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The pursuit of happiness is a bunch of bullshit edition.

Previous edition
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This is very accurate; it's also scarily accurate having a ethnic as your boss - they have some weird inferiority complex that they have to soothe 24/7 by being cunty and annoying to anyone they can get away with and I still haven't mentioned the endless fucking greed. Boomers might be entitled hypocrites but they at least make decent bosses.

Moral of the story: only work for white people unless absolutely necessary.


Going to start slaving soon and I don't know how I'll manage it whilst my mom is still being a massive cunt at home. No I can't move the job doesn't pay near enough to cover rent.

She gets dunked on by her new boss at her job but still refuses to quit to move somewhere else. She has like 20+ yrs of experience. I don't know how this works but why tf isn't she even trying to move on?
She refuses to believe in therapy and meds both of which would 100% cure her because she's a normalfag and therapy works for that kind.


One week until my week long vacation. I'm probably going to drink all week and suffer withdrawals. Because I don't have anything else to do. This shit is not good.


>She gets dunked on by her new boss at her job but still refuses to quit to move somewhere else. She has like 20+ yrs of experience. I don't know how this works but why tf isn't she even trying to move on?

The boss is fine and she's just lying to seek attention most likely. Some people are perpetual victims.


God being an autist working with the general public fucking sucks. I have to mask like I give a shit about the general public despite their stupidity, and even worse is that since I'm the only guy working on this God forsaken shift the succubi take full advantage by hiding in the back and leaving me to fend for myself. It's the utmost worst, and the worst part is I have no way of getting a job that's more autistic friendly as this hick town has nothing but customer service and public facing jobs. It pisses me off so much.


The managers want us to work harder for no extra pay and obviously, no extra people. lol. The only good thing is that the managers actually help when it gets busy, but usually, they're doing reports or something, so it looks like they're just standing around. I'm going to ask for my hours to be cut so I can get more free time and look for another, better, job. The pay's never worth it for retail, so I probably will end up leaving without giving notice. I'll be lucky to get any jobs though. I might have to apply for another retail job, but at least then, I'll look for a higher paying job. I just need to keep my options open and try to improve my situation no matter what happens. If I don't get a new job, I'll decrease hours and try to make the job better for myself. If I get another job, that + a pay raise. If I get the kinda job I'm looking for, outside of retail, I've won.


What are our honest thoughts on grinding IT certifications then grabbing a sysadmin job?


Jesus christ, I fucking hate working with females. I have a part time job translating manga from english into my language. There are seven coworkers, four of them are young females, including the one who is in charge of the whole endeavor. They try hard to seem overly positive and friendly, but in reality they are passive aggressive cunts. Male coworkers are alright, despite them not saying much. But the females… There is one zoomer wannabe wunderking who is around 16. She is fucking unsufferable. Always tries her best to be know it all, always brings in her retarded zoomer humor and shit. Fuck my life. Thinking about quitting it and to scam boomers in one of them international dating agencies or whatever its called, cause it's such a pain in the ass, and for all my suffering I receive fucking peanuts.


>lowkey brag
You are bad and should feel bad.


Please don't type in instagram ebonics. We have to suffer through enough of that during slavery.



I am forced to translate fujoshit I hate with my very soul everyday and communicate with fujoscum. You think it is something to brag? You are crazy.


I know you were born yesterday nigger but lowkey isn't from instagram.

Either a lowkey brag or troll. Translating manga for money? Know how to read and write Japanese? These are bad things how?


He said from English to his native language. It's probably not as fun as you think it is.


good morning sir i translate hentai comic for fujo two male make big mess oh no no no


>He said from English to his native language.
Oh. Disregard then.


Is the Sopranos theme for the wageslave general perpetuated by one guy or is there a small consensus on here that likes the show. The last time you were happy thread has a Sopranos OP picture as well.


I'll kill myself before that happens, there's no way I'll make it to 50.


It's just a tradition. The show is pretty good though.


Funny enough Google sent me an email with a free trial of Max for a month with The Sopranos on the library. Worth a watch?


Yes, it's a good show.


I did not realise how widespread the strikes are all over Europe. If you just looked at your own country's media the make it seem like only your own country is striking.

Anyone see that clip of that multi-millionaire say that we need to "hurt the economy" by having a 50% unemployment rate and remind wageslaves that they work for employer?


the australian accent made it even more perfect. i just associate it with bad takes


I hear rumblings from the government that they're planning to "fire and rehire" in every public sector wageslave job they can.

I don't understand, how the fuck are people supposed to live if you're gonna pay them the bare minimum?


i didn't see the clip but i read this:

“We need to see pain in the economy. We need to remind people that they work for the employer, not the other way around. There’s been a systematic change where employees feel the employer is extremely lucky to have them, as opposed to the other way around. It’s a dynamic that has to change.”


There need to be very powerful strikes and lynchings. There are too many tools of totalitarian control for this now though. I rather expect it all to fail. In the end, we are set toward a horrific dystopia where the plebs have very low quality of life. 'First world' countries will merge with the 'third world'. That's all i can envision


Back at work after having to quarantine due to getting COVID. Still feel a bit like ass but I'm making the best of it at least.

Meanwhile I'm still dealing with the stupidity of the neurotypical general public and now my parents are pushing me to join a church knowing full well that churches don't like my autistic ass. Shit's stupid.


I tried joining a church for a year and some months. Don't join a church. It's normalfag central and you will never fit in with them. If you have a genuine belief, just read the bible in your room and pray and stuff you don't need to torture yourself being around normies


File: 1695088925290.jpg (31.95 KB, 500x360, 25:18, 1269970628849.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm in pretty much the same situation as you. Been doing this job for 8 years now and the company started hiring more succubi recently. Last year I got some fat cunt with 0 experience as direct manager and it's been absolute hell since then. All she does is bullying me and other people but since all the managers above her are the same manipulative, lying bitches you pretty much have no chance to defend yourself. Putting these retards into positions involving any kind of leadership always turns out like this and corporate jobs will become insufferable because it's being forced so hard these days.


So this just happened in the office, I was asked to sign something on behalf of the store and as I was doing so one of the managers came up behind me and told the dude that asked me to sign the paperwork to not belive my signature as I'm an illegal alien…despite me being from Florida and being Puerto Rican Hispanic…

I thought I left all the racist bullshit in the past when I had to deal with racist fucks in my early school years…this fucking sucks.


The problem is too many young families, try finding a dying church full of senior citizens


Maybe you should go back to Puerto Rico.


Sounds like a joke. If not, blame your shitty government for letting in so many brownoids that you can't tell the legal ones from the illegal lol


I've been offered a job that pays a little bit more an hour then my current job. It's in a field that is interesting to me and, don't get me wrong, I'm excited to start it.
However it all just feels like I'm trapping myself into a new job that will suck up the majority of my waking life all for barely a liveable wage when all I really want to do is get the fuck out of this god forsaken city and move away so I can be closer to my family.
I don't even like my family all that much but they feel like the only support system I have, and they're five hours away from me.


Working a late one today wizzies. 2pm-10pm local time in my neck of the woods. Not excited about it.


church really is like a cult of normalfaggotry where everyone prides themselves on their ability to be an unthinking normalfag. It is an institution and entire culture that revolves around conformity and obedience to traditional norms.


what about puritans?


its funny that even on wizchan, a place for outcasts, you still get edgelord /pol/tards that punch down on the ebil brown mens


Its the worst. I can't believe how much time I wasted with it


oh god no.


They have no choice, my parents are well brainwashed because they don't have much to believe in anyways, we live on a rock floating in a void of nowhere, what do you expect them to do?


>work a warehouse job, not always the worst but not great either
>some of the succubi there cause too much drama, people are leaving because of it
>one succubus in there actually wanted to date me and started to act like a bitch when I politely turned her down
>two guys have left in the past month, another has just put in his notice
>work is piling up due to lack of help
>today we were given the news that we are now on mandatory 10-hour days to "catch up" which I know wont actually happen
>want to find a new job but I have few skills and don't really know what to look for

All I really want is to find a way to either work independently and autonomously or be self-employed. It seems like it shouldn't be that hard because I, like all wizards, am a single guy with no kids who spends very little money. Unfortunately, the economy is shit and I live (with my parents) in a moderately expensive area, so being able to support myself is not as easy as one would think. I've been trying to find some jobs that are mostly solitary in nature because I'm fed up with normalfag bullshit, but sadly that type of work is rare or requires qualifications that I don't have and can't fake. I really don't know what to do right now. All I know is that I'm stressed as hell, constantly tired, and I just want this nonsense to end.


hi people



Any advice for someone looking into getting skills? i'm pretty young like 22 and have no skills whatsoever


I recently got a store job after only really having experience with warehouse work. I thought it would be an upgrade but my boss demands way more of me, for the same kind of money I would have made at my past jobs. He expects you to come to these trainings on your days off without getting paid for it. It's also a small, local company so they don't have a HR department or whatever so if I have some issue with how they manage things, I have to go to the boss directly, who takes it all personally. I thought the work itself would at least be physically less tough but so far, I have mostly been doing the same kind of grunt work I'd be doing at a warehouse anyway. I'll probably be quitting soon.


>I've been trying to find some jobs that are mostly solitary in nature because I'm fed up with normalfag bullshit, but sadly that type of work is rare or requires qualifications that I don't have and can't fake
Even with qualifications such jobs barely exist at all. You need luck and very extreme, niche skills.
Im in my 30s with multiple STEM degrees. I still cant even see a reasonably reliable direction in which one should go in gaining skills if they want to make money as a hermit.

In a third world country it would be trivial to make enough money with IT skills and/or scamming. Making enough to live in 'rich' countries with huge taxes… It seems so tough that it's almost impossible.


Fucking insane, even at the bottom of the bottom when both guys have horrible lives, the guy will still be an asshole. There's no friend in this world, no friend at all.


The people on the edge of society banding together is a myth. The people on the edge of society are mentally unhinged, overwhelmed by their inability to deal with their emotions, and as such will cling to abusive values which allow them to attack people underneath them. Those who manage to step outside that mental experience and try to abandon all abuse of others because they were abused are exceedingly rare, especially on imageboards which are generally fully of emotionally retarded zoomers who manage their internal emotions with external concepts like politics.
Stop expecting anything meaningful from humans on the internet, this is just a sewer of retarded psychodrama.


Sometimes I see gems, a few weeks ago I saw a gem of a post from a guy who was a NEET until his late 20s but recovered and has a very fulfilling life (wife with 2 kids, own house, physically healthy, making nearly 6 figures a year) but I'll be honest, it wasn't posted here, I never see such stories here, I never saw a gem on this website. It's just depressing defeatism.


>I never saw a gem on this website
Probably because what you call a "gem" is prohibit by law here


Oh yeah you're right lol, I forgot how you can get banned for saying you've had sex on this board. Fucking hilarious, especially considering how the ones in charge are all non-wizards who often make fun of the guys on the board to feel superior.

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