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Suicide general, - Discuss everything suicide related here.
>Question of the thread.
What's heroin overdose like? Anyone got any experience with it?
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How much aspirin would i have to take to overdose ?


That's extremely painful as it will dissolve your liver and attack your organs without making you dizzy


When you take so many pain-stop pills that a new pain-start's.. heh, ironic, oxy-moronic even..


do you know that feeling when you don't want to go to bed alone, like every time you do it you die a little bit more inside


Sort of. Not just alone, but just in a sad mood.
The days are always too short. I just feel like staying up and trying to improve my mood.
Really shit feeling to end a day on such a low point, and there isn't any escape from it even when sleeping.
Shit affects dreams, and stays there all the time until you wake up.
Really persistent. Feels like dreams at least should be an escape.


nope, never felt anything like that, ever. i would tell you to kill yourself for being a worthless failed normalfaggot but considering the thread were in it looks like youre way ahead of me.


Big news. Yesterday Vermont opened up their assisted suicide program to out-of-state residents.


I have a box cutter and I'm drunk as shit and wanna slash my arteries. Is this a painful death?


you're gonna slash yourself up and end up with a bunch of embarassing scars, I've done it before, don't make bad decisions just cause you're drunk


I don't know about you guys but shotgun to the head is how I wanna go


how the fuck do i obtain a firearm after involuntary hospitalization in the US?


you have to get one off the street from some shady nig


>gets shot and arrested


In a very few states, if you can prove residency, you can get guns legally a few years after the hospitalization. I'm going to buy a smith and wesson 686


I feel like everyone searching for the perfect "painless" suicide doesnt actually want to go through with it.
I understand waiting for an opportunity to do it in a specific way, but if you really wanted to just die you could do it right now and be dead within the hour just by slitting your wrists.
Though personally I think suicide is a waste in most cases


File: 1684096046557.jpeg (73.71 KB, 600x657, 200:219, 1683975234279416.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

OK I have come up with an (excuse me if I say-so myself) super brilliant, hardcore, hot-blooded idea.
I will do anything and everything I wanted to do in life—but in an hyper-vivid "mental VR chamber" ie; lucid dream. Extreme sports, fights, etc…all under the astral sun I want to do, all travelling, etc.
but then! I will cease sleeping - and thus, cease to dream-. I will give up, "trade" my Ability to dream. im a religious person and seek to be a religious ascetic ,catholicism.
I dont know if any real Order or Seminary would accept a neet like me but this is my way of both enjoying life's boon and then dying to myself while on earth.
I plan this to be a 300-day thing
I will master lucid dreaming, maximize all its glory…then fast from sleep
I ll probably "sleep "standing up 1 hour a week so my brain doesnt totally die. but i wont be dreaming at all


The way I feel about life is the same feeling I've gotten before when I beat a game and do all the side content and than there is a total lack of anything left to do.
The magic is gone. All that is left to do is stop playing. Is this it? Is existence really all this? But my perspective is mine alone and the world is seen by many eyes, I will shut mine on my own accord someday soon.


I'm gonna jump into a river and end it soon. I can't swim. I'll be gone in 5 minutes.


cya wizzie


File: 1684237408053.jpeg (44.21 KB, 500x333, 500:333, piemontese.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Should I seek to become the equivalent of a double-muscled blue belgian bull human?
i saw EQUIVALENT. im not a furry, G-d forgive. i dont want to become A bull but LIKE a bull
basically a mr oylmpia but with a big belly like a rikishi (sumo wrestler)


Why do you want to look like a farm animal and develop congestive heart failure? If you want to dedicate yourself to your body do something better like calisthenics or swimming. Anything is better than becoming deformed cattle.


File: 1684253437829.jpeg (79.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, qurbani bull.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

cause testosterone is a moral Categorical Imperative and you have-to-have as much of it as humanly possible


Well it doesn't seem to be doing much good to the cattle over there being manhandled by an indian guy 1/5 of its size and wearing flipflops. Maybe going for a bigger brain instead is better, but that's just me.


Please don't do this, wiz. If you have never swam before, I take this to mean you have never felt the sensation of needing to come up for air. It is horribly painful and your body WILL fight to survive once it realizes you are actually drowning. DO NOT DO THIS. I care about you and ask that you take some time to just calm your mind in whatever way you can. Sit down to a healthy, organic meal; get a good night's sleep in a quiet room; cry and scream if you have to, in order to let out the frustration that you feel. I actually do care about you though we will never meet.


>G-d forgive.
You're Jewish, so you're too inbred to put on muscle.


File: 1684259184738.gif (187.78 KB, 700x525, 4:3, Real Picture of King Kong ….gif) ImgOps iqdb

you are such a disgusting jerk you're probably a chud wanting to discredit wizards for locowing content


File: 1684260135280.jpg (77.98 KB, 828x655, 828:655, FsHLlY7XsAAe0TS.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You're literally talking about becoming a cow of lol-proportions and are now calling us "Chuds", a term used to discredit young White men. You are a Jew. If you didn't want this information to sway others opinions about you when you asked for them, then don't inject your racial and religious identity in your post in a way that seeks to offend those who recognize God.

Jews aren't allowed to spell or say God because they only recognize Bael and Moloch as Gods

Please read some of the suicide advice posted in this thread.


it was a joke
and im Celibate so you may mind your Adress


How are exit bags? Anything I should know about them before I give them a try? Is it true that they mix oxygen into the helium tanks?


File: 1684926765869.png (186.77 KB, 480x548, 120:137, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I just found a website on the open web where they sell Cyanade. So that's it? I take it all then I'm dead?


File: 1684929167525.jpg (459.6 KB, 1550x2048, 775:1024, 91ad8c67ab574991c2b4464c53….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

why does overdosing on sleeping pills never get mentioned in these threads? seems like a safe and painless way to go
is there something that i'm unaware of that would make it an undesirable suicide method?


It doesn't work


have you tried it?


File: 1684935722325.jpeg (74.13 KB, 974x714, 487:357, 1684731564723387.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

how do I get loans off the (((bank))) to have some chaste fun before I go?
Im employed, legal, everything. Should I also try some risky investments with part of the loans?


Whole bottles of Diazepam and Clonazepam. Felt nothing. Didn't even fall asleep.


i can't bring myself to order suicide equipment.
apparently im a massive jew and can't stand thought of having wasted 140€ when i decide against going through with it



Depends on your credit score. If you have a credit card and are in good standing go to the bank and ask them how much credit you can get for them as a signature loan. Depending on your income, usually you can get $40-50k within a week. If you have a good job and good credit, you can probably get up to $100k depending on your income. The better way would be to ask their mortgage dept and ask them for a mortgage, which will give you over $700k to play with but hiding it's real purpose from them is much harder.


>Depending on your income, usually you can get $40-50k within a week.
Holy hell no. What boomer told you that?
Without owning any property to sign off on so the banks can take his house when he fails to pay, he'd be very lucky to qualify for a $500 payday loan.


I confirm that banks are not that stupid to let the suicidal wizards have fun off their pockets.



Typical car loan is $20-35k. With good credit you can get up to $50-60k just for an automobile. I've done this for $50,000, despite having $50k cash I setup a second account for the loan to automatically draw from. In this way I get all the benefits of taking a $50k car loan but I don't have to worry about the monthly payment because I already have the money. Because I do this, the bank will give me up to ~$550k cash for a fixed rate home mortgage, and up to $900k if I agree to an adjustable-rate mortgage.

>Without owning any property to sign off on so the banks can take his house when he fails to pay, he'd be very lucky to qualify for a $500 payday loan.

All depends on your income + credit history. If you have no possessions but make $100k/yr as a truck driver, and have been doing that for three years, you have $300,000 as collateral. For most banks, they can provide you with up to a million with such money and perhaps more if you have an LLC or other business (like a trucking business..) for business loans. If you make $30k/yr as a Mcdonalds cashier for three years, you have about $100k accessible depending on how much rent you pay. Most people will fall between those areas.

Banks have no problem giving you money, because it is debt. It's paying them back that is the problem. But banks will almost always issue people new credit because the interest on it is so profitable. This is why banks are dangerous. This problem is irrelevant to a truly suicidal person who just wants a nice, comfortable and quiet hotel to kill themselves in.


One of the truest facts about reality is that banks will ALWAYS give you more money and will ALWAYS be extremely polite when giving you more money, because is is debt. succubi act like this too especially if the debt is being obtained on their behalf. This is how banks, and succubi, entrap men and destroy them. Getting more money is never a problem. Paying it back is.

Any US-born citizen can go out now and get a million dollar credit line in a year if they really work. But the bank will destroy them during the repayment period. This is how chads buy big mcmansions at 25 and are ruined by 35 as the bank, their ex-wife, and society grinds them down to pay for it.


i really want to kill myself. Being alive is bad. Being dead would be a lot better. Its disgusting having flesh its despicable having to keep desperately gasping for breath over and over. The feeling of having a body is a horror i can not describe. The drugs dont help anymore to supress this feeling. Every second alive is a torment i cant endure any more. I need to escape this asap


I know how you feel.


>i really want to kill myself. Being alive is bad. Being dead would be a lot better. Its disgusting having flesh its despicable having to keep desperately gasping for breath over and over. The feeling of having a body is a horror i can not describe


Well, if one believes in 'the other side' there might be an advantage to having one's affairs in order and settled fairly - in this world to the next.


Seriously, does anyone even understand how we got here to begin with? We must be the subject of an experiment of some kind – god or the "gods" looking down upon an absolutely crazy tapestry of causes all intertwined and affecting each other in ways that are beyond the grasping power of our brains.


Wow surely you must be so important that God himself cursed you. So delusional some of you are.


Is god real? Serious question its important for me to know this. I feel like god is real. I think only damnation awaits me. I think that i really truly do


Thoughts on aerosol death? Apparently it can kill instantly and has a surprisingly high prevalence.



How do you encourage yourself to do it?
I'm a fucking failure of a human being, I should've killed myself a long time ago, but I never do it because I'm not motivated enough.

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