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Today is my birthday, I just turned 29. Worked from home. I expected nothing and I received nothing, I'm not even angry about it. I can't help but keep feeling depressed though.

Woke up, got high, worked high, drank, been sober for a few hours, I just ordered food and I'm about to redose. I'm eager to keep spending every birthday like this until I eventually off myself.


I hate birthdays and the attention it brings. These days it's just my mom and some family members that still remember. Makes me feel guilty when I dodge their calls.


I'm thankful that it's just my mom who acknowledges my birthday, and does it with a nice dinner. Couldn't ask for anything more, besides inching closer to a natural death in my sleep.


Happy late birthday anon.
I hope you have a good day tomorrow.


Happy late birthday OP! Listen man, this shit is not your fault. People who actually enjoy life weren't born fucked up in the head like us. They have no idea what it's like. Cheers anon, I'll raise a glass for you.

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