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It's like no matter how neurotypical I try to be or how positive or outspoken I try to be, it just rubs "normies" the wrong way.

It's as if everyone has an 'autism radar' from the moment they see your face. Do people like me who are on the spectrum somehow transmit that information through facial features?
It doesn't even matter if I'm putting on a straight face, or smiling or whatever, people even at school used to ask me if I'm autistic.

It's impossible to fit into society when people just look at you and instantly see you as non-neurotypical. I even got rid of my glasses with LASIK but somehow I still have that 'nerdy' asperger face which people associate with weirdness and 'being different'.


You don't. Normies can detect non-NT's from a mile away.

The common symptoms are a completely recessed midface, deep nasolabial folds at an early age and just bad facial genetics in general (ugly smile, ugly jawline and cheeks etc.)


File: 1698668905862.jpg (344.13 KB, 1273x949, 1273:949, 523897.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


autists should not fake emotions because you don't know how and the attempts come off as unsettling. It's better to just be completely logical and dispassionate. If you can develop some sort of autist scowl and other visible autist traits it would make things better because people will instantly recognize you as autistic and treat you as such. It's when they think you're just a really off normalfag that they get creeped out. Do not try to mimic being a normalfag.


You don't cope, you accept. It's time to leave humanity behind and focus on better, more entertaining things. Also doing lasik was stupid, there is potential harm with any surgery and you did it for the most ridiculous reason. Don't do that ever again.


> I even got rid of my glasses with LASIK
You're smart, OP. I'm glad to hear stories of wizards actively doing things to improve their situations. Even if you're still not accepted by normalfags at least you don't have to use glasses which is always inconvenient.


File: 1698674697284.jpg (65.07 KB, 700x700, 1:1, football jock.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

succubi in particular are extremely creeped out by poor attempts at social masking by men.

It's easier for autistic succubi to mask, because it's more socially acceptable for succubi to be shy, quirky and not look people in the eyes due to modesty.
An autistic guy who is bad at masking who tries to pass himself off as neurotypical is very unsettling for NT's.
So much that they will actively ostracize, bully and call him out for it.

As you said, there is no cure. If you weren't born a High Fuctioning Autist, stop trying to mask.
You are just drawing more unwanted attention to yourself and making yourself a bully target.

And yes, autistic men DO have physical characteristics that make it possible to recognize an autist or non-NT just by looking at their face.
There is a reason why so many geeks look alike.

How many football jock looking guys (facially) have you seen at a Dungeons and Dragons convention?
It's just two completely different species.


As an ugly dude you can do alright. You can get a skilled based job, build up a strong resistance to others, build confidence to not care others are uncomfortable and force yourself in to their spaces. You have the same right exist as everyone else, you don’t need to ask for permission to exist.
Now, if you’re a dysfunctional and emotionally vulnerable dude who can’t build that up - that’s the problem. Being ugly is kind of a primary issue that can be dealt with and endured, if your depression means you can’t deal with it you should focus there. No negative judgement intended, when my depression flares up I struggle to be strong minded, but when not being an ugly ogre I can deal with pretty easy.


>build up a strong resistance to others
>build confidence to not care others are uncomfortable and force yourself in to their spaces
>You have the same right exist as everyone else
>you don’t need to ask for permission to exist.
huh? what's the even supposed to mean. These are some meaningless statements. Seriously, what are you talking about?
If you have to repeat to yourself all that maybe things aren't alright, don't you think?


then don't change anything and keep being a miserable stupid piece of shit.


File: 1698687914627.jpg (49.29 KB, 500x500, 1:1, FrMzN_CWABQluPj.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>succubi in particular are…
Disregard succubi, acquire magic you stupid asshole. No post on this website in any thread should start with "Succubi prefer.." or "All succubi are…". And no, I'm not some whiteknight defending succubi from critique. Angry crabs scientifically obsessed with succubi's sexual preference who post about it on the one site that aims to forbid it are the enemy here. Complete with a fucking "sweaty Chad highschooler" image that you saved to your smartphone in anticipation of this day to blackpill us uninformed innocent wizards on the realities of what makes succubi wet. Kill yourself.


you seem to be particularly obsessed with crabs and defending succubi on wizchan. Why does it bother you so much that a wizard warns other wizards of normalfags?


I don't want someone making posts which skirt the rules and directly contradict the site's mission, which is typical of a poster from one of the crab sites that routinely targets this place with exactly that type of post.

There are 2 options:
1. I call him a crab outisder. To which i get called "obsessed, coper, larper, failed normie". Which is no foreskin off my dick because those words don't mean anything and are just a reflexinve fallback argument for any weak whiner who just got backed in to a corner by my incredible wit and words of iron

2. I ignore it. To which the crab outsider things his post is OK.

And that user isn't "warning" anyone of anything. Wizards on Wizardchan are united in that we've already rejected the notion of having sexual relationships. This guy is coming in here as if we're all on the fence over the sex question, and ignorantly, arrogantly interjected with his specific qualms with succubi as an argument against perusing sex. Arguments which are, let's see.. "Succubi prefer to have sex with football stars instead of me"… Reasoning only a snippy snappy crab would consider valid for a second.

Newsflash, smalldick. "I'm too ugly to attract succubi, which is why I haven't yet" is the #1 case for being an involuntary celibate. To project that issue on to others and then even entertain the idea that it's a valid 'warning" about anything. Again, on the one site that has written rules against and 10 years of cultural rejection of caring about that… Maximum faggotry.



his post is on topic to the subject of the thread. Why are you so butthurt when someone criticizes normalfags for being superficial and evil especially succubi.
You are the only one who does this. It's almost as if you are a tryhard outsider. Nobody but you does this.


No "normal" person lands on this corner of the internet. We are simply different.
Accept who you are, and you'll feel better.


A post about succubi only wanting to fuck what you consider to be an attractive male is not on topic in a thread about a man upset that he's not attractive in his own eyes.


File: 1698690051718.jpg (387.24 KB, 1052x1312, 263:328, 1668963425015877.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Newsflash, smalldick.
Whoa, le ebin one word riposte in the last line of your post!
Good sir, I do believe you've won the internet argument.


File: 1698690262041.jpg (31.5 KB, 1052x1312, 263:328, 1698690051718.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Good sir, I do believe you've won the internet argument.
Whoe, le ebin ironic redditier sarcasticy in the last line of your post!
Good sir, I do believe you've won the internet argument.


>It's easier for autistic succubi to mask, because it's more socially acceptable for succubi to be shy, quirky and not look people in the eyes due to modesty.

females being autistic is a meme by now. There's even youtube videos mocking the idea of "autistic" succubi. Succubi are always part of the herd no matter how many flaws they have or how quirky and weird they might be, they will ALWAYS be accepted. There's always the meme of succubi can do nothing wrong and are always seen as poor victims. It's ingrained in their society and I say their because we autistic wizards clearly don't belong there.
>An autistic guy who is bad at masking who tries to pass himself off as neurotypical is very unsettling for NT's.
>So much that they will actively ostracize, bully and call him out for it.
that happened to me but I wasn't trying to be part of normalfags like OP. I was just trying to not draw any attention to me and females and males still mocked me and bullied me all through high school.
I retaliated but they always move in packs so they told the teachers that it was me who initiated the fights and acted aggressive and they believed it of course. For them it was all my fault so every time I defended myself I got a suspension, even the succubi testified for the chad bullies against me.
It's interesting when you are at the bottom of the social ladder everything even you being bullied is your own fault despite you not doing anything.


>It's interesting when you are at the bottom of the social ladder everything even you being bullied is your own fault despite you not doing anything.
moment like that makes me believe most of humans are apes in disguise waiting for the moment to chimp out without there being retaliation.


File: 1698692348790.jpg (29.39 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (4).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>moment like that makes me believe most of humans are apes in disguise waiting for the moment to chimp out without there being retaliation.

Normies are capable of much, much worse things.
>The Schwedentrunk (German: [ˈʃveːdnˌtʁʊŋk], Swedish drink) is a method of torture and execution in which the victim is forced to swallow large amounts of foul liquid, such as excrement. The name was invented by German victims of Swedish troops during the Thirty Years' War.
And they routinely come up with that sort of shit (pun intended) because they get bored of murdering each other in the 100s of millions in various conflicts. I don't want to bash this guy's skull wide open and play with his brains or behead him with a butter knife! That's so fucking BORING and CRINGE bro, we were doing that last year you stupid boomer. Now give me a bucket full of boiling diarrhea and a funnel!


>And they routinely come up with that sort of shit (pun intended) because they get bored of murdering each other
They come up with stuff like this to discourage enemy troops from crossing the border, and really, being forced to drink untasty things isn't much of a torture. The limpwrist humanitarian approach of "Give them bread and bed" doesn't help to deter an enemy army from stomping in to your homeland.
It's all so tiresome


File: 1698693325009.jpg (199.87 KB, 400x534, 200:267, schopenhauer_pringles.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

To quote Schopenhauer:
>The more sarcasticity, the more victoricity in your posticity.


File: 1698693466446.png (68.86 KB, 532x638, 266:319, 1697767654197482.png) ImgOps iqdb

Yeees, normie, being forced to drink boiling diarrhea is actually a good thing!


I don't even know if you're trying to mock other people, or just trying to mock yourself with posts like this.


We're all laughing at you normie. How does that make you feel? You're a loser who can't get laid even on wizchan.


Alright means a tolerable life, and little tips and tricks may be lame that it’s needed but whatever, if you aren’t suiciding you do what you do. It’s relative, alright to me means not constant suffering which suicide is better than.
And what it means, if you are ugly you get the feeling of being unwanted, and if you’re anxious ugly you will be conscious that other people are made uncomfortable by you. People will say you’re creepy, weird, and general social interactions that make you know others don’t want you there. It’s applicable to more neurotic wizzies, and you have to learn to say fuck them, I’m going to force them to be uncomfortable, giving yourself higher value that you can just exist and their reactions and discomfort is their own. It’s not meaningless words, it’s just probably only understandable by a certain kind of person. Just giving my honest words my wizzer don’t need to be so taken aback and hostile.


This pilpul's making me dizzy, wizzy


File: 1698712048485.png (2.03 MB, 753x707, 753:707, 1668348584547.png) ImgOps iqdb

You not doing anything is the entire problem. See that mass of flesh outside? They actually try to form social skills and not be creepy dorks that instantly turn any thinking being away in disgust. So instead of crying about doing nothing, stop being a bitch and do something.

All these so-called "autistic neruodivergents" are just unwashed uggos with shit social skills. You're not autistic, you're just untermensch. Leave us master wizzies in peace.


we should be exempt from going to school, it's normalfag's playground. We can now do all they studying we want at home.


I agree. It's torture being forced to endure prison-like conditions for more than a decade during our short childhoods, surrounded by primitive, hormonal retards.


half of those look like normies lol


only good thing about this shitty day and age where i live atleast is that people have too many problems to care if im ugly LOL. could imagine how rough the people had it in happier times though


Admin should start banning these dumb improvebrahs


File: 1699202810700.jpg (61.31 KB, 827x856, 827:856, self-imrpoov.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Mister actual retard,
post actual manuals towards whatever you're proposing and not condescending self-improover drivel about nothing.
Kill yourself.


He will just tell you to cold-shower x20 daily for 15 years and somehow that will get you an all paid for house and a million in the bank.


He is one though. He can lat raise 300kg, drinks only raw beluga milk, and is working on his 60th bestseller "Dick Thunderwand in: Succubi Senoritas and Sucking Seniors"


>Do people like me who are on the spectrum somehow transmit that information through facial features?

It is called facial expressions and body language.


Are you a succubus who spends all day thinking about what irrelevant beings think about your image? Are you really that stupid to think that being pretty will solve your whole shitty life?


Retarded take. Who wants to be ugly? I wouldn't want to be ugly. Then again OP probably just looks like a normal dude. Usually people who say they are ugly are completely unremarkable in their appearance.



Real answer: you don't

Gay answer: personality is all the matters. Looks fade. Confidence is key.

Did I do that right?


lel you're retarded.


File: 1699340802898.jpg (142.34 KB, 666x898, 333:449, 666px-Flickr_-_Government_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

But that's true? This ugly toad got tons of trim. A wizard is one inwardly. The failed normie is held back by his looks.


I wear stylish glasses that don't look nerdy, glasses can actually be fashoin sense. I have two pairs one is clear framed and the other had red frames but they look stylish. Glasses can be fine as long as you don't wear the typical ugly ones.


Because he was a high status big deal philosopher novelist man, and succubi go for status, that's it.


>i wear glasses despite not needing glasses
what kind of mega normalfag are you?


The point is if you think your looks are preventing you from having sex, you're categorically not a wizard.


You're literally the only one who mentioned sex in this entire thread. Talk about projection. You're definitely not a wizard.


Just an example but what is the point of this malding?

Personality gets people a lot further than looks. You either have to be Henry Calville handsome or a dwarf for physical appearance to make that much of a difference.


> You either have to be Henry Calville handsome or a dwarf for physical appearance to make that much of a difference.
scientifically and empirically false. You're really a disingenuous retard.




Well, probably it matters when trying to pick up succubi. Hence why I brought up sex. I can't think of someone at the DMV caring if somebody looks like Steve Buscemi and treating him differently according to his appearance. And somebody like Bruce Willis wouldn't get a halo effect. This whole thread is just lookism faggotry.


>probably it matters when trying to pick up succubi. Hence why I brought up sex
You're the only one who is mentioning sex and picking up succubi because you are a disingenuous retard who can only think in those terms. Being ugly and looking weird is a problem many wizards have and not because of the stupid reasons you think. Not only kids but adults too will bully and ostracize others based on looks alone. Many bad things can happen to you for being ugly, you can be blamed for shit you didn't do and others will be more prone to believe you did it without need of proof, you can be a victim of some prank because a normalnigger thinks you look funny, you can be hated just because normalfags don't like how you look, and so on.
Most wise wizards choose environments where they can be in solitude or where there's very little contact with others to prevent all this.


there's correlation between appearance and personality, or at least that's how normalfags perceive it, so they automatically spot you as a wizard and then nothing else really matters. wizards will be made to suffer. there is no salvation


> wizards will be made to suffer. there is no salvation
False. The salvation is in getting big. Go to the gym. Attaining a more masculine body that signals respect. Learning how to fight so you're confident.


it it interesting that fiction is generally like that: the hero is beautiful, the enemies are ugly. Perhaps there is some real truth to it because ugly people are treated badly by society and thus in response become emotionally darker people


File: 1699459123830.jpeg (149.07 KB, 1053x1299, 351:433, IMG_6893.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1699462303281.jpg (50.91 KB, 461x534, 461:534, inkwell.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This. It doesn't just pertain to succubi. Being an uggo also makes you a bullying target at school and at work, business, and so on.


My mental illness directly ruined my appearance. I grinded my teeth away in my sleep due to anxiety by the time I was 17 years old. It ruins the whole facial/jaw structure even with my mouth closed


i also have severe grinding, it even made one of my teeth sharp like a dog.

i dont think it changed my whole face, but who knows. im ugly.


it makes your teeth shorter, and your bite shift into an overbite. look at your face from the side profile and compare how it looks if your teeth are closed together vs if you open a little and align your front teeth. Then again, it's probably better that you dont see it.


opgif isn't ugly


You can get vindictive hate for being too pretty too tbh. I've noticed it with mentally slow attractive men, that other men will henpeck them and mock them behind their back for being not quite there. But otherwise normal slow guys just get by fine.

Don't underestimate tall poppy syndrome for the normies, and how much they feel envy. They'll knock you down if they're jealous of you and think you're better than them. And it can't be mitigated with being nice or generous, being generous to envious types makes their envy worse, they see it as you rubbing moral superiority in their face.

A lot of normies love bumbling slow failures because they make themselves feel better by comparison. Khrushchev in the Soviet Union got by with Stalin by playing up being a middling bumbling fool.


File: 1699506400231.jpg (92.87 KB, 691x1000, 691:1000, 515VTMDGS4L._AC_UF894,1000….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

*blocks your path*


a while back i posted about how i could understand that as young boys we all have the same good guy heroes, and yet boys behave like the bad guy villain bullies from TV. and a wiz replied that the villains from TV are ugly and weird and beat on by handsome heroes. and so thats why bullies can see themselves as the heroes of their own stories.


bullies beat the shit out of ugly kids because they want to be the hypermasculine figure they admire from tv shows, comic books, videogames, movies, etc.
In their minds they are not the villains, you are if you look like an ugly freak.


like the 1990s Batman popular in my boyhood, yeah all the villains were mentally ill ugly freaks with sob stories, but they still had to have the crap kicked out of em for disturbing the peace.


File: 1699591174551.jpg (1002.71 KB, 1587x1983, 529:661, IMG_4457.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

OP gif is absolutely fucking ugly. That's a face that will not change if its owner loses weight, or gets a haircut, or any of the other looksmax shit. That person is fucking doomed.

Considering how random and happenstance existence is, being saddled with ugly is a real fucking bad hand. But there are confident people who were born ugly as fuck and get by fine. They're the true freaks.


This is what I was talking about! He's just a normal looking dude. Nobody cares about his appearance. Also I am above average looking and was bullied in middle school because of my autistic behavior. That stopped for everyone at my high school.


indeed the OP is some guy who definitely will be relentlessly bullied in school. His face is too wide and looks like an ogre.


>saying he looks like an "ogre"

No John, you ARE the bullies.


The OP is not that bad. It's noticably autistic face (flattened mid-section, squinty eyes, curled mouth) but if whoever it is just doesn't try to mimic normal people and find whatever suits him he'll look fine. I'd say 70%-90% of issues with appearance would be fixed with the gym.


I've seen people who look like OP get bullied.


I've seen people who are conventionally attractive get bullied.


Ugly and autistic wizards are bullied more it's all documented and there's irreversible damage from it, like trauma and stress that lasts for years. Nice of you to mention that the "attractive" can be bullied too when it means nothing because it's also documented they go to live better lives because of their looks alone so whatever little inoffensive bullying they go through is meaningless in the long run unlike wizards.


Got it. you're once again turning a thread in to "Normalfags are privileged and can get away with murder while Wizards (IE anyone you perceive as "ugly") are going to live in despair and torment because some females snickered at him in the 6th grade"


Nah, you are disingenuous retard. The OP is asking for advice with dealing with the abuse that comes from being ugly and you just come here to post "attractive people get bullied too!!" You think we don't know who you are?


OP, or anyone else professing to being ugly here, has managed yet to justify why their looks are an objective hindrance to anything besides landing a mate.


yep, you are being a disingenuous retard again. Why are you posting on this thread if for your OP's problems aren't real? You really are a gaslighting normalnigger.


>Why are you posting on this thread if for your OP's problems aren't real?
He hasn't stated what those problems are exactly. Aside from "I'm ugly and sad because other people know it", which we're trying to figure out the 'why' of. Threads aren't echo chambers; we're allowed to have disagreements. I and others are disagreeing that OP's dilemma is a genuine conern for a wizard. This doesn't make us "normalniggers" as you claim in every instance of seeing an opinion you can't understand the merit of.

So take a stand, and put in your own words why a celibate male wizard who values solitude should feel bad that he's not attractive to succubi? How is his life being changed for the worse because of it?


>should feel bad that he's not attractive to succubi?
lol again, nobody said anything about succubi but it's obvious you are a gaslightning normalnigger who can't argue in good faith. Good to know you are here on a friday night being miserable thinking anyone will take you seriously :D


>Good to know you are here on a friday night being miserable
I'm spreading positivity by trying to set someone up to realize that they have no logical reason to be sad. You're here trying to convince him otherwise. You're the miserable one, Mr. Everyone but me is a normalfag gaslighting normalnigger and I will scour the website for any posts that I can say this on"

your ending :D fails to hide you r full-post-length >:(


>im spreading positivity

Lol it hurts you so much that nobody is buying your lies, strawman, and gaslight. Good to know you do it for free :D


File: 1699666292112.jpg (213.09 KB, 2048x1155, 2048:1155, 72E135C62AF67957B1E1133EAD….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Tell me how you feel about this picture in 4 words.


reminds a cake want one


Too much moose/frosting, I like the cake part of the cake the best.


File: 1699724631008.png (1.28 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1623389274690-2.png) ImgOps iqdb

>invalidating others based on their appearance and personality & life based on their appearance
Doesn't that sound familiar.


Unironically this.
I have been told FACE TO FACE by a recruiter that I'm visually unaesthetic to the point of being unhirable for a position where I'd meet clients regularly.

Or in other words I'm just too ugly.
This has nothing to do with getting succubi. That is just one of the side effects unless you are so rich you attract golddiggers.

Being ugly makes everyone treat you worse or with contempt. An ugly face is absolutely a curse.


The OP's gif isn't ugly, it's just a little fat.


Are you fat? The recruiter probably could've just meant you were too fat.


Being fat is still being ugly and there is little that the average wizard can do about it, since it involves going to one of the normiest places, the gym.


You can lose weight without going to the gym. Jogging is free.


>since it involves going to one of the normiest places, the gym
The gym is the nicest place you can fucking go to, at least to my experience and others. Unless you really are just so fucking ugly or hate normalfags so much, people will be willing to help you out. The only assholes in gyms are roiders and succubi.


Its probably The fact that you Look 4/10 and arent into Any normie things. Ive seen Many 4/10 tradecucks that Are Part of The group because They talk about Cars and sports, and attempt to weasel mocking people More stupid than them in Every single conversation.


>OP's image
Why does he move like a Civ III leader?




Not being neurotypical causes these things.

Alongside certain physical features mentioned before


He's the most normal-looking guy I've ever seen, which is why I called out OP for lookism. If you look like him and think people are talking about how ugly you look, your problem is main characger syndrome, not ugliness.


OP looks ugly as fuck. he'd definitely be picked on school. he has autistic gestures and the smile of a goblin.


Autistic gestures aren't looks Patrick


Just stop eating so much. Losing weight doesnt even need to have physical activity required.


File: 1699889273092.jpg (44.04 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 1699888730909041m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nah he is not ugly just chubby. You can see he has a square jaw and can grow out his hair. I'm actually ugly and look like the ubermensch or private pyle from full metal jacket. Not even fat but have a round face and balding is over.


what the fuck are you talking about? to me OPgif looks OK and his gestures/smile are funny if anything. you must be fucking trolls. i really don't understand what's autistic about it.


File: 1699940364780.jpg (620.93 KB, 2151x1789, 2151:1789, IMG_4372.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Some wizzies are so removed from reality they think someone as mind-numbingly ugly and off-putting as the OPgif is "OK." I can only assume you people are face blind.


Have been isolating myself as much as possible ever since middle school, then NEETed and almost never came out. I have a clarity of mind you can't dream of. OPgif isn't ugly.


my exact thoughts. I can barely stand looking at the face in OP without wanting to avert my eyes from it. Disgusting face.


What would you know about it?


the guy in the OPgif is just fat and has a shitty haircut.


File: 1699960433155.png (133.17 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1697761735813.png) ImgOps iqdb

Wizards: dude, you look fine, who cares what normies think?
Crabs: you look like an ogre goblin with autism! Might as well rope, the normies will never respect people like you and me!


it's sad but ugly people can't tell they are ugly which makes a lot of sense and there are lots of studies done on this:

Unattractive people are unaware of their (un)attractiveness

Analogous to the Dunning‐Kruger effect, the present research addresses the idea that objectively unattractive individuals are not aware of their own (un)attractiveness.

As just noted, incompetent people lack the metacognitive skills that are needed to recognize their own incompetence. Relatedly, it was examined whether unattractive people would have less general insight into who is attractive and who is not. It might be that unattractive people have a different beauty ideal than do attractive people and thus would not only overestimate their own attractiveness, but also perceive unattractive others to be more attractive compared to how these are rated by attractive people. It was therefore investigated if unattractive participants overestimate their own attractiveness the less they differentiate between attractive and unattractive stimulus persons

All six studies provide compelling evidence that self‐ratings of unattractive people mostly differ from how others perceive their attractiveness. In fact, relative to ratings by strangers, all studies showed that unattractive participants considerably overestimated their attractiveness. It is remarkable that across all studies, unattractive participants reported to be above‐average (relative to the scale midpoint) and their self‐rated attractiveness was similar to how the objectively attractive participants rated their attractiveness. Moreover, unattractive participants were mostly unaware of how others rate their attractiveness. The objective attractiveness was much lower than how the unattractive participants believed to be perceived by strangers. Overall, unattractive participants judged themselves to be of about average attractiveness and they showed very little awareness that strangers do not share this view. In contrast, attractive participants had more insights into how attractive they actually are. If anything, they underestimated their attractiveness. It thus appears that unattractive people maintain illusory self‐perceptions of their attractiveness, whereas attractive people’s self‐views are more grounded in reality.


>It might be that unattractive people have a different beauty ideal than do attractive people and thus would not only overestimate their own attractiveness, but also perceive unattractive others to be more attractive compared to how these are rated by attractive people
This is just a stupid fucking sentence.

>Subjective and objective attractiveness ratings were not significantly correlated. Participants perceived themselves to be more attractive compared to how they were perceived by the experimenters


wake the fuck up wizard
if a normie says that X is Y then it's objective absolute truth and anyone who has the gut to disagree will be eliminated


I mean yeah I agree. That's why it's silly for anyone less than 8/10 to even assume they are a volcel because others will just view them as ugly and unfuckable. If you're ugly there's nothing voluntary to your celibacy and I assume 99% of wizards are not model tier over 8/10.


I sincerely hope you get banned for this post.


that post is actually written by an admin. there is no hope


If I ever saw you in public I'd think to myself that this guy is not as ugly, plain, or retarded-looking than almost everyone else I see in public.


If this was the 1990's I'd agree but in 2023, you really aren't "voluntarily" celibate if you have a face that would literally get absolutely, utterly zero matches from any succubus no matter how hard you tried.


>All six studies provide compelling evidence that self‐ratings of unattractive people mostly differ from how others perceive their attractiveness. In fact, relative to ratings by strangers, all studies showed that unattractive participants considerably overestimated their attractiveness. It is remarkable that across all studies, unattractive participants reported to be above‐average (relative to the scale midpoint) and their self‐rated attractiveness was similar to how the objectively attractive participants rated their attractiveness.

This isn't surprising to be honest. Crabs in particular are exactly like this.
They post really ugly pictures of themselves as proof that they are mediocre or slightly better looking (which they aren't even close to), then insult all succubi when they give them no attention or matches.

Dunning-Kruger is the strongest when it comes to looks. Most ugly people are delusional when it comes to rating themselves.
Hell, even I as an ugly guy once thought I'm pretty average. When in fact I'm extremely ugly, to the point succubi would probably pay money to avoid looking at my face.


Guy in op is a 9/10



That's because you have the soul of a crustacean


Has nothing to do with your lookism faggotry! This is like saying I'm not voluntarily a non-astronaut. I mean sure, I don't have the skills or money to go to space but I also think it looks fucking boring and overrated, especially given all the sacrifices you have to make. I'm voluntarily celibate because I'm an antinatalist and think sex is evil. Simple as!


OP gif is ugly. One of my best friends in high school looked very similar, and he was relentlessly bullied because of it. Older students, as well as some classmates, would try to intimidate him, physically overpowering him and causing him to tumble to the ground. They would throw anything they could get their hands on, such as empty bottles, cans, and even fruits like apples and banana peels, harassing him whenever they could in the hallways, restrooms, and cafeteria.
I couldn't do shit because the guys who picked on him were taller and stronger and I didn't want my head smashed against the locker. You can't fight back against 6 ft dudes who double your weight. It's like asking to be killed. Teachers turn a blind eye and some bullying is done when they are not watching and it's also like normies had a psychological warfare against uglies, they will exclude him, not take what he says as seriously, some teachers seemed to be in on it and treated him like he was retarded or inferior to the rest of the class. School is a small ecosystem that replicates a bigger one and it's hell for true wizards.


Never happened


Possibly happened


Actual ugliness is typically caused by some deformity or deficiency. I'm ugly because of chronic mouthbreathing as a child, one thing that does induce actual facial ugliness in people.

OPs gif isn't ugly. He has nice even teeth, he has a strong healthy jawline and his face is without blemishes. Everything is functioning as it should be. He completely mogs me for that reason.

I strongly think that beauty is important to the extent it serves as a correlation for health and good genes. The runaway shit Koreans do where they shave their jawlines off and desperately get botox to look younger is all missing the point of what beauty is about. succubi are ugly at an older age because you're past your reproductive years, any attempt to cling onto that youth is futile because it's passed.

As a shut in wizard I don't care too much about being ugly. I don't need looks for anything important, I don't hold a job, I only talk to my family. I'm autistic so I wouldn't be dating anyway. And there's nothing wrong with a little Dunning Kruger with looks, if it helps people have self esteem and get by in the world, why not be a little delusional?


>I am ugly
You can't objectively rate the OP gif because you are already biased by your own unattractiveness. He isn't average or normal just because he is better looking than you lol. You don't even mention how wide and ogrish his fat face looks and his smile makes him look like a creep.

He has the type of face that can't be fixed with losing weight.


Couldn't have said it better, and I'm an ugly fuck too.

He is the kind of guy succubi at the school cafeteria would report to the authorities for looking at them.


I never said he was attractive, I never even said he was normal, I just said he wasn't ugly. Ugly is reserved for something unappealing, similar to disgust, he isn't repulsive because everything is in the right place and functioning properly.

The meth addict with missing teeth and scaly skin is ugly. The down syndrome kid is ugly for congenial reasons. I'm ugly. The OP isn't ugly. We somewhat agree but just disagree on categorical issues.

Go back 600 years ago and people were more concerned with health than looks, there's a reason beautiful and healthy are close to synonymous. Ask yourself if there's anything as an unattractive person you cannot actually do physically? Are you really "sub-human" like the crabs say for not meeting arbitrary beauty standards, when you are physically in prime health and do everything to a sufficient degree.


>Go back 600 years ago
Are you autistic by any chance or just severely stupid? Your argument is so stupid because it relies on subjectivism. "No, that guy isn't really ugly because there's people without teeth and bad skin now that's ugly", "no, that 6feet chinese peasant who towers over everyone in China isn't really tall because in the Netherlands that's the average height for males" That's exactly how you sound.
>Ugly is reserved for something unappealing, similar to disgust
His face and smile provokes disgust, he isn't average. I'd rather not have to look at his face it's eerie and creepy.
>Are you really "sub-human" like the crabs say
Who? What does that have to do with judging someone's appearance. What matters is the truth.
> you are physically in prime health and do everything to a sufficient degree.
You miss the point entirely. You literally get bullied if you are ugly and your mental health worsens which has a direct impact in your life that's everlasting. That's the degree of importance bad looks can have on your life.


>You literally get bullied if you are ugly and your mental health worsens which has a direct impact in your life that's everlasting.

I never got bullied for being ugly. Why do you think that's a given?


The worst part of being ugly is that everyone is biased against you so you miss out on the same opportunities good looking and average people have by default. There's plenty of studies saying teachers give good grades to good looking people and are more lenient towards them and that translates to better lives. Even parents love their children more when they turn out to be attractive, this happens since the moment they were born they will shower good looking babies with more care and attention than ugly babies. They also grow up to be more successful and have to do less work than ugly people :(


File: 1700028089315.jpg (56.68 KB, 583x663, 583:663, v1ya59er400c1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, total clarity. That which can only come from sitting in your own filth, experiencing the universe from a screen.

Some of us actually have jobs and function in the world. We know what's ugly and what isn't from this thing you'll never have: life experience.

Your highfalutin sage-on-a-hill "clarity" is just a baby blanket of comfort from being unable to endure the real pain the world has to offer. You're probably ugly, too.


File: 1700030847522.png (1.66 MB, 1000x1161, 1000:1161, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

you're exaggerating. Not being beautiful don't means you are ugly or unattractive, probably is average and that's fine. You guys are so out touch of reality that the guy in the OP gif is an "ugly" dude; no, het's above average and just need to lose weight to be in his prime.


dumb esl brazilian nigger. Come back when you've finished learning basic grammar. Otherwise don't even try to argue with anyone in here.


t. brazillian
only huebr cares about this


t. covert normalfaggots
whatever problems opgif guy has ain't his looks. if you are so keen on defending your normalfaggot point of view care to bring in some pictures of not ugly people? if you're not fuck off back to tictok or wherever you come from, because at this point it is clear obvious you are mere trolls trying to pass as wizards when in fact you probably fuck twice a week.


Fucking wizchan 2k23 right here


Funny how you bring up zero arguments and instead just act butthurt while every wizard provides not only multiple studies but their experiences growing up as wizards. Talk about being a normalfag in denial.


that one about Dunning-Kruger? it does nothing to support your
>zero arguments
that said you're the one butthurt. >>285106 contains a direct request you fail to complete because you're a lying normalfaggot


>adhoms to invalidate science and wizards' life experiences
typical "normalfag" whenever he tries to argue.


Opposite point of view - Being in the world rather than growing up on modern social media there’s much uglier people than op gif doing fine. Especially since op gif has a distorted lens from being so close to camera and slow mo distortion. The gif starting to show off his side profile inclines me to think it’s a BPD crab forum poster anyway, and half of them look fine in their other pictures.


holy crap all those guys look hideous just like the OP gif. What the fuck is this school shooter phenotype?


keep seething


Really most posters here ARE normals. The avidity wherewith this thread has drawn replies is proof of that. There are better threads dealing with philosophical and political issues, yet the one in which we debate the looks of some guy on a random gif brings in the greatest number of replies. The intelligence level of this board does not seem as high as it once was – this would indicate normies masking themselves as wizards and drawing down the level of discussion. They are like w/o/m/e/n in that they only exist in relation to how others evaluate them socially. They have submitted themselves to the adjudicating eyes of w/o/m/e/n like hopeful dogs searching for an approving master. Without effeminately relying on the daily social cues of those around them to either affirm or deny their attractiveness, they are lost. The crab/blackpill cult is a sort of observable social currency that documents how feminized men have become in that they cannot remove themselves from thoughts of sex and are almost ideologically bound to seeking others' approval for their appearance.

"Yes, this is your looks level; no, you are not as attractive as you thought you were; you are delusional; succubi think you're disgusting; no wizards are attractive, etc." Men are so conditioned by w/o/m/e/n that they enforce feminine social hierarchies onto other men through insult, shame, and mockery…even on an anonymous imageboard whose ideals are wholly separate from such things.


most of them are actually benign. maybe a few bitter psychopaths, but they are distributed evenly among people regardless of attractiveness. some of guys on the pic actually look all right.


every single one of those guys >>284225 looks like the stereotype of a bullying victim. They look like they had some developmental problems growing up that led them to a malformed skull and face. Most are ugly and those who aren't look weird.


yes those guys certainly had developmental problems, but that does not actually makes the school shooters as many of such guys are actually scared and as peaceful as possible. it's also not granted that they were bullied, it largely depends on the country and rarely on classmates. however it is likely that every one of them was somehow harassed, which doesn't qualify as bullying but doesn't contribute to the mental well being.


a good post


>feminist retard who avoids the succubi filter
>good post
Normalfags come here to /dep/ to attack ugly wizards and deny their experiences because it breaks their just world fallacy and hurts their normalfag ego, for them everyone in life is treated fairly and has the same chances at success.

Things couldn't be further from the truth. Wizards tend to always get the short end of the stick but that's something normalfags will try to deny and fail at it.

No matter how many times you call something that's black white, it won't ever make it white. Despite normies wanting everyone to be deluded like themselves, it won't have an effect.


>>feminist retard who avoids the succubi filter
literally fuck off back to /r9k/ you're not wizard you're a crab who is bitter because he doesn't get laid. your problem is not your ugliness. your problem is that you were born with crab mentality which has doomed you forever. there is not hope in life for crabs, because you're mentally incapable of achieving peace of mind.


A video on why how ugly people are too ugly and biased to rate themselves objectively


Exactly, they want to justify their own privilege or luck with the just world theory.


That face happens when the succubus is 35+ years old at conception and the male is a 40-45+ year old autist who likely works in engineering or programming.


>psychology today
i really hate this kind of content.


>video full of scientific studies trying to make sense of why people regard themselves as more attractive than they are that's on topic to the thread at hand
>I-I hate this content that proves me wrong and contradicts my beliefs!!
Don't watch it, then. Wizards love learning about human psychology.


Not to mention one of the hugest factors in becoming a wizard is the ostracism and bullying you get as an ugly guy.

So I don't really understand that poster crying about this being a point of discussion.
When it's one of the biggest factors in a male becoming a wizard.


What's happening on this thread is normalfag butthurt 101
Normalfags take solace in anything confirming their flimsy worldview but get insanely mad and irrational when faced with the truth. Wizards speak nothing but the truth and that hurts their emotional brains. Wizards can say they were bullied and ostracized for being ugly and a normalfag will cry and try and set the record "straight" and claim it's false that in reality the wizards were bullied for having a bad personality or some other bullshit, despite them not ever being there. It's a form of gaslighting they are so used to do.


>get called a feminist
>respond by rage spamming crab
you literally just proved his point


This is a good example of typical no brain imageboard discussion. Both sides quickly notice that they lack substantial arguments to convince the other side, so they gleefully hijack the entire thread into their favorite kind of activity: substituting statements with something that has nothing to do with original point of discussion and wholeheartedly insulting each other as much as possible. The fact that such low tier "discussion" exists is a sure indicator that the audience of the site in question mostly consists of our beloved /b/tards. Ahh, sweet /b/tard. They don't even necessarily have to be 4chan regulars, no. It is not about 4chan. It is about this sweet /b/tarded mentality, which you see everywhere on modern imageboard. If they appear somewhere on the line of sight you have no choice but to accept that doom that's quickly approaching. With the around there is no hope of having a discussion/conversation/just-a-normal-talk. They are mentally incapable of having a meaningful interaction. Whether they come from realms of normalfags or not does not actually matter. They are the ones that brought about the downfall of the whole anonymous community, because their heinous behavior repels the sparks of intelligence that might accidentally find their way into the site. Virgins or no virgins, they are disgusting. They lack the fraction of tithe of a wisdom of a wizard. They are mere schoolboys in comparison to the bearded sages. Look at the smug faces they make while reading this post. Do you really like being one of them?


Oh and I forgot to add that this behavioral pattern is not inherent to the internet visitor I dismissingly called /b/tards. This is kind of thing that happens everywhere in real life, especially if the ones arguing are normalfags. They are the backbone of humanity. The ultimate sheep with absolutely no brain. I honestly believe there was a brief period in the history of internet when they were not allowed to participate, because if there wasn't, it is very, very saddening.


File: 1700122549089.gif (352.63 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 1689198436902383.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Wizards love learning about human anything


short is also ugly too. I have to deal with the consequences of both. Being short and ugly. Normalfags hate me and I don't even do or say anything, just keep to myself.


File: 1700125537144.jpeg (5.07 KB, 223x226, 223:226, download - 2023-07-31T024….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

At the risk of being banned, I think I have more in common with a philosophical pessimist who even had a lot of sex but renounced it as a vain pursuit, like Emil Cioran, than a crab who is held back by his looks and insecurity from being part of the normie system.


File: 1700125688036.jpeg (4.74 KB, 288x175, 288:175, download - 2023-08-29T055….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Of course the ideal is somebody who is both socially compromised and rejects normalfaggotry. But I'm just saying, I identify more with the latter.


normalfags phoneposters and posers derailing this thread because it hurts their feelings. Lmao


There isn't a single phonefaggot filename itt. But phone ownership is no longer a way to sniff out normalfags anyway. I have no idea how you live without a phone. And if you do own a phone, there is little stopping you from phoneposting yourself, other than an arbitrary self-imposition.


>It's impossible to fit into society when people just look at you and instantly see you as non-neurotypical.
>Do people like me who are on the spectrum somehow transmit that information through facial features?
we do. They always can tell. Wizards and normalfags aren't the same.


Okay scratch that, I forgot how filenames work here. But yeah, phoneposting is no longer a normie thing.


Is there any hint of "genetic affinity for thin framed glasses" being an actual thing? In my mind the stereotype of a "nerd" includes thick frames, and if you put the word in any search engine these will be the results, and you also see that if you try for old Star Trek convention pictures, or D&D tables, or something in that sense (I was going to post some pics but I'm blocked from it).


is this statement about glasses true at all? there are plenty of normalfags in glasses. and plenty of creepy people without them.


There are, but they don't look like that, they have "normal" faces. For example Bill Clinton occassionally wore glasses but he doesn't look like that. Neither does Barack Obama. They're just normies/neurotypicals who happened to get worse vision with age.

Most guys with myopia kinda do look like that "phenotype" in the collage picture, they're like clones of each other when it comes to their facial features.
And it doesn't happen to them with age, it's something that happens to them at age 5-6.

I remember being the only kid with glasses in my classroom in first grade, and I was also the only autistic kid.


Public people can have specialists that help them choose frames that don't make them look like inbred dysgenic abominations, or just wear lens, we never know how many of them do it. There was also an old pic about all the wave of psychotic feminists wearing the same type of glasses, but maybe it works like a trend, just as when a lot of autists were wearing fedoras for some reason. What sounds weird to me is the idea of genetic predisposition for the style of one's attire.


>I remember being the only kid with glasses in my classroom in first grade, and I was also the only autistic kid.
wow, i too was the only kid with glasses.
that might explain some things.


>im not a wizard
kill yourself, nigger.


>le crabs in a bucket
haven't heard this bullshit in a while. anyway, enjoy your bans, norman.


the normalniggers who come here, a site for male celibate virgins, only to complain about crabs all day even in unrelated threads aren't even virgins themselves and yet they think their opinions or thoughts on anything matter.


>posts in a thread for wizards problems to defend normalfags
>he isn't even a wizard himself nor does he care
>cries about crabs
Kill yourself.


Exactly correct. Normals are not human. They are retarded psychopathic animals and willing slaves of succubi. They should not be here. There is a war in this thread between wiz-gods and normscum – nay, this entire thread started out as discussion relating to some guy's looks (normie-brain subject), then the enlightened wizzies tried helping the demented normals to think more rationally, only for the normals to become collectively angry and out of telepathic group instinct gang up with greatened fervor on the few clear-minded wizards endeavoring to show them a better way. They even often proudly confessed that they are not wizards. This thread has now become much more than it was ever intended to be: a psychological catalogue of the normie group-mind and how viciously it acts towards anyone who behaves differently from itself.


Dipshit post.
>How many football jock looking guys (facially) have you seen at a Dungeons and Dragons convention?
Social skills and appropriate facial expressions can be acquired through pure repetitious practice.

The piece of retard shit is you. You have said nothing of value in your post other than "be this". It's a stupid void statement offering no practical steps.
It's like saying "Be like Michael Jordan to be good at basketball", when in reality Michael Jordan was pissing and shitting his pants most of the time about losing his spot on the team and being poor again.


You missed the mark. Dungeons and Dragons has become popularized and it's not a nerd wizard niche hobby anymore same as every other nerd hobby, is now targeted for the masses of normalfags, look at baldurs gate for a niche game that is now about to win GOTY of 2023, so yes, you will find even those uberchads in conventions. His post rings true in every other aspect >>284233
Autistic wizards and normalfags are two complete different species and there is nothing we can do about it. I'm not going to try and mask because why should I? Just to fit in with people that will never accept me and talk shit behind my back? That's every normalfag.


and this is sad wiz. i yearn so badly for a place with no normalfags i get enough of them anyway. yearn to get some rest.


Normies love to bully and punch down ugly wizards in the name of whatever made up justifications are convenient at the time, around normies never relax. I've seen it happen so many times growing up that a poor ugly kid gets beaten for no reason at all then you realize it's because he is not neurotypical and looks weird.


selfimproovers be like
>doesn't matter that you have no legs, just be confident and they'll grow back


selfimproovers be like
>hey man a wheelchair might help you get around instead of just not moving at all. you don't want one? dude just get a wheelchair life will be easier for you trust me. prove it? nah, fuck off dude, just stay miserable then.




>This is horrifically bad
>It's not that bad
>You're only saying that because you're a LOSER and you got BULLIED, and you thinking it's not bad is evidence you're a delusional bullied loser!

Ironically, you're behaving exactly like the people you're most complaining about. Half the replies to people in this thread could constitute bullying and put downs, you seem to be doing your utmost best to crash the self esteem of people browsing.


normalfags will bully wizards for any reason they can find if you are ugly then that's what they will go for


>you seem to be doing your utmost best to crash the self esteem of people browsing.
Because that's exactly the goal of this entire thread. Just replace I by you.


Following your logic, the goal of the hentai thread is to get wizards to masturbate to gay furry porn, traps, and little succubi. Why aren't you protesting there?


>Following your logic, the goal of the hentai thread is to get wizards to masturbate to gay furry porn, traps, and little succubi
I think that's pretty obvious at this point.


There's no other reason for that thread to exist outside of containment.


>wanted to see what normies consider "ugly" so I went to a /soc/ rate thread
>attractive guys getting 5 and 6 ratings
>normal guys 2-4
>this dumb slut posts
>like 5 guys go ZOMG 8/10!

Absolutely disgraceful. I guess its all about sex to them but if that's their standard, I totally can understand where you guys are coming from. Anyway, I was a fool to think normies evaluated attractiveness like me (which is to say, objectively of course) and I should learn not to give the eternal normie the benefit of the doubt.



Don’t take anything said on 4chan seriously. The stuff said there isn’t reflective of reality.


If anything, its probably worse irl. I mean most of these people were probably trying to ingratiate themselves with the other normies to get better evaluations themselves.


It isn’t.


>Don’t take anything said on 4chan seriously.
>The stuff said there isn’t reflective of reality.
Actually, it depends but you need to use common sense. In your case, I guess it's too hard for you to handle the truth.


>common sense
Enlighten us.


you are part of the cult


I hate seeing this gif so I blocked it. Not because he is ugly, but because his movement is so uncanny and creepy. I guess this is what succubi mean when they mean a guy is creepy, a guy who they aren't attracted to trying to sex them up. Again, it isn't because the guy is ugly.

Now I can understand why crabs think succubi only want chads. They do weird shit like this and don't even think of why it is seen as weird. They always jump to looks, which isn't completely true.


File: 1700521392096.gif (947.16 KB, 384x384, 1:1, hey.gif) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1700529512184.jpg (188.4 KB, 1170x1147, 1170:1147, IMG_5162.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

You've nailed it, wizzie. The OPgif is awkward, self-conscious, aware of his trying-while-he-tries. Not only succubi sense its fakeness—all humans do.

The truly creepy don't understand why they're creepy. They're inauthentic, unnatural, graceless. Ugly.


>I hate seeing this gif
>so I blocked it.
lol lookshurt
>Not because he is ugly,
lol delusional nigger. It is because he is ugly. you can replace the OP with an actual good looking dude doing the exact same motions and gestures and you wouldn't be creeped out like you are
> his movement is so uncanny and creepy.
because he is ugly.
> this is what succubi mean when they mean a guy is creepy,
> it isn't because the guy is ugly.
It is because he is ugly you delusional nigger lmao normalfags like you are so delusional is funny to see.


You're retarded! Obviously Chad looks good shooting up a school because of halo effect. It doesn't mean the guy in OP isn't just a normal looking dude and not particularly ugly.


do you crabs have anything except your ass to testify that op is ugly and not just being arbitrarily dumb with that cringe movements of his?


It's almost like looks are subjective or something.


Not that subjective


if looks are not subjective what measures except their ass do crabs offer?


how long are you planning to cry about crabs? You should kill yourself instead. Nobody on wizchan wants to read your butthurt posts.


yknow subjective doesn't mean "cannot be measured", it just means everyone will measure it somewhat differently.


they pretend to have an objective measure, [irony]based on females' opinions[/irony]


it's over, OP. I'm balding as well.


The remarks from men are even more numerous than anything succubus say about balding…


why do mention females and defend them in your post?


I read some studies saying that ugly people tend to be introverted, shy, and more solitary than their counterparts who are good looking or average, and it makes sense considering people don't want to be around you because of how you look or they will actively make you socializing more difficult and like a pain unlike with the rest.

There's no cope for being ugly as much as there is a cope for being short. Unless you count withdrawing in your room and spending time alone as a cope, but that's because others ostracize ugly people. It's well documented that we also get paid less and in school lower grades or treated poorly by teachers, etc. the abuse we receive from society never ends.

This isn't even a conspiracy, this is human nature in display. It will be nice if this was a fair world, but it isn't.


How many people here are truly ugly?

I thought I was ugly in school and it made me bitter so I isolated myself and wallowed in self-pity way before this culture emerged on imageboards.

Only way later did I realize that I was just average. Instead of seeing this as a negative because I won't be getting free adoration I should have seen it as a relief that my looks won't hold me back and I should become an attractive person in other ways. If you open your eyes you see that all the crab dooming is just false. There are so many guys that look average and yet have good jobs and attractive partners. All this "blackpilling" I see online is a true cancer that is ruining lives.


Very few people are truly ugly or beautiful. It's a bell curve, and most full on ugliness is when people purposely make themselves ugly through drug or meth addiction. Most people are somewhere within the range of average, on one side or another, and are just boring.

Literally just fuck off, you've been at your moping for weeks now. There's other traits your wah wahs also apply to, like height, intelligence, personality, health, wealth, etc. You can pick out any inequality in the human experience to do this shit with. Yes, we all know being ugly sucks. What's the point in repetitively going into detail about it in the myriad of ways it expresses itself?


One day Im going to kill all the normalfaggots who made fun of me for my looks.


I went bald in my early 20s. I look like a "subhuman" and the kumbaya "let's contribute to society we're all one happy family" normies treat me like a turd. I got over pussy a long time ago but I can sense it affect my life in many other ways.


life imitates art. We are the reject and we did nothing to deserve it, but in every story, movie, play, comic, novel, etc. there has to be heroes and villains, good looking and ugly people, intelligent and dumb people, and so on…


I am truly ugly. Can’t speak on most others here but my face is beyond fucked up.


What we can learn from this thread is that ugly people are insufferable and should all be indiscriminately killed.


lol uglyhurt.


total wizard death

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