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It's like no matter how neurotypical I try to be or how positive or outspoken I try to be, it just rubs "normies" the wrong way.

It's as if everyone has an 'autism radar' from the moment they see your face. Do people like me who are on the spectrum somehow transmit that information through facial features?
It doesn't even matter if I'm putting on a straight face, or smiling or whatever, people even at school used to ask me if I'm autistic.

It's impossible to fit into society when people just look at you and instantly see you as non-neurotypical. I even got rid of my glasses with LASIK but somehow I still have that 'nerdy' asperger face which people associate with weirdness and 'being different'.
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>im not a wizard
kill yourself, nigger.


>le crabs in a bucket
haven't heard this bullshit in a while. anyway, enjoy your bans, norman.


the normalniggers who come here, a site for male celibate virgins, only to complain about crabs all day even in unrelated threads aren't even virgins themselves and yet they think their opinions or thoughts on anything matter.


>posts in a thread for wizards problems to defend normalfags
>he isn't even a wizard himself nor does he care
>cries about crabs
Kill yourself.


Exactly correct. Normals are not human. They are retarded psychopathic animals and willing slaves of succubi. They should not be here. There is a war in this thread between wiz-gods and normscum – nay, this entire thread started out as discussion relating to some guy's looks (normie-brain subject), then the enlightened wizzies tried helping the demented normals to think more rationally, only for the normals to become collectively angry and out of telepathic group instinct gang up with greatened fervor on the few clear-minded wizards endeavoring to show them a better way. They even often proudly confessed that they are not wizards. This thread has now become much more than it was ever intended to be: a psychological catalogue of the normie group-mind and how viciously it acts towards anyone who behaves differently from itself.


Dipshit post.
>How many football jock looking guys (facially) have you seen at a Dungeons and Dragons convention?
Social skills and appropriate facial expressions can be acquired through pure repetitious practice.

The piece of retard shit is you. You have said nothing of value in your post other than "be this". It's a stupid void statement offering no practical steps.
It's like saying "Be like Michael Jordan to be good at basketball", when in reality Michael Jordan was pissing and shitting his pants most of the time about losing his spot on the team and being poor again.


You missed the mark. Dungeons and Dragons has become popularized and it's not a nerd wizard niche hobby anymore same as every other nerd hobby, is now targeted for the masses of normalfags, look at baldurs gate for a niche game that is now about to win GOTY of 2023, so yes, you will find even those uberchads in conventions. His post rings true in every other aspect >>284233
Autistic wizards and normalfags are two complete different species and there is nothing we can do about it. I'm not going to try and mask because why should I? Just to fit in with people that will never accept me and talk shit behind my back? That's every normalfag.


and this is sad wiz. i yearn so badly for a place with no normalfags i get enough of them anyway. yearn to get some rest.


Normies love to bully and punch down ugly wizards in the name of whatever made up justifications are convenient at the time, around normies never relax. I've seen it happen so many times growing up that a poor ugly kid gets beaten for no reason at all then you realize it's because he is not neurotypical and looks weird.


selfimproovers be like
>doesn't matter that you have no legs, just be confident and they'll grow back


selfimproovers be like
>hey man a wheelchair might help you get around instead of just not moving at all. you don't want one? dude just get a wheelchair life will be easier for you trust me. prove it? nah, fuck off dude, just stay miserable then.




>This is horrifically bad
>It's not that bad
>You're only saying that because you're a LOSER and you got BULLIED, and you thinking it's not bad is evidence you're a delusional bullied loser!

Ironically, you're behaving exactly like the people you're most complaining about. Half the replies to people in this thread could constitute bullying and put downs, you seem to be doing your utmost best to crash the self esteem of people browsing.


normalfags will bully wizards for any reason they can find if you are ugly then that's what they will go for


>you seem to be doing your utmost best to crash the self esteem of people browsing.
Because that's exactly the goal of this entire thread. Just replace I by you.


Following your logic, the goal of the hentai thread is to get wizards to masturbate to gay furry porn, traps, and little succubi. Why aren't you protesting there?


>Following your logic, the goal of the hentai thread is to get wizards to masturbate to gay furry porn, traps, and little succubi
I think that's pretty obvious at this point.


There's no other reason for that thread to exist outside of containment.


>wanted to see what normies consider "ugly" so I went to a /soc/ rate thread
>attractive guys getting 5 and 6 ratings
>normal guys 2-4
>this dumb slut posts
>like 5 guys go ZOMG 8/10!

Absolutely disgraceful. I guess its all about sex to them but if that's their standard, I totally can understand where you guys are coming from. Anyway, I was a fool to think normies evaluated attractiveness like me (which is to say, objectively of course) and I should learn not to give the eternal normie the benefit of the doubt.



Don’t take anything said on 4chan seriously. The stuff said there isn’t reflective of reality.


If anything, its probably worse irl. I mean most of these people were probably trying to ingratiate themselves with the other normies to get better evaluations themselves.


It isn’t.


>Don’t take anything said on 4chan seriously.
>The stuff said there isn’t reflective of reality.
Actually, it depends but you need to use common sense. In your case, I guess it's too hard for you to handle the truth.


>common sense
Enlighten us.


you are part of the cult


I hate seeing this gif so I blocked it. Not because he is ugly, but because his movement is so uncanny and creepy. I guess this is what succubi mean when they mean a guy is creepy, a guy who they aren't attracted to trying to sex them up. Again, it isn't because the guy is ugly.

Now I can understand why crabs think succubi only want chads. They do weird shit like this and don't even think of why it is seen as weird. They always jump to looks, which isn't completely true.


File: 1700521392096.gif (947.16 KB, 384x384, 1:1, hey.gif) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1700529512184.jpg (188.4 KB, 1170x1147, 1170:1147, IMG_5162.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

You've nailed it, wizzie. The OPgif is awkward, self-conscious, aware of his trying-while-he-tries. Not only succubi sense its fakeness—all humans do.

The truly creepy don't understand why they're creepy. They're inauthentic, unnatural, graceless. Ugly.


>I hate seeing this gif
>so I blocked it.
lol lookshurt
>Not because he is ugly,
lol delusional nigger. It is because he is ugly. you can replace the OP with an actual good looking dude doing the exact same motions and gestures and you wouldn't be creeped out like you are
> his movement is so uncanny and creepy.
because he is ugly.
> this is what succubi mean when they mean a guy is creepy,
> it isn't because the guy is ugly.
It is because he is ugly you delusional nigger lmao normalfags like you are so delusional is funny to see.


You're retarded! Obviously Chad looks good shooting up a school because of halo effect. It doesn't mean the guy in OP isn't just a normal looking dude and not particularly ugly.


do you crabs have anything except your ass to testify that op is ugly and not just being arbitrarily dumb with that cringe movements of his?


It's almost like looks are subjective or something.


Not that subjective


if looks are not subjective what measures except their ass do crabs offer?


how long are you planning to cry about crabs? You should kill yourself instead. Nobody on wizchan wants to read your butthurt posts.


yknow subjective doesn't mean "cannot be measured", it just means everyone will measure it somewhat differently.


they pretend to have an objective measure, [irony]based on females' opinions[/irony]


it's over, OP. I'm balding as well.


The remarks from men are even more numerous than anything succubus say about balding…


why do mention females and defend them in your post?


I read some studies saying that ugly people tend to be introverted, shy, and more solitary than their counterparts who are good looking or average, and it makes sense considering people don't want to be around you because of how you look or they will actively make you socializing more difficult and like a pain unlike with the rest.

There's no cope for being ugly as much as there is a cope for being short. Unless you count withdrawing in your room and spending time alone as a cope, but that's because others ostracize ugly people. It's well documented that we also get paid less and in school lower grades or treated poorly by teachers, etc. the abuse we receive from society never ends.

This isn't even a conspiracy, this is human nature in display. It will be nice if this was a fair world, but it isn't.


How many people here are truly ugly?

I thought I was ugly in school and it made me bitter so I isolated myself and wallowed in self-pity way before this culture emerged on imageboards.

Only way later did I realize that I was just average. Instead of seeing this as a negative because I won't be getting free adoration I should have seen it as a relief that my looks won't hold me back and I should become an attractive person in other ways. If you open your eyes you see that all the crab dooming is just false. There are so many guys that look average and yet have good jobs and attractive partners. All this "blackpilling" I see online is a true cancer that is ruining lives.


Very few people are truly ugly or beautiful. It's a bell curve, and most full on ugliness is when people purposely make themselves ugly through drug or meth addiction. Most people are somewhere within the range of average, on one side or another, and are just boring.

Literally just fuck off, you've been at your moping for weeks now. There's other traits your wah wahs also apply to, like height, intelligence, personality, health, wealth, etc. You can pick out any inequality in the human experience to do this shit with. Yes, we all know being ugly sucks. What's the point in repetitively going into detail about it in the myriad of ways it expresses itself?


One day Im going to kill all the normalfaggots who made fun of me for my looks.


I went bald in my early 20s. I look like a "subhuman" and the kumbaya "let's contribute to society we're all one happy family" normies treat me like a turd. I got over pussy a long time ago but I can sense it affect my life in many other ways.


life imitates art. We are the reject and we did nothing to deserve it, but in every story, movie, play, comic, novel, etc. there has to be heroes and villains, good looking and ugly people, intelligent and dumb people, and so on…


I am truly ugly. Can’t speak on most others here but my face is beyond fucked up.


What we can learn from this thread is that ugly people are insufferable and should all be indiscriminately killed.


lol uglyhurt.


total wizard death

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