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Are vengeful? What's the best what to get revenge on somebody (within legal limits)?

I have been personally, emotionally attacked at work this week at I can't even sleep because of it. I will not be at peace until I will have my vengeance.


What is the cash value of your revenge? Will you get money in return for enacting your revenge? Will you get a better position at work by enacting revenge? Will you ensure your own social/physical safety in some way by enacting revenge? First make sure you're going to GET something with your revenge.


Sage because:
>(within legal limits)


Once upon a time there was this forum I used to visit everyday, and one of the well known users started a thread because he wanted to get revenge on a guy that scammed him out of smashing pumpkins tickets iirc. So he asked people on the forum for good, original tips for revenge, and the thread eventually got really huge. Some of the best revenge tactics of all time were posted to that thread, I wish I had saved them. I feel like at one point I copied some of the tactics to a .txtfile, but my laptop died ten years ago so I'll never know for sure. How vengeful are you? If you work in an office, you can probably find the email address of the coworker who wronged you via some company chainmail. You could sign him up for the nambla newsletter and send him 100 copies of the quran, I dunno that's what I used to do to kids that pissed me off in junior high, its a little weaksauce though and mostly for cheap laughs. If you want to go farther, you'll have to get more creative if you want to fuck with him while still staying within "legal limits"


Tickle him mercilessly. Just kidding. Talk smack about him to the boss. Or to the IRS.
That's why I always save my .txt files onto two external flash drives. Two is one, one is none, and none is minus one.


Consume their flesh and that of any children or relatives. Take their life for the thrill, and become an ubermensch in society's eyes (a psychopath or sociopath). Killing earns admirers and succubi because evolution rewards nobility. Heil Dahmer


hello witchie


Perform a lobotomy on them ; use an ice pick. Make sure their resulting IQ is below 65 - this torture works especially well on geniuses and white collar professionals. Take them down a few notches.


This man stays strong with his lobotomy fixation




I’d just use a drone to fuck with their house, dropping those stink bombs on their car and roof.


>Slash their tires
> Throw bricks through their window
> recommend causing as much damage to their stuff as possible.


Smear cat shit on the door handle of their vehicle.




Itch powder!

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