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Last September I applied to several universities. English isn't my first language and it was one of my favourite subjects at both elementary and high school and because I never had any friends I grew up reading a lot, so I wanted to major in English Studies to become a translator or something. My parents thought otherwise so they forced me to put a medical university as my top choice and an engineering one as my second (my parents too had to sign my application papers). They made me take advanced chemistry and biology classes in high school and I did poorly on them, but I aced my other exams so even though I didnt get into medical school they accepted me into engineering.
I hated every day at school because the "everyone in stem is a nerd" stereotype is a myth and all of the people in my group were insufferable normgroids.
At first I thought maybe I could finally have some friends and break out of my solitude and I could just finally develop social skills after almost 20 years but I was so wrong. I can't make small talk at all so I just tried joining their mundane conversations about homework, drinking and ect but they just didn't let me. They would often talk over me and generally noone would listen or reply to me. One day I was sitting at one table with my peers at school, but because nobody was making any conversation I played Morrowind on my laptop. One guy came up to me and told me that he has heard about this game before and called it Skyrim so I tried to politely tell him that he's wrong because this is Morrowind and I sperged out a bit and told him that it was way earlier and that it's set in an entirely different era and how it's better than Skyrim (I love Skyrim too) and everyone just sort of stared at me with a dumbfounded expression until one succubus laughed awkardly at the guy getting the games mixed up, but this isn't the point.
I've never really been exceptionally good at math or any stem subjects so at the end of my first term I've managed to fail at 3 of my classes. I don't even know how I got accepted because all of my classmates were studious normies who took advanced math and programming classes. While the only things we ever did in my IT classes were Powerpoint and other Microshart Office products, most of them were already proficient in Python, HTML and ect and there was even a guy who came here as a certified C++ programmer (whatever that means) and instead of writing an appeal to not have to attend programming classes he just sat through every lesson, bored out of his mind after he solved everything under 10 minutes. It felt so demoralizing when I got a question wrong in calculus and a guy scoffed/laughed at me.
I really tried to succeed but I was simply not smart enough. I did all of my homework, I spent hours studying, I woke up at 6am every morning and was never late to any of my lessons, I did extra work and got no credits for it and I still failed 3 of my subjects. After this I lost all desire to continue studying engineering. I spent my entire winter break playing video games and i forgot about school so I missed the application date.
My parents and grandmother were furious and my mother threatened to beat me multiple times because of this. She used to hit me as a kid but now that I'm a grown up and have been lifting in my bedroom for a couple years she doesn't dare to do so anymore. At one time in my childhood when I was around 8 years old and Adventure time was a new series on Cartoon Network she told me to go to the bathroom so that she could wash me and I asked her whether I could finish the episode I was watching because there were 5 minutes left and it was new she got so angry at me that she dragged me into the bathroom by my hair and when she let go I started shaking in fear, covering my entire head with my arm so that she couldn't hit me so she started rattling my arms while yelling at me to let go of my head.
Because I failed 3 classes I couldn't take up their continuations in the spring term and because it's spring there aren't any of those classes starting. Just today I got an email from my school stating that if I don't complete 30-30 credits in my first 2 terms my contract with the school will be terminated except if I use my one time chance to write an appeal to the dean, but because my parents told me that I absolutely can't miss this term I already used up my appeal to write to the school to allow me sign up for the spring term late, but I failed 3 classes so I can't take up enough classes to get 30 credits. I dread telling my parents because my dad was never an angry man and he never scolded me but when this whole ordeal happened he too was furious at me and when I showed my OpenTTD city to my grandmother she told me that "she wants to fucking hit me because I can make something this complicated but I fucked up my applications". Noone on my family ever did anything against my mom hitting me and I fear that after this she will beat me again.
Do you have any advice as to how I could defuse this situation?


>defuse the situation?
Move out, get a wagie job and do it for a year and a half so you realize how much life sucks without a postsecondary degree. I've been to job sites where female engineers show up, do fucking nothing for 8 hours except watch a city eng dig a hole with an excavator, and based on market research this bitch was making 35+ an hour just to start. It's a good gig and there's lots of niches like that.

Nearly half of students in north america fail to complete postsecondary in 4 years or drop out. If you can't do the academics change your major or take 4 courses instead of 5. Under no circumstances ever take a humanities degree although I think languages might be alright (not sure about the state of machine translation JUSTing your career choice).


Sadly I live in Europe so most wagie jobs pay less than you need to pay rent for a 1 room apartment in a shithole soviet blockhouse, although I have considered becoming a wagie just to have some excess money incase I get kicked out of the house.
As for the major changing I might just try to live out my dream and become a book translator. My language is pretty complex and not many people speak it outside my country so I doubt that machine translation will kill my career choice in the next few years atleast. Thank you for the advice anyways.


Tell them the truth: that it's their fault because they forced you to do something you didn't like. Then drop out and enroll into english studies


>I hated every day at school because the "everyone in stem is a nerd" stereotype is a myth and all of the people in my group were insufferable normgroids.
This stupid idea that everyone on STEM is a nerd maybe was kind of true back in the 90s when nobody wanted to have anything to do with those fields because they were for weirdos. But today everyone and their dogs are taking STEM, especially high tech jobs because they're the cool thing to do, supposedly well paid and comfortable. In reality is one of the most normgroid careers and fields.

You shouldn't have let your family choose what you are going to study. The one that is going to spent days and years studying that thing is you, not them. No matter how much pressure you receive, consider that would be more temporary compared to years studying a thing, that you're not going to get back.

Ok, you already messed up and there's no point on keep looking at that. Now is the time to stop studying trash and start doing something you like. You said you're not intelligent but the fact you can type this long post coherently shows you're not dumb, you demonstrated you have an interest when you went on a sperg with the norms about the difference between Skyrim and Morrowind and you passed the applications of a field you didn't even like while not studying at all, when the norms probably spent days and weeks preparing for that exam which was ultra important for them. Use your interest and start pursuing something you care about, stop being swayed by external pressure.

Don't take advice from people like >>273886. Everything they said is wrong.


I will do so tomorrow, at this point sitting in my classes is pointless so the earlier I tell them the earlier i can stop wasting my time.


Thank you for the kind words wizzie, I needed them, I'll try to be less of a punching bag for my family and finally stand up for myself.


you can use mechanical turk to freelance translation jobs. Just requires you do like 40 hours of their stupid recapcha tier meme games


Will look into this, I've never heard about Mechanical Turk before.


>everything I said is wrong
Aight buddy what's your yearly income and your age and we can compare. You've also more or less emulated everything I've said


>dox yourself to prove a point


I accept your concession


Is nothing. Just make sure that you start pursuing something you're really interested in, otherwise you will just be on a loop of pain where you are going to be left behind always be others, failing while the pressure gets heavier from previous failures. Have you decided what to do next? Pick it with care.


not that anon thats not a concession lol


post networth faggot


I'll think about it more, but I will probably get a job for the summer, then pursue getting a degree in English Studies.


So you got the parents who believed the fairytales about the STEMlord children. Every other kid since millennial generation were like this. Their anger is the cognitive disonnance coming to grips with reality versus the lies they told themselves.


Not really, my parents wanted me to study in STEM primarily because my grandfather and grandmother were both doctors. It's kept a secret from my younger siblings but apparently my grandfather, who was a cardiac surgeon was a raging alcoholic who once tried to kill my aunt and grandmother, but because he was a great surgeon my dad and grandma still talk a lot about him and how much I'm like him. He died from a stroke when my dad was 14, so I guess they're trying to make me his replacement "because I'm just like him".
My father is a UX-UI designer for a tech company and whenever he talks about work he talks about how incompetent and annoying his coworkers are so I'm pretty sure he's somewhat aware of STEM being a meme.


*clarification: he works with engineers and programmers too, not just other ui designers.


1 billion dollars, arent you happy now




yes, so we either accept lies or self dox, how interesting this dillema, not like people would lie online


File: 1678668060962.png (1.77 MB, 1072x1500, 268:375, wizchan premium exclusive ….png) ImgOps iqdb

one-hundred TRILLION dollars


Hey, cool that you play OpenTTD wizard!


>I hated every day at school because the "everyone in stem is a nerd" stereotype is a myth and all of the people in my group were insufferable normgroids.
I joined an EE degree(at 27 yo) and a Math master degree(also at 27 yo). I hated both because it was full of normies. Holy shit I was expecting people with similar taste, not faggots that only want to party(even when doing a fucking master, no wonder most of them dropped it). Fuck I hate people.


All Jo'ons stand tall if only for the Shions below their feet


File: 1679369740499.png (541.97 KB, 541x686, 541:686, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I majored in CS because I thought it was perfect for autists such as myself. But everyone in this field is an overachieving, normgroid faggot. Fuck my life.

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