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What was highschool like for you guys? I feel like highschool shaped me into who I am and not in a good way. Constantly getting the shit kicked out of me and being laughed at by my female peers is what set me on the path of wizardy to begin with, but I guess I can't complain, a friend of mine from Russia got cigarettes put out on him at school. The worst part is parents and teachers harping on about how those are the best years of your life. Maybe for the genetically gifted, I guess I didn't deserve to have the "best years of my life"


I don't remember almost anything that happened in high school, I only remember the books I was reading at the time and the few times succubi asked me why I was so quiet or laughed at me for being the only virgin in the class.


The majority of my high school life was in homeschooling because I had gotten into too many fights throughout primary school and one already in secondary that my parents gave up.


Highschool was sus


it was what now?


Normally this meme is painfully unfunny, but seeing it posted in such a random context made me laugh.


I guess these were the "best years of my life" because people stopped bullying me, everybody was at least ok with each other in the class and I've got a small pack of friends. I was thinking that I'm finally "blooming", but by the end I realized being social just isn't for me.


I dropped out in middle school


It was fine, nobody bothered me. Living in a place filled with mafia and crime, everyone formed small cliques (except me, I was always alone) and minded his own business


How did that go for you?


Well I'm neet living through welfare now, I dropped out because I started playing videogames 24/hr


I encountered worse bullying in elementary but I was also an outcast in high school and got into a lot of bad situations with people. Highschool was pretty much the last time I had to socialize with a lot of people whether it was good or bad and sometimes I even dream about the people from high school and in my dream im a teen as well because after that time there is a huge gap with socialization.

Its weird but sometimes I wish I could get into a machine that lets me simulate the past so I can go back to that time just to feel more alive again. Even if a lot of stuff was bad and I didnt have any friends there was still some life in me.


>Even if a lot of stuff was bad and I didnt have any friends there was still some life in me.
even if life was bad back then we atleast didn't have to deal with the stress of worrying about survival that sucks the joy out of everything, when you're young you also have hopes of thing changing for the better, those hopes die one by one as you become older and jaded


I feel like most of us were too irrelevant to even be bullied. Like we were background characters to normies life. I had friends, but they were more like acquaintances.
I dont miss it. dont miss having to take tests and wake up early. Only thing i miss is being a creep and staring at gurls


School fucked me up twice. I went back to high school as a teacher. The kids loved me because I was laid back, didn't punish them for stupid stuff, and knew all the memes and games they were into. For the first time, I was actually popular. But then the the popular staff members in the faculty room started bullying me by filing bullshit complaints and I was removed "effective immediately" as if I was some kind child abuser. Even some of my colleagues thought what they did to me was cruel and unfair. After that, I decided to fuck work, fuck people, and just live as NEET forever.


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Clearly society doesn't deserve you, society doesn't know what's good and should be taught a lesson.
>filing bullshit complaints
Today's society is very sensitive to complaints, regardless of how grounded they are. We should fight fire with fire and use chatGPT to mass-produce compelling complaints against those petty tyrants. Who knows, it could end up being more impactful than terrorism.


So you didn't even tried back again elsewhere nor thought about revenge?
Do you have neetbux at least?


Indeed laughs are ok. Or isn't it worthy of celebration somehow that you do not lose your time with such manipulative sociopaths?


Why in the damn world is anyone thinking they do not deserve a good thing? Why in the damn world are you even allowing such retardation in your brains!?


I literally tell you that I bullied and trolled stacies until making them cry, I almost got killed.
>Virgin maybe, insel never.
>Life is conflict, hatred. Avoid the delusions of social skills or lost chances.


Skipping school all the time, getting in massive fights with my parents… also nearly starving myself out of fear that non-organic food was poisonous. I had a special reduced hour school day, then eventually got moved to a program for "troubled kids", but still stayed truant most days. This ended quickly with me starting homeschooling which was bullshit, then online high school… Both my parents and grandparents were always trying to help me but my severe mental illnesses got in the way. Still haven't completed the online high school program to this day even after trying for a few years….

What did my typical day look like?
>Start desktop PC
>Play a shitty video game like War Thunder
>Eat a tiny meal of eggs and fries

Sometimes with bonus near-psychosis and rushing thoughts about the government and Monsanto poisoning everyone, feeling like the world was ending, and starvation.


I knew an assistant teacher who was more popular than the unlikeable faggot they worked under and was trusted by the kids, and that prick just kept piling more work onto the TA as petty revenge. Next time a school pooting happens hopefully the kid will kiss all the staff.


You percieved a teacher offloading work on to his paid assistant as "revenge", and so now you want a bunch of random teachers to die…

Kil yourself, succubus.


Yes, they take part in torturing kids as much as other kids do whether through blindly obeying school board dictats, blind negligence, or even directly partaking in bullying.


High school was actually fine for me. I had a crew of outcast friends who were always around me since they often had nothing better to do either.

It was when I went to college where I realized that I would never be like anyone else. I tried hard to change but couldn't.


File: 1679363437424.jpg (204.45 KB, 1600x820, 80:41, venusaft.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>teachers harping on about how those are the best years of your life
I guess, those were, technically, the best years of my life. Because I didn't attend HS in my teens.
I dropped out of school when I was 15.
I graduated when I was 23.
I didn't want to go to school because it was extremely boring and I hated everyone there. I used to daydream a lot. I was and still is very lazy.
I spent my late teenage years (16-19) jacking off to furry porn, listening to audiobooks, browsing imageboards, watching stupid videos on YouTube and playing videogames (mainly WoW).
Even though I was a worthless NEET (I'm still one but now I have way more responsibilities and life just keeps getting worse) who was afraid to go outside, those were the absolute best years of my life.
Full on escapism, I was younger and healthier, I was new. It was a very unique experience.
I remember listening to various (audio)books by Lovecraft at night. It felt like I was in a completely different world,
like I was in the world of dreams. At those moments I didn't care about anything. Now, more than a decade later, nothing makes me truly happy. I still enjoy playing vidya and listening to audiobooks but it's just not the same. And there are so many problems now (everyday and existential), problems that I simply can't ignore anymore.

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