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How do I stop thinking about my lost years?

I spent the last years on imageboards, video games, tv, random youtube videos and got 0 skills or life experience.

With 31 people my age who either have a job or skills already got 10+ years of experience in the said thing. So I feel hopelessly behind and every time I want to learn something I start kicking myself for not doing it sooner when I had better conditions. My life was pretty comfy compared to now 10 years ago and I feel terrible wasting it. Now I can't say I'm ~finding myself~ anymore, I get less financial support and my health is getting worse and past 30+ the odds of random health issues increase on top of the constant regret over wasted time.

I know the robotic answer is that I can't change the past so it's pointless to think about but how can I really make peace with it mentally instead of trying to suppress these negative emotions with logic?


Start doing and learning thins now so you don't feel how you feel about your past as you do in the future about your now.


I also started getting worried by age when I was approaching 30 without any skills. It just becomes clear that most likely no big thing will happen and that you probably won't be financially successful and not going far.

I was also caught in the 'finding myself' loop but thats just a cope to not feel bad about not having a life and no clue about stuff.

If there is anything you like doing or if you want to learn something new then do it. Try to neet for as long as possible but if you have any good idea try to pursue it and even if it won't turn out as you think you will still learn skills from that.

Basically just try to put the body and mind you have now to work as good as you can without deluding yourself with imaginations of how the future could or should be, detach yourself from the outcome. Also dont delude yourself into thinking that you will become a different person any time now because once you are past 25 it's clear that you most likely won't be changing a lot of things about your personality.

Avoid certain things that subconsciously make you depressed like social media, porn, certain youtube videos, normie culture etc. and try adjust your lifestyle to a more stoic one. It's all about accepting facts and using the remaining time and body/mind you have in a productive way while trying to avoid having any good or bad imaginations as much as possible.


Buy bitcoin. Simple as.


Assuming you don't commit suicide, next year you will be 32. The other year will be 33. That will definitely happen, no doubt. So, right now it's you choice to be 32, 33, etc without skills or start learning something now. As a matter of fact, I'm 31 and I decided to learn how to play the soprano recorder. I bought one, downloaded a good book to learn and I'm studying it every day. It's not a skill that will get me a job, but it's knowing how to play a musical instrument is something that I always wanted to learn. I prefer to be 32 yo knowing how to play, even a beginners level, a recorder than being 32 yo still not knowing any.


study Ricardo's principle of comparative advantage.

The only skill that matters is what you are least bad at. Even if there is some superchad who can do every single thing better than you, it's a waste of his time and talent for him to do everything. So there is a lot you are comparatively better at him at.


File: 1679254379873.jpg (215.89 KB, 540x472, 135:118, 1675825597448115.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

give up, get fat


Scamcoins should fuggin die

First of all is getting a car


If you have no skills you could try becoming an apprentice in a field where they have an apprentice, journeymen, master type thing. They will hire you to do menial tasks and slowly teach you how their jobs work and eventually with time you will become an actual plumber or electrician or whatever. Just pick some random thing as soon as you in need of money.


Either learn a trade or go back to school. There aren't any shortcuts to getting a good job, and the longer you wait the harder it will be. Ageism is real and it will screw you over.


I've tried this but the problem is that all the electrican's, plumbers, etc expect to have a total normalfag in the van with them to chat to at smoko. I get called in to do casual work, I smash it out better than most, I'm affable and skilled, but when it comes down to it, their friend at the rugby club is the guy they want to spend every day with.

Not complaining because I totally get it, but there's those sorts of social barriers that inhibit people for the trades.


Gonna repost it >>274360
here. I'm in the same boat. Except I don't regret "wasting" those years. But I do regret wasting my 20s.


Dude, it's not THAT bad. Temp agencies exist for middle-aged men with no skill/education. They literally get paid to throw you at jobs. You can start now, die, or rot and experience things get much worse for you, my friend. I mean this in good-heart.


If nothing was inspired, telling ya: nothing interesting was to be done.
Mistrust that feel


For what consolation its worth, many skills can be learned relatively quickly. 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week. And most people in life weren't grinding hardcore, they were just casually putting in a few hours here and there. Especially at the start, you make huge gains in a short time. The leap from beginner to intermediate is usually not too far at all. On top of that, most skills have a point of diminishing returns, sort of like a vertical asymptote with time being the x axis. Where that asymptote is varies per person, but what I mean is you continually improve with time invested but still never surpass that point, just get infinitely closer. At a certain point the difference between 10yrs or 8.5yrs is only marginal advancement. This could be seen as discouraging from one perspective. But from where you stand it should give you great hope. In practice this means you can catch up with people who have been working at something their entire life in only a handful of years, or at least you can get really fucking close to their level of mastery. Close enough that you're nearly touching. A .00002cm distance apart.

For further encouragement, you never know if you may find you have a natural advantage in some domain or particular niche. I recommend you to try your hand at anything you have even a passing interest in. You may find that you excel greatly at it.


this is a good thread, thanks for making it OP, I am also 31 and NEET. I think anons in this thread have good advice. We aren’t normal fags so don’t feel bad about not being a normalfag and comparing yourself to normalfags. Embrace your autism. If you want work, just go to a temp agency. I’d advise against trades because I did that shit and couldn’t stand my coworkers, they are all normalfags and will judge the fuck out of you for being an autist. Careers are for materialistic normalfags, you need very little to survive and there is no shame in basic wage cucking to make ends meet. Normalfags might shame you, but fuck them, they were never going to accept people like us anyway.

Also, I also suffer from procrastination and shit, but last year I was very sick so I had a lot of time to duck around on the computer, and I taught myself how to use zbrush (3D modeling software). I spent so much time making models I actually became pretty good at it. All i did was watch youtube tutorials and have fun making shit. I don’t believe in discipline or trying or any of that normalfag shit. I just worked on stuff I wanted to work on and I naturally upped my skills. Just find something that catches your interest and duck with it for a while, I bet you’d surprise yourself what that thing is and what you can accomplish as long as you are kind to yourself and just enjoy the experience for what it is.


You have to make yourself desirable in a way that makes people give you money


just realize it was over before it began and you spared yourself a lot of shame and embarrassment from interacting with normies
if these things didn't come naturally to you there's nothing you can do besides push a boulder up a hill just to realize it's as pointless as doing nothing the past 10 years


Easy. You are 31 years old, you buy books on plumbing, watch plumbing videos, and read a little about marketing, in two or three years you can offer to offer your services as a certified plumber, earn a lot of money, and learn more and more.


I'm too apathetic for any real passion or motivation.
That's my excuse.


Buy a GoPro, harass people in public, pay someone to edit the footage, sell it on gumroad. Make thousands a month.


get this shitposting out of here please


Nah. What supermarket do you shop at? What would you do if this happened to you? Laugh it off, right?



Stop this avataring. Not every post of yours has to start with this word.


??? Doing those hobbies are probably the best thing I have done all these years while bouncing inside this crapsack ratracing job market


it's over for you.


Around 10 years ago I was convinced into getting a real job at a relatively 'prestigious' office doing grunt work. I tolerated it for 5 months before sinking back to my world, because living a day surrounded by the normal was like a bad taste and smell, with the panic of being unable to get fresh air. These people were on good wages doing 'skilled' work. They were the most braindead, vapid souls that knew quite literally nothing. They worked their way up to performing the same task week after week from a position of complete cluelessness. The only reason they go their jobs was because they got a degree and said the right things in their interview. Not a single thing other than their "skills in excel" would be transferrable to another career in any way shape or form. I considered it a not-unreasonable assessment that everyone else on that floor of some 300 high grade workers was exactly the same. The team I was in was actually considered a critical role and a high performance team.

If you truly think normalfolk are skilled in a job, then you are kidding yourself. Yes, there are builders and plumbers and electricians who had to get their qualifications and work experience. They are retards that spent 1-3 years, and then bodged their way through from job to job until they came out half-decent. The 10-20% in a field who are actually talented and able find their pocket and don't improve more than they need to. And really, why should they? They do well enough at that level, and it gives them more time at the pub or watching their sports, pursuing their hobbies and outings or time with their families.

We are a different breed. We have the benefit of time without distraction. A wizard's age is but one of two abstract values: apprentice or wizard. Where the normie has 1 hour a day to study or practice, you have 16 AND a good night's sleep. You have no obligations, no risk factors to fuck it all up by stealing your time or bankrupting you. You are you and nothing else. I don't even say this as a motivational piece, it's just fact. You have 16 times the time to play with. Start now and in one single year you could theoretically achieve 16 years worth of their efforts. I can't speak for what you did in the past, but it got you through the day, didn't it. More than can be said for some.


File: 1684894525204.jpg (73.23 KB, 736x736, 1:1, doglasses.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The logic is that feeding those thoughts serves no purpose to you, it's a waste of time. Forget what you lost, what you need to be thinking about is how to break the cycle of procrastination.

The reality of the matter is that you're not actually that far behind. Most people stop learning and improving themselves after their mid to late 20s simply because they opt to stop progressing. They don't really keep progressing forever. I'm well into my 30s, slowly but surely changing my situation, and this is something I've noticed around me. Most people out there stall themselves because they're too embarrassed to go back and learn things from scratch, and they're too busy with other shit and people they filled their lives with, something that isn't usually a problem for us.

The reality of life is that most people are retarded and have no idea what they're doing, but they'll jump into those situations anyway and just wing it. It took me a long time to figure out that life just comes down to winging shit while pretending you are in full control of the situation, this is actually what EVERYONE is doing until they grow used to it. I'm actually starting to become adept at this too, and people now find it convincing somehow, even though I've always been the most awkward and inadequate trash imaginable. I think most people here have way more potential than the average joe, we basically can only go up and have nothing to lose, the issue is just never going after it.


never understood this. you are the same person. the reason you didn't go out and do whatever it is you wanted to is the same thing stopping you now. i always thought regret over the past was stupid. they cry about it but if you suggest they change it now its just *crickets*. The irony being that its easy to whine about past you doing nothing when you think its over when in reality if you were teleported back in time you'd likely just make the same mistakes. I've heard people say its over at 30 or something. what do you supposed a person does with the other 50 years of their life then? its strange. because if you are a bum at 30 you don't have to be one at 40 or 50. even if your prime is over.


I would go on welfare and disability if you can.


well of course it's not a perfectly rational emotion but the issue is that as we age things get more difficult. like with 20 i could go to college for free but now I would have to work to pay for it which is exhausting and leaves less time to study. in general i feel more tired and it's just harder to learn new things as you age. and the outlook of finding a job also gets worse since ageism is real


I'm 34 and still a neet. My plan is to get a weapons license and become a security guard. There are so many job offers for that position that I'm sure they'll take anyone with a pulse as long as they have a gun permit, I've seen many old timers working as security guards so ageism doesn't seem to be a problem in that profession. Once I get a job I'll study some paid courses that can help me land better jobs. I'll keep doing courses and applying to jobs while working to try to move up the social ladder. I'll have to put my ego aside because there are going to be people way younger than me teaching me stuff or being my bosses, but that's the price to pay for being a NEET your whole life. It's going to be difficult, but many people have to start over from zero in their 30s or 40s. There are people who have been to jail for decades and then leave to have a somewhat normal life.


You have lost nothing because nothing has ever been available to you, and the real worry is to stop acting like such a pathetic failed normal about it.


Accomplishments are only worthwhile while you're chasing them and seeing progress. That's when you feel happy and fulfilled as you are on the right path. But once you get it, you celebrate for one day and then what? I did such and such last month, last year, 10 years ago, yay for me…until you take your aim again and set another goal, this time harder as you have achieved it too fast and didn't have enough time to enjoy the process.


im 29 and just one step above youi i been working as a custodian for 10 years. im still a bum with no skills other than that and idk what t odo


File: 1687297633591.jpg (35.97 KB, 488x488, 1:1, lost boys never land.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Im basically a teenage boy still even though im 32 years old, i still live in the room i did in high school, cant drive, no gf, never a job, the whole deal.
At this point im seeing how long i can keep the car going till it runs out of gas.


Wise dog.


Seeing my dad lament losing his abilities sort of made me realize the futility of basing your ego on skills and shit. I mean, it's important to have some basic skills to actually survive, and it's good to do things to keep cognitively sharp, but learning Chinese or being masterful at the trumpet only in order to stroke your own ego seems to be a losing game in the long run. Because like everything else in this world, it's fleeting and you can't take it with you. You can't even take most of your skills with you into old age. The Badminton club is filled with old men so masterful at slamming the shuttlecock wherever they want, but inevitably falter if it's hit far away from them.


35 and same. will move to a countryside as a last resort or kill myself. i think it's time.


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Is community college a good place to start acquiring skills for a wizard?


>see someone online post about how awful and depressing their 20s were
>afterwards they go on to say how great their 30's were "because you gain money and status"
>every single fucking time
>tfw I haven't done anything to get me a single step closer towards the money and status that everyone says fixes everything


how is learning chinese or the trumpet fleeting? You only lose those skills when you die. Some 90 yo grampa in the retirement community can still get a sense of pride for playing the trumpet for his community and hearing the compliments of those who can still hear him play. You can do more physical skills while you can do them and then just transition to other stuff once your body fails you. Ultimately you need to have something to base your self esteem on, right? Skills are nice, but most people get a lot more out of what they do with them. If you are living a life of isolation, maybe a skill is nothing more than pointless preening, but otherwise it can actually make an impact on the world somehow. This is the hard truth those of us living in isolation have to face: ultimately our existence becomes meaningless, there is no point to doing anything other than to stimulate your pleasure centers like a rat with wires in his brain pushing the button over and over again.


Where else? Your only option is some trade school or community college if you're broke. If you can find a way to get ton of moneys and scholarships you can apply for university but uni is useless if you don't wanna go after the big tier professions(doctor, lawyer, scientist, engineer) etc, every other degree their is meme and a waste of money.


Everyone grows old (maybe) and dies, but I'd rather do interesting and cool stuff in the meantime. I imagine looking back at a fulfilling and meaningful life is better than looking back at an empty vacuous one!


That's why I decided to not give a shit about anything anymore, not even college or contribution to society. I'm gonna die eventually and we never know our deaths but i'm supposed to live my life wagecucking for a shitty degree and office? Fuck that.


It's fleeting in the sense that all your skills entropy in old age. Kant one day woke up and realized he couldn't reason as well as he used to and basically gave it up.

If you become too prideful of your skills and base your ego too much in it, you feel pain and hurt when you start to see younger people effortlessly better than you and that you yourself take three times as long to do something that you used to.

I don't know, you can just as easily be envious of what you've lost. But there's a balance, one or two hobbies used to keep yourself happy is all you need. Something you enjoy for the sake of it. You don't need to go to the extreme of being a super juggling chinese learning pro eggspert stoic grindset.

There is no excuse to having no skills though, you should at least know how to cook basic meals.


so what should you base your ego on then for maximum return in old age according to you?


Yeah, the trades are still a halfway decent place for a wizard to turn his life around, the solitary trades like welding or truck driving are the best. It worked for me at least. Got my CDL at 24 and busted ass until 31. I was able to get my own independence, still no life but I enjoy being a hermit. There's a lot of normalfags infiltrating the trades now sadly as they all now finally have realized that their degrees are worthless. It's easy to work around them though since the majority quit early.

Also nightshift unarmed security guard work is great for a wizard too, I did that for a long time. Get a job as a security guard and spend all night teaching yourself stuff you want to learn.


By gaining skills and stretching oneself you build the will. It's also thought that skill can pass into future lives' as talent


i just dont get why it took me so long to realize i need to change. sure i was "comfortable" but the writing was on the wall for years. turning 25 should have sent me into action but nope somehow i still did nothing for 6 years. i cant even remember what i did the last years and i didnt take any drugs


Hey brother, I'm almost exactly the same, even though I got my drivers licence and a 4 month job at 30.
I sometimes remind myself that I can drive and that I did drive about 10 times since I got it 2 years ago. I just keep forgetting, it's just another painful chore to do for my dad. If that's how all accomplishments go, I don't want to accomplish anything anymore.
Meanwhile our 32 year old peers have swapped through several different universes of existence as they changed throughout the years, all of them unavailable to us. I doubt they learned anything from those experiences, certainly not as much as we wizards would.


This is a very good post.


Don't do that and don't think about ever doing that.
If you hate interacting with people in the first place you will waste a lot of time, effort and money on acquiring skills which you will never actually get to apply.
Instead work for somebody else so they handle all the people and marketing bullshit.


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I sold my buttcoins for 500 EUR back in 2012



I probably spent up to 10 bitcoins on drugs back in the day, I'd be rich if I kept them


That feel when a drugs marketplace stole a bunch of bitcoins from me, and for years the amount they stole grew to millions in value


The usa is satans kingdom, it does not deserve my labor and tax revenue


I really like this video


You could always embrace being a permaNEET


Start swimming, if you can. Swimming is holistic and safe way to exercise. Start cooking your own food (visit a local library and borrow a basic cookbook). Learn Pomodoro Technique (or some variation of it) and start learning something that's interesting to you personally. I suggest learning computer stuff, since it's easy to do at home and you can get a ton of information from the Internet.

I recommend starting with installing GNU/Linux (I recommend starting with Linux Mint). Make backups, just in case you make a mistake and physically disconnect the drive that contains the backups from your computer. Next, use Windows disk management utilities to shrink a partition (reserve at least 60GB for Linux). Then get an empty flash drive with at least 4GB capacity and use Rufus to copy the Linux Mint iso to it. I also highly recommend that you set your Windows installation to use UTC time (it doesn't affect the way time is displayed to you). See: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/System_time#UTC_in_Microsoft_Windows Then reboot your PC and install Linux Mint. You can learn actual Linux skills by working through this free book: https://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php

You can also learn programming at online MOOCs or by watching YouTube tutorials. YouTube tutorials have only a little QA, so a textbook might be better. I suggest Automate The Boring Stuff With Python (it's free): https://automatetheboringstuff.com
You don't need to install Linux to start learning programming. Another thing you can do at home is Doom mapping: Get the Doom 2 IWAD somewhere and then download GZDoom and SLADE and (optionally) Ultimate Doom Builder. Then follow this guide: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/74073-vanilla-level-editing-lesson-1-preliminary-reconnaissance/
The reason why I recommend Doom mapping instead of 3D modeling is that 3D modeling is harder than making 2.5D levels in a premade game. But if you are more interested in 3D modeling, you can try Blender (it's free).


OP's problem is emotional. You can't tell him to just "do this" and expect anything. He knows what to do. He just can't do it.


it's way too convenient to start crying about your 'lost years' when they are already lost. i'm willing to bet that if you were given them back you would squander them once again. Because to whine about wasting your years you have to be a different person now. When in reality you are still the loser you hate so much. What i'm getting at is you are happy they are over so you can now just relax and complain about them, pretending not to know that you wouldn't have done anything different because you are the exact same person in a 31yo's body.


>31 years old

obligatory vid


these posts remind me of this webm i saw on 4chan entitled 'proof transgenders are sane' and it showed a bunch of discord messages of trannys talking about wanting to commit suicide, how their lives are terrible and so on.

I can imagine another webm entitled "proof NEETs are sane" and its just you guys posting about how you wasted your years, the same remorse a tranny has after realizing he will never be a real succubi.

what i'm saying is own up to being a NEET. You didn't do shit because nothing mattered enough to you. That should be fucking based. I've seen way too many self loathing wizards around here and even worse, normie apologizers. Telling people to grow up? get a job? stop being NEET? do you hate normgroids or love them? make up your mind you damn uncle chad.


cool analysis bro

its people like you that fucked my brain up by finding the most insulting way to interpret everything

now every time i have any thought i have this cynical internet hater voice in my head criticizing me

of course any pushback makes you feel you are right and "got me"


>You didn't do shit because nothing mattered enough to you

thats not cool or based thats a malfunction in the brain making you unable to get motivated for long term goals making you chase instant gratification instead


>of course any pushback makes you feel you are right and "got me"
i did, you got at least 40 more years and you'll waste them under the pretense of "well, i am not in my youth anymore so why bother".
see you in ten years when you post your "i wasted my 30s" thread. But like trannys NEETs tend to an hero a lot before then.


judging by how you speak in self help platitudes and call your lack of ambition a 'malfunction in the brain' i can tell you are 100% indoctrinated by soft sciences. Make no mistake you are a failed normie not a wizard. Theres not a single original thought in your post and your post presupposes that the right way to be is a productive member of an ever changing, often for the worse society.

You are incapable of thinking for yourself. you would've believed in rain dances, demons causing sickness and so on if you lived in the past. Keep self flagellating, see where it gets you.


i mean this guys whole career is on how there r biologically inferior races and sexes, no one should be shocked, he thinks there are genetically inferior individuals, even among white males.


Why would I waste my time listening to anything sam hyde says? There are a billion billion dipshits in the world giving out their opinion and I have a very small amount of time to listen.


i was surprised he told guys to keep living with their moms, as most of these macho red pill types, you gotta prove ur a real man, impress the bitches etc


I knew I had to change or I'll have to kill myself since I was 16 and I still never did. I just don't have it in me. I think of doing things that will change my lives for the better and my mind just goes, "Fuck I don't want to do this. Just kill me right now." and goes back to wasting time on my pc. The rationale part of my brain tells me that I need to change right now or I will suffer the consequences. The emotional part of my brain tells me that life shouldn't be this shit and you shouldn't accept the fact that life is shit. You should have a strike and avoid participation in society until it's condition is fixed into something fit for participation, which will never happen so I am still escaping into the digital world and avoid facing reality. God the thought of having to actually integrate back to society infuriates me as I think about it. It'll be fine if the normie has a point about how working is meaningful, starting a family is fulfilling, world is beautiful. etc but it's not. There is nothing out there even if you leave your pc. Just a kind of suffering that you have to go through so you can avoid a different kind of suffering if you don't do it. Change? For what?


File: 1692822845731.png (59.04 KB, 1561x199, 1561:199, Screenshot 2023-01-13 1558….png) ImgOps iqdb

sam is unironically the only one who keeps it 100% real with his audience. he doesn't think most of his nerdy, crab fanbase is going to 180 into some giga chad top G


>I just don't have it in me

I feel the same. Reading books, even if it's a book I got for myself out of own free will and not to impress anyone, feels like a job when it should be fun. Exercise feels painful every time and I never experience the "runners high" and it never really gets easier.

>until it's condition is fixed into something fit for participation

Do you mean life as a whole like how we need to do things we don't enjoy like exercise to avoid future suffering or society like how there are meaningless jobs and customers and bosses that treat you with no respect?


Society. I think people out there are too vicious, too rotten. I don't think being around these people is "how things are meant to be". I feel it deep in me that if there were a god or a primordial force to the universe, then they designed humans to be able to thrive and be happy, but only if they live in their "natural environment". Somewhere in the span of human history, we have abandoned our "natural environment" and as a result life is miserable for everyone. This is not a logical belief, this is just how I feel. I don't know what this "natural environment" is. For Uncle Ted it is a hunter gatherer society. For Muslims, it is Sharia. For Leftists, it is a world without capitalism. For Gnostics or other mystical traditions, it is a return to the monad or other similar kind of enlightenment. Whatever it is, I don't think society as the way it is right now is right. I think a lot of normies feel this way too but they have no choice but to participate in the rat race or they don't know any better.


YOu're doome to faiulrue


I read this in a very stereotypical Japanese accent


>I knew I had to change or I'll have to kill myself since I was 16 and I still never did. I just don't have it in me. I think of doing things that will change my lives for the better and my mind just goes, "Fuck I don't want to do this. Just kill me right now." and goes back to wasting time on my pc
Jesus this speaks to me.


How did you make it to 31 without working on anything? Like, in my 20s I was virtually on the state of panic ALL THE TIME because I knew that I was (1) extremely mentally ill and (2) had no way to survive in society in a normal way (too scared to even be around people.) Like, it was obvious to me that I wasn't normal and there was a strong expectation to survive. Even if my parents didn't make me feel like a loser I absolutely knew that I was disadvantaged.

You never had thoughts where you worried about the future? Where you questioned your capacity? Where you reflected on your nature? If you did: why the fuck didn't you do anything?


Not him, but it would be easy to lose a decade with just distracting yourself from the feeling and engaging in pleasant daydreams. Both of these are good at neutralizing the negative emotions that would motivate you to actually do something. You either distract yourself or you imagine a grand plan that you have absolutely no intention of actually following through, but it's enough to calm your psyche and remove the panic through the illusion of a way forward.


still, the thought doesnt even occur to you once in 10 years that you're full of shit? how is that even possible?


That's what I ask myself every day.

But at the core it's because it's very easy to lose sight of the years passing by if you live from day to day. I would get into arguments with my parents but then they would leave me alone for months and with no instant pressure the far away fear of entering your 30s with no skills is not enough to kick-start action immediately. I was in my 20s so it felt like I had time and I just kept putting everything off. I would start doing something and then one day stop and not even remember why. I read a lot of self-help advice and books and introspected but it all amounted to nothing because change takes too much effort and with the internet it's also so easy to have access to shallow entertainment to keep yourself distracted 24/7.

I just have a very hard time to motivate myself to do anything with delayed or uncertain rewards. Like getting a college degree is better than no degree but it's not like you are promised your dream job as you enter college. If you practice drawing every day you will improve but the improvement day to day is barely noticeable and the stuff you make while practicing is worthless so there is no satisfaction and also no guaranteed point in the future where your desired drawing skills are guaranteed with x amount of practice per day.

I just lack any intrinsic motivation. I hate to admit it but I kinda live like an animal just chasing pleasure day to day with no plan.


I remember starting doing p90x workout videos when it came out around 2006 and the internet/4chan recommended it. Before I hit 18 I’d read some of the cbt therapy books, engaged with Buddhism, stoicism, popular philosophy+psychology. It’s continued for the last 15+ years with much less energy than my teenage self and I’ve gotten nowhere, I’m worse than when I began. Some people are just fucked and ripe for suicide.


Not him, but I just don't care. Not everyone cares about being popular and being "successful". You're not going to get someone with this kind of mindset.


You wiz triggered me REALLY bad.

This is how this fucking life werks. You don't just do something. You never become good at anything unless you start it as a kid/teenager. People after 25 never ever achieve anything if they don't have any foundation, from which to proceed. If you had no interests before adulthood, you're most likely doomed to have none during. This is because when you are kid/teen you don't know what's reward. You just play along for the sake of God. But when you're over 18, you want to fucking see the fucking goddamn result of whatever the fuck you happen to fuck with! And since you've successfully wasted your most important time of life — your childhood, you have nothing you can do. And thus you are unable to find a niche in which you would be rewarded for your toil. And so you end up suiciding. That's so fucking fucked. God I'm so seething right now.


I'm 30 and many times I've considered going back to university to study something but I'm just not sure I have the mental fortitude or willpower to put myself in that environment again and learn. I feel so fucking stupid and lazy.


>when you're over 18, you want to fucking see the fucking goddamn result of whatever the fuck you happen to fuck with

This is true across ages. It's just that when you were younger, approval from your parents/teachers was the reward for you to keep going to violin practice. But as an adult, you don't have that kind of luxury of having cheerleaders all around you. Not everything you do will be met with instant delight from people you respect and care about. It's still possible to learn and master things in adulthood, just takes a bit of effort to beat the initial hurdles and get into concrete results. You start practicing the violin, struggle for a while, then you manage to play one song really well and you learn how to learn and you see more and more results.


Adulthood has a problem is that it's not expected that you should get immediately praised for your results. On the contrary, people would soon get pissed over your (even small) success and just say something to make you feel "shorter". Even those who genuinely care about you won't go around bragging about how cool you are, because it's not among social norm. Normies find the approval from females, but wizards have to seek it elsewhere. Result is that you have to seek alternative rewards and since they are visibly more hard to get many wizards give it up for many different reasons.



don't learn anything and do not self improooove. true wiz kill himself when the time is right.


me too


I experience the same everyone is experiencing here. Still unemployed at 26 and having no useful skills.

>feels like a job

Even me reading this thread how many people relate to me feels like a job kek.


I experience the same thing everyone is experiencing here. Still unemployed at 26 and no useful skills, having no friends and getting bullied.

>feels like a job

Even me reading this thread to see how many people relate to me feels like a job kek.


I got over this feel earlier this year, but I am in a place where I simply don't know how to enjoy life. Imageboards and video games were used as a way to escape life, the desire to participate in these hobbies have waned now that I no longer am afraid of experiencing life.

Now it is like what the fuck do I do? I don't have the years of experience doing random shit to know what to do when my mind is idle. I've started exercising more, but that only takes up a small fraction of my day.


>Now it is like what the fuck do I do?
Go travel? Go read a book? Just go walking around your city looking for whatever is bound to happen?


File: 1693699820800.png (16 KB, 300x300, 1:1, trash.png) ImgOps iqdb

How do I get over this feeling of worthlessness? Even if no one is shaming me right now I just feel so weak and emasculated with having no skills and having relied on the government and my parents so far. I want to improve but after years of the idle life it's hard to gain momentum.


pick something you like and try get immersed. don't have any expectation aside from it being interesting


If you fall with the right person, they'll do all the talking so you don't have to do any. Downside is, it gets tiring after a couple hours. But you end up opening up if just a bit after they've told you all their life.


I feel like this is a worlds first that someone wasted as much time as me just doing nothing on imageboards. It was essentially a self-induced coma.

Others at least got their jobs or if they were NEETs they had online friends and played a lot of video games, watched movies or even read books and practiced some skill.

At this point I fear daily imageboard use altered my brain in ways that it would be noticeable in brain scans.


The vast majority of people and I mean like 99+% of them don't lead conscious lives. They get a job and lose themselves in it. Barely any of them ever reach mastery. They learn the necessary and just carry on with said basics. They do learn over the years, but it's barely anything, and it's quite slow. Most of the knowledge they posess took decades to amass and it stops very early. You can start at any age, but if you do it consciously and make a direct effort towards learning/excellence you can surpass them in no time, because they're not trying. I'm not trying to make you feel good, I'm just telling you how life is. It's sadly this boring. It's not a video game in which people just level up overtime and they don't stop leveling up. A guy learns a few things in his first year of working and he just rolls with that then stop focusing on work. Not only that, but also, the way people learn is grossly uneffective. Taking months to learn something that can be learned in a week.Absolutely garbage methodology. I've seen guys reach the same skill level in programming in only 6 months it took others nearly a decade. You're completely overestimating the average person. I mean that completely when I say that you could pick any hobby/skill/trade and become better than 95% of the people on earth in just a few months by completely dedicating yourself to it and using the right methodologies. In a sense, it's a blessing, it means it's never really over for us NEETs, because everyone is so fucking dumb and lazy.


>The vast majority of people and I mean like 99+% of them don't lead conscious lives
completely false. Also the rest of your post confuses consciousness with efficiency in learning, intelligence, and aptitude.
> it's never really over for us NEETs, because everyone is so fucking dumb and lazy.
You're still immature and have a chip on your shoulder. When you finally let go and stop comparing yourself to normies your thinking will be more coherent.


Yep, it's projecting time.


If anything, you cope with your own failings by projecting them onto the rest of the world. The whole post is nothing but that, see:
>Well I didn't do anything with my life, didn't learn anything new, and didn't move forward but normies are no better and I could surpass them if I dedicated myself
That's the reasoning behind your post. A weak cope. Do something instead of criticizing the rest. It certainly gets you nowhere or you wouldn't be posting something so pathetic.


NTA but normans should be critized on every possible opportunity beacuse they are disgusting pieces of shit.

I'm speaking this as someone who has to work with them every day.


Can you be an unarmed security guard if your small, skinny and unimposing?


>NTA but normans should be critized on every possible opportunity beacuse they are disgusting pieces of shit.
Sounds like you love wasting time talking shit about shit.


Humans are hardwired to feel bad when not being "productive"
Its funny really, animals are evolved to take as much time off as possible because merely living in the wild is 99% work, mainly avoiding danger and looking for food.
Yet if you have all your needs met with little effort and can relax as much as you want your brain thinks it's bad
So you're both looking for ways to avoid working yet at the same time finding work to do if you're too free.
This is compounded when leeching off someone like your parents since you're "dead weight" and not useful for the tribe and could be kicked out which is a death sentence.
Different people feel this to different degrees.
people think the cure is eternal wage slavery but you can trick your brain by doing things it deems productive.


remember there are hundreds of millions of succubi out there with no discernable skills at 31 so don't feel bad


Probably in 1 week with focused effort you can get to the top 10%


>Also dont delude yourself into thinking that you will become a different person any time now because once you are past 25 it's clear that you most likely won't be changing a lot of things about your personality.
Yes, let's all give up after 25! 25 is the new 95. Time for suicide bros.


>start improving yourself
>now feel bad you started so late since it seems like you were capable of doing it all this time


I stopped caring. I know I tried and got no results. What else is there to say or do, life wasn’t kind to me and soon I will die.


Ok so I'm also 31 and going into an apprenticeship program for Stonemasonry next year if all things work out. I'm not sure why you think things are too late if you're only 31. I'm actually fairly optimistic.

Listen, we don't have wives (or likely gf's) it's not like we have to rush. Especially if part time jobs can get us by and allow us to have enough money to buy cool things.

That's the way I'm looking at it at least.


File: 1699084924449.webm (3.99 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, machine thing.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>change yourself
>finding yourself

s*ccubus typed this post.
There is no "yourself". There is only mechanical skill.


File: 1701398623259.png (19.46 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

Learn to drawfag You can at least have the skill of making your own maymay's




I guess he means the deterministic side of things, if you are born with a fucked up brain, that's it. No escape.

The concepts of "changing yourself" is bluepill crap.

Some have (feel like they have) a mission, but those are rare individuals.


there was a time where I wanted to kill myself because I wanted people to feel bad about me in some way but then I grew up and realized that if I killed myself now nobody would care so I stopped thinking about those things.
Truth of the matter is that in order for you to actually matter to people you'd have to kill yourself early, afterwards nobody even cares. I suffer tremendously every day and I regret not having killed myself when it could have meant something. I've buckled myself up for a ride of feeling like complete shit for an amount of time nobody deserves, we'll see how much I can suffer during this time, I already feel shit and sometimes I think to myself that I couldn't possibly feel any worse, and yet there are days where I feel so bad that it's as if I'm being tortured in some way and it hurts on the inside.


File: 1707514481299.webm (3.77 MB, 700x394, 350:197, 1679650264898-1.webm) ImgOps iqdb


That's one sad and pathetic least to have man.


Being one to create simple art to make your fellows laugh, and to spread ideas and feelings via an efficient medium which allows others to share your work as well? It's the work of a mordern modern balladsayer or bard.


File: 1707604450340.png (14.47 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb


doesn't have to be memes even if your just drawing your favorite anime or doing anything not just drawing but activity in general you'll feel better even if your not some natural master in these times the best thing we can all do is anything but jerking our own gerkins while crying pathetically in the corner over our missed opportunities


It's fucking something. You probably can't imagine how purposeless and miserable some people are.

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