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not caring edition

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Coworkers are starting to use their vacation days for the summer. Should I try to go somewhere?


Bosses have been letting people go home early, and every time for the past two weeks I've been looked over and forced to suffer. Succubi in power. Fucking ruthless bitches the lot of them.


today was stressful and exhausting and so will be tomorrow and friday


I worked at Dollar General until around 3 years ago.

At the checkout we had a little "Literacy Fund" donation cup. Customers could donate their spare change into the cup. Every now and then, an employee would count the change in the cup, place the money into the till, and do a "Literacy Paid-In". Sort of like a transaction, where the "merchandise" was a donation to the charity.

People rarely donated on their own and most employees never asked for donations. But I had this system: Every single cash transaction, I'd ask if the customer would donate their coins. I had a super quick sentence so it wasn't SUPER annoying: "wanna donate your coins to the literacy fund"? Surprisingly, lots of customers were willing, they only wanted their paper change anyway.

So I'd mentally keep track of every cent in the cup, and by the end of the day, I'd have a huge pile of coins and would know exactly what was there.
So I'd do a "Literacy Paid-In" for about… 70% of what was actually in the cup, but I would put it ALL in the till. I was still keeping track of what was in my till, too, so I knew how over or short I was.

When the day was over and I was counting my till in the office, I knew how much money was extra in my till, so I just removed that before officially counting my money on with the office scale and computer. So my till would still be dead even, not over or short. The system still reflected that I was raking in lots of Literacy Fund donations, more than most store employees ever do. And, I was able to pocket a few bucks that I removed from the till before officially counting it. Just a few extra bucks for free every shift. Around a hundred extra bucks in cash in my piggy bank every month just for being a little clever with numbers.

I always justified it in my head that I was STILL getting money for charity, more than most people in that company ever did. Even with me pocketing 30% of the money, I was still getting more donations to charity in one day than most employees would in a month. Maybe I shouldn't have felt guilty for taking advantage of a few bucks from a company that is probably more evil than I ever could dream to be. But maybe I am no worse than a common elven cutpurse.


How is Dollar General evil though? Do they really lock in customers who stay past closing? Are the legends about them stealing carts from Home Dept true? Are vacation days seriously only earned through working 16 hour shifts?


>16 hour shifts
You have to work at least (AT LEAST) 26 hours a day to get even negative 4 vacation hours. Ask yourself: If a company can manipulate the laws of time and space like that, how can they be anything BUT an evil entity?


Most companies are evil entities anyway. Hell mine makes it hard as hell to get a decent amount of vacation time without having to "purchase" vacation time that they end up taking out of your paycheck. It's the fucking worst.


Sounds pretty nefarious. Some companies will distribute vacation time to employees, but essentially force them into using it as "sick time" instead. Like they won't let you actually take real time off just to take time off, like vacation time is meant for. They simply won't approve it, or if they do, they indirectly punish you for doing so by giving you less hours or something when you get back. Instead, when you get dangerously sick, then they expect you to "cash in" your vacation hours so you can stay home and get better.

And that's only if you're visibly, obviously ill. If you're sick but could technically power through it with will power, then they'd still expect you to show up anyway. Only when it could give the company a bad image will they actually WANT you to stay home!


You stole from charity anon, doesn't matter how you try to spin it. Your qualms with Dollar General doesn't even matter in this case because it was not their money to begin with, not that stealing cash from the store would be less stealing.

I'm not here to give you give you lessons on morality, I pirate games, books and movies online every other day but you sound like a smart person and you know exactly what you did.


>I pirate games, books and movies online every other day
That's a bad comparison because it's not stealing. When you pirate a digital file, you're not taking it from someone; you're making a copy.

When it comes to charities, there are two kinds: Those which benefit people in need, and those who line the pockets of the charity organizers. UNICEF, for one, has long been known to send pennies to the g-note to the actual Afrikids, while the rest gets laundered over a few hundred New Yorker's payrolls under the guise of "spreading awareness".

>UNICEF wants a new ad campaign

>UNICEF CEO consults his good friend Mr. Goldblatt, a director
>Goldblatt can make some commercials for only $6,000,000
>Commercials made, Goldblatt gets payed
>UNICEF needs $45,000 "to extend the charity's reach"
>Goldblatt donates $45,000 to UNICEF, as a tax write-off
>UNICEF CEO spends that $45k on new Toyota Tundra
>Puts UNICEF branding on it, claims it as expense towards function of charity
>Free Toyoda

"Literally Fund" could mean literacy anything. It could be giving books to the homeless, or it could be buying a new printing press for the New York Times.


I think you're right, I guess I've always understood it was wrong to do. What I have never really understood, though, is why I am not at all bothered by it. Other than that scheme I concocted, I rarely do things that are so clandestine or fraudulent. I have rarely ever stolen anything. When I was a kid I stole a book from the school library and I still feel guilty over that. I'm usually a goody-two-shoes kind of person but I never really felt any remorse over skimming the money. I feel like I should feel some guilt or regret, and I feel kinda bad that I don't feel bad about it, because it makes me question my own values, I guess.

I don't want it to seem like I'm a boot licker or anything like that, either. I'm not thinking like "oh, won't somebody think of the poor company!" Regardless of who the act affected, and regardless of what reason the act was done, the act was a malicious, bad thing to do. Whether the affected parties were multi-billion dollar corporations or charities or individual human beings.


There's nothing wrong with being amoral in this world of shit. Just stop caring. If it bothers you that much, investigate the charity and see if it's legit or like >>277831 describes, might offer you some sense of relief


Is manufacturing, like working in a factory, a good job for a wizard?
What are some wizard approved jobs?


File: 1685749164609.jpg (423.86 KB, 1254x911, 1254:911, 1685710222375076.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



I need to get a job. But I also take care of my mother all day long. If I get a job, I'll be away from home for like 8 hours or more a day, and she'll be all alone. If she has to use the toilet while I'm gone, there's always a small chance she will fall while trying to get there on her own.

It's very stressful when you constantly have intrusive thoughts in your head. Like any time I'm away from home, I keep thinking how there's a 1% chance I'll come home and find my mom dead on the floor.


Are you on welfare? If you're not, just get a job that involves 2-3 hours of work a day. That should give you enough time to duck in and out of home.

If you're really desperate, go around all the janitor and cleaning companies in town, and explain your situation, and say you want 3 hours of work staggered at different parts of the day so you can look after your mom in between.

Or talk to the welfare office about it, they'll actually be supportive because they get bonuses for getting people into wagecucking.


God that is tough man. Good luck.
Are you actively looking for work?
How about looking for part time work, to ease into it?


Find a work from home job. Programming, video editing, graphics design, writing, etc. any skill that you can do on a computer.


i wish they paid for watching porn


Not the poster you responded to, but I do precisely that. I invoice a cleaning company with my own company and I work about 1-2 hours a day.

I also never forward the VAT they pay me so I make quite a chunk of money every day. Cleaning is actually very lucrative in 2023 because so many people refused to do it, the prices have really gone up.

To me, 25€ an hour ($30) is royal for basically just changing someone's sheets and vacuuming the place. They are all airbnb rentals, and because the rules stipulate the guests to treat the place like their own home, they are very cleanly guests.
They barely ever leave a real mess. Maybe a few bottles of wine here and there but nothing huge.

I can make thousands a month this way and if I get stressed out I just choose not to work on any given day, or if I'm energetic I take on 3-5 homes at once.

They also gave me a bunch of keys so I never even have to interact with other human beings. It's the perfect job for an autist who hates people.
The downside is it's pretty physical, but what else would I do with my day? I'd just be browsing wizchan and youtube mindlessly. May as well spend an hour here and there, and have thousands extra at the end of the month.


I would haul garbage or do anything for that kind of money. I live in a shitty second world country and you make more per hour than lawyers and doctors do here.
(They get about $20 per hour, which is considered high, I get about $4)

Hope you never lose the job, that's literally a golden goose that spawns you wealth.


I live in a HCOL (high cost of living) country so it's not a way to get rich, but it's definitely a nice addition to neetbucks.

Instead of suffering and pinching pennies like an average autist in my country I can buy whatever electronics or furniture I want or eat whatever fancy foods I want no matter the price tag.

But it's still not going to afford me a big comfy home to live in. I currently live in a 60 square meters apartment (600sqft), which is ok I guess but it could be bigger.


At the place I work a drain cover has collapsed. Inside it is a festering pile of shit. It is an extremely overpowering smell of shit and I've started wretching multiple times. It's literally a cess pit of human waste. It's unbearable. The boss has known about it for 3 weeks and says he is working on it but nothing has happened so far.


Which country if you don't mind me asking?


Georgia (the country, not the state). It's not as bad as the worst countries in the world but it's nowhere near a first world country like Germany, Finland or Sweden.

I earn about $4 per hour, 8 hours a day so roughly 700 dollars a month. Which is about average here for a wageslave.


Where the hell do they pay you €25 an hour for cleaning? That's ridiculous, those jobs are minimum wage tier here. You're living the dream


A relative paid like $25 for a cleaner to come around when she was pregnant. That money also goes towards covering the cost of cleaning supplies and petrol, and for them to haul their ass across town.

You also have to be really consistent and thorough with private house cleans. The rich mansions expect everything to be impeccable.


Doesn't sound great, but I guess it's okay if it fits the cost of living. Hope all the digital nomads and Russian exiles don't drive prices up too much for you!


nice larp


the ones not present were right
congrats on being a bootlicker + rule 3


There's one aspect of working that gets to me a lot, I feel trapped because of a lack of energy to gain new knowledge and skills

After working hours every day I'm absolutely burnt out emotionally and mentally, I feel like I have no time to try and learn something new or somehow improve anything. Even weekends arent the best because I have chores to catch up on and other personal responsibilities

Really hate that trapped feeling that exhaustion from work gives me and it's hard to even have the energy for hobbies and fun anymore


I feel that way too.
I don't understand how so many people are able to work AND do something, like, go to college. I can't even imagine being able to do both without killing myself. Even if I were just doing online classes or something, I just know that I don't have it in me to keep up with it.

And it sucks that in order to improve upon your life you generally need to have some kind of an income to live on while focusing your efforts on something else. But what if earning and maintaining that income depletes your physical, mental, and emotional reserves?
Feels like you're snared within the trap no matter what, unless you just happen to have been born outside the trap or at least with one foot out of the trap.


Fuck fuck fuck, I feel this so much. How the fuck do you do a full time job AND make an effort to “improve” yourself in hopes of earning more, AND take care your day to day living, AND maintain your sanity with some hobbies or just trying to enjoy your life a little. Doing all of that is also considered bare minimum and you could very well just be living in poverty for the rest of your life anyways. No wonder so many people are giving up or hooked on drugs to get through the day. Why did this get so complicated, being born is a scam.


"He who works all day has no time to make money" - John Rockefeller
It's the most insidious and intentional aspect of pleb jobs


Coworker calls in sick. Succubus coworker ahead in product line spends all day bottle necking me. She also occupied the work station so I couldn't just do her job for her. Boss makes a mistake that makes use trash $1000 in product. I come back from break and succubus co-worker tells me I can leave the rest of my job until tomorrow. I say sweet, and head home. Boss texts me that he needed more out of me today.

After I quit this shit, I'm never working in-person again. Only remote jobs. Fuck this.


It wasn't enough that the last workplace blackmailed me out of work, they went around to all the shops in the area blabbering about how I'm a mental nutcase and quit for mental health reasons.

I'm just fucking over it all.


Well they are getting rid of me. "pattern of leaving early" . Easy come easy go I guess.


File: 1686178652223.png (79.28 KB, 438x519, 146:173, smoke.png) ImgOps iqdb

I use my long commute to tell myself how I can't keep living like this and asking myself how I ended up like this


It always boggles my mind how much people often try to make work and getting a job as unbearable as possible for other people and then get offended when NEETs, grifters, and stock market gamblers rise in popularity.


I have been a NEET for the last 14 years and I think I've just secured a comfy security guard job. Not bad, huh.


It's strange in the kafkaesque absurdity of it. They're going full force on just some guy, it's not like I fucked their wife, ran over their kid or even did anything wrong at work. I was in the area getting some lunch, the lunchbar just down the road from the business, and the succubi in the kitchen lashed out at me pretty viciously. They asked if I was happy as I was buying my chips, and I was confused and like "yeah, why the fuck wouldn't I be?", and then they instantly went "well if you were fucking happy, why aren't you working there anymore?".

That level of contempt and visceral hatred doesn't come from just occasional badmouthing, they're putting in a weirdly absurd amount of effort to destroy my reputation. They must've embellished the facts pretty hard out to have everyday people outside the business start to hate me.


It kinda blows my mind that majority of people seem to dislike working and yet very little is done to improve working conditions.


Automation takes a long time to be instilled. I heard by 2026 robots will replace a shit ton of Walmart workers, maybe other service jobs too. UBI will probably come after all.


Most people do not improve their lives or anything around them.
They just follow the normal thing to do, like getting a job.
If you wanna be different, you should look around you every day and find something you dislike, then think about how it should be, then change it


File: 1686257728044.png (100.05 KB, 501x622, 501:622, GermGrandma_chair_00000.png) ImgOps iqdb

Retirement is a thing of the past for the everyday poor dickhead and college is a hard scam, having you in debt till 35+ if you want to gamble on it getting you to the middle class.
The only way you can go to achieve success is in the industry sector, and even then, some industry jobs are fucking scams themselves.
As a trucker you will effectively work 2 full time jobs for 46K a year and back in the 1970s it was 80k adjusted for inflation.
Shit has just been catching fire since 1971 and the middle class is bleeding oceans.
People who don't have the "gift" of being smart will be poor and will work till the day they die at age 85.
Imagine going to work at fucking 80.
The future is gay and i'll kill myself before 60.
Earth gay.


My NEET time might be running out soon and I feel regret over wasting it so much doing literally nothing instead of watching a lot of movies/tv shows, read books and play different video games and practice some hobby. My thought is that by getting through all the best media while I had endless free time I would not miss much once having a job with no time. Especially since I personally dislike most of the new stuff.

Do you think it would actually make a difference?


>thinking he'll last until age 60
You're an optimist, aren't you? Life expectancy is going down, not up.


There's a long road of psychological tests, evaluations, and hardening procedures that may break you. It takes a highly socialized man to stand with authority over an army of dissidents who would have your throat for sport with nothing to lose but dinner for the night. There is no perk or pay beyond what is offered by a mall security position.

Start small, and if you're not satisfied with the ease and safety of a stroll through a dark empty park, then apply for the combat duty that is prison security.


Nothing like waking up with a headache, and having work to look forward to.


So i got my annual review and got too many sickdays and made "many" mistakes. I got an official warning i'll be terminated in 3 months if i take one more sickday or make another mistake. This after working here for 6 years. I'm gonna take many more sickdays and actively sabotage. Fuck corporations, i'm done.


it's sad to think how most normies actually like working and being a slave, when they say they 'hate' work is not the same as a wizard who would gladly end his life rather than work
normies actually see no problem with exchanging your limited time for money


NEETs are a threat to the system.


Well, most NORMALFAGS have wives and children, i.e. dependents.

A NEET, especially one without siblings, is a variable that is harder to control. Why would they want contribute to a society that only rewards a specific subset of people?


if it wasn't for work or school, most people wouldn't know what to do with themselves. what else do you do other than make money, compete for shit and study to get ahead in some way.


Same. I barely pick up my controller anymore just to mindlessly play a game…it's draining


The thing with normalfags is they're mostly extremely boring. Even the ones who have millions if not billions don't do anything cool with it. Work wouldn't be half as bad if you didn't have to be around normalfag coworkers and customers.


Most people have no power to change anything, especially by themselves. They’re weighted down by bills and obligations and are too tired and scared to try and do anything about it, potentially losing what little they have. That’s why there’s so much jealousy over people who are able to escape the matrix somehow. Lottery winners, crypto luckers, inheriting wealth. Notice that these all do nothing to improve society’s wageslave situation, they’re just a personal way out and is the best case scenario for any one lucky bastard.


I got a job working as an administrator in a hospital three weeks ago and I want to kill myself. Everything about this job is terrible.
>deal with entitled old people all day
>phones NEVER stop ringing
>people on the phone complaining that it's hard to get through even though i pick the phones up constantly
>people calling up to ask about completely random shit they could have just googled, or otherwise asking extremely complex questions about their surgery/medications that i'm not qualified to answer
>coworkers are a mixture of old succubi (who are nice) and young black normies who have their own clique going on
>work in a tiny room with all computers facing the wall, constantly feel like i'm being spied on
>technicians and people from other floors come in at lunch time because we have a microwave and kettle in our tiny room, then they sit on the desks and talk loudly while i'm trying to work
>manager is a jamaican man who comes in at lunch time and plays these weird videos at full volume of some other jamaican man shouting over the top of pop music (don't know what they're about, i can't understand him at all, but my manager thinks they're funny)
I'll try and give it one more week, but I think I'm done already. I just want to be left alone and go back to self-imposed isolation in my bedroom.

The only good thing to come out of this is that I feel like I've gained a new appreciation for my free time. I was a NEET for 4 years before this, and I think this brief period of wageslavery slapped me out of my numbness.


Been wagecucking at my café job for a month and a half now, after 7 years of being a NEET. I continue to loathe it, and I did not 'get used to it'. The social nature of this job is awful, both having to interact with the customers but also my coworkers. The work days are 9 hours long, plus I have an hour long commute (total), so no time or energy after work for my own interests.
Thank god, this was a seasonal job and my contract already ends in a month and a half.

I've been thinking non-stop about ways to scheme up some money, or some kind of other means of income, because this shit is not for me.


Have you considered less social jobs? There are jobs where you're more alone and just do work and don't have to talk too much. Even some retail jobs you can get into the stocking part of them which often happens late at night or early morning and you'll have to interact with customers less. Then theres places like amazon you can just pack shit all day and not talk to too many people


In my area the available jobs for people with my level of education (i.e. a high school diploma) are: delivery driver, factory slave, warehouse cuck, service industry servant (me). All of those prospects seem awful to me. But one of the reasons I got this job in the first place (other than mounting pressure from my environment of course) was because it was part-time and because I thought that if I had to work, I would rather do it in a cozy cafe rather than in a factory or a warehouse -so as bad as this is, I think the alternatives would be even worse.
Socializing aside, 9 hour work days aren't my thing either, and I hate meaningless, mechanical work; neither of which I can escape at my current level.

Whatever happens, I will not go back to work after this. I tried, and it wasn't to my benefit.


Why would you work at a cafe?
That sounds like a job suited for a chatty succubus.


Who the hell can pick and choose amymore?


Having a job is bollocks.


I don't want work
I wanna NEET, always.


I just can't bring myself to care about work at all. I cannot summon the energy to do anything related to it.
It's just terrible and I have no future there.

I have enough savings to last me for 5 years, more if I spend sparingly.

I am very tempted to quit and NEET it up for a while. Corporate jobs just have a way of sucking the soul out of you.


That's an insane amount of savings.

I would quit my job if I had 2 years worth of wages stocked up. And wouldn't have a care in the world what happened to me after that.

Currently I've saved up around $3k from my wages and it's nowhere near enough to enjoy life.

I would need around $60-100k to frugally enjoy a few more years on Earth and then leave by killing myself.


I have 75k€, andI can move to areas where CoL isn't particularly high, so I am budgeting for 15k€/year. Essentially minimum wage.
The only thing stopping me from doing it is fear of spending the time doing nothing, running out of money and then being in deeper shit than I currently am.


I've also saved about 75k. Unfortunately i'm an ausfag so it's worth about 10€.


File: 1686688292156.jpg (43.03 KB, 575x575, 1:1, 20230610_060623.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

10 hours ripping shingles in the sun on 3 god damned hours of sleep jfmsu


Aren't your co-workers Mexicans and low IQ bullies?


Maybe you're generalizing, or have me confused for someone, but an anecdote related to my line of work is that the biggest roofing company in this county just fired every single employee in a switch to "subcontracting only", and these "subcontractors" are all just Mexicans who live in tents and work for less than minimum wage.

Also I'm a low IQ bully myself, nerd, so watch what you say or I'll mail a DDOS to you're house


I don't understand how Australian wizards even exist without large inheritances.

A small apartment can cost in the vicinity of 500k US dollars, or if it's near any of the big cities make that a million.

There is just no way 99% of millennials or gen z'ers can make that kind of money.

Trust fund kids with Harvard degrees probably can, but how many of them realistically post here?


Dealing with the general, shitty public while being an autistic wiz should not be allowed. I can't stand the stupidity of the people I have to help get back into their shitty online banking. Not only that, but there's also dumbass coworkers I gotta deal with both on and offshore. The offshore especially are the most retarded.

God I gotta get out of here.


Most people don’t buy apts, they just rent and live with a bunch of roommates and split the rent. That $3000 per month seems more manageable if it gets split up.


oh my stereotype of Australia was it was more rural and green


I hit the jackpot with my manual QA job almost a year ago, a very good pay (for my 3rd world country standards) a good manager, Home Office, I do like 2 or 3 hours of actual work every day and the rest I either sleep or screw around in the house. Coworkers are good people and the work itself is easy, a bit annoying sometimes but tolerable. It's almost like they're paying me for being a NEET.

The bad thing is that I got used to it, if I get fired from this job I'm fucking fucked, I will never find something that is this easy, my mom says that I should enjoy it while it lasts because companies like to fire people for no reason, and I'm paranoid that it will happen to me too.


Wow that’s amazing, I’m insanely jealous. Somehow I feel like everyone is finding something that works for them except me. My semi NEET friend has been “self employed” as a private guitar teacher for like 10 years. They only work like 1 hour a day. They’ve been doing it so long that they have a client base and will always have something on schedule.


File: 1686890769310.png (122.61 KB, 746x545, 746:545, 8745765.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Finally getting my license at 23; my test is next week. My final driving lesson was today, & during the usual pointless banter my instructor always initiates, I told her I want to apply to work at my local grocery store once I get my license… and she laughed at me saying she'd never work a minimum wage job, and how she makes 30 an hour, and blablabla. Felt a little demoralizing, but i'm not gonna let it get me down. I do feel a little bad though, since about a few hours after my lesson, I went a little ripshit in my car and hit my mailbox. Nearly knocked the fucker over. I felt like such a tard, I never make mistakes like that, but I did it to avoid getting into a fender bender with the delivery guy that was parked right behind my ass.


Her laughing over how much money she's raking in… To the young guy who needs to pay her out of civil necessity.. The audacity of succubi


>and she laughed at me saying she'd never work a minimum wage job, and how she makes 30 an hour, and blablabla

Who does this bitch think she is lmoa.


>Finally getting my license at 23

i still dont have one at 31 lel
but i also live in a city with great public transport


We're absolutely fucked over here. I'm probably going to have to live with my parents until they die and then move in with my sister which is my own personal version of hell. The only affordable place i could find for myself was one of those small shed things in a caravan park and they wont take me because i'm not over 50. I could probably cope with most of life's bullshit if i could get my own place but i don't see that happening in my life time.


I'm dreading logging into work tomorrow. I've been enjoying my time off, not having to think about work n' shit. The people I have to work with, and the people I have to serve. It's fucking awful and I want it to stop. I wish I was autist enough to get neetbux, but nope…my town won't let it fly. Stupid ass ultra conservative town I stg.


File: 1687248735606.jpg (38.91 KB, 1036x746, 518:373, 1553795245424.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Cafe NEET again.
One thing I've started to loathe is the hierarchical nature that is present at work. One guy takes 10 smoke breaks a day and is gone half the time doing god knows what, but people just laugh it off "oh typical 'X', nowhere to be found teehee :p". He comes in late and leaves early as well.
The succubi spend approximately 50% of their time chatting, literally. Out of a 9 hour work day, no exaggeration, they spend 4-5 hours talking while not doing any work. Apart from the fact that the constant gossip is mind numbing, it also means that the work load falls on me, especially when they go out back and sit in the little break room area around the corner from the counter.
Meanwhile if I spend 5 minutes doing nothing, somebody instantly barks a command at me and tells me to wipe down the tables or something.
One of the succubi there is clearly being groomed (not in a negative sense) to become a manager, even though there's an older succubus that has been working there for years that would be far more capable -but the younger succubus's parents are the neighbors and friends of the current manager (I think that's how she got the job in the first place).
The constant gossip and behind the back shit talking is also insane. Even the extroverted turbo normies that are liked by everyone get shit talked when they're not around, so I don't even wanna know what they have to say about me.

And another thing, there's also been a problem with scheduling because of sloppiness. I don't have fixed workdays, so the manager is supposed to call me over at some point on my last workday and schedule my shit for next week. He forgot to do this once, but the person 'second in command' coincidentally asked me when I was working next time as I was leaving work that day, and after hearing I wasn't scheduled he called the manager and they arranged it like that.
Now it happened again, because the manager was sick or had a day off or something, but the second in command is also on vacation.
Now I don't know what to do because I was never given a contact number, for cases like this or to call in sick or whatever (which is ridiculously sloppy as well now that I think about it). I got this job through a temp agency so now I have to call them and see if they can get me in touch with the employer which is a whole hassle. Honestly I'm secretly hoping they've forgotten about me, or that this is their way of firing me or something.


Example 437 of why succubi shouldn't be in power: Today my succubi boss bitched at me for saying something during a call, when that couldn't be further from the bastard truth, and she ended up backpedaling hard as fuck without even so much as an apology for bitching at me and being pissy.

I can't stand her, or this for much longer…


I know Wizchan isnt the best place to admit to having more misandry than misogyny.

but years ago I was terrified by the caveman, alpha male, dick swinging, dominance, nature of men as painted by the Red Pill types. And so the idea of having an Alpha Male boss who could push me and around and bully me really terrified me.

And a succubus online replied, i wonder how you'd feel about a succubus boss.

your story just reminded me of that


They're the fucking worst I tell ya. They're just as much bullies as the alpha male types…except they can get away with so much more for obvious reasons.


I once stopped giving a crap in front of on omega male who had an entire workshop sector dominated. Yes, an omega. A smartass manlet who spent his free time smoking under a sign of "no smoking", gambling online while all others worked. I told him he would then go for my workplace himself for being a fucker and started roasting him until they grew tired of playing games on me. The normies around were also pushing me to cuck my face down but were also resentful (he did things against them too) so after I was fired, the entire staff hierarchy started to crumble and now the guy is doing all the work by himself alone.

Our fears should fear us.


I went to print some documents to go to a job fair tomorrow and a lady there told me that I shouldn't put my picture in the CV, basically telling me in a kind way that I was gonna get discriminated because of my looks.
It's so over for me. I can't work anywhere because of how hideous I am, I'm literally disgusting to look at.


Obey her, until they ask for photo. Your usage of pessimism is not optimal this way.


bcoz of they stankin, sweatin meat pocket


Fuck the bitch, metaphorically
But was the photo made in a professional studio?
That matters a lot. Photo Booth and selfies are no good


Exactly, and the worst shit is that they will perform the most asinine mental gymnastics to justify their bullshit behavior and people will take it as gospel. It's the most retarded thing on planet Earth I swear to God


Red pill is the perfect balance between normie and crab. Only sane men around.


you gotta take into consideration how many people are fucking retarded though and just drool and worship them..


Nobody puts their photo on any kind of application. In the Wild Wacky West, a photo attatched means the applicant gets rejected before a review is even made because employers are too afraid of being knick'd for 'race discrimination' should they go forward.


they are looking for an excuse because they need their halo effect keep on going


Im gonna change my name to a black one so i can get priority


Unironically it would be better to pose as a tranny or some other retardation, lots of companies hire trannies because of diversity laws and if you get rejected you can shout "homophobes" and maybe get pity hired or could sue.

I can kinda understand why so many faggots become trannies, there are certain benefits of being treated as a minority.


Most men don't worship succubi.


When I worked in a Amazon warehouse there was a dude who would skip work often and complain about being depressed and unable to be motivated most of the time
I kinda wish my struggles were as simple as feeling comfy depression, versus being terrorized by anxiety and ocd


yes they do, maybe they strongman posture and give the boys some locker room talk about da stupid hoes, but the majority of men pander to and worship succubi very much so


red pillers are stupid edgelords who hate other men, meek low status men especially (wizards) so no not really


>>278917 In what way do they worship them?


>Perfect balance between piss and shit


I don't even know how having a career would work for me. I have relatives and the like that seem to just springboard effortlessly from high paying job to an even higher paying job. And yet when I apply to even dumbshit work, the people on the other end just have a total disregard and contempt for me, like they're the one providing me with the massive service with hiring me and I'm a burden.

I couldn't even imagine being given responsibility or having opportunities for higher pay presented to me. I'm wary of going into more higher education because I just expect to face the same thing except with more debt.


anyone ever had their hours changed against their will? im now night shift instead of mid day because the company owner saw me walk in high
think im just going to get my last check and stop showing up, this company is rated 1.4/5 on google for a reason




>Saw me walk in high
The normal thing for him to do was to fire you on the spot
Why are you complaining about the company


i'm in college but I want to be a NEET. i hate normies, i hate being social, i hate consumerism, i just want to stay in my room all day and do what i want. thinking about wageslaving 8 hours a day for the rest of my life makes me want to kms. it doesn't seem like my parents are that willing to support though. what do i do? if i go down the path of college and wageslavery i will be miserable, but i cant get my parents to just let me NEET. i have a history of OCD and depression but i don't know if that's enough to get bux and their sympathy.


if it makes you feel better; the people working at the charity do the same thing with 90% of the cash. all charities are scams.


fuck unicef. forcing kids to carry around heavy boxes of change with no payment of labor is slavery.
if i have kids they will go around with that box and keep every cent to teach them to never work for free


sounds like boomers. they are always gossiping and talking shit about people.
is it any wonder they were the first generation with over 50% divorce rate. they don't even get along with each other.


the funny thing is i bet there are boomers at your workplace that make more mistakes and more costly mistakes. they just blame others for their own mistakes and always try to save face.
this is why every business is failing except those with monopoly or cartel positions.
i can't wait for the economy to crash and for Chinese to take over


that's the thing about foreign invaders. it's not just crossing the border that is breaking the law. every employer they have is a scummy boomer breaking the law. they have to break housing laws and traffic laws to get by. and of course tax laws are broken.
and police do nothing but will throw you in jail for calling orcs the scum they are.
and boomers love this and will bitch at you over the smallest thing.
we live in a nation of traitors and hypocrites. fuck them all and burn it all


Aren't you a Software Engineer?


Boomers are like terminal, eternal children that way. So terrified of being blamed and incapable of taking accountability. Boomer parents, boomer coworkers, boomer bosses, boomer politicians. No wonder everything's so fucked. They can't die fast enough.


It's so fucking weird having a holiday day off in the middle of the week. Especially on a fucking Tuesday of all days. Is anyone else in a similar boat where they're not used to having a day off in the middle of the week due to a holiday?


I'm the same way. I kept thinking it was Saturday today, because I have today off. Having a holiday in the middle of the week kind of throws me off lol.


Good luck at work tomorrow bros. I've just about had it.


dude same. I could never do a lot in my whole i'm easily overwhelmed. im not build for this world its for normies


i've got in many arguements with my neighbors and now im scared their going to come into my work place and start something. just some boring dunb normie neighbors over the years i've had a problem with abourt 3-4 of them. I tell them to fuck off whenever i see them.


I Have a fucking 1 hour commute consisting of walking and train. In City centre. I absolutely loathe evading hundreds of normies at 3pm. If you Are smaller than me you do The evading. This is something completely new to me and I despise it.


Get your drivers license and a car, so you can just listen to music while driving to work.

It's one of my favorite parts of the day because it's so relaxing.



There Are no free parking spaces in Helsinki Centrum. I could pay 30 euros For 8 hours parking sure..


Europeans are such low tech



yea exactly why they are called normies. i can pass my time without doing any of that bullshit.


thats trash i work from my house don't even have to talk to anyone. i could never work around the public i actually hate people and don't want to help them anyway


are you sure about that? i've seen some turbo normie resuumes and they included their picture. of course they looked like a normie though not a wizard.


>paying money to park

yeah maybe living in America in the south isn't so bad.


File: 1688657428349.jpg (55.71 KB, 800x779, 800:779, 1688657382031013.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>paying to hitch


I'm working 2 jobs (factory and retail) and getting driving lessons and forklift lessons. At least I'm too busy to feel depressed generally.


File: 1689027215559.png (167.04 KB, 514x553, 514:553, 6ABB0336181324B52911FCB5D7….png) ImgOps iqdb

Keep up the good wiz, work


Which job do you prefer?


File: 1689159569936.jpg (73.68 KB, 640x772, 160:193, 1674275252645973.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The factory (gas company) by far. I get a 1 hour break and can smoke on shift and drink coffee without having a camera on me and it pays more. I'm so fucking sick of being scared of everyone and everything


File: 1689211760337.jpg (79.9 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 1688745341068354.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They got me working 10 hour shifts now at work. It can be tough at times but at least I now get Friday's off.


>I'm so fucking sick of being scared of everyone and everything

fear is a learned mechanism. many people must have been horrible to you before. and when you see people living carefree know they have lived their lives walking inbetween the rain drops. they have never had to deal with the negative things you have and it would break them.


driving a forklift is a pretty cushy job. keep pushing for a brighter tomorrow


is the show as good as they say it is?


Season 1-4 is best, shows really stops trying at season 5 and 6, liked the ending though.


I got fired today. Feels good man. These last 3 months have been a nice stint, but I'm glad it's over. What will I do now? I have absolutely no idea, but I don't think I'll ever work a day in my life again, whatever it takes.


it's crazy it takes normies 3 months to realize you are actively trying to sabotage the workplace


Why does society seem hell-bent on making you feel like a failure for simply not being a bigshot? Grocery stores need workers too, why do we need to shame people for doing it as if they are inferior somehow?


File: 1689373117141.png (245.8 KB, 486x636, 81:106, b9e.png) ImgOps iqdb

>boss tells me I have to trim my beard or shave it off for the nth time
>buy beard trimming kit
>while I'm trimming my beard, cut it too close and leave a noticable bald patch
>shit, now I have to shave
>find 1 razor
>begin shaving
>it craps out when I have half my beard off
>Its midnight
>gotta go in at 7 am tommorow

This is going to look passive aggressive as fuck. I'm going to get fired for having the grooming skills of a toddler.


File: 1689374724888.jpg (30.97 KB, 750x737, 750:737, joker cat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

lemme guess, no dad?


I actually live with my Dad lol


Not that guy but I had a dad as well but he was the type who never cared about how fucked up he looks and equally he never cared about how shitty I looked even when I walked around with the nastiest neck beard and weird clothes. I always had other people tell me that I look like shit lol and had to learn this shit from other men basically. Some dads are just passive retards.


File: 1689389174810.jpg (190.4 KB, 2001x1125, 667:375, 105812-anime-anime-girls-w….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone here work the corporate ladder? How do you not snap?

They unofficially promoted me to more important work and I'm going insane. I have some sort of senior advisory role for my whole organization (5-10 departments, each department has around 1-5 leaders I constantly have to advice, plus I have to monitor specific shit from other country's operations).

I have a hard time absorbing knowledge from most of you because you have low-tier shit dead-end jobs, me on the other hand have a medium-tier shit dead-end job. Most of you do not require to develop soft skills, I do and this is where I'm having a hard time with jerk normie colleagues.


perhaps increase yoyr frustration tolerance


Do you really need another guy to teach you how to use a safety razor? Maybe in the olden days when men had to use straight razors and sharpening them themselves it was different. Safety razors and trimmers on the other hand are pretty straightfoward, no special instructions are necessary.


I mean, I get this if you're a young guy, because I kind of went through the same thing. Just buy a kit with attachments. Easy.


Same, I've only ever worked low paying retail jobs. Having an actual career that pays a decent wage seems unfathomable to me. I'm in college but I wonder if my degree would even make a difference.


Ask for a raise.


>perhaps increase yoyr frustration tolerance

That's not the problem, I swear some normies smell wizards and are jerks on purpose. I have to deal with Karens on a daily basis and I can't avoid that. Worst male colleagues are just lazy, imagine being a wiz and having to explain shit to spoiled Karens on a constant basis.

I had to start implementing closed yes/no questions with them because they come up with idiotic, ambiguous passive-aggressive answers.

>hey is this finance report valid for you or not, if it's not someone has to document it again and this will take time

>"well you don't really need to send this information to me, it has to be scanned and CCed to X, Z and Y"
>yes but is it valid or not, you are the team leader
>"are you not listening to what I'm saying"
>please open up the attachment and CONFIRM whether it's valid or not with yes or no (stupid cunt didn't even open the attachment the first time)
>"mmmmkay it's not valid"

This took 12 fucking days of sending e-mails back and forth, plus the time it will take to the other person to document the report again. I deal with this shit every single day, different people.


Do any of you have coworkers that complain excessively?
I try not to complain too much at work, and I get that sometimes it's necessary, and that people have issues. I try to understand people. Me of all people gets that. But every second, it's "god dammit", or "fuck", or "what the hell?". Some days it's literally every 10 minutes. I just ignore it but it's just so goddamned annoying. Like nobody else has problems.


>Do any of you have coworkers that complain excessively
Yep. Usually about how our manager is treating him unfairly, and how she (the manager) is a bitch.

The latter is true. However, the coworker spends most of his time standing around talking instead of doing work. I have no issue with people goofing off at work, but the coworker makes no attempt at hiding it


>>begin shaving
>it craps out when I have half my beard off

razors aren't meant for long hair. you need to cut it short first and then use a razor to get the rest


>we have trucks three days a week
>last night was truck day
>came shortly after I came in
>go to tell "truck unloader guy"/chuckles about it
>get to "hey the" before chuckles starts asking me about a local pizza place
>truck driver comes, tells unloader his break is over
>chuckles starts going on break
>truck driver and I look at each other, and the driver asks if chuckles is going on break
>tell unloader the truck is here
>unloader looks at me like I have two heads for doing so


File: 1689491062310.jpeg (6.5 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download - 2023-07-13T065….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Then why wouldn't you just borrow a razor from him?


Lel, I was expecting this. The thing is I am staying with my grandma for a couple weeks, helping her with some stuff.

Update: I actually managed to get some facetime with my boss and explain what happened and I didn't get fired. Yet. They might still lay me off for the sheer incompetent loser this exposed me as. But I am safe for now.


Please god kill me.


File: 1689596934327.jpg (25.42 KB, 564x434, 282:217, 1512947229343.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Decided to quit my job today. Still have to work another month to satisfy my contract, then I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I have about 2 years worth of savings and I own my own place, so I'll be alright for a while. But I'm not looking forward to going through the bullshit job search process, dozen interview rounds and trying to sell myself to other people again, just so I can end up in the same place again with maybe more money.

Going to use the time to think, relax and work on my side-project that probably won't make any money but it means a lot to me. Only salvation seems to be having passive income. Selling your time/energy is for schmucks and its completely unsustainable mentally unless you're just born cuckminded.


Layoffs are a blessing for the neetbux aspirant.


Fucking hell y'all…you'd think that calling out wouldn't involve you getting fucking interrogated by your boss. Like Goddamn I'm sick, fucking deal with it, wish me well and let me fucking recover. It doesn't matter how often it happens. I have FMLA and it's legal and legit. Quit being a fucking bitch and let me recover goddamnit.



Most of the social interaction I have at work are coworkers complaining about their non-issues or personal lives. this tends to stop after I give them the cold shoulder.

I feel bad until I remind myself that I'm just being used as a sounding board to them


remember they are selfish narcissists. so they see your only value as someone to bitch to


Its really just like that, they choose guys like you to unload their mental garbage and are not interested in what you think or whatever else. Its good that you are assertive enough to give them the cold shoulder otherwise they would exploit you as a listener because that all you are to them, nothing more than a tool. Theres also too many people who don't know when to shut the fuck up unless you clearly show it to them and guys who are not assertive enough to do so get completely mentally ravaged by floods for words until their head explodes.


I find it fascinating how you can just give you most bare minimal response to some people like 'uh huh', 'oh really' and they just never stop and seem to love it and think it's a friendship.


it's hard to know what a good friendship is since most of us were raised by boomers.
most had friends in school, but saw how paper thin those friends were when the friendship ended with school.
we can read about friendship in books, but it is hard to imagine in reality. is there any friend you would go to war for or suffer for?


It took me too long to realize that people are narcissistic, and like to talk about themselves at other people (especially talk at those like me/us, instead of talking to).

Dunno what it is, but I've started to have a lower tolerance for it after reaching my mid 30s. I'm still spineless compared to the average normoid, but I refuse to listen to other people's bullshit. I value my sanity over pretending my meekness is politeness. It's a skill I'd recommend others develop, though it is harder to master than it appears.

Reminds me of a zoomer who was recently hired. He tends to ramble on about himself. One day last week, I was reading a book on my tablet on my break. He came in, gung ho to talk at me about whatever was annoying him then. I gave him non-answers (ie, answers like "not good") while not looking up from my tablet. He got the point maybe three sentences in.

As above, it was probably rude. Don't care, though, he doesn't give a shit about my issues, why should I give his any consideration?

>we can read about friendship in books, but it is hard to imagine in reality. is there any friend you would go to war for or suffer for

I can count the number of people I would help on two hands. Most are family members (my immediate family, and aunts/uncles/cousin on my mom's side) and one coworker.

It's true, though. I have maybe two people I would consider friends. One I haven't seen in about a decade - we used to be friends growing up, but drifted apart when he left town for college.

I wonder how common it is for other wizzes. That's a topic for another thread, though, I guess


File: 1689690266989.gif (121.19 KB, 220x123, 220:123, Delirium scream.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I'm tired of the bullshit


Same. I'm noticing that my boss is getting on my case moreso than usual, especially when I'm out sick with an illness that's fucking FMLA protected. It's like she's desperate to get me to quit.


File: 1689703488212.jpeg (254.78 KB, 1152x721, 1152:721, Img_2023_07_18_13_01_45.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Paraphrasing pic related, but I'm old…I'm tired…and I work under children. My job is a fucking nightmare that disguises itself as a dream. I get to work from my apartment, but I get bitched at almost every day for some bullshit reason. Even when I'm sick I get bitched at over fucking text messages. Plus there seems to be a lot of favoritism going on where when others are doing something good they get praised out the ass whereas if I do something good it's swept under the rug and no one gives a shit. It's getting fucking tiring…and the worst bit of it is that it's the only job in town that'll let me work from my apartment so that I don't have to go anywhere.


as the economy continues to collapse people will get worse to each other.
sorry your the whipping boy anon.


Thank you Anon…I'm trying my best here to make the most of it. There are some glimmers of Hope here and there, but those are expertly dashed by the people in charge…I hate it.


yeah (the people in charge) are always making horrible decisions from my experience. it's why all businesses in the west are fading except for the cartel/monopoly ones. that's the only kind of business jews and boomers can run


File: 1689756056844.png (759.64 KB, 760x839, 760:839, Rain.png) ImgOps iqdb

Another day of shit.


for another dollar. i don't blame people that live paycheck to paycheck. after experiencing what you do for a paycheck; how can you not want to spend all of it


People underestimate the danger of receiving a paycheck. Experiencing a single paycheck is enough to make a man want to spend his whole life chasing paychecks like a Pavlov's dog. Man becomes a cog in a system in which he can never get rich, system will care for the cog only as far as productivity is concerned. Schools don't teach kids how to get rich, only how to become useful cogs within the system.


You think we'll get rich? Most of the population especially zoomers won't be able to retire, the system will make sure you'll be working till your dead. If people don't work and retire in masses then nothing will get done, the rich will continue to enslaves.


Well, i'm sure some wizards here are somewhat rich and don't work in a classical sense.
Personally I attribute my success to occult arts.


yea grocery store workers, gas station attendants, mail men are all shamed and looked at like filth and subhumans.


File: 1689803988027.jpeg (93.22 KB, 1125x1086, 375:362, Internal scream.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Back to work tomorrow :D
I want to die.


It can't


Insecurity. Even the most wealthy and popular of them think themselves to be failures, so they project that on others. Your head would spin if you truly considered just how much our social woes are steeped in projection and childish schoolyard beef.

>Personally I attribute my success to occult arts.
Did you astral project yourself to the lottery results?


Greed and narcissism are considered desirable nowadays


>boss reminds me to take better care cleaning
>fair enough, I'm messy
>the next day,she leaves a mess after cutting up a watermelon


>>Personally I attribute my success >to occult arts.
>Did you astral project yourself to >the lottery results

not that anon but i am trying that. so far it has manifested as me finding more money on the street. not just coins; i am finding bills on the street. that hasn't happened since i was a kid.
so my method just needs greater power to get greater results


the funny thing is those boomers and normies only do that to Caucasians.
if an orc is working a job, no matter how low status it is, they go:
>he's trying do hard
>they have such great work ethic
>doin da bestf dey can yall!

its so pathetic how racist people are in the name of being 'not racist'


Progressives value a white mans efforts below others, that's a fact


>my instructor
Never not annoyed by how the people the most invested in paying these petty status games always seem to be really mediocre themselves. Congratulations on wriggling your dumb ass up one more rung on the ladder i guess.


File: 1689852581412.jpg (100.71 KB, 998x974, 499:487, 1686572235847195.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Failed my fucking forklift course; out of over 20 people, I was the only one who failed because of course I didn't. I was actually happier as a NEET doing literally nothing all day and cleaning my room once a year not even joking, this wageslave shit sucks I'm so fucking tired.


File: 1689856872063.jpg (463.32 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Not paying for that.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Why does society seem hell-bent on making you feel like a failure for simply not being a bigshot?
>Grocery stores need workers too, why do we need to shame people for doing it as if they are inferior somehow?

So that they don't pay you what you're actually worth. So that you don't feel proud of your work and accept meagre payment without fuss.

There's a train strike today and I can't reach my wageslave job by any reasonable route. I don't know whether or not these strikes across multiple sectors and wageslave jobs will bear any fruit but it's amazing how "essential" workers got jack shit during and after covid. Want to know what I got as an "essential" worker? A printed out thank you note on copier paper and a chocolate bar. Want to know what "work from home" office workers and middle management got in the same company? Money for a WFH setup and two additional paid days off from work as a thank you.


File: 1689857580903.jpg (82.76 KB, 680x453, 680:453, NP_20170503_SHOW03-2J9_154….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's funny now that writers and actors are rioting because they're not being paid as much, as if the regular citizens don't deal with this shit everyday of our existence. I hate how people try to make a change when it only affects them, fucking faggots.


>I hate how people try to make a change when it only affects them, fucking faggots

i think that goes back to boomer narcissism and isolation. they were originally called the me generation and the first generation to break up multi generational homes.
honestly, that's the break down of western society right there.
you can't have the not in my backyard attitude if you have a close community


I mean the blue collar UPS workers are also about to strike as well


UPS sucks ass


File: 1689860058554.mp4 (3.68 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, I'm a hard worker.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know whether or not to be supportive of the writers and the actors because most of them seem to have started off wealthy or were well connected to begin with.

But these wageslave strikes, I think, are the last stand. If these fail I genuinely think we'll become working slaves.

Where I work, in a supermarket where most of my colleagues are old people and immigrants who don't want to rock the boat, there is no chance of a strike but they've stripped the store workforce to it's bones. We've gone from 12-15 managers, 12 team leaders, a morning crew, evening crew and night crew, a cleaning crew (and a few other people I'm forgetting), to having just 1 store manager and a deputy manager, 6 shift leaders (who have a combination of team leader and managerial duties but have LESS pay than the now-defunct team leader position) and a morning crew and evening crew. Night crew duties have been passed onto the evening crew so they have to completely fill the store before they close the store, cleaning crew have been passed on every member except the managers who hide in the office. Everybody basically has the same pay except the two managers.


Don't let them ratfuck you into being a crab in a bucket, we live in time where child fucking billionaires pit us against each other, you come from a long line of people who relied on others and provided for others.


remember how much hate their is in Hollywood for you based on race and gender. that will help you to see both sides should suffer.


I don't really care about Hollywood. I'm more concerned about the possible emergence of Company Towns in major cities because it will be too expensive for wageslaves to live in but they need their cheap labour so small shit towns like prisons with walls will appear in isolated parts of the city complete with it's own transport links directly to their place of work. They'll be paid in (digital) company tokens and only be able to spend them in company-owned/affiliated stores.

I've seen private buses hired by amazon to bus their workers to and from work, so I don't think we're too far off in my city.


I can't wait until my crypto makes me a millionaire so I can fuck off.

Sick of being a rent slave, a wageslave and a slave to the government.

It's all one big racket enforced by law.


you need many millions to be able to pay all the taxes, buy property and support yourself for decades. Good luck


What happened to the homeless thread? They were living free and I don't think they would have been spending much?



^this about summarizes me.

i need to out work all my co workers cause i know if i dont i ll be bounced in a week. but, my output is just a place holder, made it clear i ll never be promoted and only paid a bit over min wage. get goofed on as the old loser stuck doin work of 5 people.

torture myself everyday over opportunities i missed out on, grandpa tryin to hook me up w/ a lifer gov job in early 1990s would of ad me perm retired by now, people tryin to talk me into buyin stocks and crypto crap would of made me rich.

instead i ll be old fuck workin at McDonalds or walmart livin in a trailer park til i fuckin drop


I thought I fucked up real bad at work, but instead I got congratulated instead.

Clown world.


Because post-modern society is extremely hyper competitive which in return promotes narcissism and sociopathy.


im 27 and never worked a job in my life, dropped out of school at 18. from 20 for a few years i managed to make money online(mostly crypto)but lost it all due to physical problems and other bad decisions. Now I don't see a way to make money and i dont see a way to live without money. my parents are broke and its impossible to live at this age without money, my teeth hurt, but i cant afford to fix anything, and without money u cant do a single thing in this world. I live in the middle of nowhere, and due to my physical, mental and overall incapability to function and lack of education/skills/experience i see no way out of this situation. im too old and too tired. im amazed people here manage to work, since for me even min wage jobs always seemed out of reach. i guess im way below even the lowest of the low. idk why im writing this, i guess dying is my only option at this point. im too weak, physically, mentally, and incompetent to work.




why didn't you get on welfare


Apply for bux, friend


Apply for bux wiz. You at least have a better shot than a lot of people in your town.



it's hard to get gubberment gibs unless your an orc


What country are you from


What country are you from>>280113
>but lost it all due to physical problems
>but lost it all due to physical problems
Did you need expensive surgeries or what?


You seem mentally ill and autistic so should be able to get it


Your neck of the woods run by boomers too? The ones that are like "well you're breathin' arentcha? Well then you can get a job!" type people?


(im 280113 and am not the orc guy)
im from eastern europe and welfare is very hard to get here. for mental problems, almost everyone who get it seems to be schizophrenic. they changed my diagnosis from aspergers to schizoid and mixed anxiety-depression despite me being 100x more sick than the diagnosis says
no i spent 6 months on doctor visits and exams because public healthcare here is basically not working at all and anyone who has money uses private or dies. i lost my mental and physical health and didnt even notice i lost 30 kilograms in a couple months. after an infection i started having problems: heart symptoms, neurological symptoms, breathing problems, urological problems, eating problems, eventually exhaustion and dizziness, stomach, laryngological, it seems i almost got all the illness in the world. Every doctor claimed different things and couldnt confirm anything, diagnoses ranged from you are 100% healthy to hospital referrals. Public healthcare docs just say its psychosomatic and wait for me to die which is hopefully soon. I get new symptoms and problems at a rate of 1/2 new per day which is impossible to deal with unless u are a millionaire. Life has become hell and i stopped caring about anything else except this meat prison hell i am boxed into. Didnt even pay my taxes, lost my money, health and everything i had. Ill either kill myself or ill get killed. now my teeth and eyes are fucked too, there is not a single part of my body thats healthy anymore. i should qualify for euthanasia, because id rather get murdered than suffer a day more, they gonna lock me up in the worst mental hospital in the country once i lose it soon.i would say 1 month of health problems was worse than 1 year of mental problems at least and at this point i cant reason with anyone since almost nobody knows how it feels to go to physical hell still alive. good thing im addicted to benzos and once i run out i'll get a seizure and maybe die if im really lucky.


File: 1690286744320.webm (3.65 MB, 568x320, 71:40, Collateral - Nobody notic….webm) ImgOps iqdb

What happens when fulltime wages at a wageslave job can't no longer keep you housed? Our pay hasn't risen, so people at my workplace have been doing more overtime to make up for it.


File: 1690289484900.jpg (20.38 KB, 480x300, 8:5, IMG_0313.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know how much patience and time I have left in this God forsaken job. The general public continues to get more retarded and the people running the show continue to be more pieces of shit. It's fucking exhausting.


Been putting up with some real bullshit at my job lately:
>manager is a female (wait, there's more)
>her leadership skills are practically non-existent and she plays favorites
>manager's close friend (also female) works in our department
>manager's friend is allowed to do whatever she wants whenever
>have had multiple people out for the past couple of days, yet despite being short-handed, manager's friend still slacks off and even spent all day yesterday sitting and relaxing while joking with manager
>the rest of us are almost never allowed to sit and are repeatedly hounded about productivity
>people from other departments are even aware of some of the bullshit that goes on in my area, yet higher-ups turn a blind eye
>company owner, who often works in the same building, is blissfully ignorant to the whole situation
The real nightmare, however, is just on the horizon as our busy season is about a month or so away and we're nowhere near prepared for the coming storm. Also, since I'm one of the better workers there, I'm essentially going to become a crutch for the department. So the slackers can still slack while I work my ass off for 10+ hours a day while hating every minute of it and wanting to die. I'm seriously considering finding a new job and jumping ship before everything goes belly-up, because I very much doubt that anyone is going to straighten this shit out any time soon. The only real problem is I don't know what to look for and starting a new job can be very tiring. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I miss being a NEET.


I want to hazard a guess and say that the reason the owner is turning a blind eye is because the manager is banging the owner. The world is a cruel succubus and it can burn in hell. I hope you can find a way to neet soon.


A fair guess, but no. Actually, it's arguably worse than that because my manager is a black lesbian, and because we're in the US, she gets heavy protections for being a 'double minority.' So sadly it would take a stack of paperwork roughly 2ft high, detailing all of her acts of negligence and misconduct in full, in order to fire her without risking a lawsuit. So much for "land of the free and home of the brave," am I right?


Do you think god would forgive us


after reading about my peasant ancestors, my 40 hours of labour and social torment don't seem that bad


File: 1690398786301.gif (999.67 KB, 450x234, 25:13, IMG_0183.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Oh wow. A double whammy of dumb shit that would make any legal department piss themselves in fear. That's fucked anon. Again I do hope you eventually find yourself able to NEET soon.

Meanwhile I'm dealing with an immigrant succubus for a boss and she gets overly emotional and takes it out on me a lot of the time and it pisses me off, and I can't do anything about it either because if she were let go she too would make the legal department piss themselves in fear.

This world is unfair.


those 2 weeks of labour in a whole year is fake?


It was like 12 hour days all through summer and like 6 hour days in the dead of winter, with like 10 hour days in the spring and autumn. It was typically weather dependent, and if it wasn't raining you'd be out doing something. Whether it's repairing fences, tending to cattle, etc.

Most of the downtime peasants had consisted of them sitting in their thatched hut of a home looking out at the rain and snow all winter, huddled around a fire.

It's all bullshit


much better than modern life.


>This world is unfair.
It really, truly is. Sounds like we're both getting screwed over pretty hard.

>Again I do hope you eventually find yourself able to NEET soon.

Thanks, wiz. I hope we can both find ourselves in a much better place soon.

Hard to say. Probably not though.


start a papertrail of formal complaints about her conduct anon. it will help if you need to sue for wrongful dissmal later


>go to work Monday night
>have to do entire shelf for some reason
>my guess is either because there was no/little staff on that day, or the staff that was on was cat fucking around, probably both
>boss stops me today to say that one of the day workers noticed a mistake I had made that night
Should have asked her why I had to do the work of at least two people


Is ego-tripping really worth the inevitable staff shortages and drama to these people? It's actually staggering how normalized this shit is in wagie work.


>The "at least you're not a starving kid in africa" angle.

Really dude?


File: 1690462451540.jpeg (49.93 KB, 690x422, 345:211, polpotianismo.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I have been working hard and saving hard (while I shamelessly mooch off\live with, parents) with the goal of buying a house. However a simple car costs like %8 of a legal house.
Should I, somehow, learn to live in a car and thus, after 10 years (the time needed to buy a house here), I will have 92% the value of my car to spend on fun stuff?


yeah it blows my mind how many workplaces have huge turnover of the non-favorites. and yet if you have two many jobs on your resume they will see the job hopping as a bad thing.
it's all a joke and it can't collapse soon enough


It's unsafe, uncomfortable, no toilet, shower, electricity or storage space. If you're fine living like that then yeah, sure.


I think I'm quite literally insane. The last two jobs I've had both had an average turnover period of just several weeks.
When even normalfags would walk after a month, I stayed for years. It was no surprise almost all my managers liked me.
I often wonder how those who quit made it by. Did they know something I still haven't figured out? Did they find a cheat code in the government entitlement system that stipulated that they just work a few weeks to qualify for some scheme to which I'm not privvy?
Also, how the hell do 80 IQ groids always find a way to juice government programs they obviously shouldn't qualify for? Are they *actually* constantly teetering on the brink of homelessness as a result of their shitty spending habits and work ethic?
That would just go to show what priorities the bureaucracy holds by whose existence they choose to sustain.
I can't even qualify for some shitty public healthcare program because I'm able to save a bit money from being a frugal ascetic.

Also, I notice a distinct lack of advice on how to get gibs aside from "lol jus tell them u got a tism :))"
Been there, done that, convinced everyone I was a bonefide spergmotron, and it never netted me anything other than "well if y'can walk n talk, then you can work"


Its all rigged wizbro


As someone who owns a house and mortgage in a place with egregious housing prices, I think the better way is to invest the money saved into stocks/bonds/whatever else and use the dividends returned to cover rent.

$100,000 should net you $4,000 per year in safe returns, $80 a week, which could easily be fed to cover half of a single bedroom boarding with other people. If you get to $200,000, you're looking at $8000 per year or $160 per week, enough to cover the full amount of board. $300,000 will cover a single apartment for yourself for life.

A $500,000 mortgage free house will likely have $100 per week property tax and insurance, and you'll have shit breaking down that needs repairing. $500,000 invested would cover the same home for rent easily, and you're not directly paying the property tax or insurance.

Mortgages are actually a huge meme because you're still liable for property tax, repairs and insurance on top of only 25% coming off the principle each week at the start. You're at risk of rates changing if you live anywhere but the US (The US is the only developed country with 30 year fixed mortgages). If your life situation changes, it's hard to dispose of the asset quickly and easily. You make more money, are more comfortable and face less risk by simply saving what you can and funneling dividends into rent.


I have a decent job that I can do from home but still I miss being a NEET.

If you are able to NEET without financial problems or regrets stay like that forever and don't ever think about getting a job, you have a massive privilege, only kings would live like that on ancient times.

Don't work if you don't have to.


Observation: actual dysfunctional people would manage better the welfare system than their current functional counterparts




Staring down the barrel now. Avoided work for the past decade thanks to "self employment" and a modicum of bux. Now I'm forced to try and get a job. Everyday I'm in a state of denial and desperation as reality kicks in. I wish I could actually have a breakdown as a legit excuse but I'm just numb. No way can I handle a warehouse or some shit but I have no other options.

I'm also puzzled how in over a decade I basically did and learnt nothing at all. Such is the fate of a neurotic fuck up


File: 1690642456153.jpeg (86.36 KB, 800x526, 400:263, bab_baqi_8237488.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Any advice on going homeless just to stop the blood-draining BS of (((paying rent)))?
Also I think, Id rather use the cash needed to even buy a house when Im alive and I WONT live long enough to enjoy a house anyways.
So far I think of signing up to a public uni just to sleep\squat there (its open for like 18 hours a day) + signing up for the public disability center (I have the pass-bux) ,etc. I would have to learn polyphasic sleep, cat-napping, controlling microsleeps. for example, I can sleep 10 minutes squatting inside a bathroom stall and then come out fresh and clean.


You don't want to be homeless, especially without a car.


I never consented to cars being invented; why MUST I purchase a car?
Also I will sleep in safe places–by cat-napping inside safe buildings.



dont be homeless. the streets eat guys like us alive. you will ave no ability to truely rest and re focus. it will all be movin around 24/7 to hide from one place to next.

worst case look in to the squatin communities, and livin out of abandoned places, altou tats technically homeless.

my worst case worst case scenario idea is buy dumpiest trailer home i can possibly find, free and clear. and just live out of that. it give me an address, a place to rest, and place to plan stuff.

>sleep in safe places–by cat-napping inside safe buildings.

you mean be a homeless person trespass sleepin on a site, as people in buildin will see it.


trespass? whats that? are you blind?
I will sleep in the toilet for 10 minutes and then go on normally doing my cover-activities in the public university.
seriously, are you suffering some mental disease?


You will get tired of being homeless in a single hour in a single day. Do not become homeless.


cynic n stoic philosophy would recommend that normies try being homeless for a day or week, so that they can appreciate their normal life more


I would like to actually do that, but I don’t see how it’s feasible and I feel it would be an insult to the genuine homeless.


personally, I dont have any issues about insulting anyone


Completely useless. I've seen people that go on mission trips and unless they acknowledge that a homeless state could be their normal state at any time nothing would change.


Anyone ever work as an "Amazon Area Manager"? I feel like it might be my best shot at possibly getting out of my shitty southern state into somewhere up north. But I'm also worried about getting stuck in something utterly soul-sucking/wasting the time I could be using on preparing for SWE interviews on Amazon slavery.


Homeless + Squatting is actually a pretty decent way to live if you get NEETbux.

There's plenty of abandoned buildings in industrial sectors. You can literally buy some timber and barrier off a portion for yourself. With some basic hand tools, like a saw, a hammer, a screwdriver and a latchkey and padlock, you can erect a really safe and comfortable shelter.

Buy a gas bottle and a portable cooker. Have bags of rice, potatoes, etc, go to the shop for your meat and you're sorted.

If the area is sufficiently abandoned and unmonitored, people won't even realize what your extension is. They'll just see a wooden padlocked door.


That sounds like playing rust in real life, except police are always looking to keep a brotha down in many states. Then again, those are also the states with less welfare programs.
Is rust bumsquatting in blue states the new meta?


>Selling your time/energy is for schmucks and its completely unsustainable mentally unless you're just born cuckminded.

Indeed, just imagining another 30 fucking years of this bullshit wageslavery surrounded by people I don't care about makes me vomit in my mouth a little.


welfare programs should make SURE the recipients dont masturbate or browse\buy porn


> keep a brotha down in many states.
could you please not talk like a filtny nigger? this is wizchan.


File: 1690835370475.jpeg (102.37 KB, 444x640, 111:160, hell bank notes.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I also thought of working but JUST SO I can have a place to spend the dangerous, dangerous Night at (factory, shop, etc).
I would alternate between being safe at night in the work-place, with sleeping "squatting style" in the bathrooms for 10 minutes at a time, in university + disability gobt. center


I'll make sure to use ebonics in every post I make now bruh. Lmfao frfr.


Kill yourself


Just started my first real job people really do this shit until they get old and die huh


me too g fr fr

no cap, lowkey speaking like this is bussin'


>finally get a job after a year of NEETing it up
>people can tell I stress out about shit and have been chewing my ass non-stop
>can't even sleep because I get home so angry about this shit
Now I remember why I NEETed for that long, I shouldn't be downing benzos like tictacs just to put up with people


40 more years of this shit. Holy shit why god why.


I'm dead bro how u goin be mad over sum lil ass shit like this lmaoooooo


I'm fucked in the financial department in so many ways. I'm on intermittent FMLA and I've exhausted all of my paid time off and so when I get sick and am unable to work well enough I don't get paid for the day off and I'm unable to have a decent safety net…the fact that work forces you to work while unwell is the fucking worst shit on gods green earth.


I know that feel, though likely not to such an extent as this. Is it a chronic illness?


Any high income wiz here? 100k and above?


Yeah it's basically phlegm induced vomiting and it happens often…like a lot. I've been to countless doctors who have tried various tests and meds to try to sort it out to no avail. Mind you I live in a hick town and there's not a lot of money or knowledge of medical shit in my town…if I even try to go out of town to get help I'm looking at an asinine bill which I don't have the $$$ for even with insurance so I'm fucked there.


After a year of working full home office the retards at the office said that they require us to go back to the office 3 days a week, I was assigned (yes because they don't even let us choose the days) to go Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

This is so fucking stupid, there's absolutely no reason for going because my whole team is offshore, the only thing that made this job relatively bearable was HO and now that they took away a big chunk of it I'm seriously considering quitting.

The thought of wasting 3 hours a day on commute makes me want to kill myself, seriously how people manage to work for like 40 years or something? Even being homeless and looking for garbage to eat looks good compared to decades of wageslaving.


I need a time machine.


Talk to them, I'd come up with come bullshit excuse of taking care of a relative or a pet, and tell them it makes you unable to not work from home. If they don't accept and you can NEET, just do it, if you're a dev with a few years of experience you can get another job very easialy.


I will always find it unfathomable how white collar wagies whine hysterically about being tardwrangled back into the office. You're in a good position in life.


this guy gets it. you need to play the (game). you know how kids in school with stuff for bs reasons. you need to learn those skills.
try telling them you learned while working from home you suffer from (insert bs psycho condition).
the commute will give you too much anxiety and it will violate their workplace accomodation policy. you should research those details before hand by the
have you ever worked in an office? manual work is better


The "Home Office" thing is much deeper than you think.
People don't want it because they want to laze around all day, but because it provides more free time, and free time is both freedom and money.

With free time you can do other things besides work, you can learn to play an instrument, another language, grow up some real skills that make you go ahead in life, you could even start a business, people who have to commute to some office are tired all the time and the precious little time they have is spent sleeping, you can't really grow up as a person in those conditions.

Is in the best interests of both the government and the companies that you have as little free time as possible, from the government perspective people with free time start asking things that they shouldn't, like why billionaires don't pay taxes while everyone else does…

From the company perspective the more vulnerable you are the better, if you're able to upskill you will demand more pay, or you will leave the company for another one, also a big part of companies are made of stupid simulation and management of people so if the buildings are empty and middle management doesn't have anyone to manage they go crazy, also I think that deep inside the bosses enjoy being able to demonstrate power to people just because, you being home doesn't allow that.

So yeah I think that HO is a much bigger issue than most people think, HO is the key to freedom, every single worker being able to work from home should demand it and reject everything that is not remote, life is too valuable to spend it on traffic to get to some stupid office.


I can't fucking take this anymore.
My bosses are assholes.
The people I work with are assholes.
I have to go to training days because this place is fucking retarded, and I can't switch jobs because it's the only way I can afford to live.

I think I actually want to die.


Yeah, it's bullshit. WFH is superior, but for management it feels better when they can keep an eye on you. You could try negotiating and take it up with your boss since they're technically taking away benefits. Make an argument why you can still be productive from home. If that doesn't work, just start looking for another job. There's millions of remote work positions with flexible hours and probably double your current salary. The market will eventually force the retarded boomers to fall in line and let us WFH like god intended.


That is all true. Another huge factor though, is office real estate. Powerful people own the offices and are panicking that the value will drop catastrophically. The financial crisis from that if people don't return to office will ripple violently around the world


I don't buy this narrative for a second. Based on my observations, there's nobody under the age of 35 or that's single that's really investing the saved time in anything but the computer screen. The commute to work isn't really the time to learn the trumpet or "get ahead in life". You're more likely to see all that time reinvested into a screen.

The ones that make use of wfh in a healthy way are healthy, older normalfags with kids. Wfh allows them to do things that actually make their life better, such as dropping their kids off before work or being able to have time to take them to sports. I've seen these types generally improve from it.

We're all wizzies here, but wfh can really push those on the precipice of normalfaggotry into being where we wizards are. The socially awkward but affable enough tech nerd could easily see his social life wither and die, because friendships are basically only forged through shared hardships and being forced together (it's why people basically only consistently make friends at school).

But beyond that it's a spoiled non-issue. Anyone who is even having the debate of wfh is already got a golden spoon up their ass, well ahead of the global population and certainly not a "wageslave" in any sense of the word. If your problem with work is sitting in a car listening to music as you commute in and not being able to work in your pyjamas, then you're effectively like an aristocrat complaining about his mansion being a little cold to peasant plebs.


I want society to collapse already, I don't care if other people are doing better than me. Being a wagie sucks so much ass and I feel like I was born to suffer.


You are essentially getting a pay cut, so you should ask to be compensated. Your time costs them money. When they gave you the ability to work from home, it was essentially a pay raise for you because you needed to give them less hours for the same amount of pay. Now that they are demanding you spend more time slaving for them again, you deserve to be compensated for the time you spend commuting based on your hourly wage.


>society suffering from massive homelessness problem due to lack of affordable housing
>office building become empty and could easily be repurposed for housing
>we must force the wageslaves back to the offices!

why are they like this


>why are they like this

think of all the cartoon depictions of evil you have seen in the media. know that hook noses are far eviler in their hearts. they want people to suffer and to destroy everything. once you make enemies with God; this evil shit starts to make sense


The thing is that WFH was never on the contract, it was given as a reward for good performance,but suddenly for no reason they decided to backtrack on it and make it hybrid.

And actually that's the reward now, if your performance gets bad you will have to go to the office every day again.

I'm actually thinking of quitting, but I would like to wait until December/January if possible because I'm saving for some things, what do I do to become numb during my commute? Is there a mental trick that wageslaves use to stop feeling shit while working? Like going full auto mode and don't give a shit.


Money, love of money, homeless people wouldn't pay and even if some shitty offices were the last habitable spaces on earth the oligarchs that govern us would never allow poor people to live there, this dystopian system hates people with no money, that's basically all your entire value as a human being now.



im old, i can give you a quick run down on wfh . At one time it existed only for a few reasons:

1. Execs, the ones dont do shit, and are out, on vacation, on calls, BS, all day. it was easy to translate it to, o, its workin Remote!

2. it was a reward for popular people, not necessarily Execs, on way to Exec level, it was a reward for popularity.

3. people w/ legit important technical / complicated/ (usually science) jobs, as a kinda reward to make sure these people were always workin.

Execs hate it people like me, work horses, receive ANY reward, our reward is our pay and fuck off. and are widdlin away remote work back to Above Tiers.

ALWAYS make em fire you, start doin ass at work,



to an extent,

until clones, officially, is still men and succubi who are model tier in appearance, and people w/ IQ of over 135+


> what do I do to become numb during my commute? Is there a mental trick that wageslaves use to stop feeling shit while working? Like going full auto mode and don't give a shit.

many use music during the commute as a cope. also many use drugs as a cope; illegal, legal, prescription, food ingredient, it's all the same


Fuuuck this I'm being forced into the office today to do a mid year review and I can already hear my manager (who is a succubus btw) talk my ear off about how much of a piece of shit I am and how much I suck at my job like Bitch I'm doing the best I can with the hand I'm dealt here, get off my fucking back. Fucking hell.


Bring her a Aero candybar. HR succubi love Aero candybars


It is extremely expensive to repurpose offices into housing. You need completely plumbing etc. It can be cheaper to just demolish it and rebuild from scratch. Regulations affect all this - maybe in some locations it's not even allowed to build residential buildings?


Tell her she looks tired. It will lower her confidence and self-esteem and she will be less likely to humiliate you. Present will only reveal your fear.


I bring thee an update…The "Mid year review" was a bold face lie. They brought me in, had me use a helluva lot of gas, just to out and out fire me. Fuck them. Fuck that company. I hope they go bankrupt.


I once got a $0.30 raise after working for a company for a year.


Another update for my situation >>280973

I am so fucking SEETHING rn, I was late for 7 minutes because of the stupid traffic and I came up as absent during the checks that these fucking animals do to make sure that we are attending office,they asked me if being 7 minutes late would be recurrent and then they started telling me that my options are getting up earlier (I already wake up early, any earlier and I would get barely any sleep) make up for it working another hour (for being 7 minutes late? Is this a fucking joke?) And they had the nerve to tell me that I should rent somewhere closer to the office (with the ultra expensive rents around I don't think so)

I hate these HR people, I hate them so much, I was doing my job just fine when I was working from home and even doing some unpaid OT when needed and didn't mind doing because I was working from home, and this is how these idiots pay me back.

Fuck them, these people wouldn't survive without us workers, we don't need them but they need us.


File: 1691798828648.jpg (3.49 MB, 4320x2880, 3:2, Feuerhalle_Simmering_Ofen.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm being offered a job at a crematorium…
Should I go for it as a long term NEET or nah?


>even doing some unpaid OT when needed and didn't mind doing because I was working from home, and this is how these idiots pay me back.

good life lesson. the jew-establishment has no loyalty towards you but expects cult like loyalty from you.

most normies play politics/games to make themselves seem loyal when they aren't


>The "Mid year review" was a bold face lie. They brought me in, had me use a helluva lot of gas, just to out and out fire me

i bet they had security present. they know they are treating people horribly. that's why the security


It's actually one of your duties as a wizard to ensure that the dead don't reanimate so this could be a good opportunity to get some easy XP


They did. And they also had the big musclebound boss of the whole call center there to enforce authority and the decisions of the company. Shit sucks


How did people work 7 days a week forever holy fuck.


>we don't need them
yes you do, they pay you a small fraction of the profit you generate so you can keep living (the gratest joy you should be thankful for :^)))))) and generating more profit for them and consumption + taxes for the rest of society.
you'd have to be crazy to think this isn't the most virtuous honor, or would you rather be stagnant and unproductive? haha…


Only slaves and people with big families to support did that. Medieval peasants had more days off than modern wagies.

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