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>mom told me to get a hair cut because I'll look better
>Got it anyway to have an I told you so moment
>Hair cut finished
>She sees me
>She resisted the urge to laugh



mogs me


Send mom


Send mom


Send mom


stop spamming faggot


w/ome/n are monstrous creatures. they're not human either, which makes them some type of "other" monster that pretends to be a human with a soul. I think they can pick up on the men who realize they are human mimics and it makes them angry. never allow their brutality (which expresses itself in many ways – laughter, mockery, physical violence, cuckolding, deception) to have any influence over your mind. men are generally mentally weak, and because of this fee-mails easily rule them.


i agree that a sensible male would prefer death over "improving" his mental state through relationship with a succubus


So you let a succubus touch you, in regards of looking better?



I wanted to prove them wrong


God reminds me of my mother I hate that cunt so much wish someone would actually kill her and my retarded father but there is nothing that I can do apparently because I am financially dependent upon them.

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