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I fail at everything I do.
I barely finished scool with poor grades, I tried and failed to learn multiple langues, even novices are better at my hobbies then me and im not even any good at PC games despite wasting a majority of my life on them, and im physically frail and sickly.
I dont have good social skills and I dont look good either.
I grew up thinking everyone had his niche, but this is simply not true im just a subpar individiual
Im just rotting away I might aswell be dead my life simply has no purpose other then making me hope and then watching it all crumble due to my own incompetence


smoke some weed and just enjoy the game, im still better than like 99% of people while super high


So what are you going to do about it? Your life is shit and it will continue being shit until you off yourself or improve it. For every chronic failure you have, there is a reason, a set of conditions that make it so. Figure those out, tackle them one by one and your situation will improve. I couldn't imagine living and not even attempting to get to some place better. Try a different approach, ask for help from someone more experience and wiser, and if you still fail at something, find a way to live without it and lower your standards, re-conceptualize what you're aiming for. Anything is better than staying in place.


I'm actually better at video games when I'm high. Especially anything that's extremely fast paced. It's as if my focus is so good that it's as if the game is slowing down for me to navigate better.


You are a good at being you. That is something.


Try acid. I was a pro in online shooters, reaction time was off the charts.


Guy is in a general depressive spiral and you recommend a drug dependency. Choke on twice0cooked prok.


Wise words and very inspiring. Not OP but your post gave me the kick in the pants that I've long needed to make some big changes in my life


>I couldn't imagine living and not even attempting to get to some place better
Learned helplessness can make ever step feel insurmountable, with someone waiting to push you right back to the start. It often develops from the terrible way most humans raise their children. Not to sound like an excuse, but some people need to be rehabilitated after trauma, and more often than not it just gets ignored.


I second this, if he has no will to effort left in him he may as well gain new perspective.


Man, that "social skills" crap is most times a mindframe falsehood. You do have them, but you plead to those who don't and their lies due being overwhelmed by their numbers or standards


but dood that weed dood………….

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