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The pursuit of happiness is a bunch of bullshit edition.

Previous edition


So I'm trying to get back on my feet, to little to no avail so at this point I'm having to move back in with my parents. Not ideal, but at the end of the day what can I really do at this point. Trying to get unemployment in this God forsaken hick state has been an absolute nightmare and so far jobs haven't reached out to me so idk…I doubt I'm retarded enough to get NEETbux so…

This shit sucks.


let me guess, florida?





good luck in those poor states. turn up to a welfare office in a wheel chair droolin on yourself, and maybe


my coworkers are so bitter and retarded and unlikeable. i'm not staying there for long and they're making my life a living hell just because they find it funny. it's a sick and cruel world. i just want to keep my head down and do my job but they're obsessed with this concept of pranking and putting others down, it's like a tribal initiation ritual or something you'd do to make someone submit to slavery. absolute lunacy.


Gabagool, provolone, and vinegar peppahs


>my coworkers are so bitter

says an 18 year old


With my work history I doubt I can get away with it. Especially since this neck of the woods is of the belief that "if you can breathe, you can work" mentality. Lots of boomers.


When I was a NEET my mom always told me to get a job so I could be "somebody", so I could progress in life and have a decent life.

And I believed that, I believed that when I could have a job my life would be much better and maybe I could escape the worst parts of this life I hate so much.

Now that I have a job that is considered decent I realized that it was all a lie, my life is still horrible, I still feel sad and depressed except when I'm playing videogames or watching anime, all my money goes towards stupid consumption that just distracts me and doesn't make me any happier, I'm still the broken, depressed person that can't understand others, much less life.

I just want use this stupid money to finish a goal that I had when I was little and I think I will consider suicide after, this life is not worth it, getting a job is not the salvation that everyone says, if you're a broken human being and get a job you will still be the same broken human being with a bit more money.


Another life ruined by succubi manipulating a man to selfishly and pointlessly raise their own 'social status'. She just wants to brag about the 'success' of her child and have a support net for herself; it was never about you yourself having a decent life


My mom will tell me to get a job, but then if I pick one she tells me I'm too good for it and I should go to college and be a doctor. I can't be a doctor ,obviously. Feels like a catch-22


File: 1692162437924.jpg (37.87 KB, 564x690, 94:115, 9b8337c9dae74c01c846037115….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why aren't you living the sinecure life?

I make $20/hour to check a Sharepoint every hour. Rarely, a piece of work gets uploaded. I do that work in about five minutes. Most of the time, nothing is uploaded. Today I did no work, and I got paid.

All it took was a previous job in the same field where I did a little more work, but also not much, for a less money. Sitting at home, remotely, checking to see if there's something to do, and there's nothing. I make $40k a year doing this from my fap chair while the NEET dorks on this board try to tard themselves up as much as possible to beg the government for $1200 a month and some food stamps. Like some virgin nig-nogs.

Why aren't any of the NEETs on this board living the sinecure life? They have no idea what they're missing by being spotty shut-ins.
I make $20/hour to check a Sharepoint every hour. Rarely, a piece of work gets uploaded. I do that work in about five minutes.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


This reads like a spambot trying to convince you on the newest get rich quick scam. "This crazy bitch is earning $2000 per week online for only 2 hours of work. Click now!!!"


If you get a PhD you're a doctor


If I got my highschool diploma it would be an accomplishment.


In today's world without a masters degree at least, you're screwed


And also an asinine amount of debt. Seems to be a badge of fucking honor in this God forsaken society.


Not that anon, and it's kind of sketchy how he repeated himself at the end, but my parents basically do what he's talking about.
They have tech "jobs" but work from home and seemingly have very little work to do outside of meetings.
The idea of jobs like this isn't exactly unknown either, Bullshit Jobs had a few examples of them


File: 1692422960422.jpg (74.85 KB, 547x692, 547:692, c65.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>watching video from 2008
>guy is suped about getting a payraise to 7.68/hour
>can buy every single item from the Mcdicks value menu for a little less than that
>has a house in the suburbs and two cars
>this was considered a "tough economic time"
That was 15 years ago.
Just lol.


It's possible, but those jobs usually require you to be hyper-social to get.
I play video games 24/7 with this local branch manager type. Does literally nothing other than answer the phone once a day. Has kids and all.


Saturday and I'm doing nothing but listening to music and ordering drugs on the deep web.


You just have to do well in the interview, it's computer-based work and those aren't necessarily social. Far from it.


Well try to get into one before it gets automatized


This is an agonisingly true statement. The care a mother has for their child is whimsical and mood-oriented at best - of momentary convenience, and flat fakery at worst.


My new gig a garbage man is the comfiest job I've ever had and I can't get over how fitting that is

Funniest joke God's ever pulled on me


my dad spent his whole life working in public transport, and that was enough for us to live in one of the richest suburbs in USA. People who know it would assume I'm privileged. But I reply "only as priviledged as a garbage man". As my dad's salary was less than a garbage man's.



supposedly some public transit type jobs around where i live payin $50 an hour after a year. requires all kinds of connections just to be seen,

locked in call center oblivion i suppose. cant even imagine 50 an hour


I'm about to turn 23, dad threatened to kick me out of the house at 18 unless I signed a 25k a year college loan. Told me i was too good to be a plumber, left college with 50k in debt and scraped by in my car doing tradie work. Have a room now but life is hell. I need money, if I didn't have student loans I would be saving $500 a month


Went for a job interview today at a deli, was told I got the job and just now finished filing my info on their site as requested. Already got the "welcome to the team" email. Hopefully, they call me tomorrow with more info. Gonna be working as prep, something I've done before in other places. But I've been unemployed for 3 years now. I'm a bit nervous to be around normies again but honestly somewhat excited. Not for the people, but for the work. I'll have something to do instead of sleeping and staring at screens all day, which after years gets boring.


File: 1692706726415.jpg (48.95 KB, 746x590, 373:295, 1689956710576.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

In early 2022 I had yet another breakdown. Horrific anxiety and panic attacks. I had to get my mum to take me to the ER three times because I thought I was having a heart attack or stroke. I laid in bed 95% of the day , I hardly slept. I just watched youtube in bed on the laptop as some sort of distraction from the terror. I lost some cognitive function temporarily during the episode, I had strange episodes where I couldn't summon the dexterity in my hands to type on my laptop. The breakdown was caused from being forced to get the clotshot(australia) and working in road construction as a traffic control supervisor. That job had stupid long hours with little time off during peak season. I'm a doormat of a man, more responsibility was placed on me than I ever wanted or could cope with. With bedrest,some zoloft and valium I recovered enough to be able to function again.

I wanted to do something completely different for work. I had been told from a relative that I should try disability support worker/carer for a change. They had some really good things to say about it. I went to the australian equivalent of community college to do a certificate in supporting disabled people. It took about 2 months. I secured employment shortly after. Its been the least stressful and tolerable job I have ever had. I support disabled people in the community, that is go to their homes or their families homes to help them. Its good kind of more or less working by yourself with a client and not having to deal much with coworkers. You just have to appease their families and keep them satisfied you are doing a good job. One of my main clients has severe autism(ASD level 3 or 4 iirc), non verbal, only needs moderate assistance with personal care(wipe his ass when he hasn't done a good enough job himself). He can escalate with violence when he has meltdowns but after working together a while this became easy to manage and avoid. He has limited interests and capacity to engage with the world. He likes watching youtube on his ipad when at home or playing together with blocks/board games together. He loves nature, so a majority of dayshifts are going for long walks at the beach and on forest/bush trails. Other than that I just cook for him, help him get dry and dressed after a shower and help him with housework.

I get paid $40aud (25$usd),with weekend and night shift penalty rates. I get paid far better then my old horrible jobs with none of the stress. Im thankful for now. This work might not be around forever, Australia instigated a national disability insurance scheme which gave the disabled people and their caregivers a lot more funding than previously to get help and respite from carers and support workers. It could be reformed or taken away at any point.


If only this didn't involve ass-wiping, I would seriously consider it. Who knows what sort of disgusting obese octogenarian you will be assigned to wipe down.


There was a storm here but they were offering paying double for going to work today. I didnt go and now Im irrationally nervous that my supervisor holds it against me.


They will. My supervisor didn't, but their supervisor did and essentially had my supervisor by the balls when it came to who would get penalized and who didn't when a serious winter storm hit my neck of the woods. Shit's fucked.



>The 2007 amendments increased the minimum wage to $5.85 per hour effective July 24, 2007; $6.55 per hour effective July 24, 2008; and $7.25 per hour effective July 24, 2009. A separate provision of the bill brings about phased increases to the minimum wages in the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands and in American Samoa, with the goal of bringing the minimum wages in those locations up to the general federal minimum wage over a number of years.

7.68 would be 11.12 an hour today, btw. I get 12.50 an hour, but still want to quit. However, prices have probably changed by then.


Only problem is that I'm too lazy to look up prices in 2008. I was in highschool then, too, so I don't know what everything really costed then.


Has anyone experienced stomach issues like severe diarrhea and nausea even days before an interview lol? What If this continues even after I get the job, should I just off myself? I think my body is starting to fail me


It's just anxiety. You never had that before? Happens when you're trying to do something new and unpredictable and you don't think you can handle it. Should go away as you realize it's not a big deal through experience.


Yes, and it does continue for me after I get the job. I always lose weight every job I have because I lose my appetite due to nausea and it lasts for hours after I get home. I get diarrhea too. I got it from going to school also, only neeting gave me solid shits.


Unless it's a disorder, then it never goes away, and you just have to deal with constant diarrhea and nausea. Of course, if it was a disorder, you'd get used to it already, and embrace the fact that every fiber of your being is made of nervous, diarrhetic energy, and roll with it.
You can even use the symptoms to justify saying you have IBS, so nobody will say shit when you're in the bathroom for up to half an hour.


Any wiz ever worked in a gas station or convenience store? How was the experience? Was it worth or nah?


I woke up in panic cause I thought I was late work and didnt realize until I was in the show that I dont work on Saturdays


Worked in a convenience store near the ghetto. Started out friendly, sociable, smiling, eager to work. One year later, I had totally stopped greeting customers, stopped smiling, I told an old lady to her face that I would kill myself because of her, always just sitting down on the floor at the register, listening to music. When someone would ask me where something is, I'd never know because things were constantly being moved from place to place, and I gave no shits to learn anything new, so I'd just say "yeah, I'm new" after 2 years of working there.

One time, I filled in at a store in the nice side of town. There, customers were mostly friendly or cordial, very little mess to clean, fewer people since smaller store, and every few hours a customer would compliment me for something, and that made me happy.


>I told an old lady to her face that I would kill myself because of her
Damn man was she pressing you that hard?


Couldn't hear her over her mumbling black accent, and after telling her to repeat herself twice, she called me stupid.


blacks are fully capable of speaking loudly and clearly when they do that mumbling shit they are trying to test you, to see if they can get one over on you. dumb apes


File: 1693163566281.jpeg (327.75 KB, 1600x1055, 320:211, Lao Zi potrait.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

How do you deal with coworkers who subliminally inform you about your wizard ways?

I work as a programmer and the new generation of developers are another level of annoying.
When I was young, I met a wizard working on banking software, who was a zen master intuitively knowing the ins and outs.
Back in the day, there was mutual respect for any type of dev and the levels of merit.

Now it's $people who went to $uni, got $masters_degree, do $job and play office politics mind games.
They want to be seen, climb the ladder, form cliques, hustle and grind and gossip or be smart and don't do any work.
There is no problem with just doing the job for the money, but they have no peace, tranquility and any interaction infects me with a level of misery I never felt.
There is a certain insecurity in them where they have to show off how normal they are and it seems to serve as an excuse for why they struggle with the simplest things, because they put the focus on their life but in the same breath subliminally accuse you of not doing the same, despite you simply having more years of experience on your back.

I minimize the exposure with working from home, for a few hours per day and avoiding calls altogether.
It all became a soulless disappointment on another level and it spills over to my free time.

Any wizdevs here?
What is wrong with me and how would you maintain peace?


work suck


anything that gets invaded by normalfags turns to shit. Not just hobbies, but everything in general.

Programming and CS are popular jobs that normalfags want to do too because they pay well and are needed. So it's not an exclusive nerd thing anymore.


do you network? do you want to get in a better position in the hierarchy


nothing is wrong with you. you are perfect.


No pussy no worky
You guys need to see a doctor to get diagnosed with autism, then see a lawyer to get prescribed money


So working for a living would be worth it for you, if you had a wife to come home to?


how do you deal with the terror of having to one day take care of your aging parents on minimum wage?


Have parents that don't expect you to take care of them.


Just see the site. /r9k/ tier meme bullshit, where crabs "make" strikes believing succubi will fall to their feet to plea them to start working again when in reality they're just gonna be replaced by arabs.


I just want to move out already but I literally can't afford to. Why is the world so fucked up now that even when working just above minimum wage, I can't afford to rent even a tiny shithole? I don't know anyone. I have no friends. I can't flat-share with anyone but total fucking strangers in some ghetto-tier neighbourhood where all I get is a singular room and have to share a bathroom. Get real. I'm going to be living at home until my parents die (I'm 30).


Another day of getting pwned by life.


Been working customer service for 8 years and i'm amazed how i stuck it out for so long. I'm done though, today was the last psycho foreign (mostly arab-african) customer i'm gonna take abuse from. Most of my colleagues are sick at home and i've gotten a writeup if i keep taking mental sick days i'm gonna get fired. Well bring it on bitch, i'm never working a customeroriented job again, i'd rather pick up dirt in the parks/streets by myself, i might do it actually cuz it's a government job hope i'm not too overqualified. Anyways fuck life, fuck the demiurge, fuck the universe and fuck it all. The song is how i felt all my life.


File: 1693431098958.jpg (151.83 KB, 896x1539, 896:1539, Fjkbb2DXkAMcY0h.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



why he has to pick on 300 lbs, 5 foot 3 guys on welfare, like we are the ruling class?


you do rule the world though. dont hide it.


typical zero sum attitude. The belief is there's "not enough to go around" so people who are abusing "the system" are lazy takers who are ruining things for everyone else who "has" to work just to "survive". This just shifts the blame from where it belongs which is on the system, not the one that gives people food they need to live, but the one that forces people to become wage slaves just to not have their homes taken from them.


well technically, the world really is zero sum and there really isn't enough to go around. resources are scarce even though the current economy makes it looks completely seamless. without rednecks like him driving the trucks that stock your supermarket, you'd be eating cardboard. when everything is running smoothly, people wonder if you're doing anything at all. a couple fatties on welfare around going to crash the system, but don't kid yourself that they aren't living it up and abusing the system while the rest work their asses off to sustain it. every additional fatso is another strain, one less useful hand in the economy that is just pure deficit to the rest of us. eventually that collapses.


in the famous words of vaultear
"to find out who is a jew running the world find out who you cant insult"
after this backlash
its clear fat people on welfare are running the world
you and me know it, you and me know the truth, you and me


File: 1693477999822.jpg (22.96 KB, 500x400, 5:4, AgainstAnCaps.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You must fight to find a way of living off-grid, for there you are inside these hellholes, getting slowly burnt away like the frog inside the pot.

It be taxes and the impossibility of living away from this parody of a civilization. To escape and undermine this system, wouldn't even lift your steem even if trying it a lil bit?

Basically to thwart and avoid those suckers who prevent us from living peacefully away from urban chaos under their grip


File: 1693533161596.webm (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, hgtrs.webm) ImgOps iqdb


usually black is more associated with nationalism and blue with classical liberalism.


>resources are scarce
so just increase resources


I swear to fuck I don't know how much sanity I have left for this job. It's mainly succubi and they're always talking about their parties and titties and shit. Like I'm trying to do my fucking training can y'all (I live in the south) please stfu?!


> its clear fat people on welfare are running the world

don't forget 5 foot 3


and print more money. genius.


i see how you purposely ignore what was said


too lazy to spoonfeed you economics 101


Every single developer in my team has a foid (succubi or whatever term I should use here). I'm the odd one out even among nerds, and everywhere I read I hear about normies talking about normie things while also being developers.

Nothing has changed really, I'm a friendless virgin surrounded by normies even within IT. I'm sure there are still normalfag proof types of dev jobs left but I've clearly failed to find one


File: 1693589186818.webm (15.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ghost Dog - The Way of th….webm) ImgOps iqdb

>even among nerds
Nerds do not exist anymore. If you are a zoomer or younger, nerds are extinct in your generations.


nerds exist. You just don't like the current modern type of nerds. There's still loser nerds the type you have in mind.


No, outcasts exist. Geek is part of the monoculture now and has been for a while now.


In my dreams. The Magic crowd might be among the last remnants of classic nerds, not sure. But I never fit in among any groups of people including them


>that WEBM


File: 1693649621696.webm (4.1 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Ghost Dog - It is said.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>faggot zoomer philistine
It's a fucking great film and a very wizardly film with a wizardly protagonist.


>ghost dog poster
Holy fucking based. Great movie.


May I inquire about the movie's title ?


Ghost Dog


What will you do after?


Annoyingly gotta work today while everyone & their mother is off today. On the bright side I get time and a half today so I can't be that upset.


anyone work in a country with a larger state sector than the USA, in the type of industry that would be private in the USA? what is it like working for a state-owned company?


Still working the shitjob, need to get fired to collect unemployment. So my plan is to take more sickdays and get the ball rolling. What i will do afterwards is anything but customer service or anything to do with customers, maybe cleaning like i mentioned a government cleaning job. Thx for asking anon.


File: 1693958851178.jpg (170.47 KB, 2136x1169, 2136:1169, ash fox.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>have female coworker
>mom keeps telling me to find out if she's single
Why is my mom so fucking delusional? Even if I wanted to date her (I don't) it wouldn't happen
Any time I'm forced to interact with a succubus my mother thinks she's gonna be my future wife or some shit and it's so annoying, leave me the hell alone


Working on a shift where you're the only dude on the team is a pain in the ass because a lot of times they will abandon you en masse so that they can take their "break" while you're left to fend for yourself with all the dumbass customers. This fucking place pisses me off sometimes I stg.


your mom wants little wizkids.
happens often with mine too.


Just let her have some hope. You don't want to see your parents once they finally realize you're a complete basket case and they give up on you. They take it really bad.


>your mom wants little wizkids.
Can't she just rely on my sister for grandkids?
>Just let her have some hope
I feel like false hope is more cruel than an ugly truth


thats malthus 101


Fingers crossed tonight isn't terrible. I got stuck with the late-ish shift. 2-7 today. Again, here's hoping it's not too bad.


For the last 16 months I've had a male boss, our job has been good, I get good comments from other people too.

My boss got promoted to cluster manager, now I have a female boss (still under the supervision of our cluster manager). My job experience has been hell. This cunt constantly whine and how she's promoting enmity between me and my previous boss when we've been gotten along for more than a year.

Constant phrases I hear every single day:
>don't talk to me like that, you are being too aggressive (over team chats)
>I am a succubus, take that in mind when talking to me
>I am your boss now, I can write you however or whenever I want
>I haven't seen what you are doing to me in my 15 years of experience in multiple places
>I am a mom I have many things to do

I don't know what to do. This cunt is driving me insane and I am expected to be a high performer.


wait at least a year so that nobody can associate you with her


Honestly I don't know how to deal with it either. I had a similar situation where I tried fighting it and it basically came down to the top boss saying "yeah I know it's not right, but you're just going to have to put up with it and play along". Everyone else had basically bailed from her shift but me and I was left bagholding dealing with the roastie.

Usually if they're actively doing that it's because they know they can get away with it. It's literally a power flex and they see themselves as an aristocratic class above you, it's a sort of manifestation of female arrogance. Shitty male bosses just do aggressive bullying as a flex, but shitty succubi bosses literally think they're a feudal lord and you're a serf. She won't be able to sabotage your reputation around the place because these people are genuinely unlikable with everyone, and it's not just you.

My best recommendation if you can't handle it is just leaving, politely write a detailed letter to her immediate supervisor above with your resignation and say you'll return if she's not in charge of you. Techniggers like you (at least I think that's your industry from your post) easily get good jobs, you don't have to take that.

It's not really going to get better because she's always going to flex. If you really have to fight it, fight it by just saying directly that her emotional instability and whining is getting a bit much, and to keep her personal problems to herself. Just keep on hitting the point over and over, until it gets to HR, until it gets to other bosses. Just say it's been going on for a long time, it seems to be an inherent and she's in denial about it being a problem. The second you flare up in anger and yell, or get too aggressive, it's over. But stretching out the complaint long term, firmly, and just letting her know that her behavior has been poor for a long time and that the bigger problem is that she sees nothing wrong with it, at least brings it to light.


I disagree, avoid fighting female bosses whenever possible. Better leave. The cunt has infinite internal capacity to bully and harass you, while you – being ironically more normal than her – likely don't. The thing is that such cunts live to dominate everyone they think inferior. They're absolutely retarded and incompetent, because all their lives revolve around this desire to subdue everyone. It's like kicking dead whales down the beach, really. Today she's gonna retreat, tomorrow her onslaught will be twice more desperate.

If you really feel reckless and wanna show the bitch who's the daddy, you should somehow undermine her position either by sabotage or by provoking her and then complaining. That requires skill and cunning and devotion, however. But if her superiors don't give a fuck, don't waste your life fighting the retarded. You may win, but it's absolutely not worth it.


>I am a mom I have many things to do
Very well known situation


File: 1694193827146.jpeg (49.66 KB, 320x320, 1:1, the kind of tired.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I've stopped going to my work. What's funny is that it's remote work, the easiest fucking job I could do, but I still don't want to do it.
Why put up with that shit when you've got to deal with another fucking customer screaming in your headset about how their kid needs to go to the college that's halfway across the country and they can't go in this semester because of their own stupidity? Imagine doing that over the course of the summer.
It's burn out, simple as. The only reason I haven't quit yet is because I'll have to wait another few months because I'm , but I've quit giving a fuck about that now that I've saved up a couple grand. This shit fuckin' sucks.


Every single day I work I feel my energy being sapped left right and center. Like any genuine joy and happiness is just gone after the day and I spend my time alone in my room in my parents place listening to [adult swim] bump music while dicking around with AI. It's annoying and exhausting as all hell.


Don't despair. If you were a neet, you'd feel the same way. I remember thinking like 'shit, if it wasn't for this job, i'd be happy as fuck' And I was. For a week. Then the despair of having no income settled in and I felt even worse.


File: 1694340697239.jpg (217.4 KB, 730x973, 730:973, 1678644972087425m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is very accurate; it's also scarily accurate having a ethnic as your boss - they have some weird inferiority complex that they have to soothe 24/7 by being cunty and annoying to anyone they can get away with and I still haven't mentioned the endless fucking greed. Boomers might be entitled hypocrites but they at least make decent bosses.

Moral of the story: only work for white people unless absolutely necessary.


Going to start slaving soon and I don't know how I'll manage it whilst my mom is still being a massive cunt at home. No I can't move the job doesn't pay near enough to cover rent.

She gets dunked on by her new boss at her job but still refuses to quit to move somewhere else. She has like 20+ yrs of experience. I don't know how this works but why tf isn't she even trying to move on?
She refuses to believe in therapy and meds both of which would 100% cure her because she's a normalfag and therapy works for that kind.


One week until my week long vacation. I'm probably going to drink all week and suffer withdrawals. Because I don't have anything else to do. This shit is not good.


>She gets dunked on by her new boss at her job but still refuses to quit to move somewhere else. She has like 20+ yrs of experience. I don't know how this works but why tf isn't she even trying to move on?

The boss is fine and she's just lying to seek attention most likely. Some people are perpetual victims.


God being an autist working with the general public fucking sucks. I have to mask like I give a shit about the general public despite their stupidity, and even worse is that since I'm the only guy working on this God forsaken shift the succubi take full advantage by hiding in the back and leaving me to fend for myself. It's the utmost worst, and the worst part is I have no way of getting a job that's more autistic friendly as this hick town has nothing but customer service and public facing jobs. It pisses me off so much.


The managers want us to work harder for no extra pay and obviously, no extra people. lol. The only good thing is that the managers actually help when it gets busy, but usually, they're doing reports or something, so it looks like they're just standing around. I'm going to ask for my hours to be cut so I can get more free time and look for another, better, job. The pay's never worth it for retail, so I probably will end up leaving without giving notice. I'll be lucky to get any jobs though. I might have to apply for another retail job, but at least then, I'll look for a higher paying job. I just need to keep my options open and try to improve my situation no matter what happens. If I don't get a new job, I'll decrease hours and try to make the job better for myself. If I get another job, that + a pay raise. If I get the kinda job I'm looking for, outside of retail, I've won.


What are our honest thoughts on grinding IT certifications then grabbing a sysadmin job?


Jesus christ, I fucking hate working with females. I have a part time job translating manga from english into my language. There are seven coworkers, four of them are young females, including the one who is in charge of the whole endeavor. They try hard to seem overly positive and friendly, but in reality they are passive aggressive cunts. Male coworkers are alright, despite them not saying much. But the females… There is one zoomer wannabe wunderking who is around 16. She is fucking unsufferable. Always tries her best to be know it all, always brings in her retarded zoomer humor and shit. Fuck my life. Thinking about quitting it and to scam boomers in one of them international dating agencies or whatever its called, cause it's such a pain in the ass, and for all my suffering I receive fucking peanuts.


>lowkey brag
You are bad and should feel bad.


Please don't type in instagram ebonics. We have to suffer through enough of that during slavery.



I am forced to translate fujoshit I hate with my very soul everyday and communicate with fujoscum. You think it is something to brag? You are crazy.


I know you were born yesterday nigger but lowkey isn't from instagram.

Either a lowkey brag or troll. Translating manga for money? Know how to read and write Japanese? These are bad things how?


He said from English to his native language. It's probably not as fun as you think it is.


good morning sir i translate hentai comic for fujo two male make big mess oh no no no


>He said from English to his native language.
Oh. Disregard then.


Is the Sopranos theme for the wageslave general perpetuated by one guy or is there a small consensus on here that likes the show. The last time you were happy thread has a Sopranos OP picture as well.


I'll kill myself before that happens, there's no way I'll make it to 50.


It's just a tradition. The show is pretty good though.


Funny enough Google sent me an email with a free trial of Max for a month with The Sopranos on the library. Worth a watch?


Yes, it's a good show.


I did not realise how widespread the strikes are all over Europe. If you just looked at your own country's media the make it seem like only your own country is striking.

Anyone see that clip of that multi-millionaire say that we need to "hurt the economy" by having a 50% unemployment rate and remind wageslaves that they work for employer?


the australian accent made it even more perfect. i just associate it with bad takes


I hear rumblings from the government that they're planning to "fire and rehire" in every public sector wageslave job they can.

I don't understand, how the fuck are people supposed to live if you're gonna pay them the bare minimum?


i didn't see the clip but i read this:

“We need to see pain in the economy. We need to remind people that they work for the employer, not the other way around. There’s been a systematic change where employees feel the employer is extremely lucky to have them, as opposed to the other way around. It’s a dynamic that has to change.”


There need to be very powerful strikes and lynchings. There are too many tools of totalitarian control for this now though. I rather expect it all to fail. In the end, we are set toward a horrific dystopia where the plebs have very low quality of life. 'First world' countries will merge with the 'third world'. That's all i can envision


Back at work after having to quarantine due to getting COVID. Still feel a bit like ass but I'm making the best of it at least.

Meanwhile I'm still dealing with the stupidity of the neurotypical general public and now my parents are pushing me to join a church knowing full well that churches don't like my autistic ass. Shit's stupid.


I tried joining a church for a year and some months. Don't join a church. It's normalfag central and you will never fit in with them. If you have a genuine belief, just read the bible in your room and pray and stuff you don't need to torture yourself being around normies


File: 1695088925290.jpg (31.95 KB, 500x360, 25:18, 1269970628849.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm in pretty much the same situation as you. Been doing this job for 8 years now and the company started hiring more succubi recently. Last year I got some fat cunt with 0 experience as direct manager and it's been absolute hell since then. All she does is bullying me and other people but since all the managers above her are the same manipulative, lying bitches you pretty much have no chance to defend yourself. Putting these retards into positions involving any kind of leadership always turns out like this and corporate jobs will become insufferable because it's being forced so hard these days.


So this just happened in the office, I was asked to sign something on behalf of the store and as I was doing so one of the managers came up behind me and told the dude that asked me to sign the paperwork to not belive my signature as I'm an illegal alien…despite me being from Florida and being Puerto Rican Hispanic…

I thought I left all the racist bullshit in the past when I had to deal with racist fucks in my early school years…this fucking sucks.


The problem is too many young families, try finding a dying church full of senior citizens


Maybe you should go back to Puerto Rico.


Sounds like a joke. If not, blame your shitty government for letting in so many brownoids that you can't tell the legal ones from the illegal lol


I've been offered a job that pays a little bit more an hour then my current job. It's in a field that is interesting to me and, don't get me wrong, I'm excited to start it.
However it all just feels like I'm trapping myself into a new job that will suck up the majority of my waking life all for barely a liveable wage when all I really want to do is get the fuck out of this god forsaken city and move away so I can be closer to my family.
I don't even like my family all that much but they feel like the only support system I have, and they're five hours away from me.


Working a late one today wizzies. 2pm-10pm local time in my neck of the woods. Not excited about it.


church really is like a cult of normalfaggotry where everyone prides themselves on their ability to be an unthinking normalfag. It is an institution and entire culture that revolves around conformity and obedience to traditional norms.


what about puritans?


its funny that even on wizchan, a place for outcasts, you still get edgelord /pol/tards that punch down on the ebil brown mens


Its the worst. I can't believe how much time I wasted with it


oh god no.


They have no choice, my parents are well brainwashed because they don't have much to believe in anyways, we live on a rock floating in a void of nowhere, what do you expect them to do?


>work a warehouse job, not always the worst but not great either
>some of the succubi there cause too much drama, people are leaving because of it
>one succubus in there actually wanted to date me and started to act like a bitch when I politely turned her down
>two guys have left in the past month, another has just put in his notice
>work is piling up due to lack of help
>today we were given the news that we are now on mandatory 10-hour days to "catch up" which I know wont actually happen
>want to find a new job but I have few skills and don't really know what to look for

All I really want is to find a way to either work independently and autonomously or be self-employed. It seems like it shouldn't be that hard because I, like all wizards, am a single guy with no kids who spends very little money. Unfortunately, the economy is shit and I live (with my parents) in a moderately expensive area, so being able to support myself is not as easy as one would think. I've been trying to find some jobs that are mostly solitary in nature because I'm fed up with normalfag bullshit, but sadly that type of work is rare or requires qualifications that I don't have and can't fake. I really don't know what to do right now. All I know is that I'm stressed as hell, constantly tired, and I just want this nonsense to end.


hi people



Any advice for someone looking into getting skills? i'm pretty young like 22 and have no skills whatsoever


I recently got a store job after only really having experience with warehouse work. I thought it would be an upgrade but my boss demands way more of me, for the same kind of money I would have made at my past jobs. He expects you to come to these trainings on your days off without getting paid for it. It's also a small, local company so they don't have a HR department or whatever so if I have some issue with how they manage things, I have to go to the boss directly, who takes it all personally. I thought the work itself would at least be physically less tough but so far, I have mostly been doing the same kind of grunt work I'd be doing at a warehouse anyway. I'll probably be quitting soon.


>I've been trying to find some jobs that are mostly solitary in nature because I'm fed up with normalfag bullshit, but sadly that type of work is rare or requires qualifications that I don't have and can't fake
Even with qualifications such jobs barely exist at all. You need luck and very extreme, niche skills.
Im in my 30s with multiple STEM degrees. I still cant even see a reasonably reliable direction in which one should go in gaining skills if they want to make money as a hermit.

In a third world country it would be trivial to make enough money with IT skills and/or scamming. Making enough to live in 'rich' countries with huge taxes… It seems so tough that it's almost impossible.


Fucking insane, even at the bottom of the bottom when both guys have horrible lives, the guy will still be an asshole. There's no friend in this world, no friend at all.


The people on the edge of society banding together is a myth. The people on the edge of society are mentally unhinged, overwhelmed by their inability to deal with their emotions, and as such will cling to abusive values which allow them to attack people underneath them. Those who manage to step outside that mental experience and try to abandon all abuse of others because they were abused are exceedingly rare, especially on imageboards which are generally fully of emotionally retarded zoomers who manage their internal emotions with external concepts like politics.
Stop expecting anything meaningful from humans on the internet, this is just a sewer of retarded psychodrama.


Sometimes I see gems, a few weeks ago I saw a gem of a post from a guy who was a NEET until his late 20s but recovered and has a very fulfilling life (wife with 2 kids, own house, physically healthy, making nearly 6 figures a year) but I'll be honest, it wasn't posted here, I never see such stories here, I never saw a gem on this website. It's just depressing defeatism.


>I never saw a gem on this website
Probably because what you call a "gem" is prohibit by law here


Oh yeah you're right lol, I forgot how you can get banned for saying you've had sex on this board. Fucking hilarious, especially considering how the ones in charge are all non-wizards who often make fun of the guys on the board to feel superior.

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