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stressed out from all the bullshit edition

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yes they do, and i recommend rehearsing until it feels natural


Dude, there's no way I can do that. I can't fake enthusiasm, I can't even fake laughter or a smile. So I guess im fucked, welp. What sucks is I cant even be a welfare whore because I'm a single white man. I tried to get on social security, since I had an actual legit reason to be on it (I have diagnosed aspergers, and at the time I wasnt able bodied enough to work since I had been attacked nearly to death).


It depends on whoever's interviewing/hiring you, but generally you just have to not come off as a trashy twat.
The reason they love hearing you say you'll cover shifts is because many normgroids in lower positions are very flaky, and sometimes don't even call to let anyone know they won't make it.
If a manager refuses to hire someone because they don't exude pep, that manager probably won't last long at a successful company, and working under them will be hell.


It really depends on the manager. It's so hard to get a job that's there's a lot of survival bias, mysticism, and superstition around the whole interview process. In reality, I've known people who were in the hiring seat who chose or denied people based on the most capricious of whims.

Where does your picture come from?


I wonder if childhood was more terrible if wageslaving wouldn't seem so terrible. Why is life structured so it starts off good and progressively gets worse and worse and worse?


Subversion of expections by parents. They give their kids a taste of the good life, playing video games all day, shirking responsibilities with minimal consequence, and being told that the world is a hugbox for them. Then, when they reach 18, it's all snatched away, they're sent to some shit job, hardly any time to themselves, and nobody seems to care about them nearly as much as they did when they were young and adorable. Of course, there's a blurred line to how bad childhood can be before it causes trauma, in which case it follows one for life.


File: 1684744186610.mp4 (3.85 MB, 202x360, 101:180, 42rg3.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Wizard gets told off by normgroid


that's how you get a nice big swig of spit in your coffee next time lol


I've been daydreaming a lot about living in a cabin or something like a bunker in a forest, while keeping my half-remote office drone job. I have probably enough savings after 6 years of slaving but I'm too retarded to actually pull it off.


I hate how sociopaths record everyone on their smartphones and share it.


Getting ready for work. Fucking hell, fucking hell, fucking hell.


rip them


Work in a call center, can confirm. Thankfully I get to work from home so I no longer have to be in the same vicinity as the psycho normgaloids that want to constantly pick at me n' shit.

The frustrating thing is that my bosses are micromanaging as fuuuuck and I despise it greatly.


Retailfag here, customers like this are somewhat common actually, it's not just a reddit meme.


The word humiliated at the bottom refers to the retard talking, right? There's no way someone watches this video and think the silent guy with the patience of a saint is the one being humiliated. It has to be the moron holding the phone and babbling incoherently.


Former retailfag here, can confirm. Especially in the telecom industry. When I worked for T-Mobile and Spectrum these fuckos were everywhere


Guess which asshat can't call out sick anymore lest he be written up and eventually fired…that's right. It me. This fucking call center has the most asinine attendance policy I have ever dealt with, it's essentially the worst shit ever.

Basically if you call out sick you get an occurrence, rack up enough and you get written up and eventually fired. During the winter and spring months my sinuses make me feel like utter shit and I end up puking…a lot. And having to call out…a lot! As a result I end up having to take a lot of occurrences…and now I'm riding the line between being safe and being fired…fucking hell…


In most first world countries, if you bring in a sick note from the doctor stating you're sick, they can't legally fire you. Every time you get sick for more than a day or two, you should be providing one of them.

Paperwork acts as a legal deterrence.


Doctors' notes can cost several hundred dollars and it's not always the doctor's opinion that we need time off work. You can ask for a note, get charged $150 for it, and all it says is "Mr. Wiz must wear a mask at work for at least 2 weeks"


Holy shit, brutal. Poor Wiz was just trying to get thru yet another shitty shift and he gets hit with this. The jab at the end was real extra too. Customer is a total tool though, wonder what they were trying to get out of this with filming and posting it. Wonder if Wiz could sue for harassment.


I've offered them doctors notes in the past and they never took them. I swear to God, they wouldn't take doctor's notes at all and I'd still be stuck with the occurrences. It's total bullshit.


You take imitative scan them into a pdf file and email it in, a lot of office stuff is about removing any plausible deniability on their part. If you physically hand it to them they can refuse or destroy it. If you get a doctor's sick note, send it in through email to their email address, ring in and say you've sent it and can't come in, in -most- countries they can't fire you over it. They can get rid of you in other ways, like making you redundant, but they can't say "sorry you're sick, you can't work here".

Obviously it's only worth doing for a week or more off and you can't repetitively do it or they'll question your general health.


Doctor's know most sick notes are a grift and don't rock the boat, they literally rubber stamp them because they don't want to be caught out on the 0.001% chance it turns out to be a major cancer or whatever.


I've somehow adopted a new mindset where I've accepted "life is suffering, and I will suffer." Paradoxically, after adopting this thought pattern, I hardly ever feel anything while I'm at work, as though I'm closest to an 'auto-pilot' mode than I've ever been.
I await to see how long this effect lasts, but I've been consistently feeling not bad at work for almost a month.
It's almost poetry; I feel good because I don't feel bad, I don't feel bad because I don't care about feeling good.

Does anyone else have their own experience in experimenting with their own mind to cope with the banalities of life?


Started my first day as a Boat & Trailer Assembler. How the fuck do people do this shit? It's complicated as fuck and a bitch to do all the while you're hearing loud as fuck scraping of steel that's definitely going to give you tinnitus. It's just painful to deal with in any capacity meanwhile the boss is just sitting in his office drinking coffee and emailing people all day. My hands (and body) are covered in grease and oil and I still don't even know the fuck pay.

I'm convinced that I died years ago and now I'm living in hell, everything is going to shit; not just in my personal life anymore (economy, rights, geopolitics etc). I should've killed myself at 13 and avoided all this fucking hell - what the fuck was I thinking? I feel so gutturally sick and nauseous just thinking of having to do this shit for months, much less years.


Used to work at a factory with a bunch of drug addicts.

Quit that job almost instantly, even though I needed the money. That job gave me PTSD for a couple weeks.


I swear this job wants me to suffer. There have been opportunities to leave early because of lack of work, and I've been throwing my hat into the ring…only to never get chosen and have to stay the whole ass day while others can leave early with 0 consequence. The worst part is, they use a virtual wheel to decide who gets to leave, and I bet you it's landed on me in the past and they just ignore it and spin again because I don't kiss ass.

This fucking bank I swear to God.


I told you


I sincerely relate to this. I should have roped when I was 13. I was a miserable mentally ill mess then, and I’m still a miserable mentally ill mess going into my late 20s. It just keeps getting worse. I’ve constantly been on the edge my whole life and I’m tired. Fuck everyone who don’t have to deal with this. I didn’t ask for this.


File: 1684899864144.jpg (160.65 KB, 1240x1460, 62:73, hero suit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>have long commute
>could easily afford to move closer to my place of work
>stay far away just so I can use the long commute to reflect about how I can't keep living like this
I must be some kind of masochist


I love smelling my sweaty balls after a long day of work.

I just cup my balls and smell my hand afterwards. It's so good.


Told me fucking what? I never claimed wageslaving is good in any capacity you dumb nigger.


Not gonna lie, I also really like the smell of my balls.


Would you guys smell other wizards balls?


Move to Canada
Apply for MAID


Truth is that unless you're a filthy nigger balls don't smell that much or my nose is broken idk. Anyway why would you smell your balls it's hilarious.


Another opportunity to leave early came up….but not for those who run the closing shift like me. Fucking hell I hate this company.


Nope, I'm only into mine. I'm autosexual.


I've browsed through crabs.is threads about work experiences and the posts there are identical to the ones here


You're saying that people who don't enjoy wageslaving who are also celibate by choice, have generally the same outlook on working as those who hate wageslaving but want sex?


File: 1684964552036.webm (1.57 MB, 576x1024, 9:16, nhg5.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Canada is importing so many brown subhumans that apartments/houses are going for $1,000,000 each in the cities and endless amounts of brown people are lining up for entry level jobs.

If you're a Canadian wizzie, it's basically over. Canada is literally over.


File: 1684964611298.png (1.01 MB, 717x740, 717:740, 54y5454.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


how does that make sense. if they're applying for entry level jobs how can they afford such expensive homes


My guess would be that those immigrants are either renting properties more on the outskirts of the city, leveraging huge family units with multiple workers to stay in a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment/condo, or they may also be given housing vouchers, if not free housing altogether.
The first unresearched thought that comes to mind is this looks like a desperate attempt to stave off a housing bubble crash, because unless more housing can freely be built by companies without costs of red tape and rent control prohibiting their construction, in fucking Canada of all places, these prices could stay the same if the supply is squeezed.
The end result is any possibly successful descendants of the immigrants moving somewhere else, where they don't have to share a room with 5 siblings, aunts, and uncles, while the Americanized (Canuckized?) dregs who are content with such abysmal conditions swell in numbers, until the city becomes smothered in slums that used to be middle class housing complexes.


I swear working at this hellhole becomes a fucking S L O G when you gotta work like 2-3 hours toward the end of the day with no break until the end of the shift. I hate it so goddamn much.



Canada has exciting destinations like Edmonton or Calgary that immigrants don't go to. Once you embrace Canada's heritage as a cold, desolate, isolated frontierland the world is your oyster. There is more to Canada than Toronto and Montreal. Canada even has the Yukon and the Arctic Ocean you can live next to.


As most wizards (and possibly many normalfags) do, I hate my job and most of the people I work with. Lately, I have been thinking about my shitty job and shitty coworkers even when I'm not at work, and it's making me even more miserable than usual. What are some good ways to put work out of my mind when I'm not there?


File: 1685333677297.webm (2.86 MB, 540x302, 270:151, Genshin Impact.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I'm going to have to pick up a second job at this rate. Everything is getting more expensive and I'm having troubles paying for my rent and utilities. This shit fucking sucks and I hate the faggots that's ruining this country.


Very important to read this. Also - Carnegie "How to Win Friends and Influence People". ALL combative normies read these two. Some of the more hardcore ones also know Machiavelli at least in quotes. I confirm this from overheard real life conversations. This is the holy normie triad of psywar, know the enemy.


I posted here months ago that i was warned because i took too many sickdays. Well i kept on taking em because of overwork/burnout and the consequences are here, i'm summoned for an "official" talk with my supervisor and management. I've been working here for many years and wouldn't mind getting fired, it's all so pointless.

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