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I think it's because I've missed out on having friends and instead isolated myself that I have unrealistic desires of life.

I wish I could have any desire fulfilled by I can't. I am hard capped by my body, intelligence and the time I was born in and the passing of time.

I find it so lame how you only get 1 chance with the starting point you are given. There are so many things I wish I could experience but I will never be able to because I'm too incapable or simply because the time has passed.

But life is not a video game that I decided to play. It just is. No one said you will be able to fulfill any desire you want.

But idk it's just so hard to accept. Right now I'm kinda just distracting myself from thinking too much about anything. But the moment I do I become aware of how everything I did so far were just shallow distractions.


You either work towards the life you want or you shut the fuck about it. Sheesh!


make most of your life video games, in a way that outside of them feels weirder than in them


The only thing that has remained consistent and faithful will always be playing video games in my basement.
It´s not like a shallow whore would come up from thin air and "fix me".. a delusion made in porn for all i care.


the whole problem is that it's unreachable


We are a god consciousness experiencing every scenario, so don't sweat it. Next time you'll be a ww2 nazi assassin killing Frau Baker.


How is that me if I will have no memory of this life?


exactly ;)


same underlying consciousness that is always present, and which takes turns experiencing every life.

let's say you have two pills in front of you. either one will kill you and fully erase your memories, but one will make you reincarnate in a world perfectly designed for you to be as meaningfully happy as possible and experience all those things you most wanted during your past human life that could never have come true (without ever knowing the truth about it). the other will have you reincarnate in a hellish world of terror where you'll feel the worst tortures that the human body could experience again and again.

would you say, "well, that won't be me, anyway, so it makes no difference which i take"?


i remember when i was 10 years old i literally started crying knowing how mundane life is compared to my cartoons and vidya. But it was far worse than i could've ever imagined.

I don't think life is really mundane now. I think it is interesting how the powers that be make it mundane and i see myself as an existentialist against it.


In a case like this where you have a free choice I think it's always good to err on the side of caution and go with the positive outcome.

In the movie Matrix one of the awakened humans, Cypher, makes a deal with the machines to betray the humans and get his memory wiped and be re-inserted back living his dream life. In this case I think his choice is equal to death and not worth betrayal.

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