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About a year ago I went to a psychiatrist to treat my anger issues, I really didn't care what drug they put me on as this is a serious problem. But they diagnosed me with a major depressive, not a mild, or moderate, major one, which would put me in the same category as all those people who want to kill themselves, who have no aspirations, who have destroyed self-esteem, who hate themselves and the world around them, but above all they feel inexplicable fatigue and tiredness. I thought these antidepressant drugs would help me with impulsiveness, and fucking tiredness, but they didn't do shit, they just took away my humanity, I couldn't be sad anymore, nothing really mattered to me, I became submissive, without the ability to cry even though be it happiness or beautiful things like art or music. I became an apathetic being, incapable of feeling emotions. Apart from all that crap, I became fat, unable to enjoy food for the simple fact that I could never get enough, it was never enough, I always wanted to eat more, and more, which destroyed my body, further promoting fatigue. It was said that this was due to anxiety, which is ridiculous since I was taking 5 shitty drugs that are supposed to be against it, and coincidentally when I stopped taking the one with that side effect I stopped being a fucking pig. . I was afraid to go to the shrink, since the drugs really did not have any effect for what they were really intended for, for the damn tiredness and impulsiveness.

A couple of weeks ago I left them completely, it's a bit difficult to explain but I feel like I was me again, I have that spark back that makes me move on with what really matters to me. And what I'm really grateful for is knowing that I'm not a depressive, and the opposition of a shrink isn't going to define what I really feel. Although good when leaving the drug I generate withdrawal, and the dizziness does not stop, but it is something that will hurt with the weeks.


It should also be clarified that I am not saying that antidepressants are bad, but I am saying that they have important side effects, so you have to be careful. I take citalopram, and a small dose of oralzapine as an enhancer or something. Even with all the shitty side effects they can have if you want to commit suicide, or harm yourself then it can be a good alternative because that shit really makes you forget about your problems in a very effective way, it disables you in a way to feel emotions " negatives", even though they are expensive as shit, literally a quarter of my family's salary went into that shit which can also be a factor.

I recommend St. John's wort or hypericum, it has good medical support and there are also drugs synthesized under that plant, but it is better to buy the herb and prepare a tea. Although it cannot be mixed with other antidepressants.


>they just took away my humanity,
"Antidepressants" are "Anti-everythings". The most profitable application they have is reducing sadness so that's why they're called antidepressant.

>A couple of weeks ago I left them completely, it's a bit difficult to explain but I feel like I was me again,

Congrats Wiz. It's better to be an unstable you than it is to be a stabilized nobody. Your anger can be unlearned, seek small but meeaningful steps to making your life less angering and never turn to these drugs again.


Before I could enjoy food, I could listen to a beautiful melody and cry because of how beautiful it was, I could feel. The antidepressants really didn't help at all with my supposed depression, since the tiredness and fatigue never really went away. Sometimes I feel a little insecure about it and I want to go to more psychiatrists so they can tell me if I really have depression or not, but out of the 4 I went, this was the only one who told me I had this disease. But reflecting a bit I realized that this is not really an exact science, and everyone will have their opinion about it, so at the end of the day the only really valid opinion is mine, and I don't think it's appropriate to pay Someone to give an opinion on whether or not I really have sadness within my being.


Proud of you wiz keep up the good work and take back your life!


i cycled through antidepressants for 2 years and had no positive or negative effects. eventually i got addicted to benzos which is far worse and impossible to live with. but it doesnt matter since i was a human wreck for many years, i had problems that made my life over before and i got even more now.



was on Prozac over a decade ago, didn't help much

HOWEVER, just got back on it and wow is it helping, my OCD symptoms have decreased dramatically and my libido has increased a lot, mood is a lot better too.

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