much I fucking hate work, this shit kills me completely; I'm not smoking cigarettes daily with loads of sugar and barely any sleep just to cope. I feel like I'm dying and I can barely eat all for barely even min wage. I'm going to kill myself soon definitely. I fell onto a curb while riding home from work and almost lost my teeth hours ago. imagine how many bracrabs I've lost from this shitty job already


Lol at brai ncells word filter


Bracrabs sound like a disgusting form of cooties that wizards have a natural immunity to.




i am losing bracrabls rn




this image is just sad.
that monkey has been raised to emulate human behaviors, making him neither a monkey nor a human.

no wonder they lash out at their owner later. they basically have been stripped out of any sort of identity.


He's just cooking some eggs. Just an egg cooking boy.


This is >>272582. Yeah you are completely right. Yesterday I refused to take any additional work after two new colleagues GHOSTED the workplace after their first workday. Hilarious. It really made me smile how the team leader felt completey shit on. So i took another sickday and my boss just kept looking at me, it's not long before i'm fired. I'm glad though, i cannot function here anymore.

Yeah love the style. I feel like the salaryman working for a "pretty little home/appartment" and it's just not worth it in the end.


There are no happy endings


Get the Walmart herman survivor ones, they're easy to break in, cheap and they last


I will forever be bewildered by the absolute cuckold mentality so many middle managers have. They will do half an hour overtime each night doing paperwork and not charge it because top management doesn't want anyone working OT. This guy works through his coffee breaks every single day and often misses lunch because "we're that much under the hammer".

I'm driving home and just look out shaking my head in my car as I pull out of the driveway and go home.


Thinking of just fucking off to Thailand to teach English. Any TEFL guys here? Non native English speaker btw, I'd like to move either to thailand or any asian country really


usually, middle managers have the desire to climb the ladder and have % bonuses for attaining objectives fixed by the higher ups.
whereas, the workers have a fixed amount salary. so no incentive to work after the clock's out.


File: 1677173848627.jpg (357.27 KB, 1200x1524, 100:127, 1654624044911.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Had to work from 8am to noon today
>Back for my "shift" from 4pm until midnight
>Will have more work tomorrow and through the weekend
The shit we do to get by.
I was so tired I called my family to say high since we usually get together on Fridays. Turns out it's still Thursday.

On a positive note, I'm finally a landowner. Straight up, I own a plot of land now… 1/5th of an acre.
I'm hoping to develop and rent it out for some additional income.


usually, but not always. I know for a fact in supermarket retail, middle managers are on like an extra $2-$3 an hour. Where I've worked once the middle manager was literally earning the same wage as me, I knew this because he'd blabber non-stop about every detail of his personal life.


Rejected again. Why is there still a societal expectation to work when the world has no need of us? When will the stupid charade of this world fucking end


The gap in my resume just gets bigger but nobody ever calls. It’s a vicious loop. Not even mcwagie places want me because my work history is abysmal and I can’t do anything to correct it.


Just lie. Mention places that went bankrupt, i bet there are alot.>>272889


File: 1677415099426.png (21.84 KB, 999x274, 999:274, Screenshot_231.png) ImgOps iqdb

I mean look at this shit, what the fuck is this?
>basic bitch monkey work any dumb fuck off the street could do
>looking for 2 people
>200 applicants
>posted in fucking January
>notice still up
My current job is literally the exact same fucking job. I am fully qualified to do it. I'm young, in good health, I speak perfect english and I live 20 minutes away. Why are they allowed to do this? Why are these retarded fucking businesses allowed to treat recruiting like it's fucking tinder, rejecting perfectly capable people in the fucking hundreds in hopes of finding some mystical chad floor scrubber? Alternatively why are HR cunts allowed to earn a salary for sitting around uselessly posting bullshit job notices to justify their own existence?


>>basic bitch monkey work any dumb fuck off the street could do

bruh, that IS the problem. it's about supply and demand. if there's 200 applicants then they can afford to be picky and they can lower the wage to minimum. also, they probably already hired someone but keep the ad up so they can collect applications. they might call you in like a year after everyone else quits on them.

the less people that can do the job, the higher the wage and less competition when getting hired. use your time to gain a marketable skill otherwise you're competing with every "basic bitch monkey off the street".


I shake my head when I see people saying things will be great when the baby boomer generation are gone. The next generations are even worse. They were raised thinking everyone is a special snowflake. This is the world they are making. No more simply showing up willing and able bodied. Oh no that's unacceptable for the snobbery. You gotta do half dozen rounds of interviews to dance like a monkey to prove how uniquely special you are to grace their presence for an interview. Their whole life it built on propping up this false sense of worth. They collectively can't drop the charade otherwise it's all laid to bare nobody is any more than a worthless git who all got handed participation trophies.


Would you guys recommend applying for a bank cashier job?


Highly dependent on what your desired career path is. If you do a year of it you can claim to have customer service experience and apply to some gay "white collar" (no money lmao) occupation with a bachelor's degree.


by the time you learn any skill it will be replaced by AI at this point,just give up and start neetmaxxing early so you can avoid pain later on


File: 1677442191721.jpeg (38.5 KB, 481x500, 481:500, cain abel,tiziano.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

How much do I have to wageslave now so I dont wageslave later?
I have a "special level up" in store for me…Shall I live longer than my parents (inshallah), I will access a special disabilitybuxx pension which is rather significant +inheritance +pity help from my relatives who are richer than my nuclear family.
how do I pace this? what retirement fund shit, pension shit, etc. shall I take unto an account?


I unironically don't think you'll be able to retire in the future anyways. Rent, utilities, housing and everything else will rise up in price so hard. You'll lose your money fast and quick before you can even think.


I will inherit an apartment.
I am honestly training myself to survivalmaxx to go without them


>How much do I have to wageslave now so I dont wageslave later?
Enough to kill yourself because that's the only way to do so. Inflation and supply shocks will make it impossible with money. The only thing you can do is specialize in a certain line of work that will be less shitty to do, assuming it will still be in demand in the future.


>I will inherit an apartment

People are living to 100 years old no problem now.

Enjoy being 70 years old and finally enjoying your apartment.



File: 1677459990103.png (1.11 MB, 874x656, 437:328, 78968957.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I've been working this under the table job since last summer and its been cool, but it sucks having a boss with kids because there's like a whole dark week during winter vacation since he has to watch his brats. And he just texted me earlier today telling me he caught the flu, so probably another week of nothing. I have less $2k now, savings included, I dont think I can afford another week with no work




Today I will not go to work. I'm done. Life's slavery and I'm tired of it. I will die in peace.


I DEFEND living happy with my parents still alive
whats that? you think I, a Celibate,can be mocked?


File: 1677517264188.png (142.91 KB, 582x685, 582:685, 956845634.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone else have to lend money to their parents? My mom calls me every month begging me for 200-500 bucks, and it's driving me fucking mad. What am I even working for


does she gamble anon? I used to feed my mom money to lose. she would steal my bank card and pawn things I own. she would "pay me back" by giving me a little back only to steal it from me within a day and blame me for not hiding it better if I complained


File: 1677518817813.jpg (170.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1676492050189198.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My view was always I'd have to drop at least 100k towards the end of their lives so they could stay at home, but my parents don't siphon money like that. If my mom asks for something it's a one-off thing. You should talk to her about her outgoings to see if you can help



File: 1677547823421.png (342.18 KB, 394x394, 1:1, 1570931981662.png) ImgOps iqdb

Got let go 6 months ago and I'm broke as shit, first paycheck from my new wagekekkoldry is late april, I have to survive like 50 days with 0 cash.
On the upside there's a university with a gym for showering and other facilities and a farm that I've gotten free food from before.
On the downside, I'm going to be pretty far behind on bills.
I'll post again if I do survive.


April is tax season.. You may be eligiable for a return, which if you were working full time could be a hefty sum. When I got laid off after a 9 month stint at a factory I got back about 2K USD and that helped a lot. And if you're employed right now, proof of employment is usually enough to get a payday loan, or even sub-1k credit card from your bank. If the card is available I recommend it but only use it in an absolute emergency. If 3rd world then crumbs, maybe steal a 3-wheeler and sell it for scrap to buy yourself some socks if need be.


>I just get a bullshit job stacking shelves at a supermarket for the rest of my life and be blocked out of any meaningful advancement?
This is how the elite feel about actual wageslaves. Your everyday life would be an unbearable torture to them.


Everyone at my job suddenly seems to treat me like a leper. Its strange because it happened so suddenly.
Before people seemed neutral or even somewhat positive towards me, but all at once there was a shift. Literally overnight one day thing seem normal then the next day everyone at works seems extremely avoidant and uncomfortable towards me, like avoiding eye contact, staying further distances from me. The people who have to deal with me seem like they're extremely strained whenever they have to talk to me, and people other departments outright refuse to talk to me, they'll ask for someone else instead or if they see I'm the only one available they'll just wait until someone else is available, even when they call they'll instantly ask me to talk to someone else instead.

Even my boss seems to be under extreme stress whenever speaking with me, like it's this arduous task taking all her willpower to not run away. Whenever anyone finishes talking to me they seem relieved to get away as soon as possible.

I wish I knew why this is happening, but whatever it is in doubt anyone would ever tell me. The only real option I have is to simply stop caring.


I feel bad for you. Bitch ass normanfaggots and their bitch ass clique bullshit, I fucking hate this primitive simian crap. Always gotta do this sort of thing, retarded monkeys


>I wish I knew why this is happening,

Everything you describe is the textbook description of what workplace bullying and slander looks like, to a T. If you enter a room and suddenly everyone stops talking, then someone is talking absolute shit about you.


I got fired. I'm off to the police to see what the problem is in a second. Good thing I was doing my usual hustle of collecting welfare during the first few weeks of work and just double dipping lmoa.

I refuse to do that menial shit work. It's not that I'm above it, it's just that I don't do it while other people don't. I'd help pick up trash on the side of the road if it was a job shared by society, not if it's just me the idiot doing it and making minimum wage while people earning twice as much as me drive on past.

I don't know, I might leave for overseas. I really can't escape my past, no matter how much I try.


Okay, the plot deepens. I went to see the police officer and they were like ????. He said to my face "we had no objections to your application".

My boss basically threatened me to resign or they'd charge me for lying and charge me for all the training and work gear. I stupidly signed my resignation and then afterwards, when the police did clear my name, my boss said "yeah well, you've already resigned".

Here's what I don't get. I literally performed the job well, they're short staffed, I turned up every day without complaint. And then yesterday it was like the supervisor and the boss just turned dark on me and it became a mission to get me out of there. I'm actually a gregarious little fuck when I have to be to get by with normies, so it wasn't a case of autist standing out.

The cop was pretty angry and said the way I was being treated was unfair, my family was livid and I'm just like ?????. It's one thing to be forced out of a job for being shit or awkward, it's another to be forced out when you perform the role well without complaint and when they struggle to get staff.


Maybe it was a shit test. Boss accuses you they found something on your background check to see if you'll fight it or not. If you insisted it was a mistake until the last moment, you'd pass, but now you've implicitly confirmed that there's something shady in your past that you didn't disclose. A truly clean person wouldn't resign.


>If you enter a room and suddenly everyone stops talking, then someone is talking absolute shit about you.

Yup this, the way he describes it really seems like a classic example of people talking shit behind ones back. They behave like they know something he doesn't and that 'something' is whatever weird shit they talk about him when he's not around.

Workplace bullying is just so fucking retarded, why can't normies not even just go to work without bringing their social ritual chimpanzee bullshit with them.


Is there any recourse? It may be illegal what your boss did


Oh it's definitely illegal, I contacted them saying I definitely am rescinding my resignation (Something you can legally do in this country) and they started shidding and pissing their pants trying to hold meetings with me.

Family told me to get hold of lawyers and I'm doing so. They could've utterly financially devastated me by making me ineligable for welfare for a resignation. I'm going to hit the point home that they're going to have to find another reason to lay me off.


I don't think its bullying really. No one is mean to me at all. They're nice but just seem extremely put off by my presence which makes me think suspect some rumour or something else that they think but wont tell me. Ah well


Jesus, that's insane. I'm sorry you're being treated this way and I hope you get resolution. Who knows, maybe you can sue and make big money after all this


I got half way through a meeting with the free lawyers and realized I just couldn't be assed. I already got a week's payout in wages from them and I'm collecting NEETbux again.

It's at the point now where if normies don't want me working, I won't be working.


>I don't think its bullying really

Business Management degrees actually include education on the signs of workplace bullying. The scenario you describe is pretty much the textbook scenario for gossiping and slander. I've seen it, one worker incessantly bleated about this one guy behind his back for hours on end. He'd go out drinking with the young boys, and just for 2-3 hours straight go on about how so and so is a pervert and how so and so is secretly gay. Young people are gullible idiots so they go along with it, and then it spirals from there.

Yes, business managers are trained to recognize the signs, and no, they often don't give a fuck.


File: 1677736234402.jpg (27.97 KB, 576x432, 4:3, 8767.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Walked off my job yesterday. I'd been working three twelve-hour shifts a week there for about three months, the last few weeks had consistent fourth shifts of twelve. I was so burnt that I used all my mulligan days getting out of last week entirely, then I walked in today and was instantly soaked in misery and foot pain as if I'd never left. I put in half a shift, turned my phone on airplane mode and went home at lunch without saying anything so they'd get overloaded and have to throw management on to cover me. Fuck them all. Most stressful job I've ever had and the money didn't justify it, I liked the hours when I could work my ass off a couple of days a week and spend the rest doing what I wanted but I'm not getting worked to exhaustion for weeks at a time to get paid shit and feel like shit even when at home.

I'm so alienated and pissed off after that I'll probably get some retail position or mcjob just to mess around and squeeze rent out of them for a few weeks. I never worked anything like that so I might as well go as low as possible just so I'll be instantly waved in and that much more able to walk out if some faggot supervisor thinks he can power trip. I did jobs "right" and got burnt for it so I foresee a lot of hour-long bathroom breaks, deliberate ignorance of company policy and using a phone in a corner in my future.


How much were you getting paid? I'm considering one of those "fast paced environment" factory slave jobs on a similar schedule, but only because it's $22/hr, as opposed to my current minwage mcjob.


There are a lot of jobs out there that I'd feel like it'd be fucking perfect…if I could just put in half as many hours. I'd be O.K. with the lower pay. It's just the constant gogogogogogogo bullshit even when you're off of work–fuck that.


>then I walked in today and was instantly soaked in misery and foot pain as if I'd never left.

You're unironically probably better off living in a forest in a hut, living on scraps, than working a job like that, regardless of your money. You're doing some permanent damage.

Have you ever thought about what you'll be like at 70 if you keep that up? Why do you think burnt out workers in their 50s are all obese with crippled legs? It's because their legs fuck out from being on concrete floor and work boots 12 hours a day and they literally can't move.

Every video you see of an old hermit like Kaczynski, and you'll just be shocked at the relative agility of their movements. Do you see any of those forest tribesman waddling around with fucked knees at 50? Or even 60 for that matter,


I work an overnight job where I can't go home until the next shift shows up, but they won't stop hiring niggers and drug addicts to work the morning shift so it's always a crapshoot whether they bother showing up at all, let alone on time. I end up working an extra two hours every week because of this. How many times does my manager need to be woken up at 6am to cover a shift because the latest illiterate nigger hire called off without notice before she starts hiring human beings?



do you at least paid for this extra time?


I cant take it anymore. Customer service is one of the rings of hell. When I first got this job I was so elated to have a job where I dont have to do physical labor or bust my ass the entire shift. After nearly 2 yrs I realize now that its actually far worse. Its psychologically straining especially for wiz types this is actual torture. I find it difficult to describe the way it destroys my soul, especially since I have to deal so often with people facing tragic circumstances. I dont feel good asking payment from someone who just lost a family member. I don't feel good having to call someone and talk to them about payment when their home just burned down. I dont feel good having to read off policy to someone who had a kid who committed suicide. Even the times that dont involve such situations is still draining, having to talk to 50 or 100 different people a day is just not healthy for your psyche.


I had the same problem when I worked at a gas station. Fucking trash coworker would consistently show up extremely late so I'd be stuck staying over. What really pissed me off is he was openly dealing drugs out the store, people always showed up and saw me working and got disappointed and desperately asked me when my coworker would show up so they can buy drugs from him. It didn't take long for me to realize many times the reason he was late was because he was out in the parking lot selling to his customers, meanwhile I'm just sitting at the register 50 minutes after my shift ended dealing with a long line.

I finally had enough one day when I called my boss and they didnt pick up and it was 15 minutes after my shift ended. There was a huge line of people, I told them im off the clock and walked out the store. I'm guessing a lot of snacks got stolen but I didnt care anymore. Boss left a note saying "dont leave until next person arrives" but didnt ever directly confront me,or address the asshole who keep showing up late. I quit shortly after that.


File: 1677801416093.jpg (80.92 KB, 522x629, 522:629, high salary.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A year of exp should have been enough to start swapping job, what the hell are you doing?


Trying to change into different industry. I want to get into tech but it's a bit difficult,the only jobs that I get call backs from are for help desk positions that pay significantly less than my current job and would mean losing benefits. But I certainly am looking to do something else. I dont want to have customer interactions at all at this point all I want is a job where I deal with no one or at least only the same group of people every day.


this is actually the secret. Unless you're on track to a $30 an hour career through advancement keep switching up.


Pretty sure the Jabba the Hutt "succubus" who was harassing me got fired.

I work overnights at a grocery store. I'm alone for most of my shift. There's still bullshit, but I can ignore it most of the time.


I love how people just goes "just change your job lmao" when bad things happen, maybe that could work when you're a full stack developer with 20 years of experience, but for normal people trying to change jobs is literally a coin toss where you could end with a far worse outcome or keep jumping jobs until you find something half decent while avoiding starving every time you jump.


Starting from monday I will become a wageslave for the first time in my life. Thanks to my cousin who pointed me towards this job offer and who put a good word for me.
It is a warehouse based slavery, gonna deal with bathtubs, toilets, tiles and whatnot. I don't expect myself to succeed, but I've got no choice. Holy fuck it is horrifying.


Okay, so I've found out that work isn't this place where the supervisors above you are totally in charge at all times and dictates things. There is a narrow range of prerogatives they have, specifically relating to the tasks in the employment contract.

I also found out "meetings" have an underlying legal infrastructure and they're their own thing. Being called in for a "Meeting" in a different thing than being told something on the work front.

Here's my plan for getting back into employment from this
>Go to the free legal lawyers, tell them what happened, say I'm over it but I want help knowing what I can legally put on a CV and knowing what I have to write on contracts and not.
>Finding out everything I need to know about privacy laws, being able to record phone calls
>Finding out if you can decline calls and instead get information fed via email
>finding out laws around redundancy, termination of contracts and resignation.


File: 1678024817367.jpg (23.8 KB, 295x289, 295:289, car.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Could this be the solution to our limited range of employment?
>also a nice cover in case of nearby homelessness


File: 1678025795676.jpg (9.9 KB, 310x163, 310:163, If you shut the door to al….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>swap jobs bruh
Well, you are not supposed to leave the former without starting the next. Just saying.


youll do fine
no one truly gives a shit about you
so take it easy


Yes, but if you're spending more than $5,000 AND more than a quarter of your net worth on a car, especially a new one, you're smooth brained livestock and should probably be living in the back of some guy's tuff shed and working on a farm shoveling horse manure all day.


I just fucking hate this feeling of being super new on the job, going through some basic training while also dangling like a dead fish, like a ghost, like a dead weight. Wageslaves already working there doing staring and gossiping right away. It feels as heavy as the weight of the fucking world. And every fibre of your being screams at you run away, run away, run away. And that is not even the wageslavery itself.


>I just couldn't be assed.
idiot. jesus christ. you get handed a golden ticket and just throw it away. it wouldnt take long before the employer at least makes some sort of offer because they also cant be assed and know they fucked up


I know that now. When I was first making those posts I was a dumb and uneducated, with no knowledge of how courts and law shit worked. I fucking freaked out thinking them being a large corporation they'd just take me over the coals.

Plus it was the cops, family and others saying "you clearly can't handle court and it will stress you out". They were right, and I need to learn a lesson there and deal with my stress so I don't have this vulnerability.

The other thing is I have seen how a law suit is a death sentence for employment in a small town. The person that did it to someone I know now can't get any job apart from painting barrels all day.


I'm completely incompetent at my job I am constantly screwing up. No one takes me seriously but at least I dont mind laughing at myself either, makes it less painful. No one even gets mad at me, it's just expected that I'm gonna keep making stupid mistakes. Also I was late today, I got drunk and high last night and ended up only waking up 3 minutes before my shift started. I dont think I'm good at anything. It is what it is I guess


Well idk your country etc, but I'm in USA and actually I had a teacher in highschool who sued against the school she worked at. I dont know the exact details, but after she won the lawsuit, she kept working there and they tried firing her or otherwise mistreated her and she sued them again and won that lawsuit too. I just remember she was really nonchalant and didnt seem to five any fucks and could get away with anything because the administrators were too scared to confront her.


Well, teachers have the backing of some of the largest labor unions in the country, so that shouldn't be a surprise.


File: 1678245965553.jpg (36.6 KB, 450x800, 9:16, 4e242dbb3aa68a2dbfede59ae3….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Welp I just got laid off today boys. As part of restructuring or cost-cutting or whatever the hip term for it is nowadays, but my job was eliminated. It's a bit of a shock I won't lie especially since is the first time ever in my working life that's happened to me. Well I guess the fact that it was basically a work restructuring that eliminated my job and not something of my own fault, is at least a small comfort for me I suppose. Like I don't have to lie at future interviews when they ask me why I got fired you know. Guess I'll be applying for unemployment now and starting to look for other jobs. Thankful I got a shit load of money squirreled away and not a lot in expenses though so I think I'll manage. Will kinda suck not having anything to do for a while though. Any wizards here with experience in being laid got any tips for me? Like what helped you personally get through it and how did you cope?


>Will kinda suck not having anything to do for a while though
Whatever you do on weekends and holidays, do that.


Nearly a 40% raise after changing jobs I'm so happy


File: 1678304979651.jpg (10.41 KB, 325x325, 1:1, proxy-image.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> Any wizards here with experience in being laid


These past few weeks have gone by the fastest so far. I didn't even register February coming or going. I wonder how fast time will pass in the future, how much my mind will choose not to experience. I don't feel sad for my declining perception, but maybe I feel a little comfort in knowing the day will end faster, if only to begin again. I sometimes wonder if I got the freedom I wanted, what would I do with it? These days I feel like Id do nothing with my free time. I barely do anything after work these days anyways, besides rest and maybe a videogame. I am becoming more trapped each day.
I'd aught to at least finish reading through the bible, I said to myself that I was gonna do that, but always got distracted


Congrats wiz


File: 1678312636472.gif (49.97 KB, 200x208, 25:26, ce8c06f82d0e8561dd5f374ad4….gif) ImgOps iqdb


I got 15 days off and tomorrow i'm back to work. I just don't wanna go, I'll try to get NEETbux or rope.


Been fired twice, it's a little nauseating but nothing to cry over. I was more relived that I didn't have to wageslave anymore


What do you guys think about this article?
It was written by a normie but I thought it had some pretty interesting insights.


I think I'll get a security license soon, I like the boss fuck you aspect of always having another job, and it pairs well with my current industry track


that guy's books are so bad… the curse of high IQ, don't worry captain capitalism you don't have that problem.
>shilling for "capitalism" as if that's our current system in 2023


real capitalism has never been tried


try reading The Anarchy about the Dutch India Corporation, it has been tried, and we are moving away


>FED prints a bunch of money because ZIRP and/or because there's a recession caused by previous rounds of inflation.
>Cantillon effects increase income inequality.
>Marxists say this is capitalism's fault and the inevitable result of capitalism.
>Governments are justified to spend a shitton of money because Keynesianism.
>Increased deficits increase the interest rate.

Each time you pass, increase the deficit, increase income inequality, and increase inflation. Each time you pass, make sure everything becomes worse and worse and worse.

Source: https://wtfhappenedin1971.com/


you forgot to add that an increased interest rate means that people will default on their loans and lose their property. those who default will be those who cant find the money to pay interest on their loans (money not yet printed), and the problem is compounded by the fact that people are also borrowing (creating) less money. what happens is there is a mad dash to cover your own ass and take from a pool of money not big enough for everyone.


fucking retard the dutch india company is A LONG TIME before fractional reserve central banking


>fucking retard
Oh, I suddenly want to understand your position and don't want to double down on mine now.


Finished my first week working my first ever job as store warehouse overseer or whatever it is called in English. It was fucked up. The man who was supposed to teach me how to do shit fully retired yesterday and I have to learn everything by myself. He was teaching me for three days something that he himself learned in three months. Coworkers are two succubi, one is alright, the other one is a bitch. My boss is one strict witch and I wager she is gonna drink a lot of my blood in the days to come. She is a typical penny pinching business owner, wants me to do shit even when there is nothing to do, she will think of something ridiculous, like change order of the tiles in a stand (it is a bathroom wares store), just because, to keep me busy. Moreover, she wants me to do everything 'manly', installing shit, repairing shit, using screw drivers and other tools. I never signed up for this, it was supposed to be overseeing the warehouse, giving and receiving wares, noting everything down in a computer program. And I am not even working there officially yet, I am just a fucking intern.
And the worst thing, my cat marked the jacket I wore today with piss and I didn't notice it because my nose chronically running, so there is that.
I picked up this job because it was either this, dying of hunger or roping myself. Today has made roping seem like a good idea.


I already provided sources, make a Google search. Holy shit meme brain retard can't think and doesn't know anything but how to parrot shit. Real capitalism predated the neoliberal managed capitalism we have.


fire yourself and go eat at local church


It is Eastern yuuurop. Orthodox churches are nothing but businesses in my country. They don't give crap for free. Welfare, food stamps, there is nothing of the sort. You either born rich, work, or you die.


prison? go on a killing spree


>I already provided sources, make a Google search. Holy shit meme brain retard can't think and doesn't know anything but how to parrot shit.
You're so gracious and diplomatic. Wow. I really want to research and understand your position because you're so kind. I certainly don't want to spend hours finding every minute article on the Internet that contradicts you out of spite because of your behavior.


File: 1678555525337.jpeg (287.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 3361312.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

for the love of your life niggas,read this

> a different emphasis again is offered by Robert Myles, who argues that

in Matthew’s Gospel, the “accusing” question, along with the naming his mother, his four brothers and his sisters “stresses that Jesus has not
lived up to his household responsibilities and/or social obligations,” and
highlights his failure to enact the gendered role of “supplier of resources”
(Myles 2014, 160). In other words, the accusing question suggests that
Jesus has
been doing the work that was expected of him. Myles focuses
on the Gospel of Matthew, but the same reading could easily be applied
to the Markan text. The accusing question should be taken to mean that Jesus is
doing the job of being a


Title: The Refusal of Work in Christian Ethics and Theology
Series: Journal of Religious Ethics 2017-may 12 vol. 45 iss. 2

? Would this not mean that “work” is really two different, opposed phenomena—or else a single, self-destroying phenomenon?
John Paul avoids the contradiction by distinguishing between “work” and
“toil”: “the sometimes heavy toil that has … accompanied human work”
(1981, para. 9). Toil “accompanies” work, but it is not work itself. Toil exists
not only in difficult manual labor, but in the stresses of intellectual labor
and the demands of domestic labor. Yet he maintains that “in spite of all
this toil—perhaps, in a sense, because of it—work is a good thing for man”
(1981, para. 9). The distinction between work and toil in Laborem exercens
is another version of the distinction between work-in-its-essence and the
bad jobs that are the deformed version it often takes.
Author(s): Posadas, Jeremy


>>273810Therefore, humans’ use of Earth’s
materials and other economic activity ought to be structured so that they
allow everyone to pursue these things on an equitably full basis. Work
(wage-earning activities and unwaged domestic/care activities necessary to
enable their performance) is not inherent to or requisite for life-enhancing
joy, self-transformation, or deep solidarity. Rather, work exists because of the
brokenness of human life caused by sin, whether understood as an intraindividual or a social-structural phenomenon: humans find it nearly impossible to order our life together so that everyone can pursue life-enhancing joy,
self-transformation, and deep solidarity on an equitably full basis.35

Volf recognizes that such ascription of inherent value to work
comes “in spite of the lack of explicit exegetical support,” given what he himself characterizes as “silence” about it in the New Testament: “Only indirectly did [Jesus] affirm the need
to work: when he said that people will be judged on the basis of their efforts to satisfy
human needs of the poor… . The explicit New Testament statements about work view it
very soberly as a means of securing sustenance, not as an instrument of cultural
advancement” (2001, 93).


File: 1678601960536.png (114.04 KB, 467x220, 467:220, commercial-vehicle.png) ImgOps iqdb

I just discovered I like doing light commercial vehicle delivery work. The sort of thing like delivering milk to corner stores and loading them in, or delivering gas bottles around town.

I like the alternation between driving and light exercise, plus I'm left alone all day.


Seeing posts online that even senior software developers with many years experience in top companies cant get jobs anymore, or at least need to spend months making dozens of applications. People that have consistently worked as soon as they finished high school. The situation is absurd. Once you fall off the tracks there is no return. Seems like you need to play the rat race game religiously to keep up. Cant comprehend how normalfags have the energy and motivation to be such machines


>Oh hecking no the senior code monkey only makes 85k a year now instead of 125k a year or he has to wait longer than two weeks to change jobs


They can find jobs relatively easily, but those people reject anything that is not FAANG faggotry.


Kindness is not for illiterate retads


congratz wiz, you're gonna make it. i pray for stability in your job and many smiles from clients.


I'm so fucking tired of my job. I am a front facing customer service job. It's annoying because some days it's really quiet and not many customers or phone calls, but that just tricks you into a false sense of security. The moment you try to take a dump or a cigarette break suddenly theres 30 people walking in back to back and 45 phone calls. I play online chess a lot on my cellphone but it completely fucked my rating up because the minute I'm in a crucial part of the game suddenly I get floored with phone calls and customers and cant even look at the board and either lose from time running out or else I have like 2 minutes left on the clock and end up losing due to having to rush and making stupid moves.

It's so infuriating, I know it's not good but every time someone walks in the door or the phone rings I get extremely annoyed. I try to rush through interactions as fast as possible because I just want to get them off the phone/out the door ASAP.

Legitimately there are days where 2 hours pass and I dont get a single 2 minute period without another phone call or another customer. My last job (gas station) was even worse.

The memory that really sticks out to me got how fucked that job was, one day I walked in and started my shift at 1PM and had to use the bathroom. There was a long line of customers so I told myself I'd go right after I dealt with them all. 7 hours later, at 8PM, I was still standing in the same spot desperately holding it in, doing transaction after transaction. For 7 hours straight there was not a single pause in the rush of customers. Not 2 minutes, not even 30 seconds.

The fucked up part is that wasn't abnormal for that shift, actually it was pretty standard. 8 and a half to 9 hours straight of literally never ending customers. After a while I stopped seeing people as humans and start seeing them only as this abhorrent mass of flesh that is always craving newports, blunt wraps, budweiser, and scratch off tickets. It didnt matter how polite they were I grew to despise them with a silent intensity, this furious hatred where I wanted to spit in their ugly face and scream at them. Customer service is so dehumanizing.



I've kind of been interested in a job like this where did you find this?


If you scroll up in the thread you'll see that I'm the anon that got blackmailed and forced to resign. I took the job thinking not much of it, and then I found I loved the work.

I've found what I like, taken the massive L and now I'm getting back out there.


File: 1678694679325.jpg (118.18 KB, 740x960, 37:48, Might As Well Try Kil Me P….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

another week
just like the previous 100
and the next 100 and so on

im so stupid and useless and hate my life and my self

kill me pete


I don't want to work in 5 hours. I just want to keep playing video games then sleep.
Kill me, Pete.


I feel you man


File: 1678713316884.jpeg (129.05 KB, 890x501, 890:501, trump red tape.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

is it worth it working 120 hours a week for years?
Seriously.I can use polyphasic sleep to sleep 2.5 hours a day , for exercise I can do brutal HIIT (40 sprints in 30 minutes, then 10 minutes of burpees and weight lifting HRLW)
I can eat while working ,and work in full lotus pose.
I work from home on my laptop


and why would you do that?


to be Upper Class?


Gonna be homeless in about a month. Kind of sucks but I have family I can stay with etc


I need a job or else. All the jobs in my career area fucking area that I can apply for involve traveling. Crazy. I might have to do this again. I know it's better than nothing, but I really didn't want to travel again. I had a bad experience with a screwdriver and now I've been scarred ever since. Screws are my enemy, in fact. I haven't known a screw hole that wasn't poorly designed.


Obviously not, even if it were possible to work such ridiculous hours


why are going to be homeless?


Work smarter, not harder. Rich people don't work that much LMAO


My roommates are all moving and I cant afford a place by myself. Also I dont have much reason to stay in this town so I'm leaving too


you should start camping and riding trains


Sounds cool


its exciting but difficult. it will put hair on your chest


File: 1678752743991.mp4 (2.98 MB, 720x720, 1:1, train ride 2.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Sorry to hear that, but being homeless sucks. I wouldn't advise anyone to go through with it voluntarily. I don't think you'd enjoy living on the streets. Have you thought about just renting a room somewhere else? You may be lucky and get good roommates, people are not all that bad. Although it sounds like there's not a lot of work opportunities in your town so maybe moving to a bigger city might work too?


living in more rural areas is a lot more chill than on the streets in urban environments


as a homeless person


being homeless is not fun


That's what led me to be a street neet for a while. If you're getting bux or working a job that can be feasibly done while homeless, I recommend giving it a shot. Putting your last month's rent in to some gear (sleep system, weaterproofing, mobile shelter, and even some entertainment) and then scouting out a safe spot to bunker down for a while, whilst still collecting bux, can be a great way to get some life-saving experience and also save money.

The world isn't scary - the man with nothing to lose is.


not this anon but I would like to expand on his neccessary gear list with fire starter, cook pot

and for sleep system i like tarp and bivy sack with my sleeping pad and underpad, and my mobile shelter is my clothes (?) and some rain proof out shells


sleeping bag and underpad* sorry i been drankin


>Any wizards here with experience in being laid got any tips for me? Like what helped you personally get through it and how did you cope?
Only time I got fired I just spent the day playing videogames and watching anime until the same boss called me and asked if I wanted to work for him again.


File: 1678818814465.jpg (1.44 MB, 3541x2508, 3541:2508, overwork.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Our section getting put onto more and more projects
>Section head is an absolute slave-driver
>We're working overtime/weekends for project testing/qualification but not getting any time, days off, or pay
>Work piling up day by day
>More shit to keep track of literally every week
>Had a hard fever the past two days but still had to go to work
Just fucking end me.
Every day after work feels so incredibly short somehow.

I just found out that our section was put responsible for project testing for the next 5 years.
So I don't even get to go back home after work.


what is your opinion on saying "fuck it" and going to a nearby factory tomorrow to apply for the low tier job while being, let's say, 30+, and not leaving the room for the last 5+ years?
health is more or less fine somehow


I tried driving for uber for the first time today. Stayed out for only an hour an a half but I made $40 thanks to one nice guy who tipped $20. If not for him it would have been a measly $20 from uber for an hour and a half. He also talked to me the whole ride though and I had to pretend to not be dead inside and come up with things to say in response. I think I did a halfway decent job of it, but I still don't care for it. I hope most of them just sit there. All in all I found it to be a highly anxiety provoking experience. I came home drenched in sweat and couldn't get hungry for an hour afterwards because I was so tense.

Some of it was due to my unfamiliarity with the app. You have to press some menu to get to a button that you need to swipe in order to end a trip and I didn't know about it so only after I started driving away and noticed the thing kept giving me directions that I needed to hit the button. I kept forgetting this on all of my trips so at some point while driving around I was trying to go remember what I had to press to bring up the slider to end the trip. I ran into a curb and scraped my wheel at one point because I was fiddling with the app. I would have just sat there after dropping them off but none of my trips had me pulling into a space they were all in areas I couldn't park in. I think without fucking up with the end trip button it would be like 30% less anxiety provoking. I am going to try again later. Luckily I only need about $60 a day to pay all my bills so after I get $20 more I can stop (at least that would be the case if I weren't already behind on earnings for this month). Being able to just stop whenever I feel like it is definitely nice.


Sounds like you should start applying to other jobs.


Always Be Applying


My advice to you is to not limit yourself to the job you think you "deserve" but to go after jobs you truly want to do. If this is the top job available in your area that you want to do, I say go for it, but if it isn't, try applying to your most ideal positions first. You may just get lucky.


i have no education so it really is limited, i also look like shit
the good thing is that this factory not so far from my place (~30 minutes walking according to maps, but i walk fast). they wrote in their ad that you can just go there and talk, no need to call even
i appreciate your advice, of course, and will think about it tonight
somehow i feel i can do it, this first step


Typically the jobs that allow you to walk in an application are not picky, sometimes even starting same or next day. I wish you luck, and whilst you may be very ugly, a little bit of grooming can do a big change


Or he may get depressed after several HResses broken promises to call him back. I'd say give it a shot. Perhaps you will find monotonous manual labor relaxing and being forced to hang around normalfags all day will it easier to be outside.


i hate niggers and minorities. they should be shipped out this country


yes, i will prepare myself for other human eyes
it is weird that i feel this readiness while not being able to even make a call for many years
thank you for your words
i won't be depressed for sure, at this point, i don't care anymore. dying is extremely painful and living requires food so i just have to go this time


How good it felt when you got your first pay? Money you earned with your swear and tears?


get another job then. i can't do most jobs either because of my quirks and the type of person i am.


Ah, fellow wizard in total despair. I was driven by hunger to find a job too. Few people understand what it is like to slowly wither away while the world and its inhabitants gorge themselves half to death. It gets better, just try.


Worked for some time selling plant based wonder pills to boomers. To cancer bed ridden boomers, who order shit but don't pick it from the post office, had to threaten them with court action, which was just bullshitting and bluffing, but still it felt horrible.


thanks for understanding
if this factory doesn't have openly hostile impudent bastards i'll endure


What do you guys advice about working for family business? i been working for my parents cleaningf business for 10 years as a "supervisor/manager" but i think i should get another job because employers look down on family business people who never had outside experience. what do you think


If you don't have a car you probably won't get much better options so this sounds like a good choice. I hope you are hired and the work isn't too bad.


I worked for my family for ten years and while you do get fast tracked for qualifications, you get treated significantly worse by relatives and family drama gets mixed in. Everyone hates working for family.


Sounds like you got a good thing going and I wouldn't fuck it up. Working for people who actually care about you vs working for some soul sucking corporation that will try to maximize its gain from you at every opportunity. It seems simple that the former is better. If you can keep doing it then eventually you can take over the business and then you become a rich capitalist.


i wish good luck to you too


File: 1678828988971.jpg (31.96 KB, 640x624, 40:39, 1672945936937.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>going to a nearby factory tomorrow to apply for the low tier job
>drive there
>guard at security post tells you you can only apply online
>apply online
>never get a response
>rinse and repeat for every factory in the city 2 times over
>settle for a cook position at Wendy's for $9/hr


File: 1678829381156.png (20.34 KB, 501x501, 1:1, 1678795857810043.png) ImgOps iqdb

>tfw no time for vidya after work
bros how do you cope?


I am now learning that there are pros of being able to stop whenever you want but also cons, because all day I have been feeling anxiety in anticipation of having to go back at some point. I think I will have to try and just do all my work in the morning shift. I think I remember this anxiety though. It was with me for every job, the constant nagging anxiety from simply knowing that I have to go back and do it all over again. It gets worse the closer you are to having to go back but can strike at any time considering you will always need to go back. I forgot how awful it is.


serves you right for living in MN


MN minimum wage is 10.59.


I meant LA


Your picrel hits too fucking hard in the gut.
Who let the trust fund kiddos into the pool?


Louisiana is not where trust fund kids live, bud


File: 1678837826441.gif (1.88 MB, 498x372, 83:62, 34774272472747.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I'm the wiz who was laid off last week along with a bunch of other people at my company due to downsizing, and I can't believe what I'm saying, but I actually miss going to my job. I guess it's because I always tended to suffer from bouts of depression, especially since I was long-time NEET before I got my job and being busy at work at least allowed me to forget about it and focus my thoughts on something else. My job kept me from feeling depressed and now that I don't have that routine, I'm sort of at a loss.

Plus it was nice making money and not having to rely on anyone else for support. I do try to keep myself exercising regularly and I'm studying this online IT course right now to keep myself busy, but I still have no idea what to do with the rest of my time while I'm searching for jobs. I usually try to force myself out of the house and go to the local library to be in a new environment to do some reading and work on my laptop and I find it helps somewhat.

It's strange that I was okay with being a NEET when I was in my 20s, but now that I'm older, I find myself bored of NEETdom and can't stand the idleness. I feel like I've lost the taste for anime & videogames a long time ago too and can't see myself escaping back into them. I'm trying to remind myself though that I shouldn't stress too much about losing some wagie-job and just move forward. Now that I think about it, they were kinda underpaying me for all those years too.


>not being wealthy descendant of French nobility that settled in the Bayou


>free time
yet you are too exhausted both mentally and physically to do anything


Their kids move straight to the elite coastal cities, dumb ass. I know two oil kids from the gulf coast. They neither live in the gulf coast


File: 1678847331420.png (34.03 KB, 1024x896, 8:7, McDonald's_Golden_Arches.s….png) ImgOps iqdb

Wagies who've done so, how bad is working at McDonalds compared to other places you've worked at? All the stories about "working at McDonalds" seem comparable to being gang raped in a prison, so I wanted to know how much of it is true or not.


>I'm the wiz who was laid off last week along with a bunch of other people at my company due to downsizing, and I can't believe what I'm saying, but I actually miss going to my job. I guess it's because I always tended to suffer from bouts of depression, especially since I was long-time NEET before I got my job and being busy at work at least allowed me to forget about it and focus my thoughts on something else. My job kept me from feeling depressed and now that I don't have that routine, I'm sort of at a loss.
I feel like even though I hate my job, the reminder in the back of my mind of how empty my days were without work is the only thing that keeps me going to work.

C.f. that one Kino's Journey episode about the people who automate everything.


The stories that are told about anything are the ones worth telling. Most of the time it's not going to be that bad and even for the people in those stories the incidents described are rare. Normies love exaggerating too especially when it's about the headwinds that they have suffered in their life.

t. guy has never worked at a mcdonalds before


Continuing the boring saga of me starting uber; I just spent like an hour trying to figure out how to play a podcast/book on a bluetooth earpiece, have the uber directions and alert sounds also play through that earpiece and also play internet radio for the passenger at the same time. I think I can use an old phone, then create a wifi hotspot with my main phone, hook the second phone to the wifi hotspot and then play music from the second phone. It made me think about how now the human brain has been repurposed to do this shit when it was designed to be like foraging for berries and hunting and shit. I found it humorous to think about how abstract the basics of providing for oneself have become.


You don't have an aux cord? They also have bluetooth radio emitters so you turn to an unused channel and it puts out what it gets on bluetooth. Then you can have a dedicated bluetooth passenger device for playing music, your phone can be bluetooth synced to headphones with the uber directions. I wish you luck, and I hope you make a lot of money. I believe working specifically during rush / surge times to be the best bang for buck without spending 12 hours a day. Holidays are good too.


I don't have an aux cord but my car will connect to my phone with bluetooth. The issue is that I can't connect to the car and connect to the earbuds at the same time. If I try that then all my audio just plays through the car. That's why I need a second phone. Since I'm playing internet radio, I need the hotspot to the second phone to get internet. I'm pretty sure it should work like this.

Thanks for your support wizzie. I know I could probably make more during holidays but I don't know whether or not I want to drive on st patricks day weekend. Ideally I would avoid all drunks but driving drunks is probably good money so I am a bit conflicted.


I can't do it anymore, just waiting to get fired so i can collect unemployment. Nine years of this shit, i'm done. I think i'm done with everything, life just not worth being a 9-5 slave.


I was always highest grades at school and got a masters degree years agoin IT but I still cant land an entry level position. My lack of real work experience and references is such a red flag that i wouldnt hire me either. Technical skills are not enough on their own. I dont understand how anyone can do it


You just go in telling them exactly what you think they want to hear. Make out you're planning to settle down soon and are hoping to married through church, and you need a stable 9/5 job in the local area where you punch in and punch out to support a family. You can lie like fuck about your personal life, who you're dating, what you're doing, etc. It's only past experience where they can ping you for blatantly lying, and even here they can't charge you unless there's proven harm.

That's the big way for entry positions. Have some vague ambitions but say that life is catching up to you and you just don't feel like relocating. They'll think you're the one person in the tech industry that won't rugpull them in two to three years time if you do these bullshit lies.


You have a masters degree and you can't get a job due to lack of experience? I think the primary suspect is you resume, not your lack of experience. If you resume just says nothing but your degree, how can you even fill a whole page?

If you plan on lying, one thing that helps me is rehearsing. I am a very bad liar.


>If you resume just says nothing but your degree, how can you even fill a whole page?
It is hard to fill. All I can do is try to expand on projects ive done by myself.
There is an extreme surplus of entry-level graduates so nothing matters


another update, today I was too cowardly to drive for uber even though I meant to. Without the anxiety of failing to meet my obligations to my employer it's hard to motivate me to get over my anxiety of working.


Same, I'm getting canned too though I have a bit more time to look for another job. Don't want to dox myself so I won't say any more. I sometimes regret my career choice but there are still lots of jobs out there. You might have to take a lower paying, less sexy job to make ends meet but you'll be alright.


I got a job at a gas station. Pretty sad. I don't like working for the fact that I hate other people and hierarchies. I hope the people I work with aren't going to be assholes. Otherwise, I might just quit or get fired.


Worst part about retail is doing things for normies because it's your job.

The people you work with will probably have similar ire for your customers, so that may help socially as you'll have common ground


That's kinda cool wiz, its one of those jobs where you'll be mostly working alone for the most part and it might not even be as bad as you think. You'll probably see all kinds of shit though, especially if you work night shift there. I'd say just focus on saving as much money as you can while you're working there and eventually move on to a better paying job. Remember it's just a temporary job, not a career for you.


File: 1678990632442.png (49.98 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1602683772156.png) ImgOps iqdb

You guys ready for the next financial crisis that's most probably gonna hit before 2024?


The next one will hit hard. Banks shutting down and probably electricity shutting off to half the world. We will be forced to kill for food like our ancestors did


2 weeks


We've already been in a recession for like 2 years already.

What are you smoking?


The second and third quarter of last year, the US had a premature recession period, it hit has hardly started.


They did covid restrictions because they wanted to induce a reduction in over speculation and over leveraging.

That crashed the market, a lot of people got laid off and markets were reduced to more sustainable levels.

What we have right now is a continuation of the recession that started in 2020.

Markets will absolutely explode at the end of 2023, 2024 and 2025. I'm going to be so fucking rich.


File: 1678995260400.png (26.76 KB, 1873x141, 1873:141, I FUCKING HATE THEM.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

You're going to fucking hate it. I work at a gas station and it is a circle of hell, everything is monotonous and tiring, I deal with 80IQ drug addicts and incompetent managers while doing the work of 3 fucking people and sacrificing my health and free time all for 23 AUD an hour. I fucking hate Indians so much it's unreal, they're like succubi but hyper autistic and greedier than the most jewish rat. My boss gets wide eyed when you mention money in any capacity, I'm not joking, dude's eyes just widen like a fucking lizard if you mention money and we're having record sales ($20k+_a day). Enjoy being stared at on cameras while working like a slave and being disrespected by both your manager and customers for barely a fraction of how much your labour is worth.


you really sound like a delusional normalfag. you are working at a gas station, not doing backbreaking hard labor. You are a cashier and maybe put some shit on the shelves, stop acting like you are working so darn hard and deserve so much money. Frankly you are getting paid shit because literally anyone can do the mundane tasks required of you. You are competing with everyone else who has no skills and acting like somehow you should be paid more than what the market rate for unskilled labor is. You are whining and entitled and take no responsibility for your own situation. If your boss pays you shit and works you too hard, just get a different job. Shouldn't be hard if you're so smart and hard working like you claim, so what's the issue?


File: 1679027325187.jpg (621.82 KB, 2048x1538, 1024:769, 1672897799877.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

We just got moved to the new office, what a fucking downgrade.
The old one smelled like wet socks and you could hear the dogs from the pound nearby but at least I had some privacy.

This open-office shit needs to end.
Multiple sections that used to be seperate all stuffed into the same space. It's noisy, crowded, miserable, and hot.
They did this intentionally too, the concept plan had walls between sections but the psychopaths running the show wanted us slaves to be as sad as possible

>Useful idiot defends megacorp with infinite money
You hate to see it


They promised us remote work months ago and yet they keep us making go to the office for extremely retarded reasons, my team is all offshore so there's no reason to go to the office, yet they keep forcing us, I'm so tired of this shit and I dream every day with quitting but stupid me got into debts some months ago so I have to stay here for like 4 months to pay that shit.


generally i heard business owners say that because humans are social animals remote work isnt going to stick and they will try to force everyone back into normal work using such retarded reasoning.


I'm not defending mega corps, merely acknowledging economic realities. No employer is going to pay you more than what the market rate for labor in your area is. The reason is because this is a stupid business decision. They could just get a different worker to do what you do and pay him what you are making if you decide you will no longer work for the money they are paying you and demand more. It will be a minor hassle for them, but it makes plain economic sense so they will do it every time. If you want more pay you have to deal with this economic reality. You could move to an area where unskilled labor is in higher demand and wages offered in that market will be higher. You could learn more specialized skills that put you into a different labor market than the one for unskilled labor. Since there are generally fewer of these types of workers, and their work is more critical to generating many businesses profits, their pay is generally higher. You could purchase capital and go into business for yourself.

Whining about how the mega corporations are evil for trying to maximize their profits is not going to help you or change anything. Most mega corps are publicly owned companies so it would be literally illegal for them not to try and maximize their profits, not to mention completely nonsensical on its face.


Another update. I drove for 2 hours today in rush hour and made almost $93. From now on I am only driving during rush hour. Makes me feel bad for the guys slaving 8 hours a day at $10 an hour. It honestly feels like a cheat code to make that much in so little time. I have never been paid more than $25 an hour at any job before this. I also feel bad for the Amazon wage slave that I took to a distribution center because the ride was almost $35 paid to me and I know uber takes as much as half from what they charge the customer. So this guy has to spend like $50-60 probably just to make it to his slave position.


The non-meme answer is that productivity has most likely tanked severely for most remote workers. The whole narrative that workers are just as productive working from home is only coming from one side, the workers at home. When businesses assert the opposite, they get screamed down as liars by a barrage of workers looking to keep their comfortable benefits. Everyone makes out that corporations are just being dumb and narrow minded, but I don't think so, I think they'd be eager to cut down on that office space if they could.


it seems like everyone i work with has a girlfriend and it's killing me.


Well talking from my subjective experience in genuinely more productive when working at home, when I'm in the office I just want to get out of there as soon as humanly possible and doing absolutely nothing past 3 to get the duck out at 4:20, when at home I can keep working until 8pm or 9pm and not be that bothered about it.

Also some highly skilled people (I'm not) just plain refuse to work at the office, companies are losing talent just because they want to keep their workers as miserable as possible.


Fucking auto correct.


Also in my Cass is doubly retarded to go to the office because since my team is all remote, I keep working remote too, just sitting in some empty cubicle talking to no one in person.


I would type up a long response to your retarded ramblings but that would take too much time and you probably wouldn't read it anyway. Just be glad you don't work a difficult job for min wage for barely a fraction of what your labour is worth.


I don't know, I've only worked a menial job, this wfh shit seems like heaven though so I get why you're fighting for it.

I think it quite literally might be borderline impossible to fire wfhers, that's another factor. Workers don't know labour laws and businesses rely on being able to apply pressure in order to get rid of staff. If everyone works from home, then managers can't have a liquid labour force.


Pity them.
They spend portion of their income and free time on something that will only ever give a return on investment in the form of affection (overrated, just feeding into a craving you can overcome with stoic mind exercises) or offspring (what's the point of having kids these days, unless you have superior genes that you want to propogate?)


I just started work. My family wants me to work. I can't eat in the morning. I'm constantly nauseous. Sometimes I throw up before I leave the house. I also work on the weekend. It's like life is over for me.



NEET again. Got thrown away the same day I decided to quit. I wasn't really fired, because I've been an intern until now, but the boss said I am not fit for that job. I barely had any traning for fucks sake. The guy who was supposed to train me was busy while he was there and after finishing his duties he quit and left me hanging. They didn't treat me as an intern, but as someone who was supposed to know everything, despite me telling them i can't do shit I don't know how to do. Anyway, the feeling of freedom I felt after going through the exit door was incredible. It was my first experience in wageslaving and it made realize how deep and wide is the distance between me and normalfags, it is like we are different species whatsoever.
I am not sure what to do next. Perhaps I will try myself in the field i have studied for, but I don't have much hope for that.

Either way, it is better to starve and die than to live like a fearful slave, existing just to please an unpleasable cuntbag of a boss.


> I can't eat in the morning. I'm constantly nauseous. Sometimes I throw up before I leave the house.
I know that feel. Went through most of grade school like that before dropping out, and I still get it when I don't want to go into work some days.
Tell them how you feel. You'll be met with meaningless platitudes and maybe some "you'll have to deal with it" but it won't hurt otherwise.


I was always like that through school too. Even when i was like 10 years old


I just experienced the most brutal wagie humiliation at the gas station.

Their owner was in for whatever reason and ordering coffee's for his family. And this fucking sociopath purposely made his order as complex as possible, getting every different size, being vague on the order and then loudly shouting and mocking the old guy behind the counter at each "mistake". He intermixed insults like "getting a bit presumptuous you are, I didn't order" and "How long have you been working here". The old guy kept his calm and composure, but everyone else in the store was laughing at the spectacle. It was an entire flex and set up, the way he was bombastically shouting at this wagie to make a spectacle. Then he turns to gossip with the other customers in a normal voice.

Now I'm sitting at home with my coffee from the same gas station and it just fucking tastes bitter. I'll never go there for food, coffee, gas or anything again.


I keep wishing something like this happens in front of me. Everyone who has these anecdotes are so lackadaisical and timid in their response to what should spur unbridled anger and a desire for vengeance in any healthy male.
I'm not saying to either chimp out on the spot or do anything a psycho would, but something like putting up posters of the guy's face with a slanderous statement underneath or something. Maybe even pull out your phone and put the video somewhere online where people look for rage porn, at least.


wow that's awful
thankd god I never worked in the retail/restaurant field, I'm the type of person who'd easily lose their temper and just go freak psycho right there if some customer started to verbally abuse me like that, I'd probably grab some hot coffee right there and throw it straight in their face. I really hate people who have nothing better to do then to abuse minimum wage service workers.


You're partially right, but these people are far more happier than I am. If not, they can at least put up a front at work better than I do.

I usually don't like people but the fact that these arrogant retards at work who are older than me still act like immature highschoolers and have girlfriends/wives and I don't, is mildly infuriating to say the least.


>they can at least put up a front at work better than I do.

If normalfag men don't put up a front, then they instantly get divorce raped and end up that fat alcoholic middle aged guy that's on the path to a fentanyl death. succubi have the option of having daddy government, any sign of mental health issues that aren't callous sociopathy is met with a divorce. Normie men don't necessarily appear happy because they are happy, they appear happy because they have to be happy.

I've worked with one that held it together until he started drinking, and then it came out in a torrent and looked exactly like the suicide general thread.


I start my new job at the gas station today. Hopefully it won't be as bad as >>274242's experience. It's going to be a seven hour affair. I'll be on my feet for that entire time as well. These jobs are hell, and it's no wonder I didn't want to get another low wage job after I left my last one.


I remember hearing this story of some anon working at a gas station, everyone there was very pleasant to him or left him completely alone, except for ONE turbonormie. It went on like this as he worked at the place for a long time (a decade, maybe?). Eventually, he learned to ignore the one abusive customer's rants, as he basically liked the job save for that one bad turbonormie customer. At some point, eventually turbonormie just went off at him saying stuff like, "Why the fuck are you still working here?! This is a job for teenagers. Are you really that pathetic/useless/etc.?"


Any working class/blue collar wizards?


You should've said something.


He wanted his job


At least I read those books where it's told that breakfast should be avoided. Those books about fasting and detox diets.

What are you trying to swallow, milk and cereals, still?


Fine, but the pdfs at "healthcare" thread in endchan's /pdfs/ board about it might instruct you deeper about how to do it properly.
>The legendary warp wanings, man.

And these things are only for those whose energy and mental display is affected at unison. If you do not experience those things, you can jump the next level. Rebirthing.


File: 1679356430574.jpg (82.8 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1647126620909.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm about to get my license. I'm 25 and I've only been driving for a month. I got my handmedown shitbox fixed and now I have to pay car insurance, so… need a job. What did you wagies do when you first started working? I never went to college and I'm too autistic for the service industry, so I'm gonna have to apply for a physical job. Any ditch diggers here? What job search site (or app) do you personally use? Despite being a rotund fellow, I have the stamina for physical work, as long as I don't have to interact with normalfags much. I don't know how some of you can stand working in offices. Surely physical work must pay well, right? A job absolutely no one wants to do, since the average person finds interacting with fake people and doing paperwork in an air conditioned room a million times easier.


What do you think of the prospect of succubi with aging wombs starting to target you once you get to your upper 30's solely because you aren't a psychopath and have stable employment? You will be targeted to become a beta provider. Are you willing to resist, and if so, why?


this nigga was 12 when wizchan was made lmfao


like anything the pay varies with what type of work you are doing and how specialized and in-demand the skills for it are. In an industry like landscaping you are competing with the fact that people could just buy a mower and do it themselves, so there is a certain ceiling to how much money you can make. With something like plumbing though, if someone has a burst pipe or a broken toilet, they need it fixed right away and they won't know how to do it themselves. Same with HVAC. With all these jobs the deal is the same, you will need to interact with customers to do estimates, contracts, and collect payment, but during most jobs most people leave you mostly alone. I would not recommend doing any of them as an employee rather than a sole proprietor except for the minimum amount of time you need to learn the skills. The reason is it pays like shit. Much less than the average office wage slave. Only business owners make good money. If they are not teaching you skills quickly, complain. If that doesn't work, quit and find someone else who will teach you.


The first day of my gas station job was okay, albeit a bit long. I really don't want to go back, but I know once I'm done with training, I'll be getting shorter shifts. These 8 hour shifts are bad for m6y legs. I had just recovered from last day's work, and I have to go back in an hour and a half. I couldn't imagine myself working this job full time. If I don't get a better job, I'm going to end up depressed and behind because of the amount of rest I need from working.

I dread going back.


"resist"? when you hold sandpaper do you have to resist scraping your eyes out?


What are they gonna do? pin me down and make me marry them?


sex doll, robot gf, whatever.


That all sounds too complicated for me. I just want to be a cog in the machine, I dont want to start my own hvac company brother. I think I'm gonna apply to be a janitor. I just want a job where I do physical work, then clock in.


You vill marry Becky und you vill pay ze child support after she's stolen your life essence for her wombly endeavors.


File: 1679484251752.jpg (265.79 KB, 1128x1099, 1128:1099, 5cuy76u.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I don't see myself working anymore. I barely have the will to live let alone slaving for the next 10-20 years. I envy those american suvival types with the guns and self sufficient ways as i'm from europe so we are domesticated sheep that pay alot of taxes.


Same, I'm ending it by my next birthday if I haven't escaped the cage


How do you wageslave while having ADHD and no access to western wonder drugs? Got thrown out at the last job I was trying to get into. I am so inattentive, sloppy, always losing shit, forgetting shit, misremembering shit. And yet I have no way to alleviate this accursed condition. Caffeine? Not enough. Nicotine? Same. Even kratom didn't do much, although it takes anxiety away a bit. I am a mess, everything is blurry, like in a dream, while all the others can actually accomplish something, i am but a cruel mockery of male human adult.


Being a cog in the machine doesn't seem so bad, i kinda lack individuality so as long as i can work on my goal meanwhile i work as any of those jobs i guess im okay


File: 1679510163676.jpg (220.8 KB, 2179x2247, 2179:2247, da6d664fdec41885830fff151a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i got a job as security guard, i am forgetful and clumsy as well, there's no way to get fired from this job for being these things though, you basically get paid to do nothing all day
when i was interviewed i pretty much got hired on the sport despite having no employment history
make sure to stay away from security guard in a commercial area though, the company that hired me put me in a remote area between some hills, very rarely do i get bothered
the only people that i had to interact with are guys who work there at the start, but after a few months they've noticed that i'm asocial so they don't even bother saying hi anymore, which is preferable
besides that the only interactions that i have are with my colleagues who are old men (only old guys usually work this kind of job, young people stay away from it, which is good) at the beginning and end of my shift when we switch
i'm depressed so i do nothing all day but stare at the wall and talk to myself, browse imageboards and jerk off; if you wanted to do something fun with your time you could though, you could bring a laptop with you and watch movies/cartoons, listen to music, read etc., it's the "best" job for a wizard really


Sounds nice, I'm glad you've got such a great job. It is a bit different where I live, no such comfy opportunities, just nightmarish retail slavery all around.


I imagined that, being paid 15/hr, 72 hours a week, including overtime nets you over 60k per year, or over 5k/month, and the tradeoff is sorting, scanning, and working like a robot for 12 hours every day.
Honestly, I wish I could do something like that. I love sorting things, I have no social life or hobbies, and I'd save up enough in a mere few months to go to trade school full time to fast track a skillset for a better job.
In reality, warehouse jobs are still mostly physical labor, interacting with normgroids daily, and management has a damn near coronary if you mention overtime.


Security guard is a comfy job especially if you're put in a place where you have minimal social interaction.
you basically get paid to sit around and maybe sign in a few people here and there or watch the cameras depending on the location. Oftentimes you don't even interact with anybody especially if you're in some industrial park or guarding a warehouse. I highly recommend it, especially to wizards with social anxiety or recovering ex-NEETs who need a source of income. The job has a lot of benefits too, especially if you can bring a laptop with you. You could read books, write a novel, learn to program or take an online class, etc. It's basically a job that will pay you to work on whatever personal projects you want. No other job will really allow you to do that I think.


>interacting with normgroids daily
That's the only reason why I couldn't do something like that. At every warehouse job that I've done, the only real source of stress came from the normalfags that I had to work with. At my last job, there was a period when most people were on vacation and that was probably the most relaxing time I've had at a job. Employers could get so much more productivity out of schizoids like me if they just removed the shitty social aspects of their jobs but of course, they'd never do that.


I enjoyed sorting this, bringing order to chaos, even packaging shit was alright. But to load and unload trucks was nightmare. Had to deal with normalfag drivers yelling at me for using the loader wrong, for taking too slow, calling me retard and shit. I fucking hate normalfags.


For me almost any job would be fine if I could do it online from home and not do a lot of overtime.

But of course the destiny found the way to fuck with me so my job is 100% office even if I could do it entirely at home.


From what I've heard from a security guard, the older 50+ year old security guards that have been working there for 20 years hoard those comfy night jobs like their life depends on it. And if you're just starting, you have to eat shit and start on static security in a public facing position.


i wouldn't call any job great but it certainly beats being a modern slave


Day three on my gas station job. Pretty shit job. Tired of all the theatrics with "customer service". Standing for eight hours is not fun. No breaks either. I want to quit already. They couldn't even cut my hours since the week's schedule is already made. Working on your feet all day is so gross. The amount of work isn't worth it either. Not for 12.50 (barely) an hour.


I need a better paying job than my fast food gig, but I feel bad for my current manager. He can't raise payrates at all, and all he has to work with are school kids and niggers, while still being short staffed. Oh well, he should find a different company too, then.

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