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Wizards, I am discovering many reports of increased mental cloudiness in many unrelated parts of the internet. People generally to my judgement at least appear slower and more aggressive these days than in years past. The color of their minds has become grayer and far less sharp, if you will. Even the world itself feels "less real" and more muddled. Disassociation amongst normans is likewise being reported at higher rates today. What is going on exactly?

Perhaps Metal Gear Solid 2 has become reality: (((the patriots))) control information and as such they have created a world that is almost wholly built on deception, or similarly saturated in endless fake narratives. Is the absence of truth causing people to go mad??


I've heard COVID causes a lot of it, both from the virus itself and the resulting lockdowns causing depression and anxiety in the mundane.


It's blamed on covid even though thats obviously not the real cause.
It's the general way of life people are living now. Social media, staring at screens all day, food full of poison like seed oils, extra stress, advertising damaging the brain, overstimulation, information overflow


It's the internet, you're not supposed to be saturated with so much information and stimulation.


the world feels so much darker today than even just 5 years ago. there is a sickness throughout most things now.


>people exercise less
>eat less healthy
>pollution in the air
>unnatural sleep patterns because of life obligations or getting obsessed with video games or internet
>online instant gratification content reducing attention span

Wouldn't be surprised if all these things are horrible for the brain. Frankly with how unhealthy I live I'm surprised I don't feel much worse.

but also

>more acceptance of mental health makes people talk more openly about issues

>you are also biased to pay attention more to topics that you can relate with


No, it really is covid. We have known it can pass the blood brain barrier since early on. It affects a wide range of cognitive abilities.


I seriously think there's some sort of spiritual malaise affecting the world. And naturally, things like being terminally online or being unhealthy don't help either.


when did you first notice the change?


For the last 10 years or so there has been a global sickness growing and spreading


I'm finding more and more people running on autopilot than before
I don't know about other places but here I see less people doing less things
I don't mean people not leaving their house or something I just mean the variety of things, they just keep doing the same few things over and over when before there were different events, niche/specific places or things to do
not so much now.
Don't know if it's related


I think there are some deep systems of the mind breaking under the pressure, as we are reaching the turning point of overpopulation catastrophe. Our species is at a loss, with no coherent solution how to prevent the dramatic fall of the current civilisation. We are destroying the very air we breathe, building the most horrific automated killing machines. People can feel it that something is horribly wrong but we cant fix it. The future is a fog to us because for the first time, there are now no greener pastures to run toward, only deeper apocalyptic declines


It's not that deep, lay off the spiritual aspect of it, the reasons behind it are obvious. It's hormonal. Young men don't feel like young men and young succubi feel weird too. Everybody feels weird and unhealthy. Toxins, unhealthy diets, perma-online, always seeing stressy shit everywhere, masturbating all the time, etc… All of that is necessary, because the green pastures you mention were just a reaction to an incredibly bleak past. Man gets bored and self-sabotages, then fixes it all and beyond. When life gets too boring and peaceful, sickness appears. That's why you had all those serial killers pop out of nowhere in what was without a debt the best time to be alive in the US.

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