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Have you ever thought about disappearing instead of simply killing yourself? This would be to reduce the pain of people who would be eventually affected by your suicide. It would also offer you an opportunity of wild fun before the end.
I was thinking about taking one last dive through Europe (I live in Italy), see some countries I can easily reach with a car (maybe I can get to the Balkans) and then go either shoot or hang myself in the most desolate and unthreaded forest I can find in Europe.


>escape fantasy
pick one


yeah many times


people would still suffer from your disappearence


Dove vivi?



I'm in the process of doing pretty much that. I haven't seen most of my family including my parents, brothers, and sisters for going on 5 years now. I have grandparent that I live near that won't leave me alone though. I try to be understanding as they won't probably live too much longer. I think I just dread when they die feeling guilted about going to their services only to be around my family one final time when really I don't even want to deal with that last single time.


why do so many people make the argument that your suicide will hurt some people? i don't have friends and i hate my family, so nobody will be hurt. never thought about this in the first place. i suppose i'm a weird outlier.


those "people" are normalfags that want to guilt trip you into staying alive and paying taxes. Hell is the same concept as "your momma will be sad when you die". Not encouraging you to kill yourself though, it's your choice but just don't listen to normalfag advice.

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