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This place is swarming lately with fools who still yearn about fapping being natural and good, probably demonic kwiifarmers who got bruised as hell by some random stuff here.

The userbase should really wake the F up, so these psychos rot even worse knowing we are not fall into ignorance about this.
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Cares about what exactly?


bunch of stock footage for 11 minutes and some made up AI Boomer reading from a made up script.
people gotta be really gullible to fall for that scam.



What are they even selling?


your time,
converting your lifetime into shekels thanks to jewtube advertisement.
>more clicks = more money for them


I think nofap is attractive because it doesn't require anything from you, yet promises so much according to the proselytizers. Who knows? Maybe something really will happen if I stop touching my dick for a month or two or maybe even six. Woah, imagine the insane power after a year! You get trapped in magical thinking, the same way succubi get stuck on crystals and astrology. Yet you don't actually do anything to help yourself. It serves as a way to trick yourself and procrastinate on actual life problems. Yeah, I'll do it when I charge up my sperm-powered chakra, it will be a piece of cake then! It's both sad and laughable that grown ass men fall for this shit…

Even for so-called porn addiction. The solution is actually the opposite of what these idiots say. You should just masturbate and finish quickly. Then you're free for an hour at least. Even if you get horny again, the brakes are already built into your body. Second time is less pleasurable, third time it's barely even worth it, then you move on to something else because you're naturally bored. In total, you spent, 10 minutes per fap, half an hour out of your busy day being an executive wizard, and you didn't need any willpower. Basically, just stop edging because you can go on for hours like that, but if you finish quickly, you're done and you'll have that post-nut clarity to do other things.


>who cares
Given the answer at >>292780 I need no longer to bitchslap you deeper about it, eat shit.

As long as these be not taken from me, who cares? the point would be refraining ourselves from buying from whoever branch dares to pay jewtube for ads, then it's just them who lose the money.

So what I get trapped into crystals and astrology? Damn, imagine fleeing yourself from every single thing done by succubi just driven by fear of being judged like them, peak normalfag post.

It was already clear we need it to combat the effects of aging as much as we can on our weak, pale, wizardly flesh, it's so idiotic to think that this is the only cure against chronic pains… shitposts like yours sure sound like a nice warning about how we don't want our brains in the long term
>no fap to increase energy
>but then it makes you procrastinate
read your posts twice before pushing Enter, it's peak retard blabbering


Lol, you're probably the same dork spamming the "human design" bullshit, literal astrology crap for succubi.

What have you done with all your esoteric wisdom?


>As long as these be not taken from me, who cares?
are you illiterate or something?
they steal YOUR TIME with pointless AI slop videos.
might as well watch porn.


>doesn't know abt any proper adblocker

Being a dork ;)


most people dont use adblockers and if it wasnt profitable that channel wouldnt have tons of low effort AI slop videos with ads.


most people are less than animal so whats your point retard?


the point is you watch (waste your time) content that was solely made for monetization.
you could play with your own dick but instead you listen to AI david attenboro narrate his broken cock

whos the retard now? you are


playing with your dick is equally waste of time though. unless you refer your abstinence to a certain end, not only will you waste your time with nofap, you will also fail in it, and you will not improve in anything. the same goes for fap. as long as you refer it to yielding to the impulse, you will not improve in anything except in losing to your impulses.


but at least for fapping and porn you can make the argument that it is Entertaining and Fun, where is the Entertainment and Fun in listening to some shill tell you how to deal with your cock?
what annoys me most is all these faggots that made this nofap nonsense their lifestyle and now feel the need to shill it absolutely everywhere.
they are the same as gay people who have to dress like faggots so everyone knows they are faggots and the only topic they talk about is how much of a faggot they are.


>Entertaining and Fun
fap and porn cause long term damage and are not entertaining or fun in the least. fap and port are covert evil that exploits you through your lust and desire of endless pleasure.
>where is the Entertainment and Fun in listening to some shill tell you how to deal with your cock
[strikethrough]the fun part is you[/strikethrough] i must admit there is no fun in listening to shills pretty much the reason i rarely miss a change to tell these people they are faggots and their videos are garbage.

stop jerking off NOW




>fap and porn cause long term damage
its literally harmless but feel free to post statistics of how many have died from porn and fapping lol (spoiler: its zero)
>stop jerking off NOW


Oh, no please. Go ahead. We were simply discussing things amongst those who cherished the thread.


>its literally harmless
it isn't. all harm is mental. people who can't force themselves to stop fapping are mentally weak. you don't need statistic to know that a huge amount of dysfunctional people, druggies and alcoholics are porn addicts. that's the sign of weakness


>people who can't force themselves to stop fapping are mentally weak.
and now you are going to pretend like you are the mentally strong here because you didnt touch your pecker? cmon man.
If nofap is making you soo mentally strong how come you are still some bottom of the barrel loser living on the outskirts of soyciety?
just face it man, you are the same loser as everyone else here, not fapping didnt improve anything for you.


>If nofap is making you soo mentally strong how come you are still some bottom of the barrel loser living on the outskirts of soyciety?
Figures. Your porn-rot crab brain can't comprehend how someone who is strong could possibly use that strength for anything besides raping succubi and becoming HIGH STATUS. Get the fuck off of our website.


>someone who is strong
but you arent that someone and you arent strong, see not touching your dick doesnt make you "stronger" in any way compared to someone who does, you are still the same weak loser as before, still a pushover for normalfags, still some poorfag that struggles the same way as every other social outcast.
at some point you gotta accept that your nofap nonsense shilling is not gonna turn you into a normalfag, something that you so desperately desire (I never even mentioned any succubi or "high status", it was the first thing that came to YOUR mind and then you projected it on me).


You troon grammar is difficult to read, and the points you're trying to make only reinforce our beliefs that you're a self-hating crab who jerks off a lot as a means of coping with the fact that you're a LOSER who doesn't get PUSSY. Leave this website if you're so obsessed with sex and social status to the point of thinking anyone who doesn't obsess over those things is false.


nowhere does it say that to be a wizard you also have to be subscribing to the eunuch nofap lifestyle and fapping is basically just harmless body maintenance anyway.

also you still refuse to tell us how the nofap nonsense improved your life.
go on, tell us about all the things you accomplished now that you gotten so much stronger from not touching your weiner.


>how come you are still some bottom of the barrel loser living on the outskirts of soyciety?
because in my eyes wizardry is a major victory, in your eyes it's a defeat. go back to crab bucket and keep drowning in misery.


Im losing the fight, pray for me.


I lost


You only "lose" if you want to "lose".


no. you're either retarded or need to elaborate on your opinion


Ok boyos. It's almost all we needed to know about nofap to properly value it: how much resented coomers in denial end up getting about us for merely trying.
Let them rot


How? No one is making (you) masturbate but yourself. (You) choose masturbate because (you) want to do it and see some value in it. If it is something within your control and (you) don't want to do it the don't do it.


fap is fundamental, strong and hardwired urge that is specifically designed to circumvent reason and bind your will its way. when you will loose to it does not depend on you. on you only depends when you stop struggling against it. you get better with time ofc.
thanks for confirming your retardation


Fapping is not fundamental, it's a (poor) substitute for sex and intimacy. Eating, sleeping, and shitting are fundamental. You will not die or suffer from negatively if you don't act on your body's urge to mate. You don't "struggle against it" you realize that the urge is there and let it pass. If you try to struggle or fight it then you "lose". Do nothing and you "win".


It's easy as fuck man, you're not doing anything special.


you need to do more introspection you're in denial and you thinking is fundamentally impaired right now
>Fapping is not fundamental
once your stress level drops you'll find it to be otherwise
>You will not die
you will not die if you stop posting either
>you realize that the urge is there and let it pass
you realize posting is a waste of time and let it pass
>If you try to struggle or fight it then you "lose"
indeed, the only winning move is not to play
>Do nothing and you "win".
excellent. is this why you're so agitated right now?


Stop larping. You know very well why I'm agitated. It's because succubi shun me and society is a joke.
So I'm forced to spend time arguing with autists and playing video games.

If I was allowed to be good looking or rich for even a week I wouldn't post in this festering pit.
Life truly is a punishment, and you are part of the pain.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


yer showing sagewiz


Most reasonable post on this thread. People here are deluded.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


You are right.
Like who the fuck would be posting on /dep/ if we were all rich and handsome. I don't know why you were banned for that post.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


If your depression is rooted in your inability to woo a mate with your looks, please keep it to yourself. Accusing those who are unbound by such a condition of being "copers, liars, or larpers" is a rule 4 violation.


Good looks and an athletic build are connected to both good health and reproductive ability, greater body image, greater confidence, greater emotional control, no mental disorders, better social lives, etc., all associated with a happy individual. Add to that being rich and it basically means an individual whose outlook on life is the antithesis to any wizard posting on this board. That poster is right, you would be retarded to be posting in a depression board if you are both good looking and rich.

You shouldn't be a mod if you take what depressed wizards say as a personal attack and can't read the room.


i am >>292965 my looks are average, my neurodevelopmental issues show both in my body language and in my face and even in speech, everybody notices it within a few hours of talking to me. i do sports, so i have some muscles, but i also spend all days home, so i am thin and small and my "athletic build" is completely out of any competition. thanks to sports my physical health is ok apart from a few permanent traumas i received in high school. i have no money at all and completely depend on my parents and government. i am also khhv and have no plans of interacting with succubi beyond what is absolutely necessary. i also do semen retention. return to your crab bucket and keep whining about not getting laid there. this is not a depression board, this is a depression board for WIZARDS, not for crabs, you're not welcome, sorry for inconvenience.


>permanent trauma
>neurological issues
>bad body language
>thin and small
>completely depend on my parents and government
>this is a depression board for wizards
Your post just confirms what the other wizards have said. You wouldn't be here posting in a /dep/ board if you were a good looking, athletic, rich, healthy normalfag. The science points this out as well, you are here because you suffered trauma and went through abuse as a result of shortcomings you're not responsible for. They're all out of the bucket admitting to themselves that things would be very different had they been born in a different family, socioeconomic status, physical fitness, looks that don't signal to the rest a disability, neurotypicality, etc. and your life history demonstrates it further.


Exactly. Which is why it boggles the mind why that user was banned.

This IS a coping mechanism for those who were unlucky in the genetic lottery and also have to suffer weak financial situations for one reason or another.

What kind of wizard would post here if they had the option of sipping margaritas on a white beach in the Bahamas or Sardinia instead?
Let me tell you, zero.

I'm a 44 year old wizard and the only reason I've posted here for 10+ years is because it's literally the only place where I can be myself.
I have nothing in life. No money, no looks, not even a job. I just have internet access, this board and a few games and news sites.


my post confirms that you can be unfit khhv while not being a crab, i don't give shit about your post please stop ban evading
>Which is why it boggles the mind why that user was banned.
because he is a crab, and you are likely a crab as well. just take your females the fuck out of this site. you're so fucking hopeless. all your fucking problems boil down to not having a pussy and when you finally and justly get banned you seethe like all true crabs do. go back to whatever is the central crab forum right now


so you admit in your posts to be abused, traumatized, unfit, thin, small, depressed, a khhv with neurodevelopmental issues, a fucked up body language and face, having difficulty speaking, on wellfare and living with your parents, but you have the gall to lash out at wizards when they say that they wouldn't be here on dep if they didn't have any of those problems that they share with you. You are either not being honest or simply lying. I respect them more for being truthful. I cannot respect someone that lies and attacks wizards.


i lash out at crabs who have conceded to being depressed over not having a succubus. you're always so keen to call me a liar but as a matter of fact i didn't lie. if they turn to wisdom and proceed to ascend from being crabs to become wizards, i have no trouble with that. but so far their mind is firmly set on being unhappy about not having a succubus.


Nobody said anything about succubi. You can be depressed over poverty and hideous looks even if you want nothing to do with them.


are you really that blind

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