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You know those dreams that show you, your real emotions. How empty and helpless your truly feel under the masquerade of dopamine driven hedonism, as your consciousness falls into a dark hole of unconscious with only the feeling of sorrow and restlessness to validate your own existence by being taunted a few glimpse of beauty that you lack mentally and physically. Constantly drifting in a wave of pain and suffering of feeling insignificant and hatred for my own identity. Noticed this feeling take place when awake, mentally lost and mindless when thinking about something or think about nothing at all. Coming to reconcile that I'm an NPC or soulless to some degree. Yet feel restless, if I'm soulless why does the desire for beauty, not just physically but mentally always become a constant burden to bare. How do I ascend without accepting myself.


You're using your mind wrong.
It's a tool for solving practical problems (acquiring NEETbux, maximizing efficient dopamine intake). Anything else is merely a delusion.


You're being delusional.


Idk, there is a small voice in my head telling me that there is more to life than that, but I hate myself too damn much to go out there and do better. It is as if you are less mentally competent than anyone but with slight intelligence enough to suffer knowing how retarded and empty you really are. Dopamine doesn't solve the issue.


>Poke yourself in the eye on purpose
>Wtf why doesn't my hand work right??


except your shitty low IQ analogy fails to apply to the mind. You tried.


Elaborate, tourist.


You're simply being delusional.


>You know those dreams that show you, your real emotions. How empty and helpless your truly feel under the masquerade of dopamine driven hedonism
yeah. I just saw myself rise from under a table with an incredibly gaunt, almost evil look with bloodshot eyes and dread that gave off a sense that i am already dead and have been dead and just need to follow through with fully dying. personally i am not perturbed by such nonsense. All it says about me is my life sucks. i already knew that.


I dream about killing big snakes with a machete a lot. What does it mean?


You're literally Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets



don't be a meaning brain. dreams don't have any meaning thats just a movie trope that they do or that they are prophetic. I think some might be but its rare.


IDK, but my dreams are pretty cool for the most part and the only time I feel fear is when I'm being chased by orcas. I assume this means orcas are my deepest fear. Maybe it's snakes for you but you're coping better by killing them instead of running.


yeah I stopped cared about meaning around last year. Dream meaning, meaning of life, all meaning. I like when my dreams make me LOL like that one does

I am working on trying to have better self-esteem and visualize myself more as an alpha male so maybe this is a part of that. I have dreams about orcas and arctic regions sometimes. I am doing underwater welding on a ship and kick a giant orca in the eye and it gets mad and rages


One of the things most people can go there whole life without realizing is that there is no inner truth about ourselves we are all just that, masquerading. Life isn't a movie where things make sense about you. Identifying with your problems thinking that one day they will be solved is nonsense.

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