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I'm a 25yo loser who share a room with my brother and let me tell you, he's the most annoying faggot on earth.

He spends all day talking and screaming to his faggot friends on Discord and I'm forced to listen to his shit all day if I am in the room.

He's literally gay. A dick sucking faggot and he isn't ashamed of dirty talking to his friends while I'm in the room.

When I want to read a book, I have to leave the bed room and go to the living room or to my mother's room.

I need to find a job asap and move out of this house.


invest in noise-cancelling headphones


Beat him up bloody. A gay man's dicksuckery is nobodies business but his own. The family has no need to know of the intricacies of any member's sexual deviancies. Shame on him for subjugating you to such degeneracy. Furthermore, a younger sibling who infringe on your peace and quiet in to adulthood must be developmentally arrested - a burden only he must bear. He doesn't value tranquility and can't even extrospect on your desire for such. A female-brained homosexual indeed. You may have grown up but he hasn't, so he must pay the price. Either put your foot down and force him to behave or work hard to buy yourself some independence and cut financial support to his intrusive lifestyle. A wizard who seeks peace should secure his own before providing anything for those around him. Even if you must rent a room in a shared house, not having a barking brother by your back will be a betterment.


>Beat him up bloody
op isnt a teenager, he's 25 years old, that could land him in prison


Holy hell that sounds hilariously awful, kek.

Yeah, you need to get the fuck out of there.
Good luck and godspeed, wiz.


His parents probably made that arrangement to force him to move out.


I live in an apartment with only two bedrooms. One is for my parents, the other for me and my brother.


Start blasting hentai while he's on call and scream, "MAY THE POWER OF COOCHIE COMPEL YOU!!" either way one of you will eventually break and someone's gonna move out lel


beat his ass



must be awful, espescially gay and discord which are almost synonyms at this point.

be careful those degenerates often fantasize on incest, they're also often pedo


I share a barracks room, but its not so bad since he mostly keeps to himself or stays with his . Never had any issues with each other except on the night of my 27th birthday when I was belligerently drunk and yelling at anime. He gets pretty depressed too, some nights we go the whole evening pretending the other doesn't exist. I'm grateful for that. He gets out soon, I doubt whatever young lad they board with me next is gonna be as easy to live with…


Buy a syringe and inject him with toilet water. Hopefully he dies.


This. A good pair of noise cancelling headphones can do wonders for you. The best ones I've used so far, despite me hating the company, are the Apple Airpods Maxes. Don't pay full price for them tho, see if you can get them 2nd hand for inexpensive.


are you in the (((military)))?
why do you say "board me with" as tho someone else controls the process?


Sort of. I take care of my elderly mother. She pretty much lives her whole life in a reclining chair in the living room. I'm pretty much 5 feet away from her 24/7, in a reclining couch. It's been this way for a long time.

It sucks because I can't sleep uninterrupted for very long and can't even leave the house to go shopping for very long because she has to piss so much. I have to help her on and off a bedside commode AKA "the potty chair".

But my life has been completely based around her erratic napping schedule for so many years, I don't know how I'll transition to a life alone when she dies. Even when she is hospitalized (usually once a year or so) for a few days, I practically go crazy in the house because I just don't know how to adjust or what to do.


I live with my dad and we both take care of my mom who has dementia. We don't really take her to go to the bathroom. It's more of a guessing game of when she has to go versus she is just saying no. We have pads for her incase we miss something, but every once in a while we will miss our window and she'll start spreading shit around the house.

She doesn't sit around a lot and prefers to walk, which I guess is good for her because it keeps her mind active. I don't know how to entertain her anymore.


time to euthanize the bitch

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