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stressed out from all the bullshit edition

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savings dried up after a year of neeting, time to be a wageslave again.


Should I become a janitor


I am not the biggest fan of working to be honest.


File: 1679682664944.jpg (63.62 KB, 350x420, 5:6, pogo-stool-image.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

perhaps a standing chair could help you


Retail workers are not allowed to sit at all. The job is such a paradox anyways. We have to clean the entire station in 30 minutes. Skip things, but also do everything on the list. Other people will also be upkeeping the store, but a lot of things need to be done. Do everything well, but do it very fast. Overall, pretty exploitative job.


ridiculous, may be demoralization attempts.


You'll probably want an intelligence reduction procedure done before starting the job, since an average Janitor's IQ is 87. Multiple techniques for reducing IQ include :
Benzodiazepine or alcohol abuse.
A lobotomy.
Radiation or chemotherapy.

Discuss reducing your IQ with a doctor today,not tomorrow, RIGHT NOW. It's dangerous having an IQ too high for a job, and surgical techniques can help. Ask for a transorbital lobotomy, what doctor Walter Freeman performed on Howard Dully in 1960, curing his schizophrenia. Modern medicine is in denial about the Lobotomy's benefits… Don't hesitate to correct denialist doctors.


If you do become a janitor, make sure you get the comfy 4pm to 12pm shift, right when all the office workers go home. That's the golden shift and you can just read books half the time.

I absolutely loved the work, the only problem was that because it's such a low status job, normalfaggots feel entitled to start henpecking you. If you're on the day shift going into office buildings and businesses, people will try to humiliate you. succubi will make snide comments, you will be treated like a loser.


Average janitors never notice the bullying, and he will stick out like a sore thumb unless a doc helps out.


i got hired as a school custodian with benefits 20 an hour just never took the jkob didnt feel like it. but yea its comfy for wizards


They notice it kek, they just ignore it. We've talked about it before in the workvan. There's a few select sites they'll refuse to work because the treatment is that bad.

Although middle aged men get it worst. Nobody really picks on the older minority succubi doing the job.


Speaking of janitor work

In 2021 I worked for like two weeks at a janny company doing night shift. Except because they paired me up with somebody, and that other person was driving, they selectively took me off being paid driving between sites because I was "not working". I'd work eight hours and only get paid 5. I hit them up about it furious, and they just said "well we don't get paid for you traveling between sites either".

Of course I quit within two weeks, because what sort of cuck works for no pay, but this just seems highly illegal. I looked into the law and yeah, I'm right, if it's part of your normal routine at work you can't be taken off the books. I know an older lady close to my family that works there and she still passively takes it because she's in a vulnerable position in life.

I'm seriously considering taking the job back, it's advertised again (no surprise). I'll make myself out to be passive, then them hard with a letter from the lawyers detailing the illegality of it, hold a meeting where they have no choice but to reverse the policy, and then all at once getting everyone else to submit the same letter to reverse the policy for them as well. I won't cancel my NEETbux, I'll put it on hold, and just stay the course. Even if I'm fired, I'll likely have saved 4-5 people from being ripped off $200+ a week.


File: 1679793740242.png (606.64 KB, 896x761, 896:761, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Trying to get into supportive employment and transition off of autismbux. Soon I will join your ranks, but at least I'll have more money and hopefully a better quality of life.


i wouldn't do it if you couldn't get back on autismbux if you wanted to quit working


File: 1679849436052.jpg (23.14 KB, 325x315, 65:63, Mike-Tyson-12-6-e163099917….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Have any of you ever dealt with toxic/scheming coworkers?

I've worked with many teams and people pleasantly but a recent job I was forced to quit had me deal with a group of utter scumbags. I honestly didn't even comprehend what "Scorn" really was before meeting these wastes of space. You think them being middle-age working replaceable jobs would do something for maturity and humility? Bastards.


I don't get much from the government, and inflation is slowly killing off the NEET class. I'm jumping ship before it's too late.


>Have any of you ever dealt with toxic/scheming coworkers?
Yes, for many years, different places.

Best strategy to deal with these scumbags is to interact with them as less as possible, do not give importance to or highlight their work either (unless you're pointing out a mistake, something negative, etc). Make them trust you and like you too, this gives you a gigantic advantage over their psyche.

Avoid engaging scumbags that have an upper hand. Spot scumbags that are hated by other colleagues. Make scumbags trust you, once they trust you you can try sabotaging their shit when they're being cretins.

I got tons of tips but they won't help much unless you have some machiavellism in your head.


This entire post is made up.


File: 1679859962760.jpg (21.93 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 41dTDMW9IhL.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This book can form a good baseline for being aware of workplace faggotry. I doubt most here would be able to use most of the advice here, practically, but everyone could at least pick a few things to keep your eyes out for and stabilize your employment. There are graphic images on the "laws" on Google images for a quick reference and peek.


>This entire post is made up
What's made up crab? Not all wizwagecucks are passive bitches.


Just loudly state "Yeah nah, you boys need to sort out your attitude, starting to look like a toxic work environment here".

And just hit the boss up about it with meetings between all of you. Always hit on "I personally don't care what you think about me, just don't let me hear it".


Not knowing how to properly assert yourself says more about you than you think, but there are those rare cases where you could just be a bad "fit" or you're just surrounded by dickweeds.


I purposefully lie about all details about my personal life at work. I don't lie on the job application itself, I keep that legal. It's more just when I've started work and co-workers and employers are probing about my life.

I'll say I worked as a security guard, postman, truck driver or whatever other menial job. I'll lie about what my parents do. People hit me up about my lies and I won't even get defensive, I'll just say "I've done a lot of things in my life". I lie about where I live, what school I went to. I lie about what I do on the weekends. I lie about my relatives jobs too.

There is little truthful I'll say at work about my personal life. The only truthful things are the video games I play, and the movies I watch.

It's not even that I'm trying to gain something, or that I'm after attention. I'm just always weirded out about how cunts want to know all the details about my life wherever I go. I just muddy the waters and say obscure but believable bullshit I can to throw them off.

Is this common? Like, I just feel that the only reason people want to know things is that they want to gossip around about you.


Unless you're a really young guy working at some shit job with fellows like you, most coworker relationships are completely superficial. You can like them and get along, but you should never trust any of your coworkers.


EVER. No matter how compassionate or likable they might seem. Also, It's the pinheads desperately pining a promotion you should watch out for. Personal experience.


Tried to make a Linkedin.
It feels like there is some supernatural force pulling me back to the customer service hell.


File: 1679985060805.jpg (73.56 KB, 700x700, 1:1, aYgOYMq_700b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>want to have a creative job
>because these jobs tend to be things people are passionate about the competition is huge and there are plenty of young people willing to work insane hours for no to low pay
>am too old and never had the passion or willpower and endurance or people skills to compete in an ultra competitive field like that
>any other job doesn't appeal to me and doing something you hate for several hours a day just seems like insanity to me
>am not smart enough and too risk averse to get rich with investing


Lying is also common for socially active normies who also lie on things but often with a different motivation behind it.

The people who ask all these personal questions are indeed gossipy cunts, they only want to compare themselves to you or they gather intel for gossip.

I was often too autistic and had to learn this lesson in various uncomfortable ways. You are smart for lying to protect your private life, I often think about things I'm gonna say way ahead so I don't come up with something retarded under pressure.


What's a creative job? Do you want to be an illustrator? Post your work


File: 1680029815719.png (796.66 KB, 889x773, 889:773, fxie98b64d2952ff012599e1e2….png) ImgOps iqdb


Not unless you have to. The work itself is alright (it will get unbearably boring at some point depending on your tolerance for drudgery, for me 5-6 months is my absolute limit) but everyone will be a cunt to you because there's no social repercussion for it which is a pain if you don't know how to stand up for yourself, and you'll be forced to work with retards and immigrants who don't speak a word of your language. Maybe it depends on the place.

I've been trying to figure out what is a "skilled" equivalent of janitorial work, so that I'd be doing more-or-less the same thing just with some barrier to entry to avoid having to deal with the aforementioned retards and immigrants who don't speak a word of my language.
I think this is a worthwhile endeavour


>I've been trying to figure out what is a "skilled" equivalent of janitorial work, so that I'd be doing more-or-less the same thing just with some barrier to entry to avoid having to deal with the aforementioned retards and immigrants who don't speak a word of my language.

Industrial cleaning or hazardous cleaning. Basically get security clearances and qualifications in dangerous goods, and start contracting yourself out to clean up crime scenes and disasters.

There's a company I worked for that did that, and they advertised themselves as being the ones to clean up the most horrific shit there is. I spent my time washing blood out of prison cells, emptying meat from deep freezers that had no power for months. Co-workers cleaned up suicides, if I stayed around I would've been involved with that.

Another one is buying the heavy machinery for deep cleaning, like a motorized $50,000+ carpet cleaning machine that absolutely hits it hard with pressured steam and water.


File: 1680041261824.png (54.89 KB, 499x364, 499:364, 1605401203627.png) ImgOps iqdb

One of these days.


>Security job
>6pm to 6am 12 hour shifts
>1 hour out in the countryside on some obscure industrial site
>Four on/Four off
>Overnight accommodation provided
>$30 USD a day food allowance
>borderline minimum wage

Seriously considering going for it honestly. Four on Four off averages out to be a little more than the typical five day workweek, plus the food allowance and not having to use my car means that I'll be saving a shitload. Realistically $120 USD a week will cover my full grocery bill.

The only think I'm worried about is that level of nightshift, I've heard it can wreck your body.


How can i overcome work anxiety? Always being under stress, taking responsibilities, taking order from boss etc. idk. its fucking annoying. When i start working i quit job a couple weeks later. i cant eat food especially in the mornings, sometimes i vomit.


The money in security is working at remote resource camps. But in general it is a low pay, low barrier to entry job. Short term shift work won't kill ya


take Ashwagandha and St John's wort. It'll take up to a month to feel results and you need to adjust the dosage until it feels normal…. don't just go by the label instructions


>$30 food allowance
What does that entail? Do they have their own cafeteria?
In any case, I'd snatch that job right up, considering the remoteness.


Do you get to live there on days you don't have to work too? How far is it to the nearest grocery store? Is there going to be someone else living with you? Do you get health insurance benefits?

I can see potential for this to be comfy if things check out. No rent and no food bills means all profit so even with the shitty pay it can be decent.


File: 1680138173538.jpg (28.42 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1678498597938.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>have warehouse job
>owner and management complaining about employee "overtime" and "time-theft"
>by 'overtime' they mean clocking out a few minutes late and by 'time-theft' they mean taking an extra minute or two during breaks
>no one has had more than 10 or 15 minutes over by the end of the week, and considering our relatively low wages, time and a half on those minutes is practically nothing
>to add to this retardation and general kikery, our department has to shift everything around to make space for a new machine that management will struggle to hire and keep an operator for
>what's more is that they are far too cheap to hire anyone to move the equipment and machinery, so that job now falls onto us
Given the fact that they're already being as tight-fisted as possible, there is basically a 0% chance that we will be paid any extra for this nonsense. Plus they will likely still nag us about monthly budgetary goals like they do on a near-daily basis. That's not even the worst part, however. The real icing on the cake to all of this is that by the end of this year our entire department is moving clear across the building, rendering this current move completely and utterly pointless. Such is life in the modern corporate dystopia, I guess.


I don't get why the system is like this, do they want us to suffer and be drained and miserable? Why are they treating like us like we are slaves yet they're just regular people like us? I fucking hate this shit clown country. I hope normalfags finally crack and destroy it all.



File: 1680163618178.gif (105.03 KB, 843x298, 843:298, rocketnigger2.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Maybe it depends on the place
I live neck deep in the ghetto so I guess I'll give up on wanting to be a public shitstall cleaner. Fuckin A, how do you wagie wizzies do it? Every time I think about getting a low entry job, my dreams are struck down and I'm back to the drawing board. Maybe I should stay away from this site, ignore any outsider advice and just apply myself to any job I can get, and see what happens. I have nothing to lose, the worst that can happen is they fire me, or I quit, right?


This place is loosh farm.


Yeah pretty much. Get used to not even hearing back, let alone being rejected from most applications. It's one of those gay things that gets easier once you get used to it and it becomes routine.

Ideally eventually for reasons beyond the known you get an in somewhere or meet somebody who gets you an in, and then somehow it develops into something. Otherwise, you just get better at bantzing about shit jobs with other people stuck in shit jobs, and that's its own form of eventually finding your way around. Just like finding a decent drug dealer.


Gas station job is pretty good. I'm in another location, and it's way chiller. It's cleaner, drier, and the staff is more competent I think. It also just may be quieter. The manager is a nice guy too. I think I lucked out.


Fuck companies that punish you for using your fucking sick time. Like I shouldn't have to stress out about calling out while I'm fucking sick as a gat damn dog.


>go for cs degree simply hoping i can get a wfh job sending emails or some kind of secretarial shit, really don't care
>will work minimum wage, don't give a single shit, i grew up dead poor and can survive off of ~100 a month for food. coasting off of savings i earned working during uni right now
>but now my graduation date is steadily approaching
>been sending out applications
>only people who have responded are all wanting me there in person for help desk work
i feel miserable kek. i know it's just a number's game but i really hope i win soon


My first "real" job after getting a CS degree was in QA because they make all the new recruits start there. It's bottom rung work, but it's a way to get noobs familiar with what they'll be working on, how the place works, and watch to see who's good at what. I'd been working in software development at least as a summer/weekends job for 8 years by that point, but corporate rules are corporate rules, so they just shuffled me off to work right under a bigwig manager so I could be fast tracked.

Fir non-nepotism software job required knowledge of FORTRAN, so I probably didn't have a lot of competition for an entry-level position there. But hey the pay was alright for what it was, they thought I was awesome, and that was quality resume filler. Also the only response that summer to dozens of applications. So you never know. Higher level help desk positions can be a good in for a variety of IT or management or specializations depending on what kind of a place it is.


How do regular coding jobs work? I have been working for a couple of years with this person, and unless I tell them I need work they don't tell me to do anything, I often spend entire days waiting for him to give me a task because I can't bring myself to ask him. It's not what I imagined, I thought I'd have a boss and he'd be sending me more work than I could handle. I know it sounds good but I get really anxious thinking he may be expecting me to message him, there's also the problem that I get paid per hour worked, so of course I don't get paid if I don't work, and lying it out of the question. Don't wanna quit because the hourly rate is good, but what's the point if I work 2-3 hours a day, can't even pay rent


How the fuck did u work AND finish a CS degree… Sometimes I really envy you smart people


File: 1681141174875.jpeg (160.43 KB, 660x731, 660:731, altares-huesudas.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

would you guys sell an organ (if it was safe and legal where you live) for big cash? one kidney, even one lung, or any other non-strictly-vital organ?
would you sell years of life for money? (if it was even possible), or enter a Curse Contract such as "I receive a million pounds but if I ever eat meat again I die on the spot"


File: 1681163821294.png (560.59 KB, 521x704, 521:704, sad_doneky.png) ImgOps iqdb

should I just get a factory job


Not really, factory or warehouse jobs do seem easy but you're really irreplaceable and managers will shit on you no matter what while also getting low pay, it's hell. If you're white collar, stay white collar for gods sake.


Did people who are passionate about programing and engineering win the genetic lottery?

It looks like outside of these fields if you want to study something fun you better be exceptional at it and hustle hard or you won't find a job.

Rest of the people are stuck spending 8+ hours a day doing something they hate just to go home exhausted with the prospect of doing it again next day.


>but you're really irreplaceable
Accuse them of being masturbators and briefly pontificate on the virtues of celibacy.


we get it, you just started watching chainsaw man



my bad i'm very drunk today, i don't care about nothing anymore now. i'm just here to feel at least 5% happiness of my life.


File: 1681171238978.jpeg (8.81 KB, 204x247, 204:247, tepito.altar grande.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I just want to become a wingsuit addict and die literally flying trough the winds. but shits expensive, yo.
Imagine -BTW and furthermore- being a one-eyed guy with no organs (vital ones replaced by machines) who is a wingsuit maestro.


I really really reaaaaally want a security job out in the middle of nowhere, and hope I find one soon. I'm also envious of the few who find live-in groundskeeper positions.

Just as most people are born with an innate predisposition to certain marketable activities, STEM fields are no exception. There may be engineers who don't like it, but stay with it for the money, and there are definitely some low level wagies that genuinely like their jobs.
It's all subjective, and I think the real lottery grand prize winners are the ones who simply enjoy being, since they can do most anything and be fine with it.
It really sucks when the thing you like has no market demand though, which is probably an impetus for people with such interests to adopt a more favorable perspective on centrally planned economies, which could theoretically sustain their desired career.


How important/relevant is programming for a CS degree?


Depends on the school and cirriculum. I went to a well-known research university and was surprised at how many of my cohort struggled with programming. The grad students were usually better at it, but there you have people nestled way out in theory so it's kind of a nice treat to find ones who are also highly capable programmers beyond the sort of like one-off class project or some kind of prototype or proof of concept for a paper or thesis that doesn't need to live the same kind of a lifecycle as real world software.

Maybe that doesn't really answer your question. But if you can hold your own on the programming end then that's a huge leg up on just getting the work done instead of banging your head on shitty code every time there's an assignment or something. Still, lots of people treat school as a the big networking opportunity that it is and the degree winds up more like proof that you have the discipline to earn one and picked up some reasonable level of exposure to skills relevant to the industry. If you're lucky there'll be someone like me who gets things done early and doesn't complain too much about helping out other people when deadlines come crashing in.


File: 1681262684708.jpg (68.91 KB, 748x748, 1:1, 1680666449985260.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Gas station faggot here. I am now only working 1 or 2 7 hour shifts a week but it still feels like too much somehow. I know I'm being lazy, but I don't care; just knowing that I have to get up and work in X days is draining by itself. I genuinely have no idea how I used to work nearly 50 hours a week. I am never doing that ever again.


On regular programming jobs you have a Kanban full of tickets on the backlog ready to be worked on, if there's something urgent going on you're asked to work on that, if not you just pick a ticket to work on and you're expected to work on a minimum of tickets/hours a month.

That's how it is for me.


Comfy QA jobs are the best, you're literally paid to use a software over and over again and report weird shit so other people fix it for you.

The pay is not so good (I got lucky and got paid good money for that though) but the job is so easy, is the equivalent of being a security guard on the IT world.


File: 1681320394480.png (182.4 KB, 729x645, 243:215, 9457845634.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Trying to obtain my license so i can become a corporate slave. My asshole of an instructor kept playing footsies with the damn brake pedal yesterday and it was fucking up my flow, and the pedals were all loose and shit because of his inability to stop fucking with the brake. He also had me pull into ghetto ass streets with a ton of construction going on and nowhere to back up, and yelled at me when I was trying to reverse, saying I was doing it wrong. I have like 10 more driving classes before I finish and can finally obtain my license. Doing all this just to become a wagie at a supermarket. Truly living the dream


The DMV driving test was literally just turning onto a vacant, one way road, stopping at a stop sign, and then pulling back into the parking lot.
I even went over the white line at the stop sign and I passed.
If it were any more complicated, you can bet that public transit would be even more packed with clueless NPCs than it already is.


thats how the driving test was for me as well, I think the test differs by state though so some states make you do actual hard maneuvers and even drive on the highway and stuff


True. My experience is in Texas, which everyone knows produces the finest drivers in the country.
I hear tests in Europe are significantly more difficult, so I can only imagine the modicum of real effort and practice needed to pass those.


If I get a job and people demand some type of extra effort that wasn't really part of what I was supposed to be doing, should I do it? Would it benefit me in the long term and is there even any form of guarantee that this would help me? This kind of stuff seems to happen all of the time, how can I make sure I'm not just in a position where they're making me put extra in for no reason?


It depends on the industry. Honestly, the worst that can come of it is they may see you as somewhat unreliable. Usually there may be unspoken process in a work environment that certain roles must fulfill regardless of official duties. If you git gud at what you do, it'll be no skin off your back.


It's an unspoken rule in various career paths that you have to hustle and go the extra mile, especially when you are a junior or have other people to compete for promotions. Obviously no guarantee that you will move up because of that, but you want to make yourself useful. If there's an important project or task at work, you might not get reprimanded for leaving at 5 but the guy that stays behind and works harder is more likely to be noticed.

This kind of shit is especially common in Japan and they have this work culture of always going the extra mile, not just for the sake of self-interest, but like some kind of duty to their superiors.


Automatically if you're being given more tasks then it would imply that you'd be some sort of competent person that can take responsibilities, so that in itself at least in theory should be something positive. But then there are people that do their work and then some, that apparently do not really ever get any better positions and it can end up with people expecting more of you just because you have shown to actually do it. Is it even a good idea to try and take as many tasks as possible and go beyond what you're actually supposed to be doing? Do you need to trust the people you're working with for it to make sense so you can actually benefit from it instead of just being a pushover?


yeah that's sort of what I had imagined, guess I'm gonna have to look for something else


quitting my new job. had it for about 6 months. it's giving me carpel tunnel working with my hands all day. i lost my old remote job for this job so it sucks. i need to find another remote job. i wonder how long my mom will let me be unemployed before she threatens to kick me out again.

i'm a wizard in a week.


I just can't wageslave at no skill jobs. They require intense focus and the ability to multitask, I just can't, I forget shit, misplace shit, get yelled at, they throw me out, the end. I need some sort of intellectual work, preferably remote, but everything online everything is either call center nightmarish hell or simply bullshit, one thing in the job description and entirely different in reality.
If life was perfect, I'd work as a translator, as I should, since I have a degree in that. I like translating and wouldn't mind doing that for living, but I just don't know how to start. My university peers, mostly, succubi, are being settled in life by rich daddies who help open up their own learning centers, English schools, translation companies and shit, while I have no connections and no rich parents to give me a head start.
Decided I will call all the translation agencies in my crapville, ask if they are hiring right now, but that is unlikely to bring any results. I have already sent a cv to one translation agency but haven't heard from them so far.
If not, I will try tutoring, thats better than nothing, but not much, won't even pay for basic food.
I don't want be fucked in the ass by no skill jobs and the vile normalscum that work or come there as clients. It is worse than death.


Haven't been to work in ten days. Fuck them.


Good for you. I'm taking a long sick leave for mental reasons, i got "officialy" warned because of the burnouts i have to do more and well no fucking way. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. NO MORE BEING A FUCKING DOG. GO AHEAD AND FIRE ME YOU CUNT!!!


File: 1681761812721.jpg (509.57 KB, 4096x2312, 512:289, yoriichi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What's with old people in retail taking their jobs so seriously? Like I'm not taking initiative to do things in a job that's $12 an hour


File: 1681773274014.png (568.59 KB, 650x650, 1:1, insomnia_is_a_suicide_cue.png) ImgOps iqdb

Imagine everyone and everything slowly taking everything away from you one by one.

You used to work a fairly important job with well pay, maybe, but that was in the past. They won't let you back in to work anymore. Besides, your body can't take it anymore, anyways.
You try to be useful for others, but instead they tell you, "Don't worry, grandpa, I got it. Go sit down." And as you look at them, you see this pained smile that says, _JFC, they used to be able to at least do THAT._
You speak, but you can't speak, for no one cares for your old opinions anymore. "Fuck off, boomer."
You used to provide for others, but instead there's a check given to you.
You used to help others, but now whenever you do, you either physically can't, or others just want you to get the fuck out of their way. There's a sense of ANNOYANCE at you even trying.
You try to watch something, but the only thing you ever got into were Westerns, and they haven't made a good old Western like the ones you remember for at least 70 years now. Nobody even makes the entertainment you care about anymore.
You can watch reruns, like all of your other dwindling, remaining friends. But you can only watch the same episode of Bonanza so many times…
So, out of complete and utter boredom/depression due to uselessness/etc. you look for a job. You still have a lot of experience, maybe you can–
You start to realize what all the young people are complaining about nowadays.
After hundreds of rejections, you get desperate. Are you really that useless? Does NOBODY need you at all?! In a fit of desperation, you apply for the nearest retail job, because you're just wondering at this point if your applications even get through, if you even exist–
The application was accepted.
You shrug, you start working at some bullshit retail job, and something happens that hasn't happened in at least 20 years. Someone actually NEEDS you again. It feels good. It lifts your spirits. All the sense of uselessness washes away like rain.

And I think that's why old people in retail take their jobs so seriously.


File: 1681775521921.jpg (55.24 KB, 479x482, 479:482, 13214356457578856364.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just realized they are reestructuring my department, got sent an e-mail from regional HR telling me I'm part of this new recruitment process and that I'm supposed to compete with other people. I hate life, I've genuinely tried my best these last few months. I very likely will get fired, then relapse back to heavy drug use. Tried very hard to improve my previous situation and it sucks going back to it.


I'm a warehouse worker. In my stupidity, I've made a habit of helping people wherever I can, so now my coworkers rely on, and even take advantage of, my help for even the simplest tasks. Although it's annoying, I'm at least told that I'm 'good at my job' and thus my manager rarely hassles me about anything. Recently, I got moved to a different station in my room. My new spot is more 'out in the open' meaning I can get bothered by even more little tasks and questions, all the while getting distracted from my work, making mistakes, and getting blamed as a result. This is frustrating enough, but there's more.

As it turns out my manager thought I was talking too much to the coworker next to me, so she moved me. Rather than simply saying something to me directly and allowing me the opportunity to correct my behavior, she just moves me to a more centralized spot, like I'm a child in a classroom. At the very same time the coworker who swapped spots with me is talking as much or more than I did, and getting less work done. I don't even blame my coworker, as she is 60 years old and approaching retirement, so her working at a pace is fine by me. What bothers me is my manager's tendency to pussy-foot around an issue when it would have been more sensible and simple to just approach me and say something. I know I shouldn't be surprised by this kind of behavior from a succubus, but I'm still annoyed.

I wish I had the guts to do this, but I'm too much of a dutiful pushover.

I envy you, wiz. Being a wageslave, especially in any form of manual labor, is truly awful. I miss the NEET-life so much it hurts.


Reading about drug testing in America
In 2020 they ruled employers can make it your contract that you can be randomly drug tested and they will stare at your cock while you pee
It was a company that made plastic boxes for the kitchen and shit lmao
Direct observation urine tests to work in a plastic box factory
They got fired for not pissing in under 2 hours, but the observer noted they tried - dude watching your cock while you try to pee and keep your job
7am do your best buy dance, 8am your weekly piss test cock inspection
Slave world


I guess that does make a lot of sense, but it's still so annoying, like they'll straight up take their frustrationsout on you


working is about putting on an act and only doing your job and also navigating the system to decide what you should or shouldnt do. its not about being honest at all. you should not take on more than you have to because they will pile more work on you.


the Walmart in my town offers 17 dollars an hour this summer for overnight shelf stocking. I've never done anything like that before but I don't have plans, and want to just work for a period of time to save up as much cash as I can while I work on my garden project. do any of you have experience working at a Walmart? any tips or cautions? every time I walk there to buy groceries I see teens stocking shelves at a super slow pace so in my mind it seems like the type of thing I would be able to just zombie out and do for 5 nights a week. I need to buy more plants and things and maybe they'd let me take the pallets home to build planters. mostly I just want to be sitting on some cash.


I've done Uber now for a little while. So far did 13 trips. 10 of my customers were black, none of them tipped. The rest of my passengers all tipped. I wonder if this trend will continue.


>you should not take on more than you have to because they will pile more work on you
100% correct. I try to work hard enough so that my boss(es) don't hassle me, but I have the annoying habit of over-doing it. I'm now at a point with my current job where people keep asking me for help (sometimes to the point of actually having me do their job for them) or piling more work on me. I end each day exhausted, frustrated, and desperately wishing I had a way out of all this.

>I wonder if this trend will continue.
You mean the black passengers not tipping? That's not a trend, that's their default behavior. Many of them are so proudly selfish that they will admit to stealing from others (even family) without remorse, so why would they ever bother tipping anyone? Solipsism is practically a key component of their genetic makeup.


File: 1682115001878.png (191.13 KB, 300x604, 75:151, 603428-th08kaguya01_large.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finally got a new job after I was laid off from my old one. Been actually enjoying being a NEET but it looks like it's coming to an end..


Based niggers, tipping is a scam that only dumb Americans feel entitled to.



Eurofags usually don't expect tips unless they are greedy muslim retards or some Italian tourist scammers but europeans still voluntarily pay tips often out of generosity.

I'd also say the way we handle it is retarded because people somehow just accept paying tips like loans instead of looking for ways to have better wages.


I'm going to a job's fair on the 4th, I'm planning to get another retail job or something similar to it, maybe warehousing or something that I'm naturally inclined to since most of my family worked in warehousing their entire lives. Either way, my melancholic borderline NEETdom will end soon.


parents want me to keep working the office job so my degree doesn't go to waste. I just want to pick fruits in a nearby firstie country, earn 3x more and consequently work 1/3r of the year


The US is hardly the only country in the world where tipping exists. It can be integral to the economic function of them in many cases where it seems derisive and uncouth even to an American. Or you could just cling to stupid internet memes and call it a "scam" without understanding it.


There's normally not much more to it than "better performing wagies get more money."

When my sibling worked at a waitering job, his set wage was about half of mine, yet he made about 1.5x as much as I did in total from tips. Of course then he went on and pissed his money away on stupid trash that he'd forget about within a year, lease a brand new car that ate half of his paycheck, and generally make me furious about having to share the same lineage, much less species with him.


well when the tip is morally but not legally part of the bill, it is essentially a tax on good people, and a discount to bad people.


evil, so evil


It's not about morals, it's about creating a monetary incentive for good service, that some incidentally can't afford by reason of them refusing to tip.
The rational course of action for an employee working for tips is to avoid working in areas where people who don't tip (generally niggers, but that's neither here nor there) live. This would ensure that areas with more "good people" (tippers) have a greater supply and quality of service.


well a rule of thumb is, if they are behind a counter you dont have to tip, if they come to your table, you do.

but in poorer neighborhoods, generally service is behind the counter so you arent expected to tip. tips go in a jar.


> It's not about morals, it's about creating a monetary incentive for good service,

I would guess for the average person, most of the time, it isnt some merit system. they get average service and pay the expected rate. most dont go crazy generous for great service. and the service has to be exceptionally bad to not tip. and sometimes waiters get punished for stuff they dont control.

so i would say the majority of the time tips arent used as a merit system, but just a hidden part of the bill, that is societally expected but not mandatory.


A tip used to be a fairly simple exchange. A worker (typically a waiter, bartender, bellhop, or anyone who directly deals in personal service) gives extra effort in their duty to the customer, so the customer in turn gives extra compensation on top of the standard fee(s). The reason tipping has become so retarded in the modern day is because it is no longer something earned, but rather something expected. For example, my mother decided to order food online and go pick it up from the restaurant, no waiters or delivery drivers involved. At the end of placing her order online, she was prompted to tip. My mom audibly pondered the obvious question in this scenario: "tip for what?" There is nothing to tip for in this case, no extra effort to be made. The cooks are required to uphold the same consistent standard in their dishes, there's no 'extra' anything that they could add that would warrant a tip, but tips are simply expected now.

What's arguably more absurd is that some businesses will use tips as an excuse to pay their employees below minimum wage, claiming that they're expected to make up the rest with their tips, including staff who don't typically receive tips, like cooks and dishwashers. Even the tips in my previous anecdote would not likely go to the restaurant staff, even if my mom did tip in that case. So basically, tipping is just another well-intentioned gesture that has been corrupted by modern corporations to be used as a tool for greed and borderline-slavery.


That is mostly true, and having worked counter-side customer service before, I can attest to a particularly horrible anectode relating to this; in that cashiers were not 'allowed' to be tipped per store policy.
In the first several months of working at my first job, being a cashier, I would go above and beyond to present a friendly demeanor to everyone I met. Inevitably, there were a few folks who found it suitable to send a couple bucks my way. Unfortunately, any tips one received for any reason were to be put in the register for the store to claim. Then when the till was counted at the end of the day, if one was over their accounted cash total, they would even be reprimanded for the discrepancy.
At some point I stopped giving a crap and accepted the tips right into my pockets, no matter how many loss prevention security cameras were pointed at me, shortly before quitting.
This was at Dollar Tree, and it is no surprise that their average turnover period is <2 months. I personally hope they go bankcrupt.

>most dont go crazy generous for great service
I contend with that notion from my experience of going out to lunch with others throughout my life. If a waiter was attentive or noticeably exerting effort, everyone else, especially older folk, would talk amongst themselves when the bill came, saying "yeah, we ought to tip him well," meaning they'd spring more than 20%.

>so i would say the majority of the time tips arent used as a merit system, but just a hidden part of the bill, that is societally expected but not mandatory.

The question would then be to determine if this is a preferable situation, as opposed to an explicit part of the bill that is mandatory.


I'm too stupid to work fast food and my mom's gonna kick me out soon lmao
Just quit my job at this dusty ass pizza place I made 9 an hour at because I can't handle being an adult. It was cool while it lasted though like I stole some shit, I set off the fire alarm with a weed vape one time, I fucked up a ton of the food i made which I find hilarious personally. I shouldn't have quit though I don't know what I'm gonna do now besides rot in my mom's basement literally lol.


I'd roll my shit in the pizza too if I was getting paid $9 an hour


I'm almost certain I have some sort of brain damage but I'm not a sociopath I got 304d in pa I think they would have found that
I didn't do that I just made the pizzas wrong because I can't do anything right no matter how hard I try also because I didn't care. Like if I made your pizza chances are you got the wrong toppings or too much of something or like I made it retarded looking or like I cut it wrong.


I'm too stupid to work fast food too.

I quit because I couldn't remember the menu and how to cook the various things. I also couldn't figure out how to wrap the burgers right in the plastic burger wrappers.


Do you guys think your mental faculties degraded over time, like you used to be smarter?


is anyone else too fucked up mentally to do anything? im almost 30 and all i wind up doing is abusing pot and sitting in my room its truly over for me.


youre a slave at a job basically if youre in a lower paying positionn you have to do whatever the higher ups want. so yes you have to do what they ask its not a choice.


You are one of the derailing posters coming up with some new faggotry with your little discord


luckjy you can even take a sick leave. i live with my parents who i also work for and theyve been torturing me my whole life with work i could never get a break. since i still live with them. i really need to get away from these psychos but i had mental issues myself.


ok schizo.


No,while I'd say that the symptoms of my depression have gotten worse as I've gotten older I can't say I've gotten dumber or less competent over time,I'd say the opposite,but again I'm only 25.


I finally experienced what it's like to do factory work, I started this week. I'm working nightclean at a meat processing plant, basically sterilizing all the equipment for the next day.

While I do appreciate how everyone else is basically a zombie and nobody even bothers talking to each other (literally everyone sits at a different table for lunch except the foreigners), and how 80% of the staff are cambodian, tongans and indians that don't speak english. Meaning it's the perfect job for wizzies.

The work is hard though, really hard. I was finishing each day with leg pain due to having to wear gumboots on hard concrete all day. I can see how this sort of work will fuck you after a few years of doing it. If I was stuck doing this work for life I think I'd have to fucking rope, for now it's okay.

What I don't get is why people on here feel apprehension about quitting these sorts of jobs. It's shit work with a high turnover that most people only do to get somewhere else, you're not letting anybody down.


File: 1682801391481.jpg (186.23 KB, 1416x1062, 4:3, 1517851874498.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

After 7 years of being a NEET, I got my first job. It's behind a counter at a cafe at a tourist attraction. I work with people mostly younger than me. Like most people in the service industry they're all turbo normalfags; all I hear them talk about is what party or music festival they're going to next. Worst of all most of my co-workers are succubi. I also have to interact with tourists all day.
The days are long as well, from 9 till 6 plus an hour long commute (total). I wake up a little past 7 and get home around that time as well, but luckily I only work 3 days a week -either way it's a far cry from having absolute freedom as a NEET.
All in all, it's very contrary to my personality and previous lifestyle, so it's very taxing. It's very much a shock to the system to go from being an isolated NEET to service industry wagie.

The job is seasonal and my contract ends in 3 months, technically I could do another 3 months on top of that before the place closes down for the season in November but I don't think I'll last that long (but then again, I might not have a choice).
I've heard that the dishwasher just quit right before my arrival, and I'm wondering if I could pivot into replacing him. This shit behind the counter really isn't for me, I'd much rather be down in the kitchen where there's nobody else except one guy putting pastries in the oven.

The biggest thing that's giving me any solace whatsoever is that this is only temporary, 3 months and I'm out (6 worst case scenario, if it somehow comes to that -which it might depending on my life's circumstances, which is why I got this job in the first place).
But then what? Start waging at some other place, but this time for the foreseeable future? I don't have that in me, but I don't think I can continue being a NEET after this either.

My environment thinks it's very commendable that I've finally gotten a job, but the way I see it not much has really changed. I still have that NEET spirit in me all the same and after this little experience is over and I don't know if anything will have changed, but I guess we'll see in a couple of months.


People get apprehension because it's hard to find a job nowadays in America. Even the shitty ones, this country is going to hell so fast and prices are gonna rise up more and our leaders don't give a shit. Fuck man I just things to be a little better just once.


i thought there was a worker shortage?


Yes worker shortage for jobs that can't even help you to afford food let alone an apartment.


That's just corporate press lies.


File: 1682841358388.jpg (36.25 KB, 700x700, 1:1, gumboots.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Okay boys, what's the ergonomic solution to reduce legpain here? Insoles I've heard can help, but is there anything else?


File: 1682895526803.jpg (35.07 KB, 499x568, 499:568, Tonni-Seteli-Kummeli-Silve….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I grew up under a parent that would constantly drug us as kids and make us out to be sickly. So naturally I grew up with a distaste and dislike of the medical establishment. So when Covid came along, I had an absolute schizo tier meltdown when I was forced to take the vaccine for work. A public spectacle of me hysterically thinking I was going to die.

Over two years later, and the lady that at the time that was employing me has made it her vendetta to spread this narrative around to everyone, it cannot remain forgotten. If I'm working a job, she'll be right on spreading the gossip of what happened to my workplace and employer. I know it's happening, it's cost me a job already.

It's amazing to think you can just have those long term enemies that make it their mission to target you. I'm going to be dealing with this for years, no doubt.


>I was forced to take the vaccine for work
Unless you were restrained and had the needle shoved in while you made every effort to dodge it, you weren't "forced". Saying NO was always an option but you preferred the way the people in your life treated you with the jab over how they'd treat you had you not gotten it, and you made the choice from there.


Yeah whatever, I'm tired of having this /pol/ argument. I didn't want to be homeless or miss my power bills, so I took the fucking vaccine.


>Anything I don't want to discuss is /pol/


>Puts gun to your head
>Suck my dick
>You weren't forced, because you had the option to say no


yea its really badnow. i was applying for jobs and they only want you to have the exact experience required they dont want to train anyone. they will instantly reject anyone who doesn't fit. its brutal


Getting good soles is a good idea. I used to get pretty calouses on my toes until I started regularly getting new shoes every year or two. Honestly, I'd go to a Red Wings or something and just ask them. A good plan now is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.


There was no gun to the head for the H1N1 hoax, either. Main difference was for that one the nurses union told the government to fuck off with the fake mask mandates and what turned out to be literal death shots. Culture changes fast in 10 years, I guess.


Agree. Rather die than suck some retard's dick.


File: 1682953428376.jpeg (9.96 KB, 286x176, 13:8, yoga fire!.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I need advice and insight on figuring out my Hierarchical Advantages
>the average (person from anon country) spends 70% of his salary monthly on kids+ rent+ etc
>middle class and even upper class getting smaller each year, lumpen growing
>I live rent free with parents, I escape Parkinson's second law due to being anti-social and having nobody to impress
>I can invest 100% of my income if I want -a most rare privilege-
>I COULD, in theory, work 130 hours a week
where do I go from here?


How is she even finding out? Are you listing the company on your resume and then they contact the company? Might just have to take it off your resume.

Also, might want to deal with your issues with your parents instead of projecting them onto medical professionals because you are going to need medical help from time to time during your life and you don't want to be melting down over your unresolved trauma of being abused by your parents every time that happens. It will cause worse health outcomes for you in the long term.


>How is she even finding out?

Gossip. It just takes one person to see me for it to spread instantly. The last time my supervisor was married to a succubus that worked for that bitch. Two degrees of separation isn't much.

I know I have to sort out that issue. But the first step is to get out of poverty and to get working without this happening. It's a domino effect of every time I get forced out, there's another company participating in it and I'm just going from one to the next.


For the IT/computer wizards
what is it that you actually do?
I did the meme path of a CS degree after failing uni once before several years ago
however I'm not good at it despite my decent score at the end and what few jobs that look available look way too difficult for me.
I've already been denied 3 times likely for sounding too retarded.
i was hoping to escape part time/ low wage jobs but at this rate I'll have to go back to them before the money runs out


I guess in general, it's two categories:
software development - write code (dev), testing (qa), take a lot of meetings (project manager)
computer administration - help boomers with their pc (help desk), maintain a network and a bunch of servers (network admin), deploy various servers, products and systems (devops)

If you can't code, then you can do QA testing or be a project manager. If you don't mind reading a lot of documentation and like tinkering with complex systems, then something to do with administration.


I'm a network admin.
Got off help desk a year ago.


Holy shit only a week in and I already want to fucking rope doing this work.

Everyone there is miserable too, every single person I ask about the job says "I fucking hate it, but the money is good".

I should've appreciated my NEET time more. But I never did, I squandered all 16 hours I had free a day.


My first job out of college was a computer scientist at a research lab. I studied computer science and math in college. The job paid $50/hr. Six figures before taxes, but just barely.

I am currently working as a software engineer. Basically the same job, but no one expects me to prove anything and I rarely use any math now.


Im working 2nd month as hvac unpaid apprenticeship. Its occasionally really hard when you Are carrying 90 lbs gas canisters up 5 floors tired at 7 am. Then My mentor gives me up to 50 orders in a Day. We discuss nothing other than "do this, bend this, drill this. Hes not an asshole though, not a fun Job to order around a Guy For 8 hours a Day. Turbo normie in The break Room though, talks about ice hockey and Cars and consuming in general

Whats most exhausting is The uncertainness. If I do this Job Well (in The eyes of My mentor) I could get a paid apprenticeship next month. If not, then I'm most likely tossed into The next work site unpaid.


QA always sounded like something you had to know how to do beforehand
as in experience


why is my shithole so against anyone without 500 years experience
i know literally everyone complains that in their country it is like this however whenever i look somewhere else there are dozens of opening for people with near 0 experience and opportunities for in-house training.
However where i am there is 0(zero)
i even got to a final interview round of some big European company in France (no idea how) yet locally they wont even look at me yet have opening out their ass for people with years of experience
Good luck finding someone retards, no wonder young people leave en-mass


File: 1683213044510.jpeg (61.46 KB, 573x680, 573:680, E2Keai5WUAAja2c.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

further info and data and my sight
>i WONT have children (of fucking course) + wont get married ie; not divorce-raped
>I can sell my house (!) and live…somewhere - dont ask, trust me
>I CAN force myself, to live on 1 dollar a day for 3,5 years
is it thus! if I ,also, work 130 hours a week…AH! such magnificent wealth, I might-just be able-to handle!!


File: 1683213103989.jpg (166.81 KB, 1431x1080, 53:40, ren.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm 31 years old, I live in a third world country with my family and I draw porn for a living. I don't know how to feel about it, to be honest. In general, I earn more than most of my siblings and I don't have to leave the house, but all my money goes to support my family and pay for my mother's medical care. But I'm not complaining; it's the only reason I decided to look for a job.
However, I can't help but worry when I think about the future. "Erotic artist" isn't a very reliable occupation and it doesn't look good on your resume. Even worse, besides that, I don't have any work experience and the whole AI thing makes me feel nervous. I'm close to earning a degree in Computer Engineering, but what good is that to me if I have no real knowledge in the field? My professors don't teach us anything and I spend all my time working, so I don't have time to learn on my own. On the other hand, I know some classmates who slave away programming web pages and don't even make much money. Do I really want to spend years in a highly stressful job just for the hope that maybe I'll get a better job in the future? I mean, I would have to start from the bottom while dealing with my educational shortcomings.
I just don't know what to think… Honestly, I rarely think about these things, but this morning I visited a shitty IB where they were denigrating a guy for being an artist who wanted to leave his country for a better life. They practically told him that he wasted his life on a shitty hobby and now he had to get a real job.
Sorry for writing so much crap.


File: 1683214401123.png (186.73 KB, 406x418, 203:209, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

computer engineering is the top paying major, it'll work out.


it sounds like you're not making much drawing porn but tbh any computer job can also be relegated to Indians over the phone for even cheaper pennies an hour


isn't engineering more hands on?


Civil and mechanical engineering maybe.


I can live just fine with a 30k job


I've heard that for years, but I've never met anyone in my country who makes that kind of money a year. Of course, most of the people I've met work in the web area, which is oversaturated. On the other hand, as I mentioned before, I'm close to getting my degree, but I really don't know much about coding and other similar stuff. Honestly, I feel like a phony when it comes to these things.
I'm afraid that is the case. Most companies prefer to hire people from the third world because they agree to work hard just to receive slave wages.
Me too. That's a lot of money in my country.


you think a degree means youll get a job and be able to handle it? lol


File: 1683221160536.jpeg (92.33 KB, 650x972, 325:486, Buddha-Weekly-Black-Manju….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

normie rule: "the more you earn the more yo spend"
wizzie ascetic rule: I spend naught; I can save-invest all( I earn)
gentlemen of (the board); we are in a position of hierarchical advantage and leverage power to reach the Upper Class of our respective Republics


A decade into the same job, it's all a blur really. All the suffering you went through you kinda forget, the mind ignores the horrible to keep you going. Keep on struggling fellow wizzies.


Love that video, perfection.

I'm feeling like Prometheus. The wageslave life is like being chained up and getting your liver eaten every work day, having it regenerate in the evening, and then you get up in the morning to have it happen all over again.

I keep getting reminded that life can definitely be worse, but god damn it, it could be better too. Just treading water here, existing till I won't exist no more.


Just quit, back on NEETbux.

I wasn't enjoying any of my free time, I felt my health sliding, each day I just fantasized about escaping to the forest.

I need to wageslave eventually because NEETbux won't last forever, but fuck man, it's so hard.


It depends, almost anyone can do manual QA because it's running the same software over and over again trying to catch bugs and weird shit that shouldn't happen. I was lucky to land a job doing this but honestly it feels like they could fire my anytime because literally anyone can do it after 2 months of training.

The thing is that since it's so easy most companies don't hire manual QA's anymore, most companies hire QA automation engineers that as the name say automate these tests, it's like s lite version of programming but way more limited and more tedious.

They do this becausr why have some dude pushing some buttons and checking things if the PC can do it 10x faster and cheaper?

Most companies want that now


File: 1683349028606.png (139.43 KB, 462x434, 33:31, вайтрошкi.png) ImgOps iqdb

If you're a fuck up retard at life, does working actually help?

I've been trying it out after a period of NEETing and all I can get is shit factory work, and I have sore legs and am always tired. I don't even enjoy my free time.

The difference between this and NEETbux is $100 US per week (in part because student loans come out of my wages and don't come out of the bene)

Does it get any better? I just quit because I was worried that if I showed myself being willing and able to work, I wouldn't be able to get back on NEETbux easily.


A career job, maybe. The kind that gets you decent amount of money, gives you opportunity to follow your natural inclinations and interests, working with people you don't despise that can help you grow and move up…maybe.

Even then, you burn out after a couple years because the promotions doesn't come, you stagnate and get bored, the people you like move to other things and get replaced with idiots that you are now responsible for.


File: 1683399912905.jpg (43.41 KB, 499x382, 499:382, beavis frustration.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Start training on a new job on monday. More call center slavery. But at least the schedule is a bit better, leaving me time for class/study.


I'm considering becoming manager at mcdick's for more money. Of course, this means I will need to leave the more solitary confines of the back and take orders up front. I'd be getting twice the payrate and also twice the hours.
What fresh hell awaits me?


>What fresh hell awaits me?
Money, and a chunk of text on your resume that can land you a cozy desk job later


> twice the hours.

abort, abort, do not accept.


Doing 8 hour shifts on my feet back to back for four days pretty soon. It's going to suck when I work so hard and end up with less than 400 dollars in that week. This is why retail sucks.


>Get fill in job
>"I'm only here for a little while until I get the job I want, as soon as it comes up, I'm out"
>"Yes yes, that's fine"
>Miserable as fuck
>Tell them it's going to be my final day
>"You can't just up and leave like that, you have to give one week notice! What are you going to do?! You have to be here? What are you going to do?".

As soon as I heard that I realized how fucked I was. And they were right, it was in my contract, but I had been casually telling them what's up all the way through my job interview up until now. And I'm double fucked because I used them as a reference for what I'm currently doing at a plethora of jobs I actually want.


One week is pretty tame and minimal. I have a 30 day notice clause in my contract LOL


Does anything apart from serious butthurt happen if you don't give that notice? I've only worked in construction where it's normal for people to just ghost and leave jobs.


Depends on the law and jurisdiction. I mean, usually, no matter where you are, contracts are legally binding and if you break certain conditions, you can get sued. Whether it's worth it to go to court, depends on the job and how butthurt they really are and what they actually need to prove in court and how much they could expect in damages.

For a construction job, you'll just get a shitty reference, but imagine a CEO just ghosting the company he works for and fucks up a multi million dollar deal or something.


You sound a bit retarded. One week is nothing and completely expected


The problem isn't work, it's the welfare office basically going to use it as an excuse to keep me off my precious disability-buxx.


how are you fucked? just keep going for a week.


what a crybaby you are.


Yeah I know, I come across as a bit ridiculous.

There's something really wrong with me. I'm not sure what it is. There's this inescapable dread of something about to go wrong at any moment.


Chatgpt is the final nail in the coffin for all the entry level IT jobs, why hire some junior or pajeet when chatgpt can do it faster, more efficient and cheaper? Now the only tech jobs that will matter will require you to be some kind of autistic genius that can do better than chatgpt every time.

Shit was bad when tech companies started firing people, now it's the end, don't even bother learning programming, at this point a learning a trade would be a better use of your time.


If they create a chat bot that can function with voice over phone and tell people how to power cycle shit, that alone eliminates like half the work of IT at least. The technology to do all that with AI already exists.


>IT service accounts for more than 25% of Indian exports
RIP Pajeet.


>There's this inescapable dread of something about to go wrong at any moment.

I get this too and I hate it.


Got a degree in finance, almost top of my class, in a 3rd word shithole because "muh career prospects" and now I'm working at a call center for 620 dollars a month, which by this country standards, is way above average.

The thing is, I hate human interaction, I hate this fucking job and I hate dealing with stupid gringos which don't have a damn clue of what they actually want. The only things keeping me here are the wage (which as I said, is pretty good compared to everything else), the fact that they gave me free transportation and copious amounts of clonazepam.

I usually see old friends (to which I don't talk anymore) getting succubi or getting married, getting decent jobs, and stuff like that and I'm here, being a stupid, replaceable call center agent. And the cherry on top is that if I don't clean the house or give my parents some of my money they will simply kick me out, even though I have almost 10 hour shifts. I hate everyone, I hate this country and I hate myself. I sometimes feel like there is something inherently wrong with me; something beyond redemption, and the only solution for that is either bombing the governmental institutions which take away my money in the form of taxes, which goes to stupid normies and single moms, or death.

Never work for a fucking call center. I'm definitely killing myself in a couple of years, probably in a benzo or opioid OD.


>I hate dealing with stupid gringos

Make sure you stay in your own country you dumb nigger. And you're welcome for electricity and medicine.


He's not even in the US you illiterate retard lmao


Is working a trade a good deal in your corner of spicland? If so, I don't see a reason to not eventually go to school or get an apprenticeship for something that's perennially in demand, like electricians, plumbers, or whatever else your country particularly needs.
Did you see a good market for finance work when you went to college?


I'm not nigger, but based on your response I can tell you are one. Maybe you are not black skinned, but you are a nigger at the very essence; you behave like a nigger and think like a nigger. You are a white-skinned nigger. Congrats.


It's hopeless to leave here. If I can't make it here, what makes me think that I'll make it in another country? I'm doomed and lost beyond repair. There's no place for me in this world.


File: 1683627950235.jpg (744.69 KB, 864x1920, 9:20, 1675947829770937.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Reminds me a lot of my situation except I work retail and am a fucking loser.
Funny, if you lived in my country (Australia) you'd almost certainly be successful and if I lived in your country (Mexico) I'd be long dead. I should appreciate how "good" my country is compared to poorer more corrupt places but I'm apathetic about it and don't really give a shit.

It's fucked up, but 3rd world people don't really matter; they're disposable really, like farm animals.


>Now the only tech jobs that will matter will require you to be some kind of autistic genius that can do better than chatgpt every time.

I've got a feeling they'll crack AI within the next five years and it'll just jump right past "maybe do an entry level job" to being better than even the autistic genius types.

It'll just happen as fast as people can blink to, one year people will turn up to work and it'll be a fancy tool that they prompt to get the job done, the next year there's a complimentary AI that automates the prompting process itself.


This kind of thought is pure idiocy, first not all people in 3rd world countries have a bad life, there's entrepreneurs, engineers, professionals and all kinds of people that live successful lives with the advantage that cost of living is way cheaper.

People shouldn't look down on others that way just because they live on other countries, specially retail cucks like yourself, that kind of job would be awful in every country.


yeah he even said as much in the original post

> I usually see old friends (to which I don't talk anymore) getting succubi or getting married, getting decent jobs, and stuff like that and I'm here,



stfu he's right, immgriants are disposable animals
get banned for posting this meme


in the third world there is a very clear gap between complete poverty and living a good life.
You either make it or you dont in that case you suffer like an animal
first world has multiple social layers as stop gaps from falling straight into the ground, contrary to what some 1st worlders think
t. 3rd worlder in the 1st world


Generally the only people who become homeless in the U.S are super fucked in the head, usually from drugs and alcohol. It takes a special set of mental neuroses and retardations mixed with bad luck and probably a recession to hit rock bottom in America. And even then, I've met hobos who make up to $100 a day just panhandling outside a general store for a few hours. The ones who figured out the meta, and stayed away from drugs as best they could, mostly made it out and got themselves a job and a place.


You in call center slavery too huh? Same. Thankfully they gave me the ability to work from home and I am taking full advantage of that shit. Working from my apartment where I don't have to leave my apartment and can go full hikki is sweet.


I'm not from Mexico but from other Spanish country, but thanks, I guess. Live is shit wherever you go. And retail jobs are some of the worst imaginable. Stay strong brother.

Live is indeed not bad for some people: they have their massive haciendas, have their own businesses, managed to get a career (usually by the help of a family member) or are spoiled rich kids. Life is always shIt for scum like us, which have no place in this society.


>I'm not nigger, but based on your response I can tell you are one. Maybe you are not black skinned, but you are a nigger at the very essence; you behave like a nigger and think like a nigger. You are a white-skinned nigger. Congrats
>I'm not nigger, but based on your response I can tell you are one. Maybe you are not black skinned, but you are a nigger at the very essence; you behave like a nigger and think like a nigger. You are a white-skinned nigger. Congrats

Europeans invented everything, including the technology necessary for your shitty job. Enjoy, third world retard.

I told him to stay in his own country, ie don't come to the first world. Who's the illiterate nigger now, faggot?


Find them and stab/hit them in the spine, if you can't have a support, neither they will


who let this /pol/ chimp out of his containment board ?

I guess since Kaczynski and others hated the indutrial revolution and everything the Europeans made, does that make him a nigger ?
Aren't we allowed to express our own opinions on matters and discuss them civilly ?
Should we turn to ape-like discourse just like the one you are displaying ?

Go back to /pol/, kid.


imagine caring so much that you tell one random person on the internet not to come to your continent. truly terminal brainrot


Imagine caring so much about common race banter that you chimp out and start yelling about /pol/ boogeymen.
Is this your first day on the internet?


As a pure white of true aryan lineage and European nobility, i say, immigrants welcome 🏳️‍🌈


Are you from brazil?


Close, but not. I'm from Venezuela.


In the next few days I'll find out whether my life may change for the better (50/50) or if I should just give up and accept that this is how it is.


anywiz working at some corporate slave job?
got an opportunity from one but extremely hesitant to take it
it just sounds awful working for corporate but that would be true for nearly any slave position



According to this article, 40% of gen Z are working multiple jobs. I just don't understand how people can be like this. I can't even manage a part time job because it feels like too much.


I was browsing job descriptions again and it made me realize just how fucked I truly am. They all want drug testing and years of experience, neither of which I can satisfy. I can barely handle being around people for a few minutes, how can I be expected to handle 40 hours? If I don't do that much then the jobs pay almost nothing and don't give health insurance. I need to escape, please let there be an escape to this reality.


how do you cope with having close to no free time during the week? I stay up until 2am and sleep it off on fridays but it's not a long-term solution


Plan and organize your time better.


i don't think about it, or when i do maybe i'll drink something
>come home tired
>spend at least 1/3 of the freetime i have left for the day doing chores or something
>too tired to bother doing things i like
>watch something then go sleep
I find the weekend even worse, with the time i have during those 2 days i feel that everything i do is wasting time and can't enjoy it




This is probably obvious to most wizzies here, but heed this warning anyway: Never be nice to normalfags. Ever. I made the mistake of becoming the 'nice guy' at work. I figured it would make interactions smoother and people wouldn't hassle me much, unfortunately it has nearly the opposite effect. At least half of the people I work with take advantage of my kind nature on a daily basis. They have me running in circles doing whatever they feel they can't be bothered with at that moment. It's gotten to the point where I will be bouncing between three separate tasks, then look up to see my coworkers will be half-assing one task. I hate these filthy creatures so goddamn much, and I hate myself for being such a pushover.


I learned after I fell victim to white collar crime and blackmailed out of a workplace (I've posted about it a bit now I think, even as it was happening) that workplaces often can't actually get rid of you if you do nothing wrong. Depending on certain labor laws, the country, your contract, and the work situation, you can be somewhere where everyone abhorrently despises you and they still can't get rid of you.

Learning that is what's changed my attitude towards work. It re-orientated how I seen the place. The boss is no longer someone with a wide prerogative of authority, all the authority he has only goes as far as to delegating what tasks happen during work hours.

Just take a look at your contract, see what it says. If work is coming in from a person who is not an established work authority over you, just 100% say "no, I'm busy" until you're comfortable with establishing limits. Obviously if it's a supervisor saying it, do it, anyone else nah.

Make it a rule and see what happens. You can always go back to being a pushover. The only complication comes from if you care about what they think of you and you want to be close to them socially.


Just had a horrible day at work, i really despise working in customer service. Is it weird i wanna die? i feel no joy anymore, no point really. Weekends of what? We are really in Hell.


It feels like call center jobs somehow manage to combine the worst of both lonely isolation and hostile social contact together.

You sit alone at your desk, cutoff from people. and yet you're constantly dealing with people by voice. So you are somehow both isolated from and aggressed on by people at once. Vaguely analogous to getting flamed on 4chan all day.


File: 1683844119476.png (1.36 MB, 1921x800, 1921:800, ffailure.png) ImgOps iqdb

I have been at this factory job for 2 years now.
At this company, they often have me and 4 others doing the same 7 second repetitive motion job for 2 months at a time and then switch to a 12 second repetitive shitshow for a month, followed by 14 second on something else for 2 months.
I'm fucking miserable, it's ugly.
Talking with the others isn't working out, the mood is ill.
A person leave and a new one joins every 3 months or less and i don't get any good socal points whitch i can probably blame my autism on.
i just don't have the dick for this, i'm about ready to bazinga my way into a bridge at 130kmh.
tldr: Give me pity


Just be yourself up by the bootstraps and give that bridge a firm handshake

iktf wiz, i had a couple factory jobs that I've gotten used to but then they switch things up and the pain starts again.


well the normies are always wishing America still had good ol fashioned manly factory jobs like that instead of the service economy


File: 1683858525747.jpg (528.17 KB, 1822x2048, 911:1024, ge999.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

if anyones looking for a comfy loser job apply for a behavioral health tech position (third shift). I have about 1.5hrs of total work during my shift, and the rest of my time i do bodyweight exercises, read, watch movies, or play some old game (bring your own laptop if you have access to one).
most of my client interaction is unlocking the bathroom if they have to piss–there is some anxiety thinking of if any clients really act up or try to AWOL. Thankfully most of them are drugged up enough they sleep until first shift arrives.
PS don't ever work 1st or 2nd shift if they ask and once you say no enough they'll leave you alone most these places have extremely high staff turnover and they don't want you to leave.


Yeah, I don't know if it's one of those "The grass is greener on the other side things" or not.
Have you also happened to work in a phone call center, anon? If so, is it better or worse? Asking for myself.


>behavioral health tech position
…i have no idea what any of this means


Off-topic, but what is the gif in the OP referencing to ?


aul tone had a one to many canolis!!


it's the first season when he's having panic attacks.


The name of the series please.


boku no gabagool




Funny thing is he could actually trace the actual title with this joke but since he can't even do a simple reverse image search I'm skeptical this will be enough.


the sopranos


Not american but sitting in a room at the corner of the wearhouse putting together table height level adjusters, putting baby bottle holders together in a box, putting prints on plastic cups and plastic celling tags.
it would be fine i think if it wasen't each for months, it's dragging on the mind.

>Have you also happened to work in a phone call center, anon?


Appreciated wizbro.


Nut wrangler at the loony bin.
You could just be watching over anyone from depressed teenagers to psychotic schizos who think you're the incarnation of the 7th moon god trying to kill them.


File: 1683967489243.jpg (39.27 KB, 749x495, 749:495, 1681204200467805.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

At first glance, the obvious boku no pico joke…
- But Hey!
There was no need for a reverse image search.. look at this!

"Gabagool" was a instant giveaway.


tony lost it all over a horse it was not worth it


I've been trying to focus my efforts on keeping to myself or only helping the people who I know would help me in return. It's going alright so far, although I still get annoyed by most of my coworkers, but more in the sense that they're just being obnoxious normalfags, as they do.


a fair few of us here are software devs or directly adjacent (QA, architects etc..). Are we all fucked in a year? I couldn't see myself working any other job, not to mention that I have no other skills. Maybe it's a blessing. I'll sell everything and live in a remote cabin, i'd probably be happier.


Not in the field, what do you mean?


i think ai?


oh in that regard we're either all fucked or no one is fucked, so chill out. if you really want to meet the monster prepared learn to use a riffle.


I'm a web dev, there are already sites that help you make web pages without knowing anything about programing, so I'm already obsolete. Probably gonna be out of a job soon and become permanently stuck at my parents' because I can't learn anything new


The standard is 2 weeks.


If you could learn anything you wanted, is there anything you would like to learn?


What I don't get about webdev is that most people use the same 10-20 websites and don't really deviate. Why are there so many of you and why are there so many websites always being created?


Every business needs a website these days. Open up a pizza shop, your customers will want to see the menu, location on the map, some pictures etc. Maybe you want to have them make orders online and then a nice user interface for your workers to deal with orders. Then maybe the manager wants to schedule work hours, so they add that into the system. Then there's payment processing, tax bullshit, various kinds of reports.

A lot of stuff these days is moving into these online automated systems with a web interface that you might call a website.


It's vaguely amazing with all the strikes going on in stuff like trains, healthcare, waste collection etc that the people working in customer service wageslave jobs continue to keep their head down in the dirt as they get assfucked. The way that managers and supervisors abused their positions back when I wageslaved at a supermarket was astonishing. Half the managers were trying to get the entire store running with less than minimum staff, blaming you if stuff doesn't get finished on time and the other half were literally stealing from the store by giving themselves fake overtime.


Idk about others here, but I do this because I consider myself a modern remake of a time-honored tradition: the American snake oil salesman.

I go to remote areas of rural America and peddle some bullshit template webs–I mean, MIRACLE E-COMMERCE BLOCKCHAIN MILLENIAL AND ZOOMER TIKTOK APP THAT CAN SAVE YOUR BUSINESS. WHY GOLLY GEE, WITH JUST $30K IT CAN BE YOURS TOO! Most of these rural hyuk boomers I end up fixing their printers too, and you know what? They forget the enormous expense on the website and end up hiring me for bullshit IT wo–I mean, MIRACLE CYBERSECURITY TOOLS THAT CAN STOP DARK WEB HACKERS FROM INFILTRATING _YOUR_ BUSINESS!

People get mad at boomers, but I love them. I get rich off of them peddling absolute bullshit. People complain that there are no jobs in rural America–and it's true…if you look for jobs like a modern person would. If you search for jobs like someone from the 20th or even 19th century would, it's easy to find a loooot of money in those them hills out yonder.


Surely every business already has a functional website by now though, no? Every pizza shop has an online platform for placing orders, every delivery company has their procurement apps that were basically perfected by 2015.

I keep on wondering when it'll stop and webdevs will all switch from developing to maintenance, because for 99% of businesses, they already have everything they need.


I sometimes wish I had it in me to take advantage of ignorant normalfags. I feel like I would be so much better off financially and even emotionally if I wasn't such a morally-principled pussy.


A surprising number don't or just have dysfunctional, out of date, or useless websites. It all depends on the kind of business and its potential customers. A lot of smaller outfits live off the local community or have other ways that are more standard in their particular industry of connecting with clients.


File: 1684382399354.jpeg (51.54 KB, 736x981, 736:981, e4802e970c958d690e62d854c….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I regret dropping out of college and not studying what I really cared about but then I remembered how incapable I am. How common or rare is it to just be completely inept in every aspect?

I'm low energy and have low willpower which makes it difficult to be diligent. I also have a short attention span so I am going to make mistakes and I am anxious so I will triple check everything which leads to slow inefficient work.

I think slow and I have a hard time with spatial awareness. I am also clumsy.

Lastly of course because I'm neurotic and with low self-value social interaction is very draining to me and I'm not a person who people will want to work with or who inspires confidence in people.

There are so many numerous and deep faults I can't imagine ever fixing them. I don't even know what job I could do besides lifting heavy things if I get fit first. But that would make me miserable as I would like to do something intellectual but sadly I'm too dumb for it.


I doubt it's that common but I share many of your symptoms. Lifting heavy stuff isn't so bad. It's a good way to get out aggression.


>get promised the job and have been waiting for three weeks, she repetitively apologizes with how it's taking so long
>While walking to the shop see the company vehicle drive past with two people in it, something that can only happen if one is being trained
>Get the phone call saying unfortunately they're not taking on staff
>"Yeah I know, you hired someone else at the start of the week"
>Hiring manager lets out a nervous laugh over the phone and quickly ends the call


Damn, you were a backup. They dangled the carrot in front of you just in case their first pick, or second pick, or third, didn't work out. Just plain vile.


It's absurd how you have to do a lot of bullshit to impress people just so you can have the privilege of being exploited and your labor taken away.

Like how the fuck did this happen? In ancient times if you were able bodied you could work with zero bullshit, you just did shit for 8 hours on the factory outside your house and got paid for it and could actually live a decent life with that.


Yes we're fucked.

We as software developers created the very same thing that will put 99% of us out of business very quick, now computers can program themselves with less code and errors than humans, there's no point in hiring people when AI can do it better the vast majority of times.


>fucked in a year

Lol, no. You'll just see more and more AI assisted programming tools and it will make our jobs even easier so you can slack off more. But we're not even at the point where's halfway usable in a realistic workflow.


yes but who will review ai code? sure you won't trust a piece of shit created and enforced by a corporation, will you?


As opposed to what else? What's so special about incorporation, and how does AI change how many corporations you might expect to deal with along the way?


File: 1684599207367.jpg (46.57 KB, 482x347, 482:347, 1631142931638.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah what's up with that? My job is forcing me to do work in a specific way no one likes and it's kinda hard and confusing to do? But the learners bitch keeps nitpicking and harassing us to do a better job, plus we have people watching us. I also can't say anything bad or i'm fired and I have to deal with it. How is this even worse than slavery? Because I get paid some fake cash to eat and live? The system got us good they did.


The fact that neurotic retards are in power, and are also outnumbering everyone else more as time passes, is the crux of the matter here.
The systemic issue lies in the encouragement and sustainment of neurotic retardation through conditioning and incentives I'm sure everyone's aware of.


I met too many neurotic uptight assholes who took a animal packaging warehouse too seriously, I never knew packing pet toys and dog food could be such a big deal, christ.


Yup. In times past, people would stake all their self importance in a few things like devotion to family, god, or their nation/overlord. Without anything like that, people have nothing to cling to besides some mundane job, or like many wizzers here, nothing at all.


I think that's actually the worst thing about working. It's when you're nitpicked to do something in a pointless, slower way and constantly micromanaged. When there's absolutely zero chance of being left alone at work.


File: 1684632221319.png (334.97 KB, 532x373, 532:373, 6757456.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Do you really have to be overly enthusiastic and shit when you do a job interview? I want to apply to work at my local grocery store, and whenever I go shopping all the people working there look like fat unhygienic nerds. Granted, that's what I am too, but what the fuck? I also have zero experience and no college degree. My only experience is working with my dad, doing heavy lifting gruntwork, and I figured that's experience enough to move boxes of mtn dew to a shelf and jugs of milk to a refrigerator. Boomers say all job interviewers want to hear is "I'm always available, if someone calls off work I'll take over their shift", and millennials say job interviews want a bombastic personality, and with no irony say they want someone that really "sells themselves" to the company. I'm ready to be a voluntary slave for this bastard corporation, do I actually have to mask my diagnosed autism just to please some cunty interviewer?


yes they do, and i recommend rehearsing until it feels natural


Dude, there's no way I can do that. I can't fake enthusiasm, I can't even fake laughter or a smile. So I guess im fucked, welp. What sucks is I cant even be a welfare whore because I'm a single white man. I tried to get on social security, since I had an actual legit reason to be on it (I have diagnosed aspergers, and at the time I wasnt able bodied enough to work since I had been attacked nearly to death).


It depends on whoever's interviewing/hiring you, but generally you just have to not come off as a trashy twat.
The reason they love hearing you say you'll cover shifts is because many normgroids in lower positions are very flaky, and sometimes don't even call to let anyone know they won't make it.
If a manager refuses to hire someone because they don't exude pep, that manager probably won't last long at a successful company, and working under them will be hell.


It really depends on the manager. It's so hard to get a job that's there's a lot of survival bias, mysticism, and superstition around the whole interview process. In reality, I've known people who were in the hiring seat who chose or denied people based on the most capricious of whims.

Where does your picture come from?


I wonder if childhood was more terrible if wageslaving wouldn't seem so terrible. Why is life structured so it starts off good and progressively gets worse and worse and worse?


Subversion of expections by parents. They give their kids a taste of the good life, playing video games all day, shirking responsibilities with minimal consequence, and being told that the world is a hugbox for them. Then, when they reach 18, it's all snatched away, they're sent to some shit job, hardly any time to themselves, and nobody seems to care about them nearly as much as they did when they were young and adorable. Of course, there's a blurred line to how bad childhood can be before it causes trauma, in which case it follows one for life.


File: 1684744186610.mp4 (3.85 MB, 202x360, 101:180, 42rg3.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Wizard gets told off by normgroid


that's how you get a nice big swig of spit in your coffee next time lol


I've been daydreaming a lot about living in a cabin or something like a bunker in a forest, while keeping my half-remote office drone job. I have probably enough savings after 6 years of slaving but I'm too retarded to actually pull it off.


I hate how sociopaths record everyone on their smartphones and share it.


Getting ready for work. Fucking hell, fucking hell, fucking hell.


rip them


Work in a call center, can confirm. Thankfully I get to work from home so I no longer have to be in the same vicinity as the psycho normgaloids that want to constantly pick at me n' shit.

The frustrating thing is that my bosses are micromanaging as fuuuuck and I despise it greatly.


Retailfag here, customers like this are somewhat common actually, it's not just a reddit meme.


The word humiliated at the bottom refers to the retard talking, right? There's no way someone watches this video and think the silent guy with the patience of a saint is the one being humiliated. It has to be the moron holding the phone and babbling incoherently.


Former retailfag here, can confirm. Especially in the telecom industry. When I worked for T-Mobile and Spectrum these fuckos were everywhere


Guess which asshat can't call out sick anymore lest he be written up and eventually fired…that's right. It me. This fucking call center has the most asinine attendance policy I have ever dealt with, it's essentially the worst shit ever.

Basically if you call out sick you get an occurrence, rack up enough and you get written up and eventually fired. During the winter and spring months my sinuses make me feel like utter shit and I end up puking…a lot. And having to call out…a lot! As a result I end up having to take a lot of occurrences…and now I'm riding the line between being safe and being fired…fucking hell…


In most first world countries, if you bring in a sick note from the doctor stating you're sick, they can't legally fire you. Every time you get sick for more than a day or two, you should be providing one of them.

Paperwork acts as a legal deterrence.


Doctors' notes can cost several hundred dollars and it's not always the doctor's opinion that we need time off work. You can ask for a note, get charged $150 for it, and all it says is "Mr. Wiz must wear a mask at work for at least 2 weeks"


Holy shit, brutal. Poor Wiz was just trying to get thru yet another shitty shift and he gets hit with this. The jab at the end was real extra too. Customer is a total tool though, wonder what they were trying to get out of this with filming and posting it. Wonder if Wiz could sue for harassment.


I've offered them doctors notes in the past and they never took them. I swear to God, they wouldn't take doctor's notes at all and I'd still be stuck with the occurrences. It's total bullshit.


You take imitative scan them into a pdf file and email it in, a lot of office stuff is about removing any plausible deniability on their part. If you physically hand it to them they can refuse or destroy it. If you get a doctor's sick note, send it in through email to their email address, ring in and say you've sent it and can't come in, in -most- countries they can't fire you over it. They can get rid of you in other ways, like making you redundant, but they can't say "sorry you're sick, you can't work here".

Obviously it's only worth doing for a week or more off and you can't repetitively do it or they'll question your general health.


Doctor's know most sick notes are a grift and don't rock the boat, they literally rubber stamp them because they don't want to be caught out on the 0.001% chance it turns out to be a major cancer or whatever.


I've somehow adopted a new mindset where I've accepted "life is suffering, and I will suffer." Paradoxically, after adopting this thought pattern, I hardly ever feel anything while I'm at work, as though I'm closest to an 'auto-pilot' mode than I've ever been.
I await to see how long this effect lasts, but I've been consistently feeling not bad at work for almost a month.
It's almost poetry; I feel good because I don't feel bad, I don't feel bad because I don't care about feeling good.

Does anyone else have their own experience in experimenting with their own mind to cope with the banalities of life?


Started my first day as a Boat & Trailer Assembler. How the fuck do people do this shit? It's complicated as fuck and a bitch to do all the while you're hearing loud as fuck scraping of steel that's definitely going to give you tinnitus. It's just painful to deal with in any capacity meanwhile the boss is just sitting in his office drinking coffee and emailing people all day. My hands (and body) are covered in grease and oil and I still don't even know the fuck pay.

I'm convinced that I died years ago and now I'm living in hell, everything is going to shit; not just in my personal life anymore (economy, rights, geopolitics etc). I should've killed myself at 13 and avoided all this fucking hell - what the fuck was I thinking? I feel so gutturally sick and nauseous just thinking of having to do this shit for months, much less years.


Used to work at a factory with a bunch of drug addicts.

Quit that job almost instantly, even though I needed the money. That job gave me PTSD for a couple weeks.


I swear this job wants me to suffer. There have been opportunities to leave early because of lack of work, and I've been throwing my hat into the ring…only to never get chosen and have to stay the whole ass day while others can leave early with 0 consequence. The worst part is, they use a virtual wheel to decide who gets to leave, and I bet you it's landed on me in the past and they just ignore it and spin again because I don't kiss ass.

This fucking bank I swear to God.


I told you


I sincerely relate to this. I should have roped when I was 13. I was a miserable mentally ill mess then, and I’m still a miserable mentally ill mess going into my late 20s. It just keeps getting worse. I’ve constantly been on the edge my whole life and I’m tired. Fuck everyone who don’t have to deal with this. I didn’t ask for this.


File: 1684899864144.jpg (160.65 KB, 1240x1460, 62:73, hero suit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>have long commute
>could easily afford to move closer to my place of work
>stay far away just so I can use the long commute to reflect about how I can't keep living like this
I must be some kind of masochist


I love smelling my sweaty balls after a long day of work.

I just cup my balls and smell my hand afterwards. It's so good.


Told me fucking what? I never claimed wageslaving is good in any capacity you dumb nigger.


Not gonna lie, I also really like the smell of my balls.


Would you guys smell other wizards balls?


Move to Canada
Apply for MAID


Truth is that unless you're a filthy nigger balls don't smell that much or my nose is broken idk. Anyway why would you smell your balls it's hilarious.


Another opportunity to leave early came up….but not for those who run the closing shift like me. Fucking hell I hate this company.


Nope, I'm only into mine. I'm autosexual.


I've browsed through crabs.is threads about work experiences and the posts there are identical to the ones here


You're saying that people who don't enjoy wageslaving who are also celibate by choice, have generally the same outlook on working as those who hate wageslaving but want sex?


File: 1684964552036.webm (1.57 MB, 576x1024, 9:16, nhg5.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Canada is importing so many brown subhumans that apartments/houses are going for $1,000,000 each in the cities and endless amounts of brown people are lining up for entry level jobs.

If you're a Canadian wizzie, it's basically over. Canada is literally over.


File: 1684964611298.png (1.01 MB, 717x740, 717:740, 54y5454.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


how does that make sense. if they're applying for entry level jobs how can they afford such expensive homes


My guess would be that those immigrants are either renting properties more on the outskirts of the city, leveraging huge family units with multiple workers to stay in a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment/condo, or they may also be given housing vouchers, if not free housing altogether.
The first unresearched thought that comes to mind is this looks like a desperate attempt to stave off a housing bubble crash, because unless more housing can freely be built by companies without costs of red tape and rent control prohibiting their construction, in fucking Canada of all places, these prices could stay the same if the supply is squeezed.
The end result is any possibly successful descendants of the immigrants moving somewhere else, where they don't have to share a room with 5 siblings, aunts, and uncles, while the Americanized (Canuckized?) dregs who are content with such abysmal conditions swell in numbers, until the city becomes smothered in slums that used to be middle class housing complexes.


I swear working at this hellhole becomes a fucking S L O G when you gotta work like 2-3 hours toward the end of the day with no break until the end of the shift. I hate it so goddamn much.



Canada has exciting destinations like Edmonton or Calgary that immigrants don't go to. Once you embrace Canada's heritage as a cold, desolate, isolated frontierland the world is your oyster. There is more to Canada than Toronto and Montreal. Canada even has the Yukon and the Arctic Ocean you can live next to.


As most wizards (and possibly many normalfags) do, I hate my job and most of the people I work with. Lately, I have been thinking about my shitty job and shitty coworkers even when I'm not at work, and it's making me even more miserable than usual. What are some good ways to put work out of my mind when I'm not there?


File: 1685333677297.webm (2.86 MB, 540x302, 270:151, Genshin Impact.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I'm going to have to pick up a second job at this rate. Everything is getting more expensive and I'm having troubles paying for my rent and utilities. This shit fucking sucks and I hate the faggots that's ruining this country.


Very important to read this. Also - Carnegie "How to Win Friends and Influence People". ALL combative normies read these two. Some of the more hardcore ones also know Machiavelli at least in quotes. I confirm this from overheard real life conversations. This is the holy normie triad of psywar, know the enemy.


I posted here months ago that i was warned because i took too many sickdays. Well i kept on taking em because of overwork/burnout and the consequences are here, i'm summoned for an "official" talk with my supervisor and management. I've been working here for many years and wouldn't mind getting fired, it's all so pointless.

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