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Can this be done? I know the ancients believed that in order to escape demiurgic recycling of the soul you had to project your soul (usually through drugs) out of the kenoma and so by frequent practice essentially imbue your soul with the readiness to best his dominion. There were platonists who believed the world was a torus of sorts, and that the artificer channeled a type of toroidal current into which our souls are sadly subsumed into an infinity loop of bodily life.

I really try not believing this but by plain virtue of the nature of this world who could suppose god good? How much confidence do the wizzies here have for finding peace?

In any case, I'm wishing all of you the best in finding peace…perhaps we more than others have actually earned it?


You're overcomplicating stuff. God gave you free will, use to look whitin yourself until you realiz that there was no connection to this world to begin with


There is no free will


Yes there is. Always has been. Just because you can't will a PS5 game into existence doesn't mean free will doesn't exist.


We are subject to physical laws there is nothing free


File: 1680098427861.jpg (903.2 KB, 1280x907, 1280:907, 1680097569003625.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Basically there are a bunch of devas you have to dismiss and passwords as you traverse the celestial spheres but the final password is just password, ikr


As Schopenhauer demonstrates, free will is just being determined by our character. It is in fact when we act in a random, out of character way, that our behavior can be excused as temporary insanity. We are most responsible for what is most determined.


>As SuckingWeiner suggests, the definition of a phrase is whatever the hell he decided it was at the time of writing that


live away from emf and know, i live in my barn… don't even miss my previous life


Only conscious human beings have free will. Most humans alive are at the mental level of base animals and they should practically be excused for raping, robbing and acting in a foul manner simply because they have no souls.

They live on pure primitive instinct like birds, rats or coyotes despite having a human body.
Even putting them in prison for their impulsive actions is innately cruel, they should be allowed to live among themselves in enclosures or on islands with no repercussions for any actions.

A few percent of humans alive (out of 8 billion) have consciousness, which means they are capable of creating art, abstract thoughts or understanding complex structures and ideas in their minds and manifesting them onto physical reality.
Most are just biological bots replicating whatever action they were doing yesterday to live onto the next day.

They don't have any more free will to "break character and do something radical" than a wild dog or cat does. Base animals simply do whatever brings them the most dopamine in that moment or helps them survive through the present moment.

A "bot" human can't come up with original thoughts, literature, art, architecture, stories or inventions because their brain is only pre-programmed to seek food, shelter and reproduction day after day in an uninterrupted cycle.

Some societies have a higher or lesser amount of bots (or "NPC's", as some people call them) compared to other countries, for example Japan has less bots than Brazil or Zimbabwe. But the point remains, most people do not have consciousness - therefore they can't have free will any more than any other animal could.

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