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File: 1694954322281.mp4 (8.49 MB, 408x720, 17:30, m2-res_720p.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


I know that majority of Indians will probably never leave India. But I grew up watching American movies as a kid, I was frequently bullied by my parents and people around me which made me seek un-Indian media, an escapism of sorts. And some of the happiest memories of my shitty childhood involve watching movies like 'Dr. Dolittle', 'Home Alone', and 'Baby's Day Out', I have always dreamt of how cool life could be in America, with sexy highways, unbelievably beautiful nature, big houses, pick-up trucks, polite people, less pollution, and incredibly minuscule population density compared to the shithole where I live.

Are there any turd worlders here who understand my pain? How do you cope? I have tried cutting media and shows from the first world, as they make me feel miserable afterwards, but watching them is just too addicting.



Seems like a good idea for a week or two. If I will ever manage to earn money, it will be doable. And if I ever get my fingerprints back which got wiped off due to hand washing OCD in the past, I might get a passport. Kek it's so brutally over for me.


then you enlist in the Russian Army and become a citizen of Russia

the USA of Eastern Europe



america is not like the movies


most of OP's points are about empty space, and Russia has even more of that than USA, and allows Indians in


File: 1694968543314.png (512.69 KB, 4186x2932, 2093:1466, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


At least you didn't go for Japanese media, would probably be feeling much worse.

But yeah, I'm Brazilian and for me it's any country that has not been forgotten by God. I've been looking for a place to rent in my city, it's either immensely expensive or the risk of having your house invaded by drug addicts and daily street orgies near your house. And I'm in the "good" part of Brazil. I wish going to Europe was as easy as Europeans make it seem on the Internet.


Portugal should let everyone come back


A lot of people around the world are ameriboos. I was born and raised in the united states. I too was bullied by people. I'll tell you that that wouldn't change if you were born here. Foreigner's sometimes don't think i'm american because i'm not a loud, obnoxious prick. America is one of the most normie nations out there. It's so normie that its considered rude to be quiet and you will be made fun of for it. I hear that australia is even worse.

> I have always dreamt of how cool life could be in America, with sexy highways

There's nothing sexy about congested highways and sidewalks that remain unfished for 30 years and everything being 40 miles apart. If you don't have a car in america you are fucked. Thats one thing i hate about america, its not walkable. I'm lucky to have a grocery store a mile away and i have to crawl through barbed wire and thorny bushes to get to it.
>unbelievably beautiful nature
when you are not trapped in a concrete enclave america does indeed have a lot of beautiful nature. I don't know how it is in india but if you live in a densely populated area i guess it probably looks like silent hill or the first gears of war game
the rest of the things you mention are true though

>Are there any turd worlders here who understand my pain?

yes. given how everyone in my neighborhood was either a fucking indian or muslim. Lots of your kind move here and walk around in their garbs. They don't seem to want to be american. In my middle school it was just an ocean of brown skins. the amerimutt memes are true and everything you like about america comes from white people. but there were no white people around me growing up. Just my mom and one russian kid (if you can even call russians white) who lived down the street
>How do you cope?
i think you should just imagine walking down the street of a suburban neighborhood and seeing your fellow indians and asiatics walking out of the house and tending to their lawns. kinda ruins the idea of living here


Im always impressed that everyone online seems to speak english decently, to my mind many as equal to native speakers. but I guess USA culture is just that strong, that people around the world have a strong motive to pick up english, and do so.


weren't poos colonized by the british and forced to learn english? If i'll give indians one thing they can at least speak english past a preschool level. You can't get one sentence out when talking to other foreigners without geting a "WHAT???" because they don't understand anything.

indian english is gramatically better but english is an ever changing language so american english is the definitive english.


tbh I haven't noticed a higher quality in Indians talking english online, compared to other regions, but there might be a higher quantity based on what you said.





what it is like?


See >>282617's post. It's pretty accurate.
The problem is that you third-worlders see America as a shining city on a hill, where you have opportunity and dreams awaiting you, but that's not true anymore. What awaits you is a dying decaying society where half the populace are no better than wild animals and the other half are increasingly withdrawn into fantasy land. All are nihilistic. But sure, you'll have all the mammon you could ever want, and you can get nice and fat, too.

Besides, you're not going to magically change because of a new location.


Brazil and India are probably the worst countries in the world outside of Africa.

t. Brazilian as well


I don't think thirdies realize how structurally damaged the family units of the lower classes are in first world countries. It's not unusual to grow up under a roastie single mother that lives in welfare. It's not unusual for your suburb to be a sort of prison because you're too far from kids at school to travel. A lot of those "freedoms" only apply to the middle class and above.

I see a lot of videos of literal slums from the Philippines, and people there seem a lot happier with more people around, being close to other people. It's very easy for otherwise normal people to end up isolated in the suburbs.


an open air insane asylum
jewish insanity, if you will


I'm so sick of seeing your subhuman brethren every fucking day where I live, you "people" are a swarm of locusts eager to jump shit and dirkadingadaloo to anywhere that isn't India and spread your ugly swarthy bloated overbite chinless faces, uglier than niggers, and broken DNA across the planet. You a bunch of fucking insects like the Chinese as you're both r-organisms, flood other countries, and undermine their industry so I hope you nuke one another to oblivion. Once your kind reach administrative positions for the job you got as a diversity hire you fire the original staff and cut corners to make way for the shithut dwellers for them to make atrocious welds and spaghetti code and whatever for the industries they will soon cause to stagnate. I seriously mean it when I say kill yourself, there're at least 100,000 others who think like you anyway who will take your role.


my reaction when i see a succubus


agreed. I spent my first ~30 years in a suburban hell prison. There was nowhere for me to go at all without a car, I couldnt even go to a grocery store or take a walk, zero independence and controlled by one deranged single mother. I couldnt even see that it was my environment killing me: it's so normalised that i'd believe a psychiatrist that I myself am defective and need drugs for my "anxiety disorder" and "depression". The only way people survive the poisonous environment is drugs, legal or otherwise.

I visited south east asia and it's obvious that impoverished people there are happier than many 'rich country' suburban poor. Take me to the fucking rice fields anyday


my reaction when i see a person


i guess whites just hate whatever minority they have to spend the most time around. while the average white hates niggers most. techbros hate asians most, and complain as much about indian writing bad code, as regular white complain about blacks raping their succubi


We are all bonafide certified wizards. We would work to sustain your society while not fucking or even trying to fuck your succubus. In exchange we get luxuries like basic sanitation, reliable water and electricity distribution and affordable electronic toys. Seems like a good deal.


its the halo effect even on wizchan. because indians are ugly, they get this intense vitriolic hatred for something as minor as writing "shitty code", that a nigger would only get for doing a gang rape


my reaction when we discover alien life


OP appreciates beauty and kindness. While you are just a codemonkey crab slaving away full of hate for a nice wiz you've never met. He has more of a soul than you.

Why don't you kill yourself, you're clearly already in hell?


I think the shit code stuff is overstated and more based off stereotypes from the 90s. It's not like every second western code-nigger isn't just bashing python and JS frameworks together and just in the industry for the money.

I quickly became a sir respecter at campus when it was only the Jeets helping me out with my C stuff.


Thank you sir but there are enough Indians in my country and I've seen them pop out 6 or 7 crotch goblins a pussy. Yes it'd be very nice if there were a more selective slew of immigrants, not that I have any bonds or fondness to the society I live in but it's better than a mass of browns and gays I see every time I step outside to this shithole city.
Don't worry I hate niggers too for more than the ungabunga behavior and they are also ugly as shit and smell like shit.
>as minor as writing "shitty code"
>you are just a codemonkey crab
Thank you sirs for zooming in on one point in one sentence.
OP wishes his country wasn't a literal shithole rife with bureaucracy and overpopulation, and is just jealous and wanting of a Hollywood cookie cutter life that isn't available to at 90% of Americans anymore and never really was for anyone under 25-40, as the rest of the thread has corroborated.


you're still mad tho for what really? I think you just spend way too much time on pol


The US is a shithole, is nothing like the movies, but India is an even bigger,dirtier shithole.

Aspire to live in Japan instead.


I'm not a recruiter for the Russian army or anything. But OP expresses a desire for large open spaces, that are sparsely populated. Russia and India have a good relationship since the Cold War and allows e-visa travel. And Russia will grant citizenship to anyone who serves in its army.

So it seems clear to me, that Russia is the solution to OP's problems.


Getting short on bodies over there, Dmitry?


File: 1695207620903.jpeg (190.34 KB, 1320x1320, 1:1, FQD8lqQacAsqtHb.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Sure America has it's problems but its nearly perfect if you're from a country like India.
The other reason to learn English is that we have four different language families, and even in same language families, we have different languages and dialects. Pajeets are like chimps so we can't centralise because promoting one language would make the other pajeet chimp out massively, so what the government does is slowly kill our native languages, including major ones like Hindi, and dilute them with English words and force English upon populace although that does help with globalisation and integration in international economy. It's actually very hard for me to make it understand to a Non-Indian, how we pajeets are ready to be enslaved and killed and colonised by Non-Indians but we will never work together, because quite frankly Indians hate other Indians so so much than they could ever hate an outsider.
Don't worry. I am literally physically unfit to get a passport.
kek /pol/lard I agree that we pajeets are incredibly misbehaved, I don't think that reason behind is necessarily race (although our epigenome is fucked), but look the other thing is this, I can't control other pajeets even if I want to, and secondly as I said, I literally cannot get a passport so you personally don't need to worry about me. It's quite sad that we pajeets basically survive in a hyper kill or be killed world where people would kill each other over a grain of salt, such is the poverty in this shithole and pajeets carry this behaviour outside with them, which include doing things like haggling when not necessary, being pathetic "yes" men, driving down the wages because pajeets are ready to work for 1 dollar a day. We weren't like this before our millennia of slavery. But India is likely going to be a shithole forever. I hate illegal immigration and finding out loopholes to abuse the system of a foreign country (even though at time like 1971 United States was incredibly hostile, and practically genocided my people en masse in Bangladesh, but I digress).
Overall /pol/lard I agree, that your grievances are legitimate, and they would be given that 500,000 Indians are living illegally in America, I can understand that, we have a massive problem with illegal Bangladeshis regarding this.
Look this post was just me lamenting that I could never live in the United States, not me asking for advice on how to find loopsholes your system.
>You're ugly, chinless, midgets, and….
lol can't escape lookism even here.


>I literally cannot get a passport so you personally don't need to worry about me
Yeah I know, I'm just sick of seeing you guys everywhere but simultaneously am curious about and like India from the aspects that aren't shit. I don't have familiarity of the country besides what some other poos have told me on how Modi has run it (into the ground) and that nothing happens without bribes. At least half the trash that pollutes India comes from America and other countries dumping it for "recycling".


To be fair Modi is just like anybody else before, he hasn't done anything special to warranty the hatred he receives, except the fact that he got elected by preying upon legitimate grievances from Hindus, and didn't deliver upon them. The hatred that he gets in the West are for wrong reasons. It's not like the country was any better before him. And a lot of problems in India are unironically because of democracy. Bribes are not as common place as you might think. But in the upper and extremely lower echelons of the society they are very common.
As for trash well, the first world pollutes because of high consumption (leading higher quality of life standards), the turd world suffers. Regardless, as a poor country we are pretty much forced to take the worst deal on the table, which is better than having no deal at all. It's over for India, we got knocked out of civilisational phase about a 1000 years ago, its only going to get more and more savage from this point on.


File: 1695543028464.mp4 (6.03 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, too UGLY to be asking this.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Literally me when I hear a roastie speak.


Depressingly expensive and everyone is pissed off about the state of things.

OP, you're Indian, so let me be totally real with you, you WILL face lots of racism. Those quiet serene landscapes with long highways, pickup trucks, and low pollution are breeding grounds for backwards right-wing fucks who WILL be racist towards you because you're not white. Jobs out here are far and few between unless you like manual labor and destroying your body for very little pay.
I take it you probably have a good education, as most indians who come to the US do have a great education in comparison to us Ameritards. If that's the case, you'll prolly end up in a city. Cities are generally more progressive, pay will be higher, access to resources will be better. However, almost all cities in America worth living in are so ungodly expensive that you'll wonder if living in the country side isn't so bad (spoiler: it is). The people are usually less overtly racist, but unless you score a good job fast (and trust me, its hard because our job market is in the shitter), you'll prolly end up living in a small apartment with roommates. Plus, cities are prone to pollution and overcrowding. And public transportation? LOL. Unless you get lucky/rich fast and can afford to live in NYC or something, you NEED a car. And cars break down and are expensive.

The USA is not at all what it's cracked up to be. It makes sense that Mexicans come here (which they don't even do that much anymore cause they're wised up to how bad it is over here) because we're right next to Mexico and it's easy enough to get back home. But travelling across the globe to live here? C'mon man.

Think long and hard about your decision.


Even if you move to America, your life is not guaranteed to get any better. You may even end up homeless and on the streets.


indian guy is interviewer, ranter is stacy.

i mean what male gets pissed off over what another male's chin looks like


idk what an overbite is, all i know is The Simpsons have em


cause american cartoons always make their characters deliberately hideous


Well there isn't much decision to make as I am too much of a subhuman to even get a passport, and you're right, the sense of disgust is objective and we pajeets are disgusting although I am not sure if it will be believed on imageboards but there are a shit tonne of Indian who look good and mog me into oblivion. But in the West the White Chads would probably mog me into oblivion, and I would be seen as a midget roach, but still, you know, would've love to seen the United States for like a quarter of an year or so, I doubt I could live between people who can't speak my native language for long enough because the cultural disconnect would be huge, I find it easy to read and write English over the internet, but when it comes to speaking the language, I start doing the needful and redeeming myself as a pajeet.

Regardless, it's all over for me. I guess, I will continue watching YouTube Videos of people's POV walking in America and dashcam footage, and with the power of delusion and daydreaming and retardedness, I will imagine my self as a rich, sophisticated, 6'4 white, American Officer. When irl I look worse than a cockroach.


File: 1695585246950.mp4 (3.14 MB, 406x720, 203:360, 892907-7d0d57ade529b3de952….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Also, kek you guys are right, take a look at this shit
>Indian man roams in the park
>sees a retarded roastie
>doing weird expressions with her eyes painted with a sketch pen
>stops for three seconds (after witnessing sheer retardation) and wonders if she's mentally ill
>goes away
>"OMG he literally raped me"
>"Oh no kween, shoot him kween"
lol wtf


why are you banned from a passport? does india force people to stay there?

like i know countries have standards who they let in, but y would india care about u leaving?


Because >>282601 I got my OCD triggered from my retarded parents when I realised that my father and grandfather don't wash their hands after using fucking toilet. And every time I touched anything that my subhuman family members did I washed my hands 'ritually'. I am over it now though, but the damage is already done. I have problems regarding getting documentation in this shithole because of the lack of my fingerprints.


surely there must be a process for nibba grandpa on the farm who loses both his hands in a farm machine
no fingerprints and he cant get no passport?


might as well let the self-fulfilling prophesy be fulfilled, and pursue a life of crime as the man with no prints


Saw something similar some time ago on youtube, with some retarded colored hair white bimbo in Japan filming some old Japanese guy staring at her acting stupid in front of a camera. Young westernized succubi are the worst thing in existence.


There isn't, at least not in India.
Kek they'll just use DNA.


>i think you should just imagine walking down the street of a suburban neighborhood and seeing your fellow indians and asiatics walking out of the house and tending to their lawns. kinda ruins the idea of living here
It's insane how your ego makes you think that third worlders like OP want to be around white people no matter what. Nobody gives a shit about that, they don't come here for the people lol. The part about watching american media is even more retarded, everybody watched american media because it exported itself massively, a ton of third worlders wtached South Park, The Simpsons, Spongebob, Star wars, or even 2 and a half man. It's about the quality of life. They'd be fine among themselves, and newsflash, vast majority of the time when they get there they stay among themselves, even as they rise to success. It's because you have life on easy mode if you're not retarded. A nice big house, a really good salary, low population density, plenty of great small cities to retire to… and you can send like a tenth of your income to your family back home, it will be enough for them to live very comfortably instead of suffering. But no, you have to complain about that, even though the diaspora in the US are extremely well integrated, successful and don't ruin the quality of life in the US, quite the contrary. A good example is the Nigerian community:

"In the US, Nigerians are the most highly educated of all groups, with 61 per cent holding at least a bachelors degree compared with 31 per cent of the total foreign-born population and 32 per cent of the US-born population, according to 2017 data from the Migration Policy Institute.

"More than half of Nigerian immigrants (54 per cent) were most likely to occupy management positions, compared with 32 per cent of the total foreign-born population and 39 per cent of the US-born population."


Sorry, but I do wish I could live only around whites and East Asians. The "keeping among themselves" is true and is a hopelessness-type curse.

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