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I am amazed at what the mind can cause, I haven't gone out for a few weeks, just depressed in my room, and it seems that my body is paying consequences that it had never had before.

My legs feel very weak, like I can't walk or I'm going to fall, my head feels like it's floating, and my vision is blurry.
I think I shouldn't have stopped taking my antidepressants, I'm scared, this has never happened to me.
Has it happened to you?


My head also starts to feel weird after not taking my antidepressants, usually goes away in a couple of hours after taking them.


i had 0 side effects after going cold turkey off a few different high dose antideps, and overall. i guess im lucky in that regard, but they do nothing positively for me too, its like taking placebo.


Yes. That's because when you are depressed you barely eat. And you need food to sustain your body.


Withdrawal symptoms. You are meant to taper off antidepressants, not stop taking them suddenly. idiot


Are you sure it isn't because you quit them cold turkey?


do a long gradual taper


If you're using opiates or benzos like xanax or valium, they can literally kill you if you quit cold turkey.


>I haven't gone out for a few weeks

lol thanks for the laugh.

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